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Dekapan's Gift (Nephew Edition)

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Standing outside of his home holding a bag a groceries in one hand, and his cell phone in the other, the large man in over-sized underpants couldn't help the smile that graced his lips. He’d just gotten a text from family, which was a surprise since he's never gotten a text from them before, and while re-reading he felt himself grow happier and happier with each word.



“Hwueeh, so my nephew will be staying over until he finishes university here in Japan, hm?” Dekapan hummed, as he continued to read the rest of the text. With a bright smile, he sent back a quick reply to his nephew’s parents, letting them know he was 100 percent okay with letting him stay with him for the time being.



“Hwueeh, I haven't seen little (y/n) in years, ever since his family moved to Canada, I should get him the perfect welcome present... But, what?” He liked being an uncle, and he knew that (y/n) was a good kid, so of course he wanted to do something nice for him.



Ah, but what do you give a university student as a gift? He needed to make sure it was appropriate too, something to teach (y/n) about responsibility and whatnot. The sound of barking caught his attention, as he turned his head in time to see a young child laughing and playing with her puppy. 



“That's it!” Dekapan exclaimed, snapping his fingers as an idea popped into his mind. He could give (y/n) a pet! A cute one, to teach him all about responsibility and what it's like to care for another being! It will prepare him for the future, and build up the skills needed for it. But just any animal as a pet wouldn't do, he needed to find the perfect pet, one that will not only be protective and strong, but also very cute and cuddly and not-so-dangerous for his nephew. “I'll just create one! Hweeh, and I've got the perfect idea in mind!” With that being said, he pocketed his cell and rushed into his home.



He will make the most perfect pet for his godchild, without a doubt.





Dekapan worked day and night to create the perfect pet, trying many times on different occasions, but failing each time. The pets either died, or dissolved, or turned to mist or dust, there was that one rare time when one pet started singing before exploding and another when it karate chopped him in the eye and tried to ran off, until it melted in the sunlight.



And each and every single time it was always the very same thing, each one of his prototypes would die. 



“Hmm, I'm missing something...” He hummed to himself, as he continued to read his calculations written on a white board. The ones that lasted longer were the ones that he had added some human DNA to, but the DNA wasn't strong enough.



“That's it!” He exclaimed, before picking up a black marker and erasing some of his formula, before re-writing it. Every bit of DNA that was used was always his or someone else's, such as Shonosuke or Dayoon, but that was the pattern. Apparently, they were all a bit too old to be compressed into a small being, not to mention that they never came out as cute as Dekapan wanted them too. His nephew loved adorable things, and he’d be pretty much disappointed to receive a pet that wasn't as cute as he wished it was. “Hmm, but I need DNA from someone young enough to make it cute...” Putting the marker and eraser down, he headed towards his shelf of items. 



He checked the label of each and every bottle and vile, until he came across six small containers. “Hweeh, these are the youngest samples I have,” Dekapan muttered to himself, reading each one to make sure he had the correct ones. “I just hope the Matsuno brothers can forgive me for this.” With that being said, he hurried off to his work table and began to experiment, placing the DNA of the Matsuno sextuplets into six, different components, all in the hopes that this time, the bodies will be able to handle it this time. 



Hours and hours being stuck in that lab, working on every fiber and checking the formula over and over again, changing it countless times and chugging down multiple cups of coffee, Dekapan was proud to say he was finally finished. With the six prototypes now in six different pods, all he had to do was wait until they were finished to see if he was finally able to create the perfect pet as a welcome gift for his nephew.  



“Hweeh! It's almost done!” Dekapan cheered, dancing around on the spot while the clock counted down to twenty. Finally, he was almost done and successful with his experiment. This was the first time it had taken as long as it did for him to create something, but that was due to the fact that he may have been trying a bit too hard to perfect what he was creating. Then again, the idea for the pet was taken by the brothers themselves. He had seen them in their outfits, and thought the idea itself would probably be better suited for his nephew.



Anyone can own a cat or dog, or even a hamster, rabbit, bird or snake, but how many can own a pet that was created with love and the awesome power of science? 






While he danced, he accidentally bumped into his working table, causing his unfinished 134th cup of coffee to fall onto his plugged in toaster. “Uh oh.” He muttered, as the sparks began to fly. That toaster was pretty old, so it was no surprise that even the tiniest thing would cause it to overload. He just had to get hungry while creating something didn't he?



Stupid conveniently placed old toaster.



As the sparks began to fly, one of them flew onto a discarded pair of underwear that he had lying next to the basket of other dirty clothes. He had thought he'd take care of his laundry while he was there; guess that was a bad idea.



“Hweeh!” He exclaimed, backing up while not only his clothes caught on fire, but a majority of his electronics began to sizzle and spark, breaking and adding to the growing flames. And the worst part of it all was that he hadn't even touched the pudding he had set onto the table!



And even if he tried to save the pudding, it'd be all soggy, warm and gross by now...



“Ahhh!” He screamed, running out of there and ignoring the fact that the prototypes had been finished and were sitting in their pods, waiting for him to open and activate them. As soon as he ran out of his lab doors, he jumped, right as everything exploded behind him. Those who were walking by gasped, the kids in awe as Dekapan made a mad dive for the sidewalk, trying to get to safety as the flames grew in volumes. He landed on the ground with a loud thud, making a quick roll and standing on his feet, surprisingly unharmed. A blush coated his cheeks as everyone who had seen began to clap, impressed with how he had narrowly escaped death.



He let out soft, bashful 'hweehs' while bowing, thanking everyone before another explosion caught his attention, as he turned to gaze back at his now destroyed laboratory with a look of horror. 



“Hwee-” He didn't get a chance to finish his sentence, as he was struck in the head by a large, metal object, causing him to bleed and be knocked unconscious. 



The last thought he had was that he now needed to find a place to stay, and someone to take in his nephew in the meantime. 






“So that's the story, will you allow my nephew to stay here for the time being?” Dekapan asked, on his hands and knees as he knelt down respectfully before Matsuyo and Matsuzo Matsuno. 



When he’d woken up from his mild concussion, still laying down on the dirty streets, they had told him that everything in his lab was destroy, and all that the firefighters could save were the six pods with the frozen Prototypes waiting to be opened... And some bread that became perfectly toasted. 



“Eh, someone else in the house?” Todomatsu asked, as he and his brothers sat around the room, listening in on the conversation alongside their parents. “Is he cute?” 



“That's right Dekapan,” Matsyo interrupted, looking down at the man with a serious expression. Her glasses shimmered with mischievousness, a plan forming in her head the more she thought about her decision. “Is he single? Is he interested in marriage? What are his thoughts on having kids? More preferably three at most to give me some grandchildren?” 



“Now now Matsuyo, we don't even know enough about him to be allowing him to stay.” Matsuzo began, taking a sip of his beer. “Our house already holds six jobless, useless neets, we won't be able to take in another-”



“Hweeh, I understand.” Dekapan began, sitting up straight with his head still bowed. He knew that they'd turn him down, I mean, who would take in a random stranger? Even at the request of an old friend. “He’s actually supposed to be here for four years to study at Keio University, he wants to be a nurse for the Maternity ward and will be getting a job soon here in Japan... That's a lot to handle-” 



“He is welcomed in the Matsuno household for as long as needed.” Both Matsuzo and Matsuyo told him, looking as serious as possible.



“Ehhh?!” The matsuno brothers, as well as Dekapan exclaimed, all utterly shocked that they just accepted it without much thought. Then again, it became understandable when Matsuyo san began muttering 'grandchildren' under her breath over and over again. Of course she'd take anyone in as long as it meant they had a chance of marrying off one of their useless sons and gaining a new in-law and grandchild in the process. 



“Dekapan, when will he be arriving in Japan?” Matusyo asked, smiling brightly at the man. 



“A-Ah, well he’ll be here within the week, I'll be bringing him over in due time.” He explained, before bowing his head down. “Thank you very much.”



'I can stay with Dayoon for a while my lab/home is being repaired, and check to see if the prototypes are functional.'






“A-Are you sure they'll allow me to stay here, uncle?” (Y/n) asked nervously, glancing all around them unsure of how to deal with the fact that he were not, in fact, going to be staying with his uncle.



“Hweeh, you have nothing to worry about (y/n),” Dekapan reassured, placing a hand on his nephew’s shoulder in reassurance. “They are friends of mine, I've known them for years, and I know that they'll take good care of you.” 



“Only if you're sure uncle...” (Y/n) muttered, as they neared the Matsuno residence. (Y/n) was rather shocked when he heard that his uncle's lab/home was burned down due to an accident involving a faulty toaster. Now, normally he wouldn't question his uncle, but when he heard that there are at least 8 people already living in the home, a mother, father and their six children, he didn't know if this was such a good idea.



Wouldn't (y/n) just be in the way?



Was this even a good idea? 



“We're here.” Dekapan announced, as he walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. (Y/n) felt nervous, not really sure how he should feel.



This was a stranger's house; would they be okay with a university student? Sure (y/n) adored kids, but would he be in the way of their mother with taking care of six of them? And with six boys no less? You know how rowdy kids can be, especially young boys.



That sounded weird. 



'No,' the university student thought. 'I shouldn't think too much into it, especially since I can use this as practice for the future.' 



“Mom! The door!” 



“Hweeh, that was Osomatsu, you two can be good friends. He could learn a thing or two from you.” Dekapan told him, looking like a proud uncle knowing that his nephew was a good person. He just hoped that his nephew and Osomatsu didn't get too close...



That wouldn't be too good in all honesty... 



“I'm coming!” A soft, elderly voice called out, followed my slow footsteps.



“Ah, that sounds like Matsuyo.” Dekapan informed his nervous nephew, smiling happily knowing that he'll get the chance to spend time with him now that he’s here to stay. (Y/n) didn't really get the chance to prepare himself until the door opened, causing him to tense and stand up with his back straight. There stood a very pretty woman, grey hair in a bun wearing a yellow shirt with an apron and skirt.



No doubt this woman was a beauty in her youth; she looked like someone who didn't mess around. 



“Hello Dekapan, is this your nephew?” She asked, staring at (y/n) with a gleam in her eyes. (Y/n) wasn't sure if the gleam was a good or bad one, but he had a feeling that he should probably be on guard now that he saw it.




“Hweeh, yes. This is (y/n) (l/n), (y/n) this is Matsuno Matsuyo, and she will be your host for the time being.” Dekapan introduced, as (y/n) nodded and bowed his head respectfully in greeting, introducing himself as best he could.



“P-Pleasure to meet you madam!” (Y/n)’s Japanese wasn't 100 percent but he knew enough. His parents spoke it a lot back in Canada, but it was only a second language to him, so it will take some getting used to, but he knows that he’ll manage somehow.



“Oh my.” Matsuno san muttered, moving closer to the young student as he stood up straight, taking his hands into her own. “Tell me, are you single?” She asked suddenly, confusing the young student.



“Eh?” (Y/n) mumbled, all the while Dekapan watched the whole interaction with a smile on his face.



“Do you plan on having any children in the future?” She asked, eyes sparkling mischievously. 


“Er- Sort of?-” (y/n) muttered, only to be interrupted by the enthusiastic woman letting out a loud shriek of excitement, enough to shake the whole house.



“Come in, come in, meet my six sons and marry one of them.” She exclaimed, practically dragging him by the wrist into her home, grabbing his suitcase with her free hand.



“E-Eh?” (Y/n) had no idea what was going on, just what was this woman planning? Had she really said what he thought she said?



“Please come in and meet my six sons.”


“U-Uncle-” (Y/n) stuttered nervously, looking at his uncle for help, only to see him smile as though this weren't creepy as hell and they weren't being dragged into the house of a strange, enthusiastic woman who wanted him to marry one of her children and was surprisingly strong for her age.



“Hweeh, I wish I could stay longer but I have to go. I'm working on a prototype and I need to make sure they're working and perfect.” He explained, as (y/n)'s face paled. His uncle was leaving him behind, not even bothering to go inside to help him settle in or anything. Nope, this was an 'every-person-for-themselves' situation; he had to deal with everything on his own now.



“Yes yes Dekapan, you go on ahead. Your nephew will be fine here with us.” Matsuno san told him, nodding her head at him while continuing to drag a struggling (y/n) through the front door. But the student was persistent and stayed in place, turning to his fleeting uncle with a nervous gaze.



“W-wait uncle-” He began to plead, only to watch as his uncle walked off, not really looking bothered by the situation and acting as though this was a normal occurrence.



“Hweeh, have fun (y/n).” He said with a wave, before turning a corner and disappearing out of (y/n)'s sight. Seeing a window of opportunity when (y/n) failed to pay much attention, Matsuno san pulled him inside and closed the door behind her as she smiled.


And there he sat on his knees in what seemed to be the dining area, his suitcase off to the side as he waited patiently for Matsuyo. (Y/n) glanced quickly at the man sitting next to him, smiling at him politely before turning back to the television. “Neets! Get down here and greet our guest!” Matsuyo called from the halls, as the sound of something falling above them could be heard. The man watching the television turned to (y/n) fully and smiled widely, looking happy to have them there and easing some of (y/n)'s nerves.



“Ah, you must be the university student, nice to meet you, I'm Matsuno Matsuzo.” He greeted, bowing his head slightly.


The young student tensed, being caught off guard by the sudden introduction before turning to him and bowing his head down low in respect. “N-Nice to meet you sir, I'm-”




“Awww I don't wanna Chorofappyski-” A voice interrupted them, as five others followed behind him and made their way down the stairs.



“Stop calling me that!”



“Heh, my brothers, one should not fight-”



“Shut up shittymatsu, I’ll kill you, just die already.”



“Jyushimatsu nii-san, you're running too fast!”



“Haha! New guest! New guest!”



Before (y/n) knew what was going on, the sliding door to the dining room slid open with a loud slam. (Y/n) sat there with his eyes wide, shocked at the man that stood there, wearing a yellow sweater with sleeves long enough to cover his hands and a large smile plastered on his face. (Y/n) couldn't help but stare at the man, only to have him stare back at him with a curious gaze. “U-Uh-” (Y/n) stuttered; only to be interrupted once again by Matsuyo, who walked in passed the man in the yellow sweater.



“(Y/n), these are my useless sons.” She introduced, as five others with the same faces as the guy in the yellow sweater entered the room. 



“Mom! You don't have to introduce us like that!” The one in a green sweater exclaimed, looking rather embarrassed.



“Fine, these are my useless, unemployed, virgin neet sons.” She said, causing the green lima bean to blush, sending (y/n) a quick glance before looking down at the ground.





“Whoa! Cute! Cute!” The yellow one exclaimed, causing all of his brothers to turn their attention towards (y/n).



“You're right Jushimatsu nii-san, he is cute.” A pink hoodied one commented.



“S-Six? You're sextuplets?” (Y/n) exclaimed, staring at them with wide eyes. The others just stared at (y/n), before the red one let out a laugh. No doubt he was amused by the astonishment written all over the student's face.



“Ha, yeah, wanna take a picture?” The red one asked, quickly doing a pose with a quick wink. Completely ignoring him, much to everyone's surprise, (y/n) turned to Matsuyo with a bright smile, eyes practically sparkling at the woman.



“That's amazing Matsuyo san! You're amazing! Six kids, I can't believe it...” He complimented, watching as Matsuyo blushed lightly at, before the student gasped at his own mistake. “Ah I'm sorry, in Japan you go by last name, sorry, it's different in Canada...”



“No no, please call me Matsuyo, or better yet you can call me mom.” She told him, waving her hand around aimlessly. ''Marry one of my neets, it will make things better for when you call me mom.”



“Eh?” (Y/n) muttered, cheeks glowing a soft, rosy colour while sweating nervously.



“Mom stop, that's-” The green lima bean began, only to be interrupted.



“But six, I can't believe it.” (Y/n) muttered, turning to the six men with a large smile. He couldn't believe it, women were really amazing people, bringing life to this world and not actually being given enough credit for it.



“Hard to believe huh?” The red one commented, rubbing under his nose with his index finger. He was slowly making his way towards the student with a smile, taking it one step at a time all the while (y/n) smile up at him as though he were a rare specimen. He was almost next to him, until he was pushed aside by the yellow jellybean that made a dive to his side.



“Whoa, I wanna sit next to the cute one!” He shouted, sitting down next to the (h/c) haired student, bright smile still on his face.



“Er... I-I'm (y/n), (l/n) (y/n)...” (Y/n) greeted with a stutter, as the pink one sat himself down on the other side of him.



“Hi (l/n) chan, I'm Todomatsu.” He greeted, turning to the young student with a kitten-like smile. One by one the others began to introduce themselves, all while sitting down at the table and smiling at the student. 



“I'm Osomatsu.” The red one said, sending him a laid-back smile. 



“Heh, I'm Karamatsu-” The blue one began, only to get interrupted by the brother sitting down next to him. 



“I'm Choromatsu, nice to meet you.” The green lima bean said, smiling at him politely and bowing his head down at him. 



“Che, I'm Ichimatsu.” The purple one said, looking rather annoyed and glancing away, but with a small blush coating his cheeks. 



“Jyushimatsu! I'm Jyushimatsu!” The yellow jellybean sitting down next to them exclaimed, smiling the brightest out of all of them at the student. 



(Y/n) stared around the small table at all of them, blinking as he mentally tried to remember all of their names before sending the Matsuno family a small, shy smile and a courteous nod. “Er, well. I'll be in your care then.” He muttered, glancing down at his lap rather nervously, feeling all of Matsuno's eyes burning holes into his head.



“Of course!” Matsuyo exclaimed, clapping her hands together and looking positively ecstatic. “Let me show you to your room then.” She didn't give the young student much time to think, as she reached out to grab him by the arm before he or anyone else could react. She was stronger than she looked, for she picked him up with one swift move and smiled as he stood on his feet.



“Thank you.” (Y/n) muttered, letting out a soft squeak when Matsuyo began to drag him out of the room.



“I'll carry your bags!” The yellow jellybean exclaimed, hopping to stand and making a quick grab for (y/n)'s suitcase and duffle bag. The others seemed irritated and defeated by his sudden outburst, grumbling under their breaths about how they wanted to be the ones to do it but got beaten to it.



“Th-Thank you um...” (Y/n) began, racking his brain for the man's name as he walked up right next to him.






“Jyushimatsu san...”






“Hweeh, the prototypes are still perfectly protected in their mini-pods...” Dekapan muttered, checking the pods which held his experiments closely, making sure there was not a single crack or scratch that could destroy all of his efforts. The firefighters were able to scavenge them from the ashes of his old home along with a couple of other things. His toaster didn't make it though, so he'd have to buy a new one of those. Dekapan hadn't had the chance to actually see if his experiments were damage since he had been moving in with his old friend Dayoon, who had allowed him to stay with him until his home was repaired.



Being alone in the house for once, he had remembered the pods and decided to take the time to finally examine them.



Fortunately for him, they were perfectly fine, all six of them. As he sat himself down at a makeshift study desk, he took out a screwdriver and began to tinker with the device; he had to make sure none of the cords caused any unnecessary damages to the specimen inside.



'This might take a while...' He thought to himself, as he tried to unscrew one of the bolts of the pod, only to press the red button with his wrist by mistake. A soft hissing was heard, and he realized that the gas keeping the creature inside asleep and safe, was escaping. It took him a minute, until a soft 'click!' made him understand the situation.



“Ah, it opened!”



It wasn't long until the gas was all gone, and the small pod door swung open slowly. Dekapan swallowed thickly as he waited for the small mist around the creature disappeared, since the pod is supposed to keep the creature inside cold. He gasped when the creature began to move, twitching slightly before letting out a soft whine and stretching, its tiny fingers wiggling slightly as though trying to get the hang of moving them. 



“Hmm, you seem fine, fluffy and intact...” Dekapan muttered to himself lightly touching the small creature with the tip of his screwdriver. The creature was slow to respond at first, but began to make soft whining noises and try to swat away at the object.



As it continued, the creature let out a small hiss and began to open its eyes, slowly adjusting to the lighting of the room before looking around. Dekapan waited patiently, sweating nervously as the creature crawled out of its pod and onto the worktable. 



It began to look around, examining the tools it found and even sniffing around the other pods. Dekapan could feel the pride swell up inside him, it's been a couple of minutes and the creature seemed perfectly intact. No explosions yet, it hasn't burned to ashes with the lights, no melting was happening. With a hum, Dekapan grabbed a glass of water and poured some on the fluffy creature, hearing whine in disapproval and shake itself clean.



“P-Perfect! You didn't turn to dust or explode or- OW!” Pulling his finger away and checking it, it had small sharp bite marks around it and softly bleeding. Maybe the creature didn't like him, or it just didn't like getting petted after having cold water dropped onto its back.



“Hweeh, I need to run some more test, then I can give you to (y/n)...” He muttered to himself, letting out a hiss as he turned back to the creature, which seemed to be examining his toast as though wondering if it were okay to eat.



“I hope it won't take too long...”