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What I Want In Season Three Of Young Justice

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     Ok, here we go.


-I really wanna see Barbara Gordon as Oracle. I like her as Oracle better than her as Batgirl.

-I really really REALLY wanna see Stephanie Brown. She was shown briefly in season two as one of the teens captured by the Reach. 

-I also want to see Cassandra Cain. She's so cool! She's always been my favorite Batgirl. 

-I also want Damian Wayne as the new Robin. He's my second favorite Robin.

-Jason Todd as Red Hood. Yes. /Pleaaasseee/

-Alfred!! I really want more Alfred. 

-I want all of the original team members to come back-especially Wally.

-I want Garth to come back.

-I want Wolf and Sphere to still be there.

-I really want Tye, Ed, and Asami to be back as well. 


Ok, I can't think of any more rn. Sorry this is trash :/