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Odnowione życie

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In all honesty he really was done with all of this shit. Not only did he have to deal with missing three months of school, which the teachers didn’t even notice before graduating, but on his first day as a FBI intern he gets pulled back into the supernatural the moment Derek’s picture was shown on that screen.

To make matters worse, the creature their hunting was literally meant to make fears reality. The others all believed him when he said his greatest fear was being blinded, but he didn’t even know what his greatest fear was.

He learned it when he locked eyes with the Anuke-ite just as he threw the mountain ash and didn’t see anything. Afterwards when they all went back to the McCall household he thought it was because he had no fears, but it was much later, as everyone went their separate ways and he was laying back in his bedroom that Stiles realized what else it would have meant.

His greatest fear, was facing reality.

A reality which he was already in, he felt sick when he realized he was literally living his greatest fear every waking moment of his life. His dreams too when nightmares hit.

Stiles went to sleep that night, hesitantly, and dreading the days to come.

What he didn’t expect was to wake up….standing outside of Scott’s house. Only when he looked down at himself he saw he wasn’t wearing what he’d fallen asleep in. The moment he tried to run his fingers through his hair he really began to panic. His adorable fluffy hair was gone, instead he had what felt like a buzz-cut like from junior year.

It was when Stiles reached into his pocket for his phone and looked at the screen that he saw the date.

Unlocking let him look up the year.

The year was...was the exact year that Scott had been bitten and their lives changed.

Stiles eyes widened as he realized where, and when exactly he was. This moment was when he’d gone to Scott’s house to convince his friend to go look in the woods with him for the other half of Laura Hale’s body. Gulping, Stiles stood there unsure what to do.

Was he dreaming?

He had to have been, there’s no way Stiles would accept this as anything other than a dream/memory. Taking a deep breath in Stiles forced himself to continue moving towards Scott’s house. This was all fake, but he knew how it ended and his body needed the rest so he figured he might as well let the dream play itself out til the end or until he wakes up.

Stiles walked up to Scott’s porch and started climbing just like he did before, he waited until he could hear Scott’s footsteps moving outside, closer towards him, before swinging upside down and grinned at Scott’s startled face.

The conversation continued pretty much the same way as well, Stiles definitely spoke with more sass than last time but if Scott realized it he didn’t say anything. Together the both of them left for the woods. Stiles had almost forgotten about Scott ever having Asthma until Scott called out for him to slow down, even referring to himself as the ‘asthmatic boy,’.

Stiles made sure to apologize even as he lead them straight towards his father at the other officers with their K9’s.
Just like in his memory, Stiles took the fall and managed to convince his dad that Scott wasn’t with him even as he questioned him the whole way back to Rosco (his precious jeep).

The only different from his memory was how his dad had asked him if he was alright the moment he sat in the driver's seat.

Confused, Stiles replied with, “Yeah dad, I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be?”

Sheriff Stilinski frowned at him, “You haven’t said a word other than answering my questions the entire walk here.”

Stiles shrugged, “Tired, i guess.”

“Well...alright,” The Sheriff leaned back and patted Rosco on the hood, “I’ll be back late tonight, make sure you get home and rest.”

Stiles simply nodded in response, not even paying attention as he bid his dad goodnight and drove off towards their house.

That conversation...definitely did not happen last time.

Stiles shook his head and continued driving all the way home where he then proceeded to stumble into his room and pass out on the bed.
Hopefully when he woke up it’d be from this weird dream.



He didn’t wake up.

Looking into his bathroom mirror sometime before he needed to get ready for the drive back to Virginia, Stiles couldn’t really say he was surprised to see himself staring back at himself from junior year but he truly began to panic when he realized he was able to count his fingers. If this was all fake then he shouldn’t be able to count…Feeling the beginning of a panic attack inching its way closer, Stiles forced himself to try and calm down only it wasn’t working.

How the hell did he expect to calm himself down when apparently where he was, no when he was, was his reality.

Breathing in shakingly, Stiles gripped the edge of the bathroom sink tightly and tried again to control his pounding heart. No matter what he did, it seemed like he just couldn’t get himself to calm down any. Subconsciously Stiles could hear someone pounding on the bathroom door but it was a sound which seemed like it was echoing through thick glass. It was just as he started to fall to the ground as his legs gave out that Stiles looked up and watched as his dad flew into the room just in time to catch him.

“-iles? Stiles!?”

Stiles was aware of his dad holding him in his arms but it took a few minutes before he realized his dad was calling out to him and another few minutes of attempting to speak for him to form a sentence.


Incredulously the Sheriff stared down at his son before slowly speaking, “ your not. Stiles I stood outside the bathroom door for three minutes knocking before you started screaming suddenly and I had to force the door open. Not to mention you were also just unresponsive for six minutes!”

Swallowing hard, Stiles forced himself to sit up straight before facing his dad, “Please, I-I’m okay...I just need to get to school.”

“You want to go to school?”

Stiles nodded.

“Geez...Why can’t you want to stay home like a normal teenager?” Sheriff Stilinski chuckled, but frowned when Stiles winced.

“Guess...I’m just...strange…” Stiles chuckled awkwardly.


“I’m okay dad, really.”

Eventually the Sheriff hesitantly helped his son up and allowed him to get ready for school, they were both definitely late for school and work
respectively, but neither minded as they took their time leaving the house. When Stiles finally convinced his dad to let him drive to school, Stiles knew first period was already over, same with second and almost third.

Stiles made it to the school without incident but instead of heading to class, he headed straight towards the library.

As his luck would seem to have it, none other than Jackson Whittemore stepped in front of him, blocking his path. Stiles froze as the all too familiar sneer filled Jackson’s face.

“Please Jackson,” Stiles pleaded looking up at his-his friend? His bully? Tiredly, “Please just not now.”

Surprisingly enough, Jackson actually shut his mouth and stepped back before nodding slightly and walking away. Leaving a confused Stiles to watch as he left, not realizing the reason was because the look he’d given Jackson was filled with such...such pain it both hurt and startled him.

Stiles silently entered the library, and he stayed in there up until he knew he’d have to leave for Lacrosse practice. Which he reluctantly did. The moment he entered the boys locker room he was aware that Scott's eyes immediately shot to him but so did Jackson’s.

Forcing himself to push away the urge to turn tail and run, Stiles smiled and walked over to his friend.

“Dude!” Scott whisper-yelled his eyes looking slightly panicked, “Where have you been?! There’s something I need to show you.”

“Later okay? Not when everyone’s here.” Stiles whispered.

“Alright. Yeah,” Scott nodded, “After practice.”

And so they fell into the routine of gearing up and heading outside, Stiles glanced around as he made his way to the benches and froze when his eyes landed on not only Lydia but Allison.

Allison who died, because of him.

A strangled whimper escaped from him the very second that thought hit him. He...he couldn’t do this. Why was he here? What the hell was the point?
Stiles stood and turned, fully intent on leaving, but then coach blew the whistle and out of the corner of his eye Stiles saw Scott cover his ears.

Then he remembered, Scott needed him here.