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All the Time

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Sara Lance sighed and exhaustedly rubbed the heels of her hands over her eyelids. It seemed like they really always made things worse before they got to clean up their messes. Agent Sharpe had been right from the beginning, much to Sara’s disappointment. Not that she disliked the other blonde as much anymore; in fact, she had really appreciated Ava saving her from that weird other dimension. Whatever that had been about. There was no time to worry about powerful demons and dark planes at the moment. In the end, no amount of ‘She might not be a bitch after all ’ could fully dispel Sara's disappointment and the little pinch in her ego caused by the principle of a random time bureau woman calling her out on her team’s weaknesses... It just still didn’t sit well with Sara. 

The anachronisms the crew of the Waverider had decided to deal with, so far, had always looked like an easy fix until something had happened and a level 3 became a 10, and not in a good way. Sara couldn’t remember the last day she had spent by herself, for herself, away from her team. She couldn’t remember how long ago she had last meditated properly, or just slept in, gone for a run, had a sparring session and afterwards curled up on the sofa under a blanket next to – 

Sara shook her head to herself and let out another little sigh. Meeting Alex Danvers and talking to her about the art of letting go a few weeks ago had brought up many memories. Unfortunately, those seemed to have stuck this time, no matter how hard Sara tried to push them back. Letting go really wasn’t her strong suit and the irony of her own advice didn’t escape her.

A knock on the metallic door frame pulled her out of her thoughts.

“Captain, we’re all waiting for you on the bridge.” Ray Palmer beamed at her, white teeth visible to an extent that made Sara wonder if he ever got sore cheek muscles. Gosh, why was he always like this..?

“Like what?” Ray questioned her curiously and Sara realized she had spoken the last part of her thoughts aloud.

“Nothing, whatever”, she shrugged, gestured towards the hallway and followed The Atom out of her quarters into the heart of her timeship.