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Ausbrecher (Formally Effugere)

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TA: "Holy shit" Sollux pulled Karkat close and wrapped his arms around him to protect him.
CG: Karkat huddled close to him. "What if that was Gamzee?" he asked really worried about what was going on.
TA: Sollux made a frightened noise and then slowly let go of him "I'm just going to look, I'll only be a few seconds, I promise"
CG: Karkat nodded. "Just be careful." he said and moved farther back into the cart.
TA: He nodded "Stay here" then got up and moved to the end of the cart.
CG: When he looked out Sollux would see Gamzee wrestling with another troll who was about his size.
TA: "G-Gamzee…?" Sollux called out.
CG: Karkat came forward when he heard that and when he saw it too he cussed. "We need someone to stop the cart and to help him."
TA: "Karkat, stay here" He unravelled the bandage around his hand and began to climb around the side of the cart carefully.
CG: Karkat watched him. "Sollux you are hurt you shouldn’t be doing that." he said leaning out, so he could talk to him.
TA: He clung to the side and ignored him, shuffling along to the front.
CG: Karkat bit his lip worriedly as he watched Sollux.
TA: He got to the front and stumbled onto the platform, waiting for a moment to catch his breath when the cart went over another bump in the road.
CG: Karkat let a startled sound as he almost fell out of the cart when they hit the bump but was able to catch himself and pull himself back in.
TA: Sollux steadied himself and reached for the reigns for the hoofbeast. The troll fighting with Gamzee swung a punch to his face.
CG: Gamzee grunted as he was forced from the other troll who stood up and started towards the cart before Gamzee tackled him again.
TA: He was pushed to the ground and turned around to kick Gamzee. Sollux managed to stop the hoofbeast and he turned back around to Karkat. "You alright?" he called back.
CG: "Yeah just startled." He said as he started to get out of the cart just in case the hoofbeast tried to run off again. "You should help Gamzee." he said since he knew that he couldn’t do it at the moment.
TA: He nodded and jogged back, holding Karkat's arm on the way past "If anything happens, make as much noise as you can, and I'll come straight away"
CG: Karkat nodded. "I will. Just go help him." he said, and he leaned back against the cart a little to steady himself.
TA: Sollux ran back to where Gamzee was, preparing his psiioniics as he saw a rugged looking troll struggling underneath his matesprit.
CG: Gamzee growled at the troll under him and attempted to bite him on more than one occasion.
TA: He tried to kick him again, hissing in pain as one of his amber wings was bent into the ground.
CG: Karkat tried to see what was going on but as it was all he could see was flying limbs and not much else.
TA: Sollux held his hands out but couldn’t get his aim right as the two were moving too much, he didn’t want to risk hitting Gamzee again.
CG: Gamzee was thrown back once again. His nose was bleeding bad and he had plenty of other cuts from the other troll's claws.
TA: Rufioh growled at him and stood up, he was injured too, his wing twitching and unusable.
CG: Karkat blinked a couple times. "GAMZEE STOP!" He said rushing forward as he saw Gamzee getting ready to lunge again.
TA: "KARKAT!" Sollux ran to him and held him back, knowing how vulnerable he was. Rufioh held his arms up in a fighting stance, preparing himself for Gamzee's hit.
CG: Gamzee of course didn’t listen to Karkat as he swung at the other troll. "SOLLUX STOP THEM! ZAP THEM BOTH IF YOU FUCKING HAVE TO!" Karkat said as he struggled to move past him.
TA: "I CAN'T, KARKAT I CAN'T HURT HIM AGAIN!" Sollux held him tightly. Rufioh winced as Gamzee punched him but responded by trying to push him down again by his shoulders.
TA: Sollux held Karkat back and took a deep breath, his hands were shaking but he was able to fire at the ground in front of the two.
CG: Gamzee, startled, jumped back and away from the other troll before glancing over to Sollux. "What the motherfuck was that for?"
TA: Rufioh jumped back too, Sollux looked to Gamzee, a little frightened "S-sorry, but you need to stop this!"
CG: Karkat moved forward a bit. "He isn’t the enemy Gamzee." he said since he actually remembered seeing Rufioh before. But of course, this just made Gamzee confused.
TA: Rufioh smirked and looked to Gamzee "Yeah...I tried to tell you that. But you went all psycho on me"
CG: Karkat walked closer and pulled Sollux with him. "Gamzee never was good at listening. And if you had any brains you would have chosen a different way to introduce yourself than jumping on the cart that was holding his matesprit and me."
TA: Sollux followed and Rufioh laughed a little "You dogs were going so fast, I didn't really have any choice...and uh...those two are in a quadrant?" He gestured to Sollux and Gamzee.
CG: Karkat shrugged. "Yeah and I am this ones moirail." he said pointing to Sollux. "As for their relationship it’s not exactly something that I can explain at all."
TA: "An unusual pair to say the least, and here I was thinking the creep was keeping you two cos he had a thing for little lowblood mutants..."
CG: "No that would be his ancestor and the asshole sea dweller that worked with him." he said with a shrug. "As it is Gamzee isn’t like him."
TA: He hummed, sounding unsure. "Well...there was still no need to be so rough with me" He told Gamzee.
CG: "You were the one who seemed to all up and be attacking us." Gamzee growled.
TA: "I just wanted to talk..." he groaned and tried to straighten his wing out.
CG: "Then you fucking say something and not jump randomly out of nowhere."
CG: Gamzee snapped at the other.
TA: "What was I supposed to do? You were speeding away and I didn't really feel like bein' run over...y'know?"
CG: "I don’t make a habit of running over people and the hoofbeasts wouldn’t hit ya anyway."
TA: "How was I supposed to know? You're a new face to me..." He held out his hand and grinned "Rufioh Nitram, pleasure to meet you...I guess"
CG: At first Gamzee wasn’t going to take the hand but Karkat moved forward and slapped him hard which made him grumble and take the other's hand. "Gamzee Makara." he grumbled.
TA: Sollux pulled Karkat back and hissed at him for slapping Gamzee, Rufioh just laughed a little and shook his hand,
CG: Karkat hissed back a little. "He deserved it." He said softly so only Sollux would hear it.
TA: "Really? He's just been beaten up, the last thing we need right now is you two fighting” he whispered back. Rufioh let go of Gamzee's hand gently.
CG: "He will be fine." He said and then turned to Rufioh. "So, what is it that you wanted?"
TA: "Well, uh...there's this friend of mine, and I haven't seen him in a while...I've been to his hive but he's never there..." He looked away "It's been a couple weeks now...I keep searchin' though...I was gonna ask if you had seen him, but then I was jumped like a damn animal" He glared at Gamzee.
CG: Karkat frowned. "Who are you talking about?" Karkat asked curiously. He wasn’t sure who it was, but he knew that it wouldn’t be good.
TA: He smiled "You'd know him if you saw him...Tall, blueblood, goggles, long hair..." Rufioh reminisced "Kindest troll I've ever met" Sollux's face dropped as he remembered the troll who used him as bait to try and get his bees. Then he remembered his body after Gamzee saw to him.
CG: Karkat thought for a moment. "I don’t think I know him. Where did you see him last and what was he doing?" Karkat asked so he could at least try to help a bit.
TA: He thought about it "Like I was a few weeks ago, he said he was gonna get me a gift for my wriggling day anniversary...Somethin' I'd really like"
CG: Karkat shook his head. "Maybe he had to go far and is just running late." Karkat said with a shrug since he actually didn’t know about anything that had happened.
TA: Rufioh shrugged "I hope you're right, my boy" Sollux looked to Gamzee with a worried expression.
CG: Gamzee moved closer to Sollux and wrapped his arms around him lovingly. "I’m sure it will be fine. Anyway, I know that you have had some contact with the Kankri before. Any idea where he is currently?"
TA: Sollux nuzzled into his arms, Rufioh narrowed his eyes at them both. "I don't think I'm supposed to talk about that..."
CG: Karkat sighed and moved back towards the cart. "Fine then come this way with me and they won’t hear anything."
TA: He followed "Sorry kid, I don't really trust your highblood friend...he seems like a nice guy, but I thought he was gonna cull me back there" he laughed nervously. "And your moirail is pretty close with him..."
CG: Karkat nodded. "I won’t lie Gamzee might have but only because he thought that Sollux was in danger but as for Sollux...Even though he is really flushed for him Sollux has proven that he would leave Gamzee if he thought that he would do more harm than good."
TA: He smirked "Maybe, I's not my place to go asking a lotta stuff 'bout their quadrants" he shrugged and smiled "So what did you want to know?"
CG: "I am actually looking for Kankri right now. We have a few problems and he might at least be able to help us stay hidden for a while." he said looking at Rufioh.
TA: He listened and nodded "Well as you can imagine, he's keeping somewhat of a low profile at the moment...but I'm sure he'd be happy enough to see you!" he grinned "He's been trying to locate as many red-bloods as possible actually..."
CG: "Well I am sure that we all know there won’t be too many of us out there." he said as he kept walking forward. "Will you tell me where he is then?"
TA: He scratched the back of his head "Only if you feel like doin somethin for me in return?"
CG: Karkat raised an eyebrow at that. "Depends on what it is." he said as he stopped walking and turned to look back at the other.
TA: He chuckled "You could take me with you?"
CG: Karkat sighed. "You know that I would say yes. But I am not the only one here. We also have to get permission from those two as well."
TA: "Okay...just bear in mind that I know the way to Kankri" he smiled.
CG: "I know that. Just wait here and I will go talk to them." He said as he turned to walk back to them.
TA: He nodded and waited. Sollux was still with Gamzee when Karkat returned.
CG: "He knows where the troll we are looking for is. But..." he hesitated not sure how they would react to this.
TA: "What is it?" Sollux asked, leaning back against Gamzee.
CG: "He wants to come with us." Karkat said mostly looking at Sollux since he knew that if Sollux agreed then he could get Gamzee to agree as well.
TA: "Hmm" Sollux looked at Rufioh in the distance, he had only just met him after all.
CG: "He is a good troll and an excellent fighter I have seen him take on full grown highbloods before and win." He said which was true, he just left how the how’s on that.
TA: "I guess it wouldn't hurt to have him with us" He said hesitantly and looked up at Gamzee, unsure of his reaction.
CG: Gamzee didn’t look all that happy. "I don’t want him riding in back with you two where I can’t all up and see what he is doin."
TA: Sollux looked worried "You really think he'd do something?"
CG: "I don’t like him something about him aint right." He said glaring over to where Rufioh was. "That is because he is a lowblood with strong mind powers."
TA: He raised an eyebrow at him "Gamzee, I'm a lowblood with strong mind powers."
CG: "He isn’t like you." Gamzee said. "He is right there Sollux. Rufioh could easily create an army with nothing more than a simple thought. "
TA: "That could either be really good for us or really shitty. I'm okay with him coming along, but if he's as dangerous as you say then I think it’s a good idea to have someone watching him as much as possible"
CG: "He won’t do anything to us Sol. I know that much for a fact. The only reason he was fighting was because Gamzee was the one who hit first and because he thought that Gamzee was like most highbloods." Karkat said
TA: "I just want to be careful, I don't know what I'd do if you two losers got hurt" he said with a nervous chuckle.
CG: "Trust me Sol he won’t hurt us." Karkat said still not really talking to Gamzee at all.
TA: He nodded "Okay, he can come"
CG: Karkat nodded and went back over to Rufioh.
TA: Rufioh smiled when he saw him "Good news, bad news?"
CG: "You can come. Though Gamzee doesn’t really trust you still."
TA: He shrugged "I can see why, he cares about you both, and I did hurt him." his wing fluttered "But you've got my word that I won't start any fights with him" he winked.
CG: "Yeah I will hold you to that one big time." he said "So now tell me where to find Kankri."
TA: "It’s a little 'off road' good is the cart?"
CG: "It will hold up and if not then we got the hoofbeasts that we can ride."
TA: "Okay, well..." He moved a little and looked around to get his bearings before gesturing in a direction "About 25 miles that way, then through the woods."
CG: Karkat looked and nodded. "Alright you tell Gamzee and lead him since Sollux and I stay in the cart."
TA: He nodded and smiled, striding over to Gamzee and Sollux.
CG: Karkat followed over. "Rufioh is going to lead the way Gamzee don’t start any fights."
TA: He gave a small wave "You two sure you're okay in the back?" he ruffled Sollux's hair.
CG: Karkat nodded. "So long as you don’t fight and spook the hoofbeasts we will be fine."
TA: "I'm sure we will get along fine" He grinned at Gamzee and chuckled softly.
CG: Gamzee glared a bit but turned with Sollux in his arms and headed back to the cart.
TA: Sollux walked with him and continued to nuzzle lovingly against him. Rufioh pushed his hands into his pockets and shrugged, walking to the cart.
CG: Karkat sighed and followed after them all. He knew that this was going to be a very long ride.
TA: Rufioh hopped up to the front of the cart so that he could navigate.
CG: Gamzee helped Karkat and Sollux into the cart before he went around and sat up front, so he could drive.
TA: Sollux flopped himself down on the blanket pile and sighed.
CG: Karkat went and sat down next to him. "This isn’t going to be a fun ride."
TA: "With those two in the front; you might have to stop me from jumping out this cart." he said, straight faced.
CG: "Just relax. I am sure that Rufioh at least won’t throw the first punch." he said as he leaned back against the wall.
TA: He rolled his eyes and leaned on his shoulder. "How do you know him anyways?"
CG: "I met him a long time ago. Not the best meeting in the world but he did help me out."
TA: "If he used you I swear to fuck I will climb out and push him in front of the hoof beasts right now."
CG: Karkat held up his hands in a calming manner. "No, he didn’t. The only time he ever really touched me was when he was flying off with me in his arms, so we could get away from some highbloods and when he hit me upside the head for being stupid."
TA: He calmed down "You are stupid."
CG: "I know. If I wasn’t then I probably would have left Gamzee home so that I didn’t have to deal with all the lowbloods freaking out about him."
TA: He smirked "We wouldn’t be here without him, we'd still be in the Grand Highblood's hive or in Dualscar's"
CG: "I know and that, and the fact that you are completely horns over heals for him is the reason why I brought him along."
TA: He blushed a little "He makes me happy, you both do"
CG: "I know and that’s why I don’t say anything about him coming with us or some of the things that he does."
TA: "He's a trouble maker, that's for sure"
CG: "Yep. And so, if Rufioh at times."
TA: "Shit, those two really aren't gonna get along..."
CG: "Yeah I know. But at the same time, it might just help the two of them out."
TA: "By being able to find an equal match?"
CG: "Maybe or just causing trouble together."
TA: "Only of Gamzee stops sulking"
CG: "Yeah but I am sure that you can help him with that part." he said with a teasing voice.
TA: He smirked "I'll do my best to keep his spirit’s up"
CG: Karkat nodded. "I am sure you will."
TA: He smiled and hugged Karkat’s arm. Meanwhile, Rufioh pointed Gamzee to the left "This're gonna miss the turn off...quick!"
CG: Gamzee quickly turned the hoofbeasts so that they turned right down where they needed to.
TA: He rolled his eyes "Hope you don't do everything as roughly as you drive" he murmured, starting to get annoyed by his recklessness.
CG: "You are the one who fucking told me that we needed to turn as we were reaching the fucking turn in the road!" Gamzee growled looking over at him.
TA: "I said five minutes ago to take the next turn off...not my fault you didn't listen!"
CG: "You didn’t fucking tell me what turn!!" He snapped back and Karkat groaned as he heard them from inside the cart.
TA: "I did! You just didn't listen...again!"
CG: "I did fucking listen!" Karkat rolled his eyes "Sollux how do you feel about zapping them to shut them up?"
TA: "I 100% support the idea" he smiled
CG: Karkat motioned for him to do so. "Aim well then."
TA: He took the challenge "Gamzee is gonna be so pissed off" Sollux smiled a little then rested his palms over a crack in the dividing wood.
CG: "I think they both will be but who knows they might just team up against us." he said and chuckled at that thought as he watched Sollux.
TA: He smiled wider and pushed his psiioniics so that Gamzee and Rufioh would both feel a small shock. He winced a little as his power twinged in his injured hand.
CG: Gamzee jumped in surprise at the small shock and actually caused the hoofbeasts to go faster which knocked Karkat off balance and onto his back but he was still laughing at it all.
TA: Rufioh yelped and slammed his fist against the wood between them. Sollux giggled and landed beside Karkat.
CG: Karkat laughed as he turned to lean against Sollux a bit. "MOTHERFUCKING MESSIAH!" Gamzee growled as he slowed the hoofbeasts.
TA: Sollux grinned until he heard Gamzee, he still laughed a little but couldn't help being scared.
CG: Karkat just laughed harder as he heard that.
TA: Sollux started laughing again after hearing Karkat.
CG: Karkat finally sat up. "Well that seems to have stopped their fighting."
TA: "Yeah with each other, maybe not with us" he smirked. Rufioh shivered and smiled "You've certainly got a little feisty one back there Gamzee"
CG: Gamzee nodded. "Yeah and how much do you want to bet that it was Karbro that all up and put him up to that."
TA: He laughed "what are we gonna do with those two" he shook his head.
CG: "Not much we can really do Solbro is hurt and Karbro is pregnant."
TA: His eyes widened, and he turned to him "Pregnant?"
CG: Gamzee nodded. "Yeah."
TA: Rufioh looked to him, "whoa...never thought he'd be the type"
CG: "Wasn’t really his choice." Gamzee said looking down as he said it and continued to steer the hoofbeasts down the path that they were taking.
TA: He nodded slowly "Still, you'd think he'd talk it through with his mate or something...he's quite young to be carrying"
CG: "Karbro has never had a mate...Or at least none before any of the stuff happened to him."
TA: He looked confused "You mean it was a one-night stand or something? ...he's seems too innocent to have a proper kissmesis..."
CG: Gamzee gave a small laugh at that one. "Trust me he is not too innocent for a kissmesis. And no, he aint the type to all up and have a one-night stand. And I probably shouldn’t be the one to all up and tell ya what happened."
TA: Rufioh bit his lip "Last time I saw him, he was just a little kid. Highbloods managed to scare the horns off him..." He smirked "...Now he's all grown up, with a little wriggler of his own...I didn't mean to pry..." He said softly.
CG: "You don’t have to all up an worry. It is only natural to be curious about such things. But it’s probably best that he be the one to tell what all up and happened to him instead of me." he said and clicked at the hoofbeasts to get them to speed up a bit.
TA: He nodded again "Once he meets Kankri, everything will be okay" he smiled wide.
CG: "I hope so..." Gamzee said but his voice obviously said that he was worried about it.
TA: "You'll see, Kankri will sort everything out" he said happily, "Take a right turn here..."
CG: Gamzee gave a small nod and turned. "I sure hope so." he said glancing back at the wood behind him as if he would be able to see into the back of the cart.
TA: He noticed him looking "He's got a good moirail too...heh...thick as thieves, those the looks of things"
CG: "That’s for sure. You should see how much they all up and fight to stay with each other and to keep the other from getting hurt, even if it means getting hurt themselves, which only seems to upset the other from what I have seen. But they keep doing it."
TA: He smirked "That's good though, it means they care about each other...uhh, sounds like y'all have been through a lotta harsh stuff?"
CG: "Compared to those to I have had a perfect life." Gamzee said with a laugh in his tone. "Hell, I am sure that even you have compared to them."
TA: He gave a half-hearted laugh "I dunno...things can't have been easy for them...mutants end up bein' somewhat of a commodity these days..." He said, pronouncing the word 'mutant' in a hushed whisper.
CG: Gamzee nodded. "That is very true. Especially when they are all up and related to someone who the Empress still hates after death."
TA: He rolled his eyes "The EMPRESS. Don't even get me started...good lookin' chick about an attitude problem"
CG: Gamzee burst out laughing loudly at that. "You aint got no idea about that one brother."
TA: "She waltzes 'round like she owns every inch of ground...uh...I mean I guess she does...but there's no need to flaunt it!"
CG: "Better she does that than some of the other shit I have known her to do." he said shaking his head. "Be glad that is all ya have to deal with."
TA: He raised an eyebrow "Got horror stories to tell?"
CG: "Plenty, though if you want more ya are gonna have to talk to Karbro."
TA: "He's met her?!" He grinned
CG: "More than that. He has even bitten her before."
TA: He laughed "Nah, you're pulling my wing 'ere..."
CG: "Not even close. Left her a scar that stayed for a while. Gone now but it was there."
TA: "Damn..." He covered his mouth "Sorry..." Then smiled "He really has grown up...heh..."
CG: Gamzee nodded. "Yeah though he really shouldn’t have had to. He should just now be starting to fully get into quadrants and what not."
TA: He shrugged "Well he's got you're little yellowblood for company...and who knows, he might meet someone"
CG: 'If he can get over all that Grand Highblood and Dualscar have done to him.' Gamzee thought as he nodded. "Yeah who knows."
TA: "Or maybe...uh...well, quadrants aren't for everyone...some trolls prefer to fly solo" he leaned forward and pointed "You're gonna want to drive between those two trees, see the opening there...into the woods?"
CG: Gamzee nodded and turned to go to where the other had told him. "Yeah I know there are but Karbro just never seemed like one."
TA: Rufioh nodded and jolted a little as the cart moved off road. "He'll be alright"
CG: "I hope so." he said as he kept driving. He was worried about the two that were riding in the cart, mainly Sollux though.
TA: Rufioh continued to give directions here and there. Sollux gripped Karkat's arm as the cart rattled through the woods.
CG: Karkat groaned at all the movement and sat them both down. He then leaned against Sollux. "How long is this going to last?"
TA: He put his arm around him "You know as much as I do"
CG: Karkat sighed and closed his eyes. "I hope it smooths out soon."
TA: "The guy you're looking for is hardly going to be easy to find, no doubt he's hiding, especially since Gamzee is with us"
CG: "I know that’s why I figured that it would be a good idea to have Rufioh with us because he wouldn’t lead someone to the troll that we are looking for just because he was threatened.
TA: He nodded "Yeah, he seems to know what he's doing. And they're not fighting anymore"
CG: "Well that saves me a headache from that at least." he said groaning again.
TA: "Feeling any better?" He rubbed his arm a little
CG: "I will when this bumping rocking movement stops." he said as he nuzzled into the other.
TA: He held him close and thought about his words carefully before speaking "How's the grub?"
CG: "Alright I think." he said trying to ignore the movement that was obviously very uncomfortable for him.
TA: He sighed a little and bundled the few blankets together beside him "Try lying down, it might make it a little less think-pan shaking"
CG: Karkat nodded and moved onto the blankets pulling Sollux with him so he could use the other troll as a pillow.
TA: He moved so that Karkat's head was lying on Sollux's stomach.
CG: Karkat smiled the blankets helped a bit. "That’s a bit better." he said and just listened to the sound of Sollux's heartbeat and his breathing from where his ear rested on his stomach.
TA: Sollux lay down and ran his fingers through Karkat's soft hair.
CG: Karkat soon started to purr softly and then started to slowly fall back asleep.
TA: Sollux kept his breathing steady so not to disturb his moirail and continued to gently pet him.
CG: Karkat was soon fast asleep only shifting every now and then to find a more comfortable position.
TA: Sollux soon fell asleep too and stayed mostly still.