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A Snake With Blue Eyes

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Shower water could be heard from downstairs where Woojin was flipping through the sea of channels, hoping he’d find something interesting. Reality TV bored the fuck out of him, so he didn’t waste his time. He was waiting for Taemin to finish up but he was growing impatient, besides, he was sure Taemin wouldn’t mind a little company, even if he got shy. In fact, that amused the blonde, the thought of it became more appealing. He would be so vulnerable. He thought to himself, a smirk forming on his own lips. He flicked the TV off and made his way upstairs, the heavy shower water muffled his footsteps. With such grace, he skipped the last three with a light push from the ball of his foot, those long legs came in handy.


He walked into his bedroom and stripped out of his clothes, revealing a perfectly chiseled frame. The sun was shining directly on him, pale skin gleaming like sparkling sugar, he threw his clothes into the corner and left the room, barely leaving the door open. He suspected both of them would be heading back to his bedroom shortly after their shower, well… depending on how long they spent bathing that is…


Taemin never locked the bathroom door, and Woojin took that as an invite. If he locked it, surely he was playing hard to get, in Woojin’s eyes, he was always wanted, and well, if he wasn’t really wanted, somehow, in his mind, it was all a lie. He felt as if he wasn’t loved if Taemin didn’t give him what he wanted, he was a snake in that sense. Only he wasn’t a baby snake, Woojin knew the perfect amount of poison to give.

It was a contradiction,

“Nothing I give you will be poison, so swallow it…
Or should I force that mouth open and make you?”

Those damn words… the only thing was that he liked giving him small amounts of poison, it kept him close to heart, Taemin, at the end of the day, took that poison.

When Woojin walked into the room, steam escaped the door, that boy sure did like his showers hot like hell…
Yoon didn’t hear the door open or close, so he carried on like normal, scrubbing his scalp with his fingertips, soap falling into his eyes. “FUCK!” he shouted, taking a step back only to feel the hot, wet body of Woojin. Startled at first, he stepped back under the water, eyes still pinched shut from the soap. “What the fuck, Woojin?!” he snapped after he heard that familiar chuckle. “You were taking too long, what, you don’t like my company?” he asked, running his hand along the small of Taemin’s back. “AHG, do you ever let up, you fuck head? I have soap in my eyes, give me a second!” Woojin listened, getting the idea he could continue after the soap was out of his eyes… “Alright…” A few seconds later, Taemin handed Woojin the shampoo. “You didn’t use all my shampoo, did you?” “No, if I did, do you think I would have handed it to you?” Taemin, a smart mouth since day one. Woojin laughed, adding a dollop to his palm and began to massage his head. Once it was fully covered, he rinsed his hands and rubbed along Taemin’s chest, giving him a decently hard bite on the shoulder. Taemin didn’t expect it but he didn’t fight it…


“Ahhh, so you only wanted me to wait until the soap wore off?” he teased, somehow sensing the rising blush on the latter’s cheek. “That isn’t what I meant, you - ahh, Woo...jin.” his words started to crumble once he felt the kissed become more intense, he felt a warm pair of hands pinch both of his nipples, gently rolling the relaxed flesh. “Woojin, I… have to condition my hair.” “Then do it, I’m not stopping you, am I?”

YOU KINDA ARE YOU JACKASS!  Taemin thought to himself, trying to keep himself under control, he knew if he said these words out loud it would only make it worse, or maybe better… but he wasn’t one to enjoy being teased for too long. Woojin just had a way of doing it that drove him into a rage but also left him wanting more. He grabbed the hair conditioner and squeezed a heavy dollop into his hands and rubbed it all along his head, trying to keep himself quiet, as Woojin still kissed him, now rubbing his hands along his body, inches away from his groin. The sensitivity of his skin under the water made his muscles tense and Wojin abused that aspect. Lowering his hands so close Taemin could feel the warmth of the water dripping down from his fingers only to move them back to his hips, squeezing them roughly, pulling him back onto his own groin. The brown-haired boy groaned, a mix of arousal and annoyance. But for the record, that was Woojin’s favorite type of groan, it told him he was doing a good job…

“Taemin, fuck, I need you.”
“I’m not finished taking a shower…”
“I don’t care, I’m not finished with you.”
A trail of kisses along the latter’s shoulder was left, kissing over the teeth imprint he left just moments ago that was starting to bruise. Taemin threw his head back into the blonde’s shoulder to expose his milky neck, loud moans escaped his lips when he felt hands glide over his soapy member, teasingly tapping and grabbing. Fuck, that feels good but I don’t want to give in to this bastard yet.

His inner words fell short when he clenched his fingers, his long digits moving in strict bursts, tendons bulging under his skin. “Fuck, Woojin, I’m close,” he muttered, closing his eyes as the warm shower water ran down his face. Woojin continued, slowly picking up the pace, feeling every muscle clench under him. He always knew when his pet was close, the way he breathed, the curse words he said, and the way he shook. Seconds before the latter was finished, Woojin removed his hand and exhaled heavily into his neck. “You’re so easy to tease, Yoon Taemin.”

That little bastard, I’ll get my revenge, just you wait, fucker.
Well, Taemin wasn’t speaking truthfully, every time he wanted to get his revenge, he ended up with his face shoved into the pillows with his hands pinned behind his back. “I can’t wait any longer, Taemin. I want you inside of me.” his words spilled into his ear, dripping with sweet arousal and want. “Please.” he added, “it’s been so long, I swear I can’t live without you being inside of me.” Woojin, Woojin, pumping that poison in now?

“When you put it like that.”

Woojin grinned and felt Taemin turn him around and gently squeeze his supple behind. Woojin was infatuated with his own pleasure he simply wanted it all the time, on his terms. “Ahg, Taemin, just fuck me already, you know I’m not one who enjoys a long tease.” Taemin chuckled and happily obliged. He gripped his shoulders and went farther in, his own pleasure running through his veins. “Fuck, I love feeling you inside of me.” Woojin groaned, pressing his forehead against the now cold tile wall.

It didn’t take long for either of them to finish as Yoon was already teased to the point of delicate frustration. And now they felt one with each other, both riding off their highs with heavy breathing. Taemin reached over to turn off the water, still inside his partner. “I swear I never want to leave this position.” Woojin breathed, his chest slowly relaxing. “Well, now I’m cold but we can resume in bed if you miss it that much.” Taemin chuckled and slowly pulled out of the blonde, already missing his warmth. Woojin began to dry Yoon off, ruffling hair and kissing his cheek. Taemin blushed rolled his eyes. “Yeah, whatever.” It was easy to tell when Taemin was embarrassed, he always responded to actions as if they were words. “I didn’t say anything.” “You don’t have to.”

Both of them smiled at each other and Woojin chuckled and shook his head.
“Now I don’t even feel like getting dressed,” Taemin complained. 

“You don’t have to, it’s not like I’m complaining.” Woojin grabbed his hand and pulled him into the bedroom and fell back onto the bed, Taemin landing on top of him. He supported himself with both his hands as he loomed above the blonde. A moment of silence was between them and Taemin leaned down to kiss the man under him, he kissed him with sweetness and tugged on his bottom lip. “Wanna go for round two? I’m sure there’s nothing good on TV.”

“Even if there was, you’re better than TV.”