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Of Hope and Pain

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"I still remember the first time I saw you. You shouldn't have been more than six years old.

I wasn't that much older myself, barely two years your senior; and I was surely getting in trouble by spying on the King's daughter."


The sun was shining brightly upon Stormwind's training grounds; but he opted to stay hidden in the shadows.

He knew he shouldn't be here, he should be training with the rest of his class, but his curiosity hasn't disappeared since he heard the rumors this morning.

The King's daughter was starting her training today.

He wasn't the curious type, but this was such a unique chance he just couldn't let it pass.

Everyone knew about the young princess and the King's unexpected decision to name her his sole heir. Although it was not unheard of a woman joining the ranks of the army –his own mother was proof of that-, to have a princess become a warrior and future ruler was something without precedents.

So it was understandable why for him, the only son of two low ranking soldiers, the prospect of even glancing at the princess was irresistible.

It has been so irresistible that, at the first opportunity he got, he sneaked away from his trainers and went in search of the famous royalty.

The princess would be learning from Master Hjalmar Anvilmar, which was a great feat on itself. The old dwarf's training was known to all aspirant soldiers as the ultimate proof of skills, because he never trained someone he didn't considered worthy; and even then, he usually took in people with at least some previous experience.

So it said a lot about the King's daughter that Master Anvilmar was the one to start her training; and if rumors had it right, she also received personal tutelage from Sir Anduin Lothar.

That just made her all the more impressive in his mind, and Light be damn if he'd let this chance go to waste.

He'll take his punishment later.

The sight of the princess itself wasn't really that extraordinary, she was wearing the same training clothes he himself wore, and there was nothing that indicated her status. No jewelry, no fancy piece of garment, nothing. Just plain old leather armor.

That somehow just made it more especial.

Her grip on the training sword wasn't that great, but it wasn't as bad as most beginner's, so maybe she did have some previous knowledge.

Looking at her for the first time, she didn't look a lot like her father. Granted, he had seen King Llane only a few times, and always from a distance, but the young princess didn't have his golden hair.

No, she had dark brown, short hair instead. Too short actually, compared to what he normally saw on high-class women, and it wasn't tied up on a fancy manner nor decorated with expensive jewelry. But it seem to fit in with the rest of her attire, showing no sort of distinction from anyone else, she was just a trainee like the rest.

She must have taken after her mother. Unfortunately he haven't seen the woman so far, the poor Queen had a week heart and didn't leave the Keep that much.

Her eyes, however, were definitely her father's.

They were the same stormy blue that characterized the Wrynn family, and they were tingling with excitement while she tried to mimic Anvilmar's movements.

The shinning in her eyes made him want to get out of hiding and approach the little group. Surely Master Anvilmar wouldn't mind if he just went to pay his respects to the princess, right?

"Bolvar Fordragon!" the calling of an angry voice had him turning around to face the imposing figure of his mother.

Mara Fordragon was a woman of a strong will and a kind heart; she loved her son dearly and defended her kingdom with all her might.

That only served as a reminder that he should not have sneaked out of class.

"You should be training" the woman of long brown hair and clear blue eyes had her hands on her hips, in a pose Bolvar had learned to fear since a young age.

He swallowed and looked down in shame, there was nothing he could say to defend himself and he was ready to face the proper punishment.

"What were you doing anyway?" Mara asked, turning to see through the window her son had been previously looking through. He was her son after all; there must be a very good reason for him to skip training.

One floor down, in the training fields, there was Anvilmar teaching his students, which was something impressive to see, but was nowhere near as impressive as a certain little dark brunette.

The young princess of Stormwind.

She smiled, as any soldier she felt a great sense of pride for King Llane's daughter, and as a citizen of Stormwind, she had great hopes put on her.

As a mother she knew that was a lot of pressure resting on such a small child's shoulders, but seeing her right now, seeing the sloppy, yet confident grip she had on her training sword and the fiery look burning in her eyes she had no doubts that she would live up to the people's expectations.

"Let's go" she told her son, turning to walk back on her steps "You won't be able to protect Princess Varian if you miss on your training" she would let him off the hook for now, even she had to admit that Varian Wrynn was a damn good reason to do what he did.

Bolvar nodded and followed after her, stealing one last glance at the field bellow and the little girl training there.

He would become the greatest soldier this Kingdom has ever seen, and he will protect her at any cost.

It's a promise.