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Perpetuity's Seconds

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At first, the boy had thought that it was simply his eyes playing tricks on him. Or perhaps, the sheer power of his perverseness granted him the illusion of an enhanced vision that served to magnificently alter his own personal perception of time.

He had knelt, as was the norm, outside the girl’s changing room and with his two friends Matsuda and Motohama, he peeked on the luscious forms of the glorious feminine flesh that lay beyond the walls.

That was when something quite odd had happened. He was able to grasp the beautiful forms of Murayama and Katase, the kendo captain and vice, as their thumbs agonizingly slipped into the edges of their skirts and as they leisurely let the phalange stretch out the elastic material and gradually bring it down from their waists. His eyes were glued onto her backside as the obstructing outer layer of cloth was removed, and he enjoyed the sight of a pair of striped white and green panties from Katase and pink from Murayama, as well as making out the vivid outlines and cameltoes of a woman’s most sacred parts. He watched, ensorcelled, as they excruciatingly removed the upper layer of their school uniform, button by button, from the bottom to the top. His gaze swallowed in the smooth toned stomachs of both girls, the small ever-arousing belly buttons, until it reached upwards and caught sight of the two fleshy orbs.

Of course those orbs were held bound, captive by another piece of undergarment, but it didn’t stop him from making out the slight protrusions made in those garments.

His friends however, had unfortunately chosen that moment, as Issei observed in what could only be described as slow motion, to make a large noise which instantly drew the attention of the girls within the building.

Then all at once, his vision returned to normal.

“D-did you guys see that?” he asked, ignoring the slight blood on his nose.

“What are you talking about?”

“Everything was in slow-motion! I could really, really make out their forms! It’s like I was hyper-aware or something!”

His friends had looked at him, with varying levels of disbelief, and soon, Issei found himself doubting his own words and experiences.

Not that it would matter, as the entire event would slip his mind once he was caught peeping by the girls, and once more received a beating he would forever remember.

The second time that event had happened, had been quite different from the first. It was during gym period that Issei had noticed another rather odd thing happen.

One thing the Hyoudou enjoyed about Kuoh Academy was the fact that the variety of clubs which the school had to offer, which also meant a variety of sports and therefore a variety of different sports uniforms and clothing. The standard for girls was a plain shirt and a pair of bloomers, which made things all the better.

Whether it was due to pure luck or coincidence, Katase from the kendo club had become his first victim to his event. The girl had been climbing the ropes, trying to reach to the top, as was the intending goal of the rope-climbing exercise, when it seemed that she had lost her grip.

There was a collective exclamation of shock and surprise, and Issei knew that no matter how much he disliked the girl for constantly assaulting him with kendo sticks, he didn’t want to see her seriously injured.

So it was at that moment, that Issei noticed everything stop. Everything. Unlike the last time when just his perspective had slowed down, this time around, everything in the world had simply stopped moving.

Katase remained suspended in the air, people remained frozen in shock, and ultimately, Issei could do nothing but gape at the strangeness of it all. Somewhere at the back of his mind, something told him that his suspicions were true and that some deity up above had blessed him with the power he had always wanted – the power to stop time and fondle girls.

Still, Issei didn’t know how long his power lasted, and as he glanced up at the fallen girl and the rope, a perverted but ingenious plan sprung to his mind.

The teen walked up to the rope, and moved it, confirming his suspicions that he could still interact with the world, and then he adjusted it as he saw fit.

He stepped back, moving through the gym to an area with the best view, and wondered how he was going to make time continue.

No sooner had those thoughts entered his mind did people began moving.

“A-ah! T-this i-is…”

The results were as expected, and Issei turned to see the pink haired girl being suspended in the air by the rope. However, the rope had tightly wound around her breasts, bringing prominence to the roundly shaped orbs, and it continued downwards and managed to catch her by her groin, the firm fabric of the rope clearly pressing against her lady parts through the thin fabric of her bloomers.

Her face contorted in a mix of embarrassment, pain and pleasure as the friction from the rope continued rubbing against her through the bloomers while the rope firmly bounded her breasts in some form of twisted bondage display.

Unsurprisingly, the girl immediately let out a large squeal, as the boys present were sent flying backwards with massive nosebleeds and clear protrusions visible on their gym shorts.

Issei however, stared at it all, blinking, a small amount of disbelief entering his mind as to the fact that it had actually happened – he had actually stopped time.

The Gods of Perverseness had granted upon him a power beyond all other!

As such, Hyoudou Issei began a series of perverted giggles, slowly rubbing his hands in anticipation.

Oh, he was so going to enjoy this.

He had waited, with baited breath, for the moment, the moment in which the girls would return from the gym, and then they would enter their locker room to change. He had sat, twiddling his thumbs impatiently, until, slowly, surely, they had all entered.

Then, he had grinned, a massive, open grin on his face, as he concentrated as hard as he could, squeezing his eyes and forcing his mind to obey, and then, when he opened them, just as he remembered, the entire world had stopped.

He did not waste another second before he opened the door to the locker room, his eyes immediately drinking in the sights with all the subtlety of a starving man gulping down a pail of water.

Girls were present, all of them either half-dressed or in the midst of dressing, all of them frozen in time, some with smiles, others with scowls, and some others in completely lewd positions, sitting with their legs up, bent over with their asses and posteriors exposed –

Issei couldn’t stop himself from shedding tears of joy at the scene before him.

He immediately turned his gaze over to Katase and Murayama, the two girls who ran the kendo club and often used whatever opportunity they had to beat him within an inch of his life with their sticks.

He grinned as he spotted them, standing next to each other, with Murayama just in the process of pulling down her bloomers, and Katase being in nothing but her bra and underwear. Without hesitation, Issei moved, slowly, before he stretched his hand out towards Murayama’s chest.

They were soft.

Slowly, Issei gulped as the ramifications of what he had just done sank in. He had just groped her chest, he had just groped real breasts!

Except, there had been no reaction. Time was still frozen, and the girl had most definitely not felt the action.

As such, Issei groped it again. His hands stretched out, grabbing the soft fleshy mound, annoying the feeling of the bra as he gave large, hard gropes. He squeezed and grabbed, a mad frenzy immediately coming over him as his hands became a blur, grabbing, turning, twisting and caressing the girl’s mounds in any way he possibly could.

It was then, that his eyes began to hurt, and he noticed that slowly, things were beginning to move again.


There was no time for him to rush for the door, instead, he turned his gaze straight towards the window. In a dash, he found himself outside, and no sooner had he escaped, did he feel the sensation of breeze hitting against his skin, and he realized that time was moving again.

No sooner had he landed, did he hear the sound of a large squeal.

He pressed his back against the wall for dear life, and also to try to hear as much as he could, ignoring the clearly painful ache that was now in his boxers, and the slight dribble of blood on his nose.

“Murayama? Is everything alright?”

“I – it felt as though something was… touching me –”

“Hey – who left the door open?!”

“Why’s the window open too? I could have sworn it was closed a second ago –”

Of course, Issei was wise enough to know and to understand, that in this scenario, it would be best to escape the scene of the crime before his extraordinary luck expired, and the girls descended upon him.

At the same time, it marked the birth of the rumors of the “Ghost of Kuoh Academy” and a string of increasingly perverted activities.