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The World Didn't End

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About twenty minutes later Scully pulled into Georgetown University campus and followed the signs towards the evacuation point. There were still a few people pulling in and Scully felt a flicker of hope flow through her body.

She pulled to a stop at the end of a long queue and jumped out. She looked around nervously and then saw a few FBI jackets in the far corner. Running in their direction Scully's heart hammered in her chest when she recognised one of the agents.

"Agent Cooper!" Scully shouted before she was even close enough for him to hear. "Cooper!"

Cooper looked up and saw Scully advancing towards him, "Agent Scully?!" He called out, "Thought you were out west?"

Scully ran up to him, "I was…"

Cooper looked confused, "Then why the hell are you back here then?"

"Where's Mulder?" Scully asked breathlessly.

With sudden understanding, Cooper nodded towards a building in the far right of the square. "Over there in the med room...Dana, did you come back here for Mulder? You know the only thing that was giving him peace of mind was the knowledge that you were safe."

Scully sighed and shook her head, "Then he'll understand exactly why I had to come."

Cooper smiled at her kindly, "If I don't see you again…well, good luck to you both."

Scully nodded, "You too, Brett…" and then she ran towards the area he had pointed out. He's here, Scully thought excitedly, her worse nightmare had been if she had arrived and Mulder had moved on to some unknown destination.

She ran through the doorway of a room posted Medical Emergencies and found it completely empty apart from one young man standing in the far corner. She rushed over, "Where is everyone?"

"The last of the serious casualties went out on the latest flight ma'am…and most of the staff."

"Agent Mulder?!" Scully asked suddenly feeling sick.

"No, A.D. Skinner went with them…Mulder insisted…he had field medical training in Korea and…"

"Jesus! Where  is  Mulder?!"

"Agent Scully?" The young man asked with a shocked tone, suddenly putting two and two together.

"Where the hell is he?!" She shouted, sounding as desperate as she felt.

The man looked up towards a door in the corner as Mulder walked back through into the main room carrying three boxes of what looked like medical supplies.

"Dan, I think…"

Mulder looked up and froze when he recognised Scully standing in the opposite corner of the room. He blinked and then closed his eyes as the boxes dropped to the floor and the contents smashed loudly.

Scully ran towards him, dropping her bag on the way. "Thank God…" she gasped wrapping her arms around him tightly.

Mulder's arms remained at his side, and his eyes remained closed. He took a deep breath and a tear ran down his cheek as he recognised her familiar scent. "Scully…" he croaked out, still not returning her embrace.

Scully held him tightly, refusing to let go, her face nuzzling into his chest desperately.

"You were safe, you were in San Diego. You were safe…" Mulder murmured quietly and placed his hands on Scully's shoulders pulling her back and looking into her eyes frantically.

"I needed to get to you, Mulder, I needed to…" Scully said reaching up to touch the side of his face softly.

In the corner Dan watched the couple sadly with tears in his eyes, he knew how much the knowledge that his partner was safe had meant to his new friend.

"This was a suicide mission, Scully…" Mulder hissed angrily.

"I was meant to just sit there in San Diego and watch it all happen on the news? To accept that you were going to die and do nothing?" Scully asked with frustration.

"You were safe…" Mulder repeated.

"…And you were not," Scully countered.

Mulder swallowed and looked into Scully's eyes, "What the hell were you thinking?"

Scully looked at him and recognised the pain that was fuelling his anger. "I was thinking that countless people are going to die and I was not going to let you be one of them. Not without a fight."

"You were safe…" Mulder said again almost inaudibly.

"Well, then now we'll have to fight…together," Scully replied firmly.

Mulder shook his head, "Scully, it's too late. Why the hell would you do this?"

Scully shook her head angrily, frustrated at her inability to make him understand how she felt.

"There might be another flight going out soon. I'm sure with your medical training we could…" Mulder started to say distractedly glancing over her shoulder at the door.

"I'm not leaving you, Mulder!" Scully gasped and tears started to fall down her face.

Mulder's jaw dropped slightly as his eyes met hers. He brought his hands up and gently brushed away her tears with his thumbs, "Scully, we're talking about your life."

"No. We are talking about our lives, Mulder. You think I came all this way to find you only to say hello and then get on the next transport out of here?" Scully asked with frustration. Then she closed her eyes and took a deep cleansing breath, "Nothing, and I mean nothing, means more to me than you, Mulder. I'm not going anywhere without you."

"But, you…" Mulder started to argue.

"I know you love me…" Scully looked away from his face and stared at an invisible spot in the corner of the room, "…maybe not the same way that I love you, but please don't ask me to leave you. Not now, please don't…"

Mulder brought her face back to his and met her eyes; he leaned down and started peppering kisses over her face; across her eyelids, forehead, cheeks and temples.

Scully shuddered as his lips reached her ear.

"Scully, have I made you doubt for even a minute? I love you…I love you so much I can hardly breathe…I love you…" His lips came over hers and he spoke against her mouth eagerly. "I just wanted you safe, I just needed to know that you were…"

"All I need is…" Scully started to reply when suddenly Mulder's lips crashed into hers and his tongue invaded her mouth. At the first opportunity, she gasped for air and Mulder simultaneously reached down to grasp her thighs and lift her up. She automatically wrapped her legs around his waist as he turned and braced her against the wall.

After a few minutes, their desperate lips broke apart and Scully swallowed breathlessly. Mulder's forehead rested against hers and tears slid down his cheeks. Scully moved to brush them away softly with her lips.

"I realised something on the way to find you, Mulder…" Scully whispered softly against his lips. "All these years I've stayed quiet, believing that I was protecting our partnership…our friendship…but if I'd died without finding you I would only have one regret."

Mulder remained quiet, his breathing still slightly shallow.

"You're the most important person in my life, you've made my life bigger and brighter...I was never brave enough to tell you…" Scully paused and closed her eyes briefly before opening them again and holding his astonished gaze, "Mulder, you are the love of my life…and whether I was safe in San Diego…or out here by your side..."

Her partner opened his mouth but no words came out.

"I love you, Mulder. Whether we survive this together…or die at each other's sides…I need you to know that there is nowhere I would rather be than here with you."

Mulder shook his head and closed his eyes, instinctively moving to allow Scully the space to trail her lips along his jaw and down his throat.

"Please…" Scully muttered softly against his skin.

"You mean everything to me, Scully…you are everything. I would have sold my soul for one last moment with you, but I convinced myself that knowing you were safe…knowing that you were with your family…would be enough..."

"I love my family, Mulder, but I NEED you…you're my best friend, my other half…my…"

Mulder opened and closed his mouth several times, "You need me?"

"Leaving to find you wasn't a choice, living without you wasn't even an option," Scully combed her fingers through his hair and stared vehemently into his eyes. Her legs tightened around his waist and she groaned when she felt his cock harden against her core. "I love you…so much…" She murmured hungrily against his lips.

Mulder gasped and covered her lips again, plundering her mouth as if his life depended on her kisses, and in reality, it probably did.

Minutes later he pulled back and rested his forehead against hers.

Scully slid her hand up under his shirt and traced the warmth of his lower back with her fingertips, "I have a car, we'll drive that as far as it will go…then we'll either find gas or get a new one. Over the last few hours, I've discovered that where there's a will there's always a way."

Mulder looked at her dazedly and then shook his head slightly as if to clear his mind, "Oh fuck, Scully… we need to leave…NOW…"

Scully reached up to pull his head down and covered his mouth with hers again urgently. "Mulder, I need…" She murmured against his lips and then closed her eyes and dropped her face to his shoulder with a slight gasp.

"What? Scully, we might only have a few hours left…the time is long passed for being reticent…" Mulder smiled teasingly and she couldn't help but chuckle.

"It's just…you said you love me...?" Scully asked gently.

Mulder looked confused, "You doubt that?"

"Not anymore, not after the way you just kissed me…it's just…I mean…can we…?" Scully stammered awkwardly.

Mulder shook his head with confusion for a second and then his breathing hitched slightly, "You want me? Do you want me to make love to you, Scully?"

Scully smiled and licked her lips; despite the situation, her eyes glowed at his choice of words. "I think given the time constraints I'll accept a quickie…I just need to…I mean, I need to feel you inside me."

Groaning hungrily Mulder suddenly gripped Scully tightly around the waist and glanced to the left, seeing the storeroom door he carried her quickly through before impatiently bracing her against a table and whipping his shirt over his head.

Scully gasped and began to open his trousers with equal eagerness.

The door suddenly banged open and Brett Cooper walked through carrying two sacks of rice.

"Oh shit…Jesus! Sorry guys!" Brett looked up at the ceiling with embarrassment and laughed nervously. "I mean, I didn't know…well, obviously I didn't know…I mean not know, but, you know…" He dropped the bags to the floor, eyes still looking heavenward, "You guys…erm…take care…"

Dropping her face to Mulder's shoulder Scully laughed as Brett turned quickly and ran out of the door chuckling self-consciously.

Mulder grinned down at her, still with wonder in his eyes as if he half expected her to disappear at any moment, "Do you still want to…?"

"Shut the door and kick those bags in front of it…." She said quickly as she jumped to her feet and rushed to shove down her jeans and panties.

Mulder groaned and did as he was told before fumbling to undo his trousers as Scully hopped up onto the table. Stepping between her legs Mulder pulled out his hard cock and stroked it impatiently as he gazed into her eyes. "I wanted this to be different, I wanted…"

"Just love me, Mulder. We need this…I need you…just in case…" Scully said sadly and then bit her lip.

Mulder shook his head and then leaned to cover her mouth again as he brought his straining shaft inline with her core. "We're going to make it …" he said determinedly, the head of his cock slipping just inside her body and making her gasp. "We're going to run and we're going to survive…and then I'm going to spend hours and hours making love to you…" he pushed in a little deeper and then bit his lip in an effort to control himself from ploughing into her tight heat. "You feel amazing, Scully."

Scully gasped against his mouth and licked his bottom lip free from his teeth, "You feel so good…so big…I need all of you…I love you so much, Mulder."

"Oh, God…me too…" Mulder thrust a little deeper and then pulled back before gently and slowly sliding all the way home. "I'm with you now, Scully. Now we fight…and now we win…"

Scully gasped and tightened her legs around his waist her hands sliding up over his solid chest, then over his shoulders and down his powerful arms. She believed him, in that moment she finally believed that they would live.

Scully could feel her nipples graze against the inside of her shirt and quickly pulled back to shakily undo her buttons and then flick open the front clasp of her bra.

Mulder watched her greedily and licked his lips.

Scully groaned, "Mulder…God, please!"

He bent and quickly latched on to her swollen and oversensitive nubs, his teeth scraping over the one tip before his lips encircled and sucked hard, flicking them with his wide tongue.

"Ohhhhhhhh…fuuuuuuuckkkkkk…" Scully growled and clenched her core around his cock.

"Good?" Mulder murmured, his voice vibrating against her raw nipple before he moved to the other side.

"Soooooo…Muld…Oh, God…good…."

Mulder looked up and saw tears falling down her face. He pulled back suddenly and paused inside her, "Are you okay? God, am I hurting you?!"

Scully shook her head and smiled, "You're perfect, Mulder. We're perfect."

He grunted desperately and pushed himself as far into her body as he could go, grinding into her core, hungry for every last inch.

"You fill me…" Scully said breathlessly, "…every part of me."

Mulder started thrusting slowly again, "I love you, more than…more than anything…more than…"

Scully leaned to kiss him; halting his attempt to find the words. She knew…she felt that same connection. Her tongue slid along his lower lip slowly and she smiled as the words came to her, "I'm yours."

Mulder nodded and returned her smile before capturing her tongue playfully between his lips. He lifted his hand to the side of her face and brushed his thumb over her cheek gently, "And I am yours."

Smiling Scully rolled her hips up and Mulder took that as his cue to move, he started thrusting urgently into her body, gripping her hips firmly in place.

Scully gasped against his neck and then groaned as her body gripped him and pulled Mulder over the edge with her.

"Ohhhhh, God…Scully, I…looooove youuuuu…" Mulder's teeth scraped her shoulder desperately as he filled her grasping core.

As their breathing started to return to normal Scully kept her legs locked tightly around him.

"You're so fucking beautiful, Scully. You… God, I can't believe you…"

Scully felt the wetness of his tears on her shoulder and gripped him firmly against her clammy body. After a few moments, Mulder started to move back slightly but she held on tight, gripping him inside her and grasping hold of his shoulders with her nails.

"Please don't…" She whispered tearfully. "I don't want you to leave…what if this is the last time? What if this is the only time?"

Mulder pulled his face back and kissed her softly, "I won't let you die, Scully."

"Please…no matter what happens out there I need you to promise me that you won't try to do anything…brave…"

Mulder looked bewildered.

"I mean, don't try to…put me first. If I lost you if you left me…I wouldn't survive that. MulderI know I wouldn't survive losing you," Scully kissed his neck and held him desperately inside her body.

Mulder peppered kisses over her face, "I-I love you, you're my lifeblood. No matter what, I promise not to leave your side."

"Do you really understand?" Scully asked earnestly, "We live or die together?"

Tears welled in Scully's eyes and for the first time Mulder accepted that her love for him was as strong as his for her. With that knowledge, he did finally understand and his stomach turned over. He closed his eyes and imagined the agony of a life without her, a life that he knew he could not have faced. Guilt washed over him at the realisation of what he had almost done to her.

"I almost left you alone…" Mulder said softly, cupping her cheek and gazing sadly into her eyes.

Scully nodded tearfully and bit her lip, "Don't do it again," she whispered firmly.