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Hi everyone~


I am kind of 2 days late ahsdsjf I'm really sorry! This oneshot was supposed to be up yesterday, but it took me a little longer because I apparently have the inability to write anything below 3k words. I also told myself that this was gonna be PURE fluff, but my angst loving ass just couldn't help it. It's nothing too much though. It's really, REALLY light, and Jin just loves messing with Jimin. lmao! Another achievement is also that this has no smut.. well.. there is, but JinMin likes to keep it behind closed doors this time. ;) I did my best with the fluff, please be proud of me, it's my weakness ajksdskdfd. 

Like I said before, this oneshot written in the It's Always Been You universe, so these are basically little snippets of JinMin's life, which means that the succeeding oneshots will be in no particular order. Note that some other oneshots are also going to be focused on VHOPE and NamThalie whenever I get a strike of inspiration to write about a snippet of their lives. 

Anyway, I wanted to dedicate the first IABYU snippet to JinMin on JinMin week! *throws confetti* 

I hope you enjoy this little oneshot full of jinmin fluffles~ ;W; 

PS: there are sideships in here (YoonKook and Vhope) that I did not include in the relationship tags because they were really very brief.



“Can you see me?” Jimin queries his phone screen. He’s trying to find a good angle, perfect lighting, and the most flattering position he can muster on the bed as he waits for a response.

“Hold on, let me just get into my trailer.” Seokjin’s voice chimes, sounding a little tinny. Jimin can’t really see anything apart from the pixelated gravel that crunches underneath Seokjin’s feet.
While Seokjin’s still makes his way to his trailer, Jimin checks the light on the bedside table one more time, kicks his plain white t-shirt out of frame, and messily ruffles his hair a few times before he’s completely satisfied with it.

He hears the faint click of a door closing, a little bit of shuffling around and then a loud huff onto what seems like a leather couch. The phone screen goes blank for a second, and Jimin holds his breath, hoping that the internet connection isn’t being shitty again. But when Seokjin’s face appears on screen, Jimin exhales. Though his breath hitches all the same again when he takes in his boyfriend’s visage.

Jimin wants to reach out past the screen and touch the softest cheeks in the world. He wants to trail his fingers along Seokjin’s plump bottom lip before leaning in and kiss him. It’s been so long.

“Hey Jiminnie-- Woah, what in the world are you doing?” Seokjin’s eyes grow wide as they scan up and down the screen. Jimin can feel Seokjin’s gaze on his skin, it almost tickles him.

“Uhmm, video chatting with my boyfriend?” he replies dumbly.

“Yeah, but why are you topless?”

“Like what you’re seeing?” Jimin grins sheepishly, licking his bottom lip.

Seokjin lets out a frustrated sigh, massaging the bridge of his nose as he squints yet again at the screen. The connection is decent enough for Jimin to see how the high of his cheeks are flushed pink. Seokjin has a way of making Jimin flustered most of the time. He may be goofy, but Jimin knows all sides of him by now. He knows that Seokjin is also a secret sap, and always tries his best to do romantic gestures for him, to make him hide his face behind his hands and tell Seokjin what an impossible sappy idiot he is, so Jimin revels in all the times he can return the favor, and in this case (sexually) frustrate his boyfriend.

“Baby, you don’t do this to me when I’m half across the world. It’s early afternoon over here, I still have a shoot to finish, and you know how easily you turn me on.”

“You’re one to talk.” Jimin jests. “What about last week when you wore nothing but those tight black boxers I bought for you last year. It was far too early for me and I had the saddest, most painful morning wood I’ve ever had.”

“Don’t play victim, baby. Just the other day you placed your phone at such an angle that I could fully see you sit spread eagle in your tight ripped jeans. You have no idea how badly I wanted to fly home and tackle you.”

It’s insane. Jimin thinks he’s going insane, and maybe Seokjin too. It’s not like they’ve been apart for so long before, but they both valued physical touch and being near each other. Of course, being apart for two months already takes its toll on both of them on most days. But Jimin is so thankful that they’ve never failed to call or chat each other whenever they can. It was little difficult at first, figuring out the time zones and which time of the day would be best to call each other, but they fell into a steady routine fast. It’s not easy, by any means. It’s fucking hard being away from your lover and only having to make due with pixelated faces and tinny voices, but they make it work. They always do.

“Man, I miss you so much, Jinnie.” Jimin sighs, bringing the phone closer to him.

Seokjin smiles. It’s a little sad and a little apologetic, and a lot yearning. “I miss you so much too, Jiminnie.”

“How’s Switzerland?” as much as Jimin wants to wallow in the fact that it’s still another few months before Seokjin comes home, he deems it necessary to keep the conversation light. More for Seokjin’s sake. He still has a whole day ahead of him, while Jimin can just go back to sulking himself to sleep after the call.

“It’s nice. The scenery is breathtaking, Jiminnie. We went to the alps yesterday and it’s so much more beautiful than the pictures on postcards.”

“Does the cheese really smell as bad as everyone says?”

“Like a week of unshowered pits and feet combined.” Seokjin groans, scrunching up his nose. It’s so fucking adorable, it rips a hearty laugh out of Jimin.

“But they’re delicious?”

“Very! Our producers took us out to eat Raclette last night. Best shit I’ve ever had! You put a slice of cheese on these like little pans and let it melt - I liked letting the sides turn a little crispy - and then pour it over baked potato. And the various meats as side dishes were just-- fuck, so good.” Seokjin had this thing where he really loved talking about food, gushing about food, gorging down food, and making the most sensual noises while slurping on even the most mediocre 7/11 cup noodles. It’s cute, actually.

“Y’know the last time you said that last bit of your sentence that passionately was when you were buried deep down inside of me and we had to literally throw away the sheets after.” Jimin really shouldn’t egg his boyfriend on, but he saw the opportunity and took it. He’s also very sexually frustrated himself, so there’s that, too.

“You’d like that right now, don’t you?” Seokjin smirks. Fuck yes he wanna!

“You have no idea, babe. But more than that, I just want you home.”

“Just a little while longer. I’ll be home before you know it. I won’t be having any projects abroad for a while after this one.” Seokjin leans his head on the back of the couch.

Just a little while longer , Jimin thinks. “You say it like you’re coming home next week.” It slips out before he can stop himself. It sounds unintentionally bitter, so it’s no surprise when Seokjin’s face falls.


“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it to come out like that. I’ve just been feeling a bit lonelier than usual today.” It’s been a long day at work. Jimin is tired, and all he wants to do is curl up next to his boyfriend and kiss him to sleep.

The elder draws out a long breath. He flops onto his back on the couch. “I know, baby. You’re not giving up on me now, are you?”

Jimin snorts, rolling his eyes. He props his elbow on Seokjin’s pillow, resting his head in his hand. “It’d take more than just a few thousand miles to make me grow tired of you.”

“Mhmm. Tell me, what would make then?”

“Honestly? Nothing. You’re stuck with me forever.”

“I have no complaints.” Seokjin smiles, and though it’s miles away, Jimin can still feel it radiating through the screen, warming him up from the inside. I am so gone for this man.

Their little moment is cut short when there’s a knock on the door of Seokjin’s trailer coupled with a muffled ‘We’re starting in five!’

“Shit, Minnie I have to go. Producer’s at the door.” Seokjin bolts up from his lying position.

“It’s okay, Jinnie.” Jimin’s heart sinks only a little, but he really is okay. He got at least a few minutes with him, and that’s already more than enough.

“I’m sorry.” Seokjin gnaws at his bottom lip. “I’ll call you again soon, yeah?”

Jimin nods. “I’ll be looking forward to that. Now go and slay ‘em all.”

“I love you.” his boyfriend blows him his signature hand kiss, lips extra red and plump today.

Jimin giggles, his eyes disappearing into crescents. “I love you too.” One more flash of smile from the other and then the screen goes black.

He rolls over onto Seokjin’s side of the bed, where he has started sleeping in since Seokjin left, and hugs his pillow close to his chest, inhaling the faint scent of Seokjin still on it.

He almost drifts to sleep when a soft, yet insistent barking noise pierces into the darkness of the room. Normally, Jimin would sigh, nudge Seokjin awake if he was already sleeping, but Seokjin isn’t here and the squeaky bark offers him comfort that he has a little piece of his boyfriend with him at home.

Jimin turns the night lamp back on and pads his way over the the cage by the window, and sure enough, he sees Oden perched up against the railing, barking at Jimin.

After months of intensive research and obsessing over Sugar Gliders, Seokjin vowed to himself that he’d adopt two of his own once he graduated and got himself an apartment.

“Up and hyper tonight, aren’t we Odengie?” Jimin coos as he carefully opens the cage door. He holds his palm near the railings, an invitation for the little suggie to climb into it. Jimin smiles proudly when Odeng does so. It took awhile for him to bond with Jimin, and frankly he can’t blame the little guy. Not after he tried throwing him the first time he saw him, curious to see if he’d fly. He’ll never forget the pure horror on Seokjin’s face when he walked in on how Jimin almost positively killed his little baby. How could he? Seokjin literally yelled his ear off after that.

Odeng sniffs at Jimin’s fingers, and Jimin knows exactly what he wants. He extracts a treat from the treat dish inside the cage and hands it to him.

“Where’s Eomukkie?” Jimin scans the insides of the cage. Every pouch, every little hideout, even the hidden treat dishes. Eomuk was a little more shy than Odeng, and he loved to tuck himself away and hide for the most part. He spots a little pink nuzzle peeking out from one of the colorful pouches attached to the cage door. “There you are.” Jimin boops it softly with his pinky. The pink dot disappears back into the pouch and the reemerges with big eyes, fluffy cheeks, and puffy tail. It starts barking and so does Odeng. Jimin can’t get himself not to laugh because they sound like squeaky toys.

Jimin’s heart sinks a little bit because they only ever bark this much when Seokjin is out and can’t play with them right away. They sense his long absence, too.

“Sorry, your daddy’s not home right now. He’ll be home soon. For now, you’ll just have to make do with me.” he gently strokes Odeng’s back and then Eomuk’s head. Odeng climbs up to Jimin’s shoulder, nuzzling into his neck, and Jimin proceeds to let Eomuk crawl into his palm, too. “You guys miss him a lot, huh?” He must be too tired already because he can swear he just saw Eomuk nod at him. “Yeah, me too.”


The days drag on, and the consistent routine he and Seokjin have built over the past few months have gone through some alterations. Jimin understands. Seokjin is hopping from one location to another and either the internet connection isn’t always the best or they’ve been taping for twenty-four hours straight that all Seokjin has the strength left for is sending Jimin a ‘Good night’ and ‘I love you’ text. And Jimin is totally okay with that. Their communication is still up there, never compromised. But today is just one of those days where things are a little bit harder, the days droned on a little bit longer, and Jimin feels very much lonelier.

The company gave him a few days off from work because the rookie group he was teaching a dance for their next comeback had aced every step and every turn that they have been given a few days to rest before they hit the stage again.The company had praised him multiple times before for not only being a good dance teacher, but also looking out for his rookies and taking care of them. Jimin feels proud. Not of himself as much as for the boys he’s been teaching. It never would’ve worked if they didn’t pour out all their passion and willingness to learn either. He can’t wait to tell Seokjin about it.

The mini vacation from work also falls on perfect timing because it’s Jimin’s birthday today. But it’s also somehow terrible timing because Seokjin’s busy taping the whole day. He’s asleep when Jimin’s awake, and Jimin’s asleep when Seokjin’s awake. So far, they’ve never missed each other’s birthdays. They always make it a point to celebrate it together, to be together no matter how busy they are. This year is the first time that they won’t be able to do that for both their birthdays.

Jimin rolls over to his side, stroking the empty bed space next to him. It feels a little bit pathetic if he really thinks about it, but he doesn’t have enough fucks to give right now. He misses his boyfriend and that’s that. He’ll allow himself a few minutes of sleepy loathing that he cannot hug and kiss his boyfriend first thing on his birthday.

His phone chimes, and Jimin knows even before unlocking his phone screen who it’s from.


From: Jinnie butt <3

Happy Birthday, love! <3 <3 <3
I’m sorry I can’t be there to celebrate with you but I still hope you’ll have fun today.


They may not be physically together, but they’re nowhere near breaking tradition even if it’s just through social media this time around. Jimin grins from ear to ear as he cradles his phone on top of his chest and kicks the blankets a bit with his feet. Yes, they’ve been together for years now. Yes, Jimin still gets giddy over a simple birthday text from his boyfriend. And yes, he’s a fucking goner for Kim Seokjin.

To: Jinnie butt <3

Waking up to a message from my super talented, extra hot boyfriend already made my day, and  I haven’t even gotten out of bed yet.


From: Jinnie butt <3

I’m killing the hot and thoughtful boyfriend role, eh? ;)

To: Jinnie butt <3

Heck yeah!

The only thing missing would be you next to me now, and everything would be right with the world.

From: Jinnie butt <3

Jiminnie… :’((

To: Jinnie butt <3

Haha! It’s fine, babe.

I know you’re out there slaying the world & I’m so fucking proud of you.

But when you come home you’re mine and I will not share you with anyone for at least a full week, ok? :3

From: Jinnie butt <3


To: Jinnie butt <3

You’re so whipped, Seokjinnie.

From: Jinnie butt <3

Only for you, honeyboo. :*

To: Jinnie butt <3

Ok, now you’re just being gross. xD

Go to sleep. I know it’s late over there.

From: Jinnie butt <3

It’s not a crime being overly affectionate with the love of my life. ;)

My schedule’s pretty free tomorrow, so I’ll call you when I’m up, okay?

I love you! <3

To: Jinnie butt <3

I’ll be waiting. :)

I love you, too! <3


It’s later in the evening now and pretty much the whole gang is gathered in Jimin and Seokjin’s apartment. As always, Taehyung wasn’t having it when Jimin told him that he doesn’t wanna throw a party. So, Taehyung conspired with everyone else. And now they’re all here with a fuckton of food, booze, and cheesecake.

In retrospect, Jimin is actually happy that they made the time to have a little birthday get together. They all still talk everyday and occasionally hang out, but life has also got them quite busy too, so meeting up isn’t always as easy as they would like it to.

It’s refreshing, catching up, seeing what everyone has been up to. Namjoon is currently out on the balcony with Yoongi and Hoseok, sipping on beer while talking about new mixtape concepts, while Taehyung is curled up on the sofa next to Nathalie, talking to her five-month pregnant belly, guessing, debating whether it’s going to be a girl or a boy. Jungkook (Yoongi’s boyfriend) is having a passionate duet with himself on the karaoke console.

It’s a wonderful evening with wonderful friends. The only thing missing is his wonderful boyfriend. Jimin locks and unlocks his phone, stealing glances at the screen, making sure he hasn’t missed a text message, or in case Seokjin calls, he can answer it immediately.

“Hey.” Jimin’s head jerks up at the sound of Hoseok’s sister, Meiji. She’s holding out a slim navy blue box with a silver ribbon tied around it. Meiji smiles at him. “I don’t know if Jinnie’s told you, but we met up in Italy a few weeks ago. I was there for a fashion project and he asked me if we could meet up.” She nudges the box into Jimin’s hands. It feels velvety, heavy, and very expensive. “He said it’s his birthday present for you.”

Jimin delicately unties the ribbon and lifts the lid. His jaw drops open when he sees the silky white fabric inside of it. His hands shake a little bit when when he opens the card on top of the shirt.

I know you said no gifts this year, but I just couldn’t resist when I saw it in the store. I just know you’ll look amazing in it. Let this keep you ‘tied up’ for now until I come home and tie you up myself. ;)

Love, Seokjinnie x

Jimin’s face suddenly feels hot. The nerve of this jerk! As if Jimin hasn’t been feeling giddy enough from this morning. He feels like he needs to punch a wall now to get his emotions together. He holds the expensive (he’s so sure of it because Seokjin has the most extra ass ever) dress shirt up, and he gasps at how it’s exactly what Jimin would pick out for himself as well. It’s a white button-up with no collar, and the sides of the sleeves are open from the shoulders down with only long white ribbons criss-crossing to hold the opening together, tapering down into loose ribbons by the wrists.

“It’s beautiful.” he breathes.

Meiji chuckles next to him. “Try it on. It’ll look great with the black slacks you’re wearing right now.”

“Should I?” Jimin queries, smiling and biting his lower lip.

“Absolutely! We’ll take a picture after, and send it to Jin. I’m sure he’d want to see you wearing it on your birthday.”

And so Jimin disappears into their bedroom, shrugs his sweater off and slips into the unbelievably smooth dress shirt. He almost can’t believe how it fits him perfectly. Like a glove. The realization hits him twice as hard, like a blow to the stomach, that Seokjin knows him inside and out. He knows all the things Jimin loves, knows his dress size from shirts all the way down to his very boxers. He knows what makes Jimin happy, and he never, ever fails to pay attention to the smallest details when it comes to him.

When he emerges back out to the living room, he’s greeted with a low wolf whistle from his best friend on the couch, which incites several curious looks from the rest as they assemble around the coffee table.

“You look fancy, Jimin.” Namjoon winks from his spot, arm slung around Nathalie’s shoulder who nods in agreement with a smile.

Yoongi gives an approving grunt, while Jungkook inspects the ribbons on the sleeves, seemingly fascinated with the concept.

“My brother spoils you too much.” Taehyung grins, and Jimin’s face feels hot again, because it’s true. Seokjin spoils him so fucking much with all the things he can spoil him with.

“As if Hobi-hyung doesn’t spoil you rotten either.” Jimin quips back, trying to divert the conversation away from him and his sappy boyfriend, but to no avail.

“That is true,” Hoseok chimes from the floor, resting his head against Taehyung’s leg dangling from the couch. “But I think we can all agree that Jin-hyung bears the gold medal for most-whipped-boyfriend right now.”

Well. Totally not untrue.

Still feeling a little too hot and shy, Jimin directs his attention back to Meiji, knowing she’ll save him. “Should we still… take a photo?”

Meiji’s eyes crinkle with a bright smile. It’s clear where Hoseok got his signature sunshine smile from. She pokes her phone screen a few times. “Sure!” but she doesn’t get up from her spot on the ottoman.

Jimin’s phone vibrates in his pant pocket. Seokjin’s goofy face, cheeks stuffed with food blinks at him.

“He said he preferred giving you his live reaction to you wearing the shirt.” Hoseok’s sister winks, holding up her phone to show Jimin her and Seokjin’s chatbox.

“You guys conspired against me.”

“We may have, but just remember that your boyfriend’s the mastermind of it all.” Hoseok laughs.

“I told you, whipped. As whip cream.” His best friend sniggers, though he can’t be mad at either of them right now.

He giggles, rolls his eyes and turns on his heel. “Whatever, I have a very important call to answer.” he says as he swipes at the green bar, just in time for more wolf whistles and cat calling behind him.

“What was that?” Seokjin queries from the other line, glancing around the screen, frown apparent as Jimin knows all his boyfriend can see is blackness. “Minnie, I can’t see you. Is the internet being a bitch over there again?”

“Nope. Internet’s fine. I just turned the video function off.” Jimin teases.

“What, why? Not fair.” he whines.

“I thought I said no gifts.”

“C’mon, I’m really sorry. I could not not buy it for you when I saw it. Are you really upset with me about that?”

“You’re such a romantic jerk, you know that?”

“And you love me for it. Stop denying.”


“See? Now let me see my dashing birthday man.”

It rips a giggle out of Jimin. Seokjin will always get his way. Always. Maybe Jimin is just as whipped. He taps the video icon on the top left corner of the screen.

“Oh, fuck. Shit!” Seokjin rasps.

“Wow, that’s one too many swear words in one sentence, especially for you.” the younger giggles.

“You look so fucking hot, Jiminnie. I am actually so mad right now that I’m not at home with you.” the elder groans into his pillow.

Jimin bounces on the bed, propping his phone on top of one of the pillows so he could have his hands free while he gets comfortable into a cross sitting position.

“Does that mean you’re coming home sooner?”

“How I wish.” The other tsks. Jimin can tell he’s just as homesick as Jimin is lovesick. “But hey, this isn’t about me. This is about you. How was your birthday, babe?”

Seokjin hates sulking. Especially when it’s sulking for too long. Which is only fair. They can sulk all they want after the call. Sulking would be a waste of the precious borrowed time they have right now.

Jimin straightens his back and gives his boyfriend a crescent-eyed smile. “Taehyungie and the others threw me a little birthday party. You know how adamant he is with celebrating these important life events.” he chuckles, and Seokjin’s nose crinkles as he returns a knowing smile before rolling his eyes.

“Typical of my brother. Is that the howling I heard in the background before you closed the door?”

“Yeah. I’m positive Tae and Kookie are currently eavesdropping by the door, trying to find out whether we’re having steamy phone sex or not.”

“We’re totally not eavesdropping, trying to figure out whether or not you guys are having steamy phone sex right now!” calls Taehyung’s muffled voice from behind the bedroom door, followed by a loud yelp when (as Jimin presumes) Jungkook elbows him in the ribs.

“What the fuck?” Seokjin laughs his hearty windshield wiper laugh, and Jimin snorts.


There’s another ruckus by the door paired with dull moans of protests. Both Jimin and Seokjin whip their heads towards the general direction of the door. Hoseok’s voice rings through the other side, “Sorry guys, I’m dragging these rascals back to the living room. Enjoy your phone sex!”

“Sometimes I really wonder why I’m friends with them.” Jimin sighs, massaging his temples. Everything is right in the world right now. His friends are being impossible as ever, and he can see and talk to his boyfriend even while being miles apart. It’s not perfect, but it’s enough to make his world rotate the right way for now.

Seokjin shakes his head, not the slightest bit rattled by what just happened. He trains his eyes on Jimin. They lock gazes, and for a moment Jimin might actually think he’s here. Jimin is filled with so much longing, aching, and love towards the elder. Just a little longer, Jimin. Just a little longer.

Seokjin’s eyes flicker back and forth from Jimin’s eyes down to his lips. “So,” his voice taking on a darker shade. “Are we going to continue yearly tradition?”

“We’re doing it right now, aren’t we?” Jimin lilts.

“I meant the other tradition.”

Of course. They started doing this for Seokjin’s birthday when they first started living together. They loved the slow, intimate way their bodies moved together, slotted into each other so easily, but they were also quite adventurous in the pursuit of discovering what makes the other feel good. They get a little more creative each year.

“What’d you have me do?” Jimin rakes his fingers through his hair, knowing well enough how much it drives Seokjin up the wall.

His boyfriend grunts, exhaling a strangled breath. He slowly removes his black t-shirt, mussing up his hair in the process. It’s morning where Seokjin is, so his face is still a little puffy with sleep, lips always plumper somehow when he wakes up. He must’ve been spending a little more time at the gym lately because Jimin doesn’t miss his taut biceps, the sharp dip of his collarbones, and his defined chest. Fuck! Jimin swallows thickly.

“Will you untie your sleeves and tease me, Jiminnie?”

Jimin licks his lips. This is new. It’s something they’ve never done before, but it’s thrilling, exciting, and intimate despite not being together in the same place, in the same time zone. Jimin tugs at the ends of the strings on his sleeve. Jimin catches Seokjin’s half lidded eyes, parted lips, and flushed high cheeks. The corner of Jimin’s lips curve upwards and he knows he’s got him. Jimin pulls on the string one more time, letting the rest of him unravel.


Winter is probably Jimin’s favorite season. Sure it’s freezing ass cold outside, and it can get gross when the snow gets all muddy and wet after a few days, but Jimin loves the season regardless. He loves the smell of tangerines and roasted chestnuts on the streets. He loved the feeling of being outside and catching the first snowfall as a kid, making snow angels when the snow was fresh and thick enough, his mom making him hot chocolate, chasing his brother around the living room because he ate all of Jimin’s favorite holiday chocolate bars. These were all beautiful memories he still holds on to today.

But also, Jimin’s most favorite memories with Seokjin are during the winter. He still remembers how they decorated their little apartment for the holidays as best as they could, even if they didn’t have much at the time. All they had was a little wreath on their apartment door, a mistletoe (which they abused every chance they got) hung over the entrance to their bedroom, and two simple stockings that they filled up with random gifts for each other everyday. Jimin loved the lazy snuggled up winter mornings on weekends where they had no other responsibilities, and stayed in bed until late in the afternoon. He also loved the days when they both lounged around on the couch with Jimin’s head resting on Seokjin’s lap, comfort blanket wrapped around them while quietly reading books. They would head out at night, take a stroll around town, around the park hand in hand just to appreciate the colorful lights everywhere. On other days, they’d bake batches of gingerbread cookies together to give away to their friends, but then the kitchen always somehow ends up in a mess because Seokjin can be silly and Jimin loves to retaliate and they both end up throwing frosting at each other’s faces before it transitions to lips on lips, and bodies grinding against each other, and they would have to start the baking process all over again.

Jimin smiles fondly as he as he reminisces the past years while he sits by the window sill, staring out into the dark night of Seoul.

His mood quickly turns upside down. It’s New Year’s Eve, and he’s alone. Seokjin is still in Europe. They were supposed to welcome the new year together. Seokjin was supposed to be home this morning, but that fucking snowstorm in Germany is what hindered their flight, so his arrival date was pushed to two days from now instead. Jimin isn’t angry. At least not at Seokjin. Mother nature deciding that today was the perfect day to brew up a stupid snowstorm was not his boyfriend’s fault. But Jimin couldn’t help sounding just a tad pissed and a lot disappointed when he talked with Seokjin on the phone earlier.


“And there really is no other way?”

“I’m sorry Jiminnie, all airports are closed down until the storm calms down. They said it’ll pass by tomorrow.”

“Okay. Sure. Fine.” he didn’t intend to, but he snapped back, not being able to control his emotions anymore.

“That doesn’t sound fine to me.”

“No, no. It is. It’s totally fine. I mean, it’s not like we were able to spend our birthdays or the holidays together either, so what difference does new years make?” he sounded bitter, he knew it all too well. He shouldn’t have been so pissy about the whole situation, but the loneliness he was feeling was just sitting too heavy in his chest.

“Are you seriously mad at me, Jimin? You think I wanted this to happen?” Seokjin raised his own voice.

“Of course I know you didn’t want this to happen!  I’m just upset, okay? After nearly five months of not seeing you, of not being with you--  I’m just-- It’s just--” tears started welling up in the corner of Jimin’s eyes.

“And you think I’m not just as upset as you are? You think I haven’t missed you just as much every single fucking day we were apart?”

“I know! I know… I just… Fuck! I just miss you, Jin. I was just really hoping we’d be together for new years.”

“Jimin… baby. I miss you too. Believe me, I miss you so much. The last thing I want is to be stuck here.” Seokjin was just as stressed, and tired, probably even more tired than Jimin was. His voice smoothed over. He was always better at keeping his emotions at bay and recollecting himself faster than Jimin could. “What if in the future… I’ll have projects that would require me to stay away longer? Like a year? Would you give up on me?” his breath was shaky, and the words came out smaller. He was scared. And Fuck Jimin was such an idiot!

“You know I’ll wait for you. I’d wait forever if I have to. Don’t say that, Jinnie. I’d never give up on you - on us. I guess,” Jimin took a deep breath. He needed to get his emotions in check. He counted to ten. Exhaled. “We’re both just too antsy to see each other again. Jinnie, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell at you. I swear, I’m not mad at you, I just hate how the circumstances are being a bitch right now when all I want is to just hold my boyfriend and kiss him, and just be with him.”

The line was quiet for a while, but he knew Seokjin was still there. He could hear him breathe, sniffle a little bit. Jimin didn’t know whether it was from the cold or from him being a complete asshole.

“Jiminnie?” Seokjin spoke up first.


“You know that I love you more than anything, right?”

“I know.” Of course he does, but does Seokjin know? “And you know that I love you more than anything too, right? That when I’m being bitchy like this, it’s just because I just so fucking miss you. You know that… right?”

Seokjin chuckled into the receiver. It was small, but sincere, and it brought everything together. They were okay. It was just a little speed bump. They were always going to be okay.

“Yes, I know, Jiminnie.”


It wasn’t the ugliest argument they’ve had, but it was easily the pettiest one Jimin ever initiated. Jimin is thankful that he and Seokjin have built up on a strong foundation that petty fights are easily swept under the rug. Though Jimin wants to make it up to him when he comes home. He’ll spoil Seokjin rotten with all his favorite foods, blast his favorite music through the house, watch all his favorite rom coms with him, massage him, make him breakfast in bed.

He blinks at his phone. Fifteen minutes to new year. Odeng barks from his cage across the room. “Sorry, buddy. He can’t make it tonight. But he’ll be home in two days. Let’s just welcome the new year together, yeah?”

Jimin makes it halfway to the cage when he hears keys rustling, the front door opening and closing, and then a loud thud on the floor followed by an all too familiar voice yelping out in pain.


It can’t be. It’s the same voice he argued with over the phone just two hours ago. It’s the voice that’s been talking to him even in his dreams. His chest tightens, his heart aches as dashes out into the hallway and--


“Fucking shoe rack. I forgot it was there.”

Jimin can’t believe his eyes. Seokjin, his boyfriend tripped over the shoe rack and face planted onto the floor, with a fucking bouquet of roses now at his feet. He’s here. He’s home.

Jimin stands frozen, unable to move, afraid that if he does, Seokjin might evaporate again and he’d wake up and this would all just be one of his too vivid dreams again.

Seokjin hauls himself up, making his way towards Jimin. His long bony fingers caress Jimin’s cheeks before he takes them into his hands. Jimin winces at the coldness of his fingertips, but it’s real. Seokjin’s really here. This is not a dream.

“What are you doing here? You said you were in Germany. Snow storm. Stranded--”

“I wanted to surprise you.”

“You said you couldn’t make it, and I got so upset and-- how?”

“I flew back last night. I arrived in Seoul late this afternoon, but I was held back at the airport because there had been some mess ups with my luggage, so I had to buy some time.”

Jimin can’t believe it. “We had a fight, Seokjin. You’re such an ass!” There is no real bite in his words. He’s rather shocked, and even more happy because Seokjin really did keep his promise. But he still kind of wants to strangle him all the same.

“But my surprise worked, didn’t it?” Seokjin grins like a cheshire cat. He’s so fucking pleased with himself.

Jimin wants to punch him. With his mouth. But he’s petty tonight, been petty the whole day. “I was already planning all the ways that I was gonna make it up to you. I was gonna get you pancakes in bed--”


“Not anymore!” Jimin pouts petulantly, but his hands have somehow made it to Seokjin’s clothed waist, clutching at the fabric for deal life, not wanting him to slip away. “You made me pick a fight with you just so you could surprise me, that wasn’t nice.” he buries his head in Seokjin’s chest, inhaling the scent of his cologne mixed with the cold outside.

“I’m sorry,  Jiminnie. I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you too, yeah?” Seokjin’s chest vibrates with laughter against Jimin’s forehead. It’s so comforting, so wonderful. He's such a damn tease.

Seokjin snakes his arms around Jimin’s shoulders and pulls him into a hug. It’s tight. It probably will crush his lungs, but Jimin doesn’t mind. It feels so good just being in Seokjin’s arms again; to feel his warmth against him. Jimin locks his hands behind Seokjin’s back, pressing himself closer, closer against his boyfriend. For a while they just stand there, arms tangled around each other, soaking in each other’s presence.

“Jin,” Jimin lifts his head to look into the dark chocolate brown orbs he’s missed so much; he’s only seen through his phone screen for the past five months. “Please, can we…”

He doesn’t need to say more. Seokjin always knows what each lilt of Jimin’s voice means.

When Seokjin’s lips finally, finally are on Jimin’s lips, Jimin can’t help the sigh, the strangled moan at the back of his throat escape his lips. It’s been too damn long, and kissing Seokjin right now makes him feel alive again. Jimin wants to touch him, feel him. He wants to be draped in all that is Kim Seokjin, drown in him and make up for all the months spent apart. But he’s back and they have all the time in the world to do all that later. For now, this is enough. For now, just being this close to him, lips locked, and feeling Seokjin’s heartbeat through his sweater while the clock strikes twelve and the fireworks outside of their apartment building go off, is all Jimin needs.

“Happy New Year, baby.” Seokjin breathes against his lips.

The year has barely begun, but with Seokjin in his arms, Jimin already knows that it’s going to be a great year.