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Maybe you're becoming one of us

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/N This is inspired by After Erasure Quinis fanfiction. It goes along the same lines. This is a White Collar/Batman/Jason Bourne crossover. The Jason Bourne part will be based from the books not the movies. That is a key difference. Enjoy.

Neal's POV

He woke up pressing his pillow into his face to muffle his screams. The memories were fresh in his mind. He couldn't afford to wake Peter who was asleep on his couch. The older man wouldn't understand the nightmares. He couldn't afford for the man to understand them.

Not even Mozzie knew of his past. He had done his best to hide it and make a new life for himself. Shaking himself from the dark thoughts he pushed himself up to look at the clock. He winced at the time. It was definitely too early to be up.

Still after that nightmare there was no way he was going back to sleep. As quietly as he could he slipped out onto the balcony. As it was Febraury it was freezing outside.

It was a wake up call for him. The cold air reminded him of winters in Gotham. A shudder ran through him.

He had not willingly gone to Gotham since he was eighteen. In fact he actively avoided the city. Mozzie thought it was because of the capes.

That was only half of the truth. Neal wasn't his real name. Richard Grayson was. Or at least it had been. When he left that life behind he erased all information on him. Only paper articles were left untouched. Not that his "family" would care. They never had.

From there he had been picked up by the army as a language specialist. A man by the name of Alex Conklin gave him a new identity. In exchange he did what extra work for the man on the side.

His identity of David Webb had been amazing while it lasted. He got married in Taiwan to a local. She knew he couldn't talk about his past and he didn't have a family. Still she had accepted him for who he was. It was only a few weeks after they got married that she had announced she was pregnant.

He had been ecstatic about the possibility of children. Being an orphan he wanted only the best for his children. So he called in a favor with Conklin. The man agreed to help them get to the states but he needed David's language skills for a few more weeks. So he agreed. That would prove to be fatal.

While he was off on a mission for Conklin a plane had attack the area near his home. His wife and unborn child had been killing while she was doing laundry. A blood lust had filled him when he found her body two days later.

Immediately he had gone to Conklin asking to be reassigned. Telling the man he wanted to fight to get back at them for what he had lost. After trying to talk him out of it and failing the man agreed.

The next day he was shipped off to a black ops group known simply as Medusa. After surviving three weeks of training he was given the callsign of Delta. There were no names in Medusa just callsigns.

His squad by the end of his term had more kills than any of the other squads. The were known as the most ruthless of all the groups. Delta's name was infamous amongst the ranks. Legends were told about him. Some were just that legends. There were a few that were true though.

Even after all they had done when he returned to the States he was dead inside. That was when he came across Mozzie. The small man intruiged the 25 year old.

When he showed promise as a thief it had been Mozzie who taught him the tricks to the trade. He had become a friend and a mentor. Eventually he took up the name Neal Caffery permanently. The biggest problem had been ditching Alex Conklin. Even almost ten years later he still wasn't 100 percent sure the man wasn't keeping an eye on him.

Still he had a safety deposit box that had all of his CIA stuff stashed. Luckily no one but Kate knew of it. Now that she was gone no one knew where it was. Not even he could get to it. It was outside his radius.

Still he was supposed to find out the results from the parole board yesterday. It had been a fiasco all day trying to get the Rafael to Sarah. He had been lucky that his plan worked. Instead of trying to arrest him though Kramer had been gone.

Supposedly he had found new evidence that might put him away again. Peter of course had out Diana on it. In case Kramer tried something his friend had stayed over.

A touch to his shoulder brought him out of his musings. It was only by sheer force of will that he didn't try to hurt the person. There was only a few people that could get into his room. Mozzie, Peter, and June.

Old instincts die hard though. He stiffened at the touch ready to lash out if needed.

It wasn't until he heard Peter's familiar voice that he relaxed minutely," Neal what are you doing up so early?"

Not turning to look at him he replied," Couldn't sleep."


He shrugged in reply. They were really nightmares but memories. Ones that were best left where they belonged. In the past.

Peter asked after a moment," Want to talk about it? It might make you feel better."

He shook his head and replied firmly," Peter there are some things that i can't talk about. Not to you. Not to Mozzie. There are somethings best left in the past."

He could see the worry in his friend's eyes. Peter knew that they didn't know everything about them. Hell they only knew Neal Caffery. They never met Dick Grayson or David Webb. Or had the misfortune of meeting Delta.

Though there had been a few close calls. Like when Keller kidnapped Elizabeth. If Peter had not been there he would have shot to kill without hesitation.

Conklin's POV

He had been asleep in a nightmare free sleep when he got a call. At first he had been angry about it. The nights were far and few between where he had not had a nightmare. It came from running so many Black ops.

When he saw who was calling he answered immediately despite his tiredness. He asked coarsely," What do you want?"

The voice of his analyst said calmly," Sorry to wake you sir, but I have something. You told me to alert you if anything Webb came up," there was a short pause to see if he would deny it. When he didn't the analyst continued," We had a hit. Half an hour ago from an FBI field office in New York."

The FBI what in the hell was David doing there? He shook his head and said," I want to be on the first flight out. Tell whoever is in charge over there to expect me."

There was a sigh before a short reply of," Yes sir," was heard. Then the line went dead.

Ten minutes later he got his flight details. The plane left out in an hour. He would have to just pack an overnight bag.

As he was packing his bags his thoughts trailed to the memory of the day David left. It had not been on the best of terms.


It was pouring rain out at grand central park. Alex stood by the statue indicated on the note, David sent him. Part of the man wondered why his friend had insisted on meeting him. Ever since the disbanding of Medusa the other had not been the same.

It had been like the life had been sucked out of David. His once shining blue eyes were dull and nearly grey. It hurt Alex to see him like that.

"There you are Alex. I almost thought you wouldn't come."

The voice had come from right behind him. If it had not been so familIar the person would have likely been shot. He turned to face David expecting to see the same dull eyed man.

Instead there was a slight shine to his friend's eyes. They were nearly as bright as they had been before the war but they were better. It was like the other had found a reason for living again.

Alex frowned when he saw what David was holding. It was his CIA id and his David Webb ids. There was a soft look on the man's face. That was probably what shocked him the most.

The last time he had seen such a look was when David said he was going to be a father. Of course when his wife and child was killed the man had gone insane. Not that Alex blamed him. It was part of the reason he never married. If anyone were to ever find out they could be used against him.

He asked calmly," David what's this? Why have you called me out here? We have our usual meeting next week."

The younger man shook his head as he replied in just a whisper barely louder than the rain," I won't be going back to Langely, Alex. In fact this will be the last time you see me."

So he's going to miss a meeting. Nothing new there. It wasn't until he had processed the second half of the man's words did he start to become worried. If it wasn't for that soft almost happy look on the other's face he would have called the psychiatrist. David wasn't known for his mental stability.

There wasn't a hint of Delta though. It was a relief to see David's eyes clear. When he was in his Delta persona his eyes were clouded. All one could see was the anger and need for bloodshed.

David continued on his voice staying soft," I have found something to keep me going. Something that doesn't involve killing. This is where i put David Webb behind me."

It wasn't like he wanted his friend to keep killing. In fact it was quite the opposite. If David never killed again he would be quite happy. To put an entire identity behind him was going a bit far.

Before he could say anything though David said," Alex i haven't had come to argue with you. In fact i have come to say goodbye and to make a promise. I will never touch a gun again except to kill in the defense of another. This is my solemn promise. Don't look for me you won't find me where I'm going."

Alex regaining his sensed grabbed the others shoulder as he turned away. He shouted harshly," You can't abandon everything David! You just got back from war!"

When David's eyes met his it was like looking at the man before he killed. It made him take a step back in fear. A look like that was rarely directed at him. This was no longer David but Delta.

Before he could try to talk the other down he was gone. This left a very confused Alexander Conklin.

End of flashback

It had been just an hour later that he issued flags on everything David Webb. He had been too late though. David had gone to ground likely using his new identity.

Right before takeoff he got a message from his analysts saying that an Agent Kramer would meet him when he landed. This was probably the person that set off the alert. Part of him was grateful. Another part was suspicious that it could hurt his friend.

Still this was the closest thing to a lead on the young man. That's how he found himself on a plane to New York an hour later. It was a short flight one he spent reviewing David's file.

It was what he expected. David's file had not been updated since that day almost a decade ago. Still he reviewed everything known about the man. It wouldn't hurt to be prepared. His presence would be a surprise to his friend.

When the plane landed he was met by agents of the FBI. The leader was fairly easy to pick out of the group. He was a short man with a receeding hair line. Maybe mid to late fifties.

The man asked stepping forward holding out his hand" Agent Conklin? I'm agent Kramer from the DC White colllar division. I was surprised when your man contacted me."

Alex shook the hand briefly before he replied," Yes I'm Alexander Conklin. We had an alert set up for anything pertaining to a David Webb. I hope you can shed some light on how you came across one of badges."

The man grimaced before he replied shortly," This would be best discussed somewhere else."

That was how he ended up at the FBI field office. He had taken a company provided car. Trusting the FBI was not going to happen under any circumstances.

The office had been empty when they arrived. It was still early and many of the agents wouldn't arrive for another hour. An hour that he planned on using to gather as much intelligence as he could.

Neal's POV

The next morning found him in the elevator yawning. Peter had left early to scope out the office before he went in. Since he hadn't heard from the man he assumed it was safe.

When the elevator dinged the doors opened he was surprised to see Peter arguing with Kramer. As he approached Kramer shot him a smug look. Peter on the other hand looked worried.

When he drew closer he saw someone he had not seen since he first took up the name Neal Caffery. Alexander Conklin. He did what any sane thief would have done in that instance. He ran.

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Mozzie's POV

As usual Neal had left early with the suit. While he didn't completely approve of his friends domestic life he accepted it. He also knew that there was somrthing Neal was hiding from him. That he was hiding from everyone. As much as he wanted to he never confronted Neal about it. Part of him still remembered the cold blue eyes that looked at him when they first met. It had taken months for the coldness to leave his eyes. For the grey eyes to turn into their original blue.

The first time he saw Neal's blue eyes they had surprised him. They made Neal look much younger than his grey eyes did. It had been good to see them like that. They also made him a better conman. People trusted the baby blue eyed man more than a man with a killers eyes.

Mozzie was far from stupid. He knew that Neal had killed during his previous occupation. The younger man refused to talk about it and he never pushed. Something told him if he pushed Neal would disappear. After seeing how quickly the other went from identity it wouldn't surprise him. Part of him wondered who Neal was under his mask? Was he the conman that Mozzie had come to see as a little brother? Or was he the cold eyed man that he first met? The man who's eyes only showed life when he stole. That was the real question.

He had just entered Neal's apartment knowing that the other wasn't there when his phone rang. Frowning he checked the number. Unsurprisingly it was Neal calling. Why would his friend be calling now? He just started work.


A ruffled sounding Neal answered immediately," Birthday!" A second later the line went dead.

It felt like his heart was going to stop. Birthday was one of Neal's codes. It had been set up when they first met. It meanr that someone from Neal's past had caught up with him. His job was to make sure Neal got out clean.

Looking around the apartment mournfully he gathered the necessary items. It would be like Neal Caffery was never there. The only remnants of him would be the memories that they had shared.

Neal's POV

Instead of taking the elevator he took the stairs. As he dialed Mozzie he took the stairs three at a time. He was never more thankful for his time in Medusa. It gave him faster reactions than one would expect from a thief.

He had already reached the next landing by the time Mozzie have a confused," Neal?"

"Birthday!" He shouted fear pulsing through his veins as the door opened above him.

No doubt it was Alex running after him. He was too high up to make the jump down without hurting himself. He would just have to take the stairs faster.

When he hit the next landing he heard a shout," Neal!"

Or it was Peter and he was in trouble. Yet he didn't stop. If Alex wasn't with Peter he was trying to cut him off. He couldn't let the man catch him. He wouldn't go back to the CIA.

The run down the stairs seemed to take forever. By the time he reached the ground floor he was winded. Yet he didn't let up. If he did he knew Peter would be on him in a moment.

As he reached the entrance door a hand clamped down on his shoulder. He reacted. Not as Neal Caffery would have done. Or as Dick Grayson his original life. But as Delta. The killer that he had become under Alex's guidance.

He grabbed the hand at the wrist yanking the arm forward. The elbow would have been broken if something hard hadn't knocked him down. Laying on top of him was a familiar brown haired agent.

The problem was not that he recognized the man. It was which part of him recognized him. Only Neal Caffery knew him. Delta for his part didn't know the man and saw him as a threat.

He shifted his weight using a technique from Medusa to throw the threat off of him. The next moment he was on his feet. Eyes searched the agents now surrounding him. They were wary of him for so easily throwing off a trained agent.

In his mind he heard,: Stop! You can't hurt anyone! They are our co-workers and friends.:

Delta snarled at the other,: They are our enemies! They want us to kill again! Leave me alone, Caffery! You will get us killed.:

A soft voice drew his attention from his internal battle," Neal. Neal look at me."

It was the gentle prodding from a familiar voice that drew the grey eyes to the brown haired man. His eyes were a gentle green. They rang familiar to Caffery but not Delta.

The angry soldier growled at the man," Don't come closer agent. You want the same thing that Conklin wants. I won't do it again. Not for you!"

Agent's eyes showed hurt but movement caught the killer's attention. Alex was trying to get close again. He growled viciously in the back of his throat at the man. The man froze knowing that Delta would not hesitate to kill him.

Agent said taking a step closer to Delta," Neal i know your in there. I also know that you would never hurt me. This isn't you Neal. Take a step back and breath."

Delta wanted to snarl at the man again. How dare this man give him an order?! He was Delta he took orders from no one!

Still to the soldier's surprise his body took a step back and a breath. Neal had a stronger hold and the battle for his mind ensued. In the background both Delta and Neal could hear Peter speaking as his eyes closed.

When they opened again they were clearer than before. Now they were more of a blueish grey color. Neal was slightly more in control. Though Delta was just below the surface. It wouldn't take much for him to come back out.

Neal took several deep breaths before he said to Peter," Thank you Peter. I..."

He was interrupted by Peter darting forward to grab him by his shoulder. The man didn't try to cuff him but he knew that was just to keep Delta out of control. There was no doubt that they were going back to the White collar floor.

Alex's POV

Alone in his head he had to admit the situation terrified him. It was obvious that his return had caused the killer to be knocked loose. He was not sure how much real control David had over his other persona. Maybe it was time to call in an expert.

Morris Panov was a psychiatrist who had worked for the agency for many years. If there was anyone that could get David back it was him. Then again... His eyes turned to the FBI agent who brought David back to them.

Not many people could have talked down Delta. In fact Alex could count on one hand with plenty of fingers left over on who could. This agent was someone he would have to look into.

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Alex's POV

Alex watched as they put David into the conference room. All he wanted was to speak to the younger man again. Part of him knew that it wouldn't end the way he wanted. The other part of him balked at the idea of leaving Delta here.

Delta had been one of the best soldiers in th CIA. His superiors congratulated him on finding such an asset. It hurt him at the time to think of the younger man as such.

David was a good man with moral values sky high. The death of his family had broken him in ways most people would never understand. It was something Alex understood. Better than most people. He lost his family at a young age himself and swore to never allow anyone in again.

A decade later a black haired boy no older than eighteen walked into his life. Quite literally. The boy had been referred to him by a mutual acquaintance. All that he was told was that the boy wanted to disappear. He wasn't given any other details. Hell he wasn't even given a name. The boy didn't seem forth coming with one either. There was something broken in his gaze. It made Alex want to help him.

So he did. He contacted the Webb family who were old friends of his. They agreed to allow this person to take their name and for Alex to make fake papers for him. On more than one occasion they had met.

While the boy who became David seemed happy with them he was also distant. He allowed Alex to make use of his natural language skills and to send him overseas. When David announced that he was getting married it has been a big occasion for everyone.

As the person to make it possible he had been invited and even attended the wedding. It was the happiest he had ever seen the boy. Then the death of his family had happened. David begged him for a way to fight. He sent the boy off to become part of Medusa. Either he would learn to kill or he would be sent back.

If Alex was honest with himself he had hoped that David would be sent back. Yes it would have caused him pain but then he would have known he wasn't meant to be a killer. He would have slowly healed and built a new life for himself.

Months passed without a word. David didn't get sent back from the training program like Alex expected. Due to his own work he had forgotten about the boy. That was until word came of a new power player rising through Medusa's ranks. Medusa never used names just callsigns.

This new player's callsign was Delta. No one knew anything about him except he never failed a mission. Not once. He also had the highest confirmed kill count out of the entire group. It struck fear into many hearts of his superiors. They considered putting him down. The whole operation was about to be sacked as it was.

Instead he was sent to evaluate the remaining operatives. Those who could return to civilian lives were allowed to. Others were taken back to the CIA and used as operatives. Others went to psychiatrists and mental hospitals.

The last on his list was callsign Delta. His team who had been allowed to return to civilian life or remained with the CIA spoke highly of him. While he was a hard ass he cared about his men. He killed a man solely for betraying them even though he was a comrade. Echo was the main source of good will towards his commander. It made Alex reevaluate what he knew of Delta.

When Alex finally met the infamous killer he was floored. A familiar black haired man sat before him. Once bright blue eyes now hardened and cloudy almost to a grey color. This was David Webb.

Recognition flared in the grey eyes as they met his. That was something at least. While he hadn't been expecting to find his lost friend here it was a plus. He had gone through the entire Medusa operation fearing his friend was dead. Only to find the top killer and operative as his missing friend. The one that he thought could never be a killer. How wrong he had been.

To this day he regretted not referring David to Morris Panov. If he had then his friend may not have run when he got back. He still didn't know what caused David to run. From what he read on Neal Caffery, David had jumped right into the life.

His friend had a natural talent for a lot of things. So art forgery didn't come to be that big of a surprise. The fact that he was a nonviolent criminal on the other hand had. It made him think maybe Delta had less control than he thought. Reading through the file on everything that had happened made him realize there had been a few close calls.

The instance with Keller had probably been the worst. Peter reported how the shot had been dangerously close to the femoral artery. If that had even been nicked David could have gone to jail for murder. He also reported seeing David shaking throughout the rest of the day. As if he was in shock.

Honestly it wouldn't have surprised him. David hated violence until his family had been killed. Everything came down to his dangerous alter ego Delta.

Thankfully he had already made the call to Panov. If anyone could sort through the mess that was David it was him. The only issue was he might forcefully take David from the CIA. It wouldn't surprise him if he did. That doctor had his own set of codes that set him apart from everyone else. That was why Alex trusted him above all others.

Neal's POV

Unsurprisingly the place they took him was to the conference room. It would make it much harder for him to try and leave if he made a break for it again. He would have to go through the entire White collar division just to get to the elevator.

To make matters worse he could feel Delta trying to regain control. Delta had been him at his worst. Nothing more than a killer. A weapon to be pointed in the right direction and set loose. He had lost count of how many people he had killed a Medusa operative.

Thankfully he never officially existed in that capacity. Otherwise there wasn't a chance in hell he would have gotten this deal. More likely than not he would have ended up in a psyche hospital somewhere. After all a broken weapon could still be used if put back together again.

He refused to return to that life. It wasn't him anymore. He was Neal Caffery conman and thief. He was no killer. Not anymore.

He had been sitting in the room for an hour when Peter came in. His brown brown haired handler looked older than he had ever seen him. In his hands were two coffee cups from the coffee shop down the street.

After handing him his cup Peter say down across from him. They were silent for a few moments lost in their own thoughts as they sipped at the coffee. The coffee was good as usual but not as good as June's. Would he ever see her again? Or would he be thrown into prison before he even had a chance to explain himself? Peter would be in his right to throw Neal back in prison. The younger man hadn't been completely honest with the older one.

It was Peter who broke the silence by asking," Neal are you David Webb?"

It was such a loaded question. One that he really didn't want to answer but knew he couldn't lie to Peter. He could lie to a lot of people but his handler was not one of them. It would tear him apart.

"Yes," he croaked out. He took another sip of his coffee before continuing," Before I met you. Before i became a thief i went by the name David Webb. I left it behind years ago though."

:I took great care for the lives to never intersect as well. Hiding my old identity in a safety deposit box. I still want to know how Kramer found it.: he thought.

At least he destroyed everything on his original life. It would a scene out of a movie if Wayne found him now. Thankfully they remained oblivious to his whereabouts. If they wanted to find him they shouldn't have trained him so well. That computer program helped things along. Alex giving him a new identity had finished his work.

A small smile crossed his face at the thought of the Webb's. Jacob Webb his supposed older brother also worked for the CIA. It was more of a analyst position though.

Alison the only girl of the siblings was an accountant. She was one of the most sought after accountants on the market. Sadly after he left they hadn't spoken a word to each other. He cut off all ties to keep Alex from tracking him.

With Alex knowing where he was there was a possibility of him contacting them again. As long as he didn't fully use Birthday protocol. That would have him running again. A new name. A new identity. How many more times could he do this? The strain was already taking its toll.

If he was absolutely honest with himself Peter was what kept him from running. His handler believed in him when no one else did. He had showed him what it was like to live again. As much as he disliked baseball it was time with his handler where they weren't agent and ci. It was a nice break.

A knock on the door drew both of their attentions from their musings. An unfamiliar brown haired hazel eyed man walked in. Instantly he was on edge. If he knew Alex half as well as he thought he did then this was his doing.

The unfamiliar man said softly," You must be Neal Caffery. I am Morris Panov, Alex Conklin asked me to come speak with you."

Before he could reply Peter asked," Why would the CIA send someone to speak with Neal?"

Panov calmly replied," Because of who Mr. Caffery was in between David Webb and Neal Caffery."

The danger he poses was left unsaid but it was loud and clear to the ex operative. His fingers began to tap against the outside of his leg in nervous repetitive ways. He didn't trust this man. Just like he didn't trust Alex. This had to be a ploy to get him to return as an operative.

Hazel eyes met his blue grey ones. To his surprise the man didn't even flinch. There had been more than one occasion where people flinched upon meeting his gaze. Typically it was because of how dead his eyes looked. It had taken time to get used to for him not to flinch when looking in the mirror.

Things had become easier since he became Neal Caffery. His eyes were back to their normal bright blue. There had been a few instances when they went grey. Most of the time this had been when his life was threatened and Delta was needed. They had been few and far between since Peter caught him. Now he wondered if it would go back to the mindset he had in the months before he met Mozzie.

He hoped against hope that he wouldn't. Those were dark days. Where he didn't have any direction or purpose.

Panov took a seat next to Peter and said," If Mr. Caffery wants you to stay you can. I have been asked to assess his mindset."

Neal barred his teeth at the man. He didn't want or need a pyschtrist. Peter for his part looked between them.

Again it was the doctor who spoke," Mr. Caffery we will be speaking of sensitive issues. Especially about in the time before you became Neal Caffery. If you don't want Agent Burke to know he does not have to stay. Anything you say to me will go no further. Whether to Alex or the agency. All I will say is my recommendation."

Taking a deep breath he thought about it rationally. Having Peter know about what he did in Medusa was not in his best interest. He didn't want to be alone with the doctor.

Peter noticing his conflicted thoughts asked icily," And if he doesn't want to talk to you?"

The doctor shrugged as he answered," Then he doesn't have to. But I'm not leaving town until he speaks with me and I make my decision. I have just opened an office here and am trying to get it on its feet currently. So i will be around."

Alex must have known this. That was how the man had gotten the doctor here so fast. It made him sick to his stomach to think that this had been so far planned out. How much did they know about his life? Was running with Mozzie even safe? If it wasn't he was going to have to make a new exit strategy. On top of that he would have to make sure Mozzie got away cleanly. He would never abandon his friend. Even to save his own skin.

Neal didn't want to drag this out any longer than he had to. If that meant speaking to this man now. So be it.

With a deadly serious voice he said to Peter," I'll speak to him. Alone, please."

For a moment his friend looked hurt but nodded. He said as he gained his feet," If you need anything Neal let me know."

On a whim he asked," Call Mozzie for me?"

Surprise filled the green eyes. He could see the hesitation in them. Like he knew how badly this could end if the small man got involved. Still out of everyone Neal trusted Mozzie the most.

Mozzie would know that a call from Peter after a birthday code would mean he was caught. From there Mozzie would take over the planning. Hopefully his friend could get him out of this mess.

Chapter Text

Mozzie's POV

His conversation with the suit had been enlightening if frustrating. By birthday protocol he should still leave the country even with Neal at the FBI headquarters. This was the reason they made these protocols. Neal wanted him protected after all.

His friend had refused to talk about his past. The only thing that he would say was that people were hunting him under another name. Mozzie decided not to press his friend and brother in all but blood. He knew that if cornered Neal would run. Disappear without a word to anyone. So he kept close in the hopes that Neal wouldn't run. That eventually he would tell him of his own accord.

His thoughts were interrupted by his phone ringing. It was a number to a client that paid him for services. Typically with this guy it was finding someone or an item. He could have sworn that the guy said he would be out of country.

Intruiged he answered curtly," This is Mozzie. What can i do for you, Damien?"

They only went by first names. That's how it was in this business. If he didn't know he couldn't tell. It went both ways protecting himself and the clients he helped.

Damien growled out," I need you to find someone for me, little man. I'll send you his picture and prints. A rumor has it that he's in New York and I want to catch up to him before he bolts again."

Mozzie said," You can send me the information and I'll put feelers out. Things are rough here so I'll get back to you as soon as I can."

"Is the area hot?"

What he was really asking was whether or not it was safe. That's what he liked about Damien. He was profession even though he was young. It made Mozzie respect him all the more. He wasn't just so spoiled brat. Damien knew the risks of their profession and would avoid certain situations if possible.

He replied with a sigh," No but that could change at any point."

Damien said with a growl," Then I'll be there soon. The information will be there in a few minutes."

With that said the line clicked. Sure enough a moment later he got an email from the other. It held the basic information he needed.

Richard Grayson (Dick)
Age 29
Black Hair Baby blue eyes

Just above this held a picture of the person in question. If Mozzie didn't know better he would have said it was a younger Neal Caffery. There were subtle differences that could be attributed to missing years. It made his heart stop at the prospect of finding out more about Neal.

He may have been Neal's oldest friend but even he didn't know everything. Most of what he knew was before the other's eighteenth birthday. He knew that Neal had been apart of the previous war. While he didn't know what he had done he knew it changed him. The cold grey eyes of the man he first met. To the bright blue ones that were so familiar now.

Neal's POV

Blue eyes watched the hazel eyed man warily. He didn't know this man and he sure as hell didnt trust him. It had been ten minutes since Peter left. He hoped that his handler and friend had called Mozzie.

The man said in a gentle voice," Well it is nice to finally meet you David."

Neal growled angrily," I am not David Webb. Not anymore."

The doctor's lips twitched as he replied," You may not go by that name but it doesn't mean it's not apart of you. I also know that David Webb is not your real name. Yet no one can find anything on you before Webb. So who are you? David Webb? Neal Caffery? Delta?"

He wanted to run. This was a dangerous conversation. If they found out what his real name was it would get back to Bruce. Then the bat clan would be out looking for him. He would have to run again if that happened.

Something occurred to him as he asked," What if I wasn't any of them. After all you know they aren't my birth name. In fact no one knows my birth name. For good reason. Should it have been found out I would be in a lot of trouble."

The doctor leaned forward. Neal could tell he had peaked the others interest. It was enough to spark interest. Not enough to give anything real away. This man knew nothing about him besides what was in his file.

As if reading his thoughts the man said," I have only read the first part of your file. Just enough to find out that you have three identities. Ones that are conflicting with each other it seems."


The doctor smiled leaning onto the table. He said," Your eyes were the first indicator. I have also talked to many of the other Medusa members. You have many of the same symptoms. I just know what to look for."

He wondered who the man had spoken to. Maybe Echo? Or Fox? Both had been good men. Ones he deeply respected. Honestly Fox reminded him of Mozzie. Echo was more like Peter. He had been his grounding force. Delta had never gone on a mission without him. Just as Neal never went on a case without Peter.

The doctor leaned forward asking softly," What was going through you mind, Neal?"

Almost unwillingly he answered," Just how much my previous team is like my current. Mozzie is like Fox. Peter is like Echo."

Panov seemed to consider his words for a moment. It took a long moment before he replied," I have only briefly met Agent Burke. I do not have enough information yet to make a fair assessment on that conclusion. I also have never met this Mozzie. To put him in the same category as Fox is an interesting conclusion."

Neal was now curious. This doctor was not like any he had spoken to before. He asked questions and made observations but didn't sound judgemental. Only curious. It put the normally suspicious Caffery at ease.

With the sense of calm he was giving off it pushed Delta farther back. Now the killer part of him was no longer just beneath the surface. His eyes had returned to their clear blue state. There was only a small hint of the grey at the very edge of his iris' now.

Panov said as calm as ever," There now. You're calmer."

Only one thing came to mind in response," Why? Why do you care?"

With a sigh the doctor leaned back as he replied," I have seen many others like you. Many who were unable to deal with what they had done and took their own lives. I want to help save you from your darkness. Alex wants you back. Not as an asset but as his friend."

Neal's gaze softened ever so slightly. If he was honest he missed his old friend. He missed their talks. Some days it was about everything. Some days it was about nothing. They were friends and allies. Knowing that Alex wanted him back as a friend even after running for this long meant a lot.

Still he didn't want to return to that life. He liked the life he made with the FBI. Yes he was a criminal but that didn't change who was fundamentally. He was just a man who wanted to live and be free.

Signing he leaned against the table his shoulders slumping in defeat. He whispered barely audible," I like my life. If I went back to being David it would force me to face the darkness of what I had become. I don't want to be Delta again and I fear if I go with Alex I will."

Understanding crossed the other's face. It was an honest fear. The last time he had gone to Alex in a time of weakness he came out a monster. No better than those he had killed in the name of peace.

The doctor quirked a smile and said," Then you don't return to the fighting. From what I understand you have an impressive understanding of many languages. Becoming a language officer could be something. Or an analyst."

He flinched hard when the first suggestion came up. There was too many memories with that. The second one was more realistic. Still a part of him cringed at the thought of working for the agency again. It wasn't working of Alex but for the CIA itself. As talented as he was they would never just let him stay as an analyst. They would try to force him back into the field for one reason or another. His soul couldn't take the killing anymore. He was almost completely sure that if he killed in anything but self defense it would crush him.

So lost in his thoughts was he that he didn't notice Panov getting up. When a hand touched his shoulder he reacted. He twisted the offending appendage until the bones ground together painfully. A sharp gasp resounded.

Looking up he saw pained hazel eyes staring down at him. Immediately he released the man's wrist.

He shouted angry and fearful," Idiot! You dealt with others like me you should know not to sneak up on us. I could have hurt you..."

His voice trailed off and his breathing quickened as panic began to set in. This man could be the reason why his nonviolent status was challenged. He couldn't go back to prison. Not after all those he helped lock up. They would go after him and that could truly cause Delta to take control. With or without a gun Delta was deadly. Then he could go to jail for murder.

Panov said rubbing his wrist," I don't think it would be in anyone's best interest if you were to be put back in action right now. Though you hide it well you are still hurting over what you have done. I will recommend to Alex and Peter that you be taken off field work. Also that you see me once a week."

Neal's eyes narrowed in suspicion as he asked," And if I don't? I neither trust or like you enough to talk to you about such things."

Panov whispered in a deadly quiet voice," I don't make threats but I do make promises. If you do not see me I will have you moved to my clinic. As Neal Caffery you are not a danger to anyone. If Delta were to gain control how many people do you think he would kill? Look at what happened just two hours ago. From my understanding it was your handler that was able to talk you down. What if he wasn't there?"

He hung his head. There was no doubt in his mind what would have happened. Peter had been able to remind him who he was. An anchor to keep the darkness at bay. If Peter had not been there he would have fought to break out of the building. Not being successful with that Delta would have strived to take as many agents out as possible. Then the FBI would have had no choice but to put him down. Like a rabid dog.

Panov said cocking his head trying to catch Neal's downcast gaze," I am not trying to put you down. I am trying to help you. Like it or not you need help. Help to face the darkness that resides within you. You can't keep it bottled within you. If you try it will tear you apart."

That was oddly understandable. Over the last few months he had felt less stable than before. In fact it hadn't been this had since he first returned from Medusa. It had just been steadily growing worse since the Keller incident.

Taking a deep breath he said," I'll try. If I don't like it after a month we try something else."

A little unwillingly the doctor said," I can work with that. But you have to put real effort into this. Otherwise it won't do you any good."

A bargain was struck between them. While Neal still didn't trust the doctor he knew the man was right. As he was he was a danger to everyone in the office. Practically a ticking time bomb.

They let Peter and Alex in. Alex moved to sit next to him but moved towards the doctor when he flinched. Peter took a seat next to him. This offered the dark haired man a sense of comfort.

Alex asked after an uncomfortable moment of silence," What is your recommendation?"

Panov said," Mr. Caffery is to be removed from your list Alex. He is not in any position to be returning as an agent. My recommendation is that he stays with the FBI and meets with me at least once a week."

Peter asked carefully," What of his work with me? Will he be taken off of cases until his mindset is better?"

For a brief moment Neal's heart stopped. The last thing he needed was to be taken off cases. That would drive him stir crazy.

Thankfully Panov replied putting his fears to rest," No. As long as Mr. Caffery doesn't have anymore issues with Delta coming forward I believe he can still work on cases. I do ask that if his other personality makes an appearance someone alerts me immediately. There is a danger that it will feel cornered and attack to kill. It is up to Mr. Caffery on whether or not he tells you Agent Burke about that side of him."

Neal could feel Peter's gaze on him now. The ones thing about their relationship was that Neal had never lied to him. Omitted parts of the truth. Exaggerated the truth at time but never outright lied. He respected his handler too much to do that to him.

Alex stood his eyes on the two of them," Then it's settled them. David will go to visit Morris every week. I will pave things over with the FBI and for the moment things will return to the way they were."

Neal flinched at the use of his other name. He was still unused to it being used after all this time. He tried to hide it by glancing away.

Alex whispered," I don't want to hurt you David. You were the first person I let in after the death of my own family."

With that he was gone. This left Neal feeling conflicted. Part of him wanted to go after him. Another part knew it wouldn't be in his best interest to do so.

Peter said breaking him from his thoughts," Come on. Ill take you back tk June's. There's nothing else to be done here. Besides Agent Conklin needs time to put Kramer in his place."

"Peter... I..."

Peter held up a hand to stop him as he said," Neal there are some things you aren't comfortable telling me. For now I understand. Just so long as you never lie we will be fine. When you're ready you can tell me."

Neal was touched that Peter was allowing him to keep his secret. Normally the man would have tried to get him to open up. He wondered if it had to do with his reactions. More than likely it was.

As they left the conference room Neal saw Alex informing Kramer of the developments. By the body language of both men it was not going well. He hoped Kramer got thrown out of the building. The old FBI agent had it out for him. A death glare was sent to him from said old man. Neal let it head on with a glower of his own. This wasn't over. Not by a long shot.