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"Goddamnit!" Machias shouted. It was barely heard over the sound of his orbal shotgun. He knew the task of getting a lost item sounded too easy. This place was absolutely infested with monsters. Jusis had been picked to go with him, despite the fact that Machias refused to work with the pompous ass. A sword cut through a monster behind him that he hadn't noticed. Maybe he wasn't that bad..
"You should be more aware of everything going on around you." Jusis stated. Nope, still a jerky noble. Machias shot at another one of the bug-like monsters and brought it down.
"Let's get moving!" He shouted to Jusis, not noticing the winged cat on it's last legs off to his left. There was a blooming pain in his back as the cat got one final attack in. Machias turned around and shot at it, ending its life. Immediately afterward he fell to his knees in pain. Jusis ran toward him.
"Are you alright?" He said with a concerned look on his face. There were deep gashes on Machias's back and his jacket was stained with red.
"Of course I'm okay!" He snapped, straightening up. Afterward he visibly winced in pain, regretting his decision.
"It's no use acting tough right now. You're going to make it worse." Jusis said. He looked around. Thankfully no monsters had been attracted by the noise. "We have to get to shelter. There's no way I'm letting you walk all the way to camp without assessing your injuries." He added. Machias frowned but didn't protest. He was hurting that badly?
Jusis supported Machias and kept alert until they found a run down building. He recognized it as their destination from before. Elliot had forgotten his violin here and couldn't go anywhere until it was found. Jusis released Machias for a couple seconds to push open the doors. There was a familiar orbment charging station near the entrance. They would rest here for the night. Monsters were much less numerous and aggressive in the morning. Machias was now actively pushing away Jusis in favor of sitting by the wall. He was curled in an awkward position in which his shoulder was against the wall instead of his back.
"I'm going to have to look at that either way. Better now than later when it could get infected." Jusis said, sitting near Machias. "I know you don't like me but I would rather not bring your comatose/dead body back to the others because you refused treatment." He continued, reaching toward the injured boy.
"I guess you're right." Machias said quietly. He turned his back to Jusis.
"You're going to have to remove your jacket and shirt so I can see the full extent of the damage." Music stated.
"Oh.. Right." Machias replied, shrugging off his jacket and working himself out of his shirt. Jusis eyed the scratches. Thankfully they weren't deep enough to warrant stitches, but they would need cleaning and would take a good amount of time to heal. Would probably scar too.
Jusis took off his pack that he always took with him and extracted the first aid kit and his canteen.
"Lay on the floor. It'll be easier for me." Jusis said patting the floor in front of him. He took off and put down his jacket to make it more comfortable. Machias obeyed and laid on his stomach.
Jusis began cleaning the wound with a cloth, soap and water. It had stopped bleeding but having dried blood all over him couldnt have been comfortable. Afterwards he applied some healing salve and wrapped Machias up in bandages.
"Don't move more than you have to. If you reopen those I don't have much salve left." Jusis said.
"Yeah, cause I was totally planning to frolic in a field and do some acrobatics." Machias replied in a sarcastic tone. He scooted as far away as he could.
"Well, good to see you're back to your old self. I was almost getting tired of the lack of snippy remarks." Jusis commented.
"And I was almost getting tired of you being caring for once and not a pompous noble." Machias retorted. They both sat in silence for a while. After eating a small meal Jusis prepared from some materials they had gotten from monsters(many were plant based) they both called it a night. Machias tried for at least an hour to get to sleep but he just couldn't. He'd had problems with insomnia before and usually just studied or read chess transcripts until he was sleepy. It was probably because of all the coffee he drank...
Jusis however, had no trouble drifting off on the cold, hard floor. He looked pretty peaceful when asleep. Less annoyed than when he was awake, that's for sure.
Machias shivered. It really was cold in here. He guessed that he should have expected as much. Old stone shrines don't usually have heaters. Pulling his jacket tighter around himself as if it would make him warmer, Machias began shivering. Jusis was woken out of his light slumber by the sound of chattering teeth. He looked around to find the source of he infernal noise and saw Machias by the wall rubbing his hands together. His face softened at the sight. "Are you okay?" He asked. The other boy jumped at the sound of Jusis' voice.
"Just freezing to death over here.. Other than that I'm fine." Machias replied with a halfhearted glare. Jusis sighed and crawled over to Machias. Much to the green haired boy's shock, Jusis wrapped his arms around Machias' shoulders, being careful of the bandages he had spent so much time on.
"What exactly do you think you're doing?" Machias asked him. He hadn't pushed Jusis away or bashed his face in. The noble supposed that was a good sign.
"Your shivering and teeth chattering are annoying. The only way I can get rid of it is warming you up." He said matter of factly. Machias ignored the rudeness for once and melted into Jusis' embrace. The blond was radiating warmth. Enough so that the shivering was less frequent. Even so, Jusis didn't release him. He heard a faint snore. The jerk had fallen asleep on top of him! In any other circumstance he would have pushed Jusis and reprimanded him, but he was really warm.. He opted to let him sleep.
The human blanket did nothing for his insomnia though. His mind began wandering toward things he'd rather not think about. Machias tried to resist the urge to touch Jusis' soft locks. The temptation won out and he began playing with the tips of the other boy's hair. Thankfully Jusis seemed to be in a deeper sleep than last time. He must have been really tired...
Machias had been harboring feelings for him for a while. He realized it soon after they began going on field studies. But he couldn't just change the way he acted completely and not have it raise questions so he kind of just went with it. It caused him more stress than it should have. He thought he'd gotten over it, but clearly not if he was feeling the ache in his heart now.
After some more heavy thinking Machias finally was able to go to sleep.

When he woke up it was early in the morning. He felt a warm weight on his chest. Ah, that would be Jusis. Sometime in the night Jusis' body decided it would be a good idea to curl around Machias so he would have no means of escape without waking the other up. He looked so peaceful.. Machias debated whether or not to wake him. In the end the verdict was to let Jusis rest. Then he'd be less irritable. It wasn't freezing anymore, but still a bit chilly. The sun was probably just coming up.
A few moments later Jusis began to stir. Either he was still too tired to realize he was using Machias for a pillow or he didn't care. He nuzzled into Machias before yawning and stretching. His eyes slowly blinked open and he sat up. As soon as he was free Machias got up. He was feeling much better and wasn't in pain anymore. He grabbed Elliot's violin(it was by the door) and his shotgun. Jusis took a moment to fully wake up and picked up his sword.
Neither one spoke, they just walked out the door. The walk back would be pretty long but there was no real rush.
"So, what was that about?" Machias asked.
"What was what about?" Jusis inquired back, still walking.
"The cuddling back at the temple. Why?" Machias fell into step with Jusis.
"You were cold. Apparently I'm warm. I felt the obligation to help." Jusis answered smoothly. Machias sped up and blocked his path.
"Why?" He asked yet again. Jusis was a little annoyed and stopped.
"Maybe it's because I like you." He replied with a shrug.
Machias stepped back from shock. Jusis resumed walking along the path, a little faster now. It took a second for things to click in Machias' brain, but when they did he was running to catch up. He again blocked Jusis' path.
"What exactly do you mea-" Machias was cut off by Jusis' lips capturing his. As quickly as it had began, it ended.
"That should answer all your questions. Now shush." He said before walking around him once again. Machias quieted down and followed with a blush on his face.