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Bad Touch, Bat Touch

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Billy Batson may be the daring, super strong, magically endowed super hero Shazam but he was also just a kid. A scared kid at that because his hero, the paradigm of good had just done something to him which he could never take back.

He mulled over what to do or who to tell for almost a month before he worked up the courage to talk to Nightwing. He was wary about taking the older boy to a private space after what his mentor had done but they were on the Watch Tower now, any scream for help would be registered by Superman. Hopefully.

Billy was Shazam, Shazam was strong and Shazam didn't let the thing Batman had done to him happen. Shazam was brave and Billy needed a little brave right now, he certainly didn't feel it. He couldn't even look Nightwing in the eye.

“Shazam, what's up?” Dick asked concerned. Usually 'Shazam' mimicked Superman, shoulders broad, back straight, chin up, even Billy was usually a confident little kid but now, his face was downturned, turned to the side so he wouldn't even have to look in Dick's direction, he was shuffling his feet like a school boy which I guess he was “Billy. What's wrong?”

“Um... I- I don't know if you'll believe me or- but I swear it's true...” he hesitated, glancing up at Nightwing for a fleeting moment. He looked down again before tears started swelling in his eyes, finally he whispered “Batman touched me.”

Nightwing's eyes widened behind the mask “Touched you?”

The words didn't seem to register to Dick, as if he had just spoken some alien language so Billy tried again “I asked him- no I told him not to but he said... he said I should let him if I want to keep my position in the League...” Billy trailed off as he saw the utter disbelief in his eyes. He knew it, he should have told someone else. He shouldn't have told anyone at all.

Dick stared at him. Dick though back to an incident he'd had with Tim a few years ago. They'd been in the showers and Tim had had a hand shaped bruise on his hip, when Dick had questioned who had managed to dig their hands in that deep into him Tim had avoided the question until he admitted he was embarrassed because he couldn't fight off the second rate thug who had done it but he had been limping that day. Limping like someone had shoved something up his ass rough and hard.

Jason, ever since he had come back, had been going on and on about how Bruce wasn't the man everyone thought he was. He was just as bad as the rest of Gotham's nut cases. Gotham's murderers and rapists.

Dick remembered when he'd first gotten an official Robin costume. Booty shorts. His trapeze outfit hadn't had booty shorts, he'd had tight trousers like his father had but Bruce had changed it to scaly green booty shorts despite Gotham being constantly freezing. He remembered how he had traced the edges of the shorts whilst he'd been wearing them as a joke looking back it didn't seem that funny.

Dick's face changed into a scowl as he thought about all of his brothers being violated in that way, about Billy being violated in that way. He wondered if it was too late for Damian.

Billy ducked back, scared Nightwing was angry at him for accusing his mentor and father(?) of such a thing so he was surprised when he growled out “When did it happen?”

“September 9th 4:36 PM in the Batcave.” he knew, he'd been staring at the Batcave's clock throughout the whole horrible thing. It had lasted 20 minutes but throughout his years in the foster system Billy had never felt so helpless.

“A month ago.”

“A month ago.” Billy confirmed even though it wasn't a question.

“He won't get away with it.” Dick said “I swear to you Billy he won't get away with it, I won't rest until he's-”

“What are you going to do? You can't kick him off the League.”

“Like hell I can't! He's left the League and they've been fine! And besides, not one Leaguer would work with him if they'd known what he'd done!”

“Wait! You can't tell them!” Billy felt sick. The thought of Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, knowing that he had just sat there and allowed Batman to have his way with him, had just done nothing.

Nightwing's whole demeanour softened “It's not your fault.”

“I know.” Billy whispered.

“No, I don't think you do. None of this is on you.”

“I didn't fight back.”

“You couldn't fight back there's a difference-”

“I'm Shazam!”

“And he's Batman!”

“I could have shocked him with one word and I didn't! I just let it happen!”

“You didn't let anything happen! Billy it's not your fault. Batman's been doing this for years-”


Dick frowned as he though over the answer, as he mulled over Bruce pulling him into his bed to 'ease nightmares' remembered asking what that weird hard thing in the bed was, remembered Bruce saying it was nothing. “Not as badly. But yeah. My brothers too. Red Hood's been trying to warn me for ages now. I was just too adamant to hold onto he notion that everything was fine to let the message sink in.”

“He told you?”

“Not in so many words. He said Batman wasn't the man everyone thought he was. Said he was as bad as the rest of Gotham's psychos. I thought he was just angry being Robin got him killed by the Joker.”

“And Red Robin?”

“I noticed a weird bruise... and a limp but he assured me it was nothing. I should have gone with my gut and dug deeper. I'm sure it wouldn't have taken much to figure out it wasn't nothing.”


“I'm not sure. I don't know if I'm too late but it's another reason you can be sure I won't let him get away with this. Secret identity or not he shouldn't be allowed around children.”

Billy nodded, smiling for what Dick realised was the first time all month.

“It wasn't your fault.”

“It wasn't my fault.” Billy paused before saying “You know... it wasn't your fault either.”

Dick sighed heavily. He had been the first, he could have saved Billy and his brothers “I know. You know... if we're gonna get him you're going to have to tell people.”

“I know. It's just... the League. I don't want Superman to pity me. I don't want them all to look at me and know what's been done.”

“I know, and there's nothing I can do about that Billy except assure you that you'd be saving a future kid from having the same thing done to them. The thing is Batman's secret identity... it's Bruce Wayne.”


“If we took him to court you know it will be big news. We'd have to have a story and how you know Bruce and I, why you were in Wayne Manor-”

“But I was in the Batcave.”

“It's underneath the manor so technically not perjury. But we'd have to pick a room.”

Billy sighed. “I know Clark from a story he did a while ago on the American foster system and I was on WHIZ radio.”

“And Clark Kent is public friends with Bruce Wayne. When did he do that story?”

“About a year and a half ago?”

“Around the time when Damian came along. The kid had no friends so we introduce you to him.”

“How will I explain my absence from the orphanage though?”

“How long were you gone that day? And did the orphanage sign off on anything?”

“It was my birthday the week before and we didn't do anything at the orphanage so they gave me a 'fun day' pass. I told them I was visiting a friend, I didn't say I was going to Gotham.”

“Why not?”

“Batman told me not to.”

“Which makes him sound guilty.”

“He is guilty.”

“I know. I'm talking about to the jury.” Dick sighed “ I can't believe he would do this. I can't believe I didn't see it! This whole thing is fucked.”

“So... when do we inform the League?”

“The main 7 have their monthly meeting tomorrow. I'll just crash it and inform them of what's been going on for so long.”

“Do I... Do I have to come?”

“Not if you don't want to. I suspect the whole meeting will just be me convincing them and Batman trying to wiggle out of it so maybe don't. I'm going to call my brothers though. If they didn't tell me about this they must have thought I'd known all these years or that I wouldn't take their side. I don't know which is worse.”

“Okay. I'm gonna go home.”

“Okay Billy. You head back to Fawcett I'll sort everything out. Our public story and what actually happened. We're going to get him on both fronts of his life.”

Billy gave him a smile, it was weak but it was genuine, then he flew off towards the zeta beam.

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“Hey Dick!” Red Robin replied.

“Are you alone?”

“No I'm with the Titans.”

“I need to talk to you.”

Dick watched as Tim got up and moved to his own bedroom “Okay. I'm alone.”

“Why did you never tell me it was Bruce?”


“The bruise on your hip, the limp. Tim what he did wasn't- isn't okay. Ever.”

Tim looked pale “Like I said it was just some random thug-”

“Tim please. I know.”

Tim bit his bottom lip “Bruce said he'd take away Robin from me. And I didn't want you to think I was weak.”

“Tim I could never think your weak.”

“I'm sorry.” He sobbed “I'm sorry I never told you. Did he do it to Damian is that how you figured it out? I'm sorry it's my fault-”

“It's not your fault! Nothing that happened is your fault. And Damian's... I don't know. It was Billy actually who alerted me to it.”

“Billy!” Tim exclaimed “As in Shazam? He- what?!”

“Yeah. Kid was at wits end, I mean... he's Batman.”

“He's Batman. So what are you going to do? I know you well enough to know you won't let this sit.”

“Would you speak in court?”

“What am I supposed to say? Bruce Wayne, who is actually Batman, threatened to take away my Robin costume?”

“Bruce Wayne, billionaire and adopted dad threatened to take away the home and family I had come to love.”

Tim sighed “Technically true.”

“A life time of vigilantism gets you good at lying. Especially to yourself.”


“The signs were all right there. You're bruise, Jason's little warnings, even when I was a kid I had warning bells going off in my head and I ignored it because it was Bruce.”

“You're not blaming yourself are you? You know I don't blame you, I would never blame you.”

“I know. Doesn't stop me from blaming myself. I mean he got my little bothers and he got Billy. That kids been through enough, we all have.”

“I'd testify in court.” Is Tim's only reply.

“Thanks. I need to call Jason.”

“Bye Dick. I love you.”

“Love you too bro.” Dick said before he hung up.

Dick sat down for a second in silence before he dialled Jason.

“You've reached Red Hood, if you're here to tell me to stop killing, fuck off. If it's Batman, fuck off. If it's-”

“Jason I know that's not a real voicemail message.”

“If it's Dick, fuck off.”

“I'm taking Bruce to court over paedophilia and sexual assault.” he cut to the chase.

Jason paused “You finally figured it out.”

“Why did you not just tell me?”

“Like you would have believed me. I'm the messed up murderer son remember? So what did Damian say that convinced you.”

“Actually Billy Batson told me.”

“Billy?! Bruce went outside of the family? That seems sloppy.”

“Not really. Billy had that same cult like idolisation that he instils into all his Robins.”

“So you admit-”

“I was purposefully ignorant? To a point, yeah. I think I was trying to block out some of my own stuff.”

“Well better late than never.” He paused “I don't blame you for not realising by the way. I know I blame you for a lot of things but this is on him.”

“Thanks. Look, I'm planning to gate crash the JL7 meeting tomorrow, do you want to come?”

“I don't think I can face him and talk about it.” Jason admitted.

“Billy and Tim said they'd testify in a court against Bruce Wayne. Someone needs to be here to take down Batman too.”

“And you can't?”

Dick sighed “It's hard for me too. I could use the support.”

“Okay. I'll come. Send me a time.”

“Thank you Jason. And don't bring your guns, I don't need anyone having any reasons to argue.”

“Okay.” He sighed “I'll leave the guns at home. Um Dick...”


“If he went for Billy, do you think he went for Roy or Wally or any of the other sidekicks?”

Dick stopped “I didn't think about that. Jason we need to call a meeting. A meeting of all the sidekicks and young heroes who have been around since me and we need to find out if he did anything to them before we crash their meeting tomorrow. Can you call Roy and Starfire?”

“Yeah. Let's get on it.” Jason hung up without a goodbye but it was less the usual angry hang up and more an urgent one. This was urgent.

Dick decided that rather than send a message to everyone individually he would make a video and send it to them all.

“Young heroes, sidekicks, protégées and mentees. Something urgent has come to my attention and I would like us all to meet to discuss it. Today. Do not tell your mentors as we don't want to alert the League until tomorrow. If we could meet at Titans Tower at 8:00 PM EST that would be great. If you can't make it but you can watch a video I will set that up, if you can't do that either I will talk to you later but this is urgent so if you can make it, be there.”

He fired that off to the Titans team, the slightly younger Teen Titans, Young Justice, Static and his team, The Outsiders, Titans East, Titans South, Titans North and all the Honorary Titans. It was crazy how many young heroes there were. How many Batman had to chose from. He wondered how many had been violated and hadn't said anything. He wondered how many dreaded seeing the League because Batman was there.

A flash of anger ran through him when he though of Batman's brief stint with The Outsiders. Had he touched them too? Black Lighting? Zatanna? It made him sick that people he knew, his friends could be living with this, too afraid or too ashamed to tell anyone thinking they were alone.

He called Damian next. He was dreading this call “Hey Dami.” he said softly.

“Yes Grayson?”

“Are you alone?”


“You sure? No one's listening? Not even a chance?”

“I'm sure.”

“I have to ask you a question and I want you to be truthful with me. And if the answer is yes it's nothing to be ashamed of and it wasn't your fault.”

“What is it then?”

“Did Bruce ever... touch you in a way that made you feel uncomfortable on a place that made you uneasy?”

Damian blinked at him “I'm familiar with the concept of paedophilia Grayson. And no he has never touched me.” He grew stiff “Why?”

“Billy told me-”

“Billy is lying. My father would never-”

“Tim too. And Jason.”

“They must be lying too. They are just trying to get attention and Todd is constantly trying to-”


Damian stopped. “You?”


Damian frowned “If it had happened to you you wouldn't have allowed it to happen to Todd and Drake. Or Batson.”

“Yeah, if I hadn't written it off as just me not getting America and blocked it out of my memory.”

Damian stared at him, his eyes widened “He... they're not lying are they?”

“No. They're not Damian. And I'm going to take Bruce to court over this.”

Damian dipped his head “So he'll go to jail?”

“Yeah. Are you okay? With all this I mean?”

Damian looked young. I mean he was young so he always looked young but now he truly looked like the child he pretended not to be “You'll still be here?”

“Of course.”

Damian gave him a smile “Then I'll be okay. Should I come to this meeting thing tonight?”

“Yeah. Red Hood, Red Arrow and pretty much every young superhero will be there.”

“Okay. I'll be there.” He paused “Dick?”


“Do you think Alfred knows?”

Dick looked at him “I can't imagine he would. Then again I couldn't imagine Bruce doing this. I'm sure he didn't but I'll... I'll ask.”

“Okay. Goodbye.”

“Bye Dami, I'll see you at 8.”

Damian hung up. Dick sighed. Damian was safe, at least from molestation he still had a whole load of other crap to be saved from. He glanced at his watch and decided to get some snacks and stuff since he wasn't sure how long this meeting was going to go on for. He also called Tim “Hey Tim, I'm sure you saw my message. Set up the conference room on the 5th floor will you, there's a lot of us coming.”

“Okay. You know you could have asked to use the tower first you know. I'm going to moving chairs for an hour.”

“I know, I'm sorry. I'm getting food but after I'll come by and help. Maybe Wally will even get there early and speed things along.”

“Doubt it, you invited Jinx which means they'll probably be together doing stuff before the meeting.”

“Well Titans West will bring along Mas y Menos and Young Justice has Impulse so with all the speedsters going around one's bound to help out. Damian asked me a great question. Does Alfred know?”

“Not to my knowledge but it's not like I ever told him or asked him about it.”

“But when has that ever stopped Alfred before. He knows everything that goes on in that house.”

“Maybe he did what you did. Didn't expect to see it, didn't want to see it and so he just... didn't. I really hope he didn't know because if Alfred knew and didn't say anything I think I'll be sick.”

“Same.” Dick said grimly “I hope that's not the case. Any ways I have to go.”

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When Nightwing walked into his old Titans hangout and saw the owner still there he grinned “Fabian, hey.”

Fabian looked up and grinned “Robin! -sorry Nightwing. Long time no see. What brings you to Jump City, I thought you were hanging around Gotham and Bludhaven these days.”

“Titans get together. All the Titans teams across the country it's going to be crazy. Lots of hungry teens.”

“So you need lots of pizza.”

“You know it! Okay write this down because it's a lot.” Fabian laughed and got out his writing pad “1 tofu for Beastboy, 4 large cheese, 4 large meat lovers supreme, 4 large vegetable, 4 large peperoni, 1 large ham and pineapple and 2 large bacon and sausage.”

“20 pizzas. That will take a while.”

He glanced at his watch, he had just under 2 hours “Less then 2 hours?”

“I can do that. Give me your number and I'll call you when they're done.”

Nightwing hesitated for a second as he went to write down a number, he'd known this guy since he was 14 but he'd known Bruce since he was 9 and look what was happening. After the second he sighed and wrote down the number, giving Fabian a smile as he did so. “Thanks Fabian. It was great seeing you.”

“You too Nightwing.”

He left and made his way up to the Titans' Tower where he helped moved chairs in silence. Red Robin, Raven, Beast Boy, Cyborg and Terra were having a conversation around him, he heard talk of what Starfire was up to with Red Hood and The Outlaws (which still seemed like a very odd pairing, the bubbly Starfire and the cynical and angsty Roy and Jason) but Nightwing didn't get involved.

He couldn't stop thinking about all the little thinks that should have tipped him off. The scaly hot pants, the night time sleep overs, the 'ssssh it will be our little secret' secrets that he had almost forgotten. How had he not seen it? Had he really been so indoctrinated into Batman's cult of black haired, blue eyed children that he had ignored it?

He would have gone back to blaming himself if his phone hadn't rung “Hello?”

“Nightwing, it's Fabian. Pizza's will be ready in 10.”

Nightwing smiled even if Fabian couldn't see it “You are a god amongst men, truly. I'll be down there in like 15.” After a second of talk they both hung up and Dick turned to the Titans “Okay, I'm going to get the pizza, if you could get some kitchen roll or napkins or something.”

He hopped on his Red Robin's R-Cycle and grinned. It was exactly like his old one except slightly faster because who would mess with perfection. He pulled up outside the pizza shop and stacked the boxes on the back of his bike. The shop delivered but Dick would hate to put them out by having to ferry them across the water that surrounded the Tower.

When Dick arrived back with the pizza people had started arriving so Dick set up the pizza by stacking those of the same flavour on top of each other and then laying them down the table. The room was huge, it consisted of half the floor of the tower and Dick had installed it when everyone realised they didn't use the rooms on floor 5 and not all the Titans would fit comfortably into the main area if the need came to be. No one had thought to already have a whole load of chairs in there because it wasn't a very common occurrence but they had many sets of mismatched chairs from other rooms which should be enough.

Red Hood arrived at the same time as Robin and everyone and I mean EVERYONE was surprised when Damian threw his arms around the known murderer. Everyone was even more surprised when Red Hood hugged back. Dick was sad that this is what it took to bring his brothers together.

Once everyone was there Nightwing stood up in front of them all, it was almost fitting. Robin had started the whole sidekick thing and now here he was with all the young heroes he knew “I'm sure you're wondering why I called this meeting.”

A murmur of 'yeah' spread through the room.

“It has recently come to my attention,” The room fell quiet once more “it has recently come to my attention that a member of the Justice League has been abusing his powers and using his anonymity to get away with it undetected even by me for all these years.”

Everyone looked around confused. A JL member? Abusing power? Who could it be? What could they have done that had Nightwing looking so pale and Red Robin so quiet.

“Batman... as it turns out has... assaulted - sexually assaulted several members of this community.”

Gasps and other noises of surprise ran through the large crowd.

“Batman has worked around many children. From his own Robins, to his stint with the Outsiders to his role with the Young Justice team and honestly that's a lot of opportunities to use his higher status to get what he wants from people. I plan on informing the League of his...misconduct tomorrow during their monthly meeting and knowing what I know it would be terrible of me to ignore the possibilities of anyone else being affected.”

“Who's been affected already?” Bumble Bee asked with a frown.

There was silence for a second before Red Robin sighed “Me. I was... I was 14.” He said it in a small voice but everyone heard.

“Me, I was 12.” Red Hood added to draw attention from the kid he had failed to save from Bruce's wondering fingers.

“Me. It was last month.” Billy Batson said from the back.

Raven looked at the three boys. Black hair, blue eyes, male, she certainly didn't fit the profile “He used a demon binding spell. I couldn't move and I couldn't use my magic. I was 16.”

Nightwing frowned “That was the year I left the Titans.”

“Yeah, I guess you were the only thing holding him back.” Raven said “Afraid I'd tell you.”

“Why didn't you?”

“I know a thing or two about shitty dads. I didn't want to ruin yours for you. And it was easier. To keep it in. Telling you requires talking about it and I don't like to do that.”

“I'm sorry.” Dick said.

“It's not you who should be sorry.”

Black Lightning looked at the ground “Me.” He said miserably “Two years ago when he headed the team.”

“Me.” Artemis Crock said “When he recruited me because I was nothing more than a criminals daughter and he was my only chance out of that life and he knew it. He knew I was desperate.”

Wonder Girl added “He said I wasn't as good as my sister. I was... well ages work differently for Amazonians but it was three years ago.”

Dick looked at the people who had come forward. Tim, Jason, Raven, Billy, Donna, Artemis, Jefferson. So many of his friends who had been dealing with this for years and remained silent. It wasn't right that they feel ashamed. Bruce probably didn't. “Red Hood and I are going to bust into their meeting tomorrow, do any of you want to come?”

Donna frowned “I can't. My sister will be there. She'll... Amazons are supposed to be strong. We're warriors, we don't let men-”

“You didn't let anyone do anything.”

“I know that okay! But the point still holds that I can't look my sister in the eye and tell her the man she's been so close with all these years raped me!”

Billy scowled “Yeah well I have to work with the Justice League everyday and I'm doing it.”

“Billy-” Nightwing tried to calm him down.

“No! It's cowardly! You have all had years to come to grips with this! I've had a month and if any of you had said something or warned any of us I wouldn't have been-”

“Billy!” Nightwing snapped. And Billy fell silent, eyes widening because Nightwing didn't snap. He yelled and he shouted but never snapped “It's terrible what happened to you it really is but you can't blame them for the actions of another. You found it hard to talk, you took a month. Not even Red Robin told anyone, even when I asked him about some random bruise all those years ago. Not even Red Hood said anything and he hates Batman. It doesn't make you a coward if you never spoke about it, I understand why you wouldn't believe me I understand, because you feel ashamed or you're scared no one will believe you or nothing will get done but you shouldn't be ashamed, it's not you fault, I believe you and I won't stop until I see Justice done.”

“You understand how we feel?” Artemis asked.

“I mean...” Nightwing tried not to trip over his words, here he was trying to get them to talk when he could barely do it himself “It wasn't as bad as everyone else’s. Hence why I kind of forgot about it, blocked it out really. It was little stuff. Those green hot pants everyone makes fun of me for, he put me in those. It was freezing in Gotham, even in the summer so on stakeouts he'd put me under his cape. I had nightmares when I was a kid so he would let me sleep in his bed which I thought was normal because that's what they did in the movies but it... I only realised in hindsight that the hard thing in my back wasn't 'nothing' so yes Black Lightning I sorta kinda understand how you feel. I guess I was his first attempt at paedophilia. I got off lightly.”

“You blame yourself.” Raven announced. It wasn't a question.

“I know it's not my fault.”

“You blame yourself.” She repeated.

Dick looked down at the ground “If I hadn't decided it was nothing, he wouldn't have hurt Jason and Tim and if I had investigated Tim's bruise like I was fucking trained to do he wouldn't have hurt Billy. If I had realised no one else would have been violated by him. I know it's not my fault but I still feel that blame.”

“If you're to blame than we're all to blame and I know you would never blame any of us.”

Dick sighed “I guess it's harder to forgive yourself. But the meeting tomorrow?” he asked, trying to change the subject.

“I'll go.” Black Lightning said.

“So will I.” Raven added.

Artemis nodded “Yeah, I'm in.”

Wonder Girl bit her lip “Is everyone going?”

“You don't have to go Donna.” Dick emphasised “Don't feel pressurised to.”

“It's not that. Billy was right. Not saying anything might not have made me a coward but I didn't say anything because I was being cowardly, I wasn't just afraid and ashamed I was I was scared of Batman not afraid of what people would think. And above all else Amazons aren't cowards. I'm coming too.”

“Okay then. I'll message you guys a time. Red Hood what did I say?”

“No guns, I know. I won't.”

“Okay, meeting adjourned I guess. You can hang out here for a while if you want, there's still a lot of pizza left and we never really get together all of us. I'm sure some of you on The Outsiders haven't met a lot of the Titans.”

Chapter Text

“Dick.” Bruce said with a smile.

“Yeah Bruce?”

“You know I was thinking what would be fun, we should go swimming.”

Dick beamed up at the billionaire “That would be so fun! But I don't have trunks.” He said depleted.

Bruce laughed, “We don't need trunks.”

“We don't?”

“Nope. We can just take off our clothes and dive right in. It is my pool after all.” Bruce said with an air of calmness that usually meant he was right.

“Okay then. If you say it's okay.”

“You know Dick, when I was a kid me and my father used to have little secrets between just us that we would call 'the boys secrets', and we would reference them and giggle away while my mother remained absolutely clueless and I'd love to have the same thing with you. Of course there's not exactly a mother in this equation but there is-”


“Exactly!” Bruce ruffled his hair “You're a smart kid.”

Dick beamed some more “So you want our swim to be our first 'boys' secret'?”

“You catch on quick, Dick. But we're going to step it up a notch. Alfred can read clues much better than my mother could, if we referenced it I'm sure he'd figure it out.”

“My lips are sealed! I swear there's no way Alfred finds out about our swim from me.” Bruce smiled at him and Dick's heart soared, he'd made Bruce happy.

“Then lets go swimming!” he said running off towards the pool, pulling off articles of clothing as he did so. Dick mimicked him, laughing all the way.

Grayson woke with a start. He remembered that day. He'd wanted to ask someone about it, about the naked piggy back rides and all the horsing around that according to Bruce all boys did, that's why they had brothers. He hadn't of course, it had been a boys secret, their first of many boys secrets. Dick felt stupid. He hadn't even thought- he hadn't seen it. It was so obvious and it had taken Billy Batson being braver than he'd ever been to see it.

Today was the day. They would confront Batman. They would expose him to the League and have him taken off the council. This was it.

Chapter Text

“I think we need to reconfigure the Watch Tower monitor duty,” Green Lantern said “I've walked in on so many people either sleeping or 'sleeping' in there. It gets very awkward.”

Flash nodded “Yeah, someone tell Vixen and GL2 that the monitor room is not a sex closet!”

Superman mumbled under his breath “And someone tell Canary and Green Arrow to get down planet side because these walls aren't nearly sound proof enough.”

Batman sighed “We're supposed to be discussing actual issues.”

“No I agree with them, this is an actual issue.” Wonder Woman said, sitting up a bit in her chair “Huntress and Question are gross, I mean how are they kissing when Question has no face?”

“Question has a face.” Batman said sceptically,“You thought Question had no face?”

“I'm half god, those two are aliens and he's a space cop. Stranger thing have happened so excuse me for thinking he didn't have a face.”

Batman sighed “Fair enough. But to confirm it is just a mask.”

Superman sighed “Batman was right before, we need to discuss actual iss-” he froze and frowned a the door, confused “What?”

They were all immediately on high alert, “What is it?” Barry asked.

Suddenly Nightwing- flanked by Artemis, Black Lightning, Red Robin, Red Hood, Raven and Wonder Girl- busted through the door “I've got something to say and you're all going to listen.” he announced as he fully entered the room.

“Um Nightwing-” Superman started but was cut off.

“I know, this is your meeting about very important stuff but I assure you nothing is more important than this. Someone among you has been abusing his power and his position within the League to manipulate and assault the younger heroes. It started with me 13 years ago and it ended last month with Billy Batson because I assure you this is the end.”

Superman stood up, his brow furrowed “You're trying to tell me that a Leaguer has been sexually abusing Teen Titans?”

“Not just Teen Titans.” Black Lightning said “I'm an Outside in case you'd forgotten who we were.”

“Young Justice.” Artemis scoffed “Canary isn't really that great at the therapist gig.”

Wonder Woman stood up suddenly having dawned on the fact that her sister was there “Donna who dares touch you!” it was times like this that people remembered she was Zeus' daughter. She crackled with anger.

Donna looked down, unsure how to meet the Leaguers eyes but then a comforting hand on her shoulder from Raven spurred her on. She looked them all in the eye and said “It was Batman.”

There was silence from the adults as they all processed the information they had been given. Slowly, they all turned to the man in question who hadn't moved a muscle except from his steady breathing. He looked like the picture of calmness but Kal could hear his heart thudding in his chest.

“HOW DARE YOU!” Diana screamed as she rose up from the ground a few inches “HOW COULD YOU?” she pulled out her sword and charged the Bat but Superman stopped her.

“Hang on. We don't do things like that and you know it. He gets a trial.” the Boy Scout said, sending his old friend Bruce a wary glance.

“He touched my little sister! This is what my mother warned me about when she told me of the dangers of man's world. She is a child and he used his status to abuse her, to abuse all of them! How would you feel if it had been Kon? Or Kara? You'd be burning a hole through his skull right now!”

“Maybe I would, maybe I wouldn't but as it so stands someone needs to keep a cool head and apparently that's me. We'll hold a JL insiders trial.”

Barry scowled, he had a nephew, a nephew who was good friends with Nightwing, who had gone round to their house many times “And what punishment could we give him?”

Dick stepped in “I plan to take legal actions against Bruce Wayne.”

That spurred a movement from the motionless man, Batman's head jerked sharply as he looked at Dick “You're going to what?”

“I'm going to take you to court and then you're going to jail for 20 years for repeat child molestation.”

“And how are you going to make anything stick? Bruce Wayne doesn't know any of these kids.”

“Bruce Wayne has two sons who will testify against him, one of said sons happened to go to school with Artemis and of course your old reporter pal Clark Kent is friends with little Billy Batson and you brought him a plane ticket just last month to fly him to Gotham for Shazam business but it was his birthday the week before and the Orphanage wasn't going to turn down your generous offer. That's four victims. More than enough to convict.”

“It's circumstantial.”

“What's a jury going to see? An old money, rich white guy living in a creepy mansion by himself adopting a bunch of kids? Sounds suspicious. Remember, they ran those articles in the first 2 weeks about how weird it was? You shot them down, saying something like it was causing me distress. Of course Alfred thought they just gave up, another one of our 'boys secrets'.”

“So what are going to do? Huh? Arrest me?”

Aquaman looked perplexed “You're not going to deny it?”

“Why deny the truth?”

Superman did look angrier than usual, his usually smooth forehead creased into a scowl and his eyes taking on a slightly red component to them but he kept his calm “I think we will arrest you actually. Martian Manhunter, watch him. Flash, get Green Arrow to join them.”

“On it.” He sped off.

J'onn nodded “I will take him to our most secure cell.”

Chapter Text

Batman was of course found guilty and was removed from the League immediately. All Batman related merchandise; lunch boxes, pencil cases, pyjamas and the likes, were phased out and replaced with Nightwing stuff, they'd even kicked off a new Robin and Red Robin collection of stationary to go along with it. Nightwing replaced Batman in meetings and on promotional posters and it somehow took a full month and a half for any of the reporters to pick up on his absence.

Of course it was Vicki Vale who noticed, being from Gotham and all. She got lucky with the questioning though, every single reporter was yelling to be heard at their latest JL press conference and Superman, having recognised her in the crowd of screaming faces had chosen her “Ms Vale, ask away.” He looked relieved when the crowd fell silent to accommodate.

“Batman has stopped coming to meetings and you've stopped selling all Batman merchandise. What happened that caused this unlikely split and is he likely to return any time soon?”

Superman winced, quite visibly, he looked unsure as to whether he should say. People hadn't linked Bruce Wayne's conviction to Batman's odd disappearance yet because the guy disappeared a lot, but if he mentioned the paedophilia someone was sure to piece together two Gotham celebs going down for fondling kids. He looked over at Nightwing for help, because he was floundering and he knew it.

Nightwing looked down at the table and then back up at Superman “It was recently discovered that Batman has been using his power and status within the League in a negative way and the League didn't take kindly to it.”

Iris West frowned, neither Barry or Wally had mentioned this to her and so she remained quiet. Kara and Lois decidedly didn't put there hands up, Kal had told them after all. Linda Park had no such reservations and went straight for the question burning in every reporter's minds “What did he do?”

Nightwing gestured that Superman could reveal it.

Superman winced again “Um.” He sat up a little straighter “Batman has been... uh... sexually assaulting some of the younger heroes in the community. Like Nightwing said, we have no tolerance for that, whether you're a senior member or not, that kind of behaviour is deplorable and not permitted.”

Iris frowned, if Wally had been touched by that perv they would have told her right? They wouldn't have hidden something this huge from her.

Susan Williams questioned harshly, clearly trying to put a 'did they know?' spin on the story, “How did you not know about this? You have super hearing!”

“I don't just go around listening to everyone for two reasons. A) it would be a gross invasion of privacy, you would hate it if the government bugged you so I'm not going to listen to whatever anyone's doing unless there's danger somewhere and B) if I listened to everything all the time I'd honestly go mad. I used to have like panic attacks when I was a kid and I couldn't control my hearing.”

Snapper Carr looked at Lois who was biting her pen and scowling, she knew and she hadn't broken the story. She had given up the story of a life time for Superman. There was definitely something more than 'just friends' going on there. He wondered if Clark Kent knew, maybe he knew and accepted it, Superman was a hard guy to compete with after all. “Which young heroes has Batman abused?” he asked.

Superman hesitated and looked to Nightwing “Are we releasing names?”

Nightwing leaned into his mic “Some of the people did say if it came up I could name them but not all of them so I guess I'll name the ones that said I could. Artemis of Young Justice. Raven of the original Teen Titans. Black Lightning of The Outsiders. Wonder Girl of the current Teen Titans. Red Robin of the current Titans. Um... Red Hood of... Red Hood and The Outlaws. And... myself... of the Justice League.” He obviously couldn't mention Billy because to the world he was a full grown man. “Um the heroes affected would like understanding and respect in these trying times.”

Snapper jotted down the names and then asked, quick as a whip before anyone else got a question in “How long has this been going on?”

Nightwing looked at him but he didn't answer, he seemed to be off in his own world. With a gentle tap on the shoulder by Wonder Woman, he jolted back to life “Since-” he almost said 'since I was nine' but that sounded to personal “For 14 years.”

“And no one said anything?”

Nightwing pursed his lips “The only reason abuse is possible is because of the power dynamics. We were kids and he was Batman. People were nervous, afraid, ashamed all things that I'm sure most victims of sexual abuse will tell you they felt. There are a multitude of reasons of why someone wouldn't say something. Black Lightning for example, his group is literally called The Outsiders because they're on the outside of everything. The only reason they could operate as a team was because Batman backed them and threatened to take it all away if he said anything. He felt he had a responsibility to his team and the people he saved to keep his mouth shut.”

“And what about you? Why didn't you say anything? I assume '14 years ago' means he started with you? When you became Robin?”

“Honestly, I blocked it out.”

“What?” was the general consensus amongst reporters.

“Yeah, it all came rushing back to me when unnamed person came to me distraught because their hero had violated them. Batman's a lot of people's heroes because he saved people and he's cool and he dresses in all black but he's no superhero. Gothamites have been saying that since the beginning of time and I guess their cynicism was correct this time. But assure the people of Gotham and the whole world that there are still heroes out there. The other members of the Justice League, the brave girls and boys who came out against Batman, the non-powered people who put their lives on the line every day to save others; police, doctors, firefighters. There is never a shortage of heroes to look up to.”

Flash chimed in “And if ever a grown up, or anyone really, touches you and makes you feel uncomfortable, tell someone. If it's your parents tell your teacher, if it's your teacher tell your parents, if it's a neighbour or a student or a stranger, tell someone.”

Iris decided she would speak up, she was mad she wasn't informed when Lois Lane definitely had judging by her silence “Flash, Nightwing and Kid Flash are known to be best friends, why do you think Batman didn't go after Kid Flash as well?”

“Kid Flash blabs when he's nervous. I suspect Batman assumed he would tell me the moment I asked him what was wrong. He's not great at keeping secrets about himself.”

Nightwing nodded in agreement, “It's true, I've often gotten way too much information.”

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Chapter Text

Billy was at middle school in Fawcett City, his last year of middle school before he'd have to move to High school. It wouldn't be very different, the people would be the same so he'd still be bullied. If only they knew what he could do, he could fry them all with one word and he was tempted to when someone yelled “Billionaire Boy Toy!” At him. The group around his erupted into giggles and laughs although some looked uneasy, clearly not 100% with making fun of a foster kid who'd been sexually assaulted but not brave enough to stop it or even to not get involved. Billy almost yelled 'Shazam' and brought down the lightning inside the building and killed the kid right there and then but a moment of clarity in his anger had him lunging forward with a punch instead.

Everyone was surprised when peaceful, weak little Billy Batson started wailing on the other kid. Billy may not have Shazam's strength but Superman had taught him how to throw a punch, that was a versatile skill. “Don't call me that!” He punctuated each word with a hard punch “EVER AGAIN!” suddenly his fist was being stopped by a hand and he turned around angrily still seeing red and came face to face with his head teacher.

Everyone had gone silent.


“Yes Mr Manticore.” Billy said unsurely as he allowed himself to be pulled up and off the floor, where the two had tumbled.

“My office. Now.” Everyone made a quiet 'Ooooh'ing sound but they went silent again when Mr Manticore shot them all a look “Matthew, go to the nurse. Daniel go with him.”

Daniel helped Matthew up and pushed him in the direction of the school nurse, guiding him as he looked up to stem the bleeding in his nose.


Billy sat in the head master's office looking down, he may have been a foster kid but he wasn't exactly Tracy Beaker. He had good grades, he wasn't late for school, he did his homework and he never, ever got into fights.

“Billy.” he said sternly “What happened?”

Billy mumbled “He called me billionaire boy toy.”

Mr Manticore seem to soften slightly at that reveal and sighed “Okay, this school has a zero tolerance to bullying and what he said to you was bullying so I'm going to call his parents, inform them of his terrible comment to you and have him suspended for 2 days. But Billy you know you can't go around-”

“I know, I know. I swear I won't do it again.”

“You better not. All you're getting this time is four days detention after school but Billy if you get into a fight again, I'm going to have to suspend you, maybe even expel you and you're a good kid, I'd hate to do that to you. This is your first strike, you only get one more of this magnitude.”

“Thank you Mr Manticore.” Billy mumbled gratefully.

“Thank me by not getting expelled.”

“I won't. I swear.”

“Good. Okay now lunch is almost over, go get to your next class. I gotta deal with Matthew.”

Billy wandered to his next class, ignoring the way his classmates whispered around him. At least they wouldn't mention it again. Hopefully. People can be dumb.

Chapter Text

”Batman!” Robin whined “I'm cold!” The boy wonder pulled his thin cape around himself tighter, trying to trap the heat in his layers. That was hard to do when your layers consisted of a bullet proof vest, a thin spandez top, scaly green underpants and the thinnest cape known to man. He knew for a fact that Batman's cape had been woven from kevlar strands which made it virtually bullet proof even if it was kinda heavy so how comes Robin got stuck with the equivalent of a blanket?

Batman sighed, like he was exasperated by Robin's antics even though it was a perfectly reasonable complaint seeing as it was 5 degrees C (41 F) and said “Come here.”

Robin walked across the roof top over to his mentor and dad, the man he trusted more than anything.

Batman opened up his cape and pulled Robin into it and then sat them both down on the ground. “Is this better?”

“Yeah I'm warmer. Thank you.” Robin snuggled in deeper, making sure to stay vigilante on their stake out.

A few minutes in Batman started squirming, his breathing had definitely picked up even though they weren't doing anything.

“Are you okay?” Robin asked “Am I uncomfortable to you?”

“No no, I'm fine and you're fine. I just have an itch in my suit that I can't reach because my hands are too big.”

“I have small hands!” Robin exclaimed displaying his hands and wiggling them a bit in front of Batman's face.

“You're right! And they might fit perfectly! Robin could you do me a favour?”

“Anything for you Batman.”

Batman's breath hitched at that. Robin thought the itch must be really bad to have Batman in this state. “It's right here.” he said pointing just left of his crotch “the cup is blocking access.”

Dick hesitated as he remembered his dad's lecture about 'bad touches' and 'good touches' under the vague rules his dad had laid out, this was a 'bad touch'. But it was Bruce, he needed his help and Dick could help him, so he pulled away a layer of kevler, reached his hand in and scratched.

“Up a bit.” Bruce said.

Dick couldn't see his eyes but he could tell from his mouth lines that they were closed, that was weird.

“To the right.” Bruce grunted “Slow down a bit.”

Dick did as he was instructed, slightly distracted because if Batman wasn't looking out for the criminal then Robin was their only hope. His attention was divided between the stake out and Batman and so he didn't notice the fact he'd been scratching the same place for a full minute and that at the end of it Batman shook and quivered like a phone on vibrate. But when Batman said he could pull his hand away it was covered in some white stuff. “What's this?” Dick asked. His father hadn't gotten round to the birds and the bees, he had only been 9 at the time, and it's not like there were many other kids who he could learn it from in the circus.

“You don't know?” Bruce seemed surprised.

“No.” Dick frowned, he didn't like being ignorant.

“It's like that melted marshmellow stuff you like only it tastes a bit different. It must have spilled or something.”

“I can eat it?”

“Yeah, do you want to try it?”

Dick frowned unsurely“I don't know...”

“What? Don't you trust me?”

“Of course I do!”

“Then trust me, you can eat this!” he leaned in “Look.” he popped one of Dick's covered fingers into his mouth and sucked it, he then pulled away with a smacking sound that was almost pornographic “See?” Dick was staring at him, eyes wide. Had he gone too far with that? The boy looked terrified. Bruce stepped back to give the kid some space which alerted him to the presence of a growing bulge in the kid's pants. When he saw Bruce looking he tried to cover his embarrassment and looked at the floor, red faced. “Robin, it's nothing to be embarrassed about. It's part of growing up!” Batman got down to Robin's level “Did that feel good?”

Robin nodded.

“Do you want me to do it again?”

Robin hesitated, risking a glance up before rooting his eyes back onto the floor and then nodded. Batman popped another finger into his mouth and sucked. It was like music to his ears when Dick started panting, he still looked kind of worried but the bliss of a pre-pubescent sexual experience was clouding his usually spot on judgement. “Batman!” The kid almost cried as he screwed his eyes shut “I- it's too much- something's happening- I don't-”

“Shhh. It's okay. I'll make you feel good.” He brought himself lower down the shaking 9 year old's body and pulled his dick out and into his hand.

“Bru-!” he exclaimed in shock and in pleasure. “Batman! Stop! That's a bad touch!”

“Dick, you know I'd never hurt you?”

“I know, but I don't-” he gasped again when Bruce tugged particularly hard. He moaned, pretty loudly “I don't want you to do that! It makes me feel weird.”

“Shhh Dick, it's okay. Trust me. Do you trust me?”

“You know I trust you!” Dick said earnestly.

“Then let me continue. Why don't we make it a boy's secret? See it's a game.”

“Like when we swam?”

“Yeah, like when we swam.” Bruce replied, smiling his newly patented 'Bruce Wayne is a good dad' smile.

Robin panted and moaned and shivered and when he came his knees buckled and Bruce had to hold him up.

“Did that feel good?”

Robin nodded silently.

“Do you want to do that again?”

“...No.” He whispered.

“That's okay. You don't have to. But remember, it's a boy's secret.” Bruce smiled.


Dick started awake with Starfire staring at him, concerned “Dick, are you okay?”

They had been seeing each other for a while now, it was hard because they were both so busy but they made the effort. Of course they'd had sex before, many many times but Dick was still embarrassed by the mess he had made in his pants, especially since he'd just been dreaming about... he remembered that. The first night Bruce had taken it too far, and as far as he remembered it, it had been the last night as well. He had had no idea what was going on, no one had ever given him even a crappy version of The Talk and Bruce had taken advantage of that. Taken advantage of him.

Suddenly he felt dirty. He had practically been asking for it, he hadn't tried hard enough to push Bruce away, had been too stupid to see what was going on. He went to answer Star's question but all that came out was a chocked sob.

“Oh Dick! It's okay, it's okay.” She said moving to embrace him but Dick flinched away.


She stopped unsure what to do. She'd always comforted everyone with a hug, she wasn't the best at words, not when it came to emotions. “Dick, it's me. Let me in. You trust me don't you?”

“I trusted him.” He pulled himself into a ball.

Starfire didn't have to ask who 'him' was. “I'm not him.”

“I know. I know Star, I know. I love you but I just can't right now. I can't. I can't. I don't want to.”

Starfire seemed to understand the 'I don't want to' wasn't just about right now “You don't have to. I won't ever force you to do anything.”

Dick sobbed into his knees and Starfire just continued to be with him “He used me Star.” He said to her “I didn't know what was going on and he used me and stole my first... everything from me.”

Starfire wanted to hug him, but she didn't touch him, he was hurting too much “I'm sorry this happened to you Dick.” She didn't know what to do to make this better “He's gone now. He's locked up.”

“He's Batman. He could get out of there and we would have no idea until it's too late.”

“But he won't. Because it would blow his cover. And I think he knows what would happen if he tried. I and every other hero would beat him to a pulp. I swear to you Dick he won't ever touch you again because if he even tries his hands will be seared off by my star bolts.”

Dick smiled at her “That actually does make me feel better. Thank you.”

“No need to thank me Dick, I'm always going to be there for you. Like you were there for me.” Dick pulled her into a loose hug and they settled back into a comfortable sleeping position. Starfire stroked his silky black hair. “I'm always going to be here for you.”

Chapter Text

Dick woke up to his communicator going off. The League was calling him “Star! Wake up!”

She stirred awake as well “What?”

Dick answered his communicator to find Superman looking at him “Invasion!”

“What?” Star repeated still confused.

“There's an alien invasion heading for Coast City!”

“Which race?” Dick asked, already hopping around the room putting his suit on. Starfire joined him in dressing for battle.

Superman turned away from the screen when Starfire pulled off her pyjama top. “We think it's White Martians.”

“White Martians? Why are they attacking Earth?”

“We don't know. J'onn thought they were after him but they're not tracking his signal. Hawkgirl thinks they just want to expand their territory.”

“Me and Starfire will be there soon.”

“Good.” Superman hung up.

“You ready?” Starfire asked him.


“Then let's go. Are you taking the jet?”

“I should. If we're fighting an invasion I should probably be in the sky.” Dick called the Night-Wing (which was technically just the Bat-Wing half painted blue, he hadn't quite finished it) He grappled up into it and was followed by Starfire who took the shotgun seat.

When they arrived near Coast City where they could see various members of the League milling about in the sky, Starfire jumped out and hovered around “Superman, what's the plan?”

“Green Lantern is going to protect the city with a barrier and Raven's going to help him. The rest of us are just going to hit these guys with everything we've got. Green Arrow is in the Javelin, Nightwing's in his ship and they're going to work on drawing fire whilst the heavy hitters, you, me, Wonder Woman, Captain Atom and Shazam just hammer them with blasts and punches.”

Starfire nodded, cracking her knuckles “I can do that.”

Wonder Woman floated towards them “Here they come! Everyone to your positions!”

Green Arrow and Nightwing lined up their jets as 20 ships flew towards them. Green Lantern threw up a shield for the city whilst Raven threw up a shield over the two of them.

Superman, Wonder Woman, Starfire, Shazam and Captain Atom all lined themselves up as well just as Firestorm joined them “Sup guys. What's the plan?”

“Hit those ships or drive them back.” Superman informed him.

“Great. Just tell me when.”

“When.” Nightwing yelled as the two ships got to distracting. The Night Jet had 10 ships on it's tail as it whizzed across the Coast City skyline, half of them were flying in a straight line so Superman ran through five ships in a second. Wonder Woman took on 3 of the other 5 which were flying in formation whilst Starfire took out the 2 stragglers.

Firestorm, Shazam and Captain Atom went after the 10 ships going after The Javelin. Having seen what had happened to their team mates, they all flew with distance between them so that they'd have time to react if they got attacked but Shazam was on the case, he took out 4 ships by spinning 2 around to hit the other 2 and fist pumped the air. Captain Atom karate chopped a jet and it cracked in half. Firestorm flew under a ship and the hot air made it lurch upwards suddenly and fly into another ship. That left three more to go Atom grabbed a ship by it's tail fin, spun it around and threw it as hard as he could at another ship and then Starfire came across the battle field and hit the last ship right before it blew up the Javelin with GA still inside it.

Superman stilled “That was only the first wave, get ready guys.”

Suddenly Dr Fate and Zatanna showed up “Need help?” She said, wand at the ready.

“Zatanna, Fate, always good to have back up.” Superman said smiling at the two.

Just then a another wave of ships this time of 40 came streaming down, shooting blasters at anything and everything. Zatanna opened up a portal which sent the first 6 ships flying into it. They disappeared form the battle field before another one opened up, letting them out again, unfortunately for them they flew directly into other ships.

The battle went on with The Justice League taking out anything that came their way, Green Lantern's shield was littered with jet parts “Raven, can you get this junk off my shield?”

Raven nodded “Azerath metrion zinthos!”, the parts were shrouded in dark energy and were lifted off the shield and into an empty airfield which Raven realised was Ferris Air. She hoped Hal wouldn't be too angry when he realised himself.

“My sensors have stopped picking up incoming ships.” Nightwing declared, scanning repeatedly.

“I'm not picking anything up either.” Superman announced as he squinted into the distance.

“Is it over?” Firestorm asked.

“We won!?” Shazam exclaimed.

“I think so.” said Green Arrow.

“HA! We won!” Shazam did a loop de loop in the sky and high fived Firestorm in the juvenile manner that only a kid in an adults body could pull off.

Suddenly something invisible slammed into the back of Dick's ship “AH!” He exclaimed in surprised as he tried to stop his ship from crashing “Fuck!” he exclaimed as he managed to right himself “What was that?”

“I don't know! I can't see anything there!” Superman yelled as he used his x-ray vision.

Suddenly Nightwing felt a gun to his head “Turn your communicators off.” A voice said from behind him.


Nightwing switched off the talking side of his communicators “What do you want?” he growled.

“Nightwing? Nightwing are you okay? Do you copy?” Came through his radio from Superman and Wonder Woman.

“'Wing? Are you there?” Came from Starfire.

“I want for White Martians to spread on earth like we did on Mars.”

“Spread like a cancer.” Nightwing growled as he suddenly sprung out of his seat, over the head of the alien and opened a hatch. He drop kicked the alien out of the door and watched as he fell toward GL's shield before turning on his communicator and saying “Someone infiltrated my ship. A White Martian.”

“How? I never even saw him.”

“I'll ask him. By intergalactic ruling he didn't just attack another world, he failed to declare it which makes it a war crime. Which means I can bring him in on official Lantern business and ask him a couple questions.”

“Okay. Hal, you do that. Raven, Wonder Woman get on clearing out this alien tech, we don't want criminals getting their hands on it. Nightwing, you okay?”

“Yeah I'm fine. Although my paint job is ruined.”

Chapter Text

It had been 2 months after the big Batman reveal and 3 and a half after Bruce Wayne had gone to jail when Batman broke out. The New Justice League was holding a press conference about some huge crime or villain attack when Batman stepped on stage. Everyone went silent. Flash stopped mid sentence and stared at the man.

“Justice League. Nightwing.” Batman nodded at Superman and then stepped toward Nightwing.

Nightwing stared at him like he was a ghost, and the way he'd been haunting his dreams lately he might as well have been. He felt frozen. When Batman reached out to touch his shoulder, Nightwing flinched away.

Suddenly a streaming green light fell form the sky and knocked into Batman. Starfire was there, pinning him to the ground by his neck and she was furious. Her hair was floating and charged with green electricity, her eyes glowed emerald and her teeth were gritted together “I made an oath that you would not touch him! What are you doing here?!” She screamed into his face.

“I have information I feel you'll appreciate.” Batman said coolly.

“We want nothing from you!” She snarled. It was weird for everyone, seeing Starfire so mad, she was known as the nice one, even when she was with The Outlaws she had been the kind one of the group, she had been like a cheerier female version of the Big Blue Boyscout. “Leave and return from the hole you crawled out of.”

If Batman was fazed, he didn't act like it “Lex Luthor is planning a prison break.”

“Lex isn't in prison.” Superman said.

“He's planning to break people out. Parasite and Cyborg Superman to be exact.”

“Well CS isn't much of a problem because I have a whole League of people who aren't allergic to kryptonite and Parasite, well we've handled him before.”

“You mean I've handled him before. I have always been the one to fight Parasite.”

“And we've learnt some tricks from you. So thank you Batman for the tip but like Starfire says, return to the hole you crawled out of.

Batman scoffed “When Parasite attacks, you'll realise you need me and you'll beg for me to come and save your asses.”

“We'll do nothing of the sort.” Superman scowled.

“There is no Justice league without me!”

“Really? Then what the fuck are we, huh?” Many eyebrows were raised by Superman swearing, he had never done that, at least not in front of people “The League is fine without you, in fact we're better off. You are not and never will be welcomed back.”

Chapter Text

When Lex did move to break the pair out of jail, Cyborg Superman were stopped in his tracks by the great security teams equipped with the best tech who were guarding the prison. Parasite on the other hand got the better of them.

Nightwing was tasked with taking down Parasite and he had an idea. It was a known fact that Parasite didn't just inherit your powers, he got your weaknesses as well. When he drained Superman kryptonite affected him, when he drained Wonder Woman he couldn't untie the lasso of truth if he was captured by a man, when he drained Green Lantern self doubt crippled him. He would have all the same limitations of the hero he drained.

In the passed they'd made an effort to keep Martian Manhunter away from him. The dude was seriously overpowered with mind reading and controlling abilities, shape shifting, becoming intangible, flying, enhanced strength, honestly Nightwing didn't know how he handled so many power sets. However Green Martians have one huge gaping weakness: fire.

Nightwing called MM and told him the plan and the Martian readily agreed, flying to the location of their fight immediately.

Martian Manhunter engaged in the fight and with every punch and kick, he got weaker and weaker and then when he could no longer fly and fell back to avoid becoming collateral damage Nightwing busted out a gadget that created a ring of fire around the criminal.

“AHHHHHHHHH!” He screeched in horror as he found himself surrounded by flames. After a minute, the fire seemed to have lulled him into a weak, pliant but panicked state and he curled into a ball in the centre of the ring.

Nightwing did a flip over the flames and arrested the parasite with power draining handcuffs, this drained the Martian's powers but also his own draining powers and so parasite was essentially useless. He'd done it without Batman. He could do this.

Chapter Text