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An Unholy Heart

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“Yes Father Martin, I understand. I will investigate the matter right away. Yes sir.” Eddie muttered over the speaker of his phone as he walked into the lab with his arms full, carrying a strange potted plant with long smooth green vines hanging down the sides. It was hastily planted into the large clay pot and was rather large as far as Eddie was concerned. The pot itself took up the entire circumference of his embrace and was extremely heavy to boot. The soldiers that delivered it had to use a trolley to transport it but Eddie was able to lift it on his own. It felt as if it were growing heavier by the minute until he finally got it into the lab. The doors opened on their own with a swipe of his key card and the job of a button. The lab door handicap feature never failed when the doctor’s hands were full. He placed the pot on his work desk and sighed, wiping at his forehead with a huff and stepping back. The plant itself had an odd red blossom in the center that remained closed for the time being. The foliage took up a majority of the pot and didn’t have enough soil to fit half the container due to its weight so he would need to find Miles to find more potting soil lest his new specimen perish.


Eddie tilted his head, keeping the phone pinned between his ear and his shoulder as he dusted his hands off before the priest hung up on the other end, signalling the end of their call. The doctor sighed and brushed his slightly disheveled black locks back out of his face as a small familiar voice piped up from the bed. “What is that?” Eddie looked back and spotted the demon lying down in his bed. He had almost forgotten that Waylon was resting after their last examination. It didn’t turn out so well since Waylon had become ill amidst it and they had to stop halfway through, giving the demon a chance to relax and rest. The illness, come to find out came from Waylon getting too many sweets from the kitchen after working the garden with Miles. They stopped for a snack and Frank’s lackadaisical attitude towards the young demon and a dozen fresh baked cookies left the little creature with a belly ache.


“Oh, it’s just something that was growing at the site of the ruins you were found at. It doesn’t match any description of native flora cataloged by humans so the church collected it and sent it here to be tested.” Eddie explained, taking a long slow deep breath before walking over to Waylon and patting the demon on the head, running his fingers through his messy blonde locks. “How are you feeling? Any better?”


Waylon eyed the plant for a long minute before turning his gaze back up to Eddie as the fingers pressed against his skin. He tilted his head towards the touch and gave a short shrug. “A little bit. My belly doesn’t hurt anymore but I’m still sleepy.” He closed his pale blue hues as the hand shifted to caress his cheek before drawing away.


“Alright. Get some rest, okay? I’ll be back in a little bit. I have to run a couple quick errands.” He spoke softly, his voice was smooth and silky in the quiet lab air. Waylon nodded his understanding and closed his eyes, curling back up to the pillows in his bed as Eddie turned to leave. Stopping briefly to glance over the oversize plant taking up the entirety of his desk, shaking his head in disbelief before leaving the lab.


The silence resumed for several long minutes before the demon noticed something strange in the air. There was a soft scent permeating the room and making his nose tingle. His nostrils flared and crinkled up, causing him to rub at it as if he was on the verge of sneezing. Beneath the scent there was a pulsating feeling that followed, like a heartbeat thrumming on the air. The demon grunted and opened his eyes, setting them on the source which turned out to be the plant. His blue hues noticing the blossom was opening slowly, the large red petals unfurling to expose a light blue matrixing pattern near the base. In the center was a series of long red flute like appendages that stretched outward. The longer he stared at it, the more he noticed the flower was turning towards his direction as if it were staring at him. A chill ran down his spine when the pulsating turned into a steady low hum, distorting the air and sound around him. It became shrill in his ears and made his hair stand on end. Matching with the steadily sinking feeling in his chest.


A red flag rose up in the back of his mind, setting off his demonic nature as a low snarl rumbled from his chest. His instincts crying out that there was a threat present in the room. The collar started to warm up, a soft blue glow rising from the runes as his tail curled around his waist protectively. Waylon wasn’t keen on remaining in the room any longer with this thing, his pale hues darting towards the doorway as he slowly slid his legs over the edge of the bed. The plant’s flutes twitched and the shrill pitch changed to a low whistling. The sound rose and fell in a steady rhythm, freezing Waylon in the spot. Stuck in a standing position, incapable of taking a step forward of moving his limbs. His heart sped up with panic as the blue glow continued and he felt the warmth bubbling up in his chest and spreading the tingling sensation throughout the rest of him. Racing across his skin like static.


The long smooth serpent like vines extended their tendrils out towards his body and curled around his waist and legs. Rising up along towards his torso and latching onto his wrists and biceps, pulling him across the open expanse between the bed and Eddie’s desk. Waylon cried out with a snarl and struggled, throwing himself back with as much power as he could muster. His body slipped and he was on the ground behind dragged across the cold tiles. He rolled to the side, his tail reaching out towards the base of the examination table and wrapping around one of the legs bolted to the floor.


Waylon yelped as he felt one of the tendrils rise up to curl around his tail as it gave a sharp jerk. He felt a crack sound as his tail gave way and slipped free, his body jolting as he was dragged over towards the desk. He clawed at the ground, trying to catch the tiles with his nails but it was futile as the tendrils secured their grip on the male. The tendrils began running across his body, furthering their hold on him. A larger tendril compared to the rest moved up to Waylon’s mouth and split open into four talon like appendages that grappled onto his face. The talons pressed into the pressure points of his jaws, forcing them open as little sucker like pods held firmly, forcing the demon’s lips apart. His pale hues widened as a muffled cry left his chest, feeling a wet tendril slink into his mouth and drag across his tongue. He felt a slippery sweet fluid covering his palette and coating the inside of his mouth, flowing in until he was forced to swallow it down.


The demon fought furiously as the rest of the tendrils wormed underneath his shirt and into his boxers, curled around him and releasing the same sweetly scented fluid from pores on the tips. His skin felt hot all over as they trailed, soiling his clothing with the dampness and worming in between his rear cheeks. His nostrils flared as the sweet scent permeated throughout, making his head fuzzy and hazy. The small tendril withdrew from his face, the talons releasing before they retracted back to the main flower. The plant shifted as larger root type appendages pulled up from the soil and moved freely from the pot while the other tendrils pulled the demon’s boxers away from his body and tore at his t-shirt. Clearing away any items that might hinder its advances. When the tendrils neared the collar or the piercing on his spade tip, they withdrew as if harm had been inflicted. A deep hiss rising on the air before Waylon was slammed down onto the floor, pinned completely in place with his bare chest to the cold tiles. He felt the fluid leaking down between his cheeks and over his taint, ghosting over the sensitive skin to his manhood. A shiver ran through him once more as a crooning howl left his parted lips.


The creature pulled him closer, shifting his legs so they were spread wide with his ass high in the air. His wrists drawn forward, away from the rest of his body and the other tendrils. Suction cup like grips ensuring he couldn’t wiggle free. Once the demon was in a more vulnerable and exposed position, the tendrils moved on with their exploring, becoming much more invasive. His hole was slick with the fluid, allowing a medium sized tendril to rub against it. The sweetly scents liquid had relaxed Waylon’s body completely, removing what little fight the demon had left in him. He whimpered, feeling the strange interaction as his entrance twitched at the stimulation. The tendril gave soft nudges, pushing against it until the tight ring of muscle gave way to let the slimy smooth tendril slip in with ease. It worked in and out in short measured thrusts to wear away the drag.


The tendril becoming much larger the further in it went and stretching him more completely. Another tendril curled around his manhood and rubbed the fluid against his shaft and sack. Another smaller tendril moved up to his slit, probing around inside as it slipped inside with ease, expanding like a sponge once filling the small space and pressing down hard on the other side of the demon’s prostate. Waylon cried out, feeling the tip tickle at the sensitive bump of nerves while the much larger tendril assaulted it from his rear. Bumping up against it as it wormed in deeper and deeper. The demon howled, his body jerking as the thrusts made a loud schlupping sound of wet skin sliding together.


The demon growled deeply, a low rumble reverberating from within his chest as he felt the thrusting pace set to a long slow and deep movement before it hit a point that was bordering painful but the conflicting signals in his brain was firing off pleasurable responses to every in and out motion. Every wet sound and slippery slide into his tight entrance. The way it stretched and clamped down on the tendril. The way the smaller one prodded at him from the front, moving in and out in an alternate pace so he was always being hit in that one sensitive bundle of nerves. His member was throbbing as the heat pooled in his abdomen, urging him to release but the smaller tendril refused to permit him. It plugged him up with its spongy texture and molded to his insides.


The long low growls turned into confused yelps and whimpers as the deep thrusting paused and pulled back out, leaving his entrance swollen and slippery, leaking the abundance of fluids from the tendrils pores, the continuous secretion of the sweetly scented liquid inside him. The same odd tendril that has drugged him through an oral insertion returned. The talons latched on with their suction like additions and the long tongue like tendril pushed inside, releasing even more of the fluid before something larger pushed inside him, tubular and a little bit smaller than the previous thrusting tendril. There was a gurgling sound from the plant, a chittering sound rising up all around him as if the tendrils were all speaking a strange clicking language.


The sounds became more excited and filled his ears, a dizzying whirl of sounds and pulsing hums burrowing into his mind and numbing everything else around him as bulbous forms pushed inside him. He whimpered as his entrance was further stretched before a heavier pressure slipped inside. A round ball like object no bigger than a golf ball pushed in then another and another. Each time more fluid pooled inside making them squish around. The fluid leaking out onto the tile floor and forming a puddle that his plugged up shaft rubbed against. It was surprisingly warm and almost gelatinous as it shifted to the cooler state. The chittering escalated before calming each time a new little ball would push inside. The demon counted off until there were four pushed deep inside him, jumbling around in the bloated pool of fluids.


Amidst all of this, neither Waylon or the plant creature had noticed the doctor’s return. Eddie stopped in his tracks, standing in the doorway and staring as the demon was taken advantage of by the plant. Watching as the third and fourth ball like object pushed up through the strange tendril and inside of Waylon’s body. He watched the demon writhe and squirm, the deep growls and groans could be heard down the hallway causing the doctor to come running. His deep blue eyes were fixed on the demon, taking in every inch of Waylon’s bare exposed body, slick and glistening in the artificial lighting. The muscles on his body quivering and twitching, his hips jolted with back arching as each object was pushed in deeper. The mouth like talons released their hold and the previous tendril returned to it’s slow measured thrusts, causing the fluid to squirt and leak out of Waylon’s abused entrance. The demon’s body trembling with every in and out motion, both from pleasure and the sheer force of the creature at his back.


Waylon’s pale hues turned upon the familiar presence of eyes on him and they made contact with the doctor’s. His face was flushed, drool running down from the corners of his mouth, tinged with a pinkish hue from the plant’s fluids. The growing pool beneath him was further soaking the demon’s lithe frame as he rutted against the ground, eager for release before the tendrils released him. The smaller spongy tendril was last to go before allowing the demon his own release. The plant quickly returned to its previously closed up state, leaving the demon lying limp on the floor.


His chest rising and falling quickly in powerful huffs for breath. Suction marks and bruises littered his form where the tendrils held tightly to him. His tail was lying limp on the ground as he slunk to the floor, his rear exposed and leaking the abundance of the slick substance while the doctor took a moment to recollect himself. Clearing his throat as he drew on a pair of gloves and moved towards the plant. Removing it first and foremost from the demon’s presence and taking it down the hall to a room adjacent the bathroom where special lock up is. It’s pretty much just a storage room with metal cages and racks.


He was quick to return to Waylon’s side and inspected the demon’s form for any kind of severe injuries. Everything so far was small and simple surface wounds that would heal in a day or so. He gathered a few samples of the different fluids off of Waylon’s body using small vials he quickly marked up. Noting where they had come from on the demon. He inspected Waylon’s rear and could see the dark green shiny objects pushed deep inside him, glinting slightly from the illumination of his flashlight. He jostled Waylon’s shoulders to try and get his attention but the demon only groaned in response. His pale blue hues were clouded and distant as if lost in a trance. He sighed and carefully gathered the demon up into his arms and took him to the examination table, lying him on top of it so he’s on his back. Drawing his legs up a bit to make it comfortable. There was a slight bulging appearance in his abdomen between all the fluid and the ball like orbs.


“Waylon? Can you hear me?” Eddie asked, snapping his fingers in front of the demon’s face and waving his hand. The demon only responded with another groan, writhing on the table. His tail slapping pitifully against the metal surface, the piercing clinking and thudding with it. “Waylon, calm down. I’m going to help you, okay? That plant left something inside you and it has to come out. Do you understand me? Waylon?” The pale blue eyes were pleading as they met the doctor’s conflicting blue depths. He sighed and gently reached over to rub at the demon’s belly in slow massaging circles. He moved counterclockwise and applied only small amounts of pressure as he worked his way down towards his abdomen. The fluid started to spill out onto the table, small gushes here and there and the occasional groan and whimper would leave the demon’s quivering lips. His eyes closed as his fingers clawed at the sides of the table, his back arching as he growled deeply, his legs pressing together and tail curling up close between his legs. Eddie tutted at the action and gently pushed the demon’s thighs apart and spread his legs wider. “Hold them open Waylon. It won’t come out if they’re not apart.” He chastised lightly.


Waylon gasped as the firm pressure and massaging motions continued until his back arched and body jolted. His entrance stretched in an oddly pleasant fashion before releasing a deep mossy green looking orb that had an embryonic exterior. It rolled off to the edge of the table and stopped, resting at the edge. Eddie picked it up gently and set it aside on a medical cart left beside it on the opposite side of the table from their earlier interrupted examination. Eddie had planned to continue it but didn’t expect it to be anything like this. He worked out the next one was the same amount of ease, needing to push on one of Waylon’s legs to get his knees closer to his chest and force the muscles to contract and push it out. The demon writhed once more as he whimpered just as it popped out. His member hard between his legs as each orb left him. The third was not so easy and when it neared coming out, it burst sending a greenish embryonic fluid everywhere. Much different from the pinkish hue of the other substances. He collected up the samples of this as well and what tissue remained of the broken orb.


All that was left was one more and Eddie knew well that he needed Waylon’s assistance with this one. No matter how much coaxing he does, this one was further inside. He didn’t want too many of these to break since he didn’t know the dangers that might arise from it. “Waylon, I need you to push for me. Can you do that?” He raised a hand to gently caress the side of the demon’s face. His fingers running through sweat soaked blonde locks, drawing them away from their plastered position on his forehead. “Come on. Just a good push.” The doctor urged, to which the demon gave a pitiful grunt. The muscles tensing and contracting as he tried. Another breathy whimper as he gave it another try. Eddie massaged the best he could and made it as comfortable and easy as possible. An alarmingly large amount of the creature’s fluids gushed out with every push. There was a deep growl that broke into a strangled cry just as the final orb reached his entrance. It popped out with a hiss as the rest of the fluids came with it from earlier. Waylon’s member had its own little burst as a pinkish whitish substance splurted onto the demon’s chest. This was Waylon’s seed, carrying the same sickly sweet scent that was stuffing up the entire lab.


The doctor patted the demon on the head, stroking his fingers through his hair and leaning down to deliver a small kiss to his forehead. “Good boy. You did such a good job. I’m so proud of you Waylon.” Eddie purred with that same silky tone into the demon’s ear. Leaving the demon to gaze up at the doctor, entranced and distant. Eddie curled his fingers through the demon’s locks to commend Waylon a bit more before finishing up his work. Collecting samples of Waylon’s seed, the little green embryonic orbs and some of the fluid. He took a sample of Waylon’s saliva and drew a bit more of blood, this time from his arm. He noticed the demon’s tail was swollen at the base again as if it had been put through immense strain and wondered if it had been damaged earlier in the altercation or a possible struggle.


He cleaned Waylon off once he was finished collecting. Washing him off and out in the bathing room while the lab aired out. He let the demon soak for a long time but Waylon remained complacent. Showing very little signs of response or acknowledgement. As if that little button of nerves had been triggered in the back of his head. Eddie knew that wasn’t the case because the demon’s eyes were still open and that steady rumble that usually accompanied the action was absent now.


Eddie sat beside the tub and cleaned his little demon with a soft cloth and hummed softly, trying to help him relax and calm down. Hoping to snap him out of whatever trance he was stuck in or at least reassure him that the doctor was there by his side. That he was safe now. He washed out the demon’s blonde locks until they were soft and wispy once again and gave his shoulders light massaging motions. Feeling where the creature had pushed him down to the floor. Ensuring once more that there was nothing broke or severely injured. Afterwards, Eddie wrapped the male up in large fluffy towels and dried him off and carried him, not to the lab but instead to Eddie’s own private sleeping quarters, offering a new and safer location. He finagled a pair of boxers onto Waylon and worked one of Eddie’s own oversize long sleeve shirts onto him, buttoning it up and seeing it practically swallow the demon as he laid him down in the soft bedding and the abundance of pillows. He didn’t leave Waylon’s side though. Instead crawling in beside him and drawing him up into his embrace to ensure everything would be alright.