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  • BBC "Sherlock" for Canon Addicts (BBC_Sherlock_Fanfiction_for_Canon_Addicts) by Jolie_Black

    23 Aug 2018



    We like to think of this collection as the home of the best of canon-compliant BBC “Sherlock” fanfiction that AO3 has to offer.

    We collect stories of outstanding quality that explore and expand on the canon of the show without deliberately violating or re-writing it - all genres, all ratings, all lengths. We also collect well written crackfic/humour/parodies.

    If you’ve written a story that fits our bill, feel free to submit it! (After you’ve read the Rules and FAQ, please.)

    If you’re looking for reading material, feel free to browse, and don’t forget to leave feedback for the authors! And if you’ve read a story elsewhere that should be on here but isn't, make us a bookmark.

    For the Complete Index of All Works and Bookmarks in the collection to date, listed by genre, era and characters, go here. We hope it's a helpful starting point for finding your favourite kinds of stories.

    To see the latest submissions at a glance, go here (updated bi-monthly).

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  • Summary

    Holmestice - a semi-annual celebration of all things Sherlock Holmes occuring around the summer and winter solstices. Gift exchange of all types of fanworks in all Holmesian universes. Come for the Season 3 fixit Johnlock fic and stay for the Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century dystopian AU.

    The items under "recent works" are set to random, please browse the whole collection for all recent works.

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