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Settle down

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Ochako hurt the wall with a white noise, and the weight of the other’s body pinned her against it. Her cuffed hands were maintained by a strong one against her belly. She couldn’t hold back a moan as another hand caressed her naked chess and a mouth kissed her neck.

Tenya raised his head and gave his girlfriend a playful smile. “So Ochako, still believe you can beat me while you're handcuffed?”

Ochako answered with a laugh.

Tenya had slightly released his grip.

With her legs, she took support from the wall and jump. Surprised, Tenya took a footstep backward and let go of her hands. She placed them on his shoulders and continued her backflip over his head. She landed, her back against his, and the handcuff’s chain ended up around Tenya’s neck.

Ochako’s battle scream was still echoing in the hotel room.

Tenya tapped her hand a few times: “Ochako,” he said with a muffled voice, “you’re strangling me.”

“Ah!” Ochako exclaimed as she let’s go of Tenya.

The man let his legs dropped under him. He sat on the floor and caught a few times.

“I’m sorry!” Ochako said. “I got carry away! Are you oka-”

“No, it’s me,” Tenya shook his hand. “I should have known-” he accentuated his words with a hand movement, “-that you really were proposing a fight and not a sexual game.” She was, in fact, really proposing a sexual game, but she would not tell him. “And even then, I shouldn’t have underestimated you.”

A hand cupped his jaw and Ochako leaned down to kiss him.

Tenya closed his eyes and melt into the soft, loving gesture. Absentmindedly, he placed his hand on Ochako’s hip and started playing with her pantie.

“You shouldn’t be that loud,” Izuku interrupted them as he stepped out the bathroom, a towel loosely wrapped around his waist. “Our neighbors risk complaining to the management.”

“And Todoroki and Tokimono-san would be the ones in trouble,” Tenya screamed, shaking his arm. “This would be unacceptable of us to put our friends in troubles on their wedding day! Especially when they did us the honor to invite us to the ceremony...”

His partners listened to his monologue, a fond smile on their faces. Ochako took off the handcuffs and Izuku walked toward them. He started playing with the spike in Tenya’s hairs. “Speaking of it, shouldn’t you go take a shower Tenya? We have to be at the temple in half an hour.”

At the words, Tenya jumped on his feet, blushing and stuttering: “Y-yes! I’m going!”

“Don’t worry Tenya,” Ochako said, “you’ll not get us late.”

“But you are,” Izuku told her, flicking her nose. “You went in the shower first because you're the one taking the most time to get ready, and you only put your panties on!”

“Dekuuuuuuuuuu!” she whimpered before her boyfriend even finished, shutting her eyes and swelling her cheek.

She was expecting a response, but none followed. She opened her eyes and saw that Izuku had his back on her. He was looking in their suitcase, sorting his suit’s pieces.

Ochako walked next to him. She grabbed her bra and stayed quiet, wondering what she should say. She finally pumped him with her shoulder. “Hey?”


“You’re gonna be great. Todoroki-kun’s wedding will be great.”

“Yeah,” he smiled.

They exchanged a quick kiss.



“Midoriya, I want you to have a role as important as my family during the wedding,” Todoroki had said to him. And Izuku had taken his role very seriously.

He had helped his friends found the temple for the ceremony and the place for the after party. He had given his advice for the caterer and the couple’s outfits. Now that it was the big day, he was running everywhere with Fuyumi to be sure that everything went according to plan, failing to be perfect.

And he was so stressed!

Todoroki made a comment about it while Izuku was helping him getting dress. The broom face was as blank as usual.

Right before Izuku left him to take his seat in the temple, Todoroki told him, with a soft smile, “Midoriya, thank you, to still be there for me.”

Izuku nodded with a smile and joined the rest of the guests.

The ceremony was beautiful and, yes, Izuku cried; but his work wasn’t done yet.

The few people at the temple moved for the after party. Todoroki had private a hotel hall for it, ranting a room for every guest. Izuku’s role during it was to welcome the guests with Fuyumi and her mother.

The people invited for the ceremony were only close family and friends, but the married couple had extended the guest list for the party to all their friends and most of Todoroki’s coworkers. Which meant that there was a lot of pro-heroes. Most of them Izuku hadn't seen in a long time, and he was glad he could catch up with them.

But, even him, started to lose his excitement after one hour and a half bowing. He was getting bored.

“Oï, Midoriya,” shot a familiar voice.

“Eijirou! Kacchan!” Izuku raised his head and smiled at the couple.

They didn’t change much since high-school. Eijirou had a big and friendly smile while Katsuki had a frown. They were wearing a similar red suit, Eijirou with a black shirt and a white tie, Katsuki with a white shirt and tie free.

In Katsuki’s arms, wearing a matching outfit, an eighteen months-old, with two extra arms, was looking at Izuku with big, curious red eyes.

“And you must be Yasuhiro.”

“If you can’t sign, don’t fucking try to talk to him, Deku!”

Eijirou laughed: “Actually, he’s pretty good at lips reading, as long as the words are simple.”

Izuku nodded before leaning down to be at Yasuhiro’s level: “Nice meeting you,” he smiled. The baby waved.

“So, where’s the happy couple?” Eijirou asked.

“Use your eyes, fucking idiot. They’re sitting at their table, looking at each other with disgusting heart eyes.”

“Right, sorry,” Eijirou answered, looking at his husband with intense heart eyes. Katsuki looked away, trying to ignore it. Izuku did his best to repress his laughter.

“Midoriya,” Todoroki’s mother called next to them.

“Yes, Todoroki-san?”

The woman smiled: “You can go. The last guests are family members, Fuyumi and I will take care of it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I am. Go enjoy the party.”

Izuku thanked the woman with a bow and walked away with Eijirou and Katsuki.

They arrived at the married couple’s table. They were wearing traditional outfits for a Shinto ceremony; Todoroki with gray and black Hakama and Montsuki, his wife with a Shiromuku and white make up which was heightening her face, usually more plain looking.

“Oh, you’re finally here,” Todoroki said with a flat tone.

“Are you telling us we’re late?” Katsuki groaned.

“I didn’t say that.”

“We’re glad you could make it,” Todoroki’s wife spoke in with a polite smile.

“We wouldn’t have missed it, Tokimono,” Eijirou answered. “Well, I suppose it’s Todoroki now.”

“Call me Ai. Todoroki is my husband,” Ai said with an accomplice smile. It was what Eijirou had said to them when he married Bakugou, a couple of years ago.

Next to her, Todoroki nodded: “Yes, this is me.”

Everyone giggled, except for Katsuki who rolled his eyes.

Something bumped into Eijirou leg. The man looked down at a little girl with pink and glittery skin, yellow horn and dark and yellow eyes. She was hooking at his leg and smiling at him: “Uncle Ei!”

“Ui!” He took the girl in his arms. She was wearing a long white dress with purple ribbons and Eijirou took notice of it, “Wow, your dress is so pretty! You look like a princess!” The child chuckled at the compliment.

“Hey Black Eyes!” Katsuki yelled in the hall.

“Don’t scream,” Todoroki told him.

Katsuki kept yelling: “You lost your clone!”

“I told you not to call her that!” Mina screamed back from where she was standing with Sero, Shouji and his family.

The Bakugo family was already walking toward them, Mina’s daughter still in Eijirou’s arms. Todoroki stood up, sighing. “I’m going to make sure they don’t disturb the other guests.” He kissed his wife and walked away.

Izuku and Ai looked at each other.

“I’m sorry for them,” Izuku nervously laughed.

“There’s nothing to be sorry for,” Ai reassured him with a smile. “Would you sit with me and keep me company?”

“Of course,” he took the chair Todoroki had left. “By the way, I didn’t have time to tell you yet, you look beautiful.”

“Thank you. The wig is heavy though.” She raised her hand to her head and bumped against her Watoboshi, as if she forgot it was here. “When do you think is a good time for the bride to get change?”

“I’m not an expert, but I think you should wait until all the guests arrive.”

“I hope they all be there soon,” she sighed.

Izuku chuckled.

Ai put her hand down and it unconsciously laid on her belly. Izuku followed the movement with his eyes. It was hard to tell with all the layer of clothes, but when you knew it was right there; the young woman was pregnant.

“You have the first scan next week, right?”

“Yes. I’m a little anxious about it actually. Really scare that there’s something wrong,” she laughed nervously.

“Will you do the exam to see if the baby will be quirkless?”

“It’s apparently not reliable until the sixth month. So we’ll wait until then.”

“What will you do if… they are?”

Ai’s face dropped. Izuku didn’t remember haven’t ever seen her without a smile.

“I’m sorry!” he panicked. “I didn’t mean to overstep a boundary! This is none of my business and if you don’t want to talk-”

“You didn’t overstep anything,” Ai cut him. “Not you.”

When they first met, Izuku had told her that he was a late bloomer; a lie he had told almost the entire world. After that, they had had a long a lively discussion about growing up quirkless and bullied.

“I just… don’t like to think about it.” She gently patted her stomach. “It terrifies me. I don’t want my baby to be bullied. Sometimes, I reassure myself thinking that as the son of the infamous pro hero Shoto, the others kids may leave him alone. But sometimes I think it may make it worse.” She looked up at Todoroki. He was still with his friends, his attention focusing on Shoji. Or, more precisely, he was focusing on who was on his back.

Shoji had stretched his arms and his two oldest sons with Ui and Yasuhiro had climbed on his back and were playing there.

So Todoroki was watching them, making sure that they don’t fall or hurt themselves. Five other pairs of eyes were looking with him.

Ai smiled, still looking at her husband. “But more often, I believe my child will be okay. Even quirkless. They’ll have so many people to love them and care about them.” She looked back at Izuku, still smiling: “And I know I can always count on you to be one of them, Deku.”

Izuku’s face lightened up as he replied: “Always.”



Tenya loved weddings.

It was beautiful and admirable when two souls decided to bond and become one.

He looked at the newly married couple who was dancing, without a care for the rest of the world. He felt glad they shared their love with the rest of the world, with them.

But the other reason he loved weddings so much, admittedly a more selfish one, was the reunion with his old friends and old classmates.

He felt like he hadn’t seen some of them for ages. Last time he saw Kaminari, he had a newborn in his arms, now he was holding a two-year-old boy. Last time he saw Bakugo, he didn’t have a son at all.

Others, he was more regularly in touch, like Tokoyami; whom he worked with a few weeks back; or Tsuyu. And yet, it’s been a few months since Tsuyu had to cut her hairs after a mission, and Tenya never saw her with her bob before that day.

So a catch up was good.

“Shut up Kaminari!” Bakugo shot at his friend, but not to loud to not disturb the toddler who was dozing in his arms. “You’re still a sidekick, you can’t say shit!”

“Okay, first I choose to stay sidekick for now, so not nice. Second, not everyone can make the hero work easy by working with his husband.” Kaminari shook his head with a fake condescending smile.

“What the fuck did you say?”

“I don’t think opening an agency with your partners make the hero work outstandingly easier,” Tenya exclaimed simultaneously, flurrying his arm.

“It must still be more comfortable to have someone on who relying.” Tokayami let go of a light, tired sigh.

“I don’t know, ribbit. Sidekicks role is also to be reliable while the hero is still in charge. With an associate, you must always have counts to give.”

“Not really,” Tenya explained. “We’re all heroes, our goal is to save people. As long as we’re doing that there is no count to give to anyone.”

“Maybe so. But you know that during the last few years I did a lot of activities with and for kids with my agency, ribbit. I don’t think I could have done that if someone was taking decisions with me.”

“I see what you mean!” Tenya was so heated up that he was now moving his two arms. A bit of his drink felt on the floor without him noticing. “And it’s true that when working closely with someone, compromise has to be made!”

“I don’t make any compromise,” Bakugo spat.

A mocking grin appeared on Kaminari’s lips. “Sure, the red aesthetic was totally you-”

“Tomoko!” Kaminari was cut by the boy in his arms.

“What’s that Ryu? You want to play with your sister?”

“No,” he responded while nodding.

“She’s with mommy, here.” Kaminari pointed at a gorgeous woman a few meters away. She was lively talking with Ashido and Kyoka, while Ui and another girl with blond hairs were playing between their legs.

“Nozumu-chan’s outfit is so pretty, ribbit,” Tsuyu said as she detailed the woman’s black overall.

“She is a pretty woman,” Tokayami noted.

“Yeah. It’s been six years and I still wonder why the fuck she is with an idiot like you.”

“Bakugo!” Tenya started his lecture. “This is not something to say to a friend, particularly not in front of young children! This is extremely rude and as a father-”

Kaminari laughed. “Don’t worry Iida! Kacchan is just jealous because I always been the womanizer of the band.”

A heavy silence welcomed his statement.

“Fine! I still don’t understand either and enjoy every moment I have until she realizes the huge mistake she made! Here, I said it! Happy now, you mons-”

“Daddy! Tomoko!”

“Oh right! Do you want to walk to her like a big boy?” The child wiggled his legs, laughing. “Nozumu!”

The woman turned toward his partner.

“I send Ryu to you!”

She nodded and Kaminari put his son on the floor.

As soon as his father unhanded him, Ryu started running toward his mother.

“Ryu has admittedly an impressive balance for a two-year-old,” Tenya remarked. “Did he start walking early.”

Kaminari straightened and looked at Tenya with a playful grin. “You know a lot about children, do you?”

“Well, I read a lot of books.” He pushed up his glasses. “Also, when you compare with the oth-”

“Really?” Kaminari leaned forward, his smile was wilder. “Is this something you and your partners didn’t tell us? Um?”

“What? No!” Tenya was shaking his hands in a defensive posture. “This is not at all why-”

“This discussion seems like deja-vu,” Tokoyami remarked.

“Yeah, it’s because it is. Kaminari already did this stupid joke.”

Kaminari looked at Bakugo with a surprised glare. “I did?”

“You did, ribbit. You tend to forget that Tenya-kun had read a lot of books about childcare when Shoji told him that Mamoru was pregnant.”

“Oh! Right!”

“I just wanted to make sure I could help Shoji and his family if they had any problem,” Tenya explained once again, a little embarrassed.

Tsuyu was already opening her mouth to reply, but Eijirou cut her as he hugged his husband from behind.

“Katsuki, do we still have the papers for the adoption?” He gently brushed a lock of hair on Yasuhiro forehead. The toddler opened an eye to look at his father.

“Get off me,” Bakugo responded. “And of fucking course we do. Why do you ask?”

“It’s for Aoyama.” Eijirou released his husband and pointed behind him, where his old classmate and his husband were waiting.

Aoyama was as flashy as ever, with his colorful suit decorated with spangles, like his heels, and his shiny jewelry. Next to him, his husband was much soberer and intimidating with his black suit and his wrestler like physic.

Bakugo faced them. “Adoption is a long procedure,” he said, serious, “you’ll have to be patient. Crazy patient. You really have to want it. Are you sure you want, can, raise a child?”

“Well,” answered Aoyama’s husband, Kuma, “you did it so I think we could too.”

Eijirou faced palmed and Aoyama looked at Kuma with a fearful expression. “Chéri...”

“… Wait, that came out-”

But it was already too late. “What are you implying, you fucking bear?!”

Tenya sighed and walked away from the conversation. Even if he still was strongly against Bakugo’s bursts in public space, there was nothing he could do about it. Furthermore, he and Kuma actually get along well, so there was nothing to be too worried about.

Tenya scanned the room. In the other side of it, he spotted Ochako with Sato’s wife and daughter. His girlfriend had activated her quirk on Chibana and the little girl was floating two meters from the floor, laughing. Her mother was holding her by the ankle like she was a balloon.

Closer to him, he saw Izuku. His boyfriend was muttering under the concerned glares of Kendou and Monoma.

“What did you tell him?” Tenya asked when he joined them.

“Oh, we were just agreeing that you class A were irresponsibles morons.”

Yes, Monoma hadn’t abandoned his rivalry since high school. Even if it was more a joke than anything half of the time. But Tenya still had some difficulties to know when he was or wasn’t joking.

Kendou rolled her eyes. “Neito was trying to belittle you with the fact that almost every former student from class A has a family. I told him that my husband and I were thinking about having a baby and Midoriya started to-” She gestured at him.

Without responding, Tenya posed his, now empty, glass of punch in the closest table and went closer to his boyfriend.

“Izuku,” he called while putting a hand on Izuku’s back.

Izuku jerked out of his reflexion, just realizing Tenya’s presence. “Hey, Tenya.” He leaned into Tenya’s arms and grabbed the hand who wasn’t in his back. Their fingers interlaced.

“You were muttering.”

There was a short moment of silence, the time for the words to reached Izuku’s brain. He turned toward Kendou and Monoma, flustered.

“Ah! I- I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to-”

“Don’t worry,” Kendou laughed it off. “We’re used to it now.”

Izuku nervously laughed, his face still red and his eyes avoiding his interlocutors.

“What were you thinking about?” Tenya asked. He put his face into Izuku’s hair.

“Gross,” Monoma commented. A thud indicated to Tenya that Kendou had hit her former classmate.

Generally, Tenya wasn’t that demonstrative in public, and he would have stopped at the comment. Maybe it had too much alcohol, but tonight he felt safe and happy and he just wanted to cuddle his boyfriend.

“I was just amazed by all the kids,” Izuku responded without acknowledging Monoma’s comment. “No, more like how everyone had settled down.”

“What do you mean?” Kendou asked.

“Look where we are: the marriage of one of the top pro hero! And, if we focus on our generation and forget the older heroes, almost everyone here is married or in a long-term relationship.” Izuku was almost back at muttering again. “And had started a family. I know that by the end of All Might age, the rate of heroes to had started a family was considered exceptional. But I don’t believe they were as much as us. Tenya?” Izuku turned his head to look at Tenya, who was dug out of Izuku’s hairs. “You went to a few events full of pro heroes when you were a child. Did there was a lot of other kids?”

“Not at all. We were just a few and our ages were quite disparate. I always find those events boring.”

Izuku nodded, reflective. He quickly recalled where he was though, and looked at Kendou and Monoma with an apologetic glare. “Sorry, I got carried away… again. And anyway, heroes always had been discreet with their families, so I may be wrong-”

“You are not wrong.”

Izuku turned toward the familiar voice, startled. “Aizawa sensei!”

Monoma let go of a shrill scream and Kendou solely looked at her former teacher, unsettled.

“Sensei!” Tenya screamed. “We didn’t hear you coming!”

“I know.” Aizawa took a sip of his wine.

The man had made an effort with his appearance. The forelocks of hair, who were always covering his face, were tied at the back of his head. He had put on a suit, even if now his tie was knotted loose.

“What do you mean ‘I’m not wrong’?” Izuku eventually asked.

“Before your generation, the pro heroes to settle down were rare. The job is dangerous and no one wanted to put loves ones in danger. It was particularly true for the high ranking heroes.”

A silence followed. The young heroes didn’t want to tell anything in case their former teacher had something else to say. But apparently, he had said all he wanted to.

“And do you think this is wrong,” Kendou finally asked, “that we settle down?”

Aizawa took a long sip of his drink, looking at her. “Some old heroes do. They consider it a foolish risk like you offer to the villains a chance to seek revenge. When you look at what happened to Ashido, you might think they’re right.”

Tenya’s eyes wandered until he found Ashido in the crowd. She was laughing with Kyoka and Momo. She seems as happy and carefree as ever. But he noted her glare, coming and going to her daughter who was still playing with Kaminari’s children.

“But I personally think that there will always be weak idiots to try to take down stronger than them. We’re in an area of peace, stronger than when All Might was its symbol. And it’s because of you. It will not last, but in the meanwhile, it’s your right to enjoy it plenty. Don’t be afraid to make a family, Kendou.”

The young woman nodded absently, and her gaze naturally went to her husband, across the room.

“Does that mean that you will also finally settle down and make a family of your own, sensei?” Izuku genuinely asked.

Aizawa looked at him, for a second obviously unsettled by the question. “No, this is not my thing.”

“Shota!” They all turned to look at Kayama, who was hurriedly walking toward them. “Here you are! Hitoshi had cracked!” She was laughing. “He is commentating everything’s happening in the dancefloor. I think you should help Shoto and his adorable wife out.”

Aizawa rolled his eyes with all his body and followed Kayama.

“Present Mic-sensei will never change,” Izuku giggled.

“Huhum,” Kendou answered absently. “Excuse me a moment.”

She walked away, toward her husband. She put her arms around his waist and he looked at her, smiling. He banded a little to let her kiss him.

“Urgh,” Monoma grimaced. “You’re all too gross, I don’t have enough alcohol to endure it,” he walked away toward the bowl of punch.

Izuku giggled again but said nothing.

Tenya put his cheek against his head, looking at their still interlaced hands. More precisely, at the identicals rings on them.

Tenya loved weddings.

It was beautiful and admirable when two souls decided to bond and become one.

It was beautiful and admirable when people in love shared their love with the world.

But he hated weddings because he couldn’t do it with the people he loved.

Because they were three souls, and not two.

But Tenya still wanted to share their love with the world, so he had bought three alliance rings.

They were simple rings, silver, not too big. Inside them, he had graved three hearts interlaced, each one with two initials.

The world wouldn’t let them officially be a family, but he couldn’t stop them to wear jewelry.

… But maybe they could do something more to be a family.

The third ring rejoined the two others as a hand grabbed theirs.

“Do you hear the song?” Ochako excitedly asked her boyfriends.

They were far enough from the dancefloor for the music to be only white noise, but now that they were listening, the men recognized the pop-rock song Ochako was currently fond of.

“We have to dance!”

They let her dragged them to the dancefloor.




Ochako drank her third glass of juice since she stopped dancing.

She was dehydrated and sweaty and exhausted but gosh, was she happy!

Sitting next to her, Momo had her toddler on her laps. Mina and Toru were bending over him, putting faces.

“Who’s the cutest baby? You are!”

“Come on guys,” Kyoka said, playing with her plug. She was both fazed and delighted by the attention her son was receiving. “It’s not like you never see him.”

“Haneki-chan had changed a lot since the maternity, Kyoka-can,” Tsuyu asserted.

It’s been the first time since a while that all the girl from class A were all together. Ochako was recalled a lot of good memories.

She possed her glass and leaned over Haneki with her friends.

“He looks a lot like you, Momo.”

“I know. My mother had dug out the family’s photobook only to show me how ‘he is just like me but with a tanner skin’.” Momo sighed.

“Babies are so adorable,” Toru exclaimed. “I can’t wait to take care of mine!” She installed herself better on her sit, careful to not push on her six months pregnant belly.

“Aaah, I’m recalling when Ui was just a toddler...” Mina confided. She sat back in her sit too. “I almost miss it.”

“Don’t worry Mina-chan!” Toru heated up next to her. “Now that you're fully rid off this boor you can find someone willing to raise with you as many children as you want!”

“Come on, don’t talk about Eiichiro like that,” Mina complained.

“Oh man,” Kyoka said, “I forget that you are officially divorced now.”

“I am!” Mina sing sang while waving her ringless fingers.

“Oh no, we didn’t take time to talk about it since it happened!” Momo gasped. “I’m so sorry Mina!”

“Don’t worry, it’s fine.”

“This is not, though,” Ochako interjected. “You probably wanted to talk about one of us about this. More so since… Kazenmei-san divorced you because of how dangerous our job is.”

“Ochako-chan is right, ribbit. We’re sorry we weren’t here for you Mina-chan.”

The others women vigorously nodded.

“But we are now,” Momo continued, “if you need anything.”

“Guys...” was the only word Mina could say before a few tears ran on her cheeks.

The next second, her friends were hugging her.

A few months back, a villain was just released from jail; where Pinky had put him; and had decided to take revenge. He had tried to enter Mina’s home when she wasn’t there. Luckily, her husband had readily realized someone was trying to break in and he immediately had called the police before hiding with their daughter. A few minutes later, Kirishima had arrived and the villain was apprehended before much damages were done.

“Thank you guys,” Mina was finally able to speak again, her voice muffled in the hug. “But I’m fine, really.” One after the other, her friends gave her space. “I already told you that Eiichiro and I weren’t in love anymore. We just decided to stay together a little longer for Ui. But after what happened, I can’t blame him to have changed his mind.”

“Still, it must not be easy,” Tsuyu commented.

“It’s for the best.”

“And let see the bright side!” Toru exclaimed. “Now that you’re not staying with him, you can spend your youth in the arms of a better person!”

“Nah, I don’t have a lot of youth left to spend.”

“Hey!!!!” four voices complained simultaneously.

“This is rude Mina-chan, ribbit.”

Mina laughed. “Sorry, sorry!” When she calmed down, her face became a lot more melancholic than before. “But you know, I don’t want to go back into a relationship just yet. I want to take my time. With Eiichiro… We rushed into things. I don’t regret it, those four years were amazing, exciting. And I love Ui too much to want them back. But… now I went to take things slower. Like you did guys! The four of you,” she pointed at Momo, Kyoka, Ochako, and Toru, “are in relationships since high school, and you just now getting children! Like, you don’t even have one yet Ochako!”

“Is that a bad thing?” Ochako asked with bulging eyes.

“No no! It’s a good thing! I just don’t know how you did it!”

‘How she did it’? Ochako paused. She hadn’t realized she was doing something.

“Well,” Momo and Kyoka were looking at each other, “we just didn’t want one sooner. And now had seemed like the good time to do so.”

“Yeah. We were busy with our jobs and building our agency. So we didn’t have a lot of time to think about baby.”

Kyoka’s words stung a chord in Ochako. This is the situation Tenya, Deku and her where at the moment. They were so busy with their jobs, they forget to take care of their relationship.

“I wanted one sooner!” Toru shot, reproach in her voice. “The one who wanted to wait was Mashirao!”

“What did I do?”

Mashirao was walking toward them, escorting a very pregnant Hado.

“Sempai!” Ochako and Tsuyu exclaimed simultaneously.

“Hi girls! Can I sit with you?” Hado asked, already sitting on an empty chair.

“You’re being a gentleman, Mashirao,” Toru said with an accusing voice.

“She was exhausting herself walking back and forth in the hall,” he explained, putting his hands on his wife’s shoulders.

“I was looking for Mirio and Tamaki. They bailed on me. What kind of person bail on her eight months pregnant girlfriend? Uraraka-chan, will your men do something like that? Where are they anyway?”

“They’re dan-”

“I’m glad to finally be able to talk to you girls. It’s been a while! How are you doing? Momo, Kyoka, you and your baby look so cute in your kimonos! Are they matching?”

“Yes, it’s been too long Hado-sempai,” Momo said. “How is the pregnancy going?”

“It’s going well. Baby’s gonna be a strong one, doctor said!”

“You didn’t have any complication with your injury, ribbit?”

Hado had been severely injured six months before her pregnancy.

“No, my injury is one hundred percent healed. Don’t worry about it.”

“This is good to know,” Ochako sighed.

“Yeah! As soon as I’ll give birth, I could go back kicking ass!” Hado flenched her arms to show how strong she still was.

They all happily continued to chat for a little while.

“Finally! Some real music!” Kyoka suddenly exclaimed as rock music was passed on the dancefloor. She looked at her wife. “Shall we dance?”

“With pleasure,” Momo responded as she standing. She turned toward Ochako, showing her son.

“Can I…?”

“Of course!” She took Haneki in her arms.

Upset to not be in his mother’s arms, the toddler started crying. She rocked him gently and shushed him. Haneki calmed down and spotted Ochako’s necklace. He grabbed it and put it in his mouth.

“Don’t do that! It’s dirty!”

“You’re good with child Ochako!” Mina’s voice startled her. She was so absorbed with the baby she had forgotten her friends.

“Mina-chan’s right, ribbit. And it suits you.”

Ochako blushed and mumbled her response.

In her arm, the toddler smiled at her. And she smiled back.



Izuku was dozing off against Tenya’s chest.

He had celebrated a little to much Todoroki’s wedding. He was exhausted and drunk. And he knew he wasn’t the only one. Laying on the other side of Tenya, Ochako couldn’t stop talking, and Tenya was laughing at almost every word.

Izuku softly smiled as he became to fell asleep. Everything was lulling him; the heat of Tenya’s body against him, the throbs everytime he laughed, his hand in his hairs, Ochako’s hand holding his on Tenya’s belly, her rambling filling the air. All this was surrounding him in a safe embarrassed.

But he was dragged back into consciousness. Something was wrong. But he doesn’t know what was, and this uneased him more.

Ochako let go of his hand.

“I- Um-” she spoke again. Izuku realized just now that she had stopped talking. “Can- Can I ask you something?”

Izuku opened his eyes. Ochako was now sitting on the bed, flustered. She was nervously scratching the back of her head and avoiding to look at her boyfriends.

“Of course, what is this?” Tenya straightened up, and Izuku got off him, taking support on one arm to keep looking at Ochako.

“It’s just… You know, talking with everyone and hum… See how is their life made me realize that maybe… maybe we’re missing something? Don’t get me wrong, I love you and I am incredibly happy with our life. But you know, we did a lot of stuff for our professional life and I was thinking that our… love life… could need… something more...”

“Something more?” Izuku asked.

For an astronomically short second, Ochako looked at him before deflecting her glare once again. Her voice was only a whisper. “Like… a child...”

Izuku felt his blood frozen.

“I was thinking about it too!” Tenya exclaimed, now fully sitting.


“Of course! I always wanted to make a family with you!”

“Aaah!” Ochako sighed of relief. “I was so embarrassed to ask because we never talked about it!”

“You didn’t have to be!”

The words stopped reaching Izuku’s brain. How you could do was watching the persons he loved babbling. They seemed so happy.

He felt so far away from them and cold and like it was empty behind him and like he was getting more far away and like he was-

“Izuku!” A hand grabbed him, grounded him. Tenya continued, “You were falling, are you… You’re having a panic attack.”

The following second, Tenya had sat Izuku against the head of the bed and Ochako was just next to him. “Hey Deku, breath with me, okay?”

He hadn’t realized he was hyperventilating.

He followed Ochako’s orders and eventually, his breathing was back to normal.

He started crying.

He curled up, hiding his face in his arms.

“What’s wrong?” Ochako asked.

Her hands were in his arms. So were Tenya’s. It felt good to have them touch him, to know that they were still there.

For now.

“I can’t,” he said, his face still in his arms.

“Can’t what?”

He could still smell the explosions.

Which it’s ridiculous, a voice murmured in his head. All this was ages ago, he and Kacchan were on good terms.

He was supposed to have moved on.

“Having a child,” he answered.

‘Useless Deku’, ‘quirkless Deku’, the voice kept whispering.

Why couldn’t he move on?! This voice, closer to his, was almost shooting.

“I- They- What if they are quirkless? I can’t pass them One for All, so they could be.”

Izuku had talked to them about his quirk a long time ago, when they first move in together.

They had been so loving and accepting at the time.

“I can’t- I don’t want them to have the same childhood than me so I- I- I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He cried even more.

“No Deku!” Ochako hugged him. “You have nothing to be sorry about.”

“Yes.” Tenya was hugging him too. “You did nothing which deserves an apology.”

But, as he lay within his partners, he kept whispering “sorry” between two sobs.

Chapter Text

Tenya was an early bird. He was up every morning before dawn and, until his partners were awake, it was a time he reserved for himself.

He went running, he took a shower and he prepared the breakfast. His lovers usually woke up while he was cooking.

This morning, Ochako had to be at the agency early so she was awake before Izuku. She was not chatty before her cup of coffee, and after eight years of domestic life, they didn't have a lot to talk in the morning anyway. So, they often took their breakfast in a comfortable silence.

Today, however, the silence was not comfortable.

Ochako was functioning on autopilot. She had sat in her usual spot at the table and took her usual amount of food. Yet, she was just pecking some rice here and there and was absently looking in her cup of coffee. She hadn’t even acknowledged Tenya.

The only sound in the room was made by Tenya, washing the frying pan.

A door impetuously opened.

Tenya watched over his shoulder as Izuku walked into the room.

He and Ochako exchanged a look.

The atmosphere became heavier.

Izuku mumbled a “good morning” as he sat down at the table. Ochako avoided looking at him. Except when he wasn’t looking. Izuku did the same.

Tenya continued to wash the pan, slowly.

They were like that since they came back from Todoroki’s wedding, the day before. For the last day, Ochako and Izuku were uneasy with one another and mostly interacted with Tenya. But even then, there weren’t a lot of interactions. And they weren’t comfortable

Tenya knew that the three of them had to talk. This situation would not resolve itself, and the sooner they would sort things out the better. But he also knew that Ochako and Izuku were too nervous to make the first step. It was up to him.

As he uncorked the sink, the greasy water formed a whirlpool.

But part of Tenya didn’t want to do the first step either. And had good reasons to not to. If Ochako and Izuku didn’t talk yet maybe they needed more time to work on their feelings. If they didn’t want to talk about it yet he would only force them. It was not because they were in a relationship that they had to tell everything to the others right away, everyone needed time for themselves.

But the truth was that Tenya felt guilty. He shamefully assumed that his partners had the same desire for a child as him, and it resulted in Izuku having a panic attack.

Ochako had finished her coffee and announced she was going to work. She quickly kissed Izuku and Tenya before leaving.

The way she walked in the corridor, it almost seemed like she was running away.

As she was disappearing behind the front door, Tenya’s guilty part was shut up. He wiped his hands on his apron in a, maybe too, determined motion.

Izuku didn’t see him approached, too busy looking at Ochako’s half eating meal.

Tenya kissed Izuku’s head. The green hairs tickled his face.

When he pulled back, Tenya met Izuku’s confused glare. He smiled: “Did you sleep well?”

Izuku blinked his confusion away. “Yes,” he smiled back.

It wasn’t quite a happy smile, but Tenya would settle for it.

He sat at the table and help himself with the food. He made sure that his leg was close to Izuku’s, close enough for Izuku to feel it, but not enough to actually be touching.

“By the way,” Tenya shot, his hand rising, “we received a mail from principal Nedzu!”

"Okay," Izuku simply responded.

Tenya maintained the discussion despite the fact that Izuku answered him with monosyllables. After all, it was more than what he had said in the entirety of the last day,, so it was good.

Long before the end of the breakfast, their legs were fully touching.



Ochako vaguely registered that none of her sidekicks had followed her.

She was patrolling the city with her intern when she received a call from one sidekick. They had spotted a group of people acting suspicious and were asking for backup. By the time Ochako arrived, another team had joined them and they were apprehended ten armed men in front of a bank.

Ochako had joined the fight without a second thought.

She had jumped at the big mutant who was giving her sidekick a rough time, kicking him in the side. He almost hadn’t flinched, his scaled absorbing the chock, and had darted his reptile eyes on Uravity. The heroine had dodged his claws, as long as her palms, and had used his strength against him. After a couple of good hits, the villain had been lying face on the ground, and Uravity had handcuffed him.

For the first time in two days, Ochako was feeling good. Beating up bad guys, this was something she could do right. She knew how to be a hero, she knew what to do to arrange any mistake she had made.

In the corner of her eyes, she had seen one of the villains running away. She had run after him.

She was hearing Tenya and Izuku’s voices already scolding her for following the villain alone into a narrow alley. But Uravity didn’t want to let him go away. And besides, he was rather slow, Ochako would have soon caught up with him.

The man looked over his shoulder, shooting her a distressing glare. His hand moved under his jacket.

Ochako was already behind a dumpster when he started shooting.

A few debris and trash were on the floor around Uravity. She activated her quirk on all of them and threw them at the villain. The next gunshots were directed at the garbages.

When Ochako heard a ‘click’, she jumped out of her hiding place.

The villain was already running away, but Uravity was faster.

She jumped on him, tackled him on the ground, her leg pressed on his back to immobilize him.

She was grabbing the man’s arms to handcuff him when a sharp pain in her leg turned her vision in white.

A scream tore out of her throat and she collapsed onward, taking support on her arms to not lie on the ground.

In other circumstance, she would have realized that her hands should have been on her opponent shoulders, and not on the ground.

No one was under her.

She glanced at her leg. There was a deep cut all along her tibia. It was ugly and bloody. She looked away.

She had to focus, she couldn’t let the villain get away.

Breath in.

Breath out.

She took support on her good leg and tried to ignore the pain. It took her a lot of effort to not recollapse, but she eventually stood up.

She watched the seemingly empty alley. It wasn’t her first meeting with a hallucination quirk, and she knew a few tricks to spot it.

It didn’t take her long to notice hushed footsteps. She looked in their direction and noticed a blur in the shape of a human silhouette.

Ochako smiled, determined.

She used her quirk on herself. After that, a light push on her good leg was enough for her to be a few meters above the villain.

The shape became more blur, and soon a terrified face was looking at Uravity.

Her smile became wilder.

She joined her fingers. “Annulatio-”

A roar burst behind her.

She looked over her shoulder. The mutant she had immobilized earlier was racing toward her.

Her eyes widen.

She had made a mistake.

She hopped her sidekicks were okay.

The gravity was already working back on her, and she would soon be at the reach of the villain. She turned around, hoping to counter him.

The mutant’s head violently collided with Uravity’s stomach, making her puke.

The force of the impact projected Ochako away. She flew across the alley, joining the main street, and crashed into a parked car, under the panicked yells of the passing crowd.

But Ochako had lost conscience before all that.







Tenya was sitting straight and still in the chair.


In the bed, Ochako was unconscious.


She was white like all her blood had left her body.


Which could have been the case, if the ambulance had arrived just a few minutes later.


He kept staring at Ochako.




“Tenya-kun,” Tsuyu said quietly as she entered the room.

“Tsuyu-chan-kun!” Tenya was already on his feet.

“I came as soon as I heard, ribbit.”

“You didn’t have too...” Tenya was almost shooting.

“Yes, I had,” Tsuyu cut him. She had already put a chair next to Tenya’s and sat down. Tenya did the same.


“How is Ochako-chan?”

“She...” he cleared his throat. “They had to put her into a coma because...” he took a deep breath. He didn’t feel able to tell all the words.


His hand gripped his pants. His knuckle turned white.


“She has a concussion,” he finally blurred out. “And she suffers from an important blood loss due to an internal bleeding in her stomach and an external one. She was stabbed in the leg and a few nerves are damaged. The doctors don’t know if… how much...”

No, he couldn’t end this sentence.



“Where’s Izuku-kun?”

“Is picking Ochako’s parents at the train station. They should be there soon.”

“He’s freacking out, isn’t he?”

We’re both freacking out, Tenya wanted to say.


He nodded.

Tsuyu’s hand squiched his arms. “It will be alright,” she said. “Ochako-chan is strong, ribbit. she’s gonna wake up soon and recover quickly.”

Tenya took her hand in his and pressed it. “You’re right,” he smiled weakly.

It was nice, having someone with him.




Izuku and Ochako’s parents arrived soon after that.

And after that it was Inko who arrived, crying.

And after, the highschooler in internship with Ochako, physically unhurt but emotionally distressed.

And after, Tokoyami.

And Tenya’s own family.

And Todoroki and his wife.

A few of their sidekicks.

Ashido with Eijirou and Bakugo.

Yaoyoruzu and Kyoka.

Another sidekick.


By the end of the day, Ochako’s room was full of flowers and “get well” cards from old classmates and teachers, sidekicks and others pro heroes. So many people came to see Ochako that they didn’t all fit in the room.

Tenya explained Ochako’s state to them all, with more efficiency than when he did it with Tsuyu, and received all their words of support.

Izuku spent a lot of time on social media, answering to the fans; there was a lot of support from them as well; until Ishizue, their oldest sidekick, confiscated his phone. Ishizue assured Izuku and Tenya that they will take care of everything at the agency. After that, Izuku spent as little time as possible in the room.

It was almost midnight and Tenya was once again alone in the room. He let himself fell on a chair. He just wanted to enjoy the calm and silence for two minutes.


Despite his best judgement, he hated this machine.

In the hospital bed, Ochako looked the same as she was the morning. Not better. She didn't look worse either and Tenya tried to focus on that.

There were footsteps at the door and Tenya looked up. “Uraraka-san...” He began to rise up but the strong hand of Ochako's father went on his shoulder. Tenya sat back.

They stayed silent a moment.

“I'm sorry,” Tenya eventually said. “They were a lot of people. You must be exhausted.”

“No,” he smiled and tried to stay joyful. But his focus kept drifting back to his daughter. Tenya couldn't blame him, he was doing the same. “I'm glad Ochako had so many good friends. But not surprised.” He smiled a little wilder.

Tenya nodded. “Ochako isn't hard to love.”

They felt back in the silence. Both were staring at their loved one.

Uraraka cleared his throat. “You must be the one exhausted, you're the one dealing with all of this. You should hit home. My wife and I will stay here tonight.”

“I can't let you do that!” Tenya was already on his feet, gesturing loudly. “You must be tired of all the stress and the trip! And you are our guest! You must be the one to go home and rest!”

Ochako's father raised a finger to his lips. “Quiet it down, son or a nurse will come scroll you again.”

Tenya froze, realizing how loud he was. “Pa- Pardon me.”

The oldest man smiled. But soon, his expression became sadder. “To be honest, I don't think that my wife or I would be able to rest.”

Tenya's glare went back to Ochako. “I don't think I would be either.”

Uraraka's hand settled on Tenya's back, comforting. “Just go. Rest a couple of hours and come relay us in the morning. We'll call you if anything happens. You look like a mess.”

The fact that Tenya didn't felt like arguing any further proved the eldest's point. “Alright.”

As he took his coat, Uraraka's face was torn with hesitation. Tenya waited for the man to make is mind, which he did with a sigh. “You should take Izuku with you. Being here is driving him crazy.”



Tenya took a moment to find his boyfriend.

Izuku wasn't in the corridor who lead to Ochako's room. He wasn't in the cafeteria. He wasn't in any waiting room either. And Tenya went in all.

And Tenya still had Izuku's phone.

He was discouraged to ever find his boyfriend. Did he leave the hospital?

A movement at the periphery of his vision caught his attention.

Outside, a man with green hair was exercising by the light of the street lamps.

“Izuku!” Tenya called once he was outside.

His boyfriend stopped mid push-ups and raised his eyes to look at him. He was soaked with sweat, his hairs sticky on his forehead, drops of sweat drifting along his nose and temples.

How long had he been exercising? When was the last time Tenya saw him this evening?

“Yes?” Izuku stood up, his clothes weren't in a better shape than his hairs. He wiped his moist hands on his jeans, but it didn't do much.

“Ochako's parents will stay the night here. They want us to go home and rest.”

“I don't know,” Izuku responded, avoiding Tenya's eyes. “I don't want to rest.”

Tenya put his hand on Izuku's shoulder. “Maybe not, but you definitively need it. You also need a shower.”

At the words, his boyfriend looked at himself, like he just realizing that he was dripping. “I suppose your right,” he said with a weak smile. He walked away from Tenya, picking up his coat he had dropped a few feet away.

Tenya allowed himself to let go of a small sigh. He was afraid that Izuku refused to come. But maybe this time would not be like…

“But I'm not gonna stay in the flat,” Izuku talked again. Tenya felt his blood froze. “I will go to the agency, see if they need help.”

“They don't!” The words were shot before Tenya realized he was thinking them. Some painful flashback from two years ago were flickering in his mind. He would not let the same thing happened again. Izuku looked at him with a guilty glare before averting his eyes away once again. “And even if they do, you are not in the shape to be helpful in any way.”

“I'm okay,” he lied, but his voices was all but steady. He was still averting his eyes. “And if I became too exhausted I can always take a nap on the sofa, so don't worry...”

“Izuku-” Tenya took a step forward, raising a hand to grasp his lover.

“Tenya, please!” Izuku begged. The cry stopped Tenya, hand still in the air. “I know you- You just want me to be safe but… I am not able to just wait!” Izuku's hands were two fists, shaking as much as he voice. He took a deep breath and when he talked again, he wasn't screaming anymore. “I am not, even though I know that I can't do anything else. I can't heal Ochako, and the people who did that to her were already arrested. There is nothing I can do, and it frustrates me. So,” Izuku looked his boyfriend in his eyes, “at least, let me do my job.”

“Just, please,” Tenya reached his hand to touch him, but he was out of reach. “Come home with me.”

Izuku still looked Tenya in the eyes. “I cant.” Then he said it again to the ground, “Sorry, I can't.”

And he walked away at a small pace.

Tenya dropped down his hand.



Tenya's usual park to run in was closed. Like he always was before five in the morning.

He had slept a couple of hours, like Ochako's dad had told him, but a constant sensation of cold had put him out of it. He had tried to fight consciousness for a moment but finally gave in, opening two tired eyes to face the empty side of the bed.

He had gone out of the room to the kitchen. He was used to the quietness of the flat early in the morning. But this morning, everything was too silent, too big, too empty. Too painful.

He had envisaged to go back at the hospital.

Tenya passed the closed gates without slowing his run.

The streets he was running were pretty far away from any bar or nightclub, which meant that they were almost empty.

He ran a little faster.

Tenya always liked running, which is a blessing with his quirk. But even without it, it was relaxing to go jogging. It cleared Tenya's mind as he focused on his breathing, the muscles of his legs, the rhythm of his heartbeat…

His girlfriend unconscious in a hospital bed.

Each step came faster than the previous one and the wind whipped his face and undid his hair.

His boyfriend avoiding his eyes.

The street he usually took was behind him before he could think about turning.

An empty home.

Everything around him was a blur.

All he heard was the wind against his ears and the noises of engines.

The spheres of light he passed on his way were how he oriented himself. But when they stopped punctuate his path, he didn't register it.

He stalled.

Tenya put his hands on his knees. His breath was erratic. And fast. Too fast. Deep breaths, he needed to take deep breaths.

At his feet, there was a rock. It was a no peculiar rock with a good rock shape. Tenya's sweat dropped on it.

When he could breathe normally, he realized that he had a cramp in his legs. A part of him hoped that he wasn't too far from his home.

And a part of him noted that he was quieter than it should.

He was in the middle of paddy fields.

There were mountains in front of him, their peaks surrounded by the mist which was dispelled by the rising sun. The rays of sunshine, who displayed between the mounts, lighted their sides of the greenest green. It was beautiful.

And Tenya was facing it, alone in the middles of the fields, sweaty, exhausted, out of juice and with painful legs. Insignificant.

Once his legs could move again, he turned away. He should call a cab.

As he was in the taxi, he received a phone call.



Everything hurt. And it didn't get better as time passed.

She wondered if she could go back to the state of mind she was before. She wasn't in pain then.

But a noise disturbed her. It was regular and mechanical. It was hiding another noise. A conversation. It was too far away for her to make sense of the words, but the voices were familiar. She felt safe.

She drifted back.

A pain in the leg disturbed her again. The ones in the belly and the head was echoing it. Now, it was the only parts of the body who hurt. All the rest was just… numb.

She didn't like it.

The mechanical noise was still there, as was the voices. The conversation was close, but the still couldn't figure the words out.

The smell was also familiar. It smelled like clean. A peculiar clean. She didn't like the smell.

Something was against the back. Something lax but solid. … No. The back was against it. Lying.

On top of the body, there was something soft and warm. It was all over it, except for the head. But she still felt something warm against the skin. Something light and pleasant.

A part of her made sense of all those information. But it was so deep under all the layers of numbness and pain, the conclusions couldn't pass through. Except one. The eyes had to be opened.

They closed immediately. The white hurt.

She tried to open them again, slower this time. The eyes kept closing back. They were so heavy. But she kept opening it. The white didn't hurt so much after a while.

The chatter was carrying on close to her. She still didn't understand what was being said but despite that, she turned painfully the head toward the voices.

Not everything was white. There were some soft colors surrounding her, blurry pink and green, blue and gray, red and brown. One of the voice came from one of the green blurs.

A new voice – her voice – was heard, despite a – her – dry throat. “De… ku...” Her eyes closed again.

When she opened them, the world was more shape, and a tearing Inko was looking at her.

She felt something warm and comforting against her cheek. She turned her gaze. Her mother was looking at her.

“Mum...” Her voice was also so numb.

“Ochako.” Her mother's voice was numb too. She caressed her cheek with her thumb. “How are you feeling honey?”

“Tired,” Ochako responded.

Her mother didn't react to it.

Her eyes closed again.

When they opened, there was no hand on her cheek and a nurse was standing where her mother has been, looking at the machines.

Ochako's wanted to say something, but the only things that came out of her throat was an unintelligible sound.

The nurse looked at her. “Don't need to talk,” he said. “You still need to rest. Your body had received a lot of trauma. But you will be okay.” He smiled and Ochako smiled back.

A hand grabbed her and she turned her head to see her father, sitting where was Inko.


“I'm glad your awake, Ochako,” he told her. “Sleep a little more.” He leaned to kiss her forehead. “When you'll wake up, your boys will be here.”

The words make her feel a little warmer in her heart.

Sure enough, when she woke up, Tenya was at her side.

He was so happy he almost crushed her hand. But Ochako didn't mind.

She didn't mind either the fact that he was in his running suit. She listened to his babbling about every person who came the previous day. He stopped his speech from time to time, checking if Ochako wasn't to tire to listen to him. Every time, she softly shook her head and he returned to his talking.

“I see that I kept you awake too long,” he eventually said when Ochako couldn't keep her eyes open. “I let you rest now.” He kissed the corner of her lips.

He hadn't mentioned Izuku at all, but Ochako was too weak to ask.



Izuku closed the zip of his hoodie. Even if the weather was nice, it was still a little cold to stay outside without moving. But he didn't want to move. The hospital frustrated him, he was too uncomfortable with Tenya, and no one let him do anything at the agency. Ishizue had almost locked him in his office to be sure he didn't go patrolling. It was worse than when…

Someone sat next to him on the bench.

“Do you know that you forget your cell phone at your agency?” Todoroki said.

Izuku looked at his friend while putting his hands on his pockets. They were, indeed, empty. “I'm sorry Todoroki! Did you tried to contact me?”

“Iida did. I proposed to come get you.”

“Oh. I'm… I'm really sorry to have disturbed you!”

“You didn-” Todoroki tried to say, but Izuku's next words were already cutting him: “I hope it wasn't too troublesome to find me.”

“It wasn't, you always come here when you're feeling low.”

“Yeah, that true,” Izuku responded softly, looking at the grave in front of them.

The grave on itself wasn't really special. But it still stood out in the graveyard. It was almost buried under flowers, artworks or other presents. It was almost two years, but All Might's fans weren't ready to stop showing their affections just yet.

This tombstone was so full that a few flowers had felt on the adjacent grave, to which the public didn't show as much care. But Izuku would never stop to be thankful of Sir Nighteye.

“Uraraka's is out of the coma,” Todoroki told Izuku. “That's why Iida wanted to contact you.”

Izuku felt something broke in his stomach. “Thank God,” he whispered, his eyes still on Toshinori's grave.

Gradually, all his muscles became heavy and tired. Izuku hadn't realized how exhausted he has been. It was like all his worries and frustrations had hidden the rest. And the relief was showing how dumb he has been.

“Are you okay?” Todoroki asked.

Izuku looked at him. “Yes, I'm fine. Thank you To-”

“Then why aren't you crying?”


“This is the kind of news who makes you cried.”

For less than a second, Izuku thought about denying that. But Todoroki was right.

There was an awkward silence.

Todoroki adverted his eyes. “You don't have to tell me anything of course. But Ai told me that you were acting strange after our wedding, and after what happened to Uraraka… I just hope that you will be okay.”

I zuku looked at the ground. He should not tell that to Todoroki. It was so pathetic! But Todoroki was his best friend for the long, surely, he could tell him that…

“At your wedding,” he started, “Ochako said that she wanted to have a child. Tenya was on board but I… I freaked out. My first thought was that the child would be quirckless and...” Izuku's throat was dry. Surprisingly enough, so was his eyes.

“… But you have a quirck,” said Todoroki, once he was sure that Izuku wouldn't be talking anymore.

“I… Yes, but it developed so late,” the lie came easily. “But I was drunk anyway. I realized almost immediately when I woke up that she could just have it with Tenya. But...”


“But I didn't… told them...”

The silence that followed seems like forever.

“Oh!” Todoroki eventually realized. “You're feeling guilty!”

“Partly but...”

“You are not. This is not your fault that Ochako has-”

“I'm afraid!” Izuku screamed. “I'm so afraid!” He buried his head in his hands. “I'm afraid that if I keep saying no, they left me to form their family. But if I say yes, I'm afraid that if they have a child together, they finally realized that they don't need me.”

The words were finally out.

He felt Todoroki's hand hanging over his shoulder, uncertain of what to do. He heard the inspirations for the start of sequences, that he didn't tell because they felt inadequate.

The hand landed on his shoulder. “Iida and Uraraka love you. They loved you for so long and they will love you long after you solved this issue. That much is obvious.”

“I… I know but… Todoroki, do you sometimes feel like… Like you don't deserve the people who love you and one day they'll realize it?”

Todoroki looked him in the eyes. “Yes.”

Izuku swallowed. “Wh- What do you do, when that happens?”

“I try my best to be someone worthy of their affection.”

Izuku opened his mouth to reassure Todoroki he was worthy. But Todoroki beat him: “But you already are worthy of Uraraka and Iida's affection. And if they have a child, it would be yours too. They will not let you behind.”

Izuku didn't respond. Todoroki sounded so sure of it. It sounded nice.

He leaned against his friend, his left side. It was so warm, he wondered why he didn't do that sooner.

“Thank you, Todoroki, to be there for me.”

Todoroki humphed. “L et's go to the hospital, okay?”



Todoroki abandoned him in the corridor.

Izuku entered the room, alone and quietly.

Ochako was awake.

She was lying on the bed, looking by the window. She didn't realize that someone else was here.

She seemed so weak. Izuku never saw her like that in fourteen years.

She turned her head and finally saw him.

“Deku,” she smiled.

It didn't change how pale and tired she looked, but it was still a real smile who touched her eyes.

Everything became so bright.

Izuku burst into tears.

The last thing he knew, he was kneeling next to Ochako's bed, sobbing on her shoulder. Her hand was in his hair, petting him. “It's alright now, Deku.” He cried more.

After several minutes, Izuku calmed down enough to say: “I'm so glad you're okay.”

“I'm glad you're here,” she responded.

A hand landed on his shoulder. Izuku turned his head and faced Tenya. The man was wearing his ruining suit, but Izuku was too tired to care. What he cared a lot however, was the look of relief on his face.

“Hey,” Izuku said.

“Good morning.”

“Tenya I… I'm sorry for worrying you. And for not being there for you.”

“No, you needed to not be with me at the moment.” He sat in the chair next to the bed. “And even if it saddens me, I can understand.”

“Sorry...” Izuku repeated, throat tied.

“We should talk about this later,” Tenya responded, looking at Ochako.

She had felt back asleep.

Izuku smiled fondly and took the hand who was still in his hair. He held it tight, their finder interlaced. He then sat on the floor, making himself comfortable.

“There is another chair at the other side of the bed,” Tenya informed him. “You may be more comfortable there.”

“I know,” Izuku smiled at him. He extended his empty hand. “Just, please humor me?”

Tenya looked at the hand for a moment. He eventually gave him his. Izuku interlaced their fingers.

He hold the hands for as long as he can.



“Dekuuuuuuu!!!” Ochako whined, bumping her head against the torso of her boyfriend, who just came home from work.

“What are your complains today, future mommy?”

“My feet hurt, my ugly huge belly hitches all the time and my boobs are heavy!”

Izuku laughed. Ochako was supposed to have given birth last week, but the babies apparently didn't get the memo. The woman was running out of patience, staying in her pajamas all day in the apartment.

“I don't think I could do anything about that,” Izuku responded. “But,” he lifted Ochako in his arms, careful to not push on her belly, “I can carry you around so you won't have to use your feet!”

“Can you find a way to make the labor began?”

“No, he can't!” Tenya screamed from the kitchen when he was cooking. “The doctor said we have to be patient! The babies need a little more time and for now there is nothing to worry about.”

Ochako leaned forward to watch Tenya, burring Izuku's head in her breast. “He said that because he is not the one looking like a Snorlax, unable to eat what he likes and to do anything!”

“Ochako, I'm dying,” Izuku called out.

“Ah sorry!”

Izuku smiled at her. “I know you're out of patience but I promise you, as soon as you can we will buy you a lot of junk food and take you out for intense training.”

“Oh god, I love you!” She kissed him.

The kiss was all but chaste. Ochako was sucking his lips and grasping his hair. He let her. Her lack of sexual activity was also driving her insane.

But when she grabbed his hand and put it under her pant, he stopped her. “O… Ochako!”

“Did she try to engage in a sexual act again?” Tenya asked. “We already talk about it!It's too ri-”

“I knoooooow!!!!” Ochako whined again. “Stupid babies! Get out of me already!”

Izuku muffled his laugh into her belly.

Tenya and Ochako continued to arguing over his head but he wasn't listening. He began to hum slowly. Soon, he was dancing to the rhythm of his song. Ochako laughed as he made them spin.

He eventually dropped her carefully on the couch and sat next to her, putting his hand on the right side of her belly. It was welcomed by a knock.

“She keeps kicking,” Izuku smiled.

“You're sure it's her?” Ochako asked. “Isn't it suppose to be her brother's side?”

“No,” Tenya respond. He leaned from behind the couch and placed his hand on the other side of the belly. “He is right here.”

They stayed like that, in silence, for a while. They were aware that soon, those moments of quiet would be much more rare, as the apartment would lodge two new loud little presences.

They couldn't wait for it.