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Welcome to Smosh Hall

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jovenshire started a new groupchat

atomicmari : joven no

westheeditor : joven yes

westheeditor : now i have a place to share my memes

lasercorn : look what you've done to us all, joven

thesohinki : i see no way this could go wrong

haasitgoing : well hello friends cropptopp : heyyy

theotherasian : what is the up, fellow human sacs?

bigbossboze : olivia, why do you always sound like an alien trying to communicate from earth

theotherasian : are you racist against aliens, boze?

cropptopp : #bozeisracist

haasitgoing: aliens are people too, boze

bigbossboze : i apologize to your kind, olivia

jovenshire : what

jovenshire : is

jovenshire : happening

atomicmari : idk anymore

jovenshire : we’re old, mari

atomicmari : speak for yourself, old man jovie

jovenshire : you’re just as old as i am

atomicmari : am not!

jovenshire : am too!

atomicmari : that’s the worst grammar ever

thesohinki : and that’s quite the hyperbole mari

jovenshire : ha!

grossboi : grandpa and grandma are fighting again

thesohinki : kids just because grandpa and grandma fight doesn’t mean they don’t love each other

atomicmari : i hate you

jovenshire : i love you

jovenshire : :(

atomicmari : jk love you <3

littleleakyboi : #grandparentgoals

crotchney : guys i don’t want to go to chem

lasercorn : me neither

thesohinki : ^^^

haasitgoing : wtf you two are literally chem majors

lasercorn : only so i can blow shit up

thesohinki : i want to own a meth lab

haasitgoing : o k

haasitgoing : bozey they’re scaring me again

bigbossboze : hisss

lasercorn : you hissing at us over text isn’t exactly scary

haasitgoing: trust me she’s hissing irl

crotchney : 8 ams are starting. Ttyl

bigbossboze : for those of you who do not have 8 ams, we are having breakfast

lasercorn : 8 am

thesohinki : 8 am

theotherasian : 8 am

westheditor : everyone else coming?

jovenshire : eh

atomicmari : plz jovie

jovenshire : ok lemme get dressed

westheeditor: ;)

atomicmari: hitting on jove are we wes?

westheeditor: yeah cause i’m totally into dad bods

jovenshire : fck you my bod is hot

cropptopp : gonna eat with liv and the others when they get outta class

littleleakyboi : noah n i will be there

jovenshire : k, see u all there