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Love, Loki, and the Winchesters

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He exhaled a white plume of smoke. With a sigh, he crushed the cigarette under his heel. The man straightened up from leaning against the nondescript brick wall. He was used to the second and third looks he was getting from both men and women on the street. None of these people caught his interest. It wasn't that he already had someone, the passerby were simply below interest.
He knew he was being summoned. He could feel the pull in his gut. Heaving another weighted sigh, he turned and strolled down the alley.

A startled man looked at the empty space the being had been a second ago.



Loki's p.o.v.

"I grow tired of this." I say, as I appear inside the stupid circle. It seems I've been summoned again by these idiots. As I speak I've already started poking at the edges of the trap with invisible tendrils of magic. 

"Then maybe you should give us some damn answers this time. Really Silver-Tongue, I'm starting to think you just like us." The short one was standing in front of the group, holding a book. The other two seemed reluctant, but not scared, pity.

The leader (shorty) starts walking around the circle. "I, Dean Winchester, offer this sacrifice in an exchange."

"Dean!" The giant hisses. Ah, so this is the one against this, interesting.

"Quiet, it's too late anyway." Shorty, Dean, turned back towards me.

"Loki, in accepting this sacrifice you are bound to grant our boon, information."

"What information do you seek? I will not provide anything harmful to me or mine." I know I need this sacrifice, power is in short supply these days after all. The pagans were seeing a resurgence, but it is slow going.

"The Judeo-Christian end of days is bearing down on us. We need to stop it." This time the tall one spoke. Startled I looked closely at them. Dean and the tall one had a glimmer of Other around them. It wasn't enough to affect them, or to really do anything. But given the right circumstances they could be a real force to be reckoned with. It would be best to get on their good sides.

"What is your name? Add your blood to the bowl and I will tell you what I know."

"My name is Sam." Sam went over to the bowl on a nearby table. He slid a pocket knife off the table and sliced his arm near his elbow. As the blood flowed I could feel the power gathering.

"Well?" Dean snapped. He seemed irritated now. Ooh doesn't like brother dearest in on the action now does he?

"The Judeo-Christian apocalypse cannot be stopped, or adverted. Once it starts that's it, no reset button. Everyone except the pagan devotees gets wiped out. Nothing anyone knows about can save this. Face it boys, the world as you know it is over." I flashed a feral grin at Dean. "You boys are screwed."

"Bullshit. There has to be something. We can't just roll over and die. Loki there has to be something, anything, please." Sam's voice went from defiant to pleading with surprising ease. It gave me ideas.

"Well there is one thing..." I cut off with a lewd grin, sweeping my eyes over his body.

"And what might that be?" Dean crossed his arms with a glare that said my brother, back off.

"Wouldn't you like to know?"

"You are bound by sacrifice to answer my questions! Tell me Loki!" Dean looked positively livid.

"I don't know per say, I think. It might not work."

Sam looked at me with those big eyes. "Please tell us Loki. Maybe is better than nothing."

"Well, I did notice something... Other... about the two of you. You could always become pagan gods."