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Rocky Roads and Movie Nights

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“Who the hell decided that movie night was a good idea?” Katsuki grumbled from his position on the couch in between Kirishima and Deku.


“It’s team bonding, Bakugo,” Iida sighed in response, pushing his glasses up his nose. Katsuki just huffed and sunk further into the couch.


“Sooooooooo… what’re we watching?” Uraraka chirped from one of the other couches where she was snuggled in between Tsuyu and Yaoyorozu. A stack of DVDs rested on top of the coffee table, ranging from comedy to horror (the horror had been Tokoyami’s idea, while the comedy had been Kaminari’s). Uraraka’s innocent question immediately caused a rowdy debate about the merits of Disney versus Cowboy Bebop. Katsuki just clenched his jaw and waited for the debate to be over.


Finally, finally , after a solid fifteen minutes of debate, everyone finally agreed to watch Fullmetal Alchemist. Todoroki and Jirou left to go pick up the snacks while Kaminari set up the DVD. Katsuki huffed and prepared himself for the long night ahead of him.


Movie night soon became a tradition every Friday night, much to Katsuki’s annoyance. Deku insisted on dragging Katsuki to every single one and one time even sat on him to keep him from escaping. After about six of these, Katsuki resigned himself to spending his Friday nights on a couch watching cheesy movies. And, although he would never tell anyone this even on pain of death, he… was secretly starting to enjoy these nights… just a little bit.


He still would never tell anyone that, ever . He had an image to maintain, after all.

Katsuki walked into class one day to see Mineta’s seat behind Deku empty.


“Yo Deku, where’s the little purple fucker?” Katsuki asked, trying to make himself sound bored.


“Oh, haven’t you heard? Mineta got expelled! We’re getting a new classmate tomorrow!” Deku exclaimed, beaming. Katsuki internally cheered, finally glad to be rid of the horrible little fucker. Outwardly, he just went “Hmph. Good riddance,” before continuing to his seat.


Aizawa walked in, looking happier than he had all year. He still looked dead inside, but a small grin tugged at the edges of his lips.


“Now, I’m sure all of you have heard that Mineta has been expelled. I’m not going to go into the details of how or why. All I’m telling you is that, starting on Monday, you will have a new classmate. Moving on from that, today you’re going to be doing two-on-two battles, with partners that I have assigned based on quirks, personalities, and overall compatibility,” Aizawa said. Everyone groaned and banged their heads on their desks, distinctly remembering the last time this had happened.


“WHY THE HELL AM I WITH DEKU?!” Katsuki yelled, slamming his fist into the wall. Deku flinched back a little and inched behind Iida.


“I mean, you two have quirks that complement each other. And it’s just an exercise, it doesn’t mean you’re married for life,” Kirishima pointed out, clapping Katsuki on the shoulder. Katsuki growled but didn’t reply.


“Bakugou and Midoriya, you’re up first against Iida and Uraraka,” All Might called. Katsuki growled and stalked to the centre of the room. Deku hesitantly followed after a few moments.


The fight went horribly. Sure, Katsuki and Deku won, but that was only through sheer luck to be honest. Uraraka had accidentally tripped over Iida’s leg, while Iida had crashed into the wall after Deku moved at the very last second. Katsuki didn’t even wait around for critiques from All Might; he just stormed off to his room.


About an hour after Katsuki stormed off, someone knocked at his door. “WHAT?!” Katsuki yelled.


“Uh… It’s me. I just wanted to ask… are you okay?” Deku’s voice came from the other side of the door. Katsuki grit his teeth and forced himself to walk over to the door. He wrenched it open to see Deku with a small bandage on his cheek from one of Uraraka’s rock shards she had thrown.


“Why do you give a fuck, Deku?” Katsuki asked, gripping the doorframe tightly. Deku gulped and wrung his hands nervously.


“Well… um… you seemed really upset, and um… I was just making sure you were okay,” Deku stammered.


“I’m fine, nerd. Go away.” With that, Katsuki swung the door shut and locked it.


“Uh… you do know that it’s also movie night, right?” Deku called.


God damnit .


“I transfer out of a class filled with crazy people, and I transfer into a class full of insane people. How is this my life?” Shinsou groaned, banging his head onto his desk (which happened to be Mineta’s old desk).


“Welcome to the fam, bro!” Kirishima cheered, slinging an arm around Shinsou’s shoulders. Deku giggled while Katsuki rolled his eyes. Aizawa and All Might had both decided that Shinsou deserved to join the hero course, so they had placed him into Class 1-A to replace Mineta. Deku has cheered and pulled Shinsou into a bone-crushing hug while Shinsou awkwardly stood there as his eyes screamed for help. Most of the class had just snickered and ignored his useless pleas for assistance, more than used to Deku and his erratic tendencies at this point.


“I feel so blessed,” Shinsou deadpanned, sliding down in his chair. Kirishima was about to respond when Aizawa walked in to start class.


“As I’m sure you’ve all noticed by now, our new student is here. Does anyone need an introduction or do you all know him?” Aizawa droned, pulling out the class roster to take attendance. Everyone shook their heads and Aizawa proceeded with attendance.


About halfway through Present Mic’s English class, Katsuki’s phone buzzed and he subtly pulled it out to check it. Someone had texted the class group chat, apparently.


Die Hard: heyyyyy what do you guys think about throwing a welcome party for shinsou this friday???


Sassy Cinnamon Roll: YESSSSSSSSSSS WE NEED TO!!!!!! Who wants to help plan it??


Die Hard: ME


electroboy: i


Zuko: sure


NewtonWasWrong: I’ll do it!!


lesbicreative: I’ll help! I can also pay for everything?


Sonic: Please stop texting while in class!


Sonic: … I will also help out with planning


Sassy Cinnamon Roll: Great! We’ll discuss this during lunch then!!


Katsuki rolled his eyes at his classmates and stashed his phone in his pocket. Present Mic has switched to talking about this childhood crush he had and everyone was secretly placing bets on which staff member/pro hero it could be (Katsuki wasn’t blind , he just didn’t care to join in). LIke always, Katsuki just went back to pretending not to pay attention while secretly taking notes. Hey, he had a reputation to maintain, after all.


“Hey, Kacchan? C-can I talk to you for a second?” Deku’s voice came from Katsuki’s left. Katsuki slid his eyes over to see Deku fidgeting nervously with his red plastic cup filled with soda. He grunted in agreement and walked out into the hallway for a bit more privacy. Katsuki really didn’t need the rest of his nosy class hearing this.


“So, I know things have been getting better between us lately, and I just want to… you know, make sure you know… I consider you a friend, even after everything. I get it if you don’t feel the same!” Deku started, waving his arms around wildly. “But I’m just making sure that you know that… I’m here if you ever need to talk, or vent, or anything else. Okay?”


Outwardly, Katsuki looked like his normal asshole self. Inwardly, his emotions were in turmoil. Even after everything that had happened, Deku still considered him a friend? Katsuki didn’t know whether to be touched by Deku’s loyalty and capacity for forgiveness, or frustrated at his naiveté.


“It’s fine,” Deku sighed out, his shoulders sagging. “I’ll just… head back to the party now.” As he turned to leave, Katsuki called out “Hey, nerd.”


“Yeah?” Deku asked, turning back around with a cautious hope in his eyes.


“You’re the least annoying person in this class. I wouldn’t object to having lunch together some time or some shit,” Katsuki managed, hoping he didn’t sound too aggressive. He wasn’t fucking good with feelings, after all.


Deku’s face split into a huge grin and he stammered out “I-I’d like that too! T-thanks Kacchan!” With that, he dashed back into the common area, leaving Katsuki to his thoughts.


“That went pretty well. Not a complete failure, at least,” Shinsou’s voice came from the doorway. Katsuki turned to see the purple-haired boy grinning and giving him a thumbs-up. Katsuki glared and growled, which only caused Shinsou to laugh and duck back into the party. Against his will, a small smile spread across Katsuki’s face before he went to rejoin the party. It was a small step, but it was better than nothing. He still had two years to fix things with Deku, after all.