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Conjugal Visits

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The hardest part was always getting inside.  Once at the lobby,he'd have to fill out forms,show id and wait. This part usually took a while because he often wore his hair down or bunned for visits, instead of his trademark pompadour to avoid being recognized on the way there.

Once the staff realized who he was though he'd get in,but the looks people gave him and what people said still got to him.

"Seriously,that guy?Huh . . . he's the type girls would be lining up around the corner for . . . hell,my wife would probably cheat on me for that guy"

"Maybe . . . but I'm just sayin' he's pretty,real pretty . . . takes after his mom and built like her too . Not surprisin' he's here to see a guy . . . I ain't a homo ,by if I was trapped in cell forever and he was my cellmate,oh hell yeah I'd tap that . . . "

"Shit,you could try,he looks like he'd beat the brakes off anybody who looks at him wrong . . . "

"Not according to Dr . Kujo . . . he said he's usually harmless . It's a shame he's got caught up with that crazy prick Nijimura . Whole lotta better options out there . . . "

That was basically what he heard every time he came in,and if it wasn't for the fact he didn't want to lose visiting rights,Josuke would've started swinging a long time ago. Instead though,he calmly checks in ,waits fr the buzz and lets the guards escort him in.

"Alright,let me check your bags",a guard says.  Just food,clothes,books and such. Things that his boyfriend liked and would want. He just hopes they don't take everything away.

"Sorry,this can't be here",a guard said.

"Dude,it'sa crayon",Josuke said exasperated.

"Do you know what Nijimura did to another inmate with a crayon?There's a reason they keep the guy alone",the guard says,and Josuke sighs.

"Can I at least bring in the highlighters?",Josuke asked gesturing to the oversized markers he had. They were kid safe and made for toddlers. Keicho would be annoyed ,but it was better than nothing.

"Give it a moment,I'll check",the guard says and walks off. Another ten minutes later he's back with the marker in hand.

"Yeah,it's good to go. Only thing is you gotta lose the straws. Motherfuckers can get crafty with straws",the guard said,promptly removes the straws from the bag. Josuke sighs and collects his things.

'Man,it's a good thing I taped this stuff instead of using staple',he thinks.

After walking through a metal detector and getting frisked (and groped) for the second time,Josuke was lead down the halls by armed guards to a waiting area ,and then down to a basement.

"This is as far as we go kid. . . if you need anything,just radio in or sound an alarm. We'll take care of any problems. After you're through,we check the place as usual",the lady guard said with an assault rifle lung to her shoulder.

"I understand,thank you ,m'am",Josuke said politely and bowed before he was lead in by another set of guards.

"We'll check in in a few hours as directed by Dr. Kujo. Try not to get into to much trouble", the last guard said before Josuke was left alone in a small corridor,just outside a steel door. Josuke sighed ,took a deep breath,braced himself hoping it was a good day for his lover.

He pressed the intercom on the door and spoke into it.

"Hey Keicho. It's Josuke!Open up",he called,but got no answer.

A moment later,Josuke was buzzed in and went inside.  --

When Josuke found Keicho,he was predictably sitting cross legged on his bed with a book in hand. Josuke gently tapped on the door frame to get his attention.

"Oi ,Keicho. I got you some food and books and stuff. Where do you want this ?",Josuke said.

"Fridge and wherever else . Doesn't really matter",Keicho said,standing up.

"'Kay. I made some of this so you better eat it",Josuke said,heading over to the mini fridge nearby which he  was genuinely surprised was allowed to be there.

"Don't be a brat,of course I will. I got an iron stomach,I'll survive",Keicho joked.

"Go fuck yourself",Josuke said casually as he sat down his duffle bag on the bolted down table.

"Why?That's what you're here for ",Keicho answers as he as he came up behind Josuke and kissed him on the cheek making him chuckle.

"Dude ,no. . . I just got here ",Josuke said.

"So?I just wanna kiss you. I can't kiss my boyfriend?",Keicho said,leaning against the fridge expectantly.

"Fine"Josuke said and leaned up to give Keicho a quick peck on the lips,earning a small smile in return.

"There,happy?" Josuke said.

"Very",Keicho answered and moved out of his way.

"Good.  Now get out already. I gotta warm this food,babe",Josuke said,sitting a container on the counter.

Keicho turned away,but instead of leaving,he came back.  And without warning Keicho pulled Josuke into a tight hug. Smiling sadly, Josuke hugged him back leaning against the crook of his shoulder.

"I missed you,Josuke",he said quietly,still holding Josuke in his arms.

"I missed you too,Keicho",Josuke said gently as he grasped his lover's shoulders.

"I'm gonna put this up first,huh?",Josuke said,pulling back.

"Let me help you",Keicho said.


After putting all the food and stuff away and eating dinner,Josuke and Keicho were nestled together in bed.

Josuke had long discarded his coat,his hat and shoes and was now leaning into his lover's arms ,while the two of them were listening to a walkman with a tape he had made for Keicho and himself.

Months ago,it wasn't allowed. Josuke though had raised enough hell that they let him have his way. . . especially  when Jotaro realized that music was one of the things that kept Keicho at bay.

"How long do we have ?",Keicho finally said,his arms still around his lover.

"Two days. . . we'll make the best of it",Josuke said hopefully.

"I hope so. . . I'm sorry",Keicho answered and planted another kiss on Josuke's brow.

"Don't be",Josuke answered as he slid his hands up Keicho's shoulders.

For two days,it would be just them in their own little world--until it was snatched away yet again.


Hours passed ,since Josuke arrived. It was getting dark now,not that they could see it. But something about the world felt quiet and still ,and that was all Keicho needed to go on.Josuke had just come back from the bathroom and climbed back into the bed. But instead of just lying down,he slid his hand up Keicho's shirt,feeling his abs and kissed him on his neck,sending chills down his spin.

"That was subtle",Keicho said ,carefully shutting his book and sitting it down and wrapping an arm around Josuke.

"I love you too,asshole",he said taking the book and casually tossing it aside earning a look of annoyance from Keicho. Josuke chose to ignore it in favor of burying his face in Keicho's shoulder.

But when Josuke slid over top of him straddling his waist a moment later,Keicho opted to let it slide. . especially sense he noticed Josuke's growing erection pressing against his pants. Still,for a split second his eyes went to the book. Josuke sucked his teeth and chucked it across the room.

"Really?",Keicho said irritably.

"Fuck the book,you've got a hottie all on your dick ,man. Do somethin' about it" ,Josuke said with a smile. He leaned down to place a kiss on Keicho's,forehead. And as he did Keicho closed his eyes.

"Fine. . . remember you said that Josuke. . . ",Keicho murmured,clutching Josuke's waist. Josuke added another kiss on the bridge of Keicho's nose,the tip then down to his mouth and Keicho returned it.

". . I just didn't expect you to be so eager ",Keicho said.

"Like you're  any better. . . you've been givin' me looks the whole entire time. . . feelin' me up,grabbin' these tits,grinding against my ass. . . it was only a matter of time "Josuke said between kisses.

"Mm-hm. . .you're right. I wanted it the moment you set foot in this door. . . but I got tact and I like your company Josuke. . . ",Keicho said against Josuke's lips.

". . . but before we go any further,why don't you tell me what's really on your mind",Keicho said seriously and Josuke sighed.

"It's just. . . sometimes when I come in here,it feels like the last time we'll see each other",Josuke admitted.

"I see. . . ",Keicho said,caressing Josuke's cheek,a somber look in his eyes.

"Fuck,I'm sorry,I totally killed the mood",Josuke said,pushing against Keicho's chest.

"No,it's alright,you didn't. . I never get tired of you Josuke. . . as for how you  feel--I want you know that  if things don't go right,I'm going to come see you if it's the last thing I do. I' not letting that come between us",Keicho said.


"Shhh. . . ",Keicho said placing a finger against Josuke's lips before kissing him on his jaw line. And Josuke complied.

"I love you ,Josuke. . . you know that. You're  the main reason I can still go on",he said,planting another kiss closer to his ear.

". . . but for now let's just forget about that,and enjoy each other,huh?",Keicho said gently.

"Okay. . . fine. . . I can do  that",Josuke said back.

"Good. . . ",Keicho said ,smirking into Josuke's ear. He then planted another kiss on Josuke's neck making his eyes flutter,while his hands worked their way up Josuke's shirt sliding it up as he went.  Josuke's now hardened nipples were completely exposed as Keicho kneaded his chest,his eyes falling on his figure. Keicho's hands rest in Josuke's small waist before sliding down to squeeze his round,full bottom.

"I want everything off,right now. Get naked for me",Keicho said,pulling Josuke close.  Josuke then kissed his lover before stripping off his shirt and tossing it aside.He then sat on the edge of the bed and slipped off his pants and boxers,leaving them on the floor.  As he undressed,Keicho turned on his side and watched.As soon as he finished stripping,Josuke was sliding up beside Keicho who pulled him close.Josuke blushed and looked back with a warm smile that Josuke returned as well.

"You're beautiful Josuke,you know that?",Keicho said as his hand settled on his Josuke's small waist,moving to the curve of his hips ,then his ass.  Keicho gave one his cheeks a firm squeeze making Josuke squeak,causing Keicho to chuckle.

"Keicho...",he started but Keicho stopped him.

"You know you like it,come on.After all,you were climbing all over me just a moment ago.",Keicho said back.

Keicho then grabbed Josuke's waist again and pulled him closer until ,their bodies were pressed together. Josuke could feel Keicho's warm breath,his own toned body against Keicho's larger frame,and most of all he could feel Keicho's half hard cock brushing against his full thighs.

Without hesitation,Keicho was grabbing Josuke's own hardening cock,earning a gasp from him. He then moved Josuke's hand down to his own cock ,wrapping his hand around it. As he started stroking Josuke,Josuke did the same to him. Keicho was the first to let up,but as he did,Josuke let out a surprised gasp ,still hazy after the loss off contact.

"We're not done yet. . .",Keicho said,reaching over to  squeeze Josuke ass again while giving him a kiss on his lips.

". . . you know what I want",he added.  Josuke already knew what Keicho wanted and the thought made Josuke more aroused than ever.

"How do you want me?",Josuke asked half against Keicho ,dragging  his bare leg against his lover's. A smirk crossed Keicho's lips and he slowly dragged his fingers from Josuke's lower back,down his crack, before brushing his hole. Josuke Gasp,clenching his cheeks and Keicho chuckled.

"You little slut. . . . you wanted this so badly that you got it ready for me? I like that--that's what you were doing in that bathroom,wasn't it?",Keicho said,teasing Josuke's hole with his fingers.

"I can't help it. . . I can't keep you out of my head,Keicho",Josuke said aiming to kiss his shoulder,but his lips just brushed a collar bone". . . and I miss being close to you",he added with a blush.

"That was so corny . . . but I'm a fuckin' hypocrite because I feel the same",Keicho said. A moment later though,he pressed two fingers inside Josuke,slipping  in with minimal effort. Josuke let out a low moan of both shock and pleasure. Keicho's fingers were pretty thick even compared to his own. Already,Josuke could feel the slight burn as he was stretched open ,a  feeling that made him  tremble--more so Immediately,his fingers sought out Josuke's prostate.

"Fuck,fuck. . ",Josuke said in shock as he felt an overwhelming feeling of pleasure gathering in his body. He panted now,arching into Keicho's touch as he added another,just to be sure Josuke was ready for him. Josuke responded by pushing back on his fingers. As he moved,his cock slid against Keicho's body doubling the pleasure he was feeling from his lover. Josuke gasped and turned on his stomach to give Keicho better access ,gasping as his cock brushed the mattress

The sight of that turned Keicho on so much that he couldn't resist fucking him with his fingers. As he did each sound,the sight of Josuke in pure pleasure Keicho worked him over was getting to him.

"Don't. . . I wanna cum. . .not yet . . . ah. . .",Josuke was saying as he reached back and grabbed Keicho's wrist.

"And I don' want you too. . . not 'til I've fucked you into oblivion",Keicho said against his ear,making him shudder . Just hearing Keicho's voice was pushing Josuke closer to the edge ,even as he withdrew his fingers .Afterwords,he immediately flipped Josuke on his back. A moment later he was gripping Josuke by his hips and pulling him close,catching him completely by surprise and knocking the wind out of him.

"Shit,you don't have to man-handle me like that",Josuke said playfully.

"You know love it. Now come on. . . you ready fro me?",Keicho said now between Josuke's thighs.

"Yes,please",Josuke said breathless.

"Good. . . relax",Keicho answered and leaned in for yet another kiss.

Josuke spread his legs, and pulled his knees up,eagerly anticipating what was next. Soon Keicho was working his cock deep in Josuke's hole with little resistance. Josuke let out a moan of shock and pleasure,his fingers twisting in Keicho's hair and clutching one of his arms.His nerves screaming from the feeling of being stretched wide,filled deep and the delicious friction of every inch inside of him.

And once Keicho begins settling in, its snug,a perfect fit. Warm, tight and wet.  The world falls away now and all that matters is each other ,this moment. Before long Keicho is fully inside of Josuke. After a while he slowly moves,eliciting low moans from Josuke's full,kissable lips. And in the midsts of it Keicho is dragging kisses down Josuke's neck,their lips brush between low moans. God knows Keicho wanted to plow Josuke into the mattress right now. Each thrust,he went a bit harder,a bit faster,struggling to restrain himself as he was engulfed in Josuke's warm,slicked hole.  It's been so long sense he's had this.

how long? Days,weeks run into each other now. . . he only can tell time from the love letters he gets that arrive far too late and when Josuke comes to visit--Okuyasu and him hardly speak enough for it to matter. . .

"Josuke. . . ",Keicho coaxed gently. But the tightening Josuke's full thighs give away how eager he is. Josuke gives Keicho a breathy kiss on his cheek.

"o-okay...just go",Josuke says as he braces himself. Keicho though is grateful. He sits up and kisses his lover's knee and tightens his grip on Josuke before picking  up his pace.

His trusts are harder,faster as he's pounding him into the foam mattress. Josuke reaches up to grab the headboard on instinct,clutching on it as Keicho's thrust become stronger. Josuke couldn't choke back his moans anymore and finally let go,moving against Keicho's thrusts .And with each passing moment,he can feel the pleasure in him building more intense.

"Oh  fuck. . . oh god. . . I'm close . . . I . . ",Josuke's saying as Keicho keeps going. Face flushed,warm skin glistening with sweat and Josuke's dark hair splayed out over the pillow,Keicho thinks it's one of the most  beautiful things he's ever seen. That ,coupled with his lust filled eyes and the feeling of being inside him was getting to Keicho. Josuke reaches down to touch himself,but Keicho grips his wrist pinning it above his head. Josuke looks at Keicho helplessly who responds by slowing his movements.

"I'll take care of you,Josuke. . .  let me. . ",he says between breaths. He leans in for another kiss and starts slowly stroking Josuke in tandem with his slow thrusts,before picking up again. It didn't take long before Josuke finally came letting out a loud gasping moan. As his orgasm swept through him,he tightened around Keicho,coming all over his abdomen. Soon  after Keicho gave few more thrusts before he was finished,filling Josuke with his seed. He then settled beside Josuke who was still shaken,his heart pounding ,legs trembling as he was sinking into the mattress. Yet despite that,his hand managed to find Keicho's own. Keicho glanced to  the side to see Josuke looking back at him dazed,turning on his side.

"I love you so fucking much",he  breathed out,exhausted.

"You're just sayin' that cause' I gave you the fucking of your life just now",Keicho casually replied. Josuke slapped Keicho's arm and Keicho snorted.

"Stop bein' so dramatic.I Love you too,baby...",Keicho said,squeezing his hand.

"...and we definitely need a shower",Keicho added.

"You better love me. Now let's go wash. . . I'm first",Josuke said,sliding up beside Keicho.

"Or we could both go",Keicho said,caressing Josuke's hand.

"You just wanna fuck me again",Josuke said looking mildly annoyed. Keicho just chuckled at  this.

"I might",he said with a smirk.

"Not even gonna deny it ,you perv",Josuke said,playfully pinching him.

"You didn't say no",Keicho said suggestively.

"You're right. . . I didn't",he added,kissing Keicho's hand.

"Then you already know what comes next,right?",Keicho said,turning to face Josuke. He casually brushed back his flowing blonde locks.In the midst of their lovemaking,Josuke snatched out his scrunchy and now it ended up god knows where like his own pants (which he didn't remember taking off)and Josuke's clothes. 

He then grabbed Josuke by the back of his head and kissed him on his mouth. Josuke though moaned,from just that kiss. alone. His body was still sensitive from before,despite the slow creeping of arousal that lay beneath.

"Okay...let's go",Josuke said breathlessly.


Josuke and Keicho had taken a shower,but by the time they came out,the water had run cold. The only warmth coming off was from their bodies as they once again got  lost in each other. After they finished ,they  leaned against the wall,wrapped in each other's arms,near dozing until Keicho decided it was far too cold and the two of them finished washing  and drying off before hiding in the covers. Josuke fell asleep in Keicho's  arms,the larger mans arms wrapped snug around his waist.

Hours later,Josuke found himself awakening from a dreamless sleep to the sound of his cell phone going off. And though the temptation  to let it go was strong,he had an idea who it was,and decided ignoring  it would be the worst decision he's  made in a long time.

"Josuke,honey,where are you?I asked Okuyasu and Koichi and neither of them knew and do you know how many times I called you!",Tomoko says over the line. The temptation to snap at his mother is strong. . .  But if he does ,he can't have this. . .

Right now Keicho is asleep beside him ,looking more peaceful than he ever will awake.

Last night was a good night,he didn't jump up from his sleep not once. . . at least not as Josuke was watching him. Josuke wants to be there for as many good night's as he can.

"I'm sorry mom. I'm with Jotaro now,but he's in the shower so he can't come to the phone now",Josuke casually lies through his cell phone. Lying to his mother was hard. But after Jotaro came to town it’s become easier,more so when he fell in love with Keicho (he has to protect him somehow…now that he knows whats really going on).  Lying’s like second nature now and Josuke doesn’t know how to feel about it.

"Fine. .  I'll call him later,hun. I'll see you soon",she said and hung up. Relieved,Josuke dropped the phone in his duffle bag  near the industrial

"Who was that?",Keicho asks sleepily.

"Nothing important",he says and snuggles up with Keicho once again.

". . . it's just us now,okay?",Josuke said,pulling the covers back over them.

"How much time do we have?",Keicho asks. Josuke closes his eyes,lets out a sigh. He's now painfully aware of the intercom on the wall.

"Enough",he answers before he kisses Keicho on his cheek and climbing under the covers. As soon as he  does,Keicho latches onto him,as if he'd run otherwise. Sighing,Josuke settled into Keicho's arms and went to sleep.