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Journey to get back home

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"He is mine!"  With a deafening shriek the lich release a vast amount of dark element, giving life to new wave of undead creatures. Simultaneously, she is attacking Cloud and Leaf Knight beside Sun Knight with psychic magic, giving them a hard time since they can't control what's inside their head.

Sun Knight whose body is laying flat on the floor is now thrashing tremendously to shake off the dark element surrounding him. Seeing his fellow Knights being harmed by the lich in a little girl form, the Sun knight is very furious.

He gripped the divine sword, and drove all the dark element out of him. With such ferocity he bellowed "Your are not allowed to raise a hand against my holy knights!"

His body exploded with holy element from all direction. The surrounding was envelop with blindingly strong light...

It was done.

With one strike the army of undead creatures was obliterated. Even the lich was not spared. Her body in a mangled mess after the holy light explosion- there was no escape for her.

Seeing the enemy in a pitiful state, the twelve holy knights breathe a sigh a relief. Now everyone all gathered near Sun.

The former Sun Knight; Neo Sun rushed over his student- Grisia. Everyone can see that he is very worried for his student even if he is currently giving Grisia a good thrashing for his reckless behavior.

Just when they thought that the worst is over, a dark shadow formed underneath Sun's feet. Everyone was startled to see Sun sinking in the ground, being sucked.

"Destroy that lich body!" Neo Sun shouted directing his face at the dumbfounded knights. With his order, everyone started to gather around Scarlet. Only Judgment remained to Sun side, hugging and trying to pull him out of it.

Although melted, Scarlet's eyes is full of mocking. 

You can't have him, and i won't give you the chance to take him away again. She said to everyone using her psychic ability. With one strike, Neo Sun pulverized her body, leaving not a trace behind.

"Sun, Sun!" Leaf was in a panic. Sun is still being pulled below. Only waist deep can be seen of him and he is sinking fast.

"Pull! Pull him!" Judgment Knight screamed,  still hugging Sun's now faint body. One by one the people gathering besides tried their best to pull. But to no avail. Sun is sinking down. 

"Ngh!" Judgment Knight groaned, now half kneeling trying to pull with all his might. His grasp suddenly slipped and with a sound " Fwish" Sun was completely sucked below!

"NO!" All cried in unison.

In a desperate last attempt to save him, Lesus Judgment dove right into the half banishing shadow.

With a quick movement Neo Sun grabed his feet. Struggling with all his might he shouted "If you all don't want to be killed by me, start helping me pull them now!!" 

The knights was clearly heaving with all their might. Some even thought they might break Lesus in half, but didn't stop. Lesus Judgment's body is slowly emerging. Everyone's hope started to rise and with a sudden roar, burst to  give all their strength.

Almost in time before the shadow completely vanish; hugging a limp body, Lesus Judgment emerged.

Panting; Lesus held Sun. Tears brimming in his eyes, very relieved he saved him in time. The people surrounding him was still in shock though. Neo Sun is even pressing his hands against his temple; mouth agape. Leaf is trembling, Blaze is dumbfounded. A very strange reaction Lesus thought.

He is sitting on the ground cradling Sun in  his lap. He thanked the God of Light in his heart and looked at the sky.

But something is amiss, he was holding Sun's head and  was surprise by Sun's hair length.

He looked to gaze upon the man who's head is resting in his lap.

A beautiful boy, with skin and hair of white. The boy is wearing an armor of a warrior, and a tiara in his head colored blood red. "Nggg..." the boy suddenly groan. 

Very slowly he open his eyes and it revealed a color of red wine.. Lesus was stunned.

Aldrizzt, the dark elf companion of the former Sun Knight suddenly broke the silence by saying..

Who the hell is that elf?!