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Maybe you're becoming one of us

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/N This is inspired by After Erasure Quinis fanfiction. It goes along the same lines. This is a White Collar/Batman/Jason Bourne crossover. The Jason Bourne part will be based from the books not the movies. That is a key difference. Enjoy.

Neal's POV

He woke up pressing his pillow into his face to muffle his screams. The memories were fresh in his mind. He couldn't afford to wake Peter who was asleep on his couch. The older man wouldn't understand the nightmares. He couldn't afford for the man to understand them.

Not even Mozzie knew of his past. He had done his best to hide it and make a new life for himself. Shaking himself from the dark thoughts he pushed himself up to look at the clock. He winced at the time. It was definitely too early to be up.

Still after that nightmare there was no way he was going back to sleep. As quietly as he could he slipped out onto the balcony. As it was Febraury it was freezing outside.

It was a wake up call for him. The cold air reminded him of winters in Gotham. A shudder ran through him.

He had not willingly gone to Gotham since he was eighteen. In fact he actively avoided the city. Mozzie thought it was because of the capes.

That was only half of the truth. Neal wasn't his real name. Richard Grayson was. Or at least it had been. When he left that life behind he erased all information on him. Only paper articles were left untouched. Not that his "family" would care. They never had.

From there he had been picked up by the army as a language specialist. A man by the name of Alex Conklin gave him a new identity. In exchange he did what extra work for the man on the side.

His identity of David Webb had been amazing while it lasted. He got married in Taiwan to a local. She knew he couldn't talk about his past and he didn't have a family. Still she had accepted him for who he was. It was only a few weeks after they got married that she had announced she was pregnant.

He had been ecstatic about the possibility of children. Being an orphan he wanted only the best for his children. So he called in a favor with Conklin. The man agreed to help them get to the states but he needed David's language skills for a few more weeks. So he agreed. That would prove to be fatal.

While he was off on a mission for Conklin a plane had attack the area near his home. His wife and unborn child had been killing while she was doing laundry. A blood lust had filled him when he found her body two days later.

Immediately he had gone to Conklin asking to be reassigned. Telling the man he wanted to fight to get back at them for what he had lost. After trying to talk him out of it and failing the man agreed.

The next day he was shipped off to a black ops group known simply as Medusa. After surviving three weeks of training he was given the callsign of Delta. There were no names in Medusa just callsigns.

His squad by the end of his term had more kills than any of the other squads. The were known as the most ruthless of all the groups. Delta's name was infamous amongst the ranks. Legends were told about him. Some were just that legends. There were a few that were true though.

Even after all they had done when he returned to the States he was dead inside. That was when he came across Mozzie. The small man intruiged the 25 year old.

When he showed promise as a thief it had been Mozzie who taught him the tricks to the trade. He had become a friend and a mentor. Eventually he took up the name Neal Caffery permanently. The biggest problem had been ditching Alex Conklin. Even almost ten years later he still wasn't 100 percent sure the man wasn't keeping an eye on him.

Still he had a safety deposit box that had all of his CIA stuff stashed. Luckily no one but Kate knew of it. Now that she was gone no one knew where it was. Not even he could get to it. It was outside his radius.

Still he was supposed to find out the results from the parole board yesterday. It had been a fiasco all day trying to get the Rafael to Sarah. He had been lucky that his plan worked. Instead of trying to arrest him though Kramer had been gone.

Supposedly he had found new evidence that might put him away again. Peter of course had out Diana on it. In case Kramer tried something his friend had stayed over.

A touch to his shoulder brought him out of his musings. It was only by sheer force of will that he didn't try to hurt the person. There was only a few people that could get into his room. Mozzie, Peter, and June.

Old instincts die hard though. He stiffened at the touch ready to lash out if needed.

It wasn't until he heard Peter's familiar voice that he relaxed minutely," Neal what are you doing up so early?"

Not turning to look at him he replied," Couldn't sleep."


He shrugged in reply. They were really nightmares but memories. Ones that were best left where they belonged. In the past.

Peter asked after a moment," Want to talk about it? It might make you feel better."

He shook his head and replied firmly," Peter there are some things that i can't talk about. Not to you. Not to Mozzie. There are somethings best left in the past."

He could see the worry in his friend's eyes. Peter knew that they didn't know everything about them. Hell they only knew Neal Caffery. They never met Dick Grayson or David Webb. Or had the misfortune of meeting Delta.

Though there had been a few close calls. Like when Keller kidnapped Elizabeth. If Peter had not been there he would have shot to kill without hesitation.

Conklin's POV

He had been asleep in a nightmare free sleep when he got a call. At first he had been angry about it. The nights were far and few between where he had not had a nightmare. It came from running so many Black ops.

When he saw who was calling he answered immediately despite his tiredness. He asked coarsely," What do you want?"

The voice of his analyst said calmly," Sorry to wake you sir, but I have something. You told me to alert you if anything Webb came up," there was a short pause to see if he would deny it. When he didn't the analyst continued," We had a hit. Half an hour ago from an FBI field office in New York."

The FBI what in the hell was David doing there? He shook his head and said," I want to be on the first flight out. Tell whoever is in charge over there to expect me."

There was a sigh before a short reply of," Yes sir," was heard. Then the line went dead.

Ten minutes later he got his flight details. The plane left out in an hour. He would have to just pack an overnight bag.

As he was packing his bags his thoughts trailed to the memory of the day David left. It had not been on the best of terms.


It was pouring rain out at grand central park. Alex stood by the statue indicated on the note, David sent him. Part of the man wondered why his friend had insisted on meeting him. Ever since the disbanding of Medusa the other had not been the same.

It had been like the life had been sucked out of David. His once shining blue eyes were dull and nearly grey. It hurt Alex to see him like that.

"There you are Alex. I almost thought you wouldn't come."

The voice had come from right behind him. If it had not been so familIar the person would have likely been shot. He turned to face David expecting to see the same dull eyed man.

Instead there was a slight shine to his friend's eyes. They were nearly as bright as they had been before the war but they were better. It was like the other had found a reason for living again.

Alex frowned when he saw what David was holding. It was his CIA id and his David Webb ids. There was a soft look on the man's face. That was probably what shocked him the most.

The last time he had seen such a look was when David said he was going to be a father. Of course when his wife and child was killed the man had gone insane. Not that Alex blamed him. It was part of the reason he never married. If anyone were to ever find out they could be used against him.

He asked calmly," David what's this? Why have you called me out here? We have our usual meeting next week."

The younger man shook his head as he replied in just a whisper barely louder than the rain," I won't be going back to Langely, Alex. In fact this will be the last time you see me."

So he's going to miss a meeting. Nothing new there. It wasn't until he had processed the second half of the man's words did he start to become worried. If it wasn't for that soft almost happy look on the other's face he would have called the psychiatrist. David wasn't known for his mental stability.

There wasn't a hint of Delta though. It was a relief to see David's eyes clear. When he was in his Delta persona his eyes were clouded. All one could see was the anger and need for bloodshed.

David continued on his voice staying soft," I have found something to keep me going. Something that doesn't involve killing. This is where i put David Webb behind me."

It wasn't like he wanted his friend to keep killing. In fact it was quite the opposite. If David never killed again he would be quite happy. To put an entire identity behind him was going a bit far.

Before he could say anything though David said," Alex i haven't had come to argue with you. In fact i have come to say goodbye and to make a promise. I will never touch a gun again except to kill in the defense of another. This is my solemn promise. Don't look for me you won't find me where I'm going."

Alex regaining his sensed grabbed the others shoulder as he turned away. He shouted harshly," You can't abandon everything David! You just got back from war!"

When David's eyes met his it was like looking at the man before he killed. It made him take a step back in fear. A look like that was rarely directed at him. This was no longer David but Delta.

Before he could try to talk the other down he was gone. This left a very confused Alexander Conklin.

End of flashback

It had been just an hour later that he issued flags on everything David Webb. He had been too late though. David had gone to ground likely using his new identity.

Right before takeoff he got a message from his analysts saying that an Agent Kramer would meet him when he landed. This was probably the person that set off the alert. Part of him was grateful. Another part was suspicious that it could hurt his friend.

Still this was the closest thing to a lead on the young man. That's how he found himself on a plane to New York an hour later. It was a short flight one he spent reviewing David's file.

It was what he expected. David's file had not been updated since that day almost a decade ago. Still he reviewed everything known about the man. It wouldn't hurt to be prepared. His presence would be a surprise to his friend.

When the plane landed he was met by agents of the FBI. The leader was fairly easy to pick out of the group. He was a short man with a receeding hair line. Maybe mid to late fifties.

The man asked stepping forward holding out his hand" Agent Conklin? I'm agent Kramer from the DC White colllar division. I was surprised when your man contacted me."

Alex shook the hand briefly before he replied," Yes I'm Alexander Conklin. We had an alert set up for anything pertaining to a David Webb. I hope you can shed some light on how you came across one of badges."

The man grimaced before he replied shortly," This would be best discussed somewhere else."

That was how he ended up at the FBI field office. He had taken a company provided car. Trusting the FBI was not going to happen under any circumstances.

The office had been empty when they arrived. It was still early and many of the agents wouldn't arrive for another hour. An hour that he planned on using to gather as much intelligence as he could.

Neal's POV

The next morning found him in the elevator yawning. Peter had left early to scope out the office before he went in. Since he hadn't heard from the man he assumed it was safe.

When the elevator dinged the doors opened he was surprised to see Peter arguing with Kramer. As he approached Kramer shot him a smug look. Peter on the other hand looked worried.

When he drew closer he saw someone he had not seen since he first took up the name Neal Caffery. Alexander Conklin. He did what any sane thief would have done in that instance. He ran.