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Ever After

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He knew he was staring, he knew that he should probably turn his gaze onto something else, anything else. After all in a room with hundreds of beautiful and willing girls what man stares at his brother instead?

Well… him obviously, but that wasn't the point.

It was just, Jake had been so quiet after they had defeated the queen and saved the children. On the first day, as the shock wore away, he had truly thought that they could finally act like the brothers they should have been all along. But it just didn't work that way, not for them.

If anything life only became more awkward between them. Jake had been right, magic was real, as much as he hated to admit this, and there was nothing he could do to take back his hatred for his brother's dreams. For his sibling it had always been magic and fairies and, god help them, magic beans. He just couldn't see life that way. Money had always been the most important thing to him, money so they wouldn't starve, so neither of them had to die, so he would never have to morn over another loved ones grave.

Forcing his eyes to gaze disinterestedly at a brunette that had passed by he ran his hand through his hair. They had lived a fairytale, magic was real, so where was their ending? Why were they left poor and worse off then they had begun, what had happened to the ending his brother had always spoken so fondly of? Where was their sunset that they could ride of into, where was their smiles and laughter as they spoke nonchalantly of evils long demolished, where was the world that was made just for the two of them, the world he had tried so hard to build with their scheming.

Sometimes he thought he dreamed more then Jake did, hoped a little too far, and wished a little too much. And every time nothing would ever become of what he willed and his belief in that happily ever after ending faded a little more. In what world could he possibly hope to be allowed to speak to and touch what was forbidden to him, in what universe would he be allowed to love Jake as he wished to, in the most unholy of unions?

Beside him Jake let out a disgruntled huff as he threw down his pen and stared at his notebook in obvious deep thought. Will didn't know what went on in his brother's head, truly had no idea where to even begin decoding the workings of the world that existed within his brother's mind. Throwing a carefree smile onto his face he slung his arm over Jake's shoulders, guiltily enjoying the warmth that came from the smaller man. "What's got you so bothered brother?"

Jake looked up at him with tired eyes and a slight frown gracing his lips, "I can't write it."

"Write what?" Scooting closer he let a smile grace his lips as Jake leaned into his hold, his face nuzzled sleepily into his neck.

Jake's warm breath caressed his skin as he spoke, his lips brushing lightly against his neck. "I can't write our ending, it just won't write itself like the rest did."

Glancing down at the notebook he chuckled lightly at their story written across the off white pages. Each event seemed so impersonal, every detail sharp and even the smallest of things were noted. It was just so like Jake, analytical to the end. His blue eyes trailed to the last sentence written, of how the queen was defeated and them both alive and he too couldn't find an ending.

A sudden idea hit him as he turned his brother's face to look him in the eyes. He knew how they must look, two brothers embracing each other as they sat alone in a shadowed corner booth. It was detrimental to his reputation but he couldn't bring himself to really care. Trailing his fingers across Jake's cheek he saw confusion swell in his brother's eyes, "It doesn't have an ending brother, because it's not finished."

Understanding replaced confusion as Jake nodded in acceptance of his words. Closing the notebook Jake let his body rest limply against his brother as he closed his eyes.

Slipping his arms from Jake's shoulders to his waist he felt oddly content even as the bartender sent them wary looks. He still had much to do before his happily ever after, but he knew it would come eventually, after all, fairytales really did exist.