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Why Would We All Meet Again?

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I was leaning back on the bar in The Black Stump, having a cold one, and just enjoying the passing scenery. If you sat there long enough you just might catch a glimpse of most superheroes you could hope to see. Something about muscled guys in spandex with their undies on the outside and a colour coordinated cape just does it for me…. Last time I was here I spent some fun time with a guy who just liked to be known as Super – and he certainly had more moves than that Spider bloke and – but that is not the point of this tale.

Anyway, I noticed him walking in from the direction of the Landing Bays. He was about average height and weight but there the average stopped and the wow began.

Dark hair, nicely cut and obviously kept strictly in place. Dark eyes to match. Gorgeous profile with a romanesque nose (yes, studying the history of Europe pays off occasionally). And a truly kissable mouth. Yum…

He was dressed in tight black leather pants, thigh high leather boots and a gorgeous silver overtunic with fairly wide sleeves, belted in tightly with a spangled belt. Yes, I notice these things. As a future Famous Costumier and Fashion Designer it is my job to notice these things.

He seemed to have arrived alone, and I thought I might just be persuaded to keep him company. For as long as he liked. Just looking would be pretty fascinating, and the thought of what else might be on offer…fancy moves are not everything after all.

He ordered a drink from the other end of the bar, brandy I think, and put up the shutters. Those eyes were hooded, the face fairly blank although it was obvious there was more going on inside than he was letting on.

I contemplated  approaching him after my next drink. Did not want to seem too eager. Ha.

My attention was caught by the entrance of another man. I looked again – surely this was the twin of my first interest? Same dark hair, though longer and less controlled, same dark eyes. Same profile,  but the gorgeous mouth was hidden by a full beard. This man was not guarded, he had an appraising look about him, as if judging the worth of every thing and everyone he saw. This man’s clothing looked costly – a fur lined cape, a gold chain around his neck, large rings on his fingers. He took his drink to the chess set laid out on a table in the middle of the pub, sat and contemplated the board. It had been abandoned midgame by the last players when they were notified of their ships readiness to leave. This man was apparently considering which move to make next, I think he intended to play both colours.

The first man – I really should call him A, instead of ‘first man’ all the time. Anyway A strolled up to B and sat in the opposite seat. So, a game to be played. Perhaps they had planned to meet there? No conversation, just straight into the game. They seemed very well matched. Neither took long between moves but neither seemed hurried either.

I was in no hurry. I had been here before, hitching a ride via whatever spacecraft was available at the time. If I stayed here long enough I knew I would bump in to a Time Lord and his or her Tardis – they were a constant in my life, and a welcome one at that. So I was content to finish my drink and wait an opportunity to get acquainted with the two of them – the more the merrier after all.

As the game came to its end B gracefully acknowledged defeat. A suggested a further game with just a look and B accepted. Right. They were obviously going to be a while.

So I left the pub and went through next door into the hotel. The Ferengi run a comfortable establishment and I knew my room would be ready and waiting for me.