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The War Amongst Us

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War, it is the absolute path of death and destruction yet, you are stuck right in the middle of it. Your name is (y\n) (l\n), you have been working as a spy and a solider in this war for eight months. Tensions between humans and monsters have always been high, even as a small child you were taught never to trust a monster. They were as slippery as eels and as untrustworthy as conmen. Every human knew that if you ever let your guard down when a monster was around, they'd steal your soul immediately without guilt. So, that's why mankind finally made the right choice of fighting the monsters. Once the humans were victorious, they'd seal the monsters under Mt. Ebott for centuries, millennia, maybe even a million years. It all depended if the monsters were smart enough to figure out how to break the magical barrier. 

But, even if they did figure out, it'd take many years to actually get out. Commander Dykstra said that in order to break the magical barrier that will seal the monsters underground, they'd need a great amount of soul power... Whatever that means. 

But, now wasn't the time to reminisce on the hostility between the two races. You need to walk though the camp your fellow soldiers were staying in to the main commander's tent. Commander Baskey was the leader of this band of military, he had ordered you to report to his tent immediately. He was likely going to give you a mission to act out tonight while in the dark, that was your specialty after all. 

You were well known for your wits, stealth and courage. You were one of the best spies in the human army, your expertise was sought after and you had gone from military camp to military camp helping out on missions. You had been at this camp for only two weeks, yet you've been on four spy missions. All have gone smoothly and you've been able to hear many of the monster's battle plans. That of course means the humans have successfully won many battles mainly because of you and your spy skills.

You grinned slightly as you made your way through the crowd of soldiers who were sitting around a campfire. You were taken back when Alysha Corbett grabbed a hold of your shoulder, stopping you mid stride. "Miss (l\n), before you set out tonight I have some vegetable stew prepared by the campfire for you to eat." She told you gently. 

She was wearing a proper blue and white dress, she was the cook for this lot. Her husband was John Corbett, one of the better soldiers in this army. He was a skilled swordsman and he had slain many monsters with his broadsword. Alysha wasn't the best cook, but she needed a reason to be here so she made food for the army. Her food wasn't as good as it had been at the last camp, but it was okay. You weren't here for the food anyway. 

You nodded at her, "Alright, Mrs. Corbett." you replied as you dipped your head in respect and walked to the army commander's tent. 

Women weren't usually allowed in the army since they are seen as weak but, you had always been known as a skilled thief. Most would sentence a thief to death, but the king had observed your sneaky ways and gave you a pardon. Well, that was under one condition, if you joined the military he'd clear you of your crimes. You didn't want to join the military but, it was either this or go to a dark dungeon and eventually have your head chopped off in a guillotine. It was obvious why you made the former choice and not the latter, you weren't ready to die yet. You still had plenty of life to live and you didn't want your life to be cut short. 

You grew up as an orphan on the streets so, you learned how to sneak food and money from people without them noticing, this went on for eighteen years of your life before you were finally caught in the act. You were finally captured when you were stealing a noblewoman's dress, her husband caught you and wanted to make sure you got the punishment you deserved. But, the joke's on him because you never got any severe punishment. 

And thanks to being in the military, dresses were very unsuitable for missions. That meant that for the most part you could wear men's clothing, that wasn't supported by many of course, but you didn't care. You strongly disliked dresses, they were too flashy and complicated. Not to mention, they were extremely drafty. 

You walked into your commander's tent and his brown eyes instantly looked up at you. He was sitting on the ground, a glass of wine in one hand and a dagger in the other. "Hello Misses (y\n). I have a task for you." His deep voice spoke. He tossed his dagger in the air and swiftly caught it again by the handle before he stood up and took a sip of his wine. 

"Of course Sir, what is this task?" You asked in response looking at his buttoned doublet quickly before glancing back up at his face. 

Commander Baskey, or, Evan Baskey is a Caucasian male standing at 5'5" feet tall with short blonde hair and brown eyes. He is well built and he treated you respectively, unlike most commanders you've worked with before. Whenever he saw a man disrespect you in the camp, he'd immediately interject and make sure they didn't do it again. 

Baskey took a step forward and handed you the dagger from his hand, "I need you to go to the west, past the big oaks that are near the mountain. The monsters have been spotted there and I need you to go there tonight." He spoke as he gave you a respectful nod. 

"You may take my horse, just make sure you don't get caught. Oh, and if you do get caught, it'd be best if you were wearing a dress. We don't want you getting recognized by the enemy, do we?" He gently spoke which made you groan in displeasure. 

"But Sir, you do realize how uncomfortable it is to ride on a horse with a dress on, right?" You complained. 

He let out a deep chuckle and lifted your hand to his lips, kissing it gently. "I wouldn't know, but I'm sure you can understand why I asked you, Miss (y\n)." He responded calmly. 

You blushed slightly, pulling your hand out of his grasp and nodded. "Alright, Sir. I will head out after I eat some of Mrs. Corbett's stew." You responded and he smiled kindly. 

"Be safe, (y\n). You're a very beautiful maiden and I don't want monsters to capture you." He replied. 

"I haven't been caught yet, so you shouldn't worry." You responded with a curtsy. 

"Goodbye, Commander Baskey." You spoke as you exited his tent. 

"Goodbye, Miss (y\n)!" He called after you as you made your way to the campfire. 

You didn't own many dresses, but it was likely Mrs. Corbett would let you borrow one of hers, that is if you promised to give it back. She did have this one dress you liked, it was a nice maroon color with golden accents that went down past her ankles. All the dresses you owned were for peasants, they lacked any intricate design and weren't as magnificent as a dress for someone wealthier than you. Well, all of your dresses had been stolen from people. Usually fellow peasants like yourself, you couldn't just walk around the streets naked so you stole from the easiest targets. That'd be fellow peasants, like yourself. Even if it was terrible to steal, you were just trying to stay alive so, you felt no guilt. 

Once you made it to the campfire, the familiar gazes from the soldiers were on you as always. These men couldn't see you as an equal, they only saw you as a churl. Not only did they see you as a churl, but they also saw you as a lady... A lady to not be respected. 

"(y\n), shouldn't you be at home tending to your husband?" One of the men mocked. The fact that you were a single lady was often commented about, most women would be stuck in arranged marriages by your age and you were only 19. But, since you had no family, no marriage could be arranged. You didn't mind that at all, though. You didn't want to be forced into marrying some snob. 

The men in this camp were almost all married to women through arranged marriages, it is common for the time, after all. Even Commander Baskey had been married when he was 22 to a 15 year old girl. From what you've heard though, he never had liked her. When he was away fighting in the war, his wife contracted smallpox and eventually passed away leaving him a widower. They had never had children and he didn't seem to like the idea of getting dragged into a marriage with someone he didn't know well. He was only 25 now and he didn't seem to want to marry anyone again anytime soon. 

You turned to the man who said that to you and glared at him, "Sir Griffin, I suggest you keep your mouth shut before I either pummel you or tell Commander Baskey that you're disrespecting me." you threatened coldly which left him silent. 

You walked over to the pot of stew sitting next to the fire and filled up a small bowl with it. You sat down on one of the logs sitting in front of the fire and began eating your dinner politely. You slipped the dagger Commander Baskey had given you into the sheath on your hip and looked up at the sky, the stars filled the sky and twinkled with all their might. The only things that were lighting the area around you were the moon, the stars and various torches scattered around the camp. 

For a autumn night, it was quite beautiful. You loved being out in the open, nature was a very wonderful thing and you loved looking up at the stars in the sky. Most humans would be cooped up in their homes, tucking their children into bed, unaware of the dangers you had to face every single day out in the open. Wolves, bears, poisonous snakes, et cetera, were all dangers you and your fellow soldiers had to deal with every day. Just last week you had to lay a solider to rest, Brandon Oakley. He was 30 years old, and he had died way too soon. He had been bitten by a poisonous snake and he eventually succumbed to the poison. 

You quickly finished your food and stood up, walking to the Corbett's tent. "Mrs. Corbett, may I borrow a dress?" You called to her from outside. 

She peeked out of the tent and looked over at you, "Oh, I'm afraid not. Especially not for a dangerous mission like this. I can't afford loosing one of my dresses, sorry." She quickly responded. 

You sighed and nodded your head in understanding, "Alright, Mrs. Corbett. Have a good night." You responded before you turned and walked to the tent you were staying in. You went inside and bent down as you opened a case of your belongings, pulling out a tan and brown dress. It was old and worn but, you'd have to deal with it. This way, if the monsters saw you, they would think you were just a peasant who got lost in the woods, or so you hoped. 

You quickly changed into it and brushed your (h\c) hair out with your fingers before you walked over to where the horses were kept and untied Commander Baskey's horse from the tree he was tied to. Unbeknownst to most, Baskey had named his horse. His name was Arthur and Evan Baskey had a very strong bond with his horse. You were honestly surprised he'd even let you take his horse, but you were grateful that he would let you. This way you wouldn't have to walk such a long time through the deep and dark forest. 

You carefully climbed onto the horse's back and held onto his reins before you tapped his side with your heel, signalling him to start walking. The equine instantly took off through the woods and you took a deep breath and prepared for the mission ahead of you.