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Only Fools Fall For You

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"If you could be another BTS member for a day, who would you be?" The American interviewer questioned, slowly saying each word out as though he was talking to six year olds. Jungkook caught a few of the words, "BTS" "member" "day" "you" and "who", and he makes a few guesses. He looks over to Namjoon, who translates it perfectly.

It's who he'd want to be, oh.

Jungkook looks down, logically thinking about this. Hmm. He looks back up, to see that his hyungs have all collectively agreed on Namjoon, Hoseok even shouting out "RM!" while emphasizing each letter.

"RM, of course." Jungkook smiles, looking over at Namjoon, who smiles back at him. Taehyung's "we're so proud of you!" causes the rest to laugh, and all of a sudden, Jungkook's eyes isn't the only ones on Namjoon as everyone waits for his reply.

"Uh... Jungkook, he's good at everything, so..." Namjoon says in perfect English, trailing off and looking attentively at the interviewer.

Jungkook blushes yet again at the familiar praise, knowing it'll be his main motivation for the rest of the tiring, interview filled day.


It had started out as an admiration, a respect for someone who had more experience and practice than him, someone who seemed to be cool and skilled.

Years of living with that someone has made Jungkook realise that, no, Kim Namjoon isn't exactly "cool" and completely "skilled", infact, he can't even go into the kitchen without being immediately lectured by Jin, and still accidentally breaks off the door handle. He also reads too much for his own good, and reads too much into things for his own good. Jungkook's sure Yoongi has scolded him about it before, but Yoongi's scolded Namjoon for a lot of things, so it wouldn't be a surprise.

But what Jungkook also realised was that while he was the clumsiest philosophical goof he's met, he was also hardworking, dedicated, selfless, caring, willing to learn, and also there for him. Throughout the years, he'd learnt that the tall dimpled dork in a beanie and oversized glasses, under the facade of a cool uncompassionate rapper, was one of the best people he's ever met. And Jungkook has to say he's met quite a lot of people, having debuted for a while now.

The idolising eventually evolved into care for his hyung, learning how human his hyung is, and how much they can learn from each other, and how he wanted to make sure his hyung was eating well, staying hydrated, not overworking himself, and the thought that Jungkook would honestly go out at 3am in his underwear if it meant making sure Namjoon hyung got home safe and was happy.

And then care turned into the want, the need to be with him, praying he was the one he thought off throughout the day or when he felt down, seeing himself in impossible scenarios with him, and stupidly enough, wanting a future with him.

Somewhere between declining a number of big companies to accept Big Hit Ent because of the coolest rapper he's seen and the interview they were having years later in America, Jungkook discovered he wanted more than to care for Kim Namjoon, he wanted to love him.

And just possibly, to be loved back.


Jungkook woke up one day before his birthday, and does the usual. He gets dressed, ready to start a new day of practice, rehearse, record, and just maybe a small chance of sneaking off to get lamb skewers. The daily cycle repeats.

Before he could even step out of the door, however, said door's pretty much getting knocked down with the insistent knocking of two very nosy hyungs.

Jungkook shoots his hyungs dirty glances as he lets Jimin and Taehyung in. The two making themselves comfortable in Jungkook's bed while he continues dressing.

"Jungkookie~" Taehyung sing songs, obviously excited. Jungkook looks over at him, raising an eyebrow.

"Guess what day it is tomorrow!" Jimin continues, hands clasped together like a young boy pleading for candy, eyes bright and large, sparkling in mischief, excitement, anything Park Jimin is capable of.

"My birthday? It's no big deal... " Jungkook mutters, bringing his focus to his hair which he tries desperately to comb it right.

"Yes it is! Tomorrow's the most important birthday in your life!" Taehyung practically cries out, emphasizing words such as "most important" and "life".

Jungkook groans, his hyungs always make a big deal of his birthday no matter how not special he deems it. But there was a slight tone in Taehyung's voice that makes him think a little more, and all of a sudden, realisation sinks in.

"You're finding out your soulllllmateee!!!!" The two cheers in unison, and Jungkook looks over to see that he has to make his bed again. Jungkook stops his advances of getting ready for the day, putting down his comb and sitting down in between his two hyungs.

He looks down at his socked feet as the two older boys share endless excited looks.

Jungkook knew it was coming, he really did, but he's been pushing the thought of that day out of his head for ages and ages now.

He remembers when Seokjin meekly talked to Jimin when they were still settling in under a group name known as Bangtan Boys, having found out he was his soulmate, or when Hoseok woke up again in his body, immediately running to Yoongi who had known from being older, but kept quiet until Hoseok learnt on his own. He also remembered how ecstatic Taehyung was, sharing his story of waking up as an actor he had been keeping in contact with.

He also remembers hiding behind Taehyung as the rest crowded around Namjoon just as he woke up, immediately bombarding him with questions, only for him to brush it away, letting the rest to make their own assumptions.

Yoongi suspected that Namjoon didn't have a soulmate, while Seokjin asked if Namjoon knew his own birthday correctly. Hoseok thought Namjoon was just keeping it secret for his soulmate who was younger than him, and Jimin ended up making a whole conspiracy theory about it, something about him being a leader and being tied down by some... Jungkook doesn't remember what Jimin said. No one really listened, to be fair.

The question was dropped about a month later after Namjoon lectured them all on invasion of privacy, and how instead of being preoccupied with his life they should be focusing on work. But despite everyone knowing he was really just flustered over the topic, they chose to respect it.

But that's the thing, Namjoon was the one person he cared about who his soulmate was, and all he got that day was that Namjoon was possibly soulmate-less, or his own idea, which was that Namjoon was disappointed in who his soulmate was.

By now though, Jungkook's sure at least Yoongi or Seokjin know the truth. Namjoon has to have told one of them at this point.

Jungkook really didn't want to give himself hope, knowing that if Namjoon did have a soulmate, it being him was a -10% chance.

But as of now, he's scared of who he's going to see, because he's heard stories. Stories of people finding themselves in a different country, in a different environment, needing to speak in a different language, or people finding themselves in the bodies of those they hate, those who've hurt them, and those who they thought would be the last person they could ever imagine being with.

And he's so scared of not seeing... him.

Jungkook's dreamed of this day for years, and wanted to somehow postpone it for years, and now that that day was less than 24 hours away, Jungkook doesn't know what to think.

And the worst thing right then and there was, was that the two boys beside him knew of his predicament.

"C'mon Kook, you're a talented kind soul! You won't be soulmates with some, i don't know, underworld crime lord." Taehyung shrugs, pressing his hands onto the younger boy's shoulders.

"What he's trying to say is, you have hope to be with Joonie hyung." Jimin sighs, helping Jungkook get Taehyung off of him.

Jungkook glances at his hyungs worriedly, still not convinced, or comforted at the slightest. He mumbles something incoherent under his breath and steps away from his bed, returning to his mirror to finish combing his hair, trying his best not to think about it for the rest of the day.


Taehyung was the first to have found out, a while after Jungkook himself realised his true feelings for the group's leader. It had been when they were playing some stupid video game Jungkook was being overconfident about, and Taehyung, being just as competitive, challenged Jungkook by declaring that whoever won could ask the other three questions and the loser had to answer truthfully.

Long story short, Jungkook lost, and Taehyung's three questions just happened to have been about Jungkook's love life, and of course, who he wanted his soulmate to be.

When Jungkook first admitted it, he felt kind of stupid for just saying it outright. Maybe he should've lied, said he was hoping he's soulmate-less or something. It didn't help whatsoever that Taehyung was Namjoon's roommate, which had caused immense paranoia in Jungkook the first few weeks after admitting it, or Taehyung's teasing nature, causing Jungkook to have to watch his words more if he didn't want Taehyung to walk past and whisper something that leaves him a blushing mess.

Jimin found out next, and thankfully, that was the last time someone found out. Or at least, Jungkook desperately hopes its the last time someone's found out. Yoongi could've easily realised already, because he's Yoongi, and he magically knows that stuff. Or Hoseok, who seems to absolutely love finding out about different people's soulmate stories. Seokjin could have realised just because of how close he is to Namjoon.

Heck, Namjoon himself could've found out already. Despite what Jungkook wants to believe, one of his two friends could've already spilled it to the rest forever ago, and everyone was just waiting for him to embarrass himself somehow.

Jungkook really, really, really doesn't want to think about it.


His hyungs definitely seemed a lot more interested in his soulmate than Jungkook himself. Jungkook doesn't want to believe in the idea that he might have to shut out all the feelings he's grown to have for Namjoon hyung for some stranger fate thought would be perfect for him, and in the thought of Namjoon truly not having a soulmate, Jungkook mentally made the decision to be with Namjoon instead of his soulmate if he had to make a choice.

If things end up that way, that is.

Throughout dance practice, Jungkook realised there were more breaks in between, just for Hoseok to approach him and question him things that Jungkook himself never thought possible.

"Jiminie says there's a possibility soulmates are connected by colour, so what's your favourite colour and which colour do you despise and which colour do you think matches the best with neon green? Also just for safety measures, pastel or monochrome?"


Jungkook wants to end him.

He doesn't get a chance to though, because Jimin must've heard his name being said and bounced over, still excited from the morning.

Despite the group having been dancing endlessly, with the only thought of perfecting their choreography, and Jimin straining himself and pushing himself to the limits as always, he seemed to be immune to fatigue at the moment, powered by sheer enthusiasm shared with Taehyung, talking about the possibilities, oh the possibilities.

"You know, it's not hard for it to be him~" Jimin giggled, like he has been the past who knows how long. Taehyung bounds over behind Jimin, leaning into Jungkook.

"I mean, look at "Jinmin" and "SOPE," Taehyung whispered, using the silly shipping tags their fans constantly use to address any two of them as a couple. Jungkook thinks about it, but it just sounds so unlikely to him.

"Wait, him who?" Hoseok gasps, using exaggerated hand gestures to communicate with Jimin, the two self proclaimed sunshine line seemed to be full of energy today, no matter how much they've just danced.

Jungkook gulps down his water, standing up and walking away from his hyungs.

"We really should get practicing."


"What'd you do if they're a fan?" Seokjin had asked him, when they were taking a small break in between recording for Yoongi to review what they'd just sang. Jungkook groaned, this was one of the many possibilities Jimin had first entertained, him going so far as to act out how the fan would react meeting Jungkook as her soulmate.

Jungkook looked back at Jin, realising he had yet to give an answer.

"Jiminie won't tell me who "him" is but if it isn't would you drop your soulmate for "him?" Hoseok chirped in, popping up behind them far too comedically. Jungkook blushed, wondering how much Jimin had said.

He nodded at Hoseok hesitantly, almost as though he was unsure, but Jungkook knew for a fact he would drop everything for Namjoon, and that meant his soulmate too if it came to it.

Plus, Jungkook doesn't have many friends other than his group members, who already have their soulmates, so his soulmate probably wasn't someone he knew, and he wouldn't mind just never meeting them.

Morally he knew it was wrong breaking someone's heart like that, especially if they ended up being a fan of his, but Jungkook would've felt injustice needing to give up his feelings for them.

"What if Jungkook isn't her bias?" Jungkook heard one of his hyungs say, and he was honestly close to committing a murder, or an arson. He didn't want to think of that possibility, or of any possibility, that ended up with him being with someone other than the man he fell for.

Jungkook suddenly panics thinking about it, wondering if Namjoon would be disappointed in him for ditching his soulmate, or even encourage him to look for them before he could tell him how he really felt.

The thought made him want to throw himself against broken glass.

"Jungkook, i'm done," Yoongi calls, and Jungkook notices just how long he's been ignoring his hyung. He blushes in embarrassment, apologising and adjusting the mic before him.

"Don't worry over your soulmate so much, it worked out fine for the rest of us, didn't it?" Yoongi smiles, encouraging Jungkook and lifting his spirits slightly. There was a small playfulness to Yoongi's tone that Jungkook couldn't quite put his finger on, but this is Yoongi hyung, and well, he trusts him. After all, hyung knows best, right?


Jungkook's kept his teasing to the minimum the whole of today, knowing that if he were to provoke his hyungs, they'll just start talking about his soulmate again.

Thankfully, dinner was full of exhausted complaints and proper focus, with Namjoon and Yoongi explaining the progress of their tracks and raps, Hoseok and Jimin pointing out what they've accomplished in certain choreographies, and Seokjin and Taehyung sharing on the recording and vocals side of things. Jungkook was grateful his soulmate wasn't brought up again, especially with how close he was getting to having to go to sleep, and waking as his soulmate.

With the members dispersing into their rooms, Jungkook thanked the gods for giving him his own room rather than rooming with a member, because right then at that moment, the main thing he wanted was to bathe and get to bed, exhaustion being a bigger priority than literally waking up in someone else's body.

And not answering anything about his soulmate, someone he's grown to realise by the end of the day that he just doesn't care about... Not with Namjoon in his life.

Jungkook sighs as he steps into his shower, water that's slowly heating up falls onto him, a sigh escaping his lips while his aching muscles relax from the hot water. He closes his eyes and pushes his hand through his hair, trying to push out the thoughts of knowing his soulmate in a few hours.

He doesn't really know why, maybe because it was some soulmate connection thing Hoseok never stops talking about (and Yoongi never stops listening, with that fond gummy smile that makes Jungkook realise just how perfect they were for each other, which he supposes, is something soulmates were meant to be; your perfect, other half), but he starts wondering about them anyway. Well, not just his soulmate.

While all his hyungs had made assumptions about Namjoon's soulmate, the one Taehyung had suggested was the one that really got Jungkook.

"Maybe he's just waiting for the group to disband before he dates her openly."

Taehyung didn't know then, that Jungkook had been waiting, had been praying, and Taehyung still doesn't know now that his words never left Jungkook.

Because it felt so much like it was true.

Feelings are weird, Jungkook thinks, knowing that just feeling it doesn't make it true or false, but that it felt so much like it.

It seemed so much like Namjoon too, with his position and job as leader, that he'd wait for their time as Bangtan to be over, for their fans to die down, for their music made over the years to be all that's left before he dates his soulmate.

Because he'd want to protect her.

Namjoon, out of all of them, knows best how their fans can get, with him and Jungkook the only two having not openly admitted anything about soulmates, its almost a routine to decline fangirls when they run up to them shouting about waking up as them.

And Jungkook knows, for a fact, that if Namjoon were to date his soulmate right now, or the time he knew her, the girl would be mauled to death. By other girls.

Girls are scary.

The point is, it sounded realistic, it sounded plausible, it sounded likely, logical and most importantly, it sounded like that's the truth.

And all of a sudden, Jungkook thinks it'd be better if he just forgets any of the feelings he's grown for his leader. Or any thoughts to even ever confess at all. Namjoon would feel conflicted, he knows. Namjoon's just too god damn nice.

It'd kill him to know he broke Namjoon and his soulmate up. After all,

Only fools fall for you, only fools

Jungkook isn't sure whether the water falling down his face was the shower or his tears anymore.

He thinks, yeah, he is a fool.

Only fools do what I do, only fools fall

Well shit. He is a fool, for falling for someone that's not his soulmate.


The last person Jungkook expected to see when he stepped out of the shower was Namjoon himself.

The leader was sitting on his bed, shifting uncomfortably, glancing only at his feet, and Jungkook suddenly felt very very conscious.

Jungkook was also shirtless, because he goes to sleep like that, and normally, your crush doesn't end up in your room while you cry over them in the shower.

"Hyung?" Jungkook calls, Namjoon reacting immediately by snapping his head up to look at him. Jungkook flushes red when he sees Namjoon blushing as well.

Maybe he should put on a shirt.

Walking over to his closet, Jungkook's slightly alarmed knowing that the leader's eyes were following him, and him not saying anything was increasing the immense nervousness he was feeling.

He also noticed when getting out of the shower, that Namjoon was still wearing his clothes from during dinner. He hasn't bathed then, so was he just waiting for him the whole time? In his room? Did he hear him singing?

It felt a bit stupid to be conscious over something like singing in the shower, especially when he's a singer, a vocalist, and his life revolves around his voice for income, but god he still finds himself flustering from the thought.

Jungkook can feel the tip of his ears heat up, remembering back to when he recorded the song with his hyung, and when he spent time with him trying to nail the English syllabus, or when Namjoon explained the songs meanings to him.

Jungkook had immediately agreed to cover it with him.

"Hyung?" Jungkook addressed again after he put his shirt on. He knew he'd take it off later after Namjoon leaves, but he doesn't know if he would be able to survive that long in his own room with Namjoon while shirtless, so he does it for the safety measure.

Namjoon looks at him again, seeming to be composing himself.

"I just came to tell you... Hope for you that... Whoever your soulmate is, you're happy with him- them! That you're happy with them and won't be disappointed."

Jungkook was well aware he was looking at him with the huge brown eyes he uses when he's trying to look soft, but he doesn't know how else to look, he doesn't even know how else to think.

Why was Namjoon telling him this? He hoped Jungkook wouldn't be disappointed with his soulmate... So was his own theory correct? Was Namjoon disappointed in his soulmate? Is that why he chose not to reveal them?


"Ah, um, thanks hyung."

What else could he have said? Was that what Namjoon wanted to hear from him?

"It's, it's no problem. Goodnight Jungkook,"

Jungkook doesn't even realise Namjoon had left his room until he find the spot on his bed empty.

It's slightly warm, showing the signs that someone had been sitting there for a while, and Jungkook deduces that Namjoon did indeed wait for him since dinner ended.

But why? He had no reason to, and that confused Jungkook. He was probably just being his caring hyung self, Jungkook convinces himself.

It's no use thinking about it now, because he's gone, and Jungkook's slightly relieved, very confused, but most importantly, he's tired.

Talking to Namjoon had caused his heart to pump faster than when he practices for hours straight without breaks, or when he performs on stage, and calming down after Namjoon's left him a blushing mess, a confused one at that, takes a lot out of Jungkook.

He won't gain anything wondering, and they still have recording tomorrow, so it's best if he doesn't stay up thinking about it.

He finally decides to just go to bed, and let fate do it's magic.


Jungkook groans, noticing how lightheaded he feels the second he wakes up. Pushing hair out of his eyes, he turns to his side to check the time.

His wallpaper is different, a photo of himself with Namjoon, probably Jimin or Taehyung messing with it again. He'll change it in the morning.

Plus, it's a good photo.

It's 3 48 am, Jungkook processes, wetting his dry lips and getting out of bed, hoping to get a glass of water before returning to bed.

He's really, really, tall, Jungkook thinks, wondering if he's grown again, despite already passing twenty.

Passing twenty.

His birthday.

Holy shit.

Jungkook's not really tall, his soulmate is.

He's in the body of his soulmate.

He takes a second to process the information, and once he does, he's full out panicking.

What does he do first? Is he supposed to go look for information as his soulmate? Find out what country he's in?

No, no, the iphone was set to Korean, he's still in Korea. Good.

He also notices that his soulmate is a guy, pretty obvious.

Then he hears something moving.

Was someone up? Who'd be up at 4 am? Was it burglars? It'd be the worst day to have people breaking in.

It was a bed.

He looks over and makes out the shape of a blanket covering someone, and walks over, hoping to get some answers.

So his soulmate has a roommate.

What he wasn't expecting, however, was that roommate to be a Kim Taehyung.

"Hyungie?" Taehyung groans sleepily, barely awake. Jungkook stands shocked, like he's been caught doing something he shouldn't.

Why the heck was Taehyung here? And why was he calling him hyung?

He's in his soulmate's body, alright, so his soulmate must be older than him, right?

Still doesn't explain Taehyung at all.

Jungkook must be dreaming, he's trying to convince himself that this is a dream, that's why Taehyung's here, sleeping in the same room as his soulmate.

Jungkook goes back to his soulmate's bed, trying to figure some things out, confusion being the main obstacle. He sits, looking around in the darkness trying to make out anything useful.

The phone.

Scrambling to unlock it again, Jungkook gasps at the blinding light, but also at the wallpaper he'd assumed was one of his friends' doing.

A photo of him with Namjoon.

Taehyung's in the room.

Namjoon is Taehyung's roommate.

It can't be, it can't be, he'd cross out all possibility of it being him, this has had to be a dream.

Maybe it was even some shit prank, some extremely well planned shit prank, that his friends were playing on him, and at any point now they'll run into the room shouting "Got 'cha!" and celebrating a victory of having tricked him.

That's got to be it.

But it really wouldn't explain the height thing, which if was true, and he was in Namjoon's body, he's slightly jealous of what Namjoon gets to see from his height.

It also wouldn't explain his voice, the deeper slightly raspy tone that escaped when he'd gasped in surprise.

"Hello?" Jungkook says out loud in English, and sure enough, it was as though Namjoon was ready to introduce the group with a "We are, BTS!"

Scrambling to his feet, Jungkook thinks of one more way to confirm his suspicions. He heads for the door, feeling his way around the dark room, trying not to-

Fuck, he tripped.

He wants to laugh, maybe Namjoon's clumsiness is part of his body, but he can't, because he's realising he tripped over Taehyung's console, and landed by Namjoon's chair, his laptop still turned on, on the table in front of the chair, exporting something.

It was the final audio of Jungkook's 2U cover, waiting to be posted for his fans on his birthday.

Jungkook's heart swells, almost wanting to fully believe that he really was in Namjoon's body, and that maybe fate had decided to treat him well after all.

Getting up, Jungkook uses the dim light from the lap top screen to make his way to the door, frantically pushing down the light switches on the wall next to it.

The light blinds him.

But Jungkook doesn't care, doesn't have the patience to wait for his eyes to adjust, or to turn back to check on Taehyung who was slowly waking up fully from having hit by the light.

Because right there, staring back at him through the reflection of the open closet mirror, was Kim Namjoon.

He really was a fool.