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A Wolf's Trust

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Mark Fishbach was rather surprised to get a call from his cousin Tony Stark and not many things surprised him. Mark and Tony were shifters that could become large wolves and both had their own packs. Mark's packs were in Ohio, Sweden and LA while Tony's was in New York. Both cousins were strong willed, loyal and sharp. So to get a call from his cousin was a surprise. "hello Tony", greeted Mark only to frown when his cousin's worried voice came through and Felix who had entered the room shot the shifter a concerned look. "are you sure? alright I am on my way to New York. have you told him? you have a point there", spoke Mark sending several texts on his second phone then smiled when answers were sent back. Felix knew that both cousins were close and would drop anything to help each other so when he was told that they were going to New York there was no shock.

Tony was worried and hated the feeling of being helpless because he had imprinted on Bruce Banner. Fury guessing that it had something to do with the pack ordered him to call someone and so Tony had called his close cousin. Mark's voice was calming him down as he silently panicked. "yes I am sure Mark and no I haven't told him. I am in a room full of spies", explained Tony flipping Fury off after seeing the smirk on his face. Many gaped when the director didn't say anything. Ending the call it only occurred to him that Mark's pack was going to come to New York and he his own was sending texts to him.