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The beanie wearing boy

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Betty was on her way towards the library, where she had a part time job other than studying journalism, given her family's financial condition. She had long ago decided that she would not concentrate on the mess that her life was. She worked in the library with one of her best friends, Kevin Keller.

She knew Kevin wanted her to speak for herself and was against the marriage.But one thing about Kevin was that he knew when to talk about it.He knew that she tried to ignore her problems and always talked about them when she was comfortable. He gave her time and space when she needed it .Hell, even she knew what she was doing was wrong but she really wanted to do something for her family. She couldn't see her family in this state.

But today she decided to take a break. Kevin had told her that a new boy would be starting to work in the library today. Sigh! Atleast the work would be less. Not that she minded it. She loved working in the library. She loved arranging stuff, helping people,moreover the smell of books fascinated her. But since the day her life took a sharp turn, nothing was the same again. She started getting annoyed at the smallest of things:like when she couldn't find a particular column, but Kevin had been an absolute babe about and had volunteered to do her part for her for a few days and of course she had Veronica and Cheryl on her side taking her on shopping sprees or just watching movies all night or spending a whole day at the spa.Once even Josie noticed how upset she was and hosted a concert with Archie of all her favourite songs to lighten up her mood.

Kev had been given the job of making Jughead (if she had heard his name correctly on the phone) familiar with the work ,but he had a date with Joaquin,so he decided to do it for him.She owed him that for all he had done for her.

When she reached the library she saw a beanie wearing boy climbed up on a ladder and arranging the books, back faced towards her. It must be Jughead she thought. She decided to call him but was not sure if that even was his name. So she said "The new boy, Mr Jones, is that you?" . God that was so formal. He didn't even look like a Mr. He probably was 21 or 22 at the most.

"Do I really look like a Mr.? But yeah that's me, Jughead Jones, but for heaven's sake dont call me Mr." he said turning to face her. "Oh wow!" He couldn't stop himself from saying that when he saw the beautiful blonde in front of him.

Betty too was stunned looking at the beanie wearing boy with his deep blue eyes and beautiful curls escaping from his beanie.For the first time ever Betty Cooper was at a loss of words.She always knew what to say.Even when Archie had rejected her.Even when her family had turned bankrupt.Even when all they had left was their home which was a little more than a place of shelter from summer heats and winter colds.Even when she was told that she would have to marry a man who she didn't even know properly except for the fact that he was a spoilt rich misogynistic man about five years elder to her.

"Uh... oh yes I'm Betty Cooper,your colleague .Nice to meet you"she said a little embarrassed about spacing out.

"Looks like I am in heaven coz I can see angels" he said.
"That was so dumb" he thought to himself.He had never flirted with anyone let alone used such a cheesy line.But here he was smiling sheepishly at the blonde goddess.

"Oh very funny" she giggled. God he loved her laughter.He could record it and listen to it for hours.
"Creepy much" he thought to himself.

She opened her mouth to say something, but before she could say anything Geraldine Grundy, the owner of the library walked in." How is the new boy doing" she asked.
"Oh, he is doing well. He seems to know what he is doing and probably doesn't need much help.Infact he was already working when I came in." Betty chirped in.

"Good! Though I hope you won't make a mess of anything. Like that Kevin boy did ,mixed the Harry Potter series with the Agatha Christie ones.God how many complains were there that day" she said giving a dramatic sigh.Even though she tried to hide it Betty knew that she cared for them a lot and she had a special place in Betty's heart.

"If you need any help Betty is the woman!" Grundy said.

"Then I am in good hands", Jughead said and noticed Betty blushing. "Yes,you are" Betty said,mentally thanking fate for letting Kev have his date today so that she could swap with him. This was fun.She knew it was wrong but god she could not help herself. She knew that her life would change after a few months.She was engaged to Nick St.Clair but here she was flirting with Jughead Jones. Life loves to play it's games at the weirdest times she thought to herself.What a dramatic mess her life was! an

"Oh now return to work, kiddos! Geraldine said as she went back to her desk.

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"All done, I guess. " Jughead said climbing down the ladder. He went to search for Betty, mentally explaing to himself that it was only because he did not know what to do and not because he wanted to see her beautiful sun-kissed face.Oh! and also he totally did not try to finish all that work quickly just so that he would get some time to talk to her and get to know her.

He saw her placing the last book in the shelf. He went closer to her and stood right behind her. When she turned around she gasped . She stumbled down the ladder .But Jughead held her just in time for she would have broken her neck if he didn't.

"Easy there, sunshine."he said."Do I look that scary" he said taking mock offence. " I'm hurt! I'm shocked!"

She giggled. God that adorable laugh. He was whipped and he had to accept it. "Oh no! You just startled me."
"Oh so you are just a weakling" he teased.

"JUGHEAD JONES! I AM NOT A WEAKLING!" she screamed getting out of his hold. What was she even doing there for so long. Taking advantage, nay that's not like her at all.

"OH YES YOU ARE! YOU LITERALLY SCREAMED FOR NOTHING!" ,he was clearly enjoying this banter.

"Ugh what are you even doing here?"she asked.

"I finished arranging the books and there is no one here except you" he replied, matter of factly.

It was when she realized that they were completely alone in this huge library. The library was not open today as today was the day new books came in and were arranged.Geraldine usually went home early on such days as she had nothing to do.

"So uh we could do something like get to know each other and stuff" she shrugged. " And stuff" he winked.
She was already in the reading area and threw a cushion on him.

"You know you are declaring war!!" he said throwing the cushion back on her.
"Pillow fight!! " she screamed.
"War!!" he screamed.
For what felt like an hour they were running around the library like toddlers. It was the first time in long that Betty lauged an actual laughter and not just a forced fake smile to please her parents or even Nick for tgat matter. If someone saw them right now they woukd think they were a pretty happy couple, little did they know that it was a broken sad girl enjoying the last moments of her freedom.

Jughead had noticed her wipe a tear that had betrayed her eyes. His face softened and with concern laced in his voice, he asked, "Did I hurt you??"

"Jughead they are pillows!! Of course they don't hurt" she giggled. "Someone tell her to stop giggling before he ends up kissing her on their first day of knowing each other.",he thought.
"Uh I thought for a weakling like you they would hurt" he teased again to lighten up the situation.


"What? How do you....uh?"he hid his face in his hands.

"Don't you think I read your application form after I met you" she winked."And also I know you will leave after a week and you are doing this only for your vacation.",she sad trying to hide her sadness..


"How uhhh...."

"Same way as you, beautiful" he smirked . They shouldn't just keep the forms lying on the desk.", he laughed.

"Ugh.. I guess we should clean up our mess before Grundy kills us" she said.

"Um could you do that please.." he looked at her with puppy eyes.

"No... pick up that " she said pointing to the fallen pillows.
"Ugh you just wanna see my cute little butt" Jughead complained.

"You are so full of yourself" she said annoyed.
"And you are so beautiful" he replied.

"Ugh.. flirting won't help you here FORSTHYE "
"Betts lets make a deal we both forget about each other's real names"

Betty felt butterflies in her stomach on hearing tge nickname.
"Oh sure, Jug" she said and noticed him blush.

"And by the way I was not flirting" he said.
"So calling me beautiful,sweetheart, sunshine is not flirting" she smirked.
"I was just stating facts"he said.
"Are you like this with all your girls??".
"Are you calling me a player and no I don't have other girls"he said.
"Aw man so sad.. the cute face is of no use then"
"Who's flirting now"he winked.
"Get back to work,Jug"

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After she left  the library, she walked aimlessly. One thing was certain she did not want to go home.Home sweet home. The irony!! Her home was anything but sweet. Everything was fake. Fake smiles, fake laughter,fake happiness. Dinners were the worst. Sitting together and asking each other about their day, when honestly no one cared. No one cared about how her day went.No one listened to her when she told them about how a cute little boy had cried while reading because the story had featured a dog dying. All they seemed eager to talk about was Nick St.Clair.

But today she felt real.Like she could go screaming about without anyone judging her. Without her mother telling her how "unladylike" it was. She felt happy and safe. Safe. She felt safe after so long. Something she never felt at home. Her parents were literally ready to sell her. No one asked her what she wanted. They just told her about their financial condition.Told her that Nick liked her, announced that he agreed to marry her and  just assumed she was interested. It was like her opinion did not matter, like SHE did not matter. Like she was just a method of gaining money for them.

It destroyed all her childood dreams of love.All the memories of her mother telling her stories of how one day she would meet the love of her life and then how everything would change She was only 21! She had a lot to achieve before even  thinking of marriage. But according to them Nick St.Clair was a catch an she  should not let go of this opportunity. It made her feel less important. She already knew that he would play the role of the arrogant husband in her life just because he had more money than her. She would be more of his slave than his wife. She knew her parents weren't bad but they didn't seem to care about what she wanted. She knew her argument would be invalid. If she told them  that she hated Nick they would say that hate leads to love and all that crap because Nick was a golden boy in their eyes. If she told them that she wanted to become a successful journalist before she got married they would brush it off saying  that Nick already had the money. They didn't care about her dreams.

She hated Nick. She hated him with a passion.She hated it when he acted as if he owned her. She never saw him much but she knew that she hated him. She had seen how rudely he spoke to his servants. How he thought it was appropriate to touch them without their consent just cause they worked for him. It killed her that she did not speak up when he had slapped a servants ass when she was serving food when she had met him a day before their engagement. Her nails were deep inside her palms and her anxiety was beginning to act on. She had opened her mouth to say something but Alice held her hand and glared at her. So she said no more. She had even heard him make fun of her weight with some of his friends, but still hadn't said anything. She remembered spending the whole night crying that day.She felt helpless. Like nothing could save her life from becoming hell. But that  was a while ago but now if that son of a bitch said anything she was sure that she would slap him.Hard.

At this point Betty knew that she was probably a crying mess. But she felt numb. She could feel nothing. She soon realized where she was heading. She was right outside the lodge mansion. She knew that she needed someone right now and that someone was not her parents. They were never there for her when she needed them before and their place was taken by none other than Veronica. The V to her B.

She was sure that Veronica wouldn't judge her current  appearance. She would be worried as hell but not disgusted. But what about her parents? They weren't at home.They had gone to the Andrews house for dinner only for parents. Everyone knew it was to settle their differences given that their children were madly in love. Even though they themselves didn't know. They both hadn't said the l word even though they had been dating for 6 years. They were the power couple of highschool. But she knew that they were madly in love.

Before she knew it she was right outside the door. She knocked and soon enough she could hear the sound of Veronica's heels.V opened the door and she saw that Archie was there too. A quick look at his hair told her that they were probably only watching movies so she hadn't really disturbed them.

Veronica looked at her best friend and gasped. Her eyes fell beneath her gaze, her hands were trembling, tears were springing to her eyes, but she did not restrain them as she usually would. She has had enough, Veronica thought.She gently took Betty inside and signalled Archie to close the door. "B?? Tell me everything"

Betty felt emotions thick in her throat.Her face was burning. She was no longer numb and could feel all the tears on her face. Archie had come to sit beside her and kept his hand on her back. "It's okay say whatever comes to your mind. You can rant in front of us. I can leave if you want to have a girl talk."

"It's okay, you can stay...You are also my best friend Arch" And so she began her rant. She listened to Archie. She said everything that came to her mind. From " I don't want to marry Nick St.Clair" " I hate him" to "My life is hell""No one cares about me l" and she didn't know what else. She couldn't hear her own voice. It was just random words coming out of her mouth.

All she hear before she fell asleep was Veronica and Archie's muffled voices and faintly saw Archie carrying her in his arms to Veronica's room.

The next day when she woke up her head was pounding. It was like a hangover, only she knew that she had not been drinking. She opened her eyes and took in the surroundings and slowly she began to remember all the events of the previous day. Jug. Veronica. Archie. Her breakdown. All of it.

She was snapped out of her thoughts when Veronica came in the room with breakfast. "Hey B,slept well?"she asked even though they had slept on the same bed. She didn't talk about last night. Veronica knew better than that. She kept the conversation as light and casual as possible.

"And you better not go about sleeping in my hall. It's not always that I allow my boyfriend to carry other girls in his arms." she said in an assertive tone but Betty knew she was kidding.

"Aye Aye captain"

" So umn B.... I uh wanted to tell you something" Veronica chose her words carefully. "Archie and I said I love you to each other"she said nervously.

"About time" Betty laughed,happy for her friends. "I'm so happy for you V and no circumstances will change that."

"I love you, B "

"Hey I can't do this to Archie he is my best friend"Betty said in a mock serious tone.

Veronica hit her shoulder in a friendly way.

"So uh do I have to give him a 'If you hurt her I will kill you'speech."

"Nah B, that's not needed." "So umn hows work in the library?"

"Ugh fine, the usual you know"

"Who's Jughead?"

"What? How do you? I mean When?"

"You were saying something about him yesterday..." Veronica said.

"Oh he is just a new boy working in the library with us."

"OH MY GOD" she paused for a dramatic effect . "You met a cute guy and yor were not gonna tell me!"she accused.

"What? I never said he was cute!"

"Look at your face B, it's so red a tomato would be jealous"

"I AM NOT" Betty frowned.

"B..." Betty knew she couldn't lie to Veronica. She was caught. She looked down. Suddenly the floor seemed quite interesting.

"So how does he look?Give me all the details!" Veronica was as excited as a child would be on their birthday.

"He's gorgeous,V. He wears a cute little crown beanie and his beautiful curly hair always escapes from it. He's got these beautiful deep blue eyes."

"Wow....I was just kidding but wow" v said.

"We flirted a lot but I don't know if he feels the same way"

" much as I hate to tell you this but you are engaged and soon to be married"

"V...actually I was planning to cancel the marriage. I could try and speak to my mum today...please support me"

"Oh B, I would always support you no matter what.I could come for moral support if you want"

"No it's fine, I wanna do this on my own.""Shit"

"What happened" "My mom will kill me, I never told her I was staying here!"

"I did B, chill"

"Oh what would I do without you, V." ********************************************************* Betty reached her house. I can do this she thought to herself. It was a difficult step but not impossible. She could not lose hope so easily. She was strong and this was her chance to prove it.

She entered her house and greeted her mom. "Hey mom"

"Hey Elizabeth, hows work?"her mom asked but she was sure she was not interested in listening to the answer.

"Really good mom. Quite busy,but good and journalism classes are also going well.Infact, I am one of tge smartest in the batch." She smiled proudly. She loved talking about journalism. She wanted to say a lot more but her mother was already looking bored so she kept her mouth closed.

"You know it's a little funny. You will marry Nick and then you won't even need a job."

"'s complicated. I uh don't want know...he does not make me happy..I don't trust him...he is tge wrong" she said not looking into her eyes.

"ELIZABETH!! What is wrong with you. Is there another guy? Do you want our family to be a joke. The St. Claires have already told the press about the marriage.Preparations have already begun.OH GOD JUST GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW!! AND FOR THE RECORD YOU ARE MARRYING NICK WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!HE IS THE RIGHT GUY FOR YOU!"

Betty ran to her room. They told the press some fake love story! People thought that they were some cute couple head over heels for each other. Tears were springing to her eyes.

She was wrong. She was not strong enough. She could not do this.She could not change the circumstances. She wanted too, but she could not. It meant that she would have to pretend. She had to watch all her happiness fade and welcome the darkness. But one thing she could do was protect her career.

And that she would do.

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"So u will be leaving after two days uh?" Betty said sadly. It had been 2 months since Jughead had started working there and they had formed an unbreakable bond through the movie sessions they shared, talking about books or through their flirty banters.

She knew they would be close friends from the very beginning. She was surprised when he told her that he usually had trouble making friends. They had been inseparable since.She always wondered whether she loved him but shoved away that thought as soon as possible because she wasn't allowed to do that.

" Yeah, I am kind of excited to meet mom ,dad and JB after so long. But I will really miss you so much, Betts.He knew he would miss her a lot. They had spend long weekends with each other in her home, he had met all her best friends:Veronica, Archie, Kevin and Cheryl. At first he hated Cheryl and wondered why a girl like Betty would be a friend but when he got to know her, he thought she was very witty with her comebacks and they became good friends.He also noticed that all Betty's friends were teasing her with him. It was not that he was unaware he knew that they had some spark.He knew that something was not allowing her to accept her feelings and he was determined to know what it was.

At this point he wasn't even ashamed of showing his feelings. As he looked at her and took in her features he knew that he would miss every part of her. Her beautiful blonde hair,her big smile. Everything.

She was very gentle and caring and he thought the world of her.They had known each other for only 2 months but it felt like forever.When he left he would be miserable.He would miss her. He wondered if she would feel the same.

"Don't forget me lol" she said. "How can I forget such a pretty face."he replied noticing her blush."Is there anywhere we could go right now?"he asked."Yeah you could come over to my place and maybe stay for the night."she shrugged.

When they reached her house Jug ran straight to her room. " Whoever reaches last is an IDIOT" he screamed."Well then hello IDIOT." betty screamed back defeating him in their little race. Betty was quite fast and everyone knew that.

Now Jughead had come over to her house many times before this but she could sense something different today. Things were a bit awkward even though they were not accepting it.

They both just laid on her bed holding hands. When he turned towards her,she looked into his deep blue eyes as if for the first time. She took in his face, the way she could join his moles, his lips,the clean,handsome line of his features.

He closed the distance between them and watched her in silence.He felt a certain kind of excitement.

Before she knew what she was doing she took his face in her hands. He held her hands lovingly.

As soon as she realized what she was doing she got up.
"Can we uh do something, I am getting bored"she said.

"Remember the video games I got you let's play"

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That night Betty couldn't sleep well.She was sure that she would have dark circles when she woke up the next day but she honestly didn't care.She could not identify the exact moment when she had started developing  feelings for Jughead. But then again, maybe it was when they first met. Maybe it was love at first sight.

She got up and walked towards Polly's room where Jug was sleeping. When she reached she noticed that Jug wasn't sleeping either. Something just came over her, and she realized how happy she was.

It was at that moment when she saw a tear escape from his eyes that she realized that he loved her back. And she was in love with him. While she had always been attracted to him, it was not until that moment that she realized how much she loved him.

She realized how he made her feel, and how much she cared for him. And however crazy it may sound,she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. She wanted to laugh and cry with him.

It terrified her. It terrified her because she knee her feelings didn't matter. Nor did his.

She went back to her room because that was tge only thing which woukd stop her from blurting out her love for him. She cried herself to sleep that night.

**********the next morning*****

"No Jug, we already played video games last night, and besides it's boring."

"Oh come on, it's fun. Oh wait!you don't wanna play coz u lost yesterday.", Jughead laughed.

"Yeah, you kept 'accidentally' killing me."Betty laughed as she threw a cushion on him.

"Can we please play" he said with puppy eyes.
"Gosh you are such a seven year old" she laughed.

**************a few hours later********

"Yeahhhhhh" Jug screamt as he towards Betty "It's okay.. considering you are competing with the best."

"I hate to rain on your parade but I just killed you."Betty smirked.

"Wtf? How?When?" Jug looked annoyed.

Betty came closer to him and whispered in his ears "When you were busy mocking me.".

Jug smirked. He was coming closer to Betty bit she backed off.

"Ugh Jug I don't know where my phone is..Mom must have called many times by now...could you please search for it in my room"

After a few minutes Jughead came back with Betty's phone. But there was something off about him.

"I didn't mean to snoop around but.." he said as he opened his palm to reveal Betty's engagement ring.

"Oh Jug, It's not what it looks like..."

"You don't need to explain anything to me Betty"

"Jug I don't like him. My fiancée, I don't like him. It's complicated and I don't want to talk about it."

"I am going to take a shower" Jug said as million thoughts were filling his mind. He knew there was more to the story. He took off his shirt and he could swear he saw Betty checking him out from the corner of his eye.

While he was still having a shower Cheryl had come to meet them.

"Betty seriously tell me what's going on?"

"What are you talking about?"

"The fact that you are always with this weirdo.. I mean I ship it but..."

"Cher I am engaged, whether I like it or not,and he will be leaving tomorrow and then we probably won't see each other ever again."

"Betty... oh my god don't cry... I will be there for you whatever decision you make.. just like you were there for me when Toni.. left"

"Cher, you are such an amazing person and I am so lucky to have you in my life."


Betty laughed.

"Anyways I need to go, see you soon"

Cheryl left but what Betty didn't know was that Jughead had been listening to their conversation all along.


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And what will happen to Jug and Betty...
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"Today is the day." Betty thought to herself. Today was probably the last day that she would see Jughead. Her first love. God, how she wished things weren't so complicated.

She walked out of her room and on her way to the living room peeped into Jug's room. 'He still didn't come back" Betty thought to herself.

Yesterday after having a shower Jughead had left her house without saying a word. She didn't try to stop him thinking that he just needed some space.

But now she was worried that it was probably the last time that she saw him."What if he doesn't come back?"she thought.

It had not even been 24 hours and she missed him so much. She already missed their playful banters, flirting... She had been preparing herself for this day for weeks but she still couldn't stand the thought of not seeing him again.

Two more hours had past and Betty was now crying sitting next to her window. She couldn't tell what her her more: the fact that she didn't get to say goodbye or that the last feeling he may have for her is hatred or that all she was for him now is a liar or just some girl he regrets meeting.

Just then she heard her doorbell ring.
She opened the door and there stood Jughead.

He looked hurt,broken. His eyes were swollen. He looked like he had been crying all night.


"Can I come in?"

"Of course.."

"Betts I am so sorry I left yesterday.... I couldn't think straight"

"I thought you wouldn't come back"

"I couldn't go without sayinggoodbye to someone so beautiful huh" he said tryingto control his tears.

" I will miss you so much, Juggie, ypu have no idea.." she said not trying to stop her tears anymore.

"Betty is this the last time I get to see you?"

"Within a few months I will be know what. What if it is the last time?"

"Well then we must make the most out of this time"

He held her hand ,his deep blue eyes ripping into her soul. She looked back breathless and longing. He leaned towards her and they kissed passionately. He pulled her closer to him and the kiss became more intense. It was the most fascinating and meaningful kiss but someonehad to stop before it turned to something else so Betty stepped back.

Betty looked at the time and then into Jug's eyes. "Do you really have to go?"

"We were on borrowed time" he said and you could see tears fall from his eyes."

"Goodbye Juliet"

And then he left.

Chapter Text

*two months later*

Cheryl Blossom woke up,tears were springing to her eyes. 'Why now?' She thought to herself. Why did she dream about her worst nightmare Toni Topaz.

*The next day *

Betty was walking down the street , talking to Cheryl on the phone.

The past two months had been busy. Wedding preparations,buying the stuff. Ofcourse she didn't even have a choice in this as the St.Clair's preferred high-quality stuff and didn't think her choice was good enough.

She would cry herself to sleep everyday. It felt like she was lonely, even though she was surrounded by people.

Sometimes she felt like running away, never looking back again. She had repeatedly told her parents that she did not want this marriage, but they forced her, emotionally blackmailing her.  Her anxiety was getting worse day after day.

They were the most horrible days of her life. Even though it didn't look like it.Her mom would never let it happen. She didn't want her to look 'ugly' on her day of marriage. So for Betty it was spa everyday. It somehow helped her to hide her feelings considering she didn't look like how she felt.

The only people who could see through her outer appearance were Cheryl and Veronica and she didn't mind that.  It felt good to have someone to talk to.

It felt like she was losing everything, her emotions, intelligence.

The biggest pain she ever had was that her parents never loved or cared for her or else they would have never done this to her.

She couldn't understand how they were so quick to sacrifice their own daughter for their financial needs.

As she was walking she saw a familiar figure 'Holy shit!'she said and Cheryl asked from the other end 'What happened?"

"It's Jug....."

"Oh my God, Prince Charming just in time to save his princess"

"He is with some girl..."


" Oh my God"

"What now?"

"It's Toni..... they just kissed"

"Oh" and Cheryl cut the call but Betty didn't fail to hear the sound of something crashing on the floor.
A sign that Cheryl was terribly upset.
And why wouldn't she be?

Cheryl and Toni used to date.  They were the only couple in school who gave a tough competition to Archie and Veronica.  They were both the power couples of Riverdale High.
Everyone was jealous of them.

But no one talks about it anymore, because one day Toni Topaz had left Cheryl, the day she had planned to propose her.

Imagine Cheryl's state when she knocked stood outside Toni's door, ring in hand, only to be greeted with a letter saying nothing but goodbye.

We had later learned that Toni had left for some photographything that required her to be wherever she was.

So now when Betty saw Jughead and Toni together she was hurt,angry,jealous..

She saw Jughead look at her and their eyes locked. Soon breaking contact Jughead walked over to her hos hand around Toni's waist.

"Hey Betts! Long time huh, meet my girlfriend,Toni"

"Hi Toni,didn't think I would ever see you again" she said spitting out her name with such venom that Jughead was taken aback.

Toni just looked down at her feet.
" Hey Juggie, You can talk to your friend I just need to buy something frim the shop, okay?"


As soon as she left Jughead looked at Betty, his eyes piercing into her soul.
Betty felt vulnerable.

"What was that all about?"

"Why do you care, oh because it's about girlfriend" she said emphasising on the word girlfriend.

"Betty I......"

"It's okay just go"


"Go!" Her voice was cracking and she was afraid that she would breakdown any moment.

She turned to walk away and Jughead asked that one question which made her stop.

"Have u been crying?"

He noticed. He could see through her makeup and fake smile.