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Mystic Falls High

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Elena took one final look in the mirror before leaving the house. Her dark curls were straightened and smoothed back in a braided chignon at the base of her neck. A small silver locket rested against her collarbone – a gift from Caroline. She smiled as she took in the outfit. The white blouse paired perfectly with the black pants and open blue blazer. The whole look was finished off with a pair of low heeled ankle boots. She looked professional but not as if she had tried too hard. Nodding once at her reflection, she reached for her bag and walked out the front door to slide in her car.

In the car her mind began to wander. Up until that point in time her conscious mind had been consumed with preparing for the year ahead; only now did she realize what accepting a job at her old school entailed: returning to her old school. Would there be ghosts around? Would she be haunted by her memories of the man who had crushed her beyond measure?

Elena’s nerves were shot when she finally pulled into a parking spot in front of the school. Worrying her bottom lip she stared at her hands; the knuckles had turned white around the wheel. Her foot was firm on the brake but she couldn’t quite bring herself to move the vehicle into park.

For one wild moment she considered pulling back out of the space and fleeing the scene. She had even put the car in reverse and was mentally preparing herself when she heard a quick buzzing from her bag. With a defeated sigh she reached for the mobile already anticipating who the message was from.

CAROLINE: Quit stalling and get out of the car. He does not get to take anything else from you.

ELENA: How do you know I’m stalling in the car?

CAROLINE: I know you Elena. Get out of the car, you are not going to be intimidated by the ghost of your ex.

ELENA: You’re right. The only person who intimidates me is Caroline Forbes. ;) But to be fair she intimidates everyone.

CAROLINE: Damn straight.

Elena smiled and finally threw the car into park. Tucking her car into park Elena opened the door and stepped out into the sunlight. Today would be a new day, and she would fake her confidence until she found it again.