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This Means War

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"You've seriously never seen Twilight?" Elena stared at Rebekah with wide eyes. She couldn't believe that she had missed out on such a crucial piece of popular culture.

"How is that even possible?" Caroline gasped shoveling another spoonful of Rocky Road into her mouth.

It was 'girl's night' at the Mikaelson Mansion. Rebekah had somehow become friends with Elena after the brunette had started dating Elijah; Caroline had followed Elena's lead and immediately accepted Rebekah as a friend. After Rebekah had let it slip that she had never attended a sleepover Elena had insisted on throwing one for her.

"Well I did spend a century in a box, Caroline." There was an edge to the chuckle that followed. Rebekah started adding a second layer of blue paint to her nails; her eyes followed the brush to settle on Caroline when it lifted from her finger. "That was curtesy of your boyfriend," Rebekah switched topics quickly; she ignored the sputtering sounds coming from Caroline's throat. "Is the movie any good?"

"He's not my boyfriend," Caroline mumbled around another spoonful of ice cream. Strangely she couldn't bring herself to meet her friends' eyes. She wasn't lying per se. It was true that she and Klaus had grown 'closer' in the months since Elena and Elijah had gotten together, nothing was definite.

"Maybe not," Elena gazed at Caroline through the corner of her eyes with a sly smile, "but you want him to be. Didn't I see you sneaking out of his room last week?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Caroline firmly denied even as blood flooded her cheeks. Crap, she did see me; time to evade. She quickly pulled a DVD from her bag and stood to pop it into the player. "The movie is no good Rebekah."

"It's absolutely atrocious," Elena smirked turning on the television.

"Then why are we watching it?" Rebekah furrowed her brows and closed the nail polish.

"We are watching it," Elena explained, "because it so bad it's funny. Also it was a key piece of popular culture that you have missed out on."

"It's something everyone has to see at least once." Caroline dropped back onto the king size bed when Elena pressed play.

"Who's he?" It was a little eerie how closely Rebekah echoed Bella Swan's voice. Rebekah was staring at Robert Pattinson who had completely taken over the large screen of the television.

"That's Edward Cullen," Elena snickered.

"He's known for his amazing hair," Caroline chirped up, "incredibly sexy hair."

"Elijah's is better," Elena crossed her ankles and leaned back on her elbows.

"My brother's hair is always perfect," Rebekah seemed confused. "He's kind of obsessive about it."

"You haven't seen him after sex," Elena snickered covering her mouth with her hand. "It's incredibly hot after I've been running my hand through it." She barely avoided the pillow that came flying at her head.

"I did not need to hear that," Rebekah pretended to gag.

"Then you really don't want to hear about Klaus," Caroline murmured.

"Does that mean you were coming out of his room?" Elena poked Caroline in the ribs.

"I can neither confirm nor deny anything," Caroline waved her hands vaguely. "Except that he has hot sex hair."

"You two are terrible." Rebekah chucked a couple of pillows at each of her friends nearly knocking them off the bed. "It's a very good thing Nik sound proofed the house or none of us would ever hear the end of this."

"Their egos do not need the boost," Elena turned her attention back to the screen.


"That was quite possibly the worst thing that I've ever seen," Rebekah shook her head at the end credits.

"Does that mean you don't want to watch the sequel?" Elena asked from where she was putting the DVD back in the case.

"Of course I want to watch the sequel."

"She's hooked," Caroline crowed getting out the second film. "If we are going to watch this then I need sustenance."

Elena was way ahead of her. She had already opened the door and was making her way through the hall. The girls all traipsed down the stairs to the kitchen. Rebekah moved to pull three blood bags from the fridge.

"Do you want more ice cream, or actual food?" Rebekah sipped her blood bag and opened the freezer to reveal several containers of ice cream.

"I think we should start with the ice cream," Caroline finished her own blood.

"And order a pizza," Elena drained the bag and dropped the plastic into the bin.

"It's a wonder you girls aren't all fat," Kol flashed to the fridge where he pulled out a blood bag. "I'm all for pizza," he grinned opening the bag and sipping from it like a juice box, "so long as I get a sip."

"You are not feeding from the delivery guy Kol," Elijah strode into the room.

"What if I say please?" Kol pouted attempting to plead with his oldest brother.

"I'll still say no," Elijah chuckled. He turned to Elena and gave her a sound kiss only separating when he heard Rebekah's scolding tone.

"None of that," Rebekah tugged on her brother's sleeve pulling him further away. "You are not stealing my friend on girl's night."

"Of course not sister," Elijah would never admit it to anyone, but Rebekah had him wrapped around her little finger. He leaned over to brush his lips across Elena's quickly, pulling away he smirked down at her. "I'll wait and steal her tomorrow."

"Promise?" Elena straightened his tie.

"You have my word."

"So what else do you do at a girl's night?" Rebekah asked when they were mid-way through the second movie. They had finished the pizza as well, and thanks to a glare from Elijah the delivery guy had escaped unscathed by Kol. "So far we're eaten junk food, gossiped and watched some truly terrible movies."

"There are all kinds of things," Elena began starting to list them off on her hands: "truth or dare, pranks, makeovers…"

"Facials, karaoke, twister," Caroline continued the list. "You can do whatever you want really. It's all about spending time with your friends."

"We should build a blanket fort," Elena gasped already looking for the best place to carry out her plan.

"We haven't done that since we were kids," Caroline nodded thought back to the last blanket fort they had made. "Do you remember that one Elena? Jeremy tried to get in and wound up taking the whole thing down."

"We were tangled in blankets," Elena lost herself in the memory. Jeremy had insisted on being part of the fun and barreled into the load baring blanket. Every blanket and pillow inside had come crashing down. "We had to call my mom to help us get out."

"What do you think Rebekah? Should we build a blanket fort?"

"I've never made one before," Rebekah bounced in place excited at being part of a childhood ritual that she had never experienced. "How do we do it?"

"We take all of the blanket's we can," Elena was already pulling the blankets from the bed, "and we hang them from the furniture like a giant tent."

"And then we fill it with pillows," Caroline was looking for the perfect place to set up. "There's not really a spot in her that will work."

"How about we set it up in the living room?" Rebekah picked up a few pillows and headed for the door.

Caroline and Elena agreed that this was a great plan and immediately grabbed as many blankets and pillows as they could carry before flashing downstairs.

Twenty minutes later Elena declared that they needed clothespins and string to hold the walls in place and flashed off to the laundry room. She was crossing through the ballroom on her way back when she heard the clock chiming midnight. At the last chiming of the bells Elena felt a pair of hands grip her waist and spin her into the nearest wall. She dropped the bag of supplies she had been carrying when Elijah pressed his body into hers and closed the little space to kiss her.

"It's tomorrow," Elijah pulled back when breathing became an issue. His lips quirked up into a smirk when he looked into her flushed eyes.

"Midnight doesn't count," Elena gasped. She took a couple deep breaths before gently pushing him back.

"It is a new day," Elijah countered picking up the bag she had dropped. "That should count."

"I don't think Rebekah will agree with your logic."

"Probably not," he admitted finally taking a look in the bag she had been carrying. "Why are you fetching clothespins and twine in the middle of the night?"

"We are building a blanket fort," Rebekah leaned against the door leading to the living room. "What did I say about stealing my friend on girl's night?"

"I apologize, sister," Elijah put the bag in Elena's hands. "As you can see I've returned her in one piece."

"Why do I suddenly feel like a shiny toy?"

Elena crawled into the completed fort to settle on one of the oversized pillows from Rebekah's bed. Caroline had flashed out of the house to run a quick errand. She returned 10 minutes later nearly knocking one of the blankets down as she slid inside.

"I brought defensive provisions," Caroline righted the blanket. She opened the duffle bag she had carried inside to reveal three nerf guns already fully loaded. "You can't have a fort without defense."

"Who exactly are we defending it from?" Rebekah was turning the gun over in her hands and inspecting the trigger mechanism.

"From anyone who comes in the room," Elena reasoned. She was already poking her head over the top of the fort. Footsteps were approaching the room. "Here comes our first victim," she breathed dropping back inside the fort.

Caroline quickly showed Rebekah how to work the nerf gun before standing up. Kol had the misfortune of being the first person in the room. He found out quickly just how good Elena and Caroline's aim was; he was pelted in the face with several rounds of nerf darts.

"Bloody 'ell!" Kol knocked the last of the darts aside. He glared at the trio of girls before smirking. Using vampire speed he ran at them knocking down the fort and tangling all four of them in blankets.

Elijah and Klaus came running in the room at the sound of the girls shrieking. They were greeted with the sight of Kol being pummeled with pillows; he was unable to escape the torrent of pillows because he was now tangled in sheets.

"What's going on in here?" Klaus couldn't stop the laugh that bubbled over at the sight of his little brother getting beaten with pillows.

"Kol wrecked our fort," Caroline brought another pillow down on the culprits head.

"Now he must pay," Elena declared through the feathers now floating in the room.

"Also we're stuck," Rebekah tried to stand up only to fall into Elena and Caroline.

"Do you require assistance?" Elijah chuckled and pulled on the back of Kol's jacket lifting him to his feet. With Klaus' help they quickly disentangled the girls from the blankets.

"That was fun," Rebekah grinned when she was finally on her feet again.

"Maybe for you," Kol sulked, "I was attacked by darts, and pummeled with pillows." He crossed his arms over his chest and sneezed when a feather landed on his nose.

"Serves you right," Caroline picked up the undamaged pillows. "You destroyed our fort."

"I only did that because you shot me with darts."

"They were nerf darts Kol," Elena picked one up and waved it in front of his face. "You're a vampire. It's not like we were throwing vervain. It's only fair to let you know," Elena paused when Elijah pulled a few feathers from her hair, "this means war." From the corner of her eyes she could just make out the sharp nod from Caroline; Rebekah appeared to be shaking.

An hour later, after the living room had been de-feathered, the girls had returned to Rebekah's room. Caroline rubbed her hands together when Elena had secured the door.

"So, what's the plan?" Caroline bounced on the bed. She licked her lips which had split into a giant grin.

"There are so many possibilities," Elena tilted her head to the side and narrowed her eyes. There were so many pranks to pull in revenge; the problem now was choosing the right one.

"Possibilities for what?" Rebekah furrowed her brow and dropped onto the bed beside Caroline.

"Pranks of course," Elena seemed to come to a decision if her decisive nod was anything to go by. She pulled a notebook out of her bag and started writing a list.

"That's one of the other things that we do at sleepovers," Caroline explained; her grin had spread across her face causing her eyes to crinkle in glee. "One time we put a chicken bouillon cube in Damon's shower head; after he got out of the shower he smelled like chicken," Caroline tossed her head back with a laugh, "he couldn't figure out where the smell was coming from."


"He invited himself to girl's night," Elena joined them on the bed and passed the notebook to Caroline. "He insisted that we include him in the evening's activities."

"So obviously we pranked him," Caroline gazed down at the list she had been handed. "We're starting with the classics I see."

"What do we need?" Rebekah took the list and began reading: "jello, shaving cream, glitter, walkie talkies, computer, clear nail polish, saren wrap, duct tape, orajel, rain-x, tin-foil, and post-its…" She trailed off and looked up at her friends, "What exactly are you planning, Elena?"

"Several things," Elena admitted with a small grin. "These are all of the things we would need for each prank; they're not all for one."

"Okay," Rebekah grinned at the thought of bringing Kol down a peg; it was high time he got a taste of his own meddlesome medicine. "What's first?"

"Glitter and clear nail polish," Caroline smirked down at the list, "both of those things just so happen to be in my bag." She reached in to pull out the items in question.

"Caroline…" Rebekah gawped at the contents of Caroline's bag, "Why do you have so much glitter?"

"That's not important right now," Caroline passed nail polish to Elena. "What's important is that we work together." She waited to make sure they were both listening. "Elena you need to take care of the nail polish, and Rebekah – I need you to help me with the glitter, and make sure that Kol doesn't come in the room while we are setting up."

Rebekah left then to make sure that Kol was downstairs. They were in luck; as soon as the girls left Rebekah's room they could hear Klaus and Kol arguing in the kitchen. They had forgotten to shut the door. Grinning at each other the girls flashed down the hall to Kol's bedroom. They all peered down the hall to make sure the coast was clear before opening the door.

Elena made a beeline for the en-suite when Rebekah had closed the door. Once inside she stepped into the shower and pulled out the bar of soap. Elena worked quickly to coat the top of the soap in a layer of clear nail polish; after it dried she flipped the bar over to coat the other side. When the soap had dried out again she placed it back in its proper place in the shower.

"Do you need a hand?" Elena walked back into the room to find Caroline and Rebekah peering into every corner; looking for the best place to deposit the glitter. "What if you put it on the fan, we can fix it so that when he turns on the light it will activate the fan."

"That's a good idea," Caroline agreed readily.

Rebekah moved to turn on the lights, so they could see whether the fan was already set to come on; it wasn't. Elena jumped up onto the bed and reached for the strings hanging down; she fiddled with them until she had the fan on high. Once they had set up the fan Rebekah shut the lights back off.

Elena reached up to stop the momentum of the ceiling fan with her hands; it stilled immediately. Caroline and Rebekah joined her on the bed, and they set to lining the top of the fan with packet after packet of glitter. When they were done they hopped off the bed and fixed the sheets so that it looked as if they had never been there. They hastily stuffed the evidence in their pockets and fled the scene of the crime.

Elena had suggested they continue with trashy movies. It was Caroline's idea to leave the door partially open so that they heard when Kol returned to his room.

Rebekah lowered the volume of the TV when she heard her brother bounding up the stairs. Motioning to the others they all moved to stand by the door. Caroline checked her watch; each tick of the seconds echoed Kol's footsteps. Elena tapped her fingers against her thigh impatiently. Rebekah chewed on her lip when she heard Kol open his bedroom door.

Hearing him disappear into the room the girls poked their heads around the door to peer down the hall towards the door through which Kol had disappeared. They waited with baited breath for the lights to come on.

"What are we waiting for?"

Three heads twisted around to find Elijah. He had come up behind them and was now waiting for an answer. He quirked an eyebrow and looked at each young woman in turn; none of them could meet his gaze.

"Arghhh – "

If she had still been human she would have given herself whiplash. The lights had come on in Kol's room. He now came storming out of the room causing Rebekah, Elena, and Caroline to drop to the floor laughing. He was covered from head to toe in glitter; it left a trail on the floor from his room to Rebekah's.

"Which one of you did this?" Kol pointed an accusing finger each of them. He was attempting to intimidate them with his vampire features, but the effect was dulled by the pink glitter surrounding his eyes. He gripped the frame of Rebekah's door with his hand; the knuckles went white. "Well?"

"I'm assuming this is what you were waiting for?" Elijah fought to keep a grin from his face; he couldn't remember the last time Kol had been pranked. In that moment he wanted nothing more than a camera to capture the image of his little brother covered in pink and gold glitter.

Elena finally managed to get her laughter under control. When Elena did she was a little unnerved by the smirk now sitting on Kol's face. Anger and amusement flashed in his dark eyes.

"You've started a fight you can't win," Kol sneered down at her, Elena scrambled to her feet so that she was at least at eye level with him. "You're going to regret this little doppelgänger," he caught the glare from Elijah, "Elena. Nobody pranks better than me."

"I told you this was a war."