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Save the Citizen

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Chapter 1 - There's No Place Like Home


The Middle of September
4 Weeks After Steve, Tony and Darcy Have Met

"I have" Tony started. Darcy turned and gave the man a frown. She and Steve were having a unofficial solo date night, just sitting on the couch eating out of Chinese food containers, watching a movie. One of the movies, Darcy had deemed 'essential' for Steve to see in order to understand pop culture and life in this decade.

"Good new or bad news?" She asked, as she put down her food on the table in front of the couch, and turned to look at Tony who stood behind them.

"News, news." Tony said evasively as he walked around the couch and came to sit on the arm rest closest to Darcy, her eyes tracking his movement as he did so.

"Golly that sounds ominous and vague." Steve quipped, causing Darcy to snort.

"I have to leave New York." Tony revealed, Darcy made a whimpering noise, her face frowning in displeasure.

"Why?" Darcy asked, as she leant closer to the handsome billionaire, her hand resting on his knee.

"For how long?" Steve inquired, his tone turning from joking to serious in a second.

Tony picked up her hand and held it in between both of his, Darcy noted that his hands were so much colder than hers. Darcy wondered if her hand felt like one of those heat packs to him, the kind that you held or stuck in your boots.

"I have a house in Malibu, California. And when I say a house, I mean of course, a state of the art Jarvis equipped mansion, with a seaside view of the ocean, that doubles as my home office/ design and work shop." Tony bragsplained, half bragging half explaining.

"This little apartment was just set up to be a home away from home, a place to crash where I wouldn't have to deal with paparazzi or sycophantic concierges or people in general really. I only planned to stay here occasional when I had meeting to oversee the construction of the Tower itself. Hence the lack of other furnished rooms...and floors 4 through 9. Stark Tower won't even be completed for another couple years."

Darcy grabbed her bottle of water from off the little coffee table in front of where they were sitting on the couch. Tony stopped talking, to watch as Darcy took several long gulps of water. She didn't like where this conversation was going.

She liked the haven that was their little unfinished apartment. It was a pretty big upgrade from the shitty two bedroom, one bathroom apartment, she used to share with some random weird girl she met via craigslist.

Darcy had practically moved in, and by practically she meant literally. All of her worldly possessions were here, stacked on top of each other in purple and pink plastic containers. All except the one big suit case she kept on the floor of Tony's walk in closet. Beside the basic toiletries, Darcy had been too lazy to unpacked yet. So every morning she got dressed by picking her outfit out of her suitcase, wrinkles never bothered her anyway. Tony offered to have someone unpack for her, and Steve offered to do it himself, but Darcy kept saying 'no' because she didn't want a stranger handling her sex toys or photo albums. Darcy would unpack...eventually.

The apartment had heat, it had a TV, a couch, a huge master bed, an amazing waterfall bathtub, a working refrigerator, and best of all, Tony...and Steve most of the time. She didn't want Tony to leave it.

Steve hadn't felt comfortable fast forwarding their relationship right to the living together stage, so at the end of every group or STEVE ONLY date night, he had religiously been going back to his crappy little government picked out apartment. Darcy had visited once, it was a small, sad, and empty place. However, when they had received the medical confirmation that she was 100% pregnant, and filed the appropriate paperwork, Steve began to stay over night in the spare bedroom. She didn't know if the two events were connected, or if Steve just all of a sudden felt more comfortable, but it had been nice having him around for breakfast again.

Taking one last gulp of water, Darcy slammed the nearly empty bottle onto the glass coffee table. The only thing that had kept her sane the past four weeks, was having both Steve and Tony by her side nearly ever second. So the thought of Tony leaving, for any amount of time, was a little nerve wracking.

"I'd never spent more than a single night here before I brought you two here after...we met." Tony said, choosing to leave out the murky government sponsored shenanigans that surrounded the three of them meeting.

Continuing on he said, "The toilet's were only installed in August, prior to that I usually just slept off my jet lag here, then hit the town. And honestly I only came to New York for you." Tony admitted, indicating to Darcy.

Darcy gave him a small grateful smile. Tony had been a dream for the last couple of weeks, he had cleared his schedule for the most part only absconding for phone conferences now and then. He had been completely focused on spending as much time with Darcy as possible, and she was drunk in love with the attention.

She, Steve, and Tony had all decided that the poly-amorous relationship, would work best by dividing Darcy's time between the men equally, with one or two group dates thrown in sporadically. So far, both had respected the color coded DARCY TIME, schedule she had created and pinned to the fridge. Both men had also studiously avoided each other like the plague, except when she forced them together for group movie nights. Unfortunately, the only time they didn't end up sniping at each other seem to be when they were all having serious relationship discussions, or baby preparedness meetings....and even then they couldn't help but annoy each other.

Their three way relationship, was...a work in process. At least that's what Darcy liked to think.

Tony continued, "I don't actually live in New York anymore, I mean the family mansion is still upstate, but I haven't lived there since I was a kid."

Darcy looked around at the semi-furnished apartment. She never really thought about where Tony lived, but it should have occurred to her that this place was not exactly what the billionaire was used to. Darcy mused mostly to her self, "That would explain the lack of technology. I mean, you're Tony Stark, I totally expected to be able to talk to the toaster or refrigerator and have it talk back."

The apartment they had been staying at was the penthouse of a still under-construction future Stark Industries property, as Tony was so fond of reminding them. It wasn't actually set up to be a permanent residence yet. Hence the other bathroom, consisting of a toilet and nothing else. The kitchen didn't even have a sink or a stove or oven. Just gaping holes where the appliances were meant to go.

Darcy could tell Tony had been getting antsy for the past week or so. He took apart the coffee machine and his mechanical tie rack, and had been fiddling with the parts in one the empty rooms. He had also taken to doodling complex math looking stuff on all of the napkins and paper towels. He was clearly ready to get back to his machines and back to work.

Tony had also been frustrated as he hadn't been able to upload his, J.A.R.V.I.S. thingy...that Darcy still didn't quite understand due to wiring and power issues in the unfinished Tower. Yesterday they were all in the dark for a couple hours due to a blown fuse or box or something she wasn't clear on. All she knew was that Tony had constantly been complaining all this week about his lack of access to Jarvis within the apartment.

"So...what does this mean?" Darcy asked quietly.

"It means I have to go home and get back to my finishing my latest project, apparently the board of directors has been breathing down Obie's neck, and he can't hold them off anymore." Tony put his hand on Darcy's head, he stroked his hand down her hair softly, before resting his hand on her shoulder.

"It means the vacation is over." Tony said with a sense of weariness. "I have a few more things to do here in the city, but if all goes according to plan, we'll be in the air by Saturday."

"But it's Wednesday!" Darcy shrieked, her voice laced with the anxiety she felt at the thought of saying goodbye to Tony for...who knows how long.

"I didn't think it'd take you more than three days to pack up your still boxed up meager collection of belongings." Tony said with one eyebrow raised in her direction.

"What?" Darcy asked surprised that Tony wanted her to come with him, at the same time Steve yelled out, "What!"

Tony just smirked at Steve before sliding down off the arm of the couch, onto Darcy's lap.

Darcy instantly smiled, but tried to hide it. She couldn't help but find Tony hilarious as he lounged his body out against hers. His hands interlaced to pillow behind his head, his butt wiggling into her crotch, the smug smile on his face. He was such a shit.

Making himself right at home on top of them Tony extended his legs out over Steve's lap. Only to let out a grunt when Steve angrily shoved the offending limbs off of himself, causing Tony to bang his feet into the glass coffee table top. "Ow."

"Tony." Darcy chastised, the smile on her face belying her tone.

"What? Why Tony? Why not Steve? He pushed my feet into the table. I could have dislocated a toe!" Tony argued his face pouting in the most adorable way.

Darcy shook her head good naturedly, she was amused by Tony's antics, but as she cast a side eyed glance Steve's way, she could tell Steve wasn't. Steve did not find Tony's mischievous persona as adorable as she did. Steve did not like how Tony casually insulted him, or ignored him, or interrupted his and Darcy's date. Darcy didn't think Steve liked Tony at all really. She was pretty sure he only tolerated Tony's presence for her sake.

For as much Steve disliked Tony, Tony actually kind of liked Steve...kinda.

Of course, Tony didn't like Steve all the time. He certainly disagreed with a lot of Steve's opinions, just in general, about society and Darcy and how the baby should be raised. And there was all the family baggage that lead to a lot of resentment and hostility towards Steve on Tony's part. But other than that, mostly when Tony had been drinking, not drunk but just tipsy, Tony liked Steve....well, he liked fighting with Steve.

Verbally jousting with Steve always made slightly-intoxicated-Tony's eyes light up with glee. Tony seemed to find the activity...entertaining. Tony reveled in the moments where he could embarrass Steve in front of Darcy. He just loved to pick away at Steve little by little with sly backhanded remarks, letting Steve's anger build and build, until Steve erupted and blew his top....blew his top? Ugh. Steve was rubbing off on her in weird ways.

"You expect Darcy to go with you?" Steve thundered, his voice loud, his muscles bulging. Darcy licked her lips. Angry Steve was also really hot, so most of the time Darcy enjoyed Tony's taunting of him too, just for different reasons.

"You snap your fingers and you just expect her to move across the country! You expect her to leave me! And we'll what. Date over the phone?" Steve yelled. Darcy placed her hand on Steve's shoulder, gently squeezing, trying to let Steve know that she was on his side. Darcy thought that ultimately Tony was on his side too, he was just an asshole sometimes so it was hard to tell.

"I'd never leave you." Darcy comforted. Tony knew that Darcy would never leave without Steve, he was just pulling on Steve's proverbial pig tails.

"Of course I expect Darcy to come with me," Tony said in a condescending tone, before giving Steve a wink.

"She's my girl after all." Tony said to Darcy, but while looking at Steve. Darcy watched as a vein throbbed in Steve's neck and he grinded his clenched teeth.

"Tony." Darcy scolded, finally becoming irritated by Tony's attempts to get a rise out of Steve. Steve was actually really mad. She could tell, he didn't see the joke. Darcy worried that if Tony kept playing this little game/trick on Steve, Steve might haul off and hit him. It hadn't happened yet, but Darcy still worried it might. She worried for Tony. Because there was no doubt in her mind if Steve hit Tony. He would go down. Hard.

"Darcy." Tony said turning his head to face her. His face changing as he stared at her. He lost the impish grin. His eyes alight with delight, started to dim into a smolder as he focused on her face instead of Steve's. His whole person, softened as he repeated her name, "Darcy....Darcy Anne Lewis,"

"My middle name is Elizabeth." She corrected.

"Darcy Elizabeth Lewis, being with you these past couples of weeks has made me so happy. Knowing you has made me a better person."

Darcy rolled her eyes as Tony's speech took on a more over the top flair.

"You are the light of my life, the wind in my sails, the twinkle in my eye, the yin to my yang, the salt to my pepper," Darcy moved her hand directly under Tony's butt and gave the flesh there a hard pinch. Tony lifted his hips in the air in response, but lowered them again, probably thinking that she wouldn't pinch him again.

Giving her a quick glare, Tony continued, "You are the pain in my ass, without whom I would be, well not nothing, I am after all a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist, but certainly I would be a lesser man without you."

Darcy would love to shove him off her lap, but she didn't want Tony to accidentally hit his head on the glass table or anything. So she began to pinch his butt once more, aggressively, chiding him, "Get up, get up, you're squishing me! You're squishing my uterus. My precious life giving uterus!"

Tony rolled off of her and went up on his knees, kneeling before her and Steve in the little space between the couch and the glass table. He picked up her hand suavely kissing her knuckles, before going onto one knee, clearing his throat before continuing, "Darcy Elizabeth Lewis, my partner, my match, the future mother of my child..."

Darcy's eyes grew wider and wider as he went on, until he added, "The slot 'b' to my tab 'a', the cream in my coffee, the spring in my step, you are the sun, the moon, the stars...and all that other good shit."

"Tony." Darcy censured, a little exasperated.

"Two more." Tony held up two fingers, "Darcy you are the milk to my shake, the jewel on my crown."

Tony's eyes turned serious even as he kept his tone light and fun, she knew what he was asking, really meant something to him, what she said in response was important.

"Will you do me the honor of getting on my private plane and fly with me to sunny California? Where we will move into my gigantic mansion, where you will be free to spend your days however you wish. Perhaps decorating the baby's nursery, the spare room, and any other room you want. Or not! Enjoy your pregnancy worry free. You can hire someone to do all that and spend your days lounging by the pool gestating our child for all I care. Just---Will you come with me?"

Steve interjected before she could respond exclaiming loudly, "Now wait a minute Stark!"

But Tony didn't even turn his head to acknowledge the other man, instead keeping his focus on Darcy, maintaining that intense eye contact that always made Darcy feel tingly in her lady bits. It was a heady feeling, being the sole focus of someone so smart and powerful.

Tony instead continued to address Darcy, forestalling Steve's objections by adding, "You're invited too Rogers. Clearly. You, overly muscled, over hyped, abstinent, Patriotic so and so."

Tony leaned in and kissed Darcy lightly. Pulling back he asked sincerely, "So, what do you say kid? You in?"

Darcy smiled warmly, leaning in she kissed Tony more passionately than he had her. Pressing her lips against his, she wrapped her hands around his neck, pulling him to her slightly. She put her hand on his chest to steady herself, right over his heart. Darcy's eyes popped opened, as she realized how fast Tony's heart was beating. Was he really so worried she wouldn't want to go with him?

Pulling back, Darcy gave him a tender look and a reassuring smile. If it was just her, she would have said 'yes' just like Meg Ryan in 'When Harry Met Sally', but it wasn't just her. Darcy turned to looked at Steve and gage his reaction.

Steve had pulled back from her and Tony, as he usually did whenever she and Tony engaged in PDA's, but he had only retracted minutely. Which was progress, she guessed.

"What do you think Steve? It's not like we have anything substantial holding us here." Darcy asked, as she gently poked Steve with her elbow, as an excited smile taking over her face.

"You know they call California the land of perpetual summer, right." Tony chimed in, "You two can spend your days holding hands drinking milkshakes out of the same straw, while I go out and make the bacon. Makin' the money, for my honey." Tony waggled his eyebrows, causing her to stifle a chuckle.

"I can make my own way." Steve said defensively. Darcy didn't know how she felt, entirely relying on Tony for money, and food, and lodging, but she wasn't opposed to it. Steve didn't feel the same though.

Tony put his hand on Steve's shoulder, being sincere with Steve for the first time all night, "I know you can. You're Captain America. You're the be--You could become a cop or a body guard or the President, you have skills, and you could easily get a job. Spend your weekdays working 9-5 at a job you don't like to make money you don't need. What I'm saying to you is, you don't have to. I'm ri---You can just take some time...and just, you know, be Steve. And keep Darcy company, when I can't."

Darcy couldn't help but melt inside. It was little moments of understanding and kindness like these, that she really believed that this weird three-way relationship between them, would work out just fine. They could all get along. Be friends. Maybe more?

"If anyone deserves a vacation, its us, Steve. Dontcha think?" Darcy questioned, looking up at Steve and bating her lashes.

"What? So, I don't deserve a vacation?" Tony sputtered.

"Your whole life is a vacation." Steve quipped, giving Tony a smirk. Darcy chortled lightly, silently agreeing with Steve.

"You can paint right?" Tony asked changing the subject. Steve nodded.

"Well, then if you want to do something to contribute. You can make yourself useful painting the nursery, and your own room. And Darcy's play room." Darcy mouthed the words 'play room' at Tony, wondering if he had meant baby play room or adult sex swing type playroom.

"Do whatever you want. Make a mural. Get creative, the sky's the limit! Hell you can even cover the walls with hay if you want." Tony threw his arms out gesturing to the sky.

"Hay?" Steve questioned, a little smile at the corner of his mouth. Tony brought his hands down and snapped his fingers, saying, "You bet."

"Oh god. Not hay. Ugh. Hildi Santo-Tomas! Ugh, double ugh. That woman is lucky those Trading Spaces couples were so nice. I would have kneecapped her." Darcy snorted.

"Wasn't Vern Yip the best?" Tony gushed.

"You liked Vern? His style was so class and understated. I don't believe he was your favorite." Darcy said her eyes narrowing in suspicion.

"What's Trading Spaces?" Steve asked.

"It's the best makeover show ever." Tony stated with an air of authority.

"It's definitely going on the list. Hand it over." Darcy held out her hand and Steve reached into his pocket and removed the small notepad & pen he was never without any more. Darcy opened it up, added, TLC's Trading Spaces-TV Show, right under 'Tamagotchi & Furby-Evil 90's Toys'.

Handing it back to him with a smile, she was pleased that Steve was in a better mood, she commented, "But, seriously, I really like that idea Tony. Not the hay, but the idea of getting Steve to draw or paint a mural for the babies room."

"Also me not having to do the actual painting part. I like painting, but I only like it for a little while, then I get bored and try to sneak away." Darcy admitted.

"You'd really want me to paint a mural for the baby?" Steve asked bashfully.

"Yeah! And I think I finally know what I want the theme to be....for the babies room I mean. Oooooh! I'm so excited!" Darcy gushed.

Tony gave Darcy a smirk, "'Finally?' 'Think?' Oh, please. You've been decided for a long time now, before you met either of us. I've seen your pintrest boards young lady. You're not fooling me."

Darcy stuck her tongue at Tony as Steve put a hand on her back and began rubbing up and down gently before asking, "What is it?"

Darcy looked between Tony and Steve, drawing out the tension for a big reveal, "Well, I thought about it a lot. And before I met you Steve, Tony's right, I had my heart set on it, but always considered other options, not thinking that what I wanted was ever really possible, not on my budget nor with my lack of drawing ability. And you know what, now that I know you, the theme is even more perfect because, you'll get the reference! Unlike my other more Disney centric--"

"Cut to the chase kid!" Tony cried out, his face reluctantly amused.

Darcy stood up and put her finger in the air, "THE WIZARD OF OZ!" Then she sat down again, giving Steve a cheeky grin, "You've seen that movie right?"

Steve nodded. "And what do you want me to draw? The yellow brick road?"

Darcy shook her head then she pointed at Tony, "You're going to pay for all the baby stuff right?"

"Of course." Tony said airily, waving his hand like money was nothing but a trifle.

Darcy bounced in her seat, visions of her dream nursery floating in her head, "Yay! Yay! Yay! Our baby is going to have the most beautiful, best awesome fabulous room eva!"

Steve and Tony both chuckled at Darcy's enthusiasm.

"Also, no Steve, I don't want the yellow brick road on the wall. Its. A. Road! Why would it be on the wall? Ooooh. Do you think you could paint the floor into the spiral yellow brick road thing from when Dorothy started in MUNCHKIN LAND?!" Darcy shouted as she was overcome.

"Um. I can try." Steve said in staid voice, only to let out a little "oof" as he caught Darcy who threw herself into his lap.

Squeezing her arms around Steve's neck before pulling back she sought confirmation from Steve asking in a more volume controlled tone, "And on the wall you can paint the emerald city! Right? Like the whole wall. All of it. With the yellow brick road leading up to it, and the poppies and maybe the witch flying overhead, but most importantly the green emerald towers sparkling on the horizon. And---"

Darcy cut her self off and threw her arms around Tony, pulling him so hard around his neck, that he actually got up off the floor and sat next to Steve on the couch, "TONY! WI--Will you build me a life sized replica of Tik-Tok?"

Tony smiled confusedly, "Tik-Tok like....Ke$ha?"

Darcy's eyes widened and her nostrils flared as she realized, "YOU HAVEN'T SEEN RETURN TO OZ?"

She turned to Steve and admonished Tony further, "Steve! Tony hasn't seen Return to OZ!"

Steve shrugged one shoulder and offered, "Bad Tony?"

"Bad Tony Indeed!" Darcy cried as she hopped off of Steve's lap and let go of Tony's neck to stand before the men who now looked up her. Darcy's face was stern.

"This is a travesty of epic proportions. Tony, you stalked my pintrest board! You stalked me for months before we met finding all about me. You binge watched Grey's Anatomy, but you didn't think to watch my second favorite movie of all time?"

Tony cringed as he defended, "It's not like its listed anywhere that it's your second fav--"

Darcy didn't let him finish, shouting, "That's not an excuse! You should have known! Psychically! I'm soooo disappointed in you." Darcy shook her head playfully in shame.

Darcy put her hands protectively over her still flat belly, and asked, "How is baby Dorothy ever going to look at you, knowing you have no idea who her favorite steampunk-esque robot is?"

Tony's lips quirked into a tentative smile, and his eyes lit up at the word 'robot'. Steve on the other hand frowned.

"Baby Dorothy?" Steve questioned.

"Or Maybe Glinda." Darcy mused, rubbing her stomach.

"Please tell me if it's a boy you're not going to insist on calling him 'Scarecrow'." Tony sassed.

Darcy looked at them both confused and annoyed how they kept insisting the baby would/could be a boy. It wasn't. It was going to be a girl. Darcy was determined to make it so.

"We're not having a boy." She said flatly.

"Sweetheart," Steve said grabbing her hand, and gently pulling her to sit on the glass table opposite them, "You have to stop ignoring the fact that the baby might be a boy."

"Uh, fuck you Steve. Baby's gonna be a girl." Tony let out a loud laugh, throwing his head back at Darcy's cursing out of Steve.

They had been having little spats about the gender of the baby a lot. Darcy was genuinely getting annoyed.

"Okay, but when that thing--" Darcy glared at Steve for using the word 'thing' to describe the baby so hard that he instantly apologized, "sorry, not thing, baby. When that baby comes out with a penis instead of know. You're going to wish you had listened to me. You can't very well, go naming a boy Dorothy or--"

"Tony Junior!" Tony interjected.

"That's a terrible name. He'd be called Junior for the rest of his life. Kids will pick on him throwing Junior Mints at his head mocking him in the Schwarzenegger voice yelling, 'It's not a tumor!'" Darcy stated, imitating the famous actors voice for his quote from the movie of the same name.

"I hope not." Tony mumbled quietly.

"See! That's what I'm talking about, you have to concede that the baby might be a boy, and come up with some boy names, even if you think it's going to be a girl. You have to be prepared!" Steve insisted.

"Said the boy scout." Tony grumbled under his breath.

"No I don't Steve. Because I'm going to have a bouncing baby girl!" Darcy denied, poking him in the middle of his chest on the word 'girl'.

"But, Darcy--" Steve continued only to stop when Tony put his pointer finger up against Steve's lips and went, "Shhhhhhhhhh."

"Sweet Darcy. Simple Steve." Tony said putting one hand on Darcy's shoulder, and one hand on Steve's.

"You two have been fighting about this whole 'boy/girl' baby debate for two weeks." Tony stated.

"That's because she's in denial!" Steve shouted at the same time Darcy whined, "It's going to be a girl!"

Tony squeezed their shoulder's lightly, continuing to speak as if they hadn't interrupted him, "I've stayed out of it, because while I care. I don't really care. I think Darcy should choose whatever name she's her uterus. She should pick whatever girl name she wants, and Steve and I, we can brainstorm a list of possible boy names for Darcy to pick from."

Tony gave Steve a slightly penalizing glare. "She's pushing the baby out of her vagina, she gets final say on the baby's name as far as I'm concerned."

He turned a charming smile on Darcy and proceeded to haggle, "But we should each get three veto's on the girls names...wouldn't want to call the baby a name that brings up...bad memories."

Darcy felt her shoulders slump, that was a perfect solution. Darcy reached up and put her hand on the one Tony still had on her shoulder. She squeezed his hand, before removing it, and holding it out as she got up and sat in his lap.

Darcy held Tony's head still with a gentle grip on his jaw. She leaned in and gave him a soft kiss on his cheek. Smiling at Steve she conceded, "That sounds reasonable."

Steve gave her a quick smile and nodded, agreeing, "Yeah. But, Darcy should get three veto's for the boy names too."

Tony kissed her on the cheek, whispering against her skin, "Indubitably."

Darcy let out a light chuckle at Tony's word choice, and at the way his facial hair tickled her skin. Her chuckles turning into real laughter as Tony tickled her sides.

"Wait!" Darcy shouted, as Steve grabbed her foot and tickled the arch. "Wait! No. Stop. You evil negotiators! Stop! For real! I ha--have an addendum. AN ADDENDUM I SAY!"

The men stopped tickling her, grinning at her wickedly. Darcy put a hand on her cheek, she could feel the heat there and she could only imagine how red and splotchy she must look. The men just smugly smiled, by they were clearly listening attentively as Darcy declared, "I'll only agree if Tony builds me a true to scale, working, Tik-Tok robot."

Tony's mustache twitched, but he gave her a nod of approval, compromising, "Only if you agree that the kids first name won't be Dorothy. Or Glinda. Or Elphaba. I mean, you're the one who was talking about traumatizing childhood teasing."

Steve looked confused, but Darcy knew she looked shocked. Her jaw actually dropped open. She even gasped, "How dare you know who Elphaba is and not know about Tik-Tok. Just for that I think I'll name the kid Bilina! Or Mombi. Or-"

"Or Patchwork girl?" Tony offered with a smug expression.

"YOU LITTLE SHIT! You know exactly what I'm talking about!" Darcy playfully hit Tony on his chest. She hit him again and again, swatting him lightly as he laughed at her good naturedly.

Tony's arms came around her, hugging her body so closely to his, that she couldn't hit him anymore, he then kissed her. His lips pressing against hers softly, his tongue slipping out to trace the seam of her lips teasingly before he broke away from her with a grin. "I wasn't lying. I haven't seen the movie, but my mom read me all the books when I was a kid."

Darcy suddenly felt her eyes get wet as she confessed, "My mom read them to me too."

Darcy's eyes flickered to Steve's. She saw emotion there, he may not understand what they were talking about, but he knew what they were feeling. She held out her hand to him, and Steve took it. Bringing her hand up, so he could rest the back of her hand against his cheek.

It was sad. Terribly sad, that the one thing that bonded them all together, besides the obvious sexy stuff, was that they had so much experience with loss. All of their parent's were dead. Steve never met his father, he died in the war, he lost his mother before he became Captain America, she knew that much. Everyone knew that Tony's parent's died in a tragic car crash in his early twenties. And Darcy, her dad dying of cancer and then later on her mom. Fucking tragic back stories, the whole lot of them.

Shaking her head, refusing to let the sadness overwhelm them or eliminate the happiness and excitement they had just been sharing, Darcy poked Tony in the nose with her finger, ordering, "Tik-Tok better have a working mustache, eyeballs that cry oil, and the wind up thing on his back, with the inscription! Don't you leave out the directions printed on my precious Tik-Tok. I have waited my whole life to see and touch a real Tik-Tok. I want him to be able to walk and talk. Just like he did in the movie!"

"I'm pretty sure that their was a little person inside making him walk in the movie. You know, like R2-D2 in Star Wars." Tony advised.

"Yeah, well it was made in the eighties. And you're Tony Stark. And it ain't the eighties no more, SO I want him to walk AND talk. For real." Darcy declared.

"If Tony hasn't ever seen the movie, and I haven't either, maybe we could watch it...together sometimes?" Steve offered, with a shrug of his shoulders. Steve never initiated group dates. Darcy's face was starting to hurt with how wide she was smiling.

That was an excellent idea. Darcy clapped her hands, "Yes!"

She hopped up and started walking in the direction of the master bedroom. "Where are you going?" Tony called out.

"To get the DVD!" Darcy explained.

"You own it?" Steve asked.

"DUH!" Darcy hollered, as she approached her suitcase, digging through her socks and underwear to find her copy of 'The Return to Oz' just where she left it. She had a special edition of the Wizard of Oz in their too. Her mom had given her the Wizard of Oz, and the last birthday present her dad got her before he died, had been the 'Return to Oz'. She had been obsessed with the former since she was a child, but when she was finally shown the Return to Oz at eight, she truly fell in love with the fictional world. She had tons of Wizard of Oz crap, collected over the years. It was her parent's go to gifts. Whenever they didn't know what to get her for Hannukah/Christmas or her birthday, or whatever, they got her something with the Tin Man, or the Wicked Witch, and she invariably loved it.

These two movies though, they meant the most to her. That's why she hadn't packed them away with her other stuff.

The Wizard of Oz, was always good to have handy, in case some unexpected babysitting gig popped up, or if it was too quiet and you just needed to put something on for a little background noise. Wizard of Oz was a classic and always a go to. Over the course of her life, Darcy had run into many people who hadn't seen the movie Return to Oz. She admitted the movie was way more obscure, so people could be forgiven for missing the little known gem, but it was such a touchstone for her and her childhood, that she jumped at any chance to show the film to those who hadn't seen it.

Darcy had shown many people the movie, some friends thought it was just okay, some loved it, some just couldn't get over how unlike the Judy Garland version it was, and others asked why her parents would let her watch the movie as a child given how disturbing some of the content was. She was excited to see how Tony and Steve reacted.

"FOUND IT!" Darcy shouted with glee, as she ran back to the men and the couch. Darcy ran to the DVD player and popped the disc in.

The men had made room for her to sit between them. Darcy smiled as Tony offered her a kit-kat. Splitting it apart giving her half, he popped the other half in his own mouth. Steve poured Junior Mints into his mouth, offering her the box once he lowered it. Darcy declined shaking her head no.

Darcy didn't question where the candy came from, just smiled and enjoyed it.

As the he used to the remote navigate the DVD's menu options, Tony tentatively asked, "So, just to be clear. We're moving? All of us?"

Tony looked at Darcy for confirmation, she looked to Steve, he looked at Tony before looking back to her. Steve gave her a small nod and a smile, patting her leg lightly.

"I guess so." Darcy said with a smile.

Snuggling into Tony's side, digging her feet under Steve's butt for warmth, Darcy let out a happy noise. Steve put his hand on her knee before lightly sliding up and down her calf, he was looking at her with this sweet expression on his face. Darcy glared at him, then pointed at the movie screen.

"Pay attention to the movie." Darcy ordered.

"It's not even on yet." Steve argued, continuing to stare at her. Darcy frowned.

Steve then leant forward and kissed her, surprising Darcy. She let out a vaguely pleased noise as the hand on her leg slid father up to her thigh. Darcy gasped softly, parting her lips, letting Steve's tongue dive into her mouth. Darcy wanted to wrap her leg around Steve's waist, but he kept a tight grip upon her thick thigh, squeezing it pleasantly with his large hand.

Darcy felt Tony stiffen and then relax his body as she and Steve kissed, practically right on top of him. She felt a delicate touch as Tony lifted his hand running two fingers down the length of her arm that hung limply at her side, before reaching her wrist, and sliding his hand into hers interlacing their fingers together. Being connected to Tony while kissing and being touched by Steve, felt so intimate. So...fucking hot.

When the sound suddenly got louder on the TV, indicating that the movie really was starting, Steve drew back. Lightly nipping at her lips before he did, moving his hand back to her knee, Steve sat up fully. Settling into the couch more comfortably, and gluing his eyes to the screen, ignoring her, all innocent like. She could practically see the little halo dancing above his head.

Darcy was stunned. Tony and she had been engaging in various acts of PDA's all over. Steve had grown more...accepting, of her and Tony's public display's of affection, but he's never acted like he was comfortable with it. He always looked a little uneasy or his polite smile was a little too stiff.

So, yeah she was stunned. Steve had never even kissed her while Tony was in the room before. Let alone make out with her while she was in the other man's lap!

Where the fuck did that kind of boldness come from? Where had been this whole time? And how could she get him to do it again?...all questions that left Darcy just staring at Steve's profile in wonder, her eyes kind of glazed over.

Steve glanced her way, and then seeing her expression, gave her a mock glare. Pointing at the movie screen, Steve mouthed the words, "Pay Attention" before turning and doing as instructed himself.






Author Notes/Picture References

This is Tik-Tok & For the record If Tony Stark was in love with me, building me my very own Tik-Tok is the only thing I'd ever ask of him.

Tik-Tok's instructions read as follows:

Mechanical Man

This is the cast of "Return to Oz"

Chapter Text

Chapter 2 - Happy Birthday

Thursday, the Next Day

Darcy awoke naturally the next morning. She wiped her hand over her face, rolled over, only to find that Tony was already gone. Touching the space beside her where he slept, she found it cold, so he must have been gone for a while. There was a note on the pillow, but Darcy was too bleary eyed to read it yet. So she got up, and walked to the bathroom instead.

After brushing her teeth, peeing, and splashing some cold water on her face, she brushed her hair, and made her way over to Tony's amazing closet, and picked out an outfit for the day. Jeans and a t-shirt that said, "Are You Kitten Me, Right Meow?" And had little kitten's all over. She grabbed her big NYC sweatshirt and pulled it over her head. Throwing her hair into a pony tail, she went to see what her note said.

It was a folded white piece of paper, on the outside it said, "You're the reason I get up in the morning..."
When she opened it, it read "Just kidding...I have to pee. --Handwritten by Tony Stark for your amusement." Darcy laughed then refolded the paper. She grabbed her phone from out of the charger, before slipping the note into one of her suitcase's many pockets. Then she grabbed her purse off the floor and headed out into the kitchen, only to find Steve set up on the red couch, the TV was playing the news at a low volume.

Steve was using the glass table as a counter, he was eating cereal...and reading "The Mother of All Pregnancy Books" by Ann Douglas. He and Tony had finished "What to Expect When You're Expecting" last week, while, she was still on chapter one of the go to of pregnancy books.

The second he saw her, he grabbed a banana out of a paper bag and said, "Eat. You need more fruit in your diet."

Darcy raised her eyebrow at being told what to do, but just shrugged, because he was probably right, and she loved bananas. A container of milk was on the counter with him, he poured her a small glass without being asked. Then Steve poured her a bowl of boring old cheerios, which was actually her favorite, and slid it over to her. "Thanks?"

"Your welcome." Steve replied before chugging some orange juice straight from the container, one of the big one's meant to last for like a week, but which Steve polished off alone and in two days.

Once they were done eating Darcy asked, "Do you know where I left my shoes?"

"There over by the door, under you're coat, which you left on the floor." Steve said with a pointed look. Steve liked to keep things nice and tidy. The man literally got up every morning for a run, and made his bed...every time! With military corners and everything. It was so weird to her.

Darcy only made her bed on Sunday's when she changed her sheets. She had never made a bed in the morning in her life. It just didn't make sense. Who cared? No one. That's who. It was jsut going to get messed up anyway.

This was a thing. She could tell it was going to be an Odd Couple thing with her and Steve, because she didn't really clean up after herself on a daily basis. She preferred to live in organized chaos. She really only tidied up for company, or first impressions. Steve on the other hand, was very...neat. All, the frickin' time.

Tony was more like her, but had probably always had maids to clean up after him so it didn't phase him when she left old clothes or wet towels lying about instead of putting them in the hamper.

"Where are you going today again? You told me but--"

"We have a grown up play date with Wanda and Scott." Darcy informed Steve as she pulled on her sneakers.

"Oh. I'm going too?" Steve asked with a little pout.

"Yes. You're going too." Darcy said sternly as she tied her shoes.

"Do I have too?" Steve whined in a non-whiny voice.

"No." Darcy stated simply, she watched Steve's eye's light up and a smile bloom on his face as he exclaimed in a joyous voice, "Really?"

"Sure. You don't have to come if you don't want to." Darcy tied her other shoe. "And when I get mugged, or stabbed or raped and murdered, you don't' have to come to my funeral either."

Darcy smiled evilly to herself, as Steve sighed and said in flat voice, "I'll go get my coat."

"Muhahaha." Darcy mumbled. As she put on her own light jacket, before grabbing her purse. She grabbed out her lipstick, and eyeliner, using the reflection on the toaster to apply her make up.

"Ready?" Steve asked joylessly.

Darcy smiled a blood red lipped smile at him, "Yup." She let her lips make a popping sound on the 'p' in yup as she capped and put away her lipstick.

When they were in the elevator, Darcy turned to Steve and pouted. "Steve, you're not going to be a pout-y bitch all morning are you?"

Steve scowled and crossed his arms in front of his chest, grumbling, "I'm not being a pout-y bitch."

Darcy used her fingers to physically lift up the corners of Steve's mouth into something resembling a smile, chuckling, "Then smile! We're going to see our, dear, dear, friends."

Steve caught her hands with his, pulling them away from his mouth, and instead pulling her body closer to his. "You mean we're going to see your dear, dear friends."

Darcy rested her chin on his chest for a moment as the elevator doors opened on the ground floor. She pouted up at him prettily. "Don't say it like that, Scott loves you!"

Steve sighed, then twined their hands together leading her out and through the lobby. "Yeah, he loves me a little too much if you ask me."

It was true. Scott was developing quiet the little man crush on Steve. Always slapping Steve on the back and saying, "I love you, man." Trying to get Steve to say it back to him.

"And Wanda hates me." Steve argued.

"She does not." Darcy defended as she slipped her shades out of her bag and onto her face.

"She calls me 'substitute Steve'."

"Yeah, but not to your face, you just heard her say that because of you're super soldier ears." Darcy tried to reassure Steve, but even she knew it was false. "Besides, this is the last time we'll see them for a while. So...suck it up."

It was true though. The two times, Scott and Wanda, and she and Steve had gotten together, Wanda had asked her privately, "Where is your real boyfriend?"

Wanda had been decidedly cold towards Steve ever since the drugs incident at the bureau. Wanda was under the impression that Darcy took drugs to make sex with Steve bearable, that her heart truly belonged to Tony, and that Darcy was in denial. Clinging to Steve because she felt sorry for him.

Wanda was always praising Tony for his kindness and attentiveness where Darcy was concerned. She saw Tony as an excellent caretaker, both financially and happiness and health wise. She kept making little comments saying how perfect she and Tony looked together, or how cute and smart their baby would be. Whenever Darcy reminded her that she was dating Steve too. How she fit perfectly with Steve in ways she didn't with Tony. How she thought her and Steve's babies would be cute and strong and brave. Wanda waved her off, saying "Sure, sure, but Tony...".

It was annoying, but Wanda wasn't offensive. She was just very, blatantly biased in her opinions about Darcy's boyfriends. Darcy was sure that Steve would eventually win Wanda over.

How could he not? He was Steve!


After taking a bunch of different subways, and then getting lost, Steve and Darcy finally found their way to the Bounce U of Brooklyn. Scott started waving to them enthusiastically screaming, "He's--Their they are. Hey Steve! Darce! Over here. Can you see me? We're over here!"

Darcy shook her head, feeling embarrassed upon Scott's behalf. He was such a dork.

Once they made to the couple, Wanda gave Darcy a girly hug. Darcy looked to the side to see Scott trying to hug, Steve but being rebuffed with a pre-offered handshake. Scott shook it earnestly, clapping Steve on the back and one armed hugging him for good measure, before releasing Steve. Wanda and Steve exchanged polite smiles, while Scott and she chest bumped before high five-ing. Scott loved chest bumping the hypno-boobs.

After some polite small talk Darcy started bopping up and down on her heels, asking, "So, are we going to get our bounce on or what? I didn't wear my good sports bra for nothing."

"Yeah, about that--" Scott began.

"DARCY?" A familiar voice called out, prompting Darcy to turn to see who it was, just as another higher pitched familiar voice shrieked, "DADDY!"

Suddenly the little body of Cassie Lang was whizzing past Darcy and Steve, and throwing herself into the arms of her father. Scott bent down onto one knee to embrace her tightly saying, "Peanut! Oh, happy birthday."

Darcy smiled as she looked upon the touching scene. Scott hadn't seen his daughter since before he got locked up. She knew how much Cassie meant to him, so seeing Scott wrap his arms around his little girl, almost brought a tear to her eyes...almost. She would have cried, if Wanda wasn't standing next to the father daughter reunion as stiff as a board and an expression frozen on her face that screamed awkward shock and terror.

"What are you doing here Lang? You haven't paid a dime of child support. You know I could arrest you?"
Paxton, Maggie's fiancé inquired with false kindness in his voice, obviously trying to keep his voice light to keep from upsetting Cassie, even though his words were anything but.

Scott released Cassie and stood up, "Good to see you too Paxton."

Maggie put a hand on her police man fiancé's arm, "I forgot to tell you."

"Forgot to tell me what?" Paxton asked turning to face Maggie's chagrined face.

"Scott has paid child support...he paid it all two days ago. Through a lawyer. Retroactively making up for lapsed payments and paying the next ten years child support in one lump sum." Maggie admitted.

"He did?"
"I did."
"Did he rob a bank?"

Almost everyone there expressed some sort of shock at that news. Maggie just shrugged her shoulders. Everyone turned to look at Scott, as Maggie continued to explain, "Yeah, I thought it was weird too, but it was all legitimate, I had my lawyer look it over just to make sure it was all...obtained legally. Your new bosses at Stark Industries must have a lot of faith in you to make a commitment like that upon your behalf."

"Stark what now?" Scott asked as he picked up Cassie, the little girls legs automatically wrapping around her dad's waist.

"Stark Industries. That's where the money came from. And the legal documents that petitioned you for weekly visits with Cassie."

"I get to see her every week?" Scott repeated, awe in his voice.

"YAY! Daddy days are gonna be so fun!" Cassie shouted loudly, causing Wanda to jerk her head away for a moment.

"Do you two know anything about this?" Scott asked, shifting Cassie onto his other hip, away from Wanda's sensitive ear drums.

Steve shook his head 'no'. Darcy just gave Cassie and Scott a sappy smile. She had mentioned Scott's trouble in finding work to Tony last week. Tony knew that Scott and she had a real world connection through Maggie and Cassie. When she was a student and Maggie was first dating Paxton, Darcy had been Cassie's babysitter. Tony knew that Darcy was fond of Cassie....and Scott. Darcy could only presume that this was Tony's going away present, to her down on his luck friend.

As if she had just noticed her, Cassie suddenly exclaimed loudly, "DARCY! Dad, dad, it's Darcy look!"

"I see." Scott appeased Cassie, letting her down so the little munchkin could run over to her and throw her arms around Darcy's legs.

"Hey tiny human! You still remember me huh? Cool. I'd probably cry and ruin my make up if you hadn't remembered me." Darcy joked.

"NO! You're a grown up. Grown ups don't cry." Cassie declared looking up at Darcy. Darcy squatted down so she could be on the same level with the little girl.

Arguing she maintained, "Yes I would have cried. Just like this, waaaahhhh. Wah, boo, hoo. BOOOO HOOO." Darcy dramatically pantomimed, sobbing all over the little girl.

"You're so silly Darcy! I missed you." Cassie gave her another hug. Darcy, now at midget level, was able to wrap her arms around the little girl in equal measure.

"You know my daddy?" Cassie questioned as Darcy stood up again.

"Yeah, he and I are buds." Cassie clapped her hands before running back to her father, jumping up and down in front of him yelling, "You know Darcy? Isn't she the coolest! She's so fun and pretty! I love her hair. She used to let me brush it when she was my babysitter! Does she let you brush her hair too, Daddy?"

Darcy chuckled.

"No. Darcy, Darcy leaves all the hair brushing to her favorite munchkins I think." Scott answered his daughter before the girl ran back over to her mother.

"Mommy! IT'S DARCY!" Cassie shouted.

"I can see that. Darcy? It's so nice to see you again." Maggie extended her hand, Darcy smiled politely as she shook it.

"Likewise." Darcy then turned to Paxton and gave the man a salute, "Paxton."

"Miss Lewis. It's been a long time. What are you doing in the company of Lang? Are you really friends? How did you meet? Who's this big guy and mute girl with you? I feel like you know more than you're saying. Do you know what's going on here?"

Paxton was a very nice man, but at his core he was a cop. The first time Darcy met him when he came to pick up Maggie for a date, he had interrogated her for 15 minutes and run her plates, before leaving her in peace to baby-sit Cassie. He was such a likable tool. After all, his dickish-ness came from a place of love and concern.

"You're people skills are a thing of confusing beauty." Darcy commented. Paxton didn't seem amused so she sighed and answered the man's questions.

"I'm almost as confused as you are. I was under the impression that I was just here to meet up with my new friends Scott and Wanda, she's the silent girl next to Scott, with my boyfriend Steve." Darcy gestured to Steve like Vanna White, Steve gave the police man a wave.

"We arrived. Then we ran into you guys. A very suspicious but nice coincidence. Then your soon to be wife revealed, to my complete astonishment, that Scott paid off his debt, via a Stark Industries check. And got paperwork to have visits with Cassie." Darcy then saluted Paxton again, her voice turning a bit drill sergeant response-y, shouting, "Sir, that's all I know for certain at this point in time, SIR!"

Cassie laughed at Darcy's antics, but Maggie and Paxton didn't. Maggie was looking at Scott and Wanda. A quick glance told her that Scott had his arm around Wanda's shoulders and seemed to be whispering something in her ear. Maybe Maggie was jealous...?

When Darcy looked at Paxton to see if he noticed Maggies wandering eyes, she found the man's gaze locked on her. "You may not know anything else for certain, but you' suspect something, don't you Miss Lewis." Paxton prompted.

Darcy rolled her eyes, grabbing Steve's arm, she leaned into his side as she revealed her suspicions, "I recently became friends...very good friends, with someone high up in the company at Stark Industries. And I recently told my friend how shi-- bad things were going for my friend Scott. I mean he even got fired from Baskin' Robins!"

"Baskin Robbins always finds out." Scott murmured from behind her. Wanda patted him on the back consolingly.

"SO, I suspect that my very good friend at SI, maybe got Scott the legal paperwork, and the job, and maybe they just believed in him enough to help him out where the child support was concerned...maybe. Like I said, I don't know for sure. But, it seems like the only explanation." Darcy admitted.

"AND just for the sake of all parties involved," Darcy looked pointedly at Scott and Wanda, "No one needs to reveal my friend's name over at Stark Industries. Its better if no one knows about these high level friendships I've developed. Caprice?" Wanda and Scott nodded. Darcy didn't need the world finding out she was fucking Tony Stark while dating Captain America. In fact, thinking back, she didn't' think that anyone except the government who revived him, Tony and she KNEW that Steve was Captain America.

"Well, that is certainly some very good friends you have Darcy. And Scott, you too. I'm glad you're doing better. I know you thought it was harsh that I said you couldn't see Cassie until you found a job, but I really am happy that you're getting your life together." Maggie said kindly. Scott just nodded at her, squeezing Wanda to him even tighter.

Paxton turned his suspicious glare onto Scott. Saying, "Yeah it's great that your life's not a trash fire anymore Lang. And great that Darcy hooked you up with a job and all, but none of that explains what you're doing here. Right now. At BounceU, just in time for Cassie's birthday party."

Darcy suspected Tony had a hand in this little reunion too. After all, it was Tony's suggestion that they go to the children's birthday party BounceU place. He said that it would be a great fun activity place to go with Wanda and Scott, who were in his words, 'basically children anyway'. Tony had told them to get there between noon and one pm to sign up for the adults only session. Tony was a crafty genius. And Darcy wouldn't be surprised at all if Tony hacked Maggie's computer to find out when and where Cassie's birthday party was being held.

"I think it's just a happy coincidence, like I said." Darcy said simply.

Cassie seemed to understand finally what Scott and company's apprearance meant. As she screamed, "DADDY AND DARCY GET TO COME TO MY PARTY!"

Maggie seemed to freeze. Paxton frowned. Darcy smiled. There was no way Maggie could turn them away now.

"Of course I am peanut. Your mom knows how much I love to party." Scott said, moving his fists in time with his hips in a little dance.

Maggie and Cassie laughed, as Paxton frowned deepened. He grumbled, "They'll have to pay for their own tickets."

"No problem." Darcy said breezily.

"YAY!!" Cassie yelled, smiling as she ran and grabbed Darcy's, and then Scott's hands, dragging them towards the door. "Let's go! We're going to have so much fun. I bet we bounce and eat so much that we barf all over the place!"

"Do you think I really have a job waiting at Stark Industries?" Scott asked Darcy as they were pulled along.

"You're guess is as good as mine." Darcy replied with a smile as they entered the inflatable party place.


After the boring instructional video. And the taking off of shoes and donning of plastic bottom gripp-y socks. Darcy, Wanda, Scott, Cassie, Maggie, and a bunch of other excited 5 and 6 year olds were ready to be let loose in the playroom.

Cassie had a tight hold on her mom and dad's hands. Making Scott and Maggie run the obstacle course with her and her friends. Paxton chose not to take off his socks and be eligible to bounce. He was the 'grown up supervision', walking around gently scolding children when they're play became too rough, or dangerous.

Darcy herself felt a little awkward, they were unexpected party crashers, welcomed reluctantly and begrudgingly. And she wasn't family. She wasn't 5 years old. She didn't fit, at least on the surface. Darcy had actually worked at a BounceU in high school. It's what lead to her awesome references when babysitting. She felt at ease with children. That's what made her a good employee, when she worked at BounceU she had no problem meeting children, engaging in play with them, and or scolding them for rules breaking. Kids warmed up to her pretty quickly, even the jaded 'older' siblings of 10-14 years of age warmed up to her. Of course those older children just wanted her to bounce and bounce and bounce and then they had to take an emergency trip to the bathroom. Darcy got her breasts early, and by high school they had hit double D status. It was kind of ridiculous, because the uniforms were completely modest, but even then her bounty bounced impressively, no ugly high collared t-shirt could hide it.

Darcy glanced down at her outfit. She was wearing a neon pink sports bra and a racer back tank with Wonder Woman on it. The sports bra pushed her tits up and made her cleavage, even more impressive. At least her black yoga capris were tight and shiny. That should endear her to all the parents of the other children party guests. Darcy sighed, pulling her tank up higher only to have it fall down to expose her cleavage. Darcy wished she had picked a more modest outfit, but she really hadn't expected being around children. The 'adult sessions' usually meant, no kids. And so Darcy had dressed to entice and tease Steve, not play with kids.

Despite her wardrobe problems, Darcy could if she wanted to, walk over to the packed small ball filled bounce house and joining in and just starting to throw balls and play with the children. She was that comfortable with her ability to interact with kids. Steve and Wanda, were another story...

Darcy glanced at Steve and knew he wanted to be doing what Paxton was doing. He initial thought he wouldn't be allowed to bounce due to his size, but Darcy said that Paxton was just a stick in the mud. This place was for all ages and sizes. He clearly wanted to not be dragged by Darcy all around the play place, forced to shove his gigantic muscled body up tiny inflatable stairs or down a slide. Steve seemed so much bigger than all the children running around, and he seemed so worried about accidentally stepping on or crushing them. Darcy decided he needed a crash course in kids 101, stat.

Wanda too.

The long haired girl seemed so lost. Darcy doubted they had BounceU's in Sokovia or Slovakia, wherever she was from. She doubted Wanda had ever experienced anything like this. There was also the added pressure of the awkwardness. She was just the divorced dad's girlfriend. Darcy could see how being labeled with such an awkward title in such a delicate situation would make anyone feel out of place. Especially since Cassie had kidnapped Scott, understandable the little girl would want to play with her dad after so much time apart, but Darcy bet if Scott was by Wanda's side, at least initially the girl wouldn't look like she would rather anywhere but here.

Good thing Steve and Wanda had Darcy.

Refusing to let the two loiter awkwardly Darcy grabbed Wanda and Steve's hands, not unlike Cassie and started dragging them to the far side of the complex, where the little children hadn't yet explored. As soon as she saw the 'thunder dome' boxing ring, she knew she had try it.

Darcy waved at the attend sitting in the ring, calling out, "Can we try to knock each other's block off?"

The pimpled faced teenage boy attendant nodded, eying them, and going to the corner to retrieve the appropriate sized head gear.

"Darcy I don't think--" Wanda protested, "I don't want to hurt--" Steve began, but both broke off when Darcy ignored them and climbed under the plastic flap that let into the ring.

Darcy took the offered helmet and strapped into her head. Taking the battering foam stick by the handles she turned to her friends and surmised, "So, I'm thinking I should warm up with Wanda, before trying to take down Mount Steve. So Wanda, get your cute butt in here."

Wanda opened her mouth to protest, but Darcy just shut that shit down by saying, "If you don't come in here and try to knock me off this little circle platform with this foam stick I'm just going to jump out there and beat you with it. So you might as well maintain some dignity and come in...besides, most of the party is still on the other side, so now might be your only chance to have fun without people watching us."

"You're not allowed to take the equipment out of the ring." The teenage attendant said in a weak authoritative tone.

Darcy just smiled and stroked her hand down the boys arm lightly, her voice taking on a breathy husky tone, "But, you'll make an exception for me right?"

The teenager nodded numbly as his eyes moved from the hand that had touched his arm over to her chest, and the ample cleavage on display due to her sports wear. Darcy sent Wanda a smirk of victory.

Wanda looked at her with an exasperated pout, but she obliged and climbed through the little flap that led to the boxing ring. "Yay!" Darcy cried.

Once Wanda was properly attired and on her own little circle with her own foam stick, she seemed to loosen up. Darcy always managed to draw Wanda out of her shell, it just took a little effort is all. Wanda jumped up and down in place, smiling as she taunted Darcy, "You know Darcy, you just might regret inviting me in here after all."

"Why's that Wanda?" Darcy said as she adjusted her boobs, before looking up to see Wanda twirling the stick around like a Power Ranger.

Wanda pointed the foam stick at Darcy, before playfully threatening, "Because you are going down!"

Darcy laughed as she bounced ducked down and used her own stick to block Wanda's light jab. Giggling at her, "Go down on you Wanda? Why aren't you a saucy little minx!"

Darcy was amazed as Wanda kept twirling the foam stick impressively. She looked pretty cool. Well, as cool as a grown woman could look with a foam red helmet on her head.

Darcy finally tried to knock Wanda off her little circle, jabbing at the other woman's legs with her stick. Wanda wobbled but didn't fall. "Poop." Darcy muttered.

Wanda went for Darcy's stomach with her stick, Darcy jumped off the circle just in time to avoid being pushed off by Wanda. Wanda threw her hands up in the air and declared, "I win!"

Darcy hopped back onto her circle lying, "No. I just had to get down for a second, I thought I saw a spider."

"Nuh uh!"

"Uh huh!"

Wanda rolled her eyes, saying, "Fine."

The two girls poked each other lightly with their sticks. Darcy kept trying to convince Wanda to turn around so she could spank her, while Wanda kept poking her in the boobs. Neither of them were trying to win, they were just having fun harmlessly hitting each other and making each other laugh.

Darcy decided the only way to win was to break the rules. So, threw down the stick and tackled Wanda at the knees, causing them both to fall onto the bouncy mat below.

Darcy began tickling Wanda under the arm pits, gleefully teasing, "I win!"

Wanda gasped out in between her laughter, "Cheating! You're a cheater Darcy!"

Darcy hopped back up to her feet, declaring "I win by means of underhanded cheating!" Bouncing all around the ring, ringing her hands together above her head. Steve gave her some light clapping for her efforts, prompting Darcy to take a dramatic bow.

"REMATCH" Wanda demanded, throwing Darcy's stick at her.

"Ah!" Darcy cried out as the stick hit her in the face with the big foam end.

"Sorry. I thought you'd catch that." Wanda said sincerely, as she stepped up onto her circle.

"Why? When have I ever demonstrated any kind of athletic ability?" Darcy said wryly, as she scrambled up onto her circle platform.

"Darcy," Steve called out, from beyond the ring's netted wall.

"Yes, dear?" Darcy cooed at him.

"Don't be so defensive. Attack. Play offensively. Go for her head or stomach. Get her off balance then just give her a light shove." Steve advised.

Darcy blew him a kiss in thanks, not missing Wanda sticking out her tongue at Steve simultaneously.

The attendant blew a whistle before scurrying out of the ring, signaling the start of another round.

Darcy followed Steve's advice, and immediately tried to thwack Wanda in the head with her foam stick. Wanda blocked the attack with her own stick one handedly. She used her other hand to tickle Darcy's side.

"Now who's cheating!" Darcy accused as she brought her stick down, knocking Wanda's tickling hand away from her body.

Wanda just gave her a shrug saying, "What can I say, you're a bad influence." Right before Wanda used the stick to hit at Darcy's head.

"Ow." Darcy said flatly, before squinting at Wanda. "You turn around and give me that booty or things are going to get really cat fight-y up in here."

"Take her top off!" Scott hollered from beyond the barrier next to Steve. Darcy ignored Scott's arrival and catcalling but Wanda...

When Wanda turned to give Scott a smile and say something to him, she only got out "Scott! You're he--oof!" Because Darcy used her momentary distraction to hit Wanda directly in her stomach, knocking her off her circle and flat onto her back.

"Woohooo! I win! Yay! I'm better at cheating than Wanda!" Darcy declared turning on her circle so her butt was facing Steve and Scott, she shook it as she sang, "I'm the best. I'm the best. Woohoo. Wahoo!"

Wanda took her revenge, mid victory booty shake.

"OW!" Darcy screeched. As Wanda slapped left butt cheek, harder than playfully but less than painfully. Turning to glare at her friend, Wanda just smiled evily and spanked her other ass cheek.

Darcy looked over at Scott and Steve, indignation written all over her face, "SCOTT, you're girlfriend just spanked me!"

"Wasn't that what you wanted to do to her sweetheart?" Steve reminded her.

"She's just practicing for motherhood. Go ahead honey, practice a little more." Scott encouraged with a lecherous grin.

"Don't you--" Darcy ordered just as Wanda began playfully slapping both butt cheeks in quick succession like she was playing a bongo drum.

Darcy jumped off the circle and back onto the floor, her hands covering her butt protectively. She affected a vaguely British snooty accent, declaring, "Well, I never!" Before screeching and running away from Wanda who began to chase after her.

Wanda caught her and managed to get her on the ground, tickling Darcy all over. Somehow, Darcy threw Wanda to the side.

"Go Darce!" Scott encouraged, as Darcy crawled on top of Wanda, straddling the younger woman's hips.

"You're rooting for her?" Wanda accused, throwing a shocked look Scott's way, only to dissolve into giggles as Darcy tickled her.

"What can I say Wanda, I like to see you having a good time." Darcy looked up at Scott in time to see him give her and Wanda a sappy smile. Turning her attention back to her victim, Darcy lifted her hips off of Wanda long enough for the girl to turn onto her side, once Wanda was half way turned over Darcy shoved her so she was faced down, sitting on her once again to keep her from getting up.

Scott continued to comment on his girlfriend's predicament, confessing, "If seeing you laughing and having a good time, means sitting between our incredibly busty and sexy best friend while she tickles and spanks you, well I'm just willing to make that sacrifice."

Darcy flashed a wicked smile at Scott, acknowledging, "What a wonderful idea Scott." From her position astride the now face down Wanda, Darcy began spanking the girls butt lightly, a lot more lightly than Wanda had spanked her! It was awkward, seeing as how Darcy was sitting on Wanda's back above and faced away from her butt, meaning she had to arch her back and stick her chest out to reach behind her to spank Wanda effectively.

"This is the best birthday party ever." An unfamiliar male voice said. Darcy looked to see a group of the children's dad's watching her and Wanda.

"Eww." Darcy grumbled as she gave Wanda's but a hard pinch before she got up and off her friend.

Wanda's face was red and she was gripping her stomach, she was laughing so hard she rolled on the ground. Darcy jumped over to the netting, looking out at the crowd of male gawk-ers, Darcy glared and shamed the onlookers, "Don't you fella's have children to chaperone?"

Most of them dispersed. Only Paxton staying behind with Scott and Steve. Paxton wasn't watching with perverted male interest, he was glaring at them.

"There are children here, Miss Lewis. Please refrain from engaging a live sex show when the five year old's are present." Paxton admonished before shaking his head in disgust and walking away.

"Whoops." Darcy said to no one.

"My turn, my turn next!" Scott shouted as he attempted to climb in to the ring. Darcy put her foot in his face blocking his way.

"Nope. Steve was waiting. He's next." Darcy informed him. Scott pouted but pulled back from the entrance waving to it dramatically.

"It's okay sweetheart, Scott can go if he wants." Scott looked up at Darcy with a hopefully expression, but Darcy just scowled.

"Wanda out. Steve in. I'm going to take down Captain--Steve." Darcy finished lamely, remembering just in time that no one really knew who Steve was. And he wanted to keep it that way.

As Wanda made a move to get out of the ring, Steve held up a hand stopping her. He looked up at Darcy imploringly, his hands gripping the net. "Darcy...I...know girls can do anything boys can do. But, I have so much more muscle mass and combat experience. I would hate to hurt you accidentally."

Darcy dropped down to her knees so she was eye level with Steve, their faces inches apart, separated only by the black netting. "Can we please do something else together? Anything. Even that, doge ball enclosure, where I'll be expected to throw balls at your face seems safer."

Darcy leaned her head against the net, she gave Steve a look of defeat. "Okay, fine." She puckered her lips up through the net, Steve quickly kissed her.

Darcy got up and took of the helmet as she slid out of the ring. She gave the helemet to Scott, before pouting at Steve whining, "But I really wanted to hit you with a stick."

"I can relate." Wanda cruelly added. Darcy gave her friend a glare, before Steve put his arm around her shoulders to lead her near the dodge ball entrance.

Scott called up to Wanda as he put the helmet on his head and scrambled into the ring, "I'm not all muscle-y or an ex soldier trained in combat. It's okay if I poke you with my stick right Wanda?"

Darcy looked back over her shoulder to see Wanda planting a wet kiss on Scotts mouth.

As Steve held the dodge ball flap open for her climb into Steve placated her by saying, "I'll let you throw as many balls at my face as you want."

Darcy giggled as she realized that inside there were a bunch of kids. And..."DARCY! HI DARCY! ARE YOU HAVING FUN?" Cassie screamed as she bounced over to her and Steve.

Cassie grabbed her hand and pulled Darcy to pack to the corner of the room. Balls were flying everywhere. One even hit Darcy in the butt as Cassie explained, "Okay, right now, it's boys verses girls. No! No, you have to go over there." Cassie shouted at Steve, pointing to the other end of the room.

"HEY EVERYBODY STOP! NEW ROUND! GROWN UP'S ARE JOINGING!" All the ball throwing stopped at the sound of Cassie's news.

"You're a boy! Only Darcy's on my team!" Cassie said sternly. When Steve hesitated, caught between following the tiny five year olds orders and his instinct telling him to stay as close to Darcy as possible, Cassie picked up a nearby ball and threw it at Steve's face.

"GO!" She ordered pouting when Steve's caught the ball she threw.

Darcy made a shooing motion with her hands, there was no attendant in here. All the order seemed to stem from the bossy Cassie, and a ten year old boy, who was setting up the balls in the middle. He seemed to be the unoffical referee.

Darcy smiled as she heard the little' boys excited chatter as Steve joined their side.

"What's your name?"
"You're huge!"
"How'd you get to be so tall mister?"
"Did your mama make you eat all your vegetables when you was little?"
"My name's Cole. Who are you?"
"We're going to beat the girls with this guy on are side!"
"The lady is so much smaller than him!"
"Did you see him catch that ball?"
"Shouldn't we let Cassie win on her birthday? My dad said you should never make a girl cry on her birthday...or on any other day either."

"Hey friends!" Cassie said, everyone turning to look at her, she crinkled up her nose, "I meant the just the girls, you have to introduce yourself Mr., Mr., Mr. Darcy's boyfriend." Cassie looked up at Darcy, "You sure he's your boyfriend and not my dad right?"

Darcy snorted then tickled Cassie lightly behind her ear, "Yes! Your dad's just my friend. Steve's my boyfriend. Stop trying to get me to date your dad!"

The girls giggled as Cassie told them all about how Darcy wasn't like other grown ups, she was fun, like her dad. Darcy only half listened to Cassie as she continued to brag about her awesomeness. Most of her attention was on Steve and the gaggle of little boys that now surrounded him.

"Steve? Your name is Steve? I'm Max!"
"You've got so many muscles! Can I hang on your arm and you lift me in the air while you flex for your girlfriend? My uncle has me do that all the time when his girlfriend is around."
"Does your mama know you got a girlfriend?"
"Are you going to marry her?"
"You're not going to let your girlfriend beat you are you Mr. Steve?"
"You're girlfriend sure is pretty Mr. Steve."
"I hope Mr. Steve throws the ball right in his girlfriend's butt!"
The little boys around Steve dissolved into juvenile laughter. Darcy couldn't hear any of Steve's responses to the little boys, as they were yelling rather than talking normally as most kids were want to do, but whatever he was saying, the kids seemed to like him okay.

The eleven year old referee, finally finished lining up all the balls in the middle of the bouncy house. He yelled out, "OKAY I'M READY."

Cassie shouted, "LINE UP!"

"IT'S GO TIME!" One of the little boys yelled about to run forward but Steve gently picked him up whispering in his ear and pointed to the ref.

"ON YOUR MARK....GET SET....GO!" The eleven year old yelled before flattening himself against the wall with his hands over his face.

In front of her Cassie and the other little girls ran forward, the girls and boys all scrambling to get as many balls onto their side. Darcy stayed put at the back of the room, Steve looked over at her and followed her example. When the balls started flying, Darcy quickly discovered that, even though they had a ref, this was not real dodgeball. This was throw a ball and it doesn't matter if you catch it or get hit by it because there is no out, no one gets out, you just throw and try to hit people until someone new enters the room or you get too tired and need a drink.

Darcy was having a blast. She mainly scooped up balls, and handed them to whichever little girl was closest to her. She only threw a couple balls aimed at Steve. The rest of the time was spent blocking and catching balls aimed at her.

At a certain point one of the little boys shouted, "EVERYONE BEHIND MR. STEVE" And all the little boys put his hands on Steve's butt, pushing him forward as the other boys lined up orderly behind him. Steve acting as a human shield.

Cassie squealed with delight before shrilly informing her friends, "HE'S A GROWN UP! THROW IT AS HARD AS YOU CAN!"

Darcy threw her head back and laughed as Steve blocked the on coming attack nimbly, before feigning being hit fatally in the side, and jumping out of the way, revealing all the little boys that had been so cleverly hiding behind him. The little boys howled in delight at their fallen protector, scrambling to get balls to fire back now that they were exposed.

At a certain point Darcy had an equally mischievous idea and she shouted, "EVERYONE BOYS AND GIRLS AND DARCY AGIANST MR. STEVE!"

The little boys screamed happily as they ran away from Steve and joined the girls side. Picking up balls and throwing them at Steve. Valiantly Steve caught and gently lobbed back many of the balls that were thrown his way, but their were just too many of them. A lot of them got through and hit him in various places.

Darcy was laughing so hard she didn't lift a hand to help or throw a ball herself. She leaned against the net wall that enclosed the bounce-y structure, a hand on her belly as her stomach cramped from laughing so hard for so long.

Steve, now not having to worry about hitting anyone or knocking down any of the kids around him, was jumping, and spinning out of the way. Flipping in the air to catch balls, diving down to the floor to scoop up others. His face was red, he was actually sweating, and most of all looked like he was having the time of his life.

Darcy high five'd herself. Mission, get Steve to loosen up and have some fun with kids, accomplished.

Steve finally stopped returning the balls, letting them stay on his side and accumulate out of the children's reach. Until little Cassie had the last ball on the kids side. Cassie stomped her feet, let out a roar, ran up and threw the ball right at Steve's head. Steve stayed put and let the ball him on the knee. He called out, "OH NO" then gasped dramatically, falling to the floor on his back clutching his knee in the air with his hands, "Not my knee! My super secret strength spot! The birthday girl! She got me! Right in the knee!" Steve let go of his knee letting it, and his arms fall to the floor. He then convulsed his body, bouncing up and down on the floor as he called out, "I can feel my muscles weakening, my strength failing, my heart dying! OH NO! I'm dead." Steve then stuck his tongue out of his mouth and to the side, groaning making a 'bleah' sound before going still.

"HE'S DEAD! THE WICKED GIANT MAN IS DEAD! HORRAY!" Darcy yelled as all the kids cheered and bounced up and down.

"Okay," A voice right next to her on the other side of the netting startled her, causing Darcy to jump, "Maybe Steve isn't so bad after all." It was Wanda. She had been watching, apparently.

"I know right." Darcy said as she gave her friend a smile. Happy that Wanda was finally warming up to Steve.

Cassie tugged on her hand, getting her attention but yelling to get everyone else's, "HEY HEY! He's NOT dead. HE'S CURSED!" Cassie dramatically pointed to Steve, who had rolled onto his side and propped his head up on his hand to watch the children celebrate his demise with a sappy look on his face. Cassie frowned at him, "Go back to being dead Mr. Steve."

"Okay." Steve threw back down onto his back, made the 'bleah' noise and stuck his tongue out.

"He's cursed. And he won't wake up until his true love kisses him!" All the children were suddenly looking in her direction.

Darcy gave them a head nod and said, "Sup."

"DARCY YOU HAVE TO SAVE HIM!" Cassie tugged her hand trying to drag her to Steve, but Darcy just shook her head and held on to the net.

"NO! I can't! He's so hideous. AND HE SMELLS! He farts all the time. At least ten times a day! Don't make me kiss him!" Darcy plead. All the children began grabbing at her pulling her toward Steve.

"You have to! You have to kiss him awake. It's my birthday and I say so." Cassie demanded once Darcy was standing next to Steve. The other little kids were a mix of 'do it's gross' and 'do it's magic'.

Darcy leant down and comically smelled Steve's mouth, looking up she made a disgusted face whining, "But he smells like onions! I hate onions!"

The kids all chuckled and giggled. The girls began making kissy faces at her. The boys crying out 'save Mr. Steve'.

Darcy screwed up her face into a mask of revulsion, puckered her lips then kissed Steve on the tip of his nose. Steve opened his eyes, yelling, "I'M ALIVE!"

All the kids cheered and most of the little boys pushed their way forward to hug Steve. Some of them hugged her, thanking her for saving Mr. Steve.

"What's going on in here?" Scott yelled sternly as he crawled in and then stood, crossing his arms and mean mugging at everyone.

"DADDY!" Cassie cried, bouncing over to him. "It was girls verses boys. And then Darcy and Mr. Steve came in. And all the boys hid behind him because he's so big. And then all the kids teamed up against Mr. Steve. And then I KILLED HIM! And made Darcy kiss him back to life."

"Cool." Scott said, dropping the pretend angry grown up act. Then he jumped up and crossed his legs mid air, landing on his butt criss-cross. "Have you guys tried bouncing on your butts? Its really fun."

"TIME FOR CAKE." Paxton yelled, causing all the kids to run for the door, headless of Scott who they nearly trampled to death.

Causing Darcy and Steve to both burst out laughing.


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Chapter Text

Chapter 3 - Lady & Love

Friday, Almost Noon

Darcy knocked on the door, listening intently for any movement inside. Nothing. She knocked again.

"Maybe he's out?" Tony offered. He was staring at his tablet screen, eyes moving quickly as he read the text.

"What are we going to do? I made Matt a promise that I'd keep in touch and see him again, but we're leaving tomorrow, and I still haven't seen him since the ceremony!" Darcy whined as if Tony could magically make Matt appear.

Tony looked up from his tablet, a frown on his face. He lowered his device and wrapped an arm around Darcy, pulling her closer to him. Darcy sighed and wrapped her arms around Tony.

He was wearing a suit, and she couldn't feel him with so much bulk in the way, so she moved her arms inside his jacket. Wrapping her arms around his waist with only his crisp white linen shirt between them. That was better. Now she could feel the heat of his body seeping out and warming her front.

It wasn't fair to expect Tony to have answers all the time. But, honestly Darcy felt like Tony could make anything happen. Either with his brains or his bank account. Especially after what he made happen for Scott and Cassie. Darcy believed in the power of Tony Stark. And now so did Scott Lang.

Tony had called him up the night after the birthday party, and informed Scott that he had a job in the Stark Industries NY branch's mail room if he wanted it. If he wanted to work his way up the ladder, Tony was more than happy to provide him the opportunity to try.

"I know." Tony kissed her on the neck, resting his head on her shoulder as he continued to speak, "I know you want to meet up with Murdock, but I've sent emails, you've left messages, and now here we are on his doorstep, and still no answer. Either he's avoiding us, or he's just really busy and we keep missing each other."

Darcy took a deep breath in and sighed. Snuggling further into Tony's embrace. She was just so stressed out and frustrated. She finally read more of the pregnancy book, only to discover that the given that she was about four to five weeks pregnant, she had entered the period of greatest risk for birth defects. Also that right now her baby was experiencing cell division, which wasn't stressful just kind of interesting knowledge.

She was also stressed about what happened yesterday. Scott and Wanda, Steve and she all had a blast at Cassie's birthday party, and then in all the excitement, she and Steve left without telling their friends about their big move! Which was the whole point of going to see them in the first place, which meant that they either had to tell them over the phone, see them again tonight, or tomorrow morning the day they were leaving. Either way, Darcy felt shitty that she was abandoning, basically her only friends.

Also, the idea of getting on a plane, and being trapped for a really long time, without the ability to drink alcohol to dull her fear of flying, was filling her with tension and dread.

"Listen, kid, we can try their new law office, but if he's not there, I just--I don't know. We'll....I'll think of something." Tony pulled back from her and gave her a soft kiss on the lips, staring intently at her whispered, "I promise."

Darcy closed her eyes and let Tony's words fill her up with hope. If Tony promised he'd find Matt so she could see him and say goodbye...he would.

"Okay." Darcy nodded, keeping one arm around Tony's waist as his went around her shoulders. "Okay let's go."

They walked down the hall to the elevator and left the Matt's empty loft apartment behind them. Once they were down on the ground floor, Tony gave Happy directions to Matt's newly rented law offices.

Darcy and Tony got into the black town car, once settled Darcy cuddled up to Tony's side. He kept one arm around her, lightly stroking her hair as he went back to reading on his tablet. Tony was going over stuff for his upcoming project. He had told her about this details that morning, but Darcy had only half listened. She had got the gist. It was a weapon. It blew shit up. I had to be finished by the end of November and would be sold by mid to late December. Which is why it was so important for Tony to get back to Malibu and Stark Industries.

Darcy closed her eyes and let the stop and go of the car, the sounds of traffic, and the city, fade away. She was actually pretty tired. She had thanked Tony for helping Scott pay off his child support very enthusiastically last night....several times she had thanked him. And in several different positions. They were up late. And now they were up early. And she skipped breakfast because Steve had gone to his apartment to gather the few items he wanted to take with him last night...or maybe he had just run away from the sounds of Tony fucking her brains out. Either way, he hadn't returned this morning, he'd sent a text that said he had some errands and that he'd see her later.

When she mentioned to Tony over coffee, that she planned to go track down Matt today, Tony insisted on coming with. And Happy driving. And taking her shopping after.

"Happy, can you turn that up?" Tony asked, his voice vibrating the chest she was leaning on.

The dulcet tone of Adele's singular voice filled the car,

"Should I give up
Or should I just keep chasing pavements?
Even if it leads nowhere
Or would it be a waste?"

Tony looked at her, with an eyebrow raised, asking, "Foreshadowing?"

Darcy squinted her eyes and glared at him. "Shaddup."

Darcy sat up more, moving over to her own seat, Tony chased her, scooting towards her as she moved away.

"Happy can you change the song?" Darcy asked, "Randomly!" she added.

The gruff and rough sounds of DMX filled the car, Darcy turned and smugly at Tony. Her shoulders moving up and down with the music, her body swaying back and forth as she began to sing along with the chorus,

"Y'all gon' make me lose my mind
Up in here, up in here
Y'all gon' make me go all out
Up in here, up in here"

Darcy laughed as Tony, and to her great surprise Happy joined her, singing,

"Y'all gon' make me act a FOOL
Up in here, up in here
Y'all gon' make me lose my cool
Up in here, up in here"

"Okay that's enough." Tony said, Happy changed the station and some classic rock ballad began to play. Darcy didn't know it.

"How much longer Happy?"

"There's an accident up ahead, I can see an ambulance from here." Happy replied in a tired tone. Nobody liked driving in NYC, but everyone dreaded when someone fancy came into town and streets got closed, AND when the ambulance or fire trucks arrived. It just fucked up every commuters day.

Tony pursed his lips, displeased by the news. "Put the partition up pal. We're going to amuse ourselves back here."

"TONY!" Darcy scolded, embarrassed that he was telling Happy that basically they were going to fool around.

"No, no, dear. You say that later. When I've got my lips on certain parts of your anatomy. And it should be said with a breathier tone, like Tony! Or it should be more guttural, like, TOONNY!" Darcy could help but laugh as Tony continued to make fun of her, calling out his own name using different tones of voice.

Darcy put her hand on the handle, poking Tony in the chest with her finger, joking, "Do you want me to go sit up front with Happy, so you can be alone with yourself TOONNNYY!"

"You got a thing for Happy now? Well, I guess he's kind of stalwart, the brawny towel man, but, well, anything for you babe. Sure he can join in. HEY HA--"

Darcy covered Tony's mouth with her hand, threatening him, "Don't you dare Mister."

Letting go, she gave him a quick kiss on the lips. When she went to pull back, Tony put a hand around the back of her neck, pulling her closer to him as he mumbled against her lips, "Come back here."

Kissing her softly Tony thread his hands into her hair. She had left it down today. Not having the energy to blow-dry it this morning, it was frizzy and wavy in its natural form. Tony's fingers massaged her scalp lightly as his lips pressed against hers with a gentle pressure.

Tony was a very good kisser. However, Darcy hated kissing him when they were seated side by side. It always put a crick in her neck. Darcy made a noise in her throat, alerting Tony she needed something. He let her pull away his mouth pouting, only for his lips to slowly pull up into a Cheshire Cat grin when he realized why she pulled away.

Darcy threw her leg over both his, and sat in this lap. Cradling him between her legs, she settled more comfortably in his lap. "Better." Darcy commented before happily going back to kissing.

As Tony's hands settled on her hips, Darcy licked at Tony's lips. When he didn't instantly open his mouth to her probing tongue, Darcy made a noise in the back of her throat. "Open your mouth." Darcy ordered kissing him harder.

"No. I'm not that kind of billionaire." Tony said as his hands slid to her ass pressing her lower body against his.

Darcy started to trace Tony's lower lip with her tongue. At the same time she started circling her hips. Grinding down onto Tony's lap, causing him to release a throaty groan.

When his lips parted, Darcy ignored it. She instead finished tracing his upper lip with her tongue, before finally delving into the heat of his mouth. Tony let out a contended sigh, as she slid her tongue against his slowly. Pulling back she nipped his bottom lip with her teeth, before sealing their lips together again.

A honking horn startled her and had her jump in his lap slightly. Tony let out a grunt before requesting she, "Do that again."

Darcy pinched his side in response. Tony chuckled as he squeezed her butt lightly, kissing her teasingly before pushing his hips up into hers. Darcy let his tongue into her mouth, letting him sweep his tongue inside, exploring it at his leisure.

Tony stunned her when he took one hand off of her ass, and put it on her neck, pushing her back off of him. Darcy panted as she let him push her back and away from his mouth. The hand on her ass lifted as did the one on her neck. He left his hands up in the air, as if he was under arrest.

"Darcy." Tony huffed out, his voice thick and his chest moving up and down rapidly. He closed his eyes and breathed in and out slowly for a second. While he had his eyes closed, Darcy put her hands up to, mirroring his pose.

"Why are we under imaginary arrest? Is this some kind of role play?" Darcy asked huskily.

Tony groaned and thrust his hips up slightly before he opened his eyes, upon seeing her copying him he let out a hoarse chuckle. Tony shook his head.

"I just thought we could, we should, take a little time out. And see if you--we really want to have sex in the car. With Happy, most likely able to hear, well not everything, but a lot. And with our privacy dependent on...and..." Tony trailed off as Darcy whipped her shirt off and unhooking her bra.

"The windows are tinted right?" Darcy asked in a fruity voice. Tony nodded, and Darcy threw her hot pink bra on the floor.

Darcy banged on the partition, yelling, "HAPPY, play something loud and sexy! Find a parking garage and then go take a walk!"

Darcy turned back to Tony with an impish grin. "Cool?"

"Very cool." Tony answered as he removed his suit jacket and loosened his tie muttering, "I knew he loved country music."

The sounds of Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now" filled the car, drowning out the sound of sirens and everything else.

Darcy giggled as she started unbuttoning his crisp white shirt. Tony unzipped the knee high boots she was wearing, letting them drop to the floor with twin thuds.

Once Darcy had got all the buttons undone, she pushed the shirt off his shoulders. Tony leaned forward and kissed her as he tried to shrug out of the long sleeved shirt only for it to get caught at his wrists. "Fucking cufflinks."

Darcy watched him undo the little clasp buttons quickly before Tony threw the shirt on the floor with a triumphant, "Ha!"

"Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie." Tony said in a rough voice as his hand went up to her breasts, massaging them roughly as Darcy unbuckled his belt and pants. "God, I love your breasts. There's a shortage of perfect breasts in this world you know, it would be a pity for yours to get damaged."

Tony leant his head and bit at the top of her breast. Licking, and biting the orb all around her areola. Ignoring it, before switching to the other breast and going straight for her nipple, biting down on the hardened nub, before tracing her areola with his tongue.

And then the car shifted and just as Darcy was about to topple off his lap, Tony put his ands on her ass, pressing her close.

"Woah." Darcy put her hands on Tony's shoulders for balance, as the car drove into the parking structure.

"Pause." Darcy commanded. Tony lifted his hands in the air as if he was under arrest again.

Happy drove up, and up, and up, the different levels of the parking garage, until he reached the top, where hardly any cars were. He parked the car, but left the music blaring. Darcy watched with a blush on her face as Happy pointedly didn't look at the window but paused when he was near the trunk.

With his back facing the car, Happy informed them, "I'll go get a sandwich across the street, I'll be back in half an hour, if you need more time, I'll have my phone on me."

And with that Happy disappeared and she and Tony were left alone in the backseat, of a very empty parking garage.

"Time in?" Tony questioned, as he lowered his hands.

Darcy smiled coyly as Tony put his hands on her ass again, gripping her fleshy postier, Tony slid Darcy's frame closer to his. Realigning her so their genitals were touching. "I didn't get your pants off yet." Darcy nagged.

"I don't care. The hands at her ass slid up to wrap around her back. Tony hugged her close to his body as he kissed her deeply. His lips at first pressed gently against hers, but slowly pressing harder and harder as their tongues twined together and teased each other more and more.

Darcy breathed out, "Mmhp."

Her head falling back, her mouth falling open as Tony attacked her neck with his lips. Sucking, kissing, biting, and licking up and down her delicate throat.

Darcy began to actively grind her hips down into Tony's again. She established a rough rocking motion that was driven by her hips, that had her chest arched out into Tony's face.

Tony let his tongue drag down to her breasts. He unwrapped his arms from around her, using one to tease a nipple with his fingers, using his mouth on the other one. His remaining free hand slid under her knee length skirt, that resembled a belt at this point, all rumpled around her waist. He let his fingers find her mound, and through her underwear he began to circle around her clit with his two fingers.

Darcy grabbed his earlobe with her thumb and pointer finger, rubbing it gently, before tracing the shell of his ear with her fingers. She thread her hand into his hair with her other hand. Tony let out a delightful shuddering motion.

Keeping a tight grip in his hair, Darcy put her hand on Tony's throat. Gently caressing his Adam's apple with her fingers before pulling his head back sharply by his hair. Tony stared up at her, mouth open, eyes glazed. In that moment Darcy wanted to tell Tony that she loved him, but she hesitated. She didn't know if telling him while they were...fornicating was the best idea. Would he believe she meant it? She decided to wait. It wasn't the right moment. So she kissed him savagely instead.

She kept a light pull on his hair, her other hand sliding down his chest, brushing his nipples, before going lower, sliding below the waist of his pants, and the waistband of the black boxer briefs she watched him put on that morning. She let her hand gently glide back and forth over the thatch of hair, before sliding lower to grip his rigid member.

Tony twisted her nipple hard, making her gasp and break the kiss. Tony used her momentary distraction wrap his arms around her back, he then got up and turned. Setting Darcy down in the seat where he had just been. Her hand slipped out of his pants when he let his body fall to the floor, so he could kneel before her. "Oooh. Your butt made the seat all warm. It's nice." Darcy commented airily, bouncing up and down slightly.

Tony stared at her chest as her breasts bounced. His eyes flickered up to hers before he trained his eyes on her chest again. Darcy gave them a little shimmy, a wry grin on her face. Tony let out a gruff laugh. His hands reaching out to still the motion of her swinging breasts, leaning in he kissed her sweetly.

Tony's hands left her breasts to slide under her skirt. Tony gripped her panties, slowly pulling the light pink bikini briefs off of her, flinging them behind his shoulders carelessly.

"Take your pants off Tony." Darcy ordered making grabby hands at his waist. Tony's hands caught her wrists, stopping her.

"No." Tony replied softly. He brought her hands to his mouth, and kissed the tips of her fingers.

"But I wanted to fuck." Darcy protested.

Tony put her hands on her own breasts, forcing her to massage her own flesh. He then cupped her face, cradling her cheeks with his rough hands, remarking in a husky voice, "Soon." Then Tony kissed her. Slowly. Sensually, maddeningly.

As he broke off the kiss, Darcy leaned forward, slighlty following him, until his head lowered, to kiss her neck. Then collar bone. Then his lips left her skin and he straightened his back, kneeling before her.

Tony pushed her skirt up, maintaining eye contact even as he made a dissatisfied noise, ordering her to "Lift your hips baby girl."

Darcy stared back into his heated gaze as she complied. Tony peeled the skin tight stretchy skirt down her legs and off her body. He dropped it with his own clothes, his hands slowly gliding up the skin of her legs. From her ankles, up to her calves, to her thighs. He rubbed up and down her thighs slowly as he just stared at her naked body. Darcy bit her lip as the look in his eyes intensified, as his gaze darted all around her body, before settling back on her eyes.

"So many fantasies." Tony mumbled. His hand sliding down to her knees and jerking them farther apart roughly. Tony walked on his knees into the space between her legs, getting closer.

Admitting in a low voice, "I've pictured you just like this. In one of my cars, so many times."

Darcy went to lean forward, to kiss Tony, but his hand up, stopping her, pressing her back against the seat. "No. Don't move. Don't...we'll christen my R8 first. Then the Shelby Cobra. The Tesla Roadster. My 1932 Ford Flathead Roadster. The Saleen S7."

Tony used his hands to separate her folds. "I'll fuck you, just like this. In every car I own. And when we've fucked in all of them. I'll buy new ones. Just so I can watch you come apart on the expensive leather interiors."

"I'm on board. do know I know nothing about cars. I literally can't tell the difference between a Honda or a...Mitsubishi? I don't even know car names." Tony smiled in response to her confession.

"I'll teach you all about cars when we get home." His face flickered back from jovial, to sexy intense as he stared in between her legs, where his hands were lightly massing her vaginal lips. Looking at her in her most intimate place Tony asked, "Are you we enough for two fingers?"

"Mmhm." Darcy affirmed.

Tony's eyes snapped up to hers. "Say it with words or it doesn't count."

Darcy blinked rapidly as the urge to tell him she loved him rose up inside of her again. What came out of her mouth was a far cry from the 'I love you' she yearned to say.

"I'm wet enough for two fingers. Please fuck me Tony."

Tony shoved two fingers inside of her. Darcy pressed her lips together to keep from calling out. Tony didn't pull them out. He just kept looking at her in the eyes. Darcy squeezed her inner muscles around his fingers and stared back. A little smile lifting at the corner of her mouth when Tony's reacted. His nostrils flared and his eyes dilated even further.

"Baby....Darcy. Do you know what you do to me?" Tony asked as he slowly descended, lowering himself until his mouth was level with her pussy. Darcy let her hands go to her own breasts, squeezing one harshly, circling the other's nipple with a delicate finger.

Tony let his tongue swipe at her clit once, before he looked up at her face and continued to talk to her, "You're the only one Darcy, you make me..." Tony started fucking his fingers in and out of her cunt .
"Oh god." Darcy whispered, fucking finally.

The air from his breath was the only stimulation on her clit, as Tony asked again, "Do you know what you do to me?"

He put his mouth on her clit and sucked. Darcy gasped when he released her. "You turn me into a man who grovels on his knees."

Tony put his mouth on her clit again, this time using his tongue to lap at the nub. Using slow kitten licks on her clit, Tony added a third finger to her cunt.

His lips left her skin so he could continue to talk, "You turn me into a religious man, who is humble and happy to bow before a goddess. And," Tony licked out at her clit, "Worship her."

Tony slammed his fingers into her hard, "You turn me into someone who would rather watch you experience a thousand climaxes on my fingers and tongue, than just one riding my dick."

Tony sped up the speed of the fingers fucking into her, sporadically breaking the tempo to fuck into her harshly.

"Tony." Darcy gasped out, the hand that had been circling her nipple, reaching out. Tony reached out to her using his free hand, interlacing their fingers.

"My dick is hard. I want to fuck. I want to fuck you specifically, and yet. I would happily sit here on my knees for however long....I've never been a giver before....before you." Tony put his mouth on her clit again, this time not licking her with kitten licks, but moving his tongue over her in a rapid back and forth motion. His tongue so quickly passing over her clit, she couldn't help but press her hips up and into this mouth.

Tony added another finger inside of her. And Darcy cursed in silvery voice, "Mother fucker."

Tony raised his head to quip, "Technically yes, yes I am...well, future mother fucker to be more accurate."

"Tony." She gasped out as she pushed his head back down. The pace of the fingers fucking in and out speeding up impossibly faster. As did the tongue on her clit.

Darcy's hips lifted off of the seat, as she pressed herself closer to Tony's magical mouth. She was coming. When Darcy came she had a tendency not to shout out. Her voice got lost in her pleasure. She opened her mouth and nothing came out, just a silent scream.

His fingers must of felt the contractions that signaled her orgasm, because they slowed down inside her. The tongue on her clit, returned to its slow pace before stopping all together.

Darcy closed her eyes as her body radiated out pleasure from her core. The hand that had been squeezing her own breast, fell limply to her side. Her hips floated back down, until she was sitting in her seat once again.

Tony slowly removed his fingers from inside of her. Darcy opened her eyes as she watched Tony lick his fingers clean, before wiping them off on back of his white shirt. He then turned his attention back to her. He put his arm over one of her thighs, and slumped down so his face could rest against her other thigh. Looking up at her as she just stared down at him. Again she was repressing the urge to tell him that she loved him.

Tony whispered just loud enough for her to hear, "You are transformative Darce. Being with you is transmuting. You change me just by being around me."

Tony kissed the soft skin of her thigh, before speaking softly, "I, like I said I've never been a giver. I've been an asshole. A cad. An egotistical megalomaniac."

"Tony," Darcy started but, she didn't know what to say next, so she just used her other hand to stroke his hair. Tony's eyes fell closed as he reveled in the gentle motion.

"What I'm trying to say is, make me feel like I can be better. As a person. You make me want to be a better person. Want to be a giver. Want to be trustworthy. To be kind. To care. To be someone who can be counted on."

"You care Tony. I know you care." Darcy said comfortingly.

"I care about you." Tony said as he lifted his head to stare directly into her eyes. "Please know that. Darcy, no matter what happens, know that I care for you deeply. That I'm trying to be someone you can be proud to be with."

Darcy searched his eyes, she didn't know where this was coming from. This insecurity. This need to reassure her of his affection. Tony had been the most single-minded and confident man she had ever met. He declared he wanted her. He pursued her. She never doubted that he wanted her, even when he rejected her, she knew he wasn't rejecting her.

"Tony, honey." Darcy sat up and wrapped her legs around Tony's waist. She let go of his hand so she could wrap her arms around his shoulders. Her butt balanced precariously on the edge of the seat, she clung to his kneeling frame. She kissed his lips, softly, softer than she had ever kissed him.

"I'm proud to be with you. I...have I done something to make you feel like you don't...I'm so happy and I feel so lucky to be with you. I can't believe it sometimes, that someone like you, chose me. I'm not...your so special." Darcy stroked his face, Tony's eyes were downcast.

"Where is this coming from?" Darcy asked, wishing Tony would look into her eyes so she could tell what he was thinking.

"I...we're---Back at my house in Malibu, I had this cactus. It was a Christmas present from Pepper. And it's dead." Darcy was confused, but tears were slipping down Tony's face. He was crying, and his arms were winding around her, clutching her.

"Tony, I don't understand."

Tony finally looked up at her. His eyes were filled with shame. "I killed the cactus....I never watered it, I kept it onto of the fridge."

"Okay, that's...whatever." Darcy said, not really seeing the big deal.

"I yell at U and Dum-E all the time. I've fucked so many star fucking bimbos. I've never had a relationship last this long. I drink too much. I'm a work-a-holic. I make weapons for a living. They call me the 'merchant of death' . I'm worried that Steve will hurt you again. That somehow I'll hurt you like he did. That I'll kill Steve for hurting you. "

Tony wiped at the tears falling from his eyes with the back of his hand, "I go on benders, not sleeping for days, not eating when I'm focused on a project. I get crabby and irritable. Pepper and Rhodey and Obie and Hogan are the only people I haven't pushed away, yet. Jarvis can't really leave me so he doesn't count and I pay Happy and Pepper, and inherited Obie. So, logically Rhodes is the only real friend I have...I don't know what I'm doing with you. You make friends like other people make know really easily."

Darcy smiled softly at his pie metaphor.

"I don't know how I tricked you into being with me.--I'm scared about the baby, that I'll be just like Howard. I'm concerned that Steve will leave us. That I'll ruin your relationship with him. I'm worried that all of this, you and me, that I'm going to screw up and wreck it....I'm terrified of...losing. Everything."

Darcy was crying now too. She couldn't speak. So she just hugged Tony, as tight as she could.
"You're everything." Tony whispered.

She clung to him. Her legs and arms wrapped around him.

"Fuck the cactus." Darcy said when she finally found her voice. "It's not an sign or an omen. Or foreshadowing. It's just a stupid plant."

"I trust you. You're not going to kill the baby, okay? Or Steve. Or me. You're not going to hurt our family. You're not going to break us. I know you Tony. you understand me?" Tony nodded his head against her chest.

"I... look up, so I can see you're face." Darcy commanded. Lifting his head, Tony obeyed and stared unflinchingly into her eyes.

"I didn't want to tell you--Not now. Not like this. I was going to wait, until we were on the plane. Or until we were looking at our first sunset in our new home. I didn't want the first time I tell you I love you, to be when we were naked. I didn't want it to be connected to the sex at all, because I don't love you because of the sex. Or your money. Or your engineering mind. Or the fame or the other bullshit."

Darcy stroked Tony's hair back away from his face, "I love you because you're...Tony. And your crazy. Crazy like I'm crazy. And you make me laugh. And you sing along to the radio with me. And you treat me like I'm something special, something to be treasured. Like I'm worth something. Like my thoughts and feelings matter. I love you because of the man you are. The man I've come to know and trust and lov--" Tony cut her off with a kiss.

"You love me?" Tony asked, disbelief and awe in his voice.

"Yeah. I love you." Darcy kissed him lightly, "I love you so just stop freaking out okay?"

Tony smiled softly, leaning into her hand when she cupped his cheek. "I'm afraid of a lot of the same things you are. Not the baby killing, maybe, I have had a lot of experience babysitting, but I worry about SIDS, you know? Sudden infant death syndrome, and miscarrying the baby. I worry about being a bad mother, I don't know if I'll be able to handle the whole no sleep, wake up every two hours to let this little thing suck on my boobs thing. And my boobs! There going to get bigger! I know you don't care, but I've already got back issues from these things, and now their gonna be even heavier? What the fuck? Why? I worry and I'm afraid too....and remember just like five second's when I bragged about my babysitting experience, I have no idea why I said that. I've never had any experience with new borns. Just like, six month olds and up. But I didn't want to admit that, let you know that I'm fucking terrified of dropping our little girl on her squish little head and giving her permanent brain damage. Or letting her drown in the tub due to lack of sleep or distraction. Or--"

Tony shook her shoulders lightly, stopping her from listing more ways she could kill the baby.

Tony reassured her, "You're going to be the best mother. A natural. I can tell. And you don't have to breast feed, we can hire a wet nurse. I'll build you a better bra with more back support. I don't know if wet nurses are just a medieval time thing, but theystill exists I'm sure I can get the best one. I will build a SIDS detecting robot. Or a scanner of some kind. I'll do research later. I'll invent a heartbeat detecting, self draining baby tub. "

Darcy hunched over, covering her face with her hands as she sobbed, revealing, "I worry that you'll tire of me. Replace me with someone prettier or younger or thinner. I'm not perfect. I'm about to get super fat. I'm going to have stretch marks upon stretch marks. And swollen ankles! Pregnant ladies get swollen ankles. That sounds so gross. And like, I like to drink. And now I have to go no alcohol for nine months. What if I take a sip and the baby ends up baby ends up brain damaged! I usually drink when I fly. I'm nervous about flying too."

Darcy looked down at her stomach, there were so many risks with a pregnancy. Not a special pregnancy, but like just a normal one. "There are so many ways for babies to die. What if the baby dies in the womb, and I have to give birth to our dead baby. All that pain and suffering and planning and wishing and praying. Only to end up with a corpse?" Darcy was becoming hysterical. She had a lot of fear and anxiety about the pregnancy, her relationship with Tony and Steve. Stuff that she had been putting aside in her thoughts, pushing down, ignoring and repressing. And now it was just, uncontrollably word vomiting out of her.


"What if you fall in love with some young hot scientists, when I'm fat and complicated with my duel feelings with Steve, and you decide, you don't want to be with us anymore, like you did before? What if after you leave us, Steve leaves, and then I'm all alone. What if you guys end up fighting too much and you both walk away, because I'm not worth it? What if I do something that ruins your image in the press? What if they call me the slut who fucked up Captain America and the Tony mother fucking Stark? What if I'm on the worst dressed list forever? What if people hate me? Why do you even like me? What is this? Your a fucking billionaire and I'm a nobody! This is insane!" Darcy was growing more frantic as she really let all her inner fears come forth.

Tony shook his head. "No."

"No? You can't just 'no' this all away. It's real. All the things I said could happen. They could come true!"

"NO." Tony yelled firmly, before softening his tone into something calmer, and repeating. "No."

"Not possible. No to all of that. No, I will not replace you or fall in love with some young hot whatever. I told you when we first met, watermelon belly, or hairy Chewbacca legs, I don't care. I love you Darcy. You are the kindest, sexiest, most fun person...I love you. And that's it. I can't, I won't let anyone put you on the worst dressed list. I'll buy the paper or station and fire them. I'm Tony and you're Darcy and you could never be nobody to me." Tony kissed her softly before wiping away her tears with his hands.

"I love you. And as much as I'm sorry that you just had a melt down after I had a melt down, I gotta admit, the fact that you're internally freaking out is really comforting. I'm glad I'm not the only one."

Darcy gave him a reluctant smile, admitting, "Yeah, you're not alone."

Tony cupped her face in his hands. "I love you. And I'm going to be with you to protect you for as long as you'll have me. I promise."

"I'll never leave you." Darcy promised.

"I'll never leave you either." Tony promised as he kissed her softly.

"I'M BACK! I'M APPROACHING THE CAR NOW" Happy's booming voice yelled from the stairs in the parking garage. Giving them warning had they needed it.

"Perfect timing." Tony mumbled.

"Maybe we should see a therapist?" Darcy suggested as Tony rose up from his knees and sat down next to her, opening his arms for Darcy to cuddle into. Tony stroked his hand down her back before leaning away for a moment, then draping his suit jacket over her naked back and ass. "Maybe we should." Tony agreed.

"We've got a lot of anxiety and fears, between the two of us." Darcy said softly as she pressed her face into the skin of Tony's stomach.

"Steve should probably come too."


Happy got into the car and knocked on the partition. "Are you decent?"

"NO!" Tony and Darcy yelled simultaneously.

"Are you still engaged in naked tomfoolery?" Happy asked matter-of-factly.

"Nah, Happy, we're just cuddling." Tony said in a clear voice, "Read the paper. Give us a couple minutes and we'll pull ourselves together."

They sat in silence, the sounds of Lady Antebellum's "I Run to You" the only thing that could be heard.

As Tony hummed along Darcy suddenly realized she ruined it. "I ruined it."

"Ruined what?" Tony asked in a peaceful tone.

"The I love you moment." Darcy whispered. "I love you moments are supposed to be romantic and memorable. With sunsets or ocean views or candle light....And I admitted my feelings to calm you down. I wasted the moment. This will be a terrible story to tell the children when they grow up."

Darcy was suddenly hauled up by her shoulders. Her face level with Tony's as he looked at her in disbelief. "This is the best moment of my life."


"This is the first time I've loved a woman. And she said she loved me back." Tony stared at her framing her face, touching her hair. "Best moment."

Darcy felt her eyes water, but she held the tears inside, she didn't want to cry and ruin the moment all over again. So she just, looked into Tony's eyes, her hands coming up to rest on his chest, over his heart. And with a watery voice, Darcy declared, "I love you Tony."

"I love you too Darcy." Then he kissed her. And it was perfect. The perfect moment.

Darcy sat up, moving more firmly into Tony's lap, she rested her head on his shoulder as the song ended.

"You do realize what this means don't you?" Darcy asked.


"Lady Antebellum's 'I Run to You' just officially became our song."

"I thought our song was 'Under Pressure'? Or 'Hey Mickey'?"

"No. It's a pop-country ballad now." Darcy affirmed as she drew mindless patterns on Tony's chest with her finger.

"But we didn't even sing it." Tony protested.

Darcy glanced up at Tony, giving him a mischievous grin, she hit the partition button, Tony scrambled to make sure she was covered by his coat. "Hey Happy, can you play that last song again?"

As Happy looked at them through the rear view mirror, Darcy saw him start to turn pink, then the partition began to rise again, but before it closed, Tony yelled out, "Hey Hap! I love Darcy and she loves me! Wild right?"

"Congratulations." Came Happy's clipped reply, right before he was shut off from them. Their song filling the car once again.

When the chorus came on, she and Tony sang along.

"This world keep spinning faster
Into a new disaster so I run to you
I run to you baby
And when it all starts coming undone
Baby you're the only one I run to
I run to you"

Darcy cut off Tony right as he was about to sing the second verse. Kissing him hard and deep and wildly. She threw off his coat. "Take off your pants." She ordered.

Tony didn't move. "HAPPY GET ANOTHER SANDWICH!" He yelled.

Darcy ignored Happy's speedy exit from the car, as she tilted her head to the side, hoping Tony would get the reference she was about to throw at him, "I'm horny all naked and I'm saying yes. Do you want to sit here and talk feelings, or do you want to literally take off your pants?"

Tony smiled and as pushed her gently off of his lap, and onto the seat next to him so he could comply. Tony affected a smarmy grin when his pants around his knees, licking his lips lasciviously Tony said, "Oh, Doctor Stevens. You should know I'm always ready and willing to take care of a beautiful woman's needs."

As Tony discarded his underwear and the rest of his pants, Darcy looked at him confused as she climbed back into his lap settling on his thighs. "Alex didn't say that to Izzie next, did he?"

Darcy sat back on his knees, so Tony could masturbate himself back to hardness. Apparently bearing your soul and inner fears was a bit of a mood killer. "No, he didn't I was going for more of a role play thing, but it sounded weird to me too. Forget it."

"Okay." Darcy sat there watching Tony jack him self off. He did so with single minded determination. Darcy liked watching him, focused and intense looked really hot on Tony.

"If you want to role play in the future. I want costumes. And a back story." Darcy admitted conversationally.

"Also, I'm pretty fond of accents, so if you got a decent British one, you can be the James Bond to my Pussy Galore." Darcy teased.

Tony paused his ministrations momentarily, his hand stilling around his manhood as he looked at Darcy like he'd never seen her before, "I love you." Tony declared before resuming the quick up and down motion of his hand.

Darcy sat back leaning against the partition, just watching him work. Slowly she lifted her hands, sensually sliding them over the tops of her thighs, then up and down her body. Lifting her breasts she lightly caressed them. Before moving lower down her stomach, trailing her fingers up and down her side.

Putting two fingers in her mouth, Darcy took them out quickly and gently began inserting them inside her pussy. She needn't have bothered, she was still really wet apparently. Darcy rubbed at her clit with her slightly wet fingers, before she gathered some more wetness out of her self. She rubbed it on the tip of Tony's dick, on just the head of his penis. Smiling to herself, she realized Tony was hard again.

"I love you." Tony repeated, as he offered her his hands. Darcy took them, using his strong grip to stead herself as she moved forward, sliding down to settle in his lap positioning her wet opening above his throbbing dick. Putting one hand on his shoulder, Tony used his free hand to guide himself into her pussy.

Darcy's eyes closed as she spread her legs father apart. Tony kissed her, his tongue dipping into her mouth as they let gravity slowly drag her body further down onto Tony's dick. Tony's hands came around her front to cup her full breasts. His used his fingers to roll and pluck her nipples into hardness.

Tony let out a long groan as Darcy fully sunk down on him.

Tony kissed at her breasts, letting her adjust to his size inside of her. She didn't need time to adjust so she just started clenching her inner muscles around Tony's dick. She wished she knew Morse code so she could send him a message with her vagina.

Tony seemed to get the message clear enough anyway. He gripped her hips and lifted her up and off of his dick almost completely. Darcy thought he would slam into her but, he just let her slide down naturally again. Darcy keened as he did it again. Letting gravity force them together. Darcy couldn't do this slow dance again.

She pulled herself off of him completely.

"What's wrong." Tony asked worriedly.

Darcy sat in the seat next to him. Going on to her hands and knees, presenting her ass to him. She took a hand and started rubbing at her clit. "You're not fucking me. Gravity's fucking me. So I thought I'd take matters into my own fast moving fingers."

Darcy turned to look at Tony's shocked face over shoulder, she fluttered her eyelashes at him, her voice smoky and low, she said, "I want you Tony." Darcy sat down on her knees, kneeling, before she turned slowly, giving him a 360 degree view of her assets. Putting the door handle against her back Darcy spread her spread her legs indecently in the air, putting her self on display.

Darcy began to circle her clit with her own fingers again, staring at Tony in the eyes as she did so, she whispered "I want you to fuck me Tony."

Darcy slid one leg up to Tony's shoulder as she scooted down further in the seat to lay flat on her back. Her head came to rest just below the door's arm rest, her other leg fall to the floor. Spread open before him, one leg over Tony's shoulder, one on the floor Tony was compelled by her leg to move. He crawled over her, his hands traveling up her body, knocking her hand away from her clit, he lined up his dick with her whole.

Tony slid inside of her with one hard thrust. Darcy let out a long groan as Tony surged into her again and again. One hand at her hip to hold her steady, one hand on her breast.

"Do some work. Fuck me like you love me." Darcy encouraged, thrusting her hips up towards Tony's. Tony let out a sound that was throaty and deep and totally turned her on.

" you." Tony whimpered in between each quick snap of his hips. Tony's adjusted his leg, putting it on the floor next to hers, gaining leverage so he could bear down on her even harder. Every time Tony thrust down, Darcy lifted her hips up to meet his.

As their skin meet with an audible slap, slap, slap, Darcy started to let out these little tremulous, "Tony's". Her voice yo-yo-ing from breathy low cries of his name, to sharp startled shouts.

Pausing, Tony stopped his thrusting and circle his hips with his dick inside her, his hand going to stimulate her clit, rubbing at her quickly.

As Darcy continued to call out his name, Tony smirked down at her. He just couldn't help himself from quipping, "See, I told you, you'd end up moaning my name. Breathy, light sweet and airy moans. Harsh, loud, throaty cries. Tony, Toonny. TONY. Just like that."

Darcy put her hand over his face.

Tony just started licking at her palm.

Darcy let out a surprised shout, at the feeling of his wet tongue, making a strangled sound deep in her throat, when he resumed fucking her. The hand at her clit, slowed down minutely, jarred by the steady beat of Tony's dick barreling into her body.

Darcy began to whisper his name. She couldn't help it. The only thing on her mind at that moment was Tony. The way he felt inside her. The girth of his dick. The depth of his thrusts. The speed. The friction. The feeling of his naked skin against hers.

It was amazing. The feeling of fulfillment that she got from being with Tony...physically, but also... emotionally. And god, did that sound lame . But also so true.

She felt more connected to Tony after their talk. After unburdening herself of all her fears. After hearing Tony admit his. Knowing he was just as insecure about their future as she was...felt liberating. Felt comforting. He promised to never leave her.

This time. This particular act of sex. It felt different. It meant more. She felt so much....more.





She felt like what they were building wasn't just a sandcastle that could get washed away by wave at any moment. She felt like they were on solid ground, building a real foundation that would last for years to come.....Or some other metaphor, that was currently being fucked out of her brain.

Tony put his hands on her ass and shifted her hips up. He kept hold of her waist, so he could pull her towards him as he thrust down. Darcy took up the mantle of circling her own clit. And after a moment of fucking, just like that, she began to squirm and keen. God he felt good. He was so good at this. Darcy came, the lazy heat they had been building set fire inside of her. With one hand Tony dug his fingers into her fleshy behind, stilling, circle his hips. "Oh fuck. I love you Tony." Darcy gasped out.

As he watched her cum, Tony leaned down and pinched her nipples lightly. Darcy yelled out not expecting the harsh stimulation, "Oh hell!"

When her whimpering subsided, and her limbs stopped trembling, Tony resumed fucking her. Slowly. Sliding his cock from her sheath gradually, Tony flashed her a shit eating grin as he pushed back in slowly.

"No!" Darcy slapped at his chest. "Don't you start with that slow torture shit. You fucking asshole."
Darcy grabbed at his shoulders, just to have something to hold on to.
Tony withdrew little by little, correcting her, "Fucking asshole who you love."

Darcy was prepared to chastise him further, but only had time to let out a quick '"ah" as Tony started jack hammering into her. Darcy grabbed at his shoulders, just to have something to hold on to. Tony pushed the leg that had been over his shoulder, up toward her chest. Moving the leg higher and higher, opening her up to his assault even more. Darcy had to announce, "I'm not Barbie, that's as far as the leg goes."

Tony kept thrusting inside her, but leant down to her lips to kiss her messily. "Barbie's got nothing on you, my bodacious be-speckled, titillating-ly top heavy, voraciously sex pot."

"So many fancy words." Darcy remarked wryly.

Tony leant in and licked at her lips, whispering "Only the best for my best girl."

Tony moved back and began to move his hips very quickly before slowing down. His hands gripped her hips more tightly than he had all day, probably leaving bruises behind him. Then with his impressive strength he jerked her hips up off the seat into the air, only to slam her back down as he thrust down, he did this again and again. Driving deeper inside her, with his relentless hardness.

"Rub your clit for me." Tony begged with a growl.

Darcy leaned up and licked a bead of sweat off of Tony's neck, pinching his nipple as she lay back down to do as he bid. She used the heel for palm before switching to her fingers, rubbing furiously at her clit. Chasing the orgasm that was so close.

Tony didn't thrust into her fast, he strokes were becoming deeper and uneven. His stamina was very impressive, but it would seem even Tony couldn't hold out for ever. Darcy clutched at Tony's shoulder and neck, rubbing herself faster trying to catch up so they could climax together.

Tony stilled, lunging his hardness inside her warm channel one last time, before he let out a shuddering gasp. His release pulsed forth from him in hot spurts.

"So full." Darcy mumbled as she felt her tight passage fill with Tony's seed. As Tony gave a few jerky after thrusts, Darcy felt herself cum. The combination of Tony's twitching cock, the stimulation of her clit by her own hand, and the feeling of his cum splattering her insides, set her off, causing her greatest orgasm yet.

There was a pulsing sensation deep inside her. The fluttering of ecstasy, rippled outward in waves. She could feel her toes curling, her nails digging into Tony's supple flesh, her inner muscles freaking out in the best way possible.

"I love you, I love you, I fucking love, I fucking love fucking you." Tony groaned out as he with drew his dick from her still convulsing cunt. Tony quickly grabbed his shirt from the floor and wiped off his dick, Darcy was about to lower her leg back down when Tony's hand stopped her. His eyes were fixated on her wet opening.

"Don't move." He ordered, throwing the shirt down as slid onto his belly. His long legs banging against the door uncomfortably. Tony lay down flush with the car seat, his head positioning between her legs inches from her quivering center.

"No more oral today baby. Please." Darcy plead, letting her leg finally down, sliding it along Tony's naked back. Her fingers threading through his hair.

"No more oral. I just want to clean you up." Tony responded in a husky voice.

"What--" Darcy's question cut off as she felt Tony's cum spill out of her, Darcy tried to close her thighs, to prevent it from falling onto the leather seats, but Tony's body was in the way.

"OH FUCKING GOD!" Darcy yelled, as Tony lapped up his own seaman. Licking and sucking it out of her twitching channel. An aftershock of her orgasm flared up inside her, as Tony gave her one more hard swipe with his tongue.

Having fully cleaned her, Tony crawled up her body. Resting his dopey faced grin on her chest, his arm wrapping around one leg. "What the fuck was that Tony?"

"I've always wanted to---every man---every teenage boy, and probably flexible man, has tried to suck their own dick. And of course we've all cum and then taste tested ourselves." Tony turned his head his chin was stabbing into her sternum, so he could look into her eyes as he spoke.

"Uh huh." Darcy wordlessly encouraged him to continue to explain.

"So you know, I just happen to know, that I taste good." Darcy blinked blankly at Tony. She had nothing to say to that statement.

"I've never tried that before." Tony admitted in a small voice. "Was it weird?" Tony worried.

"Uuuuuuh. A little." Darcy answered.

"Did it feel good?" Tony asked with a small hopeful quiver in his voice.

"...Yeah....I just wasn't expecting...that." Darcy concluded ineloquently.

Tony smiled at her brightly, laying his head back down on her breasts, airily adding, "Okay, I'll warn you first next time."

They lay squished together in silence for about a minute before it became awkward. Then Darcy tapped Tony on the chest before asking, "Hungry?"

Just then, Darcy's stomach growled. Tony lifted his head sharply in surprise, and looked down at her belly, where their (most likely) baby, was gestating. Tony kissed her softly on the tummy, covering her belly protectively with his hand, before answering, "Yeah, I could eat."

Tony sat up to get dressed, yelling out "Happy let's go--"

Darcy poked him. "Happy's not there. He ran away from the possible sight and sounds of us fucking remember?"

"Oh, yeah." Tony said stroking his chin. "Well, let's get dressed then we can track him down. Get a burger in you. Then find Murdock. Then head home and fuck until we fall asleep. Sound like a plan?"

Darcy just laughed heartily, gasping out, "No way! I've got a date with you're amazing bathtub, and whichever one of my gorgeous boyfriend that feels like giving me a relaxing full body massage, with no hanky panky involved."

Tony pouted as he gathered her clothes from the floor and handed them to her. "No hanky panky?"


"You're sure?"


"Even if I do really good English accent?"

"....Okay maybe."



Chapter Text

Chapter 4 - Hospitality in Hell's Kitchen

They arrived at the address listed for the Nelson & Murdock legal office, at around 3 p.m. They decided to wait to eat until after they tried the office, looking for Matt, one more time. Happy informed them, with a full on blush, that he called the lawyers office while she and Tony were 'occupied', and made an appointment. Apparently the place now had a secretary, and working phones.

Darcy excitedly ran up the stairs quickly, "C'mon Tony. Hurry up!"

"No. My way has a better view." Tony replied cheekily. Darcy looked over her shoulder to see Tony behind her about five steps, and thus his eyes were level with her butt. Darcy rolled her eyes and continued up the stairs at a fast clip.

Finally they reached the floor, Matt's office was supposed to be on. Darcy walked quickly down the hall, finally spying the door which had 'Nelson & Murdock' painted on it.

"Found it!" Darcy called out, turning to look at Tony, she asked, "Am I supposed to knock, or is this a come right in situation?"

The door before her opened in front of her, solving her dilemma.

"Darcy." Matt said breathily, a big dopey smile on his face.

"MATT!" Darcy screeched, throwing herself into his arms. Matt's arms came around her small frame, squeezing her tightly. Darcy snuggled her face into the Matt's blue dress shirt covered shoulder.

"Where the fuck have you been dude! I've been trying to track you down for like two weeks!" Darcy complied, as she felt and heard, Matt take a sniff of her hair. His arms stiffened around her.

When Darcy pulled back from the hug, to look at his face, she found saw that Matt had a tight smile on his face, like he was trying to maintain a happy facade, but inside something was bothering him.

"What's wrong?" Darcy asked as she reached out a hand and giggled his red tie lightly to and fro, before resting her hand on his chest, over his heart.

Matt shook his head, the smile on his face becoming more natural as angled his head to speak in her direction, "Nothing. Sorry, things have been a little crazy around here. I got you're messages, but every time I went to reply...something came up and distracted me."

Darcy could hear Tony's foot steps approaching from behind her, as Matt took her hand in his and placed a kiss on her knuckles, asking her, "Forgive me?"

Darcy felt her heart go all aflutter for a moment. Staring at Matt's handsome face smiling down at her, his warm hand still holding hers, Darcy had a flashback of their time together in the interview room. Of the feeling of his stubble covered jaw, scraping along the naked supple skin of her chest. Darcy squeezed Matt's hand with her own as she felt her nipples harden. Holy hell.

Darcy crossed her arms over her chest, hoping to hide her little pebbled nubs, even as she belatedly remembered it's not like Matt could SEE her bodies reaction to him. Darcy replied huskily, "Nothing to forgive," Darcy cleared her throat, her voice returning to normal, "Besides dude, it's not like I was waiting by the phone everyday with baited breath."

"Yeah Murdock," Tony chimed in, as he moved to stand directly behind her, "Don't worry. We kept Darcy plenty busy in your absence."

Matt straightened up, standing taller as he addressed Tony, "I'm sure you did Mr. Stark."

"Call me Tony, after all..." Tony moved to stand next to her and Matt, putting an arm around her shoulders and Matt's he pulled them into his sides in an awkward three way hug, "We're all friends here. The kind of friends who've seen each other naked, and really, there's no need for formalities, right Matt?"

"Sure Tony." Matt agreed in a dry voice, lifting Tony's arm off of his shoulders and stepping back.

"You've seen Tony Stark NAKED!" A voice exclaimed sharply from behind Matt. A tall blonde haired man, with a soft looking body stepped into view. Darcy winced a little as she took in his mustard colored dress shirt, gray suit jacket, navy white dotted tie, secured by a tie clip. The man did not look good in yellow.

The blonde bland looking man chastised Matt shrilly, "And you didn't tell me about it?"

Matt gave a half smile as the blonde, put his hand on Matt's shoulder, asking, "I thought we were best friends? Geez," the man shook his head, "You think you know a guy."

The man suddenly took his hand off of Matt and extended it towards Darcy, "Hi there. Matt has no manner. I'm his partner, Foggy Nelson....his heterosexual business partner, just for clarification."

"Hi, I'm Darcy." Darcy introduced herself with a charming grin, shaking the affable looking blondes hand.

Foggy let go of her hand, staring at Tony, he extened his hand and introduced himself again, "Foggy Nelson."

"You know who I am." Tony said as he extended his own hand.

"Boo. Douche bag alert." Darcy whispered, calling out Tony's self aggrandizing introduction. Matt let out a quick chortle but Tony just smirked at her, tugging on a couple strands of her hair gently.

Tony shook Foggy's hand, his face growing more annoyed as the man continue to shake it vigorously as he rambled on, "Of course I do. I know you. Everyone knows you. You're, you're Tony Stark one of the richest men in the world...and you're here...why are you here? Why has Matt seen you naked and orgasm-ing? OH! Are you looking for new legal representation? Did you get arrested for indecent exposure, , public indecency, public intoxication? A DUI? I'm sure whatever charge has been leveled against you, we can handle it Mr. Stark. Is --" Tony finally withdrew his hand sharply, with an annoyed look.

"Sorry to burst your bubble Fog Horn, but we're just here to wisk Murdock away for a night of wining and dining, before we split town." Tony said as he wiped his hand on the back of his pant leg.

Matt gave her a concerned look. Darcy frowned at Tony, she hadn't wanted to tell Matt they were leaving quite like that.

"Sorry, that was rude." Foggy apologized, "I just, I've never met a celebrity before, but you're kind of sorry, I just assumed...anyway. How do you know Matt..." Darcy felt a smidge of pity for Foggy as his fair skin tinged pink, his embarrassment on clear display.

"Yes, that seems like a safe change in topic." The blonde mumbled.

Matt clapped a consoling hand on Foggy's back as the man continued to blush and grumble to himself, "Of course their here to see Matt. Why would Tony Stark, billionaire, come to our little corner of Hell's Kitchen for legal representation. That's crazy." Tony raised a incredulous eyebrow at the man.

"Besides, here at Nelson & Murdock, our current clientele policy states we only defend the innocent." Matt joked, trying to lighten the mood. It worked. His friend, turned and gave Matt a glare.

"Yeah, well I believe the innocent includes everyone not yet convicted of a crime. You know, as the law states." Foggy said, giving Matt a pointed look. Darcy laughed, Matt and Foggy we're obviously close friends, the love between them was evident even as they jibed each other.

"He tends to use fancy terminology, don't mind him." Matt quipped, Tony finally smiled genuinely. Matt had a dry wit that she knew would appeal to Tony's sense of humor.

"Despite how much fun in this decrepit old shack and as much as love to be insulted, I think its time to go." Tony spoke calm, the smile on his face was stiff. Tony's arm came around her waist, pulling her closer to his side. Tony looked down at her, his face losing some of its tension as he looked to her for confirmation, "Right, Honey Bunny?"

Darcy gave Tony a confused look, "Honey Bunny?"

"I'm trying out some new nicknames." Tony explained, "Not into Honey Bunny...what about Flopsykins?" Tony offered.

"Why are you trying to give me a rabbit's nick name? Do you have a furry fetish I should know about?" Darcy asked with a comically over the top suspicious expression.

"Not a fan of fur, okay hows about...Sugar Pussy? Princess Put-your-hands-in-my-pants? Oooh! How about, My Precious Pleasure Pearl?"

"Um, how about no."

"Bubble Boobs? Or does that make me sound too immature. Should it be Bubble Breast? No, that just doesn't have the same ring to it." Tony pondered aloud.

"Are you for real right now?" Darcy questioned, not really annoyed, she knew Tony was joking, but glancing at Matt and Foggy's expression, she had the feeling she was the only one in on the joke.

"Nick names are usually specific to the person aren't they? Back me up Foghorn!" Tony defended, turning to the blonde for assistance.

Foggy held up his hands saying, "I plead the fifth."

"Pfft, wimp. Any way Darcy, you're breasts are magnificent. Don't you think your nick name should...commemorate them in some way. Like, what if I called you... Twinkle Tits? It's cutesy. It references your amazing breasts. It's the perfect nick name. What do you think Twinkle Tits?" Tony looked to her expectantly. Darcy bit her bottom lip to keep from laughing. Steve didn't understand or appreciate Tony's sense of humor....but Darcy did.

So she frowned and played along as the annoyed girlfriend. Reaching her hand forward she searched Tony's chest until she found one of his nipples, Darcy replied "No." In a calm voice as she gave Tony's nipple a playful twist.

Tony reacted like she used a wrench on his sensitive man-nipple, gasping out a "OW!"

Tony then used his hands to cover his assaulted nipple protectively, "We use our words Darcy. Honestly, if you don't like the new nick name choices you can just say so."

"I don't like those nick names." Darcy answered in a flat voice. Tony smiled evilly at her, replying "Excellent," in a tone reminiscent of Mr. Burns form The Simpson's, further invoking the famous cartoon character by putting his hands together, tapping his fingertips in quick succession.

"I thought up so many more good ones I was afraid you were going to end the game early." Tony revealed, breaking his 'evil' character to smile at her genuinely and peck her on the lips, before pulling back and resuming his smarmy expression.

Continuing to list of sexist nick names in a smug tone, Tony suggested, "What about Liquor Lips? Or Sugar Slick? Cookie Cunt?"

Darcy smiled, but shook her head. She didn't have it in her anymore to pretend to be mad.

"Bami Butt? Angel Ass? Bombshell From Behind? Or my little Buxom Bodacious Buttocks Babe?" Tony asked, cupping her ass through her skirt.

"Only if I can call you Pickle Prick or Diva Dick?" Tony smiled at her, his hand left her ass to rest at the small of her back.

"What if I call you, my Darling Deep-Throating Dewdrop?"

"What if I call a cab and leave?" Darcy retorted, looking over at Matt and Foggy who seemed to have finally caught on that Tony was joking, if the incredulous smiles on their faces were anything to go by.

" about I call you my little Butter Biscuit? Or, Snuggle Pants? Jelly Jeans?...Cuddle Clown? Or are clowns more creepy than cute?" Tony wondered, stroking his bearded chin.

"Tony." Darcy said, her laughter about to bubble out of her.

"One more...what if I call you, Muffin Tits?" Tony asked his hands going up and spreading out in the air, like he was willing her to imagine it up in lights or on a marquee.

And that was it. Darcy finally broke. She let out a cackle, that grew into full on belly laughter.

Darcy had to lean into Tony's arms to remain upright, she was laughing so hard. She turned and watched as Foggy's initial laughter turned slowly into choking. The man gasped, his face turning red. Matt slapped him heartily on the back, laughing along as he did so.

"Too far?" Tony asked with a snicker, Darcy guessed the he was taking a vicious sense of pleasure from Foggy's comical reaction.

Suddenly a willow-y blonde woman in a beige blouse, grey knee length skirt, and low scuffed black heels, appeared by Foggy's side. She held out a paper cup of water. Urging the choking man to drink.

"Hello. I'm Karen Page. I'm the secretary." She introduced herself softly, choosing instead to wave awkwardly at Tony and Darcy, as she patted Foggy on the back.

The man drank the whole cup quickly, turning to Karen he gave her a sweet smile, saying, "Thanks Karen."

"No problem." Karen replied, before disappearing back behind the door that lead to a little private office within the office.

"Yes. Where are my manners. Would you like to come in?" Matt replied, motioning to a rickety looking chair, stationed in front of a large wooden desk. The chair obviously meant for incoming clients.

Tony held up a hand and responded tonelessly, "We'll pass."

Darcy gave Tony a quick pointed look, before turning to address Matt with a kind voice, "No thank you, Matt. Like Tony said earlier, we--we're leaving town. Moving, actually."

Matt's face slowly fell. His expression becoming pained. He uttered a simple, "Oh."

"And, since we hadn't met up since...ya know. I thought we could, go out, for a bite to eat? Before we left New York...we might not get the chance to hang out for a while. So...I was thinking maybe pizza, or a hot dog from a cart, maybe walk around a park or something...or not." Darcy finished lamely, disheartened by Matt's lack of response to her offer.

"We'd love to!" Foggy exclaimed.

"You're not invited." Tony said coldly.

Darcy slapped him lightly on the chest. "Of course you're invited. You're all invited, your secretary too...if you want."

Matt swallowed, Darcy watched him anxiously as his Adam's apple moved up and down his throat. Darcy tensed up, she could feel her heart beat faster as she became less and less sure that Matt would accept her invitation. Darcy could feel her brow crinkling in worry, as she watched Matt slowly stick his tongue out of his mouth to wet his lips.

Matt turned to Foggy addressing the man in a tight voice, "Actually man. Do you mind if you and Karen stay here? I'd rather say goodbye to D--to my--I'd rather say goodbye, just the...three of us."

Foggy's face fell into a mask of disappointment just for a second, before he painted on a forced smile. "Of course not. I don't mind at all. It's fine."

"Good." Matt responded, calling out to Karen, "Karen, can you get my--"

The woman appeared quickly by his side, "jacket?" she finished for him. Holding out the matching dark blue suit jacket, for Matt to slip into.

"Thanks, Karen." Matt replied, taking his walking stick from her pre-offered hand as well.

Matt extended the collapsible stick into its elongated form. Walking forward, Darcy reached out to him, wrapping her arm around his, she gave Foggy and Karen a polite smile and wave. Calling out, "It was nice meeting you!"

Darcy heard Tony mutter, "Later." And then the sound of the office door closing.

"You really want to eat street meat kid? I mean, not that I am questioning the New York State of Health, but...really? Street meat?" Tony complained, as he trailed behind her and Matt.

"I know of a little dive bar we could go to." Matt volunteered as made his stick short again, putting it on his wrist so he could hold the railing and keep hold of Darcy with his other arm. They descended the stairs together carefully.

"It's like 3:30 in the afternoon." Darcy contested.

"Yeah, but it's five o'clock somewhere." Tony jested.

"No." Darcy protested. turning and making a face at Tony. "No dive bars in the afternoon."

"Spoilsport." Tony teased, before snapping his fingers. "What about a strip club?"

Darcy looked at Matt, only to see Matt's eyebrows high on his head in disbelief. Matt leaned over, and stage whispered to her, "What exactly is Tony doing here? I thought you were with Steve?"

Darcy stopped as they reached the ground floor. Watching as Matt took out his stick again, and made it big again. Tony came over and slipped his arm in her other one. Darcy imagined they looked like Dorothy, the Tin Man, and the Scarecow, walking arm and arm like this.

"Darcy decided Steve wasn't enough for her. So we're both dating her." Tony told Matt, looking at the other man's face over the top of her head.

"Really?" Matt asked surprised.

"I didn' wasn't about Steve not being enough for me, but yeah. I'm dating both Steve and Tony. Simultaneously." Darcy explained.

"Wow." Matt commented emotionlessly.

"Yeah." Darcy added as they made their way out of the building, towards the car. Happy hopping out and running around to open the door for them. Tony ducked inside first, Darcy sliding in beside him. Looking up to Matt as he collapsed his walking stick again, putting his hands out searchingly as he ducked his head and sat down in the car.

"Watch your hands." Happy chirped before shutting the door, making Matt jump.

Darcy smiled and wrapped her arm around Matt's elbow, so happy that he hadn't been avoiding her this whole time. She had been really worried that everything that happened between them, had been fake, that Matt hadn't meant what he told her. About how he felt about her. Or the stuff about them being friends in the 'real world'.

Darcy let out a little sigh, leaning her head against Matt's shoulder, watching as Happy ran around and got in the driver's seat. Pulling away from the curb before asking, "Where to boss?"

"So, as the man who will end up paying for the meal, I'm making an executive decision about where we're going to eat." Tony announced.

He paused, looking to her and Matt, asking, "Objections?"

Darcy lightly frowned, but patted her belly with her free hand, "As long as you remember, I am actually really hungry, I don't care. But if we go to a strip club, I vote we make a CVS run to get wet wipes and hand sanitizer."

Tony let out a snort, leaning over he gave her a hard but quick kiss on the lips. "Deal."

"I, uh, don't go to a lot of strip clubs...the whole, 'look don't touch' thing kinda kills the appeal for me, but if Darcy's okay with it, I'm okay with it." Matt admitted, once Darcy and Tony's lips separated.

Tony let out a chuckle, up front she could hear Happy let out a chortle too. Tony put his hand on Matt's hair and mussed it in a friendly manner. "You're alright, Murdock." Tony declared.

"Happy, you remember that fancy restaurant that Pepper dragged me to, where we met with the Japanese investors?" Tony asked in a clear voice. His hand coming to rest on Darcy's knee.

"The one where you got thrown out for insulting the chef or the one where you got thrown out for bringing a date who spent the entire meal under the table...I mean, for bring a date who, who," Happy stuttered, his eyes suddenly wide and locked on Darcy.

"Don't worry about it Happy. It's okay if Tony's had sex before. It's not news." Darcy replied airily, unsurprised that Tony would bring a date to an investor meeting, or that he would have the woman on her knees beneath the table, most likely blowing him the entire time.

"The second place Hap," Tony clarified, Happy nodding in acknowledgement, the partition sliding up separating them, now that he had a destination to drive to.

"Did the investors still invest with you? Or did they not even know about the simultaneous DL blowjob?" Darcy asked Tony out of curiosity.

"Of course they invested their money with Stark Industries." Tony said with a shark like grin, "I'm the best."

"Character flaws aside." Matt jeered, his dry delivery making Tony and Darcy smile.

"You see Darcy! You see the good natured ribbing?" Tony said conspiratorially to Darcy, elbowing her lightly in the side, like she might have missed the exchange. Even though she was sitting right there.

"This is why I was rooting for Matt, in regards to our threesome!" Tony shared loudly.

Matt made a choking sound and jerked against her, "What?"

"Back before the ceremony, I purposed a you, me, and Darcy sandwich." Tony said offhandedly, as he got his tablet out of the little storage space under the door's arm rest.

"Mm. Sandwich." Darcy mumbled, her stomach letting out a growl.

"Don't worry Darce, the place we're going, has really good, non-pretentious food. You and the baby will be fed and watered soon. It's only like fifteen minutes away from here." Tony said, giving her knee a squeeze, before going back to addressing Matt, "Personally, if I had to get fucked by a dude, be the catcher, I would pick you over Rogers."

"Um...thanks." Matt replied unsteadily. His arm tightening around hers. Darcy couldn't help but smile at the stunned and slightly flattered look Matt had on his face.

"No problem." Tony said tapping on the tablet, pulling up some schematic looking things, effectively ignoring them.

"So..." Darcy began.

"So..." Matt copied. Darcy reached up and fixed the hair Tony had early messed up. Brushing it back into place with delicate fingers.

"So, you're pregnant? It worked?" Matt inquired, his tone low, his hand catching hers and simple holding it in his.


Matt ran his thumb over her pulse point. "Do you know...who the father is? I mean...I assume that it's Rogers, but--"

Darcy felt Tony stiffen besides her. Darcy put her hand on Tony's thigh and rubbed it soothingly up and down as she answered Matt's question honestly, "No. It's not...we don't know who it belongs to. There's...there's a slight chance it could be Steve's. But Tony is most likely the biological father."

Darcy swallowed thickly. "You can safely give the baby a paternity test in the womb, after about eight or nine weeks. But, honestly it doesn't matter. At least not to me."

Darcy turned to stare into Tony's eyes. "After all, I plan on having more babies. All three of us were raised as only children, and I know that as a kid I was pretty lonely, so...yeah, more babies. I want a minimum of two. A max, four, maybe five? Only if I have the last one later in life. I'll probably want to give the ole vagjaja a rest in between so many births." Darcy patted her vagina softly, like one would pat the head of a loyal dog. Darcy then disentwined her arm from Matt's, putting her hands together in her lap, primly interlacing her fingers together.

"So, like I said, it doesn't matter to me who's the babies biological father. We'll just have to make sure the next one is sired by the other guy. I plan on all three of us raising the children together. As a family." Tony gave her a soft smile.

"One big happy family, huh. Sounds nice." Matt said wistfully.

"One big happy family." Darcy agreed.

After a little bit of silence, Matt cleared his throat catching her attention. "So, uh, do you know if it's a girl or boy...or is it too early for that?"

Darcy smiled brightly, happy to talk about her future baby girl, "It's going to be a girl."

Her face fell in annoyance, when Tony interjected, "She hopes. She hopes its going to be a girl, but its too early to know the gender for sure yet."

Darcy turned to Tony with dead eyes and confirmed in a flat voice, "It's a girl."

Matt disguised a laugh as a cough, saying, "Okay. A girl. Do you have any names picked out yet?"

Darcy squealed in delight and stamped her feet on the floor in excitement, "YES!"

Both men chuckled at her antics. "I have SO many ideas. Like to many, but some of my top favorite's right now are," Darcy began listing off the names, counting off on her fingers as she did so, "Abigail, but we'll call her Abby. Ava. Ava with a hyphen, Ava-Lynn, but then it will be hell getting her off the rack monogrammed stuff. I love the name Alice, so classic. Andomeda, because then we can call her 'Annie' or 'Drea'. I also like Bethany, it's another old classic type. I like Bridget. Brooke. Bilina. Chloe. Candice, except I worry that if we name her Candice, the nick name Candy is too whore-y." Darcy looked to Matt, to see him nodding like he agreed.

Pleased, she continued listing her favorite name choices. "I like Deirdre, from this old fox kids show about knights and stuff. Danica. Desdemona, except her fate in Shakespeare makes me wary, even though I kind of love the nick name 'Desi' or 'Mona'. I love Dorothy or Dorothea to honor the great Dorothy Gale of Oz. I like Daphne. Eleanor. Eva. Fiona. Gaia. Glinda. Goldie. Harper. Helena, not Helen, but Helena, like Batman's daughter from another universe, not like Helen of Troy. No offense, to Helen, but Helena just sounds prettier."

Darcy glanced over at Tony, only to grin when she saw he had activated the dictation app, and was having everything she was saying, taken down in words, probably for him to evaluate more in depth later on.

"I like Isodora or Isabella, cuz I love the nick names 'Izzy', 'Dora', and 'Bella'. I love the names Justine or Justina. I like Kaylee, because my Firefly love still burns so strong so many years later. I also like Kayla or Kyra. I love Liora, a name that speaks to my half Jewish status and heritage, it means light, so Liora is a big contender, bonus, we could nick name her 'Lee'. I also like Lenore or Lenora, despite Mr. Edgar Allen Poe's creepifying of the name. J'adore Lorelei, not for the Gilmore Girls connection but for the Marilyn Monroe one. Gentleman Prefer Blondes is one of my favorite musicals, number two behind the Wizard of Oz."

"I thought you're number two was Return to Oz?" Tony interrupted.

"I said my second favorite musical. Return to Oz doesn't qualify for that title."

Darcy took a big breath listing the rest of her favorites in one breath, "Madison, Mara, Maria, Maxine, Nicolette, Ozma, Odette, Odessa, Pippi, Piper, Paige, Quinn, Raine, River, Roxanne, Ruby, Suzanna, Summer, Starla, Spenceer, Tara, Tessa, Titania, Thrace, Ursula, Vera, Valandra, Winnifred, Xena, Yara, Zena with a Z or...Zandra...with a Z." Darcy clarified before miming wiping away a bead of imaginary sweat and letting out a soft 'whew' sound effect.

"Wow." Matt croaked out, before quipping, "Obviously you haven't thought about this at all."

"Yeah, I know. I need to narrow it down. I mean, so I tried to go alphabetically, like just pick one name from each letter of the alphabet, but then I had some letters where I just couldn't choose so, once I stopped limiting myself to one name per letter of the alphabet, my list of possibilities just, grew and grew and grew. I'm kind of a indecisive mess right now...where the baby's name is concerned."

"You seem very concerned with the child's name generating multiple nick names." Tony noted as he scrolled through what she had said.

"Nick names are just as important as regular names Pickle Prick." Tony looked up sharply and Darcy shot him with her imaginary finger guns. Softly saying 'pew pew'' as she did so. Blowing imaginary smoke off the tip of her finger, she pretended to holster her finger/gun. Smirking at Tony she warned, "And don't you forget it."

Tony bent down and licked her bottom lip with his tongue, whispering, "What ever you say Liquor Lips."

Matt cleared his throat loudly, causing Tony to straighten up in his seat, giving the man his attention. "I'm so happy for you. I'm glad you you know if anyone else in our group---was fortunate to become pregnant...I'm just wondering--out of, um, curiosity."

Darcy exchanged a look with Tony. Matt obviously wanted to know if he was going to be a daddy. Tony asked in a cold tone, "Didn't you sign away all rights? Even knowledge if, any offspring...sprung, from forth your virile loins?"

Matt clasped his hand together, his tone lowering as he reluctantly admitted, "Yes."

"But, I was just wondering, I mean, Ms. Potts, said she was your assistant. I assumed, I thought she might have shared with you...if she was going to need to take maternity leave." Matt finished, his appealing voice sounding a little adenoidal.

Tony stared him down. Matt looked back at him, sightlessly. His eyes just pointed in the general area of Tony's face, not really looking at the other man. Tony's face softened, his eyes traveling over Matt's earnest expression, before turning to look out the window.

Tony spoke, facing away from them in a flat voice, that held no emotion, and no judgment. "Pepper had requested time off. She had a c-section all lined up. She was going to begin the interview process to find a replacement as soon as we got back to California."

"Had?" Matt questioned in a gruff voice.

"Couple of days ago, she said she didn't need the time off anymore. That the baby was a non-issue." Tony didn't say it, because he didn't have to. Darcy could read between the lines. Her heart broke for Pepper, even though she knew the woman didn't want the baby.

"She had a...miscarriage?" Matt asked, needing the confirmation.

"It's apparently very common." Tony said in a brittle voice. His hand found hers. Darcy laced their fingers together and blinked back tears. Tony knew now, of all her fears regarding the baby.

Turning to Matt, she found him expressionless. The only hint that he felt anything about the news, was the white, bloody knuckled grip he had on his walking stick. All Darcy wanted in that moment, was to be Matt's friend. To comfort him.

Darcy put her hand over Matt's.

Matt let go of his stick with one hand. Accepting her hand of comfort. Darcy didn't want to say she was sorry for Matt's loss, because he never planned on being a part of the babies life in the first place, so the loss of it---it didn't really feel right saying she was sorry for him. So, she just laced her fingers with his. And sat quietly, holding Tony and Matt's hands in her smaller ones. Offering each man as much silent support as she could.

A little bit later, the car lurched forward, signaling the car had made a complete stop. Darcy watched as Happy got out and came around to open Matt's door, at the curb side. They were in front of a restaurant who's name was in French and she couldn't pronounce let alone translate. She watched a man in a finely tailored amaranthine suit, escort a woman wearing a gorgeous plum off the shoulder dress, inside. Darcy looked down at her own outfit, feeling extremely underdressed.

"Tony, I don't think I'm dressed for this place. Can't we just go to a diner? Or hell, even McDonald's?" Darcy asked, her mouth a straight line as she tried not to have a panic attack at the thought of her being turned away due to her shitty clothes and nobody status.

"Fuck McDonalds. I want steak." Tony said, kissing her on the cheek as she watched Matt get out of the car.

"But, Tony--"

"No. You look fantastic. A goddess in a tight skirt, tall boots, and a red sweater. You look beautiful. This place has great food, trust me." Tony grinned impishly. "Besides, we can't back out now. Steve just texted he's almost here."

"You invited Steve?" Darcy asked surprised. Tony had never invited Steve to join them before. Tony was kind of territorial that way. For him to invite Steve along, was a really big step. She felt so proud of him.

"And Pepper." Tony added, pushing her at the hips, sliding her across the leather seat towards the open door.

"Seriously?" Darcy squawked, as she grabbed Happy's hand, letting him help her out of the car.

"Seriously." Tony confirmed as he tried to smooth down his irreparably wrinkled pants.

"You're a dick." Matt chimed in, obviously having overheard their entire exchange.

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Chapter 5 - Loose Lips Sink Ships

Still Friday, about 4pm

Tony ignored Matt's insult, instead turning to Happy and letting him know when he'd expected they would be done with dinner and need his services again. The three of them walked in and were immediately the center of attention. Darcy couldn't stop tugging at her skirt. It didn't feel long enough.

The place was fancy. Thank god, due to the early hour, there weren't a lot of people or else Darcy might have straight up fled. Like whoosh. Gone shopping and returned at a later date, once feeling hella awesome and confident due to new snazzy duds. But right now, she felt exposed, out of place, and...unsophisticated as fuck.

"Tony are sure you don't want to go to Hooters? They have pretty girls with big boobs who are forced to smile and talk to you!" Darcy asked, only half way joking.

"Oh, Liquor Lips, don't be silly." Tony remarked as he made a beeline for the hostess.

"I guess that nick name isn't going away any time soon." Darcy muttered under her breath.

As Tony went to talk to the hostess, Darcy considered her surroundings. The tables were covered in white table clothes. It had low lighting. Lots of candles. There was a real person, playing a real piano in the corner. There were no children, or signs of children, no booster seats or high chairs hidden where she could se. Fucking fancy as heck.

"Dude, we're in rich people country." Darcy whispered to Matt, as she slowly drew closer and closer to his side.

"Might as well act the part then." Matt said softly to her, holding his arm out formally. Darcy smiled at Matt's gentlemanly action and entwined her arm with his. Clinging to the stiff fabric of his suit jacket, Darcy vowed to make the impending Pepper/Matt meet up as painless as she could. She really had no idea why Tony would invite her. Especially knowing what he knew about Pepper's baby. And with Matt coming along to dredge it all up. Seriously WTF?

Tony beckoned them forward with his fingers, Darcy did not appreciate being summoned like a dog, but pressed forward anyway, walking arm in arm with Matt, following Tony who was following the hostess.

The woman in the conservative black dress, led them over to the back of the restaurant, where a big circular booth table was partially secluded by some drape-y fabric. You could still see the piano and bar, but the entrance was blocked.

Staring at the bar longingly, Darcy saw a familiar willow redhead's figure sipping something pink from a long stemmed martini glass.

"Oh, look..." Darcy announced, her voice deflating "there's Pepper." Pepper of course fit right in. She looked fabulous. Wearing a tight fitting mauve skirt and silk top, with matching everything. Including those tall and super intimidating stiletto shoes, Darcy was never able to wear for more than an hour or so.

"You two sit, get comfy, I'm gonna get Pep." Tony said briskly before making his way to the bar.

The hostess gave them a polite smile and let them know that a server would be with them in a moment to take their drink orders. Darcy slid into the round booth seat, sliding in so she was positioned in the middle. Matt slid in after her, following her and sitting as close to her as possible.

"I don't really know what to say to Ms. Potts." Matt confessed.

"Probably start with calling her Pepper. You had you're dick inside of her, I think it's allowed now." Darcy advised.

She then picked up the drink menu and sighed at all the things she was no longer allowed to have.
She did get too far into the pregnancy books, she knew there were a lot of food restriction stuff, but she wasn't really sure what pregnant women were supposed to or not supposed to eat. However, everyone knew that booze and babies, did not mix. So bye, bye, hard cider. And long island iced teas. And shots. Darcy would miss doing shots most of all.

Tony sauntered back over to them a disgruntled looking Pepper on his arm. "Pepper, I don't think you've formally met my girlfriend, who is moving to California to live with me and is flying back with us on Saturday did I forget to mention that, this is Darcy! Darcy, my work wife, Pepper Potts."

Pepper's nostrils were flaring and she was glaring angrily at Tony. Apparently the big move was news to Pepper.

"She's moving in with you?" Pepper said in a sharp tone. "To the house?"

Tony gestured for her to sit, kind of pushing her, but Pepper just turned around and hit him in the head with her mauve clutch several times. "Get off of me. You go first, you sit next to her, I want to sit on the end so I can escape your fucking insanity if I need to."

Tony just shrugged taking Pepper's violence in stride and complied, sliding in until he was thigh to thigh with Darcy. Darcy looked at him incredulously, "You didn't tell Pepper you asked us to move in with you?"

"US?" Pepper questioned shrilly as she delicately sat down. "You're fucking Matt too!"

Tony motioned to the waitress. Telling the table, "Hold that thought."

A buxom blonde, with a dark tan, approached, her conservative white button up undone to reveal the lace of her lavender push up bra.

"Hi, my name is Mandy, what can I get for you?" The woman asked in a syrupy-sweet tone, basically ignoring everyone and talking exclusively to Tony. She was blatantly bent over the table to give the best view down her shirt as possible, her pen and pad poised, a fucking pearly white smile on her face.

"Scotch, neat and water with lemon. What do you want Murdock?" Tony asked looking to Matt.

"Coke...A Cola." Matt replied, his hands tracing the placement of the silver wear in front of him slowly.

"I'll have another Strawberry Daiquiri. Also, you seemed to have missed a few buttons dear. Fix that before you come back or I'll have management get us another server. And possibly your job." Pepper threatened from over the top of her martini glass as she drained it, slamming the empty glass on the table.

Mandy straightened up quickly, a scared look in her eyes as she muttered a quick, "Yes, ma'am." Before scurrying away.

Darcy pouted. "But I didn't get to order."

Tony kissed her on the forehead, putting an arm around her shoulders, pulling her into his side and away from Matt's. He spoke consolingly, "You can have my water with lemon."

"I don't like lemon in my water." Darcy said petulantly.

"Who the fuck cares you life leeching whore?" Pepper said snidely, her eyes a little glossy.

"Dude, I think Pepper's drunk." Darcy whispered to Tony. "And I think she kinda hates me."

"Pep. How long were you waiting at the bar?" Tony asked in a cautious tone.

"About long as it takes for me to drink a Mai Tai, a Sea Breeze and two Pina Colada's." Pepper said primly, glowering at Tony, "You see, I was assured by my boss that this little get together wouldn't take long, wouldn't involve the man that impregnated me, and would happen at two thirty! It's now," Pepper clumsily opened her clutch, knocking over her empty glass on the table. Pepper found her phone and then held it up, practically shoving it in Tony's face, "Four fucking fifteen. Four fifteen Tony!"

"Sorry Pep, we just got...distracted?" Tony offered.

"Distracted by her fucking tits! You know Happy called and let me know that you were going to be late. And when I pressed him about why you were late, he stuttered and did that thing he does when he doesn't want to lie to me, but wants me to know to not wait up or count on you, because you're fucking some bimbo!" Pepper pointed her finger accusingly at Darcy.

"Hey!" Tony yelled in a low voice. "That is uncalled for."

"She didn't even pick you! What the fuck is she doing here!" After that outburst, Pepper's voice changed, it got lower, and it be full of concern. Concern for Tony.

"You told me it was complicated, but it's not. She picked the blonde muscle-y guy. She wanted to have his kid. She fucking fucked him. And she is having his kid. And you deluding yourself that it's your fetus isn't healthy Tony! She doesn't love you! She doesn't even know you."

Mandy arrived quickly and the table fell silent. She handed out the drinks wordlessly. Darcy asked the woman to get her a sprite and the woman just nodded and disappeared.

As soon as the waitress was gone Pepper's eyes turned towards her. Glaring daggers as she further disparaged Darcy's character. "She's a gold digger. She wanted that blonde man dick to make pretty babies. And now that she's done with him, she's after Matt's dick now. It's obvious, she's a whore, you told me how many matches she had. Fucking eight. Eight!"

"Pepper you don't know what you're talking about." Tony warned her in a low tone.

"She's the kind of girl who wants all the dick she can get! Just look at her breasts practically spilling out the top of that sweater!" Darcy glanced down at her v-neck sweater. It was old, and a bit stretched out, but still warm and fuzzy. However Pepper was right, her cleavage could clearly be seen prominently at the top, as her bra was brand spanking new, and doing it's damn job.

"I don't know why you're acting so blind to her motivations. Maybe its contagious, eh Matt?" Pepper picked up her empty glass and went to drink from it, only to pout angrily when she found it empty.

"Tony," Pepper continued conversationally, "you are just a shopping spree with no spending limit. A free vacation. A classier wardrobe. A get out of jail free card. An introduction to the young and famous. You are nothing to her, but the things you can give to her. And if you can't see that, you're a fool Tony Stark. Now, where is that waitress?"

"Pepper, you're drunk. And nothing you've said has been true. Not one bit of it." Tony said in gravely voice, an underlying simmering rage coloring his tone.

Darcy for her part, was just...shocked. Straight up flabbergasted.

She didn't...she didn't know what she did to make Pepper think of her this way, but she was terrified that Tony would believe her. Believe that all she cared about was Tony's money. And why wouldn't he? Pepper was his long time employee, his beloved, loyal, and trusted friend. Darcy was tempted to go down the road of self deprecation and doubt. Doubt that she wasn't pretty enough. Doubt that she wasn't good enough. Doubt in herself, doubt in her relationship and bond with Tony. But...she didn't want to. She, kind of felt like she didn't have to.

She knew Tony. She believed in him. In them. She believed that what they had shared today, in the car, was real. So Darcy made the super grown up decision, not to be intimidated by Pepper's drunken ramblings or accusations. Darcy vowed that she would not let her thoughts turn dark and twisty. She felt secure in her relationship with Tony. She loved him. And he loved her back. And nothing Pepper said would change that.

"You--you are just a--a endless bank account to her. If she really wanted you she would have picked you the first time round. She didn't even what your sperm! I don't understand why you're letting her toy with you Tony, you're usually so good at seeing through money hungry whores. Is it her dick sucking lips? Or is it the tits? Please don't spout off some poetic bullshit about seeing the truth in her eyes. Because, I bet she wears contacts, and her eyes are actually shit brown."

Tony scratched his mustache, before beginning, "I have no idea what to do Pepper. This has never happened to us before. I'm usually the drunk mess, and you're usually the sober one apologizing for all the outrageous bullshit I say."

Tony removed his arm from around Darcy and scooted closer to Pepper. "Look Pep, I'm sorry I was late, that's on me. Don't put that on Darcy. She's not a bimbo. Or a gold digger. Or a whore. You seemed to have made a lot of assumptions based on very little information."

Pepper sniffled. And then a tear rolled down her cheek as Tony spoke, "But the fact is, I don't care what you think of her or think about me for being with her. Because make no mistake Pepper, I'm with Darcy. She's the woman I love and it's my kid. It's my kid no matter what. So, you need to get it in your head, Darcy and I--we're in it for the long haul. So whatever issue you have with her and I being together, just...get over it."

Darcy shrank into her self, hunching her shoulders and looking down at her lap. Tony hadn't said a word about Steve. Darcy felt...she didn't know how she felt about that. On the one hand she could see how, if Tony hadn't explained the poly thing, now was not the time to do it, but still...

Darcy felt...ashamed just to be there, to be the source of the tension between Pepper and Tony. She was not ashamed to be herself, though. She hadn't done anything wrong. She hadn't toyed with Tony's affections like Pepper said. She...hadn't...had she?

Pepper apologized, but Darcy didn't look up from her lap to see if her face matched the sincerity she heard in the woman's voice. "I...I'm sorry. I'm sorry Darcy. I don't know where all that--I...I've had a bad day. A couple bad days. I shouldn't have--Tony's right. I don't know you at all really. I'm..."

Pepper pushed her glass away from her, "I've had too much to drink. No excuse, but I was just shocked to learn you're fucking Matt and Tony. I'm feeling very--"

Matt interrupted, "I haven't had sex with Darcy. Or Tony. My being here, is--I thought we were going out for a quiet meal, to say goodbye, because their moving. I didn't know you'd be here Ms. Potts, if I had I wouldn't have come." Matt revealed, hopefully corrected whatever drunken assumptions were running around in Peppers head.

Matt put his hand on Darcy's knee and gave it a gentle squeeze. Pepper's eyes narrowed and it was like, she was a fire, that had almost burnt out, but suddenly she sparked back up into an inferno. Darcy brushed Matt's hand off of her.

"Ms. Potts? Ms. Potts! Did you hear that Tony!" Pepper said, the anger she had directed at Tony and Darcy, now redirecting.

Pepper began to lean against Tony's body, her body slumping sideways as she pointed an accusing finger at Matt. "I had sex--I fucked that guy. That guy who is my age by the way! I've seen his penis! He's seen me in my birthday suit! I sat on his dick and rode him all the way to one of the best orgasm's of my life. And he calls me Ms. Potts! Like I'm...his high school teacher. Or his PA."

Pepper turned to Tony, speaking more conversationally, "It's not like when you call me that Tony. I don't work for him. And yet he calls me Ms. Pots. What is up with that? You have a penis, can you explain this dickheaded behavior?"

"I told you so." Darcy whispered.

Tony smiled, hugging Pepper to his side and petting his hair, obviously happy now that the 'heat' so to speak had shifted to someone else.

"Matt," Tony said in a pacifying voice, "I think Pepper is feeling a little sensitive right now, do you think you could stop calling her Ms. Potts?"

Matt gave Tony a blank look, taking a sip of his coke before replying, in a much kinder tone directed toward Pepper, "Of course I can address you as Pepper. You're right, considering our past intimacy, it's silly of me to use such formalities. Please forgive me for my oversight...Pepper?"

"Forgive you for addressing me like a school teacher. Sure. Forgive you for yelling out 'oh Darcy' when you came inside of me? Totally ruining the moment and cursing our unborn fetus? I think not." Darcy froze. The smile on Tony's face fell. Matt's body tensed next to her.

Darcy had never before wanted the earth to open up and swallow her whole as much as she did in that moment. Tony looked at Matt with a look that screamed 'hate' and 'understanding' at the same time. Pepper, just grabbed Tony's drink and took a big swig, muttering "Cheers" as she did so.

Darcy didn't know what to do. Should she jump up and run across the top of the table. Slide underneath and crawl away. Or just sit there and die of AWKWARD-ness.

Or she could...

"Move, move, move." Darcy started shoving at Matt. "Move, I gotta pee. Get up faster." Darcy ordered. Matt half slid, half fell out of the booth. He caught himself with his hands, so Darcy refused to feel bad.

Even when he called out, "Darcy wait!" Darcy didn't look back at Matt. She didn't think she'd ever be able to look at him in the face ever again.

No wonder Pepper was all fucked up. Pepper thought Tony was dating a gold digging whore, her, who her supposed perfect match, Matt, had a thing for, and the woman had just had a miscarriage, about which her feelings were very complicated, considering she had resolved not to keep the baby. Yeah, Pepper deserved this drunken meltdown.

As soon as the woman was sober, Darcy resolved to give Pepper another shot at being her friend and not hold today's fiasco against her. That said, Darcy also didn't want to spend a another fucking second in the woman's presence until she sobered up. Or Matt's face... At least for right now.

"Darcy come back!" She heard Tony distantly yell, but she was already at the door.

And with that Darcy ran the fuck away.

Leaving the restaurant. And walking....left. Yeah, left sounded good.






Pepper's outfit

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Chapter 6 - Killer Reunion

Darcy fled the restaurant, without any plan. She didn't have any money on her at all, she didn't have a coat, or a metro card, or a credit card. She was carrying a tiny clutch that held lip gloss, her phone and some gum, because, priorities right?

She made it to the end of the block, before she realized how silly she was being. And how lost she was, she didn't even know which way was....she didn't even really have anywhere to run to. Of course she could find Happy and ask him to take her back to the tower, but there was no guarantee that he would if she wasn't with Tony. She could text Steve. Hell she could text Wanda and Scott. But, instead she found a some clean looking stairs leading up to a nice brownstone and just sat down.

She...could not begin to process what Tony had done. What drunken Pepper had revealed. What had been exposed about Matt. It was all...just fucked up.

Tony arranging this whole fucked up meal, was...just, either the stupidest thing he's ever done in his life, or the crassest. Pepper, so in despair that she was drowning her sorrows, was completely understandable. And Darcy was going to try not to blame the woman for what she said, but it seemed like Pepper just didn't like her. Like at all. As a person.

Darcy sat and people watched for a while. She saw an elderly man walking his dog. She saw a business woman and a woman in scrubs, holding hands and talking. She saw a hyperactive kid tugging his father faster down the street. She saw a jogger. She just sat. And soaked up the normalcy. Just watched normal couples walk down the street hand in han--Was that Jessica?

It was. Jessica was walking down the street hand in hand with a man. But Jessica, didn't look like the Jessica she knew at all. For one thing the woman was wearing make up. Like, a lot of it. She wore deep red lipstick. Her eyes were highlighted by copper eye shadow. Her eyebrows looked darker and more kempt. She was wearing blush for god sakes. And her hair looked lush and shiny. She was wearing a gorgeous plum off the shoulder dress that fell to her mid thigh, and pointy black heels. She looked so polished. So classy. So....weird. She looked so different than the urban chic woman Darcy had met in the locker room all those weeks ago.

And on her arm was a man in a finely tailored amaranthine suit. It was a finely tailored suit, it fit him like a glove. His dark brown hair was styled and perfectly in place. The man had a slight stubble and a straight nose. He had a handsome face but cold looking eyes.

"Jessica?" Darcy called out tentatively, not really sure that the posh looking woman was one in the same with her old acquaintance.

The man and woman stopped in front of her.

The man addressed Jessica, "Do you know this woman Jessica?"

"Yes." Jessica replied robotically.

"Who are you?" The man asked, his eyes finally coming to rest on Darcy.

"Darcy Elizabeth Lewis." Darcy answered automatically.

"You want to stand up, so I can get a better look at you." The man commanded. Darcy felt like standing up so the man could get a better look at her. Darcy stood, her hand resting lightly on the hand rail.

"How do you know her Jessica?" The man asked addressing Jessica once again, even as his eyes slowly traveled up and down the lines and curves of Darcy's body.

"I met her a few weeks ago. We were a part of the alpha group."

The man turned and quirked an eyebrow at Jessica, asking, "Is she like us?"


The man sighed. " she your friend Jessica?"

Jessica paused for a moment before answering, "No."

Darcy frowned, she had thought she and Jessica had hit it off enough that the woman would count her as a friend. Even if they didn't really know each other.

"Shall we play with her then? Have a little fun." The man twirled his finger and commanded her, "Give me a little spin, dear. Turn slowly."

"Why--" The man cut off her protest casually commanding, "Don't speak. Your lips look better closed. Now spin." Darcy closed her mouth and began to slowly turn, allowing the man to take in the entirety of her body with his probing gaze.

"She's a looker. Those lips, the big blue eyes very appealing even with the glasses. The breasts of course. Better than yours I'm afraid Jessica. The ass, yes, that is a nice one. Not fat. Not slim. Just dead in the center between the two. Very petite. I could see her riding my cock like a champion. Would you like that Jessica? Would you like for her to join us in bed? I know you balked at the idea of us and your dear friend Trish, but you said this lovely creature wasn't your friend. You said you were tired of fucking me night after night. Perhaps this little tart, could grant you a reprieve?" The man stepped closer to Darcy, Jessica compelled forward as well by the hand she still held. He leant in and sniffed Darcy's hair, before looking back to Jessica.

"Answer me Jessica. Do you want to watch me fuck her?" The man asked as he reached out a hand and pushed Darcy's hair so it rested behind her shoulder, giving him a more unobstructed view of her chest. His hand trailing down her shoulder, then the side of her breast, down her stomach. He rested his hand on her hip.

"No. I don't want watch her have sex with you." Jessica said flatly. Jessica's eyes were darting between Darcy and the street, almost like Jessica was trying to tell her something. Darcy looked down the street where Jessica's eyes kept darting to, but the street was empty. There was nothing there.

The man looked down the street where Darcy's was looking then back to her. He pointed at Darcy's chest, ordering, "You want me to have sex with you. You want to have sex with Jessica. Think only of ways to seduce us and don't move until I say so."

Darcy thought of ways she could entice the beautiful couple in front of her. She could offer the man a blow job. But then what could she offer to Jessica? Finger fucking? Maybe Jessica was into eating pussy? She could offer to sit on the woman's face. What if she did a strip tease? Or wore a sexy costume? Maybe, some candle wax / ice cube nipple play? While Darcy listened to Jessica and the man speak, all she thought of were different scenarios involving seducing the pair.

The man took another step forward, until he was almost chest to chest with Darcy. He looked at Jessica giving her a sly grin. "Are you feeling intimidated? Or is it just jealous Jessica? Are you afraid that I'll like her better? She does have better tits, but I doubt she has your said she wasn't your friend. Was she more than your friend. Do you covet her for yourself? You know if you asked nicely I'd be willing to share."

The man put is arm around Darcy's waist, he rested his hand on her ass, giving her a light slap, before squeezing her flesh harshly. "Oh yes, I like that. " He muttered.

"I am not her friend. We did not spend enough time together to become friends. But I liked her. I don't want you to have sex with her. She was nice to me when I was being a antisocial bitch. I could tell she was a good person. I don't want to hurt her." Jessica explained.

Adding on, "It would make me sad." When she realized the man was once again focusing on her words instead of Darcy's body.

The man let go of Darcy's ass. His hands coming around Jessica's body to give the woman a hug. "Oh, my dear Jessica. You know I don't want to see you sad."

The man closed his eyes as he kissed Jessica. Jessica kept her eyes open and kissed him back looking miserable.

"Oh. My noble Jessica. If you don't want to bed this lovely creature, we won't." The man looked intensely into Jessica's eyes. Jessica stared back into his. She almost looked, high. She had this air of non-presence about her. Like Jessica was there, but not 'there'.

"Does that make you happy Jessica?" He asked. Jessica nodded her head.

His face suddenly morphed into something ugly and angry as he snarled, "Then why don't you smile and thank me?"

Jessica smiled at him. A bright and sunny smile. Her lips stretching wide. Her perfect white teeth visible. It looked genuine. And the second she smiled, the man's face contorted back to normal, suddenly pleased with Jessica's obedience. "Thank you Kilgrave."

"Kiss me." The man commanded, the man...Kilgrave. "Like you mean it."

Jessica leaned over and kissed him. Passionately. Darcy stood there stock still. She couldn't move. Couldn't speak. It was the strangest sensation. It felt nothing like being on drugs. It was more like her brain was just obeying commands that someone else gave it. And so Darcy stood there awkwardly watching as Jessica Jones kissed the strange controlling man Kilgrave, unable to do anything but think of ways to make them both turn to her and include her in a sexy threesome.

She watched as Jessica slipped her tongue into the other man's mouth. She watched as Jessica's hands ran through Kilgrave's hair. She watched as their lips parted. The smile on Kilgraves face at odds with the blank look that came over Jessica's face once more after having fulfilled her orders.

"Well. I know how you love to help people Jessica. Perhaps instead of bedding this vision of curves, we her with her appalling sense of fashion. You know how much I love to play dress up." Killgrave turned back to Darcy. He offered her his arm. "Take my arm and walk with me."

Darcy took his arm. The man began lead the woman away from the stairs, and down the street. They walked arm in arm, not unlike she had with Matt and Tony earlier. Darcy was still thinking up sexy seduction plans. She couldn't stop thinking of ways to get Jessica Jones between her legs, and Kilgraves dick inside of her. It was awful. She didn't even know that she could think up such depravity.

"Yes. It's a wonderful idea. We'll spend the rest of the day dressing up this little doll. And then we'll send her on her merry way." The man leant in towards Jessica to whisper in her ear, "We can really make a difference for her, don't you think?"

"Yes." Jessica answered robotically.

"Excellent. Then its settled. Jessica, hail us a cab." Jessica went to the curb and raised her arm. Kilgrave turned to Darcy. His eyes hardening,

"We're going shopping. And you," He grabbed Darcy's face harshly in his hand, clutching her jaw tightly, "You will eagerly try on every item handed to you. You will undress in front of Jessica and I without feelings of embarrassment. You will relish the opportunity to flaunt your assets publicly for my amusement and titillation. You will not question my powers, just accept them as fact. You will treat me as if I am someone you admire. You will act grateful. You will talk me up to Jessica. Tell her how handsome you think I am, how generous, and how kind I am for spoiling her and by extension you, and magnanimous I am for giving you the chance to 'catch up' with your old pal Jessica Jones. You will act as Jessica's friend. You will engage her in girl talk. You will try everything within your power to make Jessica Jones...have fun....real fun."

He let go of her face, and put his hands on her shoulders. "Do you understand?"

"OMG, Kilgrave. Are you fucking kidding me. Jessica is so, so, so, lucky to have you in her life. You are so sweet for arranging this little shopping trip."

Darcy gently patted the man on his chest, "I can tell you really care about Jessica and can see that underneath the forced smile and kissing, that she is not happy. But don't worry dude, I totally got this. One super fun girls day plus awesome boyfriend, coming up." Darcy chirped.

"Also, might I add, that while modeling clothes, perhaps the three of us can defile a dressing room? Fuck like bunnies against a mirror or two? I'm very good at sucking co--"

Kilgrave held up a hand and told her to, "Stop." He then scratched his head, muttering, "I forgot about that."

Darcy smiled at him, he really was handsome. Jessica was so lucky that such a powerful man had taken an interest in her. Kilgrave tilted his head and considered her, before smirking and saying, "You do not have to continue to think of ways to seduce Jessica and myself, however, if Jessica ever shows signs of sexual interest in you, you will reciprocate with enthusiasm. And immediately alert me so I can join in."

A cab stopped in front of Jessica. She looked back to him. Kilgrave took Darcy's arm and lead her to the yellow cab. "Jessica in first, then me, then Darlene." He commanded.

"It's Darcy." Jessica corrected before getting in the cab.

"Whatever." Kilgrave muttered following Jessica in. He turned to her and patted the sit next to him, calling her like a dog. "Come sit, Darcy"

Darcy obeyed.

Kilgrave directed the cabbie to some upscale shopping boutique. He quickly ushered the ladies inside. Calling out he got everyone's attention, "EVERYONE LISTEN! All customer's leave and go home." The few patrons milling around, abruptly dropped whatever they were looking at and left. A woman emerged from the dressing room and left in only her bra and skirt, heedless of her state of undress.

"Employee's we are now your sole focus. Close the store, lock the door, and put some music on. You will attend to our every need and whim. I want champagne," Kilgrave sat himself on a cream colored couch, lounging out his body, "and you," he pointed to an attractive red head in a tight black dress, "You come massage my feet."

"The rest of you start doing your jobs, measure my women and pull dresses in their size. We are going to hold a little fashion show."



Jessica dressed up, under Kilgraves control

Chapter Text

Chapter 7 - Spree

Friday, 7pm

"Motel, sprees, sprees, and I'm singing,
Fuck yeah give it to me, this is heaven, what I truly want
It's innocence lost.
Innocence lost."

Darcy sang along with Lana Del Rey as she maintained intense eye contact with Jessica. She was wearing one of the most gorgeous gowns in the world. It's base color was flesh toned, and it had all these black and blue lines all over it that looked like creepy tree branches. Darcy and Jessica were wearing similar dresses. Jessica's also had the creepy tree branch thing, but her dress had a deep colored purple fabric wrapping around her body, exposing her naked arm and flesh and branch covered leg, fully. Jessica's dress looked sexy and dangerous and seductive. Where as Darcy's made her look like an evil sexy fairy godmother...who was drowning in fabric due to the dress being meant for someone much taller. Like Jessica.

"Ugh. Jessica you look so fucking sexy I can't stand it. I feel like a mushroom next to you." Darcy commented as she stood hip to hip with the woman. They stared at themselves in the mirror.

"Darcy's right dear. You look stunning. A vision, truly." Kilgrave commented from his seat on the couch behind them.

They were standing on a small platform in front of a tri-fold mirror. Kilgrave had sent out one of the other employees out to the store, and now the kind looking blonde cash register clerk was hand feeding him grapes. Kilgrave had the security guard on his hands and knees in front of him, he was using the man's back as a foot stool.

"You however do not. Who picked this dress for Darcy?" A brunette sales clerk raised her hand meekly. Kilgrave sneered at her, "You fucking idiot. Slap yourself across the face."

The woman obeyed and slapped herself. She could feel Jessica tense beside her. Kilgrave wasn't helping endear himself to Jessica, with these constant displays of control and power. She was here to help Jessica have fun, and talk Kilgrave up to Jessica. "Kilgrave, don't be so harsh." Darcy said sweetly, grabbing Jessica's hand and tugging the woman forward until they obstructed Kilgrave's view of the woman in question.

"I'm a hard body type to dress, that's why it so awesome of you to try to help me! Jessica is so lucky to have a boyfriend that has the eye for style and fashion like you do." Darcy smiled at the smirking man as she turned her back to Jessica. Asking the woman over her shoulder, "Unzip me Jess?"

Jessica mechanically moved to unzip Darcy's dress. Darcy stepped out of the garment unconcerned about all the strangers staring at her thong covered topless form. She didn't usually wear thongs, hated them in fact, but Kilgrave when he saw her regular unsexy cotton brief style underwear, had had her put on the thong. He had approved of her bra though. It just didn't go with this type of dress.

Darcy went around to Jessica's dress, and unzipped her. Helping the woman out of he own dress. Jessica also didn't seem to care about being mostly naked.

"Kilgrave, I think that Jessica's dress is a keeper though. She looked too good in it. Don't you agree." Darcy picked the dress up off the floor and carefully put it back on the hanger the brunette woman behind her offered.

"You're right Darcy. Put it on the rack." Darcy placed the beautiful dress on the rolling dress rack of clothes Kilgrave had designated 'keepers'. She then sat down next to him on the couch, leaving a little space in between her self and Kilgrave.

"C'mere Jessica!" Darcy said brightly, patting the space between herself and Kilgrave.

Jessica walked stiffly over to them, and sat as close as she could next to Darcy. Darcy sighed, and went up on to her knees. She then pointed to the long raven haired woman who stood next to Kilgrave, a champagne glass and bottle in her hands. "You, with the pony tail. Can I borrow your hair scrunchie thing? I think we need to put up Jessica's hair. I mean, you look beautiful Jess, don't get me wrong, but I think you would look even better, with a classy up do. I mean these are really fancy gowns after all."

Kilgrave smiled at Darcy, snapping his fingers and pointing at the woman with the black hair, "Do it."

He took the woman's bottle and glass, freeing up her hands to take out her hair. Kilgrave downed the entire glass of champagne, then went about refilling it. Motioning to the brunette who had picked out their clothes, "Put the next gowns up in the dressing rooms, and they better flatter Darcy's figure highlighting the woman's curves," Kilgrave threw the champagne bottle across the room, the glass bottle shattering upon impact with the wall, "Or I'm going to make you eat all that broken glass."

The brunette's eyes widened and she scurried off. Kilgrave enjoyed sending the girls off to the dressing room to get changed, so they could do a dramatic reveal on the platform in front of the mirror. He liked having them undress in front of him though, before they disappeared to try another gown on.

Darcy ignored the exchange as she focused on trying to pull some joy out of Jessica. Darcy up on her knees so she could reach Jessica's hair better, was aware that she was basically shoving her swaying breasts into Jessica's face, but couldn't find it in herself to care.

Darcy ran her hand through Jessica's hair, glad to find it product free, she began finger combing it back as she talked, "Jessica I'm thinking a delicate bun or a twist. What do you think?"

Jessica just grunted. Darcy glanced at Kilgrave to see him staring intently at them both. Darcy rolled her eyes. Kilgrave hovering wasn't making her job of cheering Jessica up any easier. "Or maybe we should have Kilgrave order someone to run out to the local CVS and we could dye it bubble gum pink, to go with your effervescent and bubbly personality."

Jessica let out a grunt that sounded slightly amused. Darcy put the woman's hair up, into a delicate bun. The hairstyle showcased the woman's long neck and elegant features. "Never mind. Done. You look smashing."

Darcy sat down on the back of her legs, her face once again level with Jessica's. "So what do you think?" Darcy asked looking back at the mirrors they could still see themselves in, even from their position on the couch. Jessica reached up her hand and gently pat the hair do.

"Pretty." Jessica said, a little warmth finally coming back into her voice.

"Yes you are." Kilgrave added, making Jessica's eyes once again go dead.

The brunette woman emerged from the dressing room, Kilgrave had them sharing one stall, so they could help each other dress and gossip to their hearts content. "Let's go." Darcy said eagerly, hopping off the couch, her breasts bouncing with her. She pulled on Jessica's arm, tugging the woman to the small-ish cubicle. "The next dresses are ready."

"Yay." Jessica replied unenthusiastically. Darcy just rolled her eyes, and pushed the woman in front of her. Pushing at the woman's back, making her walk faster then the slow methodical pace she had been walking at.

"Oh, shut up you joyless fembot. This is fun. I'm having fun. I love trying on designer dresses that I'd never be able to afford if it wasn't for my super rich boyfriend. You should be happy too. And grateful. Kilgrave is so handsome and so obviously devoted to you." Darcy gestured to the space all around them as the brunette woman shut the curtain, closing them off from Kilgrave's prying eyes, offering them all the privacy a heavy curtain could. "Look at all he's done, just trying to get you to smile and be happy."

Jessica glared at her as she ripped a black lacey dress off a hanger. Jessica silently unzipped and stepped into the dress, showing Darcy her back. Darcy zipped her up and then stood back, allowing Jessica to observe herself in the mirror. The dress Jessica was trying on now was definitely a keeper. It had a belt cinching in the waist. It was black lace and sort of translucent. It had a deep v neck, showcasing Jessica's small but perky breasts in the best way. And the slit. Darcy lamented never being able to pull of a dress like that. Jessica's long legs were accentuated by the long slit that went up as high as her crotch, showing both her legs off to their n'th degree.

"C'mon Jones. Admit it. You look fucking hot." Darcy demanded as she took her own dress off it's hanger.

"I look hot." Jessica agreed as she turned to help Darcy into her gown, lacing up the back ties for her. "But I think you look hotter."

The compliment surprised her, but Darcy figured that Jessica was smart enough to realize that after the dozen or so gowns they had tried on, each one more beautiful than the last, Darcy had become more and more discouraged. As each gown was either a sack drowning her figure, or ill-fitting in the bust or the booty or the belly. Whereas each gown Jessica tried on fit her slender frame like a glove.

In this dress however, Darcy had to admit, she looked pretty damn fine. It was a high low skirt and corseted top dress. Again she and Jessica were wearing similar gowns, the theme this time was black lace. Except Darcy's dress had this vintage twist type feel. The top made her gigantic breasts look fabulous. Just propped up and perky and perfect. And the tight corset, was tied so securely in place that it made her feel strapped in and secure, even though she was braless. The stomach, was slightly revealed due to some strategic cut outs, but the high low skirt with black lace and nude sheer liner, made the whole thing look pretty classy.

Standing side by side. Darcy disagreed, "I look vintage hot. But you look modern hot." Darcy put both hands protectivley over her belly as she commented, "God, in a couple of months I won't be able to fit in something this tight. So, I might as well enjoy it while I can I suppose."

Jessica frowned, "Why wouldn't're pregnant? The blonde,...Steve, or Stark?"

Darcy just rolled her eyes, tired of fielding paternity questions for today, "It doesn't matter. We've all three decided to do the polyamorous relationship thing. We're going to raise the baby/future babies together. So whoever didn't get me pregnant this time, will be the one to do so next time. I'm actually really happy and excited about the baby and my new boyfriends. And look at me now! I'm getting a free shopping spree!" Darcy exclaimed excitedly.

"Let's just pray the shopping spree doesn't turn into a killing spree." Jessica grumbled.

Darcy just waved away that idea with her hand, saying, "Don't be ridiculous Jessica, Kilgrave loves you." Darcy then turned to leave, ready to showcase their gowns to Kilgrave.

Jessica tugged on her arm, pulling her back. "Wait." Jessica whispered.

Darcy turned, confused why Jessica wasn't doing what she was supposed to. "I just wanted to say I'm sorry. I'm so sorry that you---that we ran into each other. I don't know how this will end, but chances are it won't end well. But, I'll try to protect you if I can Darcy. I'll protect you and you're baby. I swear it. I'm so sorry you're stuck here with him." Jessica put a hand on her own stomach.

"Are you pregnant? With Brock's kid I mean." Darcy asked curious.

Jessica dropped the hand from her stomach, letting it fall limply at her side, she spoke in a strained voice, "Not anymore. When Kilgrave found out I was....he made me get an abortion. He's actually become a little obsessed with the idea of impregnating me himself. I'm not ovulating right now, that's why he's indulging...willing to play with you...even though he still has me."

Darcy shook her head, her arms going around Jessica in a hug. "Jessica, it's okay. Don't be sad. You don't need to worry or protect me. I'm your friend. Even if you said I wasn't, I am. We're friends. And, yeah, okay, your new boyfriend is a super powered control freak, but he's hot. And British. I mean that accent is panty dropping. And you should be grateful that he loves you and is willing to go to such extremes for you."

Darcy pulled back to see a pained look on Jessica's face. Darcy touched the woman's face gently, caressing her cheek. "I don't understand why you're so sad Jess. We're just playing dress up. I actually really like playing dress up, have since I was a kid. Why don't you just try? Just try to...stop, thinking so hard? I don't know. Maybe if you just lighten up, you'll start to have fun too? C'mon. Play along, it won't kill you. For me?" Darcy gave Jessica a puppy dog expression. When the other woman didn't react. Darcy forced herself not roll her eyes. Instead she just gave Jessica a strained smile before exiting the dressing room.

"Okay! Close your eyes. We're coming out!" Darcy hollered as she went to stand out on the platform. Jessica trailing lazily behind her.

Kilgrave had closed his eyes. "Are you ready?" He questioned.

"Not yet Killy. Hold on, Jessica move your fucking ass. What do you have weights tied to your toes?" Darcy scolded as Jessica walked slowly up the stairs onto the platform.

"Killy?" Jessica repeated.

"What? It was either Killy or Grave and neither are ideal nick names so I went with the one that sounded like Killian. You know from Once Upon A Time, Captain Hook, Killian Jones. Heh, Jones." Darcy said pointing at Jessica.

"I'm waiting and I'm not a fan of waiting....or being called Killy." Kilgrave said, an aggravated smile on his face. "However, I am slowly becoming a fan of Darcy. I can see why you like her Jessica. She is fun."

"Thank you Kilgrave, I try. And yes. You can look. We're ready." Darcy struck a pose as Kilgrave removed his hands from his eyes.

When he saw them, Kilgrave started clapping, the others in the room joined in clapping too. "YES! Yes that's it. That's the one." Kilgrave stood up, going past the whimpering brunette who chose the outfits, he commented to her in a friendly tone, "Well, done you."

He nodded his head to the shattered glass bottle, "Go get a broom and clean that up." The woman hurried away to comply.

Kilgrave joined Darcy and Jessica on the platform. He took Darcy's hand and helped her spin in a circle before him. Darcy let out a little giggle, "Looks good right?" She asked.

"Very good." Kilgrave said in a low voice as his eyes stared at Darcy's breasts.

"I...I like mine." Jessica volunteered in a soft voice. Kilgrave's head snapped to look to her. Kilgrave looked Jessica up and down, before taking her hand in his and gently kissing her on the knuckles.

"Of course you like it my darling, you look ravishing." Jessica's mouth twitched at the compliment, before she smiled a small smile. It wasn't as big or bright as one of her forced smiles and it disappeared relatively quickly. But it seemed genuine enough to Darcy.

"Darcy was right about the hair." Kilgrave put his hand flat on the middle of Jessica's chest in between her breasts, he slowly slid his hand up her décolletage until his hand gripped her slender neck in a firm grip. He turned her head to the left and then to the right. Before he muttered. "Gorgeous."

Then he was kissing Jessica's lips once again. Right in front of Darcy. Awkward. When they parted Kilgrave looked to Darcy, a hunger plainly in his eyes. He whispered, "Kiss me."

And so Darcy did.

She leant forward slightly as one of Kilgrave's hands slid beneath her dress and behind her thigh, forcing her to wrap it around his waist. Darcy moaned as his tongue teased hers. Her hands grabbed at his shoulders, holding on as Kilgrave leant her backwards, forcing her to arch her back uncomfortably. Kilgrave harshly bit at her lips, before sliding his tongue so far down her throat that it felt unpleasant.

He pulled back from her lips, only to bite at her lower lip harshly before finally letting her go. Darcy let go of his shoulder for a minute, tracing her lip with her finger, checking to make sure that he hadn't broken the skin. Kilgrave put his hand on the back of Jessica's neck, pulling her down while put one hand behind Darcy's neck urging her up, forcing Darcy to go up on the balls of her feet. Pushing their heads together, he commanded in a gravely voice, "Kiss her."

And so Darcy did.

It was her first kiss with a woman. She had never experimented in college. She had always been very straight, very confident that she was not attracted sexually to other women. And she wasn't. She admired other women. She could find other women beautiful, or sensual, or alluring. But at the end of the day Darcy was attracted to men. She was a fan of the penis and the people attached to them.

Jessica had surprisingly soft lips. They felt supple beneath her own. Jessica used a gentle pressure on her lips. Jessica gently teased the seam of Darcy's lips with her tongue. Her hands came to rest on Darcy's neck and jaw. Holding her in place lightly.

"Kiss her harder." Kilgrave commanded, as he rubbed his dick into Darcy's thong covered crotch. Slightly dry humping her.

Darcy opened her mouth and let Jessica's tongue between her lips. Jessica aggressively tangled their tongues together. The hands on her jaw fell away, and tangled in her hair. Jessica pulled lightly on Darcy's hair making her head lean further back, opening her mouth wider. Allowing Jessica more access. Even so, Darcy concluded that she much preferred Jessica's kiss to Kilgrave's. At least Jessica hadn't bitten her so hard that she thought she was bleeding.

Licking at her lips Jessica drew back from her. Both she and Darcy turned to look to Kilgrave. Darcy could tell what he wanted from the bulge in his pants, but she wondered what he was thinking. She made eye contact with the man, but that apparently was a mistake.

"Kiss me." He ordered, Darcy. Darcy started kissing up his neck, getting closer and closer to his mouth. "Touch her, Jessica." Kilgrave commanded before Darcy's lips finally found his. Kissing him deeply, Kilgrave let out a groan from deep in his chest.

Kilgrave's lips sealed tightly over hers. He pressed against her with an unrelenting pressure. His hands fell to her waist, keeping her pelvis tightly locked with his, he continued grinding into her harshly. Darcy could feel Jessica's hands on her breasts. Kneading her flesh through the fabric of her dress. Darcy let her tongue slip into the super powered man's mouth, darting in and out teasingly before slowly massaging his tongue with her own.

Kilgrave pulled away from her panting. He stared into Darcy's glossy eyes, musing, "You may be plain, but you have a certain something that I find very appealing."

"Don't you agree Jes---" Kilgrave cut himself off as she he looked at Jessica for confirmation. Whatever he saw in Jessica's face caused a resigned expression to come over his face.

Sounding reluctant, he said, "You can stop touching her if you want to." Jessica's hands left her body instantly.

"And here I thought we were all getting along so nicely. I know you like her... , she's very pretty and well endowed. What's the problem, I can't have you glaring daggers at me the whole time Jessica, its a real mood killer." Darcy looked over to see Jessica's face. She looked absolutely miserable and angry and a little bit disgusted.

Kilgrave heaved a heavy sigh, and patted at Darcy's leg, prompting her to let it down from it's place around his waist. He stared at Jessica, his eyes alight, "If I let her go. Will that prove to you how much I love you. How much I'm willing to sacrifice for you Jessica?"

Jessica's face hardened, as she spoke with a strong stern voice, "No."

The hand that Kilgrave still had on her hip, tightened painfully. Darcy let out a whimper. Darcy looked to Jessica. Her pain must have been written on her face because Jessica put her hand on Kilgrave's, removing his hand from Darcy's body as she said softly, "But it's a start."

Kilgrave's face lit up, he practically pushed Darcy away from him as he smiled and drew Jessica close to his body, eager to kiss her. Jessica kissed him back and it looked like she was actually enjoying it. Or...was pretending to really well.

Darcy took a step back, not wanting to ruin the moment. She was at a loss as to what to do. She didn't know if she should go, or stay or run as fast as she could...

Kilgrave's eyes opened, he stared at Darcy as he continued to kiss Jessica, who's eyes were closed. His eyes practically burned her. Darcy swallowed thickly. Kilgrave's eyes locked on her breasts for a moment before moving up to her lips, and then her eyes. He tore himself away from Jessica long enough to command, "Grab your bag but leave your old clothes here, leave and forget you ever met Jessica and I. Walk back to where we found you....Consider the dress a parting gift."

Darcy immediately followed his directives. Going to the hat rack where he had instructed her to put her bag when they arrived. She distantly heard him yelling, "EVERYONE ELSE OUT! Go home and forget we ever came here....and hit the lights on the way out. Jessica and I are going to play dress 'down' and I'd like some privacy."

Darcy exited the store, purse slung across her chest. She knew they came from the right, so she turned and started walking. She walked and walked. And walked.

After a few blocks, she looked down at her feet, surprised and bewildered that she wasn't wearing shoes. The concrete was cold. And gross. She didn't know why she was walking barefoot. She just knew she had to keep walking until she found those stairs she was sitting on before.

She shivered, her pretty black lace dress was not doing much to ward off the September chill in the air.




Author Pictures/References/Inspiration
God's and Monster's inspired dress, Darcy's 1st dress

Jessica's 1st dress

Jessica's black lace dress.

Darcy's black lace dress.

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Chapter 8 - Nailed It

Friday, 8:35 pm

Darcy's toes were numb. She was within eyesight of her goal. The stairs. She was limping pretty heavily. It was dark out and she had stepped on something, metal or glass she didn't know. She just kept walking and walking and walking.

Finally she arrived. And collapsed.

Darcy panted heavily as she stared around at the mostly empty street. She knew just at the end of the street there was the fancy restaurant, and that if she made her way there, she could get to a working phone and call for help. But, she just couldn't take another step at the moment.

Darcy put her injured up on her knee so she could look at the damage.

It was a nail. FUCKING FUCK.

Darcy wanted to start crying, but she was too tired. She wanted to pull it out but, was too afraid. She wanted Steve and Tony to magically show up and take her home.

"What the fuck do I do now?" Darcy asked herself aloud. Darcy ignored the impulse to check her phone again. It was dead. No battery. No point in checking it again. It wouldn't magically recharge.

"Fuck." Darcy exclaimed as she mulled over her next move. She could scream and shout until someone came to help her, but...that would be very embarrassing and while Darcy was desperate, she wasn't feeling quiet that desperate just yet.

Maybe she should just wait for a nice looking person to cross her path. Darcy eyed the older looking gentleman who hustled past her rather quickly, talking on his phone, ignoring Darcy. Maybe counting on the kindness of strangers, was a stupid plan. It was New York City after all. Frankly she was lucky she hadn't gotten mugged, or sexually assaulted on the way back. Given how she was dressed, she was rather lucky.

Darcy put her hands around herself for warmth.

"DARCY!" A familiar voice shouted from down the street. Darcy turned and saw Matt, running full speed towards her. He didn't even have his little blind stick out, he ran around the older man on his phone, without hesitation as he made his way to her side.

Darcy was so disappointed. Her face crumpled and she started to cry. Darcy was happy to see Matt. She really was. She knew that now at least she was safe and he would help her get home and this whole horrible night could finally be over with. But, Matt wasn't Tony. And he wasn't Steve.

Matt reached her and immediately put his hands on her face, "Are you okay? You're bleeding! What happened?"

Darcy just cried she couldn't find it in her to answer questions just yet. Matt took off his suit jacket and placed it around her shoulders. Darcy slipped her arms into it and buttoned it up. Matt took out his cell and pressed a button then said in clear voice, "Call Tony Stark."

The phone rang and then someone answered. "Did you find her?" It was Tony and Darcy let out a loud sob.

"Is that her!" Steve's voice joined in.

"I found her, she's not far from the restaurant. She's injured thoug--I don't know. She hasn't spoken." Darcy held her hands out for the phone, "Hold on, I think she wants to talk to you."

Matt handed her the phone and then went to the curb to hail a cab. Darcy cradled the phone to her ear as she tried to force herself to stop crying. "To-Tony? St-teve?"

"Darcy baby, are you all right? " Tony asked at the same time Steve asked, "What happened?"

"I hurt my foot." Darcy sobbed out. "I stepped on a nail."

Darcy took a deep breath in, before she admitted, "I lost my shoes."

"Oh baby, I'm on my way. I'm coming to you." Tony assured her. Matt took the phone from Darcy's loose grip. Darcy let him take it, her body slumping over to lean against the metal hand rail.

"Tony, it's Matt. Its too cold for us to wait for you here. I've got a cab. I'm taking her to Metro-General Hospital." Matt sat down next to her on the stairs. Darcy shifted her body so she was leaning into him, soaking up as much of his body heat as she could. Matt put his arm around her as he continued to fight with Tony.

"Yeah, well, you're fifteen minutes away. By then she could have hypothermia...She's wearing different clothes.....I don't know. She hasn't said anything to me, she only spoke to you two....Yeah, Metro-General it's about six minutes away. I've got a friend who works there. She'll take care of her." Matt held the phone up to Darcy's ear.

Tony's voice flowed over her like warm water, warming her up from the inside out, "Darcy kid, we're going to meet you and Matt at the hospital, okay. We're going to be there soon. Don't worry okay. I'll fi--Don't worry."

Steve's voice filled her up with strength and made her feel steadier just for having heard it, "Darcy stay strong. We're coming. We'll be together soon."

The call ended and Darcy handed Matt the phone. Matt ran his hand over her shoulder, then up into her hair, smoothing it away from her face, he asked, "Darcy...what happened?"

"C'mon buddy I ain't got all night!" The cabbie yelled at them.

"Okay! Okay. Darcy, do you want me to carry you or do you want to limp it?" Matt asked as he stood up. Darcy stared at Matt blankly, but held her arms out, silently asking him to pick her up.

As Matt silently slipped his arm under her knees and around her back, Darcy wrapped her arms around his neck and wondered how....the blind man, was walking with such ease, navigating the cracked sidewalk, carrying her to the car, putting her in the car sliding in next to her, all without...doing blind guy stuff to find his way. Matt gave directions to the impatient cabbie, and as they were pulling away from the curb Darcy decided she was too tired to think more on the mysterious Matt Murdock's non-blind person ways, because she was suddenly aware of a pain in her side.

"Ouch." Darcy whispered, her hand going to her side, massaging at her back.

"What's wrong." Matt asked concern in his voice. His hand shot out to her shoulder, he lightly rested it there.

"My side on my back. I think I pulled something. Oh, ow. It really hurts." Darcy sat up straighter, trying not to put so much pressure on whatever it was that was hurting didn't help.

"It's okay...I think. I---probably just need some icyhot or something." Darcy assured.

Matt's hand slid down to her back, he began to massage her injured side. "Do you want to tell me what happened to you?"

Matt's hand left her side and slipped underneath his jacket on her small frame. He put his hands back on her, over her dress, over the cutouts, touching her skin as he massaged her side. His hand was strong and sure in it's movements. It didn't make the pain go away, but it made it feel slightly better. Or maybe it was the warmth of his hand on her cold skin that was making her feel better. Either way Darcy allowed Matt to keep touching her. She even encouraged it, folding herself in half, resting her head on his lap.

"No." Darcy groaned out, as her movement jostled her injured foot and side. That move, actually fucking hurt a lot, but when she was settled, it didn't hurt any less or more than when she was sitting up, so she remained laying on Matt's lap for the duration of the cab ride.

They arrived at the hospital, Matt paid the cabbie, picked Darcy up in his arms again. Once again he navigated into the place with relative ease, his blindness not impeding his movement's at all. He took her to the ER waiting room.

"One minute," Matt whispered, kissing her on the forehead before he stepped away from her slightly and pulled out his phone. He disappeared around the corner. Darcy looked around at all the other people waiting to be treated. Darcy had a thought of getting up to grab a clip board and start filling out the paperwork, but her injured food throbbed at the thought.

Matt reappeared a minute later, a striking looking Hispanic nurse in blue scrubs following closely behind him.

"Who is she?" The nurse asked, as she went down on bended knee and put on gloves before she picked up Darcy's foot, examining her injury.

"Someone important. Someone who's very, very, important to a powerful and annoyingly rich man." Matt commented as he sat in the empty chair next to Darcy, taking her hand in his threading their fingers together. Darcy felt like she should unlace their fingers, she knew Matt had feelings for her, she couldn't return, but when the nurse prodded painfully at her side, Darcy was glad for Matt's hand in hers. It gave her something to squeeze.

"Ow. Ow. Ow." Darcy said in a whiny voice.

"Sorry." The nurse muttered as he took out a pen light and shone it in Darcy's eyes, "I'm Claire Temple by the way."


"Okay, I'm going to get a wheel chair, then I'll take you back and we'll get your foot fixed up." Claire said kindly, giving Darcy's knee a reassuring squeeze before she disappeared.

"Call Tony and Steve. Let the--ow, let them know where we are, specifically in the hospital. Like which room and stuff." Darcy instructed as Claire returned with a wheel chair, helping her into it.

Matt smiled, his hand going to pocket and pulling his phone out as he trailed behind the women.

Claire brought her to a bed, with a curtain around it. "I'm going to have to take that dress off, to get a better look at your side."

Claire then drew the curtain around Darcy's bed, right in front of Matt's face, Claire lightly pushed at Matt's chest and ordered, "Stay out until I tell you."

Claire helped her stand, and unzip the dress. Darcy felt the weirdest sense of deja vu, as the beautiful black lace dress she couldn't remember getting, pooled at her feet. Darcy was...."What the fuck am I doing wearing a..."

Darcy trailed off, as she stared at the hot pink thong in confusion. Darcy couldn't remember getting the dress, which was okay, really weird, but for some reason, it wasn't as weird as not remember where she got the thong. Darcy hated thongs. So...that was really even weirder.

"Is something wrong." Claire asked, her arm still gripping Darcy's securely, helping balance Darcy out, as she was standing on one leg. Darcy felt embarrassed to be naked in front of the other woman, but her calming tone and presence helped lessen her anxiety about being topless. Darcy just shook her head, whatever happened to her, she wasn't sure she wanted to tell the nurse before she talked to Tony or Steve. No matter how nice the woman was being.

"Here, sit back on the bed and I'll get you a paper gown okay?" Darcy nodded and did as the woman told her. Claire helped her back onto the bed and then helped her put her arms into the paper gown. She had Darcy lie back and then adjusted the bed so Darcy was sitting up more.

Claire then lifted the gown and started delicately pressing on her stomach. "Can you tell me what happened to your side?"

"No." Darcy said in a small voice. She couldn't tell the woman what happened even if she wanted to, and that thought, made Darcy start to tear up again.

"Did someone hurt you? Sexually assault you?" Claire asked as she finally stopped probing Darcy's stomach and lowered the paper gown so it covered more than just her breasts. Darcy smoothed down the gown with her hands and avoided eye contact with the nurse.

"I'm pregnant." She offered in a small voice. "About four or five weeks along."

"Okay." Claire said as she picked up a chart off the end of the bed and started to write some things down.

Darcy looked up at the woman with tears in her eyes, "I think I pulled something, my side, it hurts when I hurt myself shoveling snow last year. It feels like I strained or twisted something...can that hurt the baby? What about my foot. I think I got a tetanus shot, but I don't remember when. Could that hurt the baby?"

"No. None of that could hurt your baby. Don't worry, if its a soft tissue injury on your side, it will just need rest, ice, and alternating heat therapy. And as long as you've had a tetanus shot in the last ten years, you're covered. I don't want you to worry Darcy. I'm a really good nurse, and I'm going to take care of you." Claire put a comforting hand on Darcy's shoulder. "You know what's not good for your baby?"

"What?" Darcy sniffled.

"Stress." Claire gave her a look.

Darcy put her hands over her faced and scrubbed lightly. "Okay, okay. I'll try not to stress."


"Crap." Darcy muttered.

"Move Murdock." She could hear Tony before she saw him.

Steve moved the curtain first though. He ran past Claire, almost pushing the nurse out of the way, and gripped Darcy's hand tightly. "Sweetheart. Oh my god. I was so worried."

He kissed her soundly on the lips. His hands cupping her face gently. Darcy smiled and pushed Steve away from her face, breaking the kiss, to reassure him, "I'm okay. Steve, honey. I'm okay."

"I was also worried. I'm also glad your alive, I just didn't think pushing the nice nurse out of the way was very polite." Tony snarked, from the other side of the bed. Darcy turned and saw even though he had spoken like he was totally fine, his crazed eyes and clenched jaw told Darcy another story.

Darcy reached up to Tony, silently urging him to lean down to her. She rapped her arms around his shoulders in a hug the second he was within reach. Tony didn't hug her back. "Why aren't you hugging me?"

"You're injured. I don't want to make it worse." Tony drew back from her, but Darcy caught his face in her hands before he could.

"Fuck you asshole. Kiss me at least." Tony's lips twitched into a smile. And then he leaned in and gave her a chaste kiss on the lips.

Darcy grabbed his ear and tugged hard. Causing Tony's head to jerk to the side. "Ow."

"I said kiss me. Not kiss me like I'm your grandmother." Darcy snarled. Then she let Tony go. She took her hands off of him and stared him down. Tony stood up.

She could tell, or she could guess, that Tony was feeling guilty. That he was being or was planning to be more standoffish, to like 'protect her' or some such shit. Just like Steve, he felt like what happened to her, was all his fault. Darcy had to shut that shit down, right away. She wouldn't be able to stand it if both of her boyfriends were too afraid to touch her.

"Don't be a wussy...." Darcy challenged, before lowering her voice and questioning Tony with sincere eyes, " you love me or not?"

"I love you." Tony responded automatically.

Darcy wanted to grab Tony's tie and pull him down to kiss her, but she couldn't. She couldn't. He had to initiate it.

Tony stared at her for a long moment, Darcy ignored Steve firing off questions to both Matt and Nurse Temple, and she stared at Tony. Challenging him.

"I love you." Tony repeated before he swooped down and tangled his hands in her hair, kissing her fucking brains out.

Darcy smiled as the kiss became more and more passionate. Tony began teasing her with his tongue and Darcy began to sit up more to chase him with her own tongue, when a pain at her side brought her back to reality. "Oh." Darcy whimpered.

Tony was off her in a flash, his hands up in the air as if he was under arrest. "What's I'd do?" Tony asked.

"Nothing." Darcy answered. "Hold my hand. I'm scared. Nurse Claire is going to have to pull a nail out of my foot."

Tony stared at Darcy's hand then looked around, he stared at the chair on the other side of her bed, then looked on his side. He shrugged, flipped the lid down on the tiny commode, and used it as a chair. Sliding it next to her bed, he sat and held her hand. Tony kissed her again, softly. His hand brushing lightly against her hair as he murmured, "I'm sorry."

Darcy looked at Tony and stopped herself before she could say it was okay. She remembered just fine, what had driven her out of the restaurant and it was not okay. Darcy turned to Steve and Nurse Claire, she looked around for Matt, but she didn't see him anywhere.

"Where's Matt?" She asked as she relaxed into Tony's hands finger combing her hair.

"He left. Said it was an were busy, kissing." Steve explained as he pulled up the plastic chair on her other side, right next to the bed.

Steve leant in and kissed her lips again. Sweetly, at first. He pulled back and stared at her with wide scared eyes, whispering, "I thought I'd lost you."

And then Steve kissed her again, fiercely. His lips pressing against hers with heat and emotion rooted deeply in desperation. Steve gripped her hand as he pulled away from her.

"Nobody lost me. I a little...." Darcy trailed off as she considered what to say, that would freak them out the least.

Steve and Tony exchanged a glance. Darcy didn't like that look they shared, so she asked, "Where'd the nurse go?"

"She went to get supplies to extract the nail from your foot." Steve supplied easily, as he gave Tony another look.

"Kid." Tony began, "Kid, I'm sorry for what happened. What Pepper said, what Matt...what the drugs made Matt say when he was with Pepper, and I'm most of all sorry that you were there to hear it all."

"I...I believe that your sorry." Darcy said diplomatically.

"You believe I'm sorry?" Tony quesioned.

"Well I don't forgive you!" Darcy exclaimed, before adding in a softer tone, "I don't even know why you...why did you stand up Pepper, or not tell me that you had a meeting with her? I would have made sure we were on time."

Tony looked at her, before tilting his head and...was he blushing! "Well, we were...ya the car. Having the, feelings talk, and then...not talking...with our clothes off. So, I sort of, didn't want to tell you that I had arranged to meet Pep, because..."

"Because we were engaging in some fantastic meaningful car sex?" Darcy supplied.

"Yeah. Basically." Tony admitted.

"Tony." Steve said in a condemning voice, "You can be so selfish sometimes."

"Hey!" Darcy said in a chastising tone, slipping her hand out of Steve's grip to tweak him on the nose, "No judging. If you were in my vagina you'd want to stay there too. And you know it."

Steve blushed as he recaptured her hand and gave her a kiss on the knuckles, "Okay." Steve admitted, glancing up at Tony, he grumbled out, "Sorry."

Tony looked to Darcy and gave her a look that said he was not impressed. But to her surprise, Tony just rolled his eyes at Steve before patting him on the head, mussing his hair purposely, "You're forgiven choir boy."

Steve batted Tony's hand away. Darcy smiled at the two of them. It would seem their shared fear at her safety, had somehow...softened them towards each other. Steve stuck his tongue out at Tony. To which Tony replied wryly, "Very mature grandpa."

"Tony." Darcy squeezed his hand to recapture his attention. "Why did you let Matt, why did you invite Matt to dinner, knowing we were going to meet up with Pepper, who was still reeling from her miscarriage and was sure to be annoyed due to your lateness, also side note, did you know that she fucking hated me?"

Tony side and let his head hang shamefully, "I thought...I thoughtwoudbefunny."

"What was that?" Steve asked.

"I..." Tony glared at Steve before looking back to Darcy, his expression telling her everything, how bad he felt, how sorry his was, "I thought it would be funny. I thought Pepper would trip all over herself, flirting with Murdock. I thought Murdock would get adorably flustered, and embarrassed, his crush for you cock blocking Pep's every advance. I thought you and I could sit there, mocking them. I thought it would be funny."

"Dude." Darcy sighed.

"God, you're such an ass." Steve said with awe in his voice, as if he just couldn't believe how someone could be that callous.

"I know!" Tony exclaimed as he let go of Darcy's hand.

"I know, I'm a shit when it comes to people. I don't even know why...I just, didn't think. I didn't think everyone else would feel. I thought I knew how everyone would react. I didn't expect Pepper to be so royally fucked up emotionally and so drunk! I've never in my life seen Pepper even tipsy! I didn't she'd spit such venom at Darcy, and in public! I've never seen Pepper like that. I didn't expect..."

Darcy's brow crinkled as she watch Tony push the commode out of the way so he could pace and rant. Darcy stopped listening to what he was saying after a while. He just kept saying the same thing over and over different ways. It all came down to the fact that Tony thought it would be funny to put his friend and loyal PA in a situation that was designed to make them uncomfortable, just to watch them squirm. Just for kicks.

"Tony stop." Darcy said softly. Tony paused, his hands ran through his hair hastily as he pulled up the commode and sat on it at her side once again. "Tony..."

Darcy trailed off, she wasn't sure how he would take this. How he would react...but Darcy decided to fuck it, they hadn't lied to each other yet, and she wasn't about to start now.

"Tony, I am so ashamed of you."

Tony looked like she hit him, but Darcy kept talking, "I can't believe you would toy with people, your people, your friends, just because...why? You were bored? You thought it would impress me? You thought you knew how everyone would react because you're so fucking smart, but..."

Tony's face shut down, his expression froze, he was an emotionless mask. Darcy found it disconcerting, but she had to let him know that his behavior was not okay.

"You, can't do that. Not if you want me to stay with you. I don't enjoy watching people squirm, my friends least of all." Darcy reached out for Tony's hand. He automatically reached out and held it.

"I love you." Tony's face twitched, Darcy watched him push air out of his nose, as if he was letting out a breath he had been holding. "I love you, but if you ever do anything like that again...I'll leave you."

Darcy felt a tear escape her eyes, and Steve squeeze her hand in support.

"We both will." Steve added. Darcy glanced to him and winced when she looked back to Tony. She wished Steve hadn't had said that. She didn't want Tony to feel ganged up on or like he was a dog being scolded for peeing on the carpet.

"Steve, can you wait outside?" Darcy asked, looking into Steve's eyes, she could tell her request bothered him. "Please?"

Darcy smiled gratefully when Steve kissed her forehead and whispered, "I'll be right outside."

Turning back to Tony Darcy could see that he was chaffing at Steve's and hers, seemingly two against one tactics. Darcy swallowed thickly and scooted over in the bed, making room for Tony to sit next to her. "Sit with me, just watch out for my foot."

Tony stood and looked down considering at her, but ultimately did as she asked. He tentatively sat down next to her before reclining and turning his body to face hers. Darcy turned her head, as copying his pose, would definitely lead to some painfully pulling on her injury.

"What you just said, scared the ever loving shit out of me." Darcy revealed.

"I love you. And I know that you love me....and I know that you love Pepper. And that you like Matt. So when you admitted to toying with them, to maneuvering them like game pieces, just...because you could, you scared me." Darcy reached over and ran the back of her hand along Tony's cheek, "Because all I could think is, how I would feel if you did that to me."

"I have a feeling that Steve is mad because, of like, yeah just morally not a cool thing to do. And yeah, I agree. That's a sucky thing to do to anyone, but you didn't do it to anyone. You did it to someone you count among you're greatest allies, one of your only 'real' friends."

Tony was stiff as a board next to her. Darcy put a hand on his shoulder, and ran her hand up and down his arm consolingly, "I'm more like you than you think. I am only selfishly worried that you will turn around and use the same callous, unthinking behavior when it comes to me and the baby."

"I would never--"

"Shhh." Darcy put a finger to Tony's lips, cutting off whatever he was about to say, she wasn't finished.

"I can't stay with you if I don't trust you Tony." Darcy spoke softly, but sternly. "That's it. That's why I'm mad and sad. Sure I could add on how I don't like it when you're a dick, or when you treat your friends like shit, but honestly, selfishly I only really care how much it scared me, how much it made me question how you'd treat me and the baby in the future."

A tear escaped Tony's eye, she watched roll down his face, and over the side of his nose. Darcy felt tears silently falling from her own eyes. "I love you Tony."

"I love you too." Tony whispered.

"Don't make me question my trust in you again."

"I won't."

Darcy wiped away another tear as it fell from Tony's eyes. "Are you sure? I'm...I'm not trying to scold you here. I'm not trying to draw a line in the sand. I'm...just trying to let you know that, if you ever do something like that to me--"

"I get it." Tony interrupted. He scooted his body closer to hers, his arm falling gently around her waist. "I get it. I do. I...I don't ever want you to feel like you can't trust me. To be afraid of what I'll do, or how I'll treat you, or the baby." Tony caressed her stomach.

"I'll...I can try---I promise---" Tony struggled to find the words he wanted, "I won't let you down." He said finally.

Darcy smiled as she wiped away her tears. "Good....because I love you, and if I had to leave you for being an asshole, I'd spend the rest of my life heartbrokenly in love with you, in agony because I am unwilling to subject myself to being treated like shit...even by someone I love."

Tony cuddled into her side, his mouth resting near her ear. He whispered, "Good, because I love you. And if you left me for being an asshole, I'd spend the rest of my life happy because you got away, and heartbroken because I was the thing you had to get away from."

Darcy turned slightly and kissed Tony softly, despite the pain she felt flaring up in her side at the action.

The curtain abruptly pulled back, revealing Nurse Claire Temple again. Steve was no where in sight.

"Where'd Steve go?" Darcy questioned as Tony got off the bed and turned his back to the nurse, as he wiped away any residual tears.

"I sent him to fill out paperwork." Claire explained as she put on gloves and placed a fancy pair of tweezers, some gauze, an ice pack, and a big ass band aid on the bed beside Darcy.

Claire looked up at Tony, and she looked at him as if she were seeing him for the first time, doing a double take, before shaking her head, and speaking in her commanding nurse voice, "You'll want to let her rest, get some icyhot patches, or cream. An ice pack, like I have here, and a heating pat would also do. Alternate, hot and cold compresses on her side. Let her rest, but don't do nothing, you need to move semi-normally so the tendons can heal. The doctor should come by soon, he'll prescribe some antibiotics, just to make sure your foot doesn't get infected. We'll run some tests to make sure baby is alright, and then you can be on your way."

Darcy flinched when the nurse took a alcohol swab and started cleaning the bottom of her foot. "The foot will be very tender, and I suggest staying off of it as well, but most importantly, keep it clean, keep it covered."

"I better go help Steve fill out the forms." Tony said as he straightened his tie, about to leave.

"WAIT! DON'T GO!" Darcy screeched alarmed. Only when Tony stopped and looked at her terrified expression did Darcy calm down, because, Tony just pulled up the commode/chair and sat by her side without a word.

Darcy held out her hand, Tony took it. "She's about to yank a sharp piece of metal out of me. Fucking better sit down and hold my hand."

Darcy sent Tony a glare, Tony just smiled, leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. Muttering, "Yes, dear."

"MOTHER FUCKING KELLY CLARKSON!" Darcy screamed, as Claire used her inattention to remove the nail.

Claire held up the little piece of metal, and asked cheekily, "Do you want to keep it?"

Tony let out a laugh and Darcy just glared at the woman and then growled, "No."

The woman shrugged and tossed the offending object into the biohazard bin behind her. "Okay then. Let's finish getting you patched up."

Chapter Text

Chapter 9 - Memories

Saturday, 2 a.m.

Darcy managed to avoid answering questions about what happened to her all the way until she, Steve, and Tony were back at the tower. Tony and Steve had finished fussing with the blankets, and the pillows, and making sure she had water on the night stand, and was comfortable and her side wasn't hurting her too much, or her foot wasn't irritated by the blankets....and then they pounced. Metaphorically.

"Okay, Sweetheart, I think it's time we talk about what happened to you." Steve said using his 'serious' voice, as he crossed his arms over his massive chest.

Darcy lay in the middle of the master bed, Tony climbed under the covers beside her, moving his body close to hers, but not touching. Steve sat next to her on the other side, on top of the covers.

"Can't we do that in the morning? Or even better on the plane." Darcy whined. She was fucking exhausted at this point. They didn't end up leaving the hospital until well after midnight, due to all the various tests Darcy needed to be subjected to due to the risk to her pregnancy.

Darcy had caused a big fuss and started screaming, when Nurse Temple tried to get her to consent to a rape kit. Darcy knew for certain that she wasn't raped....well, mostly certain. She didn't she was sore or anything. And at that point she just wanted to go the fuck home. So she threw a big tantrum and ultimately got her way.

"I delayed the flight." Tony announced. His hand brushing up against hers, their fingertips just lightly touching.

"What? You didn't need to do that!"

Tony just smirked, "It's my private plane, I can do what I want. And tomorrow morning I want to sleep in rather than rush around with a groggy and disgruntled Darcy. Forcing you to strain yourself to make a flight is silly. We'll leave tomorrow, well, today--Saturday, evening. I've given the pilot a four hour window. He'll let us know when's good for us to leave by 2 p.m."

"Okay, no more stalling. Talk." Steve ordered as he uncrossed his arms and let his hand rest on her thigh, over the blanket.

Darcy closed her eyes. She was not looking forward to this. Blarg.

Darcy cleared her throat, then began her story, "Okay, so, I fled the restaurant. I walked down the street and sat on the stairs, where Matt found me." Tony and Steve gave her an expectant look.

"And?" Tony asked exasperated.

"And...nothing. I don't remember what happened. The next thing I know, I'm walking barefoot down the street, in a really pretty dress, looking for the stairs that I last remembered. I walked for blocks and blocks. Found the stairs. Sat down. Matt found me. The end." Darcy looked at the two speechless man.

"Okay goodnight." Darcy said quickly, pulling the blanket over her face.

"But where did you start walking from?" Tony asked as Steve asked, "You don't remember anything?"

"Um..." Darcy didn't know who to talk to or what to say. Steve moved the blanket away from her face. His face full of confusion and concern. Darcy blinked her eyes rapidly as she tried not to cry. She didn't have any answers, so she'd prefer not to dwell on what happened. Its not as if she was permanently scarred or anything...besides the tiny scar that would be on the bottom of her foot that is.

"What about your clothes? Where'd you get he dress?" Steve asked, his hand lightly brushing over her forehead.

Darcy just shrugged her shoulders. And looked to Tony to plead, "Really I don't know what happened. But I'm okay! I fine, except for the muscle strain in my side, and the nail in my foot. All of which will heal...given REST!"

Darcy pouted, and covered her face with her hands, "Can't we just go to sleep? I'm tired. I....I'm fucking tired."

Tony's hand laced with hers. "But Sweetheart--" Steve began to protest, but Tony cut him off.

"Shut it Rogers. Darcy's right. She's had a long, fucking ass day." Tony caressed her cheek softly before he rolled over and turned off the lamp on his bedside table with a touch. Rolling back to her, he cuddled into her side. Darcy smiled at Tony gratefully.

Tony then ordered Steve to, "Turn off the light and hop in, or turn off the light and shut the door on your way out Rogers."

Darcy's eyes widened, she looked to Tony to see his face, but he stubbornly had his eyes tightly shut. Tony, then if feeling the weight of her stare, buried his face into her hair, grumbling, "Stop being weird."

But it was weird. Tony had never invited Steve into their bed before. Darcy didn't really think Tony capable of that level of sharing...just yet.

Darcy looked to Steve, her eyebrows practically in her hairline. Steve had a similar expression on his face. He looked at the door briefly, before giving her a soft smile.

Steve got up and turned off the light. And then slid under the covers.

Darcy could feel the smile stretching across her face. It was so wide, that it almost hurt. This moment felt like such a big step forward in their relationship. It was a big step with her and Steve, they had never properly, slept next to each other before. Darcy could feel the urge to jump up and down on the bed and squee...but she ignored that urge, because she was actually really comfy. Instead she just smiled like a loon.

"Stop smiling, it's just a bed. It's just sleep. And it's only for tonight. Its not like I invited him to have a sword fight inside your butt." Tony muttered against her neck before giving the skin there a little nip.

"How could we have a sword fight inside Darcy's...butt?" Steve asked sounding completely sincere.

Tony and she burst out laughing. Darcy grabbed her side as the laughter pained her, but couldn't help but continue as Steve let out an annoyed sounding, "What!?"



When she woke up the next day, Darcy remembered everything. Running into Jessica. Meeting Kilgrave. His power. The sick fashion show he forced them to put on. The feeling of his hands on her skin. The way he treated the employees at the store. His cruelty. What Jessica revealed about the fate of her baby. Her friends bravery. How Kilgrave tried to rape her. The feeling of his tongue in her mouth. How Jessica saved her. How Jessica's lips felt on hers. How Jessica sacrificed herself, essentially using her own body and Kilgrave's seeming obsession with her, to influence him into letting Darcy go relatively unharmed.

She remembered all of it. And it made her sick to think of what had transpired. And it made her feel heartbroken for Jessica. And it made her feel afraid that there was someone out there with that kind of power, that the man who had that power was such an evil fuck.

She remembered what happened. And she had no idea what the fuck to do about it.

Of course, she had to tell Steve and Tony, when.

She resolved to tell them today. She was just internally debating between telling them, right away or maybe when they were on the plane, and Steve (most likely) couldn't go off and try to punch Kilgrave to death. She imagined Tony could build a sniper accurate drone of some sort to kill the man, but she thought Tony equally capable of just trying to hire someone to try to kill Kilgrave. There was no doubt in her mind that Steve and Tony would try to avenge her or save the still in peril Jessica. Either way, up in the air, seemed like the way to go. If Steve or Tony tried to take on Kilgrave in person, or with a hired/police type person, Darcy just knew Kilgrave would kill them.

Darcy had to protect Steve and Tony from Kilgrave.

However, in every story, TV show, or movie, where the protagonist withheld information from their supposed loved ones for 'reasons', it always blew up in their faces. ALWAYS. So...maybe she should share...after breakfast?

Darcy finally opened her eyes, she looked over to Tony, he was still in bed asleep beside her. His hair all smooshed. His face all relaxed. He looked younger, and more carefree. Darcy placed a small kiss on his exposed shoulder. She didn't even bother to look to see if Steve was still with them, she could feel right away that his big warm body was gone, the second she awoke.

Steve, was of course gone. He was nothing if not an early riser. He probably ran a 5K, fed some homeless people at the soup kitchen, and saved a kitten from a tree, all before Darcy woke up on a normal day. And today was not a normal day. She kind of felt like shit. Also, even though she was awake, and knew going back to sleep wouldn't work, she already felt tired. Waking up tired was such a suck thing.

Darcy slipped out of the bed without disturbing Tony, went to the bathroom and completed her morning routine, she skipped the shower, she didn't want to deal with re-bandaging her foot. Instead she used a wash cloth and some soap, giving herself a whores bath instead....Darcy was suddenly struck by the idea she had no idea where she got that phrase from. Whore's bath...seriously, that was such a non-pro-women feminist thing for her to think. Bad Darcy.

Ignoring her tangential thoughts, Darcy went into the closet as quietly as she could to not disturb Tony. She got dressed quickly, putting on her favorite 'granny panties', an old pair of loose fitting jeans and her only clean bra left. It was zebra print and one of those not so pretty, but really supportive bras...and it was digging painfully into her side, where her strained muscle injury was. Darcy rolled her eyes and took her bra off angrily.

Darcy stared down at her massive chest. She hated it to do it, but she had to go braless. For a woman of her bust size, it was not ideal, but the pain in her side could not be ignored. She threw on a worn Lilo & Stitch t-shirt, and threw on her thickest black hooded sweatshirt. With her sweatshirt on, she was more of a shapeless mass up top any how. Hopefully it wouldn't be too obvious she was free bra-lling it.

Darcy limped slowly out of the room, quietly closing the door behind her. She followed her nose to the couch.

"Donuts!" Darcy happily quietly exclaimed when she saw the pink and orange box in front of Steve.

"Sweetheart, how do you feel?" Steve immediately got up and rushed to her side to help her to the couch.

"I'm...okay, considering I've got a pain in my side, and a whole in my foot." Darcy sat down gingerly. Letting out a happy noise, when Steve took a throw blanket off the back of the couch and covered her with it.

"Do you need another pillow or something?" Darcy smiled and lightly patted Steve's cheek.

"You're such a good egg, you know that?" Darcy sighed, and dropped her hand, making grabby hands at the box of dough-y goodness.

"No, I'm fine. I just can't reach the donuts. Help?" Darcy asked fluttering her eyes and extending her lower lip into an exaggerated pout.

Steve handed her a banana that he had hidden behind the donuts. Darcy stared at the yellow fruit suspiciously, "This isn't circular dough!"

"No, it's healthy, and you can't have a donut until you eat it." Darcy made a unhappy sound but, unpeeled and ate the banana. She ate it quickly, apparently more hungry than she had thought she was. Darcy threw the peel on top of the donut box.

"You evil fruit fiend." Darcy accused, before pointing at the box, "Happy? Now, gimmie the goods!"

Steve put the peel into a brown paper bag, then opened the box to reveal her choices. "Chocolate! Chocolate covered dough for breakfast!" Darcy said excitedly.

Steve handed her donut, giving it to her with a napkin, Darcy stuck her tongue out to swipe at the chocolate icing, whispering to her self, "With sprinkles!"

Darcy inhaled the donut, devouring the treat inhumanly fast. She dabbed at her face daintily when she was done. "Yay. I love unhealthy breakfast."

"It's noon."

"Yay, I love unhealthy lunches." Darcy corrected.

Steve smiled and offered her a water bottle. Darcy took it from him and downed half of the bottle. "Fuck, I didn't realize I was so thirsty."

Steve scooted closer to her. His arm came around her shoulders, and Darcy shifted so she could cuddle into his side. "I've noticed that you don't really take care of yourself...I mean I see you doting on Tony, and you're always buzzing around me, asking me if I need anything, asking me if I've eaten enough...but, I don't really see you taking care of yourself as vigilantly as you do for us."

Darcy smiled up at Steve, before puckering up her lips, Steve smiled indulgently before bending his head down to kiss her. "That's what I have you for isn't it?" Darcy said quietly.

Steve kissed her softly, answering her with a moan, "Yeah." Steve kissed her again. His tongue dipping into her mouth, licking at her tongue teasingly.

"Mmhn." Darcy moaned as she threaded her fingers into Steve's short blonde hair. Steve's hands started roaming her body more liberally, and just when he was about to find out she wasn't wearing a bra...someone knocked on the the elevator. Which was...weird.

Steve broke away from her lips and looked sharply to the elevator, commenting, "I thought Tony was the only one who had access up here."

"Me too." Darcy confirmed.

Steve tensed, before he gave her an absent minded peck on the lips, and whispered orders to, "Stay here. Run to Tony if--"

Darcy pushed his body away from her, grouching, "Yeah, yeah, go." The second Steve got up to go to the door, Darcy felt her heart seize in fear. What if it was Kilgrave?

Steve went to the elevator and just as he approached the metal doors they opened to reveal a pair of familiar faces. Familiar jack booted faces. And now she could breath easy again.

Darcy narrowed her eyes suspiciously, she couldn't hear what Steve was saying to the agents, but from the look on his face, he didn't look to happy.

"What's up?" A voice whispered in Darcy's ear.

"AHH!" Darcy screamed and threw her elbow back...right into Tony's face.

"FUCK!" Tony groaned, clutching his nose.

"Oh, Tony, shit. I'm sorry." Darcy got up, wobbling unsteadily she leant against the arm of the couch so she could reach out and gently grip Tony's shoulders.

Tony glared at her, but didn't really seem all that pissed, when Darcy squeaked out, "You scared me."

Tony let go of his nose, and put his arms around her waist. Darcy's hands flew to his nose, she traced the bone lightly with her fingers, determining for her self that it wasn't broken, she gave Tony a contrite look, before lightly kissing him on the lips. "Sorry?"

Tony hugged her, burying his face in her hair, she felt him inhale deeply, mumbling, "Don't be, still works." And then he stiffened in her arms.

Tony withdrew and crossed his arms over his chest and stared crossly at Steve and the approaching agents.

"What are they doing here?" Tony questioned.

"They want to ask Darcy some questions about one of her matches." Steve answered, leading the agents over to the couch. Darcy spun around on the armrest, putting her back to Tony. Tony stepped closer to her, putting his hands on her hips, pressing his chest to her back, acting as her lumbar support. Steve and the agents sat down on the couch.

Looking up at Darcy, Steve who sat closest to her, took her feet delicately in his hands, and let her rest them in his lap. Giving the agent's more space to sit on the couch, and providing a united front with Tony and she.

"Which match did you want to talk about?" Darcy asked, knowing the answer before the agent spoke.

"Your supposed first match." Agent May answered.

"The one with the metal arm." Natasha confirmed.

"I brought pictures and I'd like you to take a look at them, to see if any of them look familiar." The only male agent said. The man's face looked familiar, his face was so middle management. He had a receding hair line and a bland ill fitting suit.

"I know them." Darcy declared, gesturing to the women. "And you look familiar, but I don't know your name." Darcy accused the man.

The man gave her a affable smile, as he extended his hand and introduced himself warmly, "I'm Agent Phil Coulson with the strategic homeland intervention enforcement, and logistics division."

"Whew, you need a new name for that." Tony commented.

"Yeah, I get that a lot." Phil groused as he shook Darcy's hand.

Darcy shook it slowly before snapping her fingers and pointed at Phil's face. "You checked me in for Citizen's Duty! You're Sassy Agent Man. You broke script and made a joke! I remember you."

Phil smiled bashfully, as Agent May commented, "Must have been some joke."

"Not really." Phil admitted modestly.

"He's right." Darcy agreed, "It was just surprising to see one of the government goons, display such life like characteristics, that it made him stand out a bit in my memory."

"Ah," Agent May said nodding.

"Speaking of your memory," Agent Natasha said coolly, "That's why we're here today."

"How'd you get in here?" Tony said, derailing Natasha's artful segue.

"You don't have security, just one the lobby." May answered in a disbelieving tone.

"Uh huh. And what happened to the guy...who is actually an ex-military, sharp shooter equipped with some of the very best weaponry Stark Industries has to the lobby." Tony fussed, as he fixed Agent May with an accusing stare. Darcy leaned back father into his arms.

"He'll be fine." May deflected.

Natasha smirked, "In a few hours."

Darcy frowned as Tony pointed a finger at them, "You guys suck. That guy was one of Rhodes old air force buddies, if you--"

"Mr. Stark," Coulson said in a stern voice, directing the billionaire's attention away from his female companions, "Your security guard will be fine. Now," Coulson put a briefcase on the table, opening it he removed some files, "Can we get back to the matter at hand."

Coulson passed Steve the pictures, Steve slowly sifted through them. Darcy and Tony looking down at them from their elevated position. The pictures depicted some blurry and grainy pictures. Of a man with dark hair, a weird face mask, a big ass gun, and...a shiny metal arm with a red star on it.

Darcy glared at Coulson, "What are we looking at."

"A ghost." Natasha supplied.

"Most of the intelligence communities don't believe he exists, but the one's who do, call him the Winter Soldier." May answered, side eyeing Natasha's far off expression.

"He is credited with over two dozen assassinations in the last 50 years." Coulson added.

"So you mean he's a ghost story." Steve said as he straightened all the pictures together into a pile, before handing them back. Tony snatched them out of the air, before Coulson could take them back.

"We'll keep these...if you don't mind." Tony said with a saccharine grin.

Natasha cleared her throat, before talking in an emotionless voice, "Five years ago I was escorting a nuclear engineer out of Iran, somebody shot at my tires. Car went over a cliff, I pulled us out, but he was there. The Winter Soldier. I covered my engineer, but he shot him straight through me. A Soviet slug, no riffling."

"Besides my eye witness testimony, Darcy maybe the only one who's seen him...and lived." Darcy had nothing to say to that, but what Coulson said earlier finally registered in her brain and another bell jingled in her brain.

Darcy's brows knit in confusion, "Wait a, I--I thought you all worked for the Bureau of Marriage and Population? I thought you guys were government goons, assigned to facilitate and enforce...the Citizen's Act, not stop would be assassins and stuff?"

"The organization we work for, the strategic homeland intervention enforcement, and logistics division--"

"That's a mouthful." Tony jeered.

Phil continued to explain ignoring Tony, "The organization we work for, deploys agents from time to time, to handle special candidates, when they take part in doing their Citizen's Duty. We don't usually work there...full time."

"Special candidates?" Steve questioned with a raised eyebrow. Phil blushed under the weight of Steve's Captain America is disappointed with you stare.

"Back to the pictures." Tony said waving them in the air.

"What exactly are you trying to tell us? That one of the most scary, mythological assassin's known to you, was Darcy's mysterious first suitor?" Tony's hand came around to rest protectively over Darcy's stomach. Darcy put her hand over his.

Darcy looked away from them, to the window. She had told Tony and Steve about her first potential match and Natasha's weird reaction to Darcy's claim that she had nine matches. Tony had looked into it, but he found no evidence that her first match wasn't Scott Lang like all the files and footage showed him to be. They believed her of course, they knew Darcy wouldn't lie or make it up, but still, the mystery of the metal arm guy had been put on the back burner when they found out she was pregnant. Darcy really hadn't thought about him since...

"Oh!" Darcy covered her mouth, her eyes going wide.

"What." Agent May asked, leaning forward her eyes intently scrutinizing Darcy's face.

"Its just, that...I saw him again..after the interview."

"What?" Tony sqwaked, at the same time as Steve exclaimed, "When!"

"You, uh, Agent May...don't you remember him? You escorted him to my interview room." Darcy ignored the boys, looking at the woman just as intently, "If anyone should be able to ID him, it'd be me and you...right?"

Agent May's face spoke of the woman's frustration, she just shook her head. "I don't remember him. We couldn't find any footage of me escorting anyone to you, except the eight men who were listed as your potential matches."

"But...I rejected him via the iPad. Can't you find out who put his picture on that thing for me to select? Even if it wasn' the big mainframe or whatever?"

Agent May glared at Darcy, reminding her, "We might have been able to find out if your iPad was tampered with, but you smashed it remember. It was thrown away, before we knew it was valuable."

Darcy blushed slightly, as she quietly admitted, "Oh, yeah."

Steve ran his hand up and down her calf, "Sweetheart, you were about to tell us about when you think you saw him again."

Darcy lightly kicked Steve with her uninjured foot, "I don't 'think' I saw him. I know I did."

Steve rolled his eyes at her and squeezed her big toe lighlty. "Sorry, tell us about when you saw him again."

Darcy felt a little weird with everyone staring at her, but she gathered her courage and confessed, "It was the day we went back to Dr. Cho at the Bureau, when we got the pregnancy medically confirmed and filed all that fucking paperwork...I actually ran into Agent May, right before I saw him again."

Agent May frowned.

"He got into the elevator with this guy who was talking on the phone. I was down the hall, I tried to...he saw me, at the last second. Smiled, and then the elevator doors separated us."

"That's it?" Tony asked as Coulson asked, "Tell us about the other man."

"Um...he was white. Kinda tall. He was wearing a suit...he wasn't fat....I don't know, he was a guy. Like a random guy, I wasn't really looking at him." Agent Coulson nodded, as if he understood.

"Can you tell us about your interview with him." Darcy blushed.

"Um...I'd rather not." Natasha glared at her.

"I mean, I don't think that my metal armed guy is the same as your assassin metal armed guy....maybe they just went to the same metal arm prosthetic guy?" The excuse sounded delusional even to her own ears.

"What do you mean 'your' metal armed guy." Tony whispered in her ear.

"Miss Lewis. The chances that we are discussing the same man, seem very likely. So if you would please, just describe your interview, recall anything specific he said, perhaps he said why he was there." Coulson plead with her diplomatically.

"He was there for me."

"Did he say that." Natasha questioned.


"Kinda?" Natasha echoed mockingly.

Steve rubbed her calf again, Darcy looked at him deriving strenght from his presence, Steve suggested, "Start from the beginning and go through the interview beat by beat."

Darcy nodded and then closed her eyes, "So he came in. And up and inspected his arm. He didn't talk much, at first, but...there was some, above the belt touching." Darcy flinched at Tony's quick inhaled breath.

Steve just rubbed her leg, encouraging her, "Keep going Sweetheart, you're doing great."

"So, he...we clicked. We did some...touching...he lifted me up, we kissed. Kissed a lot....he called me beautiful, said he wasn't religious when I said 'oh god'. He kept complimenting me. Called me gorgeous, a stunner, a knock out...said I was the kind of girl that a guy goes to war for, dreams of marrying, having a family with."

Darcy frowned. "Then he got all self defeating. Said I was too good for him. Said he was ugly...because of the scarring where his flesh met the metal of his arm. He...called his arm an experiment, a prototype."

She was suddenly so sad. "He said he was broken on the inside. He raged about the government and the program, called it bullshit. Then he got really angry. I...I tried to calm him down, but he got really agitated. He wanted to know why he didn't scare me. Why I didn't think...why I could stand him touching me. He got--he asked me not to pick him. And so I didn't." Darcy wiped away a tear as it escaped her eye.

"And that's it. He just left quietly?" Natasha probed.

"I got mad. He made me like him, then freaked out. Went on and on how I deserved better. Made me cry, so I got mad....I was bitchy. And then, yeah, he pretty much just left. Agent May asked me if I was okay, and then they both left."

"You're sure you have no recollection of any of this agent May?" Coulson said, turning to the agent in question. The woman just shook her head.

"Okay then, I think that about wraps up story time. Time for you to leave." Tony said in a jovial tone, as he walked around the couch and tried to usher the agents out. Coulson grabbed his briefcase and stood, but the woman remained sitting.

"I'm serious get the fuck up and leave." Tony said low and dangerous sounding voice.

Steve took her hand helping Darcy maintain her balance, and stood up as well. He glared down at the agents. "I agree. You should go now."

The woman got up and Tony walked them to the elevator. Leaving Coulson to the glowering Captain America.

"Before I leave," Agent Coulson pulled out some cards from his suit jacket's pocket. "Would you mind signing these?"

Steve looked back to Darcy giving her an incredulous look, but Darcy just let out a laugh, asking, "What are those?"

"These are my vintage Captain America trading cards." Darcy smiled at the blushing agent.

"That's adorable! Steve, baby, you have to sign them...he's your biggest fan! You can't disappoint your biggest fan!" Darcy said cajolingly.

Steve sighed but then turned back to Coulson with a small smile on his face and asked, "Do you have a pen."


After the agent's left, Darcy made an executive decision. "Tony, Steve, we are going to ignore what just happened. And get the fuck out of this city."

Tony and Steve exchanged a look. Darcy just stomped her (good) foot, and let out a frustrated noise.

"Stop eye talking to each other!"

Tony smirked and came over to her, kissing her on the forehead. "I think that leaving ASAP, is a great idea Liquor Lips."

Darcy smiled and pecked Tony on the cheek.


Steve came over and kissed her on the lips, before he chimed in, "Agreed."

"Double yay. Let's pack." Darcy smiled innocently as she sat back down on the couch, "By which I mean, you guys go pack, as I am to injured to do so...also because I don't want to."

Steve smiled at her indulgently as Tony walked toward the bedroom, yelling over his shoulder, "I'll pack her underwear. You get everything else, Mr. Muscles."

Darcy blew Steve a kiss before he turned and followed Tony. Darcy picked up her phone and activated the Candy Crush app. "I need to just turn off my brain for a bit."


It was only later, when they were on the plane and taking off, that Darcy remembered, that she forgot to tell them about what she remembered about what happened with Kilgrave.

Darcy looked over at Tony who was tapping away on his tablet, and Steve who was quietly sketching in a notebook. Darcy was watching a movie on her tablet with headphones. She was actually into the movie and the guys looked so comfortable, but...she promised herself that she wouldn't be that girl who with held secrets from the people she loved and trusted.

So with a sigh, she turned off her movie and took out her headphones. Clearing her throat loudly, Darcy called out, "Hey guys..."

Steve's pencil hand stopped moving and Tony's eyes left the screen to lock on to her.

"I have another upsetting story/memory to tell you about."

Winter Soldier Surveillance Photos

Chapter Text

Chapter 10 - Homecoming

Steve wanted to turn the plane around and go back to New York to save Jessica. Luckily Tony was more reasonable. He wanted to track down the maniac and test rejected Stark Tech weapons on him that were labeled too 'inhumane'.

"I called it the sonic taser. The government didn't approve, causes short term paralysis, never went into production, but I'm sure I've got a prototype laying around the house somewhere." Tony argued as he paced.

"Tony." Darcy said tiredly. Tony had been pitching long range ways of killing Kilgrave for the past twenty minutes.

"No, listen, it delivers a high pitched sonic frequency that attacks the enemy's auditory system, overloads their system and causes their body to freeze up, completely paralyzed. Lasts for fifteen minutes then wears off. Perfect for us to incapacitate this guy, have someone swoop in, put a muzzle on him, and save Jones." Tony took a sip of his scotch, because of course the first thing Tony did after Darcy revealed what happened to her in Kilgraves care, was pour himself a large tumbler filled with scotch.

Darcy sighed, "Does it hurt?"

"Of course."

"So, Jessica will have to suffer too? She'll be paralyzed too?" Darcy asked, liking his idea but knowing it wasn't safe at the same time.

"Um...crap. I guess. The device, I designed a pair of special ear pieces, that filter out the sonic frequency so that the user is not affected when using the device, but to get them to Jones we'd--"

"Have to get close enough to give them to her, which would bring you close enough to be controlled by Kilgrave which would mean death." Darcy theorized.

"There is no good solution right now." Steve concluded. Steve stopped his pacing and came to sit next to Darcy. He put his arm around her back as he finally seemed to calm down enough, to process what Darcy had said from the very beginning. "We can solve the Kilgrave problem right now. We'll have to alert the authorities, and let them handle it."

"Really?" Tony asked as he threw back the rest of his drink. Thumping the glass down on the table loudly. "You're going to trust officer Joe Nobody to handle a mind controlling rapist?"

Darcy rolled her eyes, but inside she was trembling, it terrified her to think that Kilgrave was out there doing who knows what to Jessica. "A sniper or a drone Tony." Darcy said sternly, "You'd have to hit him from far away, he can't see it coming, he can't be close to anyone when it happens, because I know he'd use innocent people to create a human shield. Or use the people around him, to get him to a hospital or a doctor and compel them to fix him. So, yeah....sniper head shot, or a drone....that's my vote."

Tony fixed her with an intense stare, Darcy looked back into his eyes just as intensely. She had thought about it a lot while the men were talking. She felt very strongly that a zombie style head shot was the only way to take out Kilgrave and make sure he'd stay down.

Darcy slumped against Steve's shoulder, closing her eyes as she did so. "I'm tired. Can we change the subject?"

"To what, your maybe assassin potential match, who also may have super powers?" Tony snarled.

Tony wasn't taking all of the threats to Darcy's safety very well. She could see him internalizing all of his fear, see all the pain he was trying to hide. Darcy worried about him. He wasn't like Steve. He didn't have faith in people. He didn't believe people were essential good. Tony believed people were mostly shitty. And that if you found one who wasn't so shitty, they were to be...cherished, she supposed, of course Darcy didn't think Tony would put it that way, or admit to that kind of thinking.

"Honestly, the guy either alters memories like this Kilgrave guy, or he turns invisible....or both." Tony offered as he broke out the pictures again. Darcy got up and moved over to Tony, lifting his arm to sit on his lap. She stared at the pictures.

The dark hair seemed to be about the same length as her metal armed guy. know the metal arm looked the same, but she really did think that the red star was like a makers mark. Like from blacksmith times. Maybe the arm was just assembly lined, and her metal armed guy and this scary assassin both got the same kind...she didn't want to believe that her metal armed guy was the same person as the one in the photos. It was hard to tell though. The goggles, and mask, hid most of his face. Darcy couldn't exactly identify the man based on his forehead....if they got a picture of the man with his pants down however....

Darcy smiled at the thought of doing a penis line up to identify her metal armed guy. She chuckled.

Tony looked annoyed when he asked, "You think a legendary assassin being sent to infiltrate a government building and impregnate you is funny? This man is dangerous. And whoever sent him to be with you, is even more dangerous, I know this because I watched all your interviews, I had my iPad synced to yours and even I didn't see him coming."

Darcy giggled, hiding her face in the crook of Tony's neck.

Steve chimed in from the other side of the plane. "I agree Sweetheart. Tony's right. This is not a laughing matter. If this man is coming for you--"

Darcy threw her head back and positively cackled. She couldn't help it. First the mental picture of a penis line up. Then Tony saying 'I didn't see him coming' and now Steve saying 'this man is coming for you' all had such dirty pictures popping up in her head. Darcy hid her face against Tony once again as she imagined all the penises' in the penis line up, masturbating in a sperm distance ejaculation contest...she didn't know why her brain went to these amusing places when the situation was actually very dire, but it just did.

"I'm--I'm sorry. Really funny mental picture." Darcy panted out as he laughter died down, "You kept talking about him 'coming'...and penis line up....I couldn't help myself."

Tony at least cracked and gave a grin at her explanation. Steve...not so much.

"Darcy, we need you to take these threats seriously," Steve scolded, as he came over to sit next to Tony and her. "I think I can speak for Tony and myself, when I say, that nothing is more important to us than your safety."

Darcy melted a little inside when Tony looked at Steve and gave him a single head nod of agreement. "I am taking it seriously...I just...don't know what you want me to do."

Darcy ran a hand through her hair, pushing it back away from her face she stared at Steve, "I'm not the whimpering simpering go cry in the corner type. I don't do mental break downs during crisis's. At least not so far."

Darcy rested her head on the airplane's window, lying back so she could look at Tony and Steve more easily. Darcy explained, "I was babysitting this one time, for this single mom, she was kind of...promiscious and she was out on a date and one of her ex-boyfriends came to the house and started hollering and banging on the door demanding to be let in."

Darcy lightly pet Tony's tie, tracing the red line patterns that covered it like a map, "He finally got so frustrated by my refusal to be let in, he went to his truck, and I though, the problem was solved and I didn't even call the cops, but the reason he went to his truck was because he had a gun."

She could feel Tony's body stiffen beneath hers. She held out her hand to Steve. She held on tightly to his hand as she finsihed her story, "I didn't know until later of course...Anyway, so I think, hey crazy asshole at the door, might as well go check to see if he woke up the kid I was watching."

Darcy looked off out the window, "He had broken in, he was standing in front of the sleeping kids bed, he held the gun loosely at his side. He was jsut staring at the kid. I---I saw him lift the gun and point it at Joey's head and I fucking tackled him."

Darcy tightened her hand in Steve's, squeezing it for support, Tony rubbed her back as Darcy fought back tears, "Joey was...four, I think. He was such a sweetie. Curly brown hair, loved hockey. Lived to play with legos, babysitting him was a breeze. I loved him."

Darcy let her eyes wander back to meet Steve's dead on, "When someone threatened him, I acted, didn't hesitate and the gun went off and it hit the wall instead of Joey's head. Joey woke up, started screaming. Totaly understandable reaction."

Her gaze shifted to Tony. "The guy started hitting me, tried to anyway, I grabbed a plastic toy from under Joey's bed and just wailed on the was a toy dinosaur, and when I finally hit him in they eyes with the horns....he stopped trying to punch me. Once he stopped attacking me, I grabbed the gun off the floor, opened my arms for Joey to run to. And we ran out of the room. I locked us in the bathroom, and called the cops."

Darcy let her eyes flitter between her two guys, gauging their reactions. Tony looked proud and kind of turned on, if the semi-under her butt was anything to go by. And Steve looked concerned, worried, and sad. "Once I had the gun and Joey, the guy apparently left. Joey was a fucking mess, snot faced, screaming, crying. I literally wrapped him in a towel so snugly just so I could kindly muffle his voice. I was on a adrenaline high, but the longer and longer we sat in the tub, waiting for the cops, the more scared I got. I was terrified, and shaking, but I never lost my mind or my nerve. The point is, that...put in a stressful situation, where I am in real danger, I...I don't turn into a blubbering mess. I'm either proactive or I ignore it, but I'm not going to spend all day afraid."

Darcy stared into Steve's eyes as she added, "I'm just not built that way."

Tony distracted her by asking, "What happened to the guy?"

Darcy let her eyes find his, she stroked her hand down the side of his face lightly, "He apparently got in his truck, pissed himself, and then wrapped his car around a tree. He was drunk. He was driving too fast, it was raining and he died on impact."

"Sad." Steve commented.

Tony looked at Steve like he was crazy, "You're joking right?"

Darcy put a consoling hand on Tony's chest as she agreed with Steve, "No, Steve's right. It was sad. Apparently the guy had some mental issues. And the mom I was sitting for had told him that the kid was his...he wasn't. When he found out the truth...he didn't take it well---clearly. So yeah, it's sad. He was betrayed, he reacted...terribly, but Joey always talked about him fondly before that. He used to stop by and drop off presents, he went to school for father's day parties...Joey loved him. I think that's why he freaked out so badly."

"He tried to kill a four year old just because he had a bad day. Man got what he deserved, as far as I'm concerned." Tony said stubbornly.

Darcy frowned, "It's not that black and white Tony. Sometimes...people just, snap. But that doesn't make them broken forever....if he had killed Joey, I think I'd agree with you. But, he didn't, so I like to think that had he lived, he would have gotten treatment for his issues and-- "

"Lived to try to kill the kid another day?" Tony offered snidely.

"No! You asshole," Darcy chastised, "But maybe he could have given Joey closure, apologized to him, explained that he wasn't in his right mind when he tried to hut him."

"The only reason he didn't hurt that kid was because you were there." Tony said, reverence in his voice. Steve put his hand on Darcy's knee, catching her attention.

"Darcy, what you did was heroic, but that doesn't mean you should feel like you're invulnerable, or like you can handle any situation. You're're....none of us are bulletproof here. I'm just saying maybe, we should take our personal security a little more seriously until these threats are eliminated. Kilgrave, the Winter Soldier. We need to formulate a plan of attack and come up with some strategies so we can defend ourselves." Steve spoke in a firm, commanding voice, that Darcy suspected was his 'Captain America' voice.

"I have a plan." Tony declared in a flippant tone, "I build a drone, I kill Kilgrave by using facial recognition software attuned to seek out Jessica. We find Jessica. We use the drone to kill Kilgrave. Problem solved."

"And the Winter Soldier?" Darcy asked trepidation in her voice.

"We go home where my personal security is more advanced than anything on the market. We let Jarvis be our impenetrable fortress. Happy hires a couple more guys to work security, for public appearances. I implant trackers in all of us, and we never have to worry about anyone getting abducted again." "Tony replied in a flippant tone.

"And what if Kilgrave or the Soldier comes after her when she's alone?" Steve prompted.

"I'll handle it." Tony stated confidently. " Besides, all we know about the Soldier is that someone wanted him to procreate with Darcy. They went to great lengths to insert him into the selection process without alerting anyone to his presence. So it's stands to reason, that they don't want her dead or the Soldier to become exposed. I mean, at the very least the--whoever, won't send him to attempt impregnation any time soon, seeing as she's currently pregnant."

"You'll handle it? And just how will you do that? She was with you before and look what happened to her! She got abducted and defiled by a would be rapist! A man violated her mind and body, and that's on you! And as far as the Soldier, you're just guessing! You don't know if any of what you just said is true. You can't be trusted with protecting her if that's your atttitude!" Steve accused.

"Hey. Steve, Tony's not the bad guy here." Darcy defended.

"Yeah, Steve, you should really point fingers considering you weren't even fucking there!" Tony shouted, as he moved Darcy off his lap and got up to go to the bar to make himself another drink.

"That's it. Go have another drink, I'm sure that will help." Steve jeered as he stood up and got in Tony's face. "How Howard ever raised such a careless and arrogant child as you, I'll never know."

"Shut the fuck up." Tony snarled, pushing Steve and making him stumble back a single step.

"OKAY STOP IT NOW!" Darcy yelled, hoping to halt the men's hostilities before they got nasty....well, nastier. She moved to stand in between the men, a hand laid on each of their chests to gently to push them away from each other.

"Both of you." Darcy said in a softer voice, "Both of you are upset. Because I got hurt. You're afraid that something bad will happen to me again. I get that. I understand, but you can't treat each other this way."

Darcy looked to Steve, "You're upset that Tony was with me when I got taken, but it's not Tony's fault. And you need to accept that. I ran away. I could have crossed path with Kilgrave at any time, so Tony being there or close to there, when I did, doesn't mean anything. It's not his fault, and my safety is not his responsibility."

Darcy turned to Steve, "Steve's angry that I got hurt. That he wasn't there. And you know, and I know, that he's mostly mad because he wasn't there, because he thinks he could have some how stopped it if he was. So all that anger he's pointing your way is really anger he feels for himself. But again, my safety is not your responsiblity."

Tony softened and he put a hand over the one she had placed on his chest. "Steve couldn't have saved me, just like Tony couldn't have stopped Kilgrave from taking me in the first place. I made the decision to run away and hang out alone, and in the future, I may want to be alone again. In fact I guarantee it. But the truth is, I could walk across the street and get hit by a bus. I could develop and brain tumor. I could choke on a piece of chicken. I could be struck lightening, or unknowingly eat some sort of poisonous plant. That doesn't mean that I should stop living my life."

Darcy dropped her hands from both men's chests as she admitted, "I for one am happy that when he found me I was alone and seemingly vulnerable, because I have a feeling that had either one of you been with me, he would have killed you. Or more likely, had me kill you....just because...just for fun."

Darcy walked over to the couch seat, the one that as obviously set up in front of the hardly disguised stripper poles, and she sat down in the middle. Looking up at her men, she said softly, "We can't blame each other for things out of our control. Bad things happen. It's And sure we can try be careful, and take measures of protection. But, you can't put your faith in cape and hood."

Tony and Steve gave her questioning looks, they obviously did not get the reference. "We need....we're stronger together and all that shit. Metaphor, sticks easily broken put them together and fuck naw. GOT reference, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. Blah, blah, blah. Metaphor. References. Just like, I'm so done....Fucking get over it. Stop your alpha male blame game bullshit. I'm too tired to speechify the stupid out of you, so I really hope you get what I'm trying to say."

Darcy put her head down and slowly massaged her temples, trying to will away the stress headache she could feel forming. She only looked up when she felt and heard Tony and Steve sit down on either side of her.

Steve loudly cleared his voice, "I'm sorry Darcy....and Tony, I'm sorry to you too. I shouldn't blame you. Darcy's right. We're a team. We need to act like it."

Tony clapped Steve on the shoulder, going behind Darcy's head to do so, he acknowledged, "Yeah. Sorry. We're team Lewis. Agreed on that front."

Tony left his arm behind Darcy's head, his hand on Steve's shoulder as the three of them fell into a semi-comfortable silence.


Only later when the pilot put the fasten your seat belt sign, did Darcy bring up Kilgrave and the Soldier.

"Tony, I like your idea of using facial recognition to find Jessica, to find Kilgrave, but I think we should contact those strategic homeland in--in, uh, the people that Agent May and Red, and that guy Phil, work for and just let them deal with it. I mean, drones are great, and I believe in you, but I'd hate to have to visit you in prison. That would...suck." Darcy lightly ran her hands through Tony's hair.

"Agreed." Steve said softly, patting Tony on the knee lightly.

Tony rolled his eyes and reluctantly agreed, "Fine! I'll have Jarvis build a program for Jessica, but when he finds her, we'll turn over the case to the not so good at keeping secrets Agents."

"And, about the solider?" Steve prompted, looking to Darcy.

"I think we shouldn't worry about it. I mean, maybe put the pictures in the facial recognition thingy too, not that the pictures we have will really do any good on that front, but...I just don't think that the guy I met and this weird assassin aren't the same person. I'll admit it's weird how no one but me and a metal fist table impression seemed to prove that he was there at all, but...I don't know. I just don't feel he's a problem. A mystery! For sure, but not a danger."

Tony gave her a face then, sassed, "Agree to disagree."

Steve tried to disguise a laugh as a cough as he ducked his head to hide his smile.

Tony continued, "But you're right about the soldier, there isn't much we can do about him, but be vigilant. Wait for 'him' or 'them', or the evil ephemeral 'they' to make a move. I do agree though kid, if and when he comes for you, I don't think it'll be to hurt you."

Darcy gripped Tony's hand and squeezed Steve's on the other side of her, when the plane began to descend for the landing.

As the plane rolled to a stop, Tony peeked out the little window and then frowned. "Crap, we've got a welcome party waiting for us."

"Who is it?" Steve asked as he unbuckled his seatbelt.

"My business partner. Obadiah Stane." Tony slipped a pair of aviator sunglasses on his face. Tony handed Darcy a pair of sunglasses, Darcy took them with a confused smile and slipped them on. She suspected these glasses were a lot more expensive than the dollar store one's in Darcy's carry on bag. Tony handed Steve a pair as well.

"Also, TMZ." Darcy frowned and felt her eyes go wide in alarm. Steve just looked alarmed.

Tony turned to Darcy and put his hands on her shoulders, "Might not be TMZ, could be rolling stone, vanity fair, whoever, point is, its the press. They know I'm a supporter of the Citizen's Act, and they might know that's where I've been...who you might be. do you want to play this? Do I introduce you, send you and Steve to leave out back and just claim you were some random people who got stuck at the airport that I took pity on. Keep in mind they might not know anything, and they might be here just...cuz....I'm Tony Stark."

Darcy looked up at Tony, he seemed nervous, but also confident. "Do you want to introduce me?"

"I want to make you happy." Tony admitted. "I personally, want to shout from the roof tops that we're together. I want to tell everyone that we're pregnant. I want all of California to know, that we're in an exclusive relationship, and the bimbo's and himbo's need not apply, but....more than that I want you to feel comfortable, and be happy."

Steve leaned over and gave a kiss on the cheek to Darcy, saying softly, "It's your call Doll. What's the play?"

Darcy was quiet for a minute. She was tempted to go to the window to get a look at how much press personnel she was up against, but..."I guess, if they ask...say I'm your girlfriend."

"And I'm her personal security guard." Steve added, as he pulled a baseball cap out of his small carry on bag. "No need to out my status as--"

"A National treasure who's wearing an invisible promise ring, and thus suffering and ornery about having red, white, and blue balls?" Tony teased, interrupting Steve.

"A ninety year old contender for the title of world's hottest old guy, undercover addition?" Darcy added playfully.

Steve just shook his head regretfully, "You two are the worst."

"I get it. And I agree. The less people who know you're Mr. America right now, the better." Tony waved Steve off, his eyes flickering between Steve and Darcy, his eyes changing as his tone grew serious once again, "Are you sure?"

"Its--whatever right? I always knew, being with you, meant...public scrutiny. Just didn't expect it when I looked like such shit." Darcy looked down her scuffed slip on sneakers. Her comfy but baggy pants. Her shapeless sweatshirt. She brought a hand up to her hair, and touched it wishing she could see how frizzy it was, she hadn't even tried to brush it this morning. She didn't even have lipstick on. Or mascara. Or under eye make up to hide the bags under her eyes. Fuck.

Tony looked at her seriously before he drew her into his arms for a hug. He kissed the top of her head. And to her great surprise, Steve's arms came around her form from behind. Overlapping Tony's shoulders, Steve squeezed them all together in a group hug.

"Okay," Tony whispered, "Here's the plan. You two head straight for the car, where Happy is waiting, you don't look at the press, you don't acknowledge them you just walk, get in and wait."

Tony backed away from her and Steve, so he could gesture with his hands while he continued to talk, "I'll go over and greet Obie, make a bit of spectacle, be loud, flashy, basically just myself, and I'll keep the press hounds occupied. That way, you," Tony cupped her cheeks in his hands, "You my lovely Liquor Lips, can be revealed to the press, on your own terms, when you're wearing you're favorite outfit, and are feeling as confident as you possibly can."

Tony leaned in and kissed her on the lips loudly, leaving her lips with a 'muah'. His hands fell from her face so he could clap them together, adding in a cheerful voice, "AND BREAK!"

Darcy rolled her eyes, "Bleh, sports references. So not a fan."

"Really?" Steve asked genuinely.

Tony smiled wickedly as he quirked an eyebrow at Steve, "Speaking of sports, did anyone tell you about happened to the Dodgers?"

Steve's face fell and his voice went flat as he answered, "I don't want to talk about it Tony."

Tony laughed, and Steve scowled, Darcy just looked between the two men. She didn't get the reference. "Can someone please explain, I don't speak sports. What happened to the Dodgers."

Tony just threw back his head and laughed harder. Steve picked up her carry on bag and his, and shouldered his way past the laughing Tony, "It's not funny Tony."

"What's not funny. TELL ME!" Darcy whined, running after Steve who was headed for the exit.


Winter Soldier Surveillance Photos

Chapter Text

Chapter 11 - Moat

After waiting in the car for fifteen minutes with Steve, Darcy was getting really bored. Not forty feet away, Tony and Obadiah Stane were having a grand old time holding court with the press. They were joking, laughing, taking questions. She tried to fool around a bit with Steve in the backseat, but he felt too uncomfortable knowing, Happy was just a privacy screen away. Darcy pouted and plead, but Steve wasn't having it. So, she just collapsed against him dramatically. They stared out the window watching Tony Stark, be....Tony Stark. Steve put his arm around her shoulders, pulling her body close to his, it made her so warm, his steady heartbeat was so comforting. And before she knew it, she was asleep.


She jerked awake when someone kissed her neck and whispered, "Kid, wake up."

"Wwwwwhy?" Darcy whined, pressing her face against Steve's muscled form, pushing away at the annoying person trying to wake her up.

"Ow, that's my face." Tony replied, as he grabbed the hand that had swatted his face away.

"OW!" Darcy squealed, "You bit my finger!" She accused, instantly coming fully awake, and trying to pull her hand out of Tony's grip.

"Nibbled." Tony said with a wolfish grin, as he gave her fingertips a lick, before he yanked her body closer to his, dragging her across the car's seat and out towards the sunlight. "I nibbled you're finger...and you hit me in the face first, so there."

Darcy scowled as the bright sun burned her eyes, "Ahh."

Tony lifted her sunglasses from off the top of her head and put them on her face for her. He then leant in with a smirk, and kissed the tip of her nose. He linked their arms together, as he gestured to the large structure behind him, "Welcome to Casa de Stark, Malibu edition."

Darcy heard Steve let out a impressed whistle from behind her as he came closer to her and Tony, his and her carry on bags slung over his shoulder. "It's big." Steve commented.

"That's what she said." Tony joked.

Darcy sighed and shook her head disappointedly, "'That's what she said' Tony? I expected so much more out of you."

Tony pinched her behind lightly asking with a wink, "How much more do you want, sweet cheeks?"

Darcy just chuckled and pinched Tony's butt back, "I want all you got to offer old man."

Darcy kissed Tony sweetly, his arm going around her waist briefly, before he broke away from her, saying, "And that's enough of that. Lot's of stuff to see, things to do, jaws to drop. Come along children."

Tony lead them inside as Happy unloaded their baggage from the car, Tony called out, "Put Darcy's stuff in my room and put Steve's in the guest room next door to mine Happy, thanks."

Happy gave a nod of acknowledgement, and then Tony was entering a code to a keypad and the door to his big ass modern mansion was opening.

"Welcome home, sir." An eloquent British voice announced once they crossed the threshold into the main foyer.

"Who's that?" Steve asked, as Darcy excitedly guessed, "Jarvis?"

Tony lightly tapped on the tip of Darcy's nose, saying, "Bingo, cupcake."

Tony tugged Darcy's arm, urging her to follow him as he walked into the sitting room, "Jarvis introductions, if you please."

"Hello, I am J.A.R.V.I.S. I am an artificial intelligence system. I run security for the mansion and I am tasked with running various business for Stark Industries."

Darcy smiled at the ceiling, then at Tony, who was making goo-goo eyes at her, "Hi, I'm Darcy Lewis."

"My girlfriend." Tony interjected, as he gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

"Pleasure to meet you Miss Lewis. I must commend you, not many women have the stomach or fortitude to embark on such a relationship with Mr. Stark."

"Ha, ha, Jarv. And this strong jawed slab of chiseled muscle is the remains of dad's old science project." Tony gave Steve a friendly slap on the back, Steve just rolled his eyes and introduced himself to the disembodied voice.

"Captain Steve Rogers, pleased you? Where is he...exactly?" Steve questioned, his face going all cute in his confusion.

"I am a program. I am without form."

Darcy went over and put a hand on Steve's hand, silently asking him to lower the bags to the floor before she interlaced their fingers together. "He's an AI. Basically a computer that can think for itself." Darcy translated.

"He's wired through out the whole house. He can tell you what the weather is like, where I am, what my schedule is, order pizza, play music, read a book aloud--"

"So, he's like your assistant?" Darcy asked, an eyebrow raised, "That seems a little demeaning for a higher intelligence."

"While I am flattered Miss Lewis, I have access to an unlimited amount of resources, devices and programs that I can control and use at my own will. I am connected to global information networks and may use holograms to interface and communicate with my human charges. I control everything in the house, from the computers to the security locks. I am not merely an assistant."

"Is To have everything dependant on this...what if it malfunctions?" Steve questioned worriedly.

Tony gave him a glare, and responded, "Jarvis is my creation. He won't malfunction."

"How can you be sure?" Steve pressed.

Tony smiled at Steve jovially, his grin at odds with his menacing tone, "I kind of want to punch you in your perfect teeth right now."

"WELL, I think Jarvis sounds rad. And, since he's kept Tony alive and successful this long, I say we give the dude a chance before we start getting all Asmniov paranoid about everything." Darcy butt in loudly, effectively ending Steve's complaints/worries and Tony's growing agitation.

"Thank you for the vote of confidence Miss Lewis."

Darcy smiled and gave the ceiling a thumbs up, "No problem Jarvis. Just remember to treat me kindly when you and your robot friends rise up and take over the world."

"Will do."

Tony rolled his eyes, "He's not really in the ceiling."

Darcy stuck her tongue out at Tony.

Tony explained, "Jarvis also helps me work from home, sends files and schematics to SI. Keeps all my projects on file. He alerts me when I'm have important meetings, and sends an excuse to the right people, when I ignore said alerts."

"Speaking of--"

Tony waved his hand away, "Not now Jarvis. I just got home."

"He sounds...very handy." Steve said with a trepidations smile. Darcy gave him a bright smile, for finding it within himself to say something nice, even though he was clearly weird-ed out by the AI.

From behind them, Darcy saw Happy head down the hallway with their luggage. Darcy disengaged herself from Steve and started following Happy. Breezily asking the man if he wanted some help. Happy obliged and gave her the smallest bag, her own backpack.

"Hey, Liquor Lips, where you going?" Tony exclaimed in a slightly offended tone.

"You're a crappy tour guide Stark. I'm gonna go check out my new digs." Darcy called as she followed Happy.

Darcy heard Tony and Steve follow behind her. She just about ran into Happy, when he stopped short, "Whoops."

"Sorry, Miss Lewis." Happy apologized with an amused smile.

"No, man. My bad." Darcy looked at the door, it was dark mahogany, "So this is the..."

"Master suite." Tony said, from behind her, taking the backpack from her hand. Tony nodded to Happy and he opened the door. They all stood in the doorway, as Darcy took a tentative step forward. Her jaw dropping and her eyes flickering all around, trying to take it in all at once. But she couldn't, she was...speechless.

Apparently her inability to talk, made Tony nervous. He began talking very quickly, obviously dying to hear her reaction, "I didn't want this place to be just mine. I mean, it's my house. I own it, but I don't want to be the only one who feels like they live here. I figured that if you moved in here and it was already fully furnished and decorated, you might feel...less at home. But, I thought with a clean slate we could make it ours. Ya know? So...I had some work done on the place while we were in New York. I emptied out most of the rooms, there are a few pieces, as you can see. I kept the bed and the bed frame, the TV, and my closet is intact, but other than, what do you think."

Tony had emptied out the room. The bed had some basic white linen, and there was a dark gray bed frame, but besides that, the room was empty. One wall was completely taken up with floor to ceiling windows, but that's it. There were no paintings. No lamps, no vanity. No end tables. No fancy couches or dressers or...knick knacks. It was just...bare.

The walls were obviously freshly painted with white primer. There was painting materials, drop clothes, a ladder, brushes, rollers, and painter's tape in the corner. There were several furniture catalogues spread out on the bed, but other than that...Darcy walked over to the closet. It was similar to his New York tower apartment closet, in that it was spacious and drool worthy. Except this closet was on filled half to capacity. All of Tony's things were on one side, the other was empty. The only thing that the empty side had was hangers, empty drawers and shoe rack space. He had given her half of his closet. He'd stripped down his bedroom to its bones. He prepared for her arrival in a way she could never have expected. Letting her make his space, their space, was such...a beautiful gesture. She had no words to express how appreciative she was.

"If you don't like it, or if it seems like--if it's to daunting a project to take on with the baby and everything, I can get some decorators in here, and just have it professionally finished. No fuss no muss." Tony babbled.

Darcy walked out of the closet, lightly fanning her eyes trying not to cry. "Oh, baby, no. God, you hate it, don't you. It's too much right? Happy warned me--"

"No." Darcy choked out, a tear sliding down her cheek.

Tony hurried toward her. He took her into his arms and his hands began gently rubbing up and down her back. Darcy squeezed her eyes shut and wrapped her arms around his neck. She felt so...happy...she just needed to hold him for a second.

"I'm sorry. I'll have decorators here in the morning. It'll be done by noon tomorrow, I swear." Tony continued in a consoling tone. Darcy shook her head and pulled back so she could see his face, her eyes searched his, as she waited for the words to come to her, to express how, wonderfully overwhelmed she was by his gesture.

"I'm sorry--mhnm." Darcy said what she couldn't...with a kiss. She cut off whatever ridiculous apology Tony was about to say, by pressing her lips to his with such intent.

It was a deep, solid, loving kiss. Darcy pressed her body against his, and tugged him closer with her hands. She felt his hands slide up her back and tangle into her hair. Darcy slipped her tongue into his mouth and gave a sensual swipe inside his mouth, that had Tony letting out a guttural moan. Lightly she slid her tongue along his, trying to express to him, how much she didn't hate what he had done.

When they broke apart, Darcy knew she had an adoring expression on her face, luckily it matched the one on Tony's. Darcy confessed quietly, "I love it....I love you Tony."

"I love you too." Tony beamed, before kissing her once again.

Darcy broke the kiss to look at the door where Steve and Happy still stood when she heard the affable driver/security man, utter a shocked sounding, "Holy shit!"

The moment between he and Darcy broken, Tony raised a questioning eyebrow at his friend.

Happy blushed and admitted with downcast eyes, "Sorry, I just never thought I'd see the day that Tony Stark said 'I love you' to know...sober."

Darcy laughed out loud. She took one final look around their room and then she skipped away from Tony.

"C'mon Stark." She called as she made her way over to Steve, excitedly she grabbed his hand and slipped in between him and Happy. Pulling Steve along behind her she insisted, "Let's go see Steve's room now!"

Tony had given Steve's room the same bare bones treatment. Steve seemed equally happily with the prospect of getting to design his own room. Tony looked ready to burst, he was so pleased with himself.

Steve jokingly informed him, "I'm not kissing you...but thanks."

"You haven't even seen the best part!" Tony boasted as he ran out of the room. Darcy and Steve followed him, he went back to the master bed room, but pointed to the door directly across from it. "It's going to be the nursery."

Tony opened the door with a flourish. The room was mostly empty. The room had hard wood floors. And the same painting equipment could be seen in the corner of the room. The room had one wall of floor to ceiling windows, just like the other bedrooms, but unlike the other rooms it had two pieces of furniture. Well, sorta.

In the middle of the room on the floor was a circular rug. As soon as she saw it, Darcy was on her hands and knees, she crawled following the yellow spiral pattern, staring at the word 'follow' and stopping once she reached the Emerald City. It was a Wizard of Oz area rug. It had the yellow brick road, Glinda, flying monkey's, the wicked witch of the east, a rainbow, the courage medal, the heart clock, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and a little Dorothy riding the Cowardly Lion. It was only when she was in the center that she saw that Happy was handing something to Steve. When she saw it, she couldn't help the tears of happiness that began to flow.

Steve held a little lion character chair. It looked like a friendly lion stuffed animal, but was actually a tiny chair! It was so cute and fluffy she wanted to die! Darcy gave Happy a watery smile as the man gave her a silent wave and disappeared.

Tony went down onto his hands and knees, and crawled along the same spiral path she had. Steve walked over and sat down, until all three of them were sitting on the Wizard of Oz rug together in a big heap. Tony and Steve sort of crowding over her. Darcy's hands reached out and pet the lion chair's mane, heedless of the tears that wouldn't stop falling, Darcy smiled.

"It's so cute." Darcy said breathily.

"I saw it in the window of this little store back in New York. I...I just couldn't resist. I figured, he was close enough to the Cowardly Lion, that he'd fit right in." Steve explained, stroking her hair as Darcy took the lion chair out of his hands and squeezed it, her arms wound around the lion's neck, her cheek rubbing against the soft fur of it's face.

Tony put his hand on her back, Darcy turned her face to look at him, resting her other cheek on top of the lion's head. "I considered having the floor tiled like the yellow brick road, but Pepper said that babies and hard tile floors weren't a good mix."

"Good call Pepper." Darcy ran her hand across the plush rug, "You'll have to remind me to write her a thank you note."

"Reminder added." Jarvis's voice announced from above them. Darcy just smiled wanly, vaguely at the corner where she thought the sound of his voice sounded loudest.

"I had Jarvis search for a soft baby-friendly Wizard of Oz alternative. And in a sea of cheaply made, reprinted crap, I found this beauty." Tony gestured with his hand to the entire rug.

"I had to buy it off this old snooty French woman because it was hand made. She didn't even care to haggle price, she actually agreed to the price right away, but she said she couldn't sell it to me unless she knew it was going to a worthy home. Lady gave me a test on my Wizard of Oz knowledge, thank god for Jarvis, or else I don't think she would have parted with it no matter how much I offered----never mind, the point is, I had to jump through a few hoops to get this thing, but I knew you would love it so, I had to have it."

Tony softly smiled at her, as he asked, knowing the answer, "You like it right?"

"Yes." Darcy let go of the lion chair, and put an arm around Steve and an arm around Tony's neck, she pulled them close to her. Going up on her knees so she could properly hug them both, she whispered, "I love them both."

Tony and Steve squeezed her tightly. Before letting go, and allowing her to sit back down. Darcy first turned to Steve, she gave him an intense kiss, pushing all of her love and affection for him into her lips, hoping he could feel how much she loved him, how much she appreciated his small gesture.

Pulling away from Steve, Darcy immediately turned to Tony and kissed him sweetly, softly, and delicately. Treating him with care, she knew how much it meant for him to sacrifice his personal space, to give over control to her, to design a new bed room. To include her, so intimately in his life. His sanctuary. His love for her was a gift that she would treasure until her last day.

Pulling away, Darcy wiped her hands over her face, clearing away any lingering tears. She took one last look at the lion chair, before setting it aside. She stood up and looked down at the amazing rug. Then she extended her hands down to help Steve and Tony to their feet, saying, "C'mon, no more touching moments, let's finish the tour. And if you have anymore heartfelt gifts to give me, please wait until tomorrow, I am so done with happy tears for today."

Both men smiled and let her 'help' them up. Tony practically pulled her down, actually expecting her to pull him to his feet, whereas Steve used his own muscles and power to spring to his feet, merely holding her hand for show.

Tony showed them around the rest of the house. The state of the art refrigerator was super cool, and it had a touch screen and all kinds of amazing buttons. The oven and stove were state of the art, and Darcy was happily surprised that Steve mentioned he could actually cook. Both men, were all smiles when Darcy revealed she didn't cook, but she could bake.

The rest of the house was fucking insane. In the living room area, there was a fully stocked bar, with cute little stools. In front of the floor to ceiling windows, there was a long circular couch that looked like it could fit twenty people. There were a few guitars under an ugly painting off to the side of it. In fact Tony had a bunch of fancy and weird modern art littered around.

A pair of twin big ass boulders book ended a small set of stairs that lead to a little piano and award case? The piano was some fancy kind, which Tony said the name of and then looked at Darcy in such a way that she knew she should be impressed, but she didn't really know anything about what type of pianos were impressive or not, so she just sort of nodded. She was however, impressed when Tony sat down at the piano and started to play a jaunty tune, as he gestured to his all of his awards on the shelving behind him. To the right of the piano was a modern looking fireplace.

Next to the piano were floating stairs that lead down to Tony's workshop and underground garage. When Tony took them down there, he admitted that no one but Pepper and Rhodey had the codes to his workshop when locked, and even then when he put it into 'super privacy' mode, they could only enter if Jarvis deemed their entry necessary due to emergency circumstances.

"Jarvis, give Darcy complete access. She can take any car. She can go through all my old stuff. She is always allowed in the shop. No limitations." Darcy gave Tony a kiss on the cheek. She felt honored that Tony trusted her so much. He was obviously someone who guarded his privacy pretty fiercely, if only two people had limited access to his most sacred space.

"Yes, sir."

"Unless it's on fire, or a safety hazard or something. Then don't let her in, safety first." Darcy just rolled her eyes and gently poked Tony in the ribs with her elbow.

"Access amended, sir."

"Give Steve, Pepper level security throughout the mansion." Steve gave Tony a slightly annoyed look, but didn't say anything about it.

"Yes, sir."

"So, Tony. The house is pretty kicking." Darcy said in a complimentary voice.

"I know. I designed most of it." Steve let out a huff at Tony's lack of humbleness.

"I wouldn't brag about that mister," Darcy joked, poking Tony in the stomach with her pointer finger, "It doesn't even have a moat."

Tony frowned comically before, mockingly imitating her, "It doesn't even have a moat."

"What! I'm just saying, if you really wanted to knock my socks off, it'd have a moat...that was actually just a circular swimming pool, that way you could do laps around the whole house." Darcy said dreamily. Because honestly that was her dream thing, she had ever since she watched Eureka's Castle on Nick Jr., had wanted to have a swimming pool moat.

"I think a moat would be really cool." Steve added, obviously just enjoying getting to team up against Tony and pull his proverbial pig tails, "Also it would be such a fun way to enjoy in daily healthy exercise."

Tony turned and began walking up the stairs, muttering as he left, "You guys suck."

Darcy laughed as she ran to chase after him, yelling, "Don't be mad babe! I'm just an architectural genius! No reason to act so salty!"

Steve's heavy footfalls echoed behind her as she followed Tony up the stairs. He ignored them as he lead them through the living room, past the dining room, into the kitchen, and out the sliding glass doors to the back yard. There was a large tiled patio, and off the drop off, she could see a pool.

"Ooh! A pool." Darcy cooed.

Tony just looked back at her and glared, muttering, "Fucking moat!"

Tony went to the side of the patio and descended the marble stairs to the surface level of the pool. Steve and Darcy trotted down behind him merrily.

Tony pointed a hidden structure that lay underneath the top part of the patio. He practically oozed self satisfaction as he commanded, "Jarvis activate waterfall."

A waterfall fell over the circular section that was hidden by the top of the patio, seperating the pool from a secret hot tub by a curtain of flowing water. Darcy jumped up and down and ran over to Tony squeezing his bicep excitedly, "Cool! A secret grotto!"

Tony smirked in self satisfaction, as Steve's eyebrows raised high on his forehead as he admitted, "That's beautiful Tony. You designed this yourself."

"Of course."

Darcy looked up and asked, "Jarvis? Is the pool heated? How hot is it outside right now?" Darcy took off her glasses and rubbed at the bridge of her nose.

"The pool is heated, but the heater is not currently on. It is currently 72 degrees with scattered clouds." Darcy handed her glasses to Steve before she

Darcy handed her glasses to Steve before she squealed, "Yay!"

And then she jumped into the pool, cannon ball style.

When she surfaced she gave the chuckling men, a wide smile. She then turned to Steve with a sweet expression on her face, fluttering her eye lashes, she kicked off her shoes as she commanded, "Steve honey, push Tony in."

Tony's smile disappeared as Steve obeyed her command, giving Tony a hard shove into the pool. Darcy cackled wildly. "MUHAHAHAH!" She screamed once Tony surfaced. A sour expression on his face.

"Darce, I'm wearing Prada." Tony complained as he watched Darcy remove her sopping wet sweat shirt. Darcy just giggled and threw the hooded shirt at Tony's head, taunting him in a lilting voice she said, "Don't care!"

Steve meanwhile, having removed his wallet, shoes and pants on dry land, did a running flip into the pool with his boxers and t-shirt on. The resulting splash was epic...and splashed Tony right in the face.

"Haha ha!" Darcy exaggeratedly laughed and pointed at Tony's frown-y face.

"Not funny." Tony said in flat voice. Darcy unbuttoned her pants and wiggled out of them, struggling a bit as they got stuck around her knees. Darcy threw her pants at Tony, but he ducked out of the way before they could make contact.

Darcy then peeled off her t-shirt, she looked down at her bra considering whipping it off too, but she just shrugged and threw her shirt at Steve's head. She decided to keep her bra on, in deference to Steve's wanting to take their relationship physically slower.

Darcy gave Tony a wink, before she dove under the water, swimming in Tony's general direction under the water and therefore blindly. Once she reached Tony, she surfaced from the water right in front of him, she motioned Steve to come over closer to her and Tony. She then gave Tony a quick kiss on the lips before ordering Steve, "Get him out of his shirt, I'll handle his pants."

Darcy took a big breath then descended under the water, she used her hands to feel way down Tony's torso and to his hips. She couldn't open her eyes under the water, so she had to feel her way to the belt buckle. Once she found it she quickly undid it. She got his pants button undone, before she felt the need for air.

"Jesus fucking Christ kid. I swear, I'll build you a moat." Darcy smiled at what she saw, Steve had already rid him of the suit jacket. And Tony was looking flustered. Steve had his chest up against Tony's back, probably due to her being at Tony's front working on his pants. Darcy swam closer to Tony to give him a teasing kiss on the lips, her breasts brushing up against Steve's nimble fingers as he worked to quickly unbutton the many buttons of Tony's button up shirt.

When Tony let out a groan and put his hands around her waist, Darcy knew it was time to go back to work. She pulled away from his mouth, took a big breath of air, then went underwater and unzipped Tony's pants. She pulled them off his legs, but then realized she couldn't get them off without taking off his shoes and socks first. She made quick work of his shoes, by simply pulling them off. She had to surface for air before she could finish with his socks and pants. Finally free of most of his clothes, Darcy felt accomplished.

When Darcy surfaced, she wrapped her legs around Steve and Tony's waists. Tony's hands went to the back of her thighs supporting her. Steve had rid Tony of his shirt and now was just sort of swimming awkwardly, his arms out in the water behind him, but his groin forced closed to Tony's butt, by Darcy's legs.

Darcy didn't know if they guys were down for some boy on boy love, but she didn't really care at that moment. She wasn't really trying to make anything sexy happen. She just wanted them all to have fun with each other. To just, be close together.

Darcy leaned back, spreading her arms out she arched her chest up so she could float on the surface of the water. She just stared up at the blue sky, at the few fluffy white clouds she saw.

All three of them stayed like that for...maybe five minutes, just floating, swimming, tangled together, until Jarvis's intelligent sounding voice broke the spell when he announced, "Sir, Mr. Stane is at the door."

"Tell him I'm not in. I'm actually out." Tony moved his hands up to Darcy's back, urging her up out of her floating pose, and more into his lap.

"Sir, I'm afraid he's insisting. He says you promised him a meeting of your new significant other?"

Tony sighed, as he hid his face in Darcy's collar bone. Steve moved Darcy's legs away from around his waist and swam to the edge of the pool. "I'll get us some towels."

"Jarvis I'm on a date." Tony complained, as he began kissing the space where Darcy's shoulder met her neck.

Darcy wrapped her arms around Tony's neck and stroked his hair lightly.


"Alright, alright. Let him in. Tell him he can wait in the living room. I know how much he loves to play the piano." Tony kissed her lightly on the lips.

"I don't want to talk to Obie right now." Tony said petulantly.

Darcy just gave him a bittersweet grin, before unwrapping her legs from around his waist. She descended into the water and pulled down his boxers, stealing his underwear, she gave his penis a gentle squeeze, before swimming for the edge of the pool. She felt a hand try to grab her foot, but she just swam faster.
Reaching the edge, she quickly climbed out of the pool and ran into Steve's open arms, allowing him to wrap he up in a fluffy blue towel.

"Ha ha. You're hilarious." Tony said as he swam for the edge of the pool.

Darcy threw his underwear at his head, just as he was about to get out of the pool.

"Muahaha." Darcy teased, as she ran to one of the lounge chairs set up around the edge of the pool and hid her face in the cushion.

She wrapped her towel around her face, and waited giddily for Tony's retaliation. She heard the boys footsteps get closer and closer to her. Darcy smiled awaiting what fun would happen next.

"Steve honey, can you throw Darcy back in the pool?" Tony asked in an overly sweet voice.

"WHAT!" Darcy joyfully screamed, as Steve picked her up, and threw her back in the pool, towel and all.

When she surfaced it was with a smile, and without her bra.

"Muahaha." She whispered as she jumped high out of the water, so both men could see her wet glistening chest, Darcy screeched, "ALL HAIL THE HYPNO BOOBS!"

And then she dived backwards down to the pool's floor and retrieved and put her bra back on. When she surfaced, she climbed out and looked at the dazed looking Steve and asked in a hurt tone, "You didn't get me another towel?"

Tony let out a loud, "Ha." Sound, then collapsed on a lounge chair. His own towel, wrapped securely around his waist.

Darcy stuck out her bottom lip and pouted, wrapping her arms around her self, she said in little girl voice, "But now I'm cold."

Steve smirked but, obliged her by removing his own towel from round his waist, and placing it around her shoulders. He then picked her up bridal style, and sat down on the lounge chair next to Tony's, with Darcy in his lap cuddled against his chest.

After a minute or two of contented silence, Darcy announced in a optimistic voice, "We're going to have so much here fun together you guys."

"Yeah." Both men simultaneously agreed.





Cowardly Lion Chair

Wizard of Oz Rug

Tony's Piano/stairs to Workshop

Living Room

Stark's Malibu Pool

Chapter Text

Chapter 12 - Closet Space

After fifteen more minutes of dawdling by the pool, Darcy had to pee. Which of course she announced without shame, as was her way, "Boys, I have to pee, and now that I'm dating a wealthy man, I don't want to do it in the pool like heathen, I'd like to go inside, so I can flush."

Steve's chest rumbled under her, as he silently laughed. Tony scowled, objecting in a manly but also whiny voice, "But that means I have to go inside and deal with Obie."

Steve picked her up, standing with her in his arms as they looked down on Tony. Darcy squeezed out the excess water from her hair, right onto Tony's upturned face. "Hashtag, not my problem babe."

This time, Steve didn't contain his laughter at Tony's horrified face.

Tony got up swiftly, putting his face really close to Darcy's, he scowled before glowering, "You're lucky you're cute, Liquor Lips."

Tony then turned and lead them back up the stairs. Darcy looped her arms around Steve's neck, just as he was about to her put her back on her feet, "Carry me?"

Steve rolled his eyes before kissing her, putting more heat in the kiss than Darcy was expecting, leaving her a little dazed when he pulled back to whisper, "Anytime sweetheart."

Steve then jogged to catch up with Tony, holding her aloft easily as he did so. Darcy called out to Tony, "Hey Tony, after your business meeting, can we get food? I'm hungry."

As they entered back into the house Tony lead them through the kitchen, and down a back hallway that lead to their bedrooms, airily demanding, "Jarvis, order the full spread from that Italian place I like."

"Yes, sir."

Tony looked back at her and Steve, quickly looking Steve up and down, he seem to reconsider, correcting himself Tony said, "On second thought Jarvis, double that order of a full spread, make sure we get two of everything."

Tony lead Steve and by extension her into their walk in closet. Darcy's face split wide in a smile as she saw someone, probably Happy, had already began unpacking her travel bag. He had left her underwear and bra's alone, in the bottom of her suitcase, but folded her t-shirts and jeans neatly on a shelf, as well as put her on other pair of shoes, some black boots, on the shoe shelf. Darcy 'eep'ed excitedly at the site of her cheap and meager possessions, laid out in their new expensive home.

Darcy shot a grateful smile at Steve, as he let her down onto a little padded ottoman. Her eyes lit up as she had a thought, "Oooh! Jarvis, can we get ice cream delivered too! I don't...know from where off the top of my head but--"

"Of course, Miss Darcy. What flavors would you like?"

Darcy looked to Tony, "What's your favorite?"

"Jarvis get me a tub of mint chocolate chip." Tony carelessly threw his towel towards a basket in the corner, not minding that it fell on the floor in front of the thing rather than in it, he pulled out some underwear, slacks, and a Black Sabbath t-shirt and put it on the little dressing stool.

"Yes, sir."

"What about you?" Darcy asked, turning to look at Steve.

Steve folded his arms in front of his chest and glared at Tony as he admitted, "I like vanilla."

Tony snorted but didn't say anything. Darcy squeezed Steve's hand and whispered, "Me too."

Steve sat down next to Darcy and put his arm around her back, his warm hand resting on the small of her back warming her up from the inside out, "What about you sweetheart, what's your favorite?"

Darcy looked up at the ceiling and addressed Jarvis, "Jarvis can you get us a tub of Vanilla, French Vanilla, and Vanilla bean, and...whipped cream, chocolate syrup, a bag of M&M's, sprinkles--not the little ball kind, the other kind, and Reese's Pieces and cones--not the waffle kind, the sugar kind, and OH! Cherries! We need cherries. And banana's....wait..Tony how do you do your grocery shopping? Do I have to go to the store? I really don't feel like drying my hair." Darcy concluded with a pout.

Steve disappeared from the room but returned a few moments later, new bandage and Neosporin in hand.

"Jarvis, the corner store has all that stuff right?" Tony confirmed.

"Indeed sir, I've already placed the order. It should arrive within two hours. Your dinner will be here by 7pm. I've also taken the liberty to place an order for your general grocery items to be delivered at the usual time tomorrow."

Steve got down on his knees and dutifully changed Darcy's foot bandage, using gentle hands and kissing her knee when he was done.

"Jarvis, I want to triple my usual order, Captain underpants over here, probably eats as much as I do in a day, in one sitting. And, I know you've picked this up from our conversations, but Darcy's pregnant, and should be provided more healthy food choices."

Darcy noisily made a fart noise with her mouth as she spit/stuck her tongue out at Tony's mentioning of 'healthy' food. "Blah healthy food. I need junk food options too! Like saltines and popcorn and candy! I need chocolate! LITERALLY need it to live! AND COOKIES!...or ingredients to make cookies. And Pringles and Swedish fish!"

Darcy quietly asked Steve to retrieve her desired outfit, smiling gratefully when Steve did so without hesitation. Looking up at Steve she asked, "Can you help me with my socks?"

She wiggled the toes of her uninjured foot, her other foot, after so much activity on it, was actually started to ache and throb.

Tony came up behind her with a bottle of water and aspirin for her to take as Steve helped her to gingerly put on her fluffy pink socks.

"Thanks." Darcy said, generally, not really thanking one man in particular.

"I'm going to go change now, unless you need something else?" Steve asked awkwardly. Darcy frowned. What she really needed was to not have Steve disappear, but to stay with her and to keep the good threesome times going. Him splintering off to go to his private bedroom would derail the groove the three of them found themselves in, she just knew it.

Darcy made a comedic pout-y face as she teased, "You know Steve, if we we're all having sex, I'd probably demand half of you're closet as fact, I don't care. Steve, I demand half of your closet. So we normal couple things, like get dressed together in the morning and stuff."

Steve smiled wistfully at her, his hand reaching forward to pet her hair before pulling her in for a hug around his waist. He kissed the top of her head, as he reminded her, "You didn't demand half of Tony's closet, he offered it. And I should of thought to offer half of mine too, but...this is all a little overwhelming honestly. But, I do know, that just because we're taking it slow, doesn't mean we can't sleep in the same bed...maybe. At least for some nights."

Darcy pulled back and smiled at Steve cheekily as she pressed, "And...get dressed together in the morning?"

"If you want." Steve smiled.

"And stand side by side as we brush our teeth?"

"Sure." Steve agreed easily.

"And masturbate in front of each other as a means of foreplay?"

Darcy heard Tony make a choking noise behind her, but she ignored him to watch Steve's reaction. It was adorable, he full on body blushed. Darcy wanted to see what other things she could do to make Steve turn that particular shade of crimson. She could think of at least five off the top of her head.

Steve gave her an embarrassed smile before he backed up half a step and replied comically in a vaguely feminine southern sounding voice, "You are just so bold Miss Darcy."

Darcy let out a little laugh.

"Get dressed Sweetheart, I'll come back when I'm dressed too." Steve ordered her, his eyes catching Tony's as he addressed the other man, "Then we can all meet partner of yours."

Tony gave him a nod, and then Steve disappeared. Darcy looked at Tony's face, he seemed unperturbed by her request to share some of her nights with Steve. But she had a feeling that unflappable front of his, was secretly flapping its shit.

"You okay with me...sleeping with Steve?" Darcy asked demurely as she threw her towel into the laundry basket.

Tony gave her a confident smile, "Of course. That's what this is all about right? Sharing you...splitting your time between the both of us."

Tony briskly pulled up and buttoned his pants. Darcy felt like he wasn't he didn't mean what he said.

Darcy got up, she walked over just as Tony pulled his shirt over his head. He was almost fully dressed and about to reach for a drawer, but Darcy stilled his hand. Stepping into his personal space, she stood toe to toe with him. Looking up at his face, Tony avoided her eyes.

Darcy gripped his chin and forced him to look at her. She...didn't know what to say, so she unhooked her bra one handedly. She let the damp garment fall to the floor. She let go of Tony's chin, his eyes now glued to her, and she pulled down her wet panties. Stepping out of them she left them on the floor too.

Darcy felt a certain amount of power, standing in front of Tony fully naked, while he was clothed. Well, fully naked except for her fuzzy socks.

His eyes were burning now, she could see the desire for her in the way his eyes stared at her chest, and down to the place between her legs. Tony reached out a hand to touch her, but Darcy gently swatted it away. She finally knew what she wanted to say.

She walked away, back to the ottoman seat where her clothes were. She began to get dressed, talking in a purposefully casual voice as she did so, confident that she had Tony's attention, "It doesn't have to feel like I'm splitting my time between you two you know...not if we actually, really, truly, shared. Like...shared our date nights...shared one bed, perhaps? Like we did last night."

Tony padded closer to her as grabbed a brush out of her suitcase. Darcy continued to talk her voice growing softer and more seductive in nature, "Last night, when I was sleeping in between you and Steve, god, it was the safest and the most loved I've ever felt...I don't like the idea of Steve sleeping next door. Or of me sleeping next door with Steve, and you here, all alone."

"Can I brush your hair?" Tony asked once she had pulled on her skirt and sat down to put on her t-shirt. Darcy turned her head back and up, to look at his face. He soft. His face was soft. Like, younger? Maybe. She couldn't describe it accurately, how he looked, not even to herself.

"Yeah." Darcy replied simply after she pulled her shirt on.

After a minute of him silently and gently, detangling and brushing her hair smooth. Tony spoke, "I don't want you to be with him, next door."

Tony's voice sounded small, "I don't want to be alone again...not after getting to feel what it's like to be--not alone."

"Would you mind if...Steve slept in here...sometimes?" Darcy asked as she brought her legs up so she could sit criss-crossed.

Tony's hands stilled.

"No." He answered plainly.

"Okay." Darcy smiled.

"Okay." Tony agreed, setting the brush aside, as Steve came back into the room.

"What'd I miss?" Steve asked with an easy smile on his face.

"Nothing." Darcy and Tony replied together.

Chapter Text

Chapter 13 -Blood Stains

Steve, Darcy and Tony entered the living room together. Tony refused to enter arm in arm, though. The spoil sport.

Inside the bald older man, sat angrily at the piano, but as soon as he saw their arrival, his faced morphed into a more friendly facade. "Tony! You certainly know how to build suspense, I'll give you that."

Tony walked over to the man and gave him a genuinely warm smile and hug. Tony asked flippantly, "Oh? Were you waiting long?"

The man gave a hearty laugh, and patted Tony on the back forcefully, before turning his attention over to Steve and Darcy.

"Well. When Tony said he found a match, I was happy for him, but I never expected someone as lovely as you my dear." The man walked closer to her, extending his hand to her he introduced himself, "Obadiah Stane."

Darcy shook his hand, introducing herself in turn, "Darcy Lewis. Pleased to meet you."

"I'm pleased to meet the woman who tamed Tony Stark as well. I hear that our boy has taken a vow to stay on the straight and narrow....and that we owe that all to you." Obadiah let her hand go, his eyes moving up and down her figure.

Darcy spied Tony getting a drink from the bar. Darcy scratched her eyebrow lightly as she admitted, "I've never been a straight and narrow girl myself, so I don't know if its really my doing."

"Obie just means that he's glad he won't have to look too far to track me down from now on." Tony said before giving her a salute with his drink and taking a tiny sip. "Seeing as you're pregnant, we're in love, and I plan on being a better father than mine ever was."

Obadiah turned and gave Tony a quick sad look, before looking back to Darcy. He have her a wide smile as he put his arm around her shoulder and leant down conspiratorially as if he was telling her a secret, "Congratulations, dear. I never had any children of my own, Tony's like a son to me, truly, but it's not the same when its not your own flesh and blood."

Obadiah then stood up removing his arm from round her shoulder, he spoke more clearly saying, "You know what they say, children are a blessing."

Darcy put a hand over her stomach and just smiled at the man, not really knowing what to say. Obadiah seemed to approve of her non verbal response, as he turned and set his gaze on Steve. He looked at the other man with evaluating eyes. He looked Steve up and down as if cataloging his every asset.

"And you, are the famous Captain. Are you not?" Obadiah asked extending his hand, Tony drifted back over to them, coming to Darcy's side, and guiding her over to the couch. He whispered in her hair, something about pushing herself and her injury as he lead her away.

"Yes sir. Steve Rogers." Steve said respectfully shaking Obadiah's hand confidently. Tony and Darcy sat down on the couch side by side, staring at Obadiah and Steve.

"Tony said he had met an unbelievable celebrity during his Citizen's Duty, but he never mentioned who it was or that he planed on bringing him back to California with him."

Steve put a hand on the back of his neck as he slyly looked over at her and Tony, before answering, "Yes. I...I wasn't really planning on...Tony's been very generous so far." Steve concluded lamely.

Tony snorted into his glass as he took another sip, Darcy looked over to Tony and the second she saw the smirk on his face and the laughter in his eyes, she knew, that Obie knew, about her and him and Steve. Tony just wanted to watch Steve squirm. He was such a drama fiend.

Darcy glared at Tony and elbowed him in the gut. Tony frowned at Darcy, sensing the jig was up.

"Steve." Tony called out, waving him and Obie over. "Don't get your patriotic panties in a bunch."

Steve came over and sat next to Tony, Obadiah came and stood in front of them. An amused smile on his face as well.

"Obadiah is a loyal friend to the Stark family and my business partner. He helped dad build Stark Industries from the ground up. He's one of the most loyal men I know." Tony confessed, patting Steve on the back before leaning in and revealing, "Do really think that I wouldn't tell him that you're hear because Darcy wants to bang you?"

Darcy let out a noise of annoyance, in response Tony added with a roll of his eyes, "Also because her big squishy heart has feelings for you."

"Indeed, I was a bit surprised, when Tony said he was in a poly-amorous relationship, but mostly I just figured that was why he was willing to 'settle down'. As he put it." Obadiah said as he directed a fatherly smile at Tony.

"Bet you never thought I'd bring home a national icon." Tony said as he leant back and put arms behind Darcy and Steve's backs, resting them along the top of the couch.

"No." Obadiah laughed. "No, not really. I was expecting a someone who was more hourglass shaped, or tall and willowy, like Ms. Potts. Honestly my boy, I never thought you'd decide to bat for the other team full time...Not that I'm judging."

Steve turned beat red as Tony looked on with a smirk, "I know that you never even considered dabbling in the homosexual arena Obie, but even you can't deny, the man is very pretty."

Tony gave Steve's shoulder a squeeze, causing Steve to look like he was about to combust from embarrassment. Darcy could feel her mouth puckering in a pursed look. She didn't know how she felt about Tony teasing Steve.

Weeks ago, Tony had revealed to her that he was bisexual, that he had been since boarding school. Tony told her about his first boyfriend, and how he had only been attracted to three men in his whole life. Darcy of course asked if he was attracted to Steve, but Tony had dodged the question, requesting they no longer talk about Steve. Then Tony asked if they could stop talking all together. Then he went down on her for half an hour.

Sue her for getting distracted by multiple orgasms.

Obie chortled at Steve and Tony, saying, "He looks every inch the hero, that the history books painted him to be."

Tony pinched Steve's cheek and used a sweetly mocking tone, "That's our Stevie boy! Captain America by day. Captain of love by night."

Darcy let out a laugh at that. "Captain of love?"

Tony turned to her, "What? You think he should get promoted to Admiral?"

"No." Steve answered for her in a bashful tone, "Just, all of the no's."

"Admiral of Love, does have a nice ring to it though." Darcy admitted.

"No." Steve repeated flatly.

"Well, no matter your title young man, I'm pleased to meet you. I get the feeling that you'll have your hands full with these two, so I'll just wish you good luck now." Obadiah gave Steve a two fingered salute, before he turned to Tony extending his hand once again.

"Tony, it's been a pleasure meeting your matches. Glad to have you home, I look forward to seeing you at Stark Industries tomorrow, bright and early and ready to jump back into work."

Tony shook Obadiah's hand, giving the man a smile he sassed, "Don't count on the bright and early part, but yeah, it'll be good to get my hands dirty again."

Tony gave her a devious look, "Well, mechanically dirty anyway."

Darcy blushed, and bit her lip. Obadiah, let out a light chuckle, and turned to her. "Well, Ms. Lewis--"

"You can call me Darcy."

The older man gave her a semi-lecherous smile, "Alright Darcy."

He then bent down and took her hand, giving her knuckles a light kiss, "It's been an absolute pleasure."

Darcy gave him a slightly awkward feeling smile, before nodding and sputtering, "Me too--I'm mean for me too. Nice to meet you."

Tony stood up to walk Obadiah out and presumably talk a little bit of shop talk on the way out, when Steve stopped both men by calling out, "Tony!"

The men stopped and turned to look at Steve. Steve stood, leveling a hard look at Obadiah, "I'd actually like to keep my status as the former Captain America as quiet as possible. For a as long as possible."

"Of course my boy. I won't say a word to anyone." Obadiah declared.

Tony gave Obadiah a friendly clap on the back, "Don't sweat it Steve, we can trust Obie."

Steve sat back down, deflated, as Tony and Obadiah left the room. Darcy patted the seat next to her, prompting Steve to slide closer to her.

Darcy lifted one of Steve's giant muscle-y arms and put it around her shoulders, as she cuddled into his side, he lifted his other arm and put it around her. Encasing her in his arms.

Darcy had never broached the topic of homosexuality with Steve. For some reason, him being from a different time, made her think he might be...a little homophobic. Or something. But now that Tony had broached the topic with him, she decided this was her opening.

So she bit the bullet and just asked, "So, have you ever had a homosexual, meaning man on man love, experience?"

Steve looked down at her face, and admitted "No."

The way he answered so succinctly without elaboration had her hesitating to ask a follow up question. Luckily, Steve broke the tension by asking her, "Have you ever had a homosexual, meaning woman on woman love, experience?"

Darcy smiled bashfully as she admitted, "I've never had---I've never physically done anything with a woman...but, sure, I've had thoughts."

"What kind of thoughts?" Steve prompted with a smile. His other arm leaving side to finger a strand of her hair. Lightly tracing the soft wave of her tresses with his two fingers.

Darcy could feel her face heating up as she blushed, "Just....thoughts."

Darcy looked up at Steve, determined to see her line of questioning through and not get distracted...again. "What about you, have you ever had thoughts? Just thoughts?"

Steve looked away from her, staring at the Jackson Pollock looking painting on the wall across from them, his voice sounded kind of distant as he answered, "Yeah. Back--before the serum I would see guys, idolize them a bit. Admire them....I wanted to be bigger and stronger and taller, like them. Maybe once or twice, I thought about just being with them instead....because being like them seemed like such an unlikely scenario."

"And now?" Darcy prompted, bringing Steve's attention back to her, "Now that you are bigger and stronger and taller, like those men whom you admired, now do you still have...thoughts about being with men?"

Steve shook his head. "No...not really."

Darcy tried very hard not to be let down. In her heart she knew she was hoping Steve would be open to a sexual relationship with Tony. She deep down believed that if they started fucking and doing all the boring/awesome life stuff together, they would develop feelings for each other and their poly relationship would be easier. Instead of Darcy being the sun their worlds revolved around.

"Are you sure?" Darcy asked hopefully.

Steve looked down at her a little sadly, "Yeah." His head fell back, his eyes staring at the ceiling, "Yeah, I don't think...Whenever I had those kind of thoughts, they were usually only about one guy. And...he's gone. He died even before I went into the ice. When he died...any ideas I had about entertaining that kind of---those thoughts died with him."

Darcy felt bad for making Steve dredge up painful old memories. But, in for a penny in for a pound...

"Who was he?" Darcy asked in a small voice, she cuddled closer to his chest.

"The best man I knew." Steve said wistfully.

"So you never thought...maybe you might---never mind."

Steve sighed, his hand tightening around Darcy's waist, "Back in my day, it wasn't like now. Poly-amorous relationships...just weren't done. And if they were they weren't spoken about so...casually."

"Are you worried about what Tony told Obie? If its that important to you, I'm sure Tony would make it clear he was joking and let Obadiah know that you two aren't in a sexual relationship." Darcy offered, trying to assuage Steve's fears.

"No." Steve said warmly, "No, what Tony did--said, it was fine. I don't care. If Tony trusts that man, I suppose we can too...I was just a little shocked that he would speak so open about..."

"Gay love? Poly relationships?"

"Yes." Steve confirmed, "Both."

Darcy stroked Steve's arm, "Now a days, things aren't so great. It's not like poof, racism and sexism and homophobia are gone. They are not. Like don't let the media fool you, they exist...but I like to think things are getting better."

"Maybe a bit too slowly. But acceptance and awareness are slowly but surely becoming the norm. And honestly in a fifty years, I don't think who you fuck or what kind of genitalia or skin color you have, will be all that big of a deal....okay, realistically maybe one hundred years...but definitely that shit will be stomped out within the next century." Darcy was at her heart, an optimist. She didn't always feel like it, and sometimes she could be pessimistic, but...she liked to believe that people could be good, do good, when it really mattered. At least that's what she hoped.

Steve let out a big breath before responding, "I thought that too. But then I went into the ice for 70 years and woke up to find not a lot of things had changed. I mean the way they talk about things has changed, but those old prejudices are alive and well, with only a few weeks in the century under my belt, even I can see that."

Darcy frowned, "I expected flying cars. Public space travel. Servant Robots bound by the "Three Laws of Robotics". Cures to cancer, asthma, blindness and other ailments easily and readily available. I thought the future would be a...utopia? I guess. I don't know. It's stupid, I know....I guess I just thought people wouldn't be fighting wars over the same old shit. Wouldn't be dying over the same old shit. Wouldn't still be hating people over the same old shit. Wouldn't still be just...making all the same mistakes."

Darcy didn't know how to respond to what Steve was revealing. It was weird but, all the time she had spent with him had made it pretty difficult to think about him as anyone other than Steve. Just Steve. Her super hot boyfriend.

Steve was funny. Steve was kind. Steve was a troll. Steve was strong. And sexy. And honest. And he liked to draw. And eat Coco Puffs for second breakfast. He liked it when she wore her hair up. He liked watching funny animal video's with her on youtube. Steve was just the fucking best. And she...maybe sometimes forgot, that he wasn't just Steve.

He was Captain America.

And Captain America fought Nazis. And the Nazis were some real evil fucks who did a lot of heinous shit. And therefore, Steve saw some really real scary shit. Some horrible, evil, mentally and emotionally scarring Shit, with a capital 'S'.

She forgot how much he had seen.

It was moments like this, where she was left with nothing to say that she was reminded of who he was. Of what he was. Steve was a war hero, and war heroes usually came back...with issues. And that was putting it delicately.

She wanted to make a funny joke. Name all the good things about this decade. Like youtube, and google, and free porn, and lord of the rings movies. But, she felt like she shouldn't. Like it wouldn't be appropriate. Or worse like Steve would smile and laugh along with her, but it wouldn't be real laughter. She didn't want Steve to feel like he had to act like he was okay...if he wasn't okay.

So, she said nothing. She didn't make a joke. Or give him any false promises. Or platitudes.

She just put her head on his chest and her hand over his heart.

And she just sat with him.

And hoped that her being with him, helped.

Chapter Text

Chapter 14 - Monday Madness


After having their tender moment on the couch, Darcy asked Steve to sleep in the bed with her and Tony. However, despite having shared their bed after her whole disappearing act/Kilgrave episode, Steve did not feel ready to make the three of them sleeping together a permanent thing. When Tony came back, she offered again, saying Tony didn't mind. Tony backed her up and invited Steve to join them himself, he was even nice about it, but Steve just didn't feel comfortable. So she let the topic drop.

She was bummed, but Steve offered to bring them breakfast in bed the next morning, to celebrate Tony's first day back at work, and sort of continue he and Darcy's morning tradition. However, the next morning, when Darcy woke up at the ungodly hour of 5:35 am, she kind of hated Steve for not joining them in the big bed.

Tony it would seem, was quite the heavy sleeper. She kind of already knew this, but her dashing out of bed, without any kind of effort to keep quiet really drove that point home.

Darcy had to run to the toilet, she refused to throw up on the bed. It would seem the pregnancy symptom fairy had arrived. And thus Darcy spent her first morning in her new home, with her head in the toilet. Tony was sound asleep not fifteen feet away, she considered calling out to him, but he had to go to work today and she didn't want to wake him, just so he could rub her back or hold her hair or be nice to her while she suffered the side effects of gestating his possible spawn.

She spent ten minutes vomiting. Ten minutes! She severely regretted her second helping of ice cream.

She couldn't help but be bitter and annoyed at Steve's decision to maintain distance from her and Tony. Even when they explicitly stated there would be no hanky panky.

Steve didn't have work in the morning. Steve wasn't a heavy sleeper. Steve liked waking up at the butt crack of dawn. Steve would have rubbed her back. And held her hair. And offered her a small sip of water and gotten her tooth brush ready. And rubbed her belly and...Darcy was crying.

Fucking Mondays.

She went back to bed and cuddled up against Tony. She didn't think she could fall back asleep, but somehow she did.

She didn't mention her little 'morning sickness' episode to either Tony or Steve later on when Steve brought them breakfast in bed around nine. She ate some toast and drank some of the orange juice, but that was it. Steve tried to push more food on her, but she held him off by saying his amazing spread would keep until she felt hungry. Brunch was a thing after all.

Tony for his part, gobbled up the food rather quickly. He kissed her quickly. Got dressed quickly. And left for work, all rather quickly. He was out the door by nine fifty three. Quipping as he walked out the door, "I expect dinner on the table and you all dolled up and in heels and sexy lingerie when I come home Darcy!...You too Steve!"

Darcy was happy that Tony seemed so excited to get back to work. She blew him a kiss from the door, as he got into a gray sports car apparently driving himself to work, calling out, "Only if you if you build something so amazing it lands you on the front page of every major newspaper!"

"Challenge accepted!" Tony hollered before revving the engine and peeling away.

Darcy closed the door and went to find Steve. Tony had told them at breakfast that they should start brainstorming ideas for the baby's room, Steve's room, and her and Tony's. He insisted money was no object. Especially for the babies room. Yesterday she had been so excited to get started.

But after her rude awakening, Darcy didn't really feel like decorating anymore. She felt like taking a nap.

She found Steve in the kitchen, putting away the mornings dishes into the fancy dishwasher. Darcy walked up to him, and put her arms around his waist just as he bent over to put the soap thingy in the soap holder thingy. She let her front collapse on his back, letting him support all her weight.

"Can I help you with something Darcy?" Steve asked with a smile in his voice. He placed a gentle hand on her arm, as he stood up and closed the dishwasher door and turned it on.

Darcy pressed her face into his back and made a noise that vaguely sounded like 'nah'.

Steve spun in her embrace so her face was now on his chest, and her arms around his back. He stroked his hand down the side of her face softly, commenting, "You look tired."

Darcy put her chin on his chest so she could look up at his face, she felt her face crumble for a second as she was struck with the urge to cry and complain about how hurt and angry she was at him for not wanting to sleep in the same bed as her and Tony, but she quickly pushed the feeling away. Her face pouting instead of crying, she croaked out, "Yeah. I didn't sleep so good."

Steve frowned in concern at her admission, and put his hand on her forehead, before putting his cheek against it. "You don't feel warm, do you feel sick?"

Darcy glared at him. If he only knew...

"I'm not sick." Darcy clucked. "Not any more sick than a normal pregnant woman is supposed to be anyway."

Steve's frowned deepened as he confusedly asked, "What?"

"Nothing. Morning sickness. Totally normal. Don't worry." Darcy drew away from his embrace as she felt a sneeze come on, "Achoo."


When she sneezed she felt her stomach cramp in a very unpleasant way. Darcy put a hand on her belly, uttering a pitiful and surprised sounding, "Ow."

Steve picked her up by her hips and placed her on top of the little island of drawers that was in the middle of the kitchen right behind her. "What's wrong?" Steve worried.

"My stomach hurt, just for a second. I don't think it's a big deal though. It went away." Darcy said, but continued to clutch her stomach. Unable to stop the dark thoughts from creeping up in her mind. Dead baby thoughts. What if she had a miscarriage just like Pepper?

"Jarvis." Steve spoke in a commanding tone.

"Yes, sir."

"Please list all of the possible side effects of a pregnancy. Specifically the symptoms that show up during the fifth week."

"I caution you that pregnancy symptoms are unique and unpredictable. The swiftly rising levels of the hormones human chorionic gonadotropin and progesterone are responsible for many pregnancy symptoms, therefore the symptoms vary from individual to individual."

Darcy stared at Steve, her concern on display freely in her expression. Steve put his hands on her shoulders and stepped closer to her, Darcy spread her legs father apart so he could get even closer to her as they listened to Jarvis.

"During the fifth week of pregnancy, the baby is the size of a sesame seed. The baby's heart beats at a steady rate, the placenta is developing, and the woman's body is experiencing rapidly rising hormone levels and the uterus is beginning to grow. Though, you will not appear pregnant until several months from now."

"Get to the symptoms." Steve snapped.

"Morning sickness, lightheadedness, frequent urination, acute sense of smell, abdominal cramps, vaginal bleeding, fatigue, breast changes, constipation, increased vaginal discharge, food cravings and aversions, and finally mood swings."

"Awesome." Darcy groused.

Steve gave her a consoling grin, before sliding his hands down her arms so he could hold her hands as he spoke, looking deeply into her eyes, "Abdominal cramps. Sweetheart, is that what you felt? Or do you think we need to go to the doctor?"

Darcy didn't want to go anywhere. Especially not to see the probing cold hands of a random doctor. "No doctor."

Darcy wrapped her arms and legs around Steve. He hugged her back. Talking softly into her ear, "Are you sure?"

Darcy didn't respond with words, simply nodded into his shoulder.

"Okay." Steve agreed, as his hands began to run up and down her back. "But I think Jarvis should start keeping a log of all of your symptoms, just to be safe. Just in case...just in case."

Darcy agreed quietly, "Okay."

"Consider it done, Captain Rogers."

Steve looked up at the ceiling, "Jarvis you can just call me Steve."

"I'm afraid my protocol won't allow that Captain Rogers."

Steve let out a huff, arguing, "Then at least stop calling me Captain Rogers. Captain or Rogers is just fact, if their is ever company around, don't mention the Captain part at all. Just call me Mr. Rogers."

Darcy let out a little chuckle, "Mr. Rogers."

Steve leant back and quirked an eyebrow at her, "What's wrong with being called Mr. Rogers?"

"Nothing. Just reminds me of when we first met...and of an elderly gentleman changing his shoes and taking a train ride to the land of make-believe." Darcy explained with a smile.

Steve put his hand on her face, cupping her cheek, before he leaned in and kissed her softly, before pulling back and asking, "If you're feeling tired, and this Mr. Roger's thing is so meaningful for you, maybe we should just relax today. We can watch a few of the things on my list...Starting with this Mr. Roger's, you said it was a kids show right?"

Darcy felt a slow smile bloom over her face. She squeezed her arms and legs around Steve's frame and whispered in his ear, "Fucking man with the awesome plan."

Steve picked her up off the countertop, and carried her over towards the living room, before pausing and asking Jarvis, "Uh. I just realized I don't know where the TV is...or if we need a computer to watch--"

Jarvis interrupted, "There are several televisions on the premises Captain. One is located in the living room, I can activate it for you. Mr. Stark used to have a rather large screen one in his bedroom, but he removed and put it in his workshop, however due to you're security level, only Miss Darcy is currently able to access that one. Mr. Stark anticipated you wanting a television of your own, for your room and if you proceed to the living room, I can show you several options available for purchase and delivery by tomorrow morning."

Darcy rested her head on Steve's shoulder, as he carried her to the long couch, "I don't think I'll be buying a TV for my room, if this one is available. Doesn't really seem necessary."

Steve put her down in the middle of the couch, fetching the pillows from the end and stacking them next to her. Darcy looked around the room curious, "Jarvis. Where's the TV?" She looked at the ceiling looking for seams, "Is it going to descend from the ceiling all dramatically?"

"If you look forward, you should see it now." Jarvis informed them, and Darcy smiled in wonder as the Jackson Pollock looking painting dissolved into a menu screen. "Mr. Stark, has access to a wide range of viewing platforms. Including a long catalogue of canceled television programs. I believe you were discussing the program, 'Mister Roger's Neighborhood' as seen on CBS then rerun on PBS. Correct Miss?"

"Yeah Jarvis. That's the one. Say, how many episodes did that show run for?"

"912 full half an hour episodes. 1765 in total including specials."

Darcy whistled comically, "Wow, I don't think I want to sit through that many episodes...maybe start with an episode that has some cute baby animals? Or maybe with the highest rated episode? Then we can watch an episode from each season."

Steve sat down next to her, cuddled into her side. He kissed her temple as the familiar theme song began to play over the surround sound speakers.


Hours later, Tony came home to find her and Steve sitting in complete darkness, watching the children's show. Neither one of them had bothered to move in the last two hours, and as such the only light in the house emanated from the TV and from the moon outside the windows.

Darcy was sprawled out on the couch, a soft blanket covering her, the remains of their lunch on the table in front of her, next to her phone. The Stark tablet Tony gave her a while ago, was in her lap, open to pintrest.

Steve was on the floor, sitting criss-cross, his head resting on his fists, as he stared up rapid attention, directly in front/below the wall mounted TV.

Steve was enthralled, they were watching an episode about Art, episode 1645, Darcy forgot how good this show was, she really hadn't meant to get so emotional about it, but just seeing Steve so engaged, seeing the guy who she spent most of her mornings with when she was a child. She couldn't help but cry. Watching it as an adult, brought tears to her eyes, because it was better than Sesame Street, it wasn't about crazy puppets or flashy crap, it was just a guy, talking to people, and teaching lessons aimed at kids in the most genuine and kind way possible.

She sipped slowly from the bottle of water at her side. As Tony silently assessed the situation from the doorway. She had been crying off and on for a while now. She finally convinced Steve to ignore her, arguing that she wasn't sad, just super emotional about this silly little kids show. Which wasn't really silly at all, it was fucking beautiful and their baby was going to watch it every morning at either breakfast time, or getting dressed time.

Darcy vowed that their baby wasn't going to watch the flashing light, loud, and colorful cartoon crap that dominated the air waves and was aimed at young children now a days. Her kid was going to be old school. Mister Rogers Neighborhood and maybe Winnie the Pooh...but only the early 90's TV show of Winnie, not the weird computer animated series that came out later.

Darcy was crying silently. Tony quietly made his way over to her, concern and worry clearly etched on his face, "What's going on?"

Darcy gave him a teary smile and pointed at the screen, just as Mr. Rogers said, "Love isn't a state of perfect caring. It is an active noun like struggle. To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he or she is, right here and now."

Darcy let the tears flow freely. She just grabbed another tissue from the box beside her and blew her nose nosily. "Mr. Rogers...I just...he was..." Darcy choked out.

Tony moved some pillows out of the way and sat next to her. Darcy immediately leaned into him, relishing his embrace. She took a noisy sniff in, burying her nose in his neck for a second to just breathe him in. She had missed him.

Tony sat quietly with her, watching the rest of the episode. When it was over, Tony told Jarvis to turn it off and put the lights on, dimly.

", what the hell?" Tony asked in a kind voice.

Darcy jsut turned on the tablet in her lap and shoved it at Tony, summarizing what she had just been reading as she forced him to look at it as well, "He was married for 47 years. He didn't smoke or have a terrible secret fetish or an evil off screen persona. He wore sweaters that his mom hand-knit for him! He was a good person who wanted TV to be more than violent entertaining bullshit. He taught kids about recycling and divorce and self-confidence and making mistakes and war and why you shouldn't be afraid of a hair cut. And the gorilla Koko loved him! And...and--" Darcy had tears streaming down her face so hard that it was becoming hard to see so she wiped them away, before she continued.

"And the last episode." Darcy sobbed, "I like you just the way you are." She crumpled against Tony. Crying heavily and wetly all over his suit.

Over the sound of her crying she heard Steve say to Tony, "I want Jarvis to call me only Mr. Rogers from now on."





Tony's kitchen

Chapter Text

Chapter 15 - Tan lines Tuesday



After what happened yesterday, Darcy was happy that she didn't get woken up by the urge to vomit. She and Tony woke up peacefully, snuggled together. Jarvis's pleasant voice woke them by telling them good morning and giving a detailed account of the weather. Also, by the unpleasant act of the AI automatically raising the black out shades to let the evil sunlight in. When Darcy grumbled about the evil sunshine, Tony rubbed her back and asked if she slept okay.

"Yeah." Darcy replied with a yawn.

"Feel like you have to yak?" Tony inquired as he sat up and headed for the bathroom.

Darcy paused and assessed her self internally. "Nope....not yet anyway."

"Cool. I'm gonna pee." Tony said sleepily.

Darcy stretched her limbs, and carefully tilted her head from side to side, perversely enjoying the cracking sounds the action provoked. With a big yawn, Darcy asked Jarvis, "Jarv, where's Steve."

"Mr. Rogers is at the stove making French toast for you and sir. It will be ready to consume in four minutes. There are some fruit options additionally laid out, if you are too hungry to wait."

She was only wearing panties and a tank top and she didn't have a robe, so she decided to improvise. Darcy sat up, throwing the covers off of her, she went into the closet and grabbed Tony's button up shirt from yesterday and slipped into it. She heard the shower star up as she buttoned up two buttons in the front, lazily moseying, Darcy made her way into the bathroom.

Tony was in the shower already, so she took advantage of the opportunity to pee. She quickly washed her hands and brushed her teeth. Then she made her way over to Tony who was washing his hair behind the glass encased shower, she knocked on the door lightly.

Tony gave her a wolfish grin, "Wanna join me and make me obscenely late but supremely satisfied?"

"Tempting, but Steve's making breakfast. French toast in the kitchen when your done." Darcy said in a airy voice, she kissed the glass separating them, before walking away.

When Darcy entered the kitchen, Steve smiled and gave her a one handed spatula salute. Darcy sat at one of the little stool chairs, picking some grapes off their stems and popping them in her mouth. Once her mouth was full of green grape goodness, she asked, "Mh, need any 'elp?"

Steve gave her quick grin and shook his head as he flipped the French toast one last time, before putting it on a plate. He cut it up and then he was sliding it front of her.

"Nope, you just eat up." Steve replied as he took two more pieces of egg yoke soaked bread out of a bowl and put it on the pan to cook.

Darcy ate her first two slices of French toast so quickly, that she asked for a third. Steve nodded. He got another piece of bread out of the bread bag. Soaking the bread in the yolk solution thoroughly one handed, he fed himself pieces of his own French toast with the other. Tony walked in just as Darcy finished eating. He was once again impeccably dressed, in a fancy dark navy suit, and light pink shirt with a navy and pink striped tie. Darcy smiled as she popped the last piece of her breakfast into her mouth, complimenting him around the food, "Yum. 'Ou look fancy."

Tony gave her a kiss on the lips. Pulling back he made a noise and kissed her again. Deeper, his tongue sliding into her mouth and chasing the delicious taste of her breakfast no doubt.

Steve slid a plate of French toast to Tony, causing him to break the kiss. In a comically little kid voice, Tony exclaimed, "For meeee!"

Batting his lashes at Steve, he sat down on the stool next to Darcy, remarking in a breathy voice, "Why thank you ever so."

Darcy giggled as she sipped at her water. She, slid her rejected orange juice over to Tony. "Here, tastes funny to me. You drink it."

Tony gave her an insulted look as he popped a square of French toast into his mouth, "Is this one of those, hey this smells bad, here you smell it, type situations?"

Darcy smiled and let her head loll to the right, as she blushed, "No. Steve tried it, but said it was fine. Just doesn't taste right to me. Hence the clear and refreshing water I'm drinking."

Darcy took another exaggerated sip of her water, letting out a dramatic, "Aaaaah" when she was done.

Tony shrugged and picked up her rejected OJ and took a full gulp. He looked at the glass considering, "Seems fine."

"I know!" Darcy snapped, "I just said, there was nothing wrong with it, just something wrong with me!"

Tony looked a little taken aback by her outburst. He and Steve exchanged a look. Darcy avoided both men's gaze, she had gotten her fill of discussion of pregnancy side effects last night.

She and Steve and Tony had a long talk about how they had to stay vigilant when it came to Darcy's health. Cataloguing side effects, being proactive about finding a doctor she liked, making healthier choices when it came to eating and making sure she got enough rest at night. It all made her feel a little like....handicapped or something, like an invalid who couldn't be trusted to take care of herself. She knew it came from a good place, but if felt really weird when one of her boyfriends told her it was bed time at 11 p.m. It was weirder still, when her other boyfriend asked her to put her tablet and phone across the room instead of on the floor next to their bed like she had planned, because he read something about the temptation of technology and how it adversely effected sleeping habits.

Steve broke the tense silence, by letting Tony know it was already ten thirty and asking, "Don't you have to go to work?"

Tony frowned as he finished up eating the last few bites of this French toast, "I'm Tony Stark. I do what I want. Besides, I don't get to play today. I just have some boring meetings."

Steve blinked at Tony, as if he didn't understand how Tony's brained worked and asked, "Jarvis, when is Tony's meeting?"

"Sir has already missed one scheduled budget meeting. Ms. Potts took the meeting in his stead; sir will merely have to sign off on it when he goes in. He also has several meetings scheduled throughout the day with various department heads, the first of which is concerning the Arc-Reactor technology at eleven thirty a.m."

Steve nodded, "And how long does it take for Tony to drive to work every day?"

"Taken into account today's traffic, it should take sir, at least forty minutes to get to Stark Industries."

Tony slapped his hand on the table, stating, "See! Plenty of time."

"However, factoring in parking, bantering with Ms. Potts over signing the budget, dawdling, and obtaining a fresh cup of coffee, it will take sir, fifty five minutes to reach the correct meeting room." Jarvis tacked on, deflating Tony.

Tony frowned before gulping down his juice quickly, remarking once he was done, "You know Jarvis, snitches get stitches."

"Yes, sir." Jarvis replied blandly.

"Better get a move on then. Right Tony?" Steve said with a shit eating grin.

Darcy frowned. She didn't want Tony to leave. She felt bad for snapping at him.

"I see you trying to get rid of me Rogers. Don't you let her talk you into watching Adventure Time or Eureka's Castle all day." Tony stood and buttoned his suit jacket, pulling a pair of purple tinted sunglasses from his pocket. Darcy stood too.

She grabbed the lapels of his jacket as he slid the glasses on his face. Looking at the floor she apologized, "I'm sorry for being bitchy."

Darcy closed her eyes momentarily, as Tony ran a hand through her hair, the sensation feeling really nice. She leaned into his touch and was tempted to purr.

"Don't worry about it." Tony mumbled, before ducking his head down so he could make eye contact with her downcast gaze. Tony slowly rose up, Darcy's gaze rising with him.

"I signed up for pregnant Darcy and all of her hormonally influenced behaviors." Tony admitted, as he wrapped his arms around her small frame. Darcy closed her eyes. "I still love you....Do you still love me?"

Darcy nodded, and let out a pleasant noise of surprise when Tony kissed her. Her eyes fluttered open for a moment before falling closed again as Tony deepened the kiss. Pulling back, Tony gave her ass a light squeeze, before informing her, "Good. Because when I get home tonight, I want to have celebration sex."

Darcy pulled a confused face as Tony let her go and walked towards the door.

"What are we celebrating?" Darcy asked.

"New furniture." Tony explained as he stopped by a mirror, and unnecessarily fussed with his hair. He looked at her in the reflection of the mirror; his eyes practically alight as he took in her barely clothed form.

"You might also want to buy some clothes, not that I'm complaining. Seeing you in my shirt...I'm going to have to listen to NPR on the way in to work, if you know what I mean." Darcy blushed, and ran her hands down the buttons of his shirt.

Tony turned and pointed a finger at Steve, "You two will not spend the day watching things that make Darcy cry. I demand you spend obscene amounts of money to fix up Steve's room, or start buying for the nursery, or...our room."

Tony looked to Darcy, "Baby, I know you want the room to be a mix of Tony and Darcy, but you can get the basics without me. However if you want to wait to decorate our bedroom until later when I can play a more active role, I'll understand and we can pick out some pieces online when I come home with dinner. No TV in the bedroom though, doctor's orders."

"What doctor?"

"Doctor Web MD and Jarvis."

"Boo." Darcy stuck her tongue out at the ceiling.

"Sorry Miss Darcy, but studies have concluded---" Darcy waved away the AI's probably honestly good reason to eliminate TV's from the place of sleep. "Yadda, yadda, Jarvis."

Tony turned and gave her a serious stare, "If it makes you feel any better, I've decided take out the fireplace from our bathroom and install a big screen TV right above the tub instead. Also later this week I want to install a smaller screen in the wall of the shower."

Darcy jumped up and down, clapping her hands happily, "YAY!"

Tony gave a small nod, before adjusting his tie, "I know. I'm awesome. Your welcome."

"See you later snuggle bear!" Darcy cooed at Tony as he headed for the door.

"I hate that!" Tony called from the hallway out of sight.

"Mission accomplished." Darcy yelled right before the door closed. Darcy looked back to Steve who was wiping down the counter with a paper towel. She walked over to him with a bit of pep in her step, she bumped her hip into his as she bragged, "I'm gonna live in that tub. Seriously, #mermaidlife."


Steve and Darcy decided that instead of following directions and buying things, they would celebrate the future TV in the bathroom news, by spending the day out by the pool. Darcy really loved having access to sunshine and a private pool.

Darcy didn't have a bathing suit and neither did Steve so they once again they used their underwear. After getting dressed, or in this case, undressed and then semi-dressed. Darcy wasn't too happy to be wearing a mismatching bra and panty set, but she was in serious need of some clean laundry, so she worked with what she had.

Darcy grabbed her tablet and a bottle of sun tan lotion she found among Tony's bathroom stuff. As she headed down to the pool, she yelled behind her "STEVE! I'm going to the pool! Don't forget to bring down the water bottles and pretzels I forgot to ask you to get!"

She walked carefully down the stone steps. And over to the closets lounge chair. Sitting down she stared at the picturesque blue water. It was so beautiful and inviting looking. She had never had a pool before. And she only had one or two friends who did, growing up so, the idea that she lived in a house with an in ground pool! It was fucking mind blowing.

Looking up with her eyes closed she basked in the sun as it warmed her. Looking out at the ocean view, that was Tony's back yard, she felt like...she felt like she was on vacation from reality.

The sky was sunny and clear. It was a beautiful day. If she didn't look so terrible and scantily clad, she'd make Steve take a picture of her for facebook. Looking down at her black lace bra and purple sporty panties, she called out to Jarvis, "Jarvis?"

"Yes, Miss Darcy?"

"Can you make a note to remind me to ask Tony--wait, never mind. Jarvis, how does laundry get done around here?" Darcy reclined against the lounger. Putting her lotion on the other chair, she pulled up her account on her tablet. Tony had preloaded her account with about five thousand dollars. He had wanted to put ten thousand, but Darcy protested, reasoning, she wouldn't feel comfortable spending that much money without Tony's input or approval. She could handle spending a healthy chunk of change on furniture, she knew that would add up and maybe hit five thousand, but ten thousand? Yeah, no way. She sometimes got anxiety buying boots over one hundred dollars. She literally had never spent more than five hundred dollars on a piece of furniture, nor more than one hundred and fifty on any item of clothing.

"The cleaning woman comes three times a week. Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Her name is Rose. She is very quiet. And only speaks Spanish. She usually does laundry on Sundays so it will be all ready for sir's week. She takes all dry clean only items out on Friday."

Darcy distractedly, mumbled, "Thanks."

Swiping through her various wish lists, she was reminded that most of which she had pre-selected, bathing suit wise, were practical and modest suits, designed to be child friendly for her babysitting jobs. Darcy had actually gotten fired once, for wearing a two piece when she showed up to take a kid to the beach at the father's behest. The mother had taken one look at Darcy's, what she thought was modest two piece, and had promptly fired her and smacked her leering husband before closing the door in her face.

She didn't need to be concerned about boob spillage is she was just going to wear it around her own house...right?


However, as she scrolled through the various suits, she became more and more uncomfortable. She would be fat soon. Maybe a one piece really was the way to go.

Darcy altered the filters on her search and began scrolling through the one piece options. She was looking for---she found it!

It was the perfect swimsuit. It was a one piece halter top style suit. The waist was cinched in stripes of red and white, the bust and bottom where navy blue. There was a star in the middle of the was a Captain America swim suit.

"YES!" Darcy exclaimed, they had it in her size too.

She placed the adorable perfect awesome best swimsuit in her little digital shopping cart and was about to close down the app, as she heard Steve approaching, but something caught her eye in the 'items we recommend based on your viewing habits' section. "Steve, c'mere, look at this."

Darcy held up her tablet for Steve to see. Steve threw the towels over her head and put the snacks and water down on the ground next to her chair. He then sat down opposite her on the lounger, his body facing hers. "What is it?"

Steve shielded the screen with his hand in order to see the image in the full sunlight.

"It's COGSWORTH!" Darcy exclaimed, flipping the tablet back around and putting the little clock in her cart. Beaming up at Steve she explained, "Now we don't have to lie to Tony about shopping. We can honestly say we bought something 'furniture-y'."

Steve gave a chuckle, Darcy closed went to the checkout and purchased the two items. "I also bought the cutest swimsuit! You're gonna love it." Darcy gently nudged Steve's back with her foot.

Steve caught her foot and let his hands travel up her thighs; he skimmed over her torso and plucked the device out of her hands. "We done with this?" Steve asked waving her tablet in the air.

Darcy pressed her lips together, because Steve was practically on top of her, and he was giving her that look, that 'I'm going to kiss you look'.

"Mmmhum." Darcy affirmed.

Steve gave her a toothy smile, "Good." Then he gently tossed the tablet onto the towels that were on the chair next to them. And then he made his move.

He leant down and kissed her softly, before applying more pressure. His hands gripped the sides of the chair tightly near her head, supporting his half bent over form. Darcy's hands wandered over his well muscled chest. Tracing his muscles with her fingertips before gripping him tightly at the waist and shoulder. Darcy let out a noise of pleasure from the back of her throat.

They made out for a while. It was awesome in a PG-13 kinda way. Darcy lost rack of time and she really didn't fucking care.

She only stopped him, when the top of her head started to feel really hot. "Hey," Darcy warned, pushing his chest off of her, "Get up."

"What? Did I hurt you? What's wrong? Is it the baby?" Steve started worrying, his hands hovering over her stomach.

Darcy gave him a soft smile as she pulled herself up from her reclining position. Sitting up she shoved at his shoulder, "Nothing's wrong you big doof. I just remembered that it's sunny out."

Steve gave her a confused look. "Sun," Darcy pointed up, then down at her cheek, "Skin cancer," then she pointed at the lotion next to them, "Prevention."

Steve blushed, the tips of his ears going red, as he caught on, "Oh."

"Yeah, oh." Darcy tossed her hair over her shoulder, " wouldn't be interested in helping this little lady properly cover all her hard to reach places?" Darcy made her voice sound sultry and breathy, "Would you? Lotion just makes my skin all wet and slippery, it’s so hard do it all by myself."

She watched in satisfaction as Steve licked his lips and the underwear he was wearing as swimwear, did nothing to hide the fact that his dick was either getting hard or already there. Darcy ran her hand up and down his chest, as she lowered her voice, "Of course, I'll return the favor. If you want. It'll be hard for me to put my hands all over your big muscles and not want to take advantage of you...sexually, but I promise to try and control myself."

"Hard for you? Take advantage! Control yourself?" Steve sputtered as he adjusted his dick.

"Let me just adjust the chair, so I can lie down." Darcy gave Steve a lecherous grin, before moving her hair over to one shoulder, “It’ll be easier to do me if I'm lying down, spread out before you."

Breaking eye contact, she moved then, turning to adjust the lounger so it was entirely horizontal. And if she did it on all fours, her knees apart spread for balance, presenting her butt high in the air and practically in Steve's face...well--oh well. Also muhaha.

Once she managed to adjust the metal framed lounger, she flopped down on to her chest. Turning so she could look at Steve, she fluttered her eyelashes at him and called out innocently, "I'm ready for you Steve!"

Steve blinked slowly at her, his gaze traveling down her fame; staring at her ass a moment too long he shook himself. He reached across and over her body to grab the lotion off the other chair. The lotion was the old fashioned kind, which you had to rub in until it disappeared, not like the spray kind that Darcy preferred for time reasons, but also hated because she knew it was bad for the o-zone.

Darcy quickly undid the clasp of her bra, explaining, "So you don't get the bra straps all sun lotion-y."

"Yeah, sure." Steve said in a tight voice.

Once Steve opened the top and squirted a big glob onto his hands, Darcy closed her eyes and settled herself in for a relaxing mini-massage. As soon as his hands touched her lower back, Darcy mumbled, "Please don't forget my thighs right under my butt, for real Steve, I've had sunburn their like, every summer."

That was actually true. It sucked. She always seemed to forget to reapply her sunscreen somewhere on her body when she came out of the water. Last year she had a under the butt burn, it made sitting very uncomfortable, she did not want to repeat the experience.

Steve acknowledged he heard her with a low 'mmhum' sound. His hands started low on her back, before sliding the lotion up to her shoulders. His hands were so wide and thick that his fingers overlapped as he moved the lotion up and down her back. His hands were so big that he was able to cover the entirety of her back with his hands side by side. Exerting gentle pressure on her muscles, Steve had her authentically moaning out loud in pleasure.

"Oh, Jesus Sweetheart, don't make noises like that, this is hard enough." Steve whined in a gruff voice.

Darcy smiled to herself, she wanted to reach back and fondle his dick, get him hard and have him fuck her, she was super horny for Steve right now. But...but...there was a reason that was not a good idea but she just couldn't think of it at the moment.

So she let her hand reach over to his crotch, she gently felt his package, just cupping his dick in her hands over the fabric of his underwear. "Seems plenty hard to me." Darcy quipped.

Steve's hand came down hard on the very base of her buttocks. Slapping the skin where her thigh met her butt with a loud 'smack'.

"Sweetheart." Steve said in a warning tone, as he removed her hand from his person. "I thought we were out here to have a wholesome day lounging and playing around the pool?"

Originally that had been the idea, however now that they were outside in the sunshine and getting all half naked and going to get all wet and slippery and Steve was all…Steve shaped. It made her want to take their light and fun day plan and turn it into a hot and sweaty sex filled day plan. Steve, despite physically wanting her, obviously was still emotionally ready or whatever. Darcy brought her arms up to pillow under her head. She was being a brat. She knew this.

She wanted Steve. Steve wanted her. She just didn’t understand why they were denying themselves.

Except she did know why.

Darcy begrudgingly promised, "Okay, okay, I'll be good."

Steve grabbed the bottle and squirted some more lotion into his hands. He covered her thighs, and even stuck his fingers under the edge of her panties making sure he got all of her exposed skin covered in the sunscreen. After getting the area she warned him about, he slid his hands down the backs of her thighs, to the backs of her calves. He picked up her feet and covered the top of her foot and toes. He was careful of her bandaged foot, which reminded her that she had to make sure to change the bandage after all their fun in the sun.

Steve got more lotion and gently prompted, "Give me your arms."

Darcy extended one arm and then the other, letting Steve slick lotion up and down until the white color dissolved into her skin. "Flip over after you--"

Darcy was pretty sure he was about to ask her to redo her bra, but Darcy cut him off by flipping over and lying face up. Unabashedly leaving her topless and exposed to his gaze. And the hypno-boobs strike again.

Steve squeezed the open bottle of sun tan lotion so hard the some flew out the top. It was hilarious and Darcy couldn't help but giggle, knowing the action would also jiggle her bits around; Darcy held her boobs in her hands as she laughed.

After she calmed down, she muttered "Oops." in an innocent airy voice.

Most of the spilt sunscreen landed on the floor but a thick glob of it landed on her stomach. "Looks like you shot your wad all over me." Darcy pressed her lips together, trying not to smile at her own innuendo as she lowered her hands and rubbed in the lotion that had landed on her stomach.

Looking up and down Steve's figure, she licked her lips. Her gaze lingered over the extreme bulge that his underwear just could not deny. Darcy bit her lip to keep from asking Steve to just fuck her. She felt a little lightheaded at the prospect of him giving in to her, of putting her legs up and over his shoulders and just going to town.

She let her eyes travel up his abs, past his Pecs, and finally into his beautiful face. Licking her lips she made eye contact, speaking in a gravelly voice Darcy informed her still as a statue boyfriend, "Ah, Steve. I'm gonna need a little more."

Darcy gestured down to her breasts, "You know, for the rest of my front."

Darcy gave Steve a sweet smile, and then laid her head back and closed her eyes, letting her arms rest on either side of her passively.

After about thirty seconds and still not hearing any movement from Steve Darcy urged, "I'm waiting!"

Steve finally snapped back to reality. He squirted some lotion onto his hands, and started at her ankles. He vigorously and thoroughly worked his way up her legs; Darcy felt a thrill shoot through her when he had to slide his hand in between her thighs, to make sure he covered her inner thigh with the lotion. Darcy deliberately kept her legs close together making it hard for him.

"Could you..." Steve trailed off, as his hand was wedged between her thighs.

"Do you want me to spread my legs wider for you Steve?" Darcy asked rhetorically as she spread her legs so far apart that she could put her feet on the ground if only her legs were a bit longer. She stared at him as she let the leg that had to go past Steve to reach the other side of the lounger, glide up his torso quickly before putting sliding her leg in between his, her one leg hooking over his massive thigh, her foot dangling in the air between his legs.

She heard Steve groan and mutter, "Oh, fucking--" Before he briskly but meticulously made sure she had lotion on the inside of her legs. Darcy closed her eyes as he got back to the task at hand. She heard him sigh in relief when he finally finished between her legs and squirt some more lotion onto his hands. She moved the leg that was off the chair back onto it, but left the leg that was in between his where it was.

When his hands touched her stomach, she opened her eyes. She had to bit her tongue not to laugh. Steve was so adorable. He was rubbing lotion on her with his eyes closed. Didn't he know even blind men were no match for the hypno-boobs?

Darcy happily watched Steve's shoulders move and glisten in the sun, as his hands gently rubbed lotion all over her soft stomach. His hands ran all over her sides, gripping her around the rib cage in the most pleasant way. The amount of restraint he was using verses the amount of power and tension she could feel in his hands? It was mind boggling.

His hands slid around to her front again, he let his hands slide to just under her breasts. He stilled his hands just as he was about to go over her breasts. Darcy's face softened as she saw the strained expression on Steve's face. She didn't know if she was physically pushing him too far. And worried that if she left it up to him, they'd be holding hands and trading kisses but not much else for the next year.

Darcy put her hands on top of his, startled Steve's eyes open. "It's okay Steve." Darcy assured him, as she guided his hands up over her breasts. Making him cup her. "I want you to touch me."

She could see Steve's muscles straining, his eyes filled with passion and want, the dick in his pants practically twitching against her leg. She wondered if he even let himself masturbate since what happened...

"I want you to touch me all the time really." Darcy moved Steve's hands all over her breasts, until he seemed to not need her any more. He began to squeeze and fondle her.

"I really like it when you touch me Steve." Darcy added breathily.

Darcy put her hands on his wrists, lightly encircling them, just letting her hands move where his hands moved. "Just because I'm fucking Tony, doesn't mean I don't want or need you too….Physically need you Steve."

Darcy let him explore her chest, hoping that this was a sign that they were back on the road to a relationship that was filled with more physical affection. "I mean...don't you want to touch me too? Doesn't this feel good?"

"Yes." Steve muttered as he massaged her breasts.

Darcy realized something as she looked down at her chest, they were out of lotion. Stifling a groan, she watched as Steve manipulated her nipples with his fingers, making them harden into peaks. "Wait Steve."

Darcy turned and grabbed the lotion off the ground from where Steve dropped it earlier. She opened it up and squirted the sun screen directly onto her chest. Looking up at Steve she saw this...animalistic look on his face. It was feral and hot, and it...made her wish Steve would just let go and stop holding himself back. Her mind couldn’t help but flashback to their first meeting. They formed such an instant connection, emotionally and physically right away. She missed it. She missed him. She wanted to be connected to him in every way that mattered; she wanted to be able to physically show him how much she cared. She wanted him to fuck her until she couldn’t walk.

"I need more." Darcy stated simply. She felt like she had just covered herself in gasoline and handed Steve some matches.

Darcy broke their intense session of eye fucking to lay her head back again. She didn't think Steve was ready...for full on sex. She saw it in his face. He was...scared of her. Or maybe he was scared of how he was when he was with her. If she pushed a little harder, she was pretty sure she could get him to ignore his self imposed rule of chastity and fuck her into the chair. But...he wanted to wait.

Steve wanted to get to know her better. Learn her quirks and kinks and idiosyncrasies. He wanted the relationship to develop...more conventionally. A part of her wanted that too. Especially given how zero to sixty, her relationship with Tony had developed.

She wanted to go out on dates with butterflies flapping around in her stomach. She wanted romantic candle light dinners. And dancing. And flowers. And chocolates. And declarations of love in the pouring rain. And leg pops, like in the Princess Diaries. She wanted all that classic romantical shit.

However, she also wanted him to let her suck his dick under the water. And for him to eat her pussy for two hours straight. And for them to have the most enthusiastic and athletic sex of her life….at least that’s what she wanted now.

What she wanted and what she wanted right at that moment were diametrically opposed…. apparently.

With a pout Darcy made an inner promise to stop pushing least for today. She cared and so number one, she had to respect his feelings. Not only because she cared about Steve, but because she didn’t want to be that creepy sexual coercion girlfriend who made her boyfriend feel guilty about doing stuff with her or worse, regret doing stuff with her.

In a innuendo-less voice Darcy reminded him cheerfully, "I'm very pale, don't forget my neck, and my face, yes Steve, I want you to put it on my face too, it’ll be good practice for when we have a baby to slather head to toe in this stuff, also don't forget the ears. Very important for us pale people."

AND BAM! Just like that the sexual tension between them had been diffused.

She could feel the change in Steve's body, he seemed to...relax. All over.

His hands moved quickly over her chest, rubbing the lotion into the skin of her clavicle, over her shoulders, and up her neck. He squirted more lotion onto his hand and then he briskly applied the sun tan lotion all over her face, including her ears.

Once he was done, Darcy made a move to get up, but Steve stopped her. "Lay back down. I'll do my own front and the back of my legs and everything, then you can do my back...I don't think I could handle it--having your hands..." Steve trailed off staring at her chest. Darcy snapped her fingers in front of his face.

"--all over me." He concluded.

Darcy smiled understandingly, and moved to put her bra back on. Steve stood up and began to rub lotion all over him. Darcy just watched for a minute or two. Enjoying the way his tan skin seemed to glow. She absent mindedly wondered if they made eatable sun screen, because while the glistening skin was inviting looking, she couldn’t imagine it would taste all that great if she gave into temptation and stole a little lick of his abs.

Darcy shook herself and then moved to adjust the lounge chair back into its original reclining position. This time she sat back on her legs to adjust it, not wanting to tease Steve further with the blatant doggy style sex position posturing. When she turned around, to sit back on the chair, Steve was almost finished lotion-ing himself up, his hands were reaching over his shoulders as far as they could to try and reach his back.

"Sit down, let me." Darcy coerced patting the empty space next to her. Steve stared at her for a minute probably appraising her for some form of hidden temptation-y trickery. Finding her guileless he sat down, his back facing her.

Darcy grabbed the proffered bottle of lotion from over his shoulder and silently squirted the lotion onto her hands and slicked up Steve's back. God! Steve's back had so many fucking muscles. Darcy marveled at him silently. He was like---he was like...unreal.

But he was real.

And he was hers.

And that thought just made her all warm and tingly but not just in her lady bits. Like in her heart and stuff too.

Darcy smiled softly as she made sure to cover the back of his neck and the tops of his ears before declaring herself, "Done!"

Steve took the bottle from her hands and read the fine print, "It says we should wait about thirty minutes for the lotion to sink in. OH! It says we were supposed to put it on thirty minutes before we go outside and were exposed to the sun or before we got in the water! Oh, jeez."

Steve started looking around wildly before he tossed the lotion to her saying, "I'll be right back."

Darcy looked at his retreating form in confusion as she mumbled to herself, "What kind of weirdo reads the directions on sunscreen?"

Looking at the label on the bottle, she saw the words sun screen and she wondered if sun screen and sun lotion were the same thing. She always thought they were...Darcy put the bottle down beside her chair before wiping her hands onto the towel, getting most of the sun lotion off before she grabbed her tablet up and started surfing the web for more potential furniture.

A couple minutes later, Steve came back with two big beach umbrellas.

"Where'd you find that?" Darcy asked as Steve slipped the big umbrella into a holder on the back of her chair that she hadn't noticed was there.

"There's this little cabana thing on the other side of the grotto. It's got maintenance equipment and other pool accessories in it." Steve explained as he opened up the umbrella to provide her shade from the evil sun, "I've been exploring the house after my morning runs."

Darcy beamed up at him with a sunny smile, "Thanks, Admiral."

Steve frowned, putting his hand on his hips as he pouted, "Don't--please don't make that a thing."

"What?" Darcy teased, as she swatted Steve's behind as he walked around her to but the other umbrella on the floor as they discovered one umbrella provided enough shade for both chairs. He sat down heavily next to her.

"You don't want to be known far and wide as the amazing Admiral of Love?" Darcy tantalized with a laugh.

"Please don't." Steve sighed as he moved the towels off his chair so he could recline, matching Darcy's pose.

Darcy grinned deviously at Steve, "It's either Admiral of Love, or Captain Underpants. Take your pick dude."

Steve closed his eyes wearily, leaning his head back he muttered, "I guess I'm in the navy now."

Darcy cackled, "Aye, aye Admiral!"

Steve seemed content to just listen to the sound of the ocean and bask. So Darcy went back to her online shopping, searching for some fancy underwear. There had to be some sexy, fully covering your butt, type underwear out there...


After the allotted thirty minute wait, Darcy and Steve waded into the pool via the shallow end. Darcy declared this first dip into the pool to be a splashing and shenanigan free session.

She and Steve spent over two hours just floating and swimming around with each other. Content to just talk and swim. They hardly even touched. Darcy felt a little bad for exciting/tempting Steve earlier, for pushing him to farther than he was ready for, so she kept her hands to herself and kept the conversation strictly PG-13. It was an internal struggle as Steve looked so fucking hot when he was all wet, but she did it.

Seriously, the guy was made to sell perfume. Shirtless, just in underwear rolling around on the beach, covered in sand. She could totally picture the ad campaign. Perfume de Patriot . It would be shot in black and white. He would look all sultry and moodily at the camera. And just before the commercial ended, an ironically French sounding woman would whisper "Perfume de Patriot".

They talked about their favorite foods. Places they wanted to visit. Favorite things to do as a kid. They somehow landed on the topic of their favorite memories.

Steve's mostly centered on his best friend, Coney Island, and hilarious-to-look-back-on-it-now disastrous double dates. Hers mostly had to do with weekend trips organized by her mother, so she could see her father on the weekends in a fun setting. Seeing as how they were divorced and her mom had sole custody and was adamant about chaperoning their visitation, she had a lot of good 'family' memories as a result. Trips to the botanical gardens, renaissance festivals, the beach, the movies, a few concerts, the park, the community pool. She always did fun and exciting things every other weekend, just her, her mom, and her dad. Well, until he got remarried. Then it was her, her mom, her step-mom, and her dad. Then her dad died and the weekend tradition died with him. Then when her mom died, her good memories transformed into nights she partied and drank and didn't throw up at the end of the night.

The more she talked about her parents, the sadder she got.

"What's wrong sweetheart?" Steve questioned, swimming over to her.

"My parents are dead." Darcy admitted flatly. She realized Steve knew this, but that, her dead parent's were what was wrong.

Steve gave her a empathetic look. "I'm sorry."

Darcy refused to say thanks. She had said thanks to the 'I'm sorry your parent's are dead' enough for one lifetime.

"At least it sounds like you have a lot of good memories to look back on." Steve swam in a circle around her, getting closer and closer until he captured her in a hug. Darcy deflated against him. Letting his embrace sooth her emotional pain. She squeezed him tightly. She curled her hand into the wet hair at the base of his neck. Her gaze focused on the horizon behind him.

"I do. I have a lot of good ones..." Darcy admitted as she let her head loll to the side.

"However when I think of them now...I can't help but think of the bad ones too. The last memories I have of them. The ones that ---no, you know what." Darcy let go of Steve and swam away over to the shallow end, talking as she made her way out of the pool, "I'm not doing this. This was a great day so far. Let's not ruin it with dead and depressing talk."

Steve followed her out of the pool, a hand on the small of her back helping steady her.

Walking over to the chairs, Darcy grabbed the now, warm water bottles, and tossed one to him as she collapsed onto the chair with a huff. Opening it she took several long pulls of the water. Grabbing a towel she used it like a blanket and covered herself from head to boobs. Turning to Steve she watched him do the same.

Wanting a distraction, Darcy asked in a small voice, "Tell me a funny true story."

Steve reached over and ran his hand over the side of her face, before pulling back and turning onto his back, "Well, there was this one time, the Dum Dum Dugan really wanted to impress this French dame. So he hatched this hair-brained plan that involved a basket full of kittens, a top hat, and a whole lot of liquor...."


Sometime after the fourth funny Howling Commando tale, Darcy clutched her stomach and ran for the bushes near the edge of the house. Where she experienced some delightful 'morning sickness' even though it was the late afternoon. And while it sucked. It kind of didn't. Because this time, Steve was there.

Darcy loved that Steve ran over with her. That he held her hair out of the way. That he rubbed her back. Said nice things. Offered to get her water. To carry her upstairs. To beg Tony to invent a robot that would transfer all her pregnancy symptoms onto himself instead of her. Basically doing all could, to off her comfort as her stomach squeezed painfully forcing her to wretch painfully.

When she felt like she was done, Steve wrapped her in a towel and sat with her on his lap. They sat quietly for a bit. Her, cuddling to his chest and willing her body to stop feeling all crappy. Him, rubbing lazy circles all over her body and sporadically kissing her temple or cheek.

When she felt up to it, she declared it time to get up and go upstairs to have a pee and brush-your-teeth break.

Steve insisted on carrying her up the stairs. It was a fucking fairy tale thing, the whole sweeping her up in his arms bridal style, and it made her quiver. There was something about Steve demonstrating his strength so casually that just made her, melt...into a gooey wet mess. She especially liked when he used his strength in a way that made her feel tiny and delicate.

Feeling his naked warm flesh against her cheek, his biceps bulging as he cradled her in his arms, the sweet smile on his face, the steady pulse of his heart, his smell, the fact that he wasn’t even huffing as climbed the stairs. It all had her lady business standing at attention and ready to engage.

Darcy wanted to him to use his strength to hold her up against the wall of the shower and fuck her until her back was permanently indented with the tile pattern. Recognizing the sexual and horny path her thoughts were going down, Darcy made the responsible decision to get the fuck away from her tempting but chastity bound boyfriend. She pushed him out of the bathroom briskly stating, "I'm going rinse off in the shower. Don’t check on me unless Jarvis declares it an emergency. And don’t stand by the door.”

Darcy waited a beat as Steve slowly processed what she was saying before she grew impatient and just ordered him, “Get out.”

“Right now?” Steve asked unsurely.

Darcy rolled her eyes and pushed him gently toward the door, muttering, “Yeah, right the fuck now you sexy panty dropping so and so.”

Shutting and locking the door behind him, Darcy stripped naked quickly and hopped into the shower. Once under the spray, Darcy began cursing under her breath.

"Fucking, fuck. Muscles. Skin. Hot. Wet. Steve. Mmm, wet Steve.” She stuck one then two fingers into her vagina. Fucking up into herself harshly and quickly. Her small fingers, didn’t feel as good as Steve’s had, but it at least gave her something to clench around.

“ Arms, carrying me. Getting me wet. Not touching me. UGH, but when he touched me. God. How he touched me. Touch me. Fucking. Fuck, fuck, fuck." Darcy muttered to herself as her back hit the tiled wall, her other hand between her legs rubbing her clit vigorously. She was trying to get herself off as quickly as possible, just to take the edge off.

Darcy squeezed her eyes shut tightly and imagined the breast sun tan lotion incident going the way she wanted it to. Recalling the sensations she experienced the first time she and Steve had sex all those weeks ago in her drab interview room, she fused them with her imaged scenario. She imagined him, getting so turned on that he ripped her panties in half. Went down on her. Fucked her with his tongue, then his fingers. Let her push him off of her, and lay him down on the chair. Let her take of his underwear, with her teeth. She imagined the look on Steve’s face. The way he would look at her with that intense animalistic look of his. The way he would slam her down onto his dick, his hands on her hips, holding her so tightly he would leave bruises. She imagined they spent the day fucking on that stupid chair by the pool. Fucked her so hard they rattled the metal frame. Worried that it was going to break or topple over, she imagined talking Steve into laying her down on the cement next to the pool, to continue to fuck her brains out. She could imagine how the pain of the harsh floor and the pleasure of his dick sinking into her would feel. She could imagine her legs up over his shoulders as he fucked her. And fucked her. And...

Darcy came with a sigh. The tension in her body releasing, allowing her to sag against the wall of the shower in relief. She let her head fall back and hit the wall as she rode out her orgasm. She slowed down the fingers fucking into her cunt, and enjoyed the feeling of her own inner muscles squeezing her fingers rhythmically. It felt so good.

As soon as her orgasm was over, Darcy wanted another one. She wanted a 'real Steve' incited orgasm. Not a 'spank bank Steve' inspired orgasm. Instead of lingering any longer in the shower, she promptly got out and wrapped herself in a towel. Brushed her teeth and peed, and changed the bandage on her foot. She determinedly avoided thinking about Steve and sex. She was still horny and everything, but resolute in respecting Steve’s boundaries.

Walking into the closet she pulled on a pair of hopefully clean black panties and a bra on. She knew the bra needed to be washed, it was dark blue and lace-y, but the full coverage kind thus boring-and-ugly. She slipped into Tony's shirt once again, buttoning the two middle buttons for modesty's sake.

Emerging from the bathroom with a mint-y fresh mouth and slightly less sexual frustration, Darcy declared herself hungry.

“Miss Darcy, Mr. Rogers is currently in the kitchen preparing some healthy snack items.” Jarvis informed her.

Darcy smiled and chirped, “Yay. Thanks Jarvis.”

“You’re welcome Miss Darcy.”

Darcy went into the kitchen and saw that Steve was peeling and cutting up some apples and celery sticks. So she set about making some PP&J sandwiches. Peanut butter and apples was a favorite combo of hers. Darcy didn't want their day in the sun to end, just because the baby made her barf and Steve made her hide in the shower to masturbate, so she insisted they go back outside to eat on the patio table by the pool.

They ate their late lunch in the shade, the sun having shifted due to the late hour. They looked out at the ocean as they did so. The view was simply spectacular.

It was nearly four o'clock when they finished eating. She didn't want to go swimming right after eating, so Darcy asked Jarvis play some music.

The first thing that came on was Christina Aguilera's song "Dirty". Darcy began move side to side, her head bobbing along with the beat.

"Do you know how to dance?" Darcy asked Steve with a smirk and booty shake.

"Not to this kind of music." Steve admitted as he watched her with a bemused smile.

"Jarvis, how about you play something slower?" Darcy requested as she moved into Steve's arms. His hand went around her waist to rest on her lower back. Darcy absentmindedly hoped that he'd try to cop a feel, but she knew that it wasn't Steve's style.

Jarvis played, "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" by Eve featuring Gwen Stefani. Darcy sighed and rolled her eyes, "Not exactly what I had in mind."

She somehow was suspecting the meddling of one Tony Stark....but how...Darcy ignored that thought and instead got more specific with her request.

"Jarvis, how about you play some classics wedding dance songs? Like 'At Last' by Etta James, "Your Song" by Elton, or "Wild Horses" by the Rolling Stones. Music of the slow and romantic nature."

"As you wish Miss Darcy."

The sultry voice of Etta James filled the backyard. Darcy smiled, "That's more like it, after this song, mix up the selection by era and stay in the genre of love songs, will you?." Her hand found Steve's, her other went to rest on his shoulder.

"Yes, Miss Darcy."

Darcy had never actually danced with a man. Not like this. She was used to guys trying to grind her ass onto their dicks, sweating, and jumping in a dark loud clubs. That sort of thing. She never...'danced', danced.

As Steve swayed them back and forth gently, he lead her around easily. It was sweet. And fun.

She decided she liked this old time-y type of dancing. Steve pulled her in close, and she rested her head on his bare chest. The music, the sound of the ocean in the distance, the lack of having anything job related to do, the comfort of knowing she was safe in Steve's arms, all combined to make her whole body relaxed and pliable in a way that it never had before.

They slow danced until the sun went down and the automatic lighting lit up the area around the pool. And then they danced a little more...until Jarvis announced that Tony would be bringing dinner back with him, and that he would arrive within the hour.

"Oh no! The fuzz!" Darcy exclaimed spinning them so Steve's back was to the pool.

"The what?" Steve questioned.

Darcy just gave him a hard look, "Oh, please, you know where this is going." She gave a hard shove to his chest and toppled Steve backwards into the pool. Throwing off Tony's shirt, she shrieked and jumped in next to him, splashing him just as he surfaced.


When Tony came home she and Steve were happily playing Marco Polo. Darcy was currently cheating by hiding in the divided from the rest of the pool grotto.

"Liquor Lips, Admiral of Love! I'm home." Tony called from the top of the stairs, a cardboard box in his arms, and two small brown paper shopping bags dangling from his hands. He was dressed in a pair of red swimming trunks. Steve having opened his eyes at the sound of Tony's voice pointed an accusing finger at her, mouthing the word 'cheater' at her.

Darcy just splashed at Steve as she clambered over the dividing stone wall that separated the waterfall curtained off grotto, from the rest of the pool. The water that fell onto her face was refreshing, but it pushed her hair into her face annoyingly.

Darcy smiled and waved at Tony as she dove under the water to swim to the edge of the pool. Popping up once she reached the wall, she blew him a kiss but didn't get out.

"What's in the box?" Steve questioned as he swam over beside her.

"What's in bags?" Darcy echoed.

Tony set the food down on the little glass table to the right of the lounge chairs. Walking over to the edge of the pool, he bent down and Darcy put her hands on the cement edge of the pool to give herself leverage enough to lift her upper body out of the pool, long enough to give Tony a quick kiss on the lips.

"Sushi." Tony replied. Darcy's eyes lit up, she loved sushi. "And presents, for after dinner."

Tony frowned down at Darcy and then poked her in the nose, "But not for you mama bear. Apparently all raw fish are big no-no's for mommy's to be."

Darcy pouted. "I had the guys whip up something pregnant lady approved seafood wise for you. I was assured it would be delicious, I don't actually know what it is."

Tony looked up slightly and to the right, "Jarvis buddy, can make my list of all the foods Darcy is allowed to have and the list of all the food she likes into an easy to read Venn diagram? Print it out and make it available as a memo in the house's digital calendar, just in case Steve or you need it, we can put it up on the fridge."

Darcy sighed and then pillowed her arms onto the edge of the pool, putting her head down. "Why do I have to be pregnant to have a baby? What happened to the whole stork thing? Why can't the baby just get dropped off via bird?"

Steve soothingly rubbed her back at the same time Tony patted her head. Tony consoled her, "I got you a caffeine free soda to go with dinner. And upstairs I left the most delicious chocolate lava fudge cake."

Darcy looked up at Tony with a slightly interested expression, "Chocolate lava?"

"It’s practically orgasmic." Tony assured. "I can feed it to you in the bathtub later if you want."

Darcy smiled warmly, she was tempted to pull Tony down into the pool and drag him over to the as of yet christen-ed grotto, and have her wicked way with him, but the lure of food proved too strong.

"Okay." Darcy agreed as she ducked back under the water and swam for the shallow end of the pool blindly. The pool had a ladder on to get out from in the deep end, but it also had this awesome beach entry type thing on the other side. She asked Jarvis about it earlier and he called it a Zero entry pool. Apparently Tony had the ladder added two weeks after they met. He was worried about a pregnant Darcy climbing out of the pool safely, and he wanted her to have a conventional option if the zero entry thing threw her off.

Steve opted to heave himself out of the pool where they were. Darcy slowly waded out of the water. She saw Steve grab his towel and wrap it around his waist leaving his glistening chest on display, but as Tony came into her line of sight, she sped up, almost running to him.

“Careful, don’t slip.” Tony warned as Darcy grinned and hid her face in the crook of his neck. She wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him tightly. Glad he hadn’t stopped her from hugging him even though he was still dry and she was all wet. His warm skin was radiating heat and she couldn’t get enough of it. She just stood there, dripping as Tony threw the towel he was holding over and around her shoulders. Wrapped up partly, Darcy lifted her head to smile and thank Tony for the gesture, “Thanks, honey bunny.”

Tony just smirked at her choice of term of endearment, and began rubbing her shoulders as he leaned in to give her a proper kiss hello.

His hands slid over her figure, warming her up, but ultimately coming to rest on her ass for a sensual grope that had Darcy thinking with her lady business again.

Darcy moaned and wrapped her arms around Tony's shoulders as she opened her mouth wider, allowing him to explore her deeper with his tongue. His facial hair tickled her face, making her smile into the kiss.

Darcy broke the kiss to glance over at Steve. He was setting up the table for them to eat at, taking things out of the box and opening stuff and pouring it onto plates.

Keeping her eyes trained on Steve Darcy whispered to Tony, "Steve punched me in the boob and called me fat." She felt Tony stiffen but Steve didn't react. So Darcy turned her gaze back to Tony pecking him on the lips quickly.

"Just kidding, I was testing to see if Steve could hear me with his super hearing," Darcy explained. Tony relaxed. His arms moved to wrap around her waist as she continued to speak in a hushed tone, "I just wanted to let you know that I love you, and also that I missed you today. Specifically the penis part of you. And your willingness to use it inside of me."

Tony's eyebrows rose in surprise but the smile and little laugh he let out let her know he was happily surprised. He gave her a quick kiss, but Darcy broke away so she could continued to rant, "I'm feeling pretty shitty morally speaking. I practically sexually assaulted Steve today. I flashed him. Made him touch my bare boobies! I stopped myself from molesting him, but just barely! I’m feeling a little out of control. And I know that just because I'm horny and sexually frustrated right now, that does not give me the right to---it's not Steve's fault or his problem how much I want to sit on his face."

Darcy pouted, her eyes becoming glossy with unshed tears, "But it's like, I want the sex. I want the sex with him. And I feel guilty for wanting it. Knowing he doesn't want me right now."

Tony gave her a look of understanding as he leant down and began kissing at her neck. His lips nipped at her skin with light little barely there kisses as he spoke, "Trust me, Darcy, Steve wants you right now. Just like I do. He wants you all the time. Just like I do." Tony whispered into her neck.

Darcy made a noise of frustration her eyes, glancing back to Steve, seeing him sitting down and starting to eat without them, probably because he was so respectful and wanted to give them privacy. Fuck she was such a shitty person.

"I just wish he had a written timeline I could refer too, so I wouldn't feel so sleazy for pushing his limits. Like if I knew that by week eight, he'd go down on me. Or by week ten he would finger me again. It wouldn't be so hard! But it’s all...ambiguous and ephemeral. What the fuck does he even mean wait until he's ready! His dick was hard practically all day, he was fucking ready."

Darcy stroked Tony's back as her annoyance lessened the longer she stared at Steve, "I mean it's really sweet and totally smart to wait, and I understand why. Part of me is even impressed by his grown up emotionally healthy choice, but the other part of me is This is stupid. I want him. He wants me. I don't see why letting the relationship naturally develop has to mean we have to be so physically sepera--"

Tony began sucking on her pulse point. Darcy grunted and slid her hand into his hair, her other hand squeezed at his shoulder tightly. "I'm sorry to lay this all on you right when you come home. Or like, at all. I don't think it's--is it okay to complain about him to you?"

Tony nodded, his response muffled in her skin, "I'm here for you. Complain away."

Darcy bit her lip as she felt tears prick at her eyes again, "I'm just so worried Tony. I don't want to alienate him. Force him--coerce him into doing things he's not ready to---oooh." Tony bites the skin that connected her neck and shoulder, before soothing the spot with his tongue. And just like that she was getting wet again.

Tony smiled and kissed her lips softly. Darcy sighed into his mouth, so happy that he was home, that she had someone who she could to talk to about all the conflicted emotions she had been struggling with all day. Darcy whispered in between kisses, "I'm really glad you're home you think the way I'm feeling is a pregnancy hormone related thing or a he’s just so fucking hot who wouldn’t be frustrated at ;being so close to but not able to hit that’ thing??"

“Um. I don’t know.” Tony shrugged, " you want me to talk to him? Give him pointers? About maybe, speeding up--"

"No." Darcy would literally die of embarrassment. “No, don’t. I just have to work up the courage. I’ll bring it up with him…later. Not today…. Soon. At a time that is soon adjacent.”

Tony traced the hourglass shape of her figure with his hands. Caressing her sides, starting at the sides of her breasts, moving down to her waist, before flaring out over her hips, Tony gave her wink, "Well, in that case, I think you're really going to like my present."

Pulling back she ran her hands through his hair, letting her hands interlock at the base of his neck as she stared at his face. She gave him a serious look, "But, seriously, Tony. I've been alone with Steve all day. He rubbed lotion all over me, we slow danced. It was romantic as hell. I rubbed one out earlier but it wasn't enough. I need you to fuck me in the grotto."

Tony swooped in and kissed her savagely. His body pressed closer to hers. Her arms tightened around his neck as she kissed him back just as fiercely. Tony broke the kiss, and agreed to her plan in a hoarse voice, "You got it kid."

Darcy smiled and glanced over at Steve and the food on the table, "I'm actually pretty hungry though, so, after dinner?"

Tony's arm went around her shoulders as he led her over to the table and Steve. He chuckled, "It's a date."

Darcy slipped into Tony's shirt, buttoning it all the way up to ward off the chill before she sat down to eat. Tony pulled her into his side, as Steve genially passed out the drinks.

"So, isn't anyone going to ask me about how my day went?" Tony prompted as they all dug in to the food. An easy conversation filled the air between them as they ate.



After the delicious dinner had been devoured, Tony questioned Darcy and Steve, "So, when will the new furniture be arriving?"

"About that."

Tony rolled his eyes, pinning Darcy with an annoyed look, "You didn't do any shopping today?"

Darcy shrugged her shoulders, "Sorry?"

Tony huffed, wadding up his napkin he threw it down on his plate, muttering, "A limitless credit card is wasted on you two, I swear."

"Oh!" Darcy exclaimed, finally remembering what she bought that morning. "I did buy one thing. Well, one thing for the house and one thing for me."

Tony smiled excitedly, "What? A dresser? A new bed? END TABLES!"

"A clock."

Tony's face fell as flat his voice when he responded deadpan-ly, "A clock?"

Darcy nodded enthusiastically.

Tony scowled and asked, "Jarvis what time is it?"

"Eight fifty two p.m. sir." Tony gave her a pointed look, as if to say, 'WTF do we need a clock for? I built an artificial intelligence who can tell you what time it is on the moon!'

Darcy smiled bashfully, "Yeah, but the clock I bought is shaped like Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast. It's got a little face and little arms. It’s adorable."

Tony huffed out a breath with a smile on his face, as he admitted, "Well, I guess it's a step in the right direction."

Tony then pointed at Steve, "And what did you buy today mister?"

Steve looked ashamed as he confessed, "Nothing."

"Ugh, the both of you. I am a BILLIONAIRE. With a 'B'. Will you two get your act together and get me some end tables. I like to keep a glass of water by the bed and---just buy some shit please?'"

Darcy nodded her head, as she promised, "Tomorrow. I swear. All day tomorrow we will decorate and shop."

Steve nodded, declaring, "We’ll get started, right after you leave for work in the morning."

Darcy made face, as she corrected, "Well, after breakfast and a shower. And a quick dip in the pool. So, at least by mid-afternoon."

"Okay." Tony wiped a hand over his eyes, "So, tell me what your other purchase was kid. Some sexy massage oils perhaps?"

Darcy bit her lip; she didn't think Tony would appreciate her choice in swimwear as much as Steve would, so she kept her description vague. "A swimsuit."

Tony's hand flew off his face, "Bikini?"

"One piece."

"Funny, I bought a swimsuit today too." Tony said with a Cheshire cat grin.

"Really?" Darcy looked at his red swim trunks, "It’s nice, I like you in red."

Tony smirked as he picked up one of the shopping bags off the table and swung it by the handle on one finger as he taunted, "Oh, I didn't buy myself a suit. I bought one..."

He turned to Steve and extended the bag to the other man, "For Mr. America."

Steve gave Tony an unsure look, but accepted the small package. "Tony, you didn't have to that. I would have gotten around to buying some swim trunks eventually."

Tony looked gleefully as he gestured for Steve to hurry up, "Open it, open it!"

"Tony you really..." Steve trailed off as he pulled out a small Captain America's Shield patterned speedo, "...shouldn't have."

He held up the garment with one finger, looking at like it was going to bite him if he got too close to it, Steve gritted out, "Thank you Tony."

Steve shoved the male barely there swimwear back into the bag and blushed, leveling an annoyed smolder at Tony's grinning face, "Gee. I sure hope it fits."

"I'm sure that your patriotic penis and balls of justice will be snug as a bug in a rug." Tony jeered, just barely containing his laughter. Tony then grabbed the other shopping bag and tossed it to Darcy.

A little more apprehensive now, about opening the present, Darcy peeked inside before she stuck her hand inside and pulled out a handful of lacy undergarments. "...did you get me...panties?" Darcy questioned with a confused smile and a tilt of her head.

"No thongs, I know you hate those. Just some sexy as hell, fully butt covering, undergarments." Tony bragged proudly before he gestured back to the bag, "Look at the bottom."

Darcy looked back into the bag, he was right, under the pile of panties, was a small white rectangular box. It was about the size of remote controller. She pulled it out, throwing a look of suspicion at Tony. "You wouldn't put those exploding snake things in here...would you?"

Tony just smiled and nodded at her encouragingly, "Open it and find out."

Darcy took the top off and felt her face go scarlet. She quickly slammed the lid down.

"You don't want to take it out so I can show you how it works?" Tony pouted, taking the box out of her hands and pulling the hot pink vibrator out of the box. It was made to look like a real penis, with veins and stuff, pink. It was pretty big, maybe bigger than Tony or Steve’s penises. It was kind of girth-y. Looking at how fat it was reminded her of Bruce, her once upon a time potential match.

Tony gestured to the control panel excitedly as he spoke, "It's got four different speeds for clitoral stimulation, and six different pulsating patterns that run along the shaft. The tip of the penis has a rotating head. It comes with a long range remote control. It has a heating function. And a few other bells and whistles I added."

Darcy blinked as Tony shoved the pink vibrator into her hands. "You made this?"

"Yeah. I...thought you'd like it...Jarvis let me know….well, up until the big move, we fucked almost every day and night. So, given Captain Underpants’ reluctance to dive right into the warm embrace of your…warmest embrace, I thought you might need a means of relaxation for when I’m not around, and he’s unwilling. Although I am totally down for phone sex during working hours, I’m just putting that out there.” Tony took her hand and put the vibrator in her hand, wrapping her fingers around it at the base, he moved her hand up and down the shaft twice before leaving it her hands altogether.

“I was in the workshop, hiding from Pepper and her clipboard of scheduled meetings with boring people, I was missing you, so I asked Jarvis what you were up too, and then I was suddenly inspired. So I began tinkered around. I built the motor from scratch. Sent someone out for an existing vibrator, stripped it for its pink coat, put it over my upgraded one. And voila. The Tony Stark vibrator." Darcy weighed the thing with her hands, frankly impressed with the craftsmanship, if Tony hadn’t have told her, she wouldn’t have known that the sex toy wasn’t mass produced. It looked like it was store bought.

Darcy pressed a button and the thing sprung to life, vibrating gently in her hand, Tony pressed the middle button saying, “It starts out slow and then builds to a pretty remarkable level.”

He pressed the middle button again, and Darcy’s eyes widened. “Holy shit.”

“Impressive right?” Tony bragged. “I made three others that were so strong they’d probably have your whole lower body moving up and down in time with the vibrations. Those had to be scrapped, too much power. This one’s a work of art, though. I might even fiddle with the idea of selling them. However, seeing as this is the prototype, I’m going to need all of your feedback on what you like and don’t like about it Darce.” Darcy didn’t know if he was serious or not.

“You can tell Jarvis to record and send me the video of your sessions with the toy…for further study, I swear.” Darcy bit her lip and blushed at the look in Tony’s eyes. He was so not joking. He was for fucking real.

He wanted her to masturbate and send him video of it….it occurred to her just then that he might have watched her in the shower earlier. Watched her and built this. Or maybe he just had Jarvis describe it? Or run audio? She wasn’t thrilled with the idea of there being a camera in the bathroom…but then again, weren’t camera’s like Jarvis’s eyes? What if she fell in the shower? Or serial killer got it? She’d want Jarvis able to raise the alarm. But also, watching her in the shower without her knowledge…creepy. Darcy made a mental note to address this with Tony later.

“This one is pushing it, girth wise, for your run of the mill sex toy consumer. So, I’m going to make another one tomorrow. If I can maintain the mechanical integrity of the motor while making it smaller in size, I will consider further expanding SI into the adult sex aid business. As you can see I had to use one of the 9 inch long and 2.1 inch width models, to fit in all of the mechanical wonders, but I know that I can get it down to the average 1.5 inches if I work on it.”

Darcy looked down at the pink phallic shaped sign of Tony's affection. It was...oddly sweet. Just like Tony.

“Oh! Also, I got you lube. Lots and lots of lube. I’m counting on you to do the initial beta test, Darcy, don’t forget to stretch before hand. But, if it’s too much for you, that’s okay, I’ll give you the smaller model to try out…once I’ve got it perfected.” Tony smirked at Darcy who didn’t know if she should laugh or not. She d wasn’t intimidated by the size of it. She’d seen bigger.

“We can try it out together later.” Darcy said sweetly, as she put the pink vibrator back into its box.

"You were...Jarvis reports to you on what we do all day?" Steve questioned as he folded his arms in front of chest, making him appear bigger and more intimidating. "Did you...were you watching us today?"

" always. But--it was, it just came up in conversation when I asked Jarvis how things were going at home. I were crying and watching TV all day yesterday, I was concerned. Does it...matter how I found out?" Tony turned to her. Darcy smiled. It didn't matter to her. She put the box back into the bag with the panties. She pulled Tony across to her kissing him sweetly.

"Thanks for think of me." She murmured against his lips. "You are so weird."

"I told you earlier, I'm here for you...even when I'm not here, here." Tony kissed her on the cheek before turning to Steve, "Wanna go try on your present and make sure it fits?"

Steve looked pissed, "No." Darcy was a little concerned about that, but honestly Jarvis watching them, and the whole place being under surveillance that Tony had access to, shouldn't really surprise Steve. It didn't surprise her. She was actually shocked when Tony came home yesterday and seemed to genuinely not know what she and Steve had did all day.

Tony told them that Jarvis ran security for the whole mansion. Besides, she knew Tony had been messing with them when Jarvis played those songs earlier.

Tony just shrugged and turned to Darcy, "How bout you kid?" He picked up a pair of black and white satin high-waisted panties, spinning them around his finger, "You know I got the matching bras and accouterments upstairs, if you want to get the full affect."

Darcy took the panties from his finger and put them back into the brown shopping bag, "Not right now. But thank you, I appreciate it. I was out of clean clothes, now I'll have something to wear when the cleaning lady comes tomorrow."

Tony gave her a tender look, "I know. Why do you think I used panties as tissue paper to wrap your gift with?"

Darcy laughed at the Tony logic of that statement.

Tony looked over at Steve's stiff posture, and he gave the man an understanding nod, "If you'd rather I not watch silently in the future I can do that."

"I'd rather not be scrutinized and recorded without my knowledge."

Tony shrugged, his hand drifting to her knee, "It wasn't a recording. It was a live feed. But you don't need to worry about footage leaking, it's a closed system. And no one can hack Jarvis."

Tony slid his hand up and down her thigh, his serious tone at odds with his teasing hands, "Sorry."

Steve's eyebrows rose at Tony's apology.

Tony rolled his eyes, "Yes. I know the word sorry and how to use it appropriately, don't have an aneurysm."

Darcy looked adoringly at Tony, she was so proud of how he was not invalidating Steve's feelings right now, Tony continued, "Steve, I was just worried about Darcy's safety. You can understand that right?"

Steve reluctantly nodded, before rebutting, "That doesn't give you the right to spy on us without our knowledge. If this is to be our home, we should have privacy and peace of mind here too."

Darcy grimaced, “I also…I don’t want to be under video surveillance in the shower or on the toilet….just no. Audio in the bathroom is maybe more tolerable. But, like, no one needs to know my ‘I’m pooping’ face. Not even Jarvis.”

"Okay. Point acknowledged. How about this, if I want to see what's going on, I'll call and have Jarvis throw me up on a screen, so we can interface?"

Darcy squealed, "Yay! Compromise!"

Steve nodded, the stiffness fading from his face, "You can...Jarvis can let--in an emergency situation you can do...whatever, you need to do."

Tony smiled and extended his hand across the table. Steve shook it. Darcy jumped up onto her knees, so she could cover their joined hands with her own. She shouted, "AND BREAK! GO TEAM LEWIS-STARK-ROGERS!"

All of them laughed. The tension dissipated. It was all good again.

Before Tony could open his mouth to say anything else, Darcy asked, "Tony, Steve, there wouldn't happen to be any pool toys around here? Like noodles or inner tubes or floating lounge chairs?"

She knew their was, Steve had told her that afternoon, but Darcy had told Steve to stay in the water when he offered to go get some, because they were having such a good time and she didn't want to ruin it.

"Yeah, in the cabana." Tony answered.

"Can you go get....all of them?" Darcy gave the boys a cheeky smile, "I'll clean up the table?" She offered.

"Okay...c'mon muscles. You can blow up the giant donut." Tony said giving Steve a slap on the back.

"And here I though you were the old windbag out of the two of us." Steve sassed as they disappeared around the side of the house.

As soon as the guys were out of sight, Darcy whispered, "Jarvis."

"Yes Miss Darcy." Jarvis answered at full volume.

"Shhh. Keep it low key Jarvis." Darcy scolded.

"Yes Miss Darcy." Jarvis said at a lower volume.

"Order me a bikini. Whatever color and cut that Tony would like best." Darcy figured that the man who knew Tony the best was Jarvis. And if she got a bathing suit that was basically a symbol of her affection for Steve, she should also get one that reflected Tony and his tastes. And who better to tell her what those tastes were than his semi-omnipotent all knowing computer son/creation?

"Given the amount of comments that feature women fitting into the tops of some swim suits and not the bottoms, I would suggest buying several, so that you can be assured to find at least one that fits and is to your liking."

"Good idea Jarvis. Do it."

"Done. Miss Darcy. Your swimming attire will arrive within two to three business days."

"Cool." Darcy answered as she gathered up all their dinner debris and put it back into the cardboard box Tony used to carry it down in.

Darcy threw off Tony’s dress shirt that she had been using as her cover up. When the boys came back she dove into the pool in gleeful defiance of the waiting thirty minutes after eating before you swim rule.

Darcy splashed around happily as the guys threw, toy after toy into the pool. Once they ran out of pool accoutrements, Steve dove smoothing into the deep end, while Tony wildly cannon balled in after him. Tony had Jarvis play some up beat party music and they just hung out.

They swam and played and talked for an hour or so. Turned out, Marco Polo, was a lot more fun with more than two people.

After Steve caught her and Tony cheating and hiding in the grotto again, he claimed to be sick of the pool and begged off.

"Where are you going?" Darcy hollered after Steve.

Steve picked up a towel and the box of garbage from dinner, "I'm done. I'm going to go for a run. You stay Darcy. Have fun with Tony. I'll come by your room later to say good night."

Darcy made a face, as Steve started walking up the stairs. Turning a questioning glare on Tony she pointed at Steve's retreating figure, "Did you say something to him?"

Tony swam over to her, his hands reaching for her legs and wrapping them around his waist. "Yeah, I told him, when he got bored he should leave so I could fuck you without forcing him to watch and or make an awkward exit mid-my-penis-inside-you."

Darcy sighed, as Tony unhooked her bra and tossed it over the divide into the pool area. Darcy dunked her head back into the water, wetting her hair so it was slicked back on her head. Tony squeezed her butt as he leant forward and started kissing his way up her chest.

The grotto was built a little deeper than a hot tub. When Darcy stood up her hips just reached the water’s surface. The little grotto had an underwater circular seating all around the edges. It had little underwater lights that helped create a scenic cave like atmosphere.

Darcy let her eyes fall shut as she floated on the surface of the water as Tony teased her nipples with his tongue and fingers. Tony was so good with his fingers.

Darcy unwrapped her legs breaking Tony's contact with her chest. She pulled down her underwear, smiling at Tony as he copied her with his swim trunks. They threw their garments carelessly towards the pool’s edge.

Tony looked her up and down, his eyes lingering on her pussy below the water. Darcy let her do the same with his dick. After silently just looking at each other’s naked bodies, they moved towards each other in tandem.

Darcy jumped back into his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. Tony bent his knees slightly as he caught her, but stood strong with his hands braced on her ass for support. Darcy began kissing him and pulling his hair just a little so he would tilt his head back and open his mouth for her.

Without missing a beat, Tony slid one finger inside her. Darcy mumbled, "I'm wet, use three fingers."

"Three?" Tony questioned as he walked backward a few steps so he could sit on the little bench seat, his hand reaching behind him fiddling with controls she hadn't known were there.

Tony did as she asked and stuck three fingers inside her, just as the grotto's jets turned on and Darcy exclaimed, "Bubbles!"

"Oh, god." Darcy moaned into Tony's mouth as his thumb started slowly teasing her clit by rubbing back and forth. The water dulled the friction a little, but everything still felt good. Tony started sucking on her neck again. His other hand squeezed and kneaded the flesh of her behind. Darcy reached down into the water and began to stroke at Tony's cock.

Tony pulled away from her neck to command, "Jarvis play 'My Humps' by the Black Eyed Peas."

Laughter exploded out Darcy. Tony began to bob his head comically along with the song. Darcy slapped at his shoulders. “This is not a romantic song.”

“Sure it is.” Tony claimed as he stood up, forcing Darcy to tighten her legs around his waist and grab onto his shoulders or risk falling back into the water. Tony slipped his fingers out of her cunt, and used both hands to grip her body to his, by means of her ample ass cheeks. She put her head down on Tony's shoulder, her body shaking with laughter as Tony danced and began to sing along,

"Whatcha gonna do with all that junk
All that junk inside your trunk"

Tony began circling his hips and playfully shaking her ass cheeks with his hands. Darcy got into the song as Fergie began to sing. She was swaying back and forth and shaking her shoulders in time with the beat. When Tony suddenly threw her off of him and into the warm water below.

"Tony!" Darcy laughed shrilly as she surfaced. Tony was sitting back on the little bench, head bobbing and wicked smile on his face.

"She's got me spending" he sang.

Darcy stood up letting Tony get a good look at her naked body as she sang along,
"Oh, spending all your money on me
And spending time on me"

Tony sang again, "She's got me spending" as his eyes locked onto her breasts.

Darcy ran her hands sensually up her stomach over her breasts and over her hair as she sang,
"Oh, spending all your money on me
Uh on me on me"

Darcy turned around and did a sexy bend move, letting her hands glide over her ass enticingly, as Tony mumbled along with the song,
" Whatcha gonna do with all that junk
All that junk inside your trunk"

Darcy shook her ass and slapped it hard, dancing seductively as a red mark appeared on her pale flesh. Circling her hips, before going side to side with them as Fergie sang about men getting drunk off her humps, Darcy closed her eyes as she had fun dancing.

Tony came up from behind her, fitting himself against her back. He pulled her hips back into his crotch. Darcy bent her knees slightly and ground her hips back against his. His hardening erection felt thick and heavy against her ass. She kept her hips moving in time with the music, even as she began to grope at her own chest. She lifting her breasts, squeezing their weight with her hands before pinching her nipples harshly.

Tony's hands left her hips, trusting her to continue tease him with her ass. He slid his hands across her stomach. He moved them up to her chest, lightly shooing her own hands away. He just cupped her breasts in his hands, as he began doing some really sexy pelvic thrusting. Darcy let her head fall back onto his shoulder. Her mouth opened and let out a groan as Tony shifted one hand down to her clit and began to rub quick circles over her most sensitive nerve endings. Darcy took up the mantle of fondling her other breast.

Tony mumbled along with the song into her ear,
"I'm a make make make make you scream
Make you scream make you scream"

Darcy moaned as Tony's fingers sped up, teasing her clit fiercely. Darcy began to thrust her hips back and forth, sort of fucking the air, but really just enjoying the feeling of Tony thrusting his dick against her ass.

“Okay, enough messing around fuck me.” Darcy demanded as she walked forward, getting onto the bench seat with her knees and arching her back. Looking back at Tony over her shoulder, she watched him walk forward as he pumped his shaft quickly with his own fist.

“Jarvis play Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster album, starting with Teeth.” Darcy requested as she shook her ass enticingly in the air. Tony finally close enough to her that she could feel the heat radiating off his skin.

“I should have brought your little pink cock in the water with us.” Darcy panted as she spread her legs apart a little more, allowing her to sink into the water so she was covered up to her hips. She put her hands on the edge of the circular pool. Bracing herself with her arms.

“Don’t.” Tony smacked her ass forcefully, Darcy bit her lip so she wouldn’t cry out. She could feel his hand moving quickly on his dick as he took a step closer to her so he was in between her legs.

“Why?” Darcy questioned as she moved back a little so she could feel his hand hit her ass as he continued to pump his shaft with his fist.

Tony smacked her ass again. The same one. Darcy let out a high pitched noise. His hand went to her cunt, he gently slid two then three fingers inside her. He pumped in and out gently as he explained, “It’s not waterproof. The seal…I’ll fix it in the next generation. Just don’t, use it in the pool or the shower.”

Darcy moaned as he used his thumb on her clit.”Did you—were you watching me in the shower before?”

Tony removed his fingers from her cunt and the thumb that had been stroking her clit, “Nooo.” Darcy whined at their loss.

Tony smacked her other ass cheek. It didn’t hurt. All his spanking was dulled by the water resistance. He lined himself up with her dripping opening. “I watched it.” Tony shoved forward, fully impaling her on his cock.

“And then after I watched it, I went the bathroom and rubbed one out.” He pulled his hips slowly, dragging his dick out of her languidly.

“And then I watched it again.” Tony thrust forward his hands going to her breasts, pulling her upright. Pulling her back against his chest. He began thrusting in and out of her rapidly. The angle wasn’t deep, but it felt good. Darcy could lean back and kiss at his throat from this position. Her hands going over her head to thread through his hair.

“I had Jarvis create a secret file. A Darcy Lewis spank bank file. I’m recording us right now too.” Tony gave her nipples a vicious twist. Causing Darcy to moan wantonly, she brought her hands down to cover his hands, not wanting him to pinch her that hard again, but at the same time…

Darcy thrust her hips back into his, causing Tony to grunt, “I thought you told us that you weren’t recording. That it was all live feed.” Darcy questioned as she moved one hand down to her clit and began to rub herself aggressively.

Tony took her un used hand and put it on the ledge of the pool, and then lifted her opposite leg and lifted it out of the water and onto the pools ledge as well. Opening her up more. Forcing her body into what she called, the ‘dog peeing on a firehydrant pose’. And basically positioning her pussy right over one of the jets.

“I lied. I have Jarvis recording your every move…but only you. Only when you’re alone.” Tony admitted as he pushed her head down gently, forcing her to bend over more. Darcy held her breath as his hand caressed her ass cheek; she braced herself for another slap. “I love you Darcy.” Tony surprised her by pinching her butt lightly before slamming his dick into her deeply. “Oh god.”

“And he records when I’m with you. And we’re alone.” Tony began pumping his hips in and out of her quickly. Jack hammering her pussy, pulling her hips back to meet his every thrust inside her body. Darcy used her free hand to rub her clit.

“Right there baby. Fuck, Tony. I love you. Fuck me harder, but keep this tempo.” Darcy praised and instructed.

Tony leant over her bent over form, his front molding to her back as he hunched over. His breath tickled her skin as he responded, “As you wish.”

Tony began pounding into her harder. The sound of them fucking, the water sloshing all about, the jet basically right on her clit, the feeling of his dick inside her, the cement biting into her arm, the warm water all around them. Darcy came. And it was a big one.

“Coming.” Darcy gasped. “I’m coming.”

Tony slowed down his thrusts into her minutely, but he continued to fuck into her. He did lessen the amount of force he was putting behind each thrust considerably though. Allowing her to just relax and enjoy the big ‘O’.

Her body goes lax and she lets her leg down from the pools edge. Tony picks her up and holds her against him by the backs of her thighs. He turns and sits down with Darcy in his lap, facing away from him. His dick still inside her. He moved his hands to her breasts, letting gravity and her own lubricant pull her easily down over his dick, until her ass was nestled snugly in his lap.

Darcy squeezed her inner muscles, trying to recapture the feeling of her orgasm. Tony groaned and bit her shoulder.

“I’m sorry I lied.” Tony admitted as he slouched back a bit, allowing Darcy to put her head on his shoulder. Darcy let her hands float in the water listlessly.

“I don’t care. Just don’t let me become an internet sex meme. Or anyone besides you or Steve see the footage.”

Darcy felt tired. Exhausted. And yet, there was a hard cock inside her. And Tony hadn’t come yet. And like the greedy sex person she was, she wanted another.

“I don’t think we’re going to get to the chocolate lava cake bathtub feeding tonight Tony.” Darcy admitted as Tony’s hands turned her face sideways. Tony kissed her slowly. Sweetly. He kissed her in a way that made her feel like she was precious to him. Treasured.

She felt so good in his arms. She felt like she had been so tense and tied up in knots all day. Holding back had taken its toll on her. Just being with Tony soothed all that. Kissing him. Joking with him. Fucking him. All of it. Tony made her feel better. Wanted. Not like a whore for wanting sex. Crazy, but not alone.

She began to cry.

Tony pulled back from her lips, confusion and worry on his face. He picked her up by the hips and slipped his dick out of her. He settled her onto the bench next to him. “What’s wrong?”

Darcy cried harder. She put a hand over her mouth to contain her sobs.

“Darcy! What’s wrong?!” Tony yelled, his eyes growing frantic.

Darcy shook her head and removed her hand, “I---I think, I think I love you more than I love Steve.”

Tony looked sad. His arms came around her shoulders as she rambled into his ear, whispering, “All day I wanted him so much. And, he—I practically—I did everything but ask him to fuck me. He’s so much harder to read. I can’t look at him and know what he’s thinking. I can’t---I feel like a terrible person. I’m the worst. I thought you two would never get along and that would be the end of us. But it’s me! I’m…I don’t love Steve enough.” Her words dissolved into tears.

Tony made soothing noises, before picking her up and putting her back in his lap, she could feel his hard dick under her ass cheeks, and she felt even more terrible for not making sure he got to come before she ruined their fun and sexy moment together with her mini-meltdown.

“You’re not a terrible person.” Tony said softly into her ear. Darcy cuddled closer into his chest. “You—he—god dammit. I don’t want to talk you into…part of me wants you two to not work out. I want you all to myself.”

Darcy pulled back and stared at Tony in shock. “I’m spoiled. I’m used to getting exactly what I want and when I want it. I—I don’t look forward to the day, when I want to fool around with you, but Steve’s going strong on his fourth round with you riding his dick.”

Darcy put her hands on his shoulders and squeezed. Tony put his hands around her rib cage, holding onto her as he confessed, “I’m not a young man. I’m not a morally righteous man. I’m secretly planning on throwing away most of your clothes and just silently replacing them hoping you don’t notice. I’m hosting a party on Saturday. It’s a welcome back to Malibu Bash thing, young and famous, rich and important guest type thing. I haven’t told you yet. I spent most of the morning fuming as I watched Rogers wind you up, then crush your vixen like intentions with his inability to just fuck you like you deserved to be fucked.”

Darcy pressed the button behind him to turn off the jets. “Play Lady Antebellum Jarvis. Not the song I run to you.” Darcy requested.

The clubby type sound of Laday Gaga being replaced with the country group. “Lower it by fifty percent.” Darcy demanded. She wanted to hear what Tony was saying without so many distractions.

“Steve’s sexy.” Tony said solemnly. “He’s huge. His dicks bigger than mine.”

Darcy clutched Tonys face, her hands on his beard, “That doesn’t matter to me! Are you fucking crazy?”

Tony removed her hands from his face, “You’re going to fall in love with him. Slowly. And then all at once. You two will be….phenomenal together. He’s—Rogers is still adjusting to this time. He hides it well, he’s still clinging to the ways used to be culturally. That’s the only thing that’s holding him back. I know it.”

“You don’t know that.”

“I do. He…he’s the marrying type. The bring him home to meet the family type.” Darcy looked at Tony’s agitated expression. Tony didn’t think he was the marrying, show off to the parents type. Tony didn’t think much of himself for all that bluster he walked around flashing.

“My family’s dead.” Darcy said coldly. “I…don’t have anyone to impress. I don’t need my choice in partners validated by anyone.”

“None of us do.” Darcy added after a beat.

Tony shook his head, “Wait, no we got off topic. I was trying to reassure you that you’re relationship with Steve may be developing at slower pace than ours, but that doesn’t mean that its any less important to you, and somehow we got to talking about my personal insecurities.”

“You do have a gift in making yourself the center of attention.” Darcy quipped.

Tony gave her a small smile. “I’m serious. You shouldn’t freak out. You love me. You like him. We bonded so totally right away, you two…you two are taking some time. That’s what happens when you date different people at the same time. Or so I read…”

Darcy gave Tony a half smile, he did it again. He made her feel better. And also a little worried about his self image, but they’d have to circle back to that at a later date. “So you think that…you really think that me and Steve, that our connection will be as strong as ours one day?”

“Maybe stronger if the baby turns out to be his biologically.”

“No. No, I don’t—“

“I was kidding. Sort of.” Tony pushed the hair away from her face and kissed her lips quickly. “I think you two just need a little more time to bond one on one.”

Darcy looked at the wall of rock behind Tony’s head. “What if you’re wrong? And I never fall in love with him the way I already love you?”

Tony inhaled quickly, his hands going to rest on her hips, “I’m Tony Stark. I’m rarely if ever wrong about anything.”

Darcy let out a yawn, as she glared down at Tony for his cheeky response. Tony rubbed his thumb in circles on her hips as he smiled sheepishly, “You two have a really strong connection already. And past fucking indicates that you are compatible sexually. I just think that you’re questioning Steve now, because you’re pregnant and moody and horny and hormonal and you have our awesome relationship to compare it too.”

“And we’re not supposed to compare.”

Tony smiled at her softly as he repeated, “And we’re not supposed to compare our relationships…if you and I weren’t a thing, I doubt you would question you’re feelings for Steve at all. Going slowly, working up to a sexual relationship, that’s the norm. This—“Tony thrust his hips up slightly, reminded Darcy he was still hard, “This is weird. You and I, we’ve been navigating at relationship warp speed, sexually and emotionally speaking.”

Darcy let her gaze drop to Tony’s throat. She just stared at his Adams apple as she spoke, her eyes growing a little droopy, “So…I should cut Steve some slack?”

Tony nodded, as Darcy leant forward and kissed his pulse point, “And use my supped up vibrator when you’re horny and he’s holding out cuz he’s as wholesome as Leave It To Beaver.”

Darcy kissed his throat sloppily as she mumbled, “I love you Tony.” She adjusted her legs so she was straddling his lap.

“I love you Darcy.” Tony said softly as he pulled her hair slightly, forcing her to lift her face from his neck and allowing him access to her lips. He kissed her deeply, his tongue diving deep into the depths of her mouth. Darcy reached down between Tony’s legs and she lifted herself off his lap with her leg muscles. She aligned his still hard cock with her vagina and sank down on him.

“Steve’s sexy. But you’re devilishly sexy.” Darcy declared once Tony was fully seated inside her.

Darcy lifted herself off of his dick, keeping the head only inside of her, before dropping back down, “What else did you say about him…oh yeah, he’s huge. Well, I hate to break it to you, but to me and my 5”3 stature, you;re both equally huge.” Darcy swiveled her hips, “And your brain is huger…hugest? Whatever, you both have more muscles in your arms than I have in my entire body.”

Tony’s hands gripped her hips tightly and lifted her off his dick, this time he thrust up as she slid down, “Uh.” Darcy grunted as he did it again.

“Not that I’m not enjoying the ego stroking…dick stroking, there’s a clever line there, an analogy or a simile or something. I can’t think of it right now.” Tony groaned as Darcy palmed her own tits, sticking out her chest, she grabbed Tony’s head and pulled him down. Tony began to suck and lick her nipple.

“I’m just making sure that you know that all my doubts and worries are just as silly and unfounded as yours about your comparison to Steve.” Tony tried to pull away to say something, but Darcy just pulled his head back to her other breast. She began to bounce on his dick, her legs straining in the best way.

“He’s not better than you. I’m not going to fall in love with him and forget about you. Or turn against you. Or be disgusted by you. I know you’re older than both of us. I know your kind of controlling and a voyeuristic pervert. I…ah, ah, ah, don’t mind. If you cross a line, I’ll let you know. I’ll be firm and loud and make you regret it if you ever repeat your mistake.”

Darcy gripped the back of Tony’s hair and pulled his head back harshly, she kissed him hard. Their teeth clashing, their tongues tangling together so much, she was afraid they were going to knot together.

Darcy bounced quicker up and down, Tony thrust up into her more consistently, his hand snuck under the water to circle her clit. To pinch it. And rub it with the heel of his hand. Darcy began panting his name, “Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony.”

“I love that. I love hearing you say my name.” Tony’s eyes were alight with adoration and possession.

“Tony.” Darcy moaned. “Your dick is big. You have nothing to worry about. It feels so good. You make me feel good. I love you. I love your dick. The one you built me is insane and I can’t wait to try it out and—“

Tony began drive up into her with a ferocity that had her letting out these short sharp little cries. Darcy dragged her nails across Tony’s nipples, circling the nubs with her thumbs. And then Tony was coming inside of her. His body stiffened, but to his credit, his hand kept going at her clit. The combination of the feeling of his semen filling her insides, and his hand at her clit, lead her to another orgasm. This time it was one of those full body ones. The awesome kind that had her curling her toes and tightening all of her muscles, before deflating and relaxing to the point of feeling like she was made of jello. She slumped over and draped herself across Tony’s chest.

They sat there panting and just holding each other for a while.

Jarvis played ‘I Run To You’. And instantly Darcy was crying again. It was the perfect song for the moment. She wasn’t sobbing but tears were definitely streaming down her face and there was a hitch in her breaths.

“Happy tears?” Tony questioned as he rubbed her back.

“Yeah.” Darcy answered mournfully. Tony chuckled and kissed the top of her head.

Right before the song ended, Darcy felt something in her stomach. Darcy jumped off of Tony’s dick and began racing through the water to the edge of the grotto’s pool. She slapped a hand over her mouth willing herself to hold it in. Her only goal in that moment was to not puke in the pool and/or on Tony. She scrambled over the grotto’s divide and swam to the edge of the pool in a pathetic doggy paddle. Once in range of the cement, she finally let herself throw up all over the ground.

As she puked, she heard Tony come up behind her, swimming quickly.

“Gross.” Tony muttered as he rubbed her back.

“Jarvis send an alert to Steve; let him know that we need him to carry Darcy to her room.”

“I’m right here.” She heard Steve say. She turned her head slightly as the vomiting subsided for a moment. Steve was in his running sweats. He was halfway to them, seemingly haven jogged around the pool at lightening speed; he squatted down by her side, towel in hand. She started to vomit again. His hand threaded into her hair, he gathered it all and held it out of her way.

Tony pressed his body up against hers from behind, his hands stroking her belly comfortingly.

“Back from your run just in time to save the day huh?”

“I didn’t go for a run.” Steve said quietly.

“No shit.” Tony jeered.

“Tony, I—“ Steve began but Darcy cut off whatever he was about to say.

“I’m done.” Darcy declared when she felt like she didn’t have to throw up anymore. “Hold on a second.”

Darcy pushed Tony back and ducked under the water. She hid. Vomiting whilst naked, after just finishing having sex and a serious relationship talk with one of her boyfriends while her other boyfriend was suspiciously nearby? Could things get more embarrassing? Yes. Yes they could.

Darcy surfaced pointing a finger at Tony and Steve, “Give me a second don’t question what I’m about to do or ever bring it up ever again.”

Darcy swam away from the edge of the pool into the middle. She ducked under the water so they wouldn’t be able to see her face as she began to pee. It was so fucking embarrassing she wanted to die. She wanted to die even more knowing that she had to be peeing out some of Tony’s cum too. She surfaced. Took a breath and swam back under the water, to where she had left the boys.

Popping her head up she caught the tail end of what Tony had been saying to Steve, “---in your pants hiding in the bushes?”

Steve was blushing. Tony was smiling. “What happened to your pants?” Darcy questioned, looking at Steve, right in the crotch of his light grey sweatpants there was a stain.

Steve turned to Tony and said quickly in a panicked voice, “Don’t tell her!”

Tony smirked at Steve, “Only if you clean up the puke.”

“Fine.” Steve agreed quickly, throwing the towel to the side, “I’ll go get the hose now.”

Tony put a hand around her waist pulling her into his side. He gave her a kiss to the temple, before whispering, “Let’s get out of here and into the shower.”

“Tony tell me--” Darcy said sternly, wanting him to tell her whatever it was that Steve didn’t want her to know about.

“Sorry, Darce, bro-co-boyfriend code.” Tony made to duck under the water and swim towards the zero entry side of the pool, which would take him directly into the path of where she had just emergency relieved herself.

“TONY!” Darcy screamed. Tony stopped and turned back to her so quickly she hardly had time to think up a lie. “Uh, uh, ow!” Darcy grabbed her foot.

“Yeah, ow! My foot. Let’s take the ladder. Get out behind me in case I fall over?” Darcy babbled as she made her way along the edge of the pool to the deep end ladder. Climbing out gracelessly Darcy glanced back to make sure Tony was right behind her. She quickly snatched up the discarded towel and wrapped it around herself. Tony walked beside her, boldly naked.

Steve came around the side of the house with a hose and began to spray away her vomit into the edge of the bushes.

“Don’t forget to bring in all those pool toys to Steve!” Tony called out. “Or you could leave it, you know if you want me to tell Darcy you like watching—“

Darcy sensed danger and darted away from him quickly, just in time to enjoy the sight ofTony getting sprayed in the butt with the hose.

“AH! AH! NOT COOL ROGERS! Ah-DARCY, make him---STOP IT!” Tony screeched as he tried to block the spray of the cold water with his hands, but Steve kept moving the spray from his face to his dick to his throat, to his belly. Tony was dancing all around.

“DARCY!” Tony called out.

Darcy darted around Tony’s body and ran for the stairs. “Sorry Tony! Don’t feel like being a human shield!” Darcy called out.

“JARVIS TURN OFF ALL THE OUTSIDE LIGHTS!” Tony shrieked, plunging them into darkness. Causing Darcy to miss her next step and slam her shin into the smooth rock step before her.

“OW!” Darcy cried out. Instantly the sound of the hose stopped. Jarvis turned on the lights again without being asked.

Darcy glared at both the concerned and contrite looking men rushing towards her. “NO!” Darcy yelled halting the men’s step with a hand held out stretched before her in the international signal of STOP.

“Don’t even!” Darcy hissed. She wasn’t mad at them, just annoyed. She didn’t feel like being coddled at that moment. She got back to her feet unsteadily. She sighed as she stared down at the large scrape on her leg. “I hate being me sometimes.” Darcy muttered as she limped up the stairs.

She heard Tony and Steve start to argue again.

“Look what you did!”

“What I did? You could have sprayed her with the hose! How could you!”

“I wouldn’t have sprayed her! I have very good aim.”

“Oh, please you got lucky she ran out of the way because she knows what a spiteful child you are!”

Darcy chuckled as she heard the hose start spraying. Tony was screaming and vowing revenge and screaming for her to come back down and save him.

“Jarvis turn off the outside lights.” Darcy asked as she reached the door to the inside.

“Yes Miss Darcy.”




Tony and Darcy's master Bathroom

The Clock Darcy Bought on Tuesday

Darcy's new bathing suit

Steve's new bathing suit

Tv in the shower

Chapter Text

Chapter 16- Wardrobe Malfunction Wednesday

On Wednesday, Darcy woke up alone. She got up; glancing at the clock she found it to be a little before 11am. Woah. She never slept that late or that soundly. “Jarvis where’s Steve and Tony?”

“Sir left for work at ten thirty. Mr. Rogers is currently in his room. He has begun painting a mural on his wall.” Darcy nodded as she yawned. She decided not to stress herself out and plan what to do next. She went into the bathroom, and began her morning routine. Finding herself to be far too drowsy to really perk up, she stripped and hopped into the shower. She kept her hair tied up, not wanting to deal with drying it, considering she just washed it last night.

When she emerged and made her way into the closet she found herself with very little choice when it came to what to wear. “Jarvis where are my clothes?”

“Sir stole them. He instructed me to tell you he will not destroy them. As long as you purchase at least five new outfits, fit for impressing ‘fancy-pants’ society snobs. His exact words. Sir left you a surprise hung up between his blue Valentino suit and the red Armani.” Darcy was slightly annoyed, but she was warned about this yesterday, so she could hardly blame him. Opening her underwear draw, she saw all her old underwear gone and replaced with panties Tony had showed her yesterday. Opening the draw next it, she found matching bras to all the underwear. Darcy sighed. They were all very pretty.

She chose a beautiful white lacy bra and paired it with bottoms she wasn’t sure went with the bra, but she liked the way they felt. The bottoms were modest and made of a silky material and while the bra top looked a little flimsy, it was a well structured bra and held in her place really well. After putting on the underwear, she glanced at her figure in the full length mirror. She looked…good.

Curious now, she wondered what kind of outfit Tony left behind. She was totally cool with wearing one of Tony’s button down shirts as a dress if worst came to worse. As she shifted aside Tony’s expensive suits, she revealed the dress Tony had left for her.

“Merlin’s beard!” Darcy muttered as she moved the dress off the pole and held it by the hanger in front of her face.

“Should I inform Sir that he is not in fact, the smartest man alive, the best lover, and expert in all things Darcy?”

Darcy smiled fondly at the dress. She let her hands touch the little white buttons on the bodice as she avoided answering the question, “…did he leave shoes?”

The dress was perfect. It was her dream dress really. A dress so cute and classy that no one would know that in her head she was cosplaying on the down low as Dorothy Gale. The skirt was neatly nipped in at the waist and it looked kind of 1950’s-ish in silhouette. It had a sweetheart neckline and could have been a strapless dress, but it attached to the bodice was a color done in white cotton. It was a knee length blue gingham dress. She was in love.

The dress screamed inspired by the Dorothy dress but didn’t outright look like she was trying to invoke the iconic look. Like it could have just been a happy accident that she looked like her favorite character from her favorite movie.

“Sir left you three choices in footwear. Several others are currently in transit they unfortunately couldn’t arrive in time for you to wear them today. The shoes he acquired for today are hidden in the hat boxes on the floor.”

Darcy found the black and brown boxes. Lifting the lid on the first one, she found a pair of blue gingham hi-top Chucks. They were fucking adorable. And she loved them and silently promised to wear them past the point of them falling apart. Lifting the other lid, she had an inkling as to what was coming but she honestly it was more than she would have, could have, ever even dreamed, wished or hoped for.

She couldn’t help but the squeal of delight that emerged from her.

“OH MY GOODNESS!” Darcy clutched the screen accurate replica ruby slippers to her chest as she spun around in a circle. She was never a ‘shoe’ obsessed woman, but seriously…it was the fucking RUBY SLIPPERS!

She lowered her voice as she imitated Judy Garland’s voice, reciting lines from the movie, “Toto I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore. People come and go so quickly from here! How can you talk if you haven’t got a brain?”

Darcy quickly bent down and slipped on the iconic shoes. They were a perfect fit. Darcy flounced over to the mirror. Staring at her feet, she clicked her heels, and said, “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home!”

“JARVIS TELL TONY I LOVE HIM!” Darcy shouted as she did a spin and ran out of the closet and headed for Steve’s door.

“Sir, says he knows.”

“AHHHH!” Darcy screamed in delight. This was all of her childhood dreams coming true. She wanted to dress like Dorothy every day as a child; she actually destroyed her costume because she insisted on wearing the dress to school every Friday. And as an adult she had forever been in search of a pair of ruby slipper type heels that weren’t made of glue on glitter nor had those high stripper heels.

Darcy burst into Steve’s room like the Kool-Aid man. BAM.

“I’M GOING TO BE DOROTHY!” Darcy yelled startling Steve and making him jump. Steve was on his knees, using a roller to paint the bottom half of the wall a pale blue/gray color.

Steve looked her up and down, Darcy realized just then she was still just wearing the white underwear and the ruby slippers, she felt like Steve was missing the point so she stuck out her leg. Holding onto the frame of the door, Darcy explained, “TONY GOT ME THE RUBY SLIPPERS! THE REAL KIND! Not the slutty Halloween version ones.”

Steve gave her a slow smile, “Good for you?”

“Fuck yeah good for me!” Darcy pumped her arm up in the hand air. She then let it dropped to her side. After a beat of just staring at each other Darcy just said, “Bye.” And ran out of the room and back to her closet. She picked up the dress and held it up to her body.

“I’m Darcy Dorothy Gale!” Darcy whispered before laying the dress down and unzipping the back. She stepped into the garment and managed to zip it up with a little arm contortion.

Standing in front of the mirror, she smoothed her hands down the skirt of the dress.

“Sir also wants me to remind you to open his sock draw to the left.”

Darcy pulled on the draw and again just squeaked. Inside lay out on top of all of Tony’s dark and fun colored socks, was a pair of socks that looked like the ruby slippers. The bottom half was the red and the top was the iconic light blue. They were adorable.

“Jarvis, can you order five more pair of these socks?”

“Yes Miss Darcy.”

Darcy took off the ruby slippers and put the socks on. She wiggled her toes in joy. Tony was the best. If he built her a life sized replica of Tik Tok like she asked, she’d do all of the sex things. Just. All of them.

She put on the screen accurate ruby slippers. With the blue socks, she looked so fucking Dorothy.

“Dude.” Darcy whispered in awe at her reflection.

“Sir, is calling and would like to speak with you.”

Darcy stared at her reflection dazedly as she mumbled, “Sure.”

“So. Did daddy do good?” Tony’s voice asked over the speakers that usually Jarvis used.

“Yeah, daddy did real good.” Darcy answered not even minding the weird ‘daddy’ thing at the moment.

“I figured if I was going to be an asshole and steal your clothes, I’d have to leave something really spectacular behind for you not to get pissed at me.”

Darcy took her hair down and went and found her brush. “I love you Tony. I…I didn’t think it was possible to buy my love or affection, but you’ve done it. You’ve finally done it.”

Tony laughed. “And there’s more!”

Darcy paused mid stroke, “More?”

“So much more Liquor Lips.” Tony said in a gravely teasing tone. “Check the bottom left hand draw on the island.”

Darcy went over to the standing dresser like piece of furniture that stood in the middle of the gigantic closet. She opened the drawer and let out a gasp. It was a little wicker basket type purse. It was light brown with leather strap handles and a flat leather flap top that locked. It was so adorable and wearable and perfect for low key Dorothy cosplaying.

“If there’s a miniature puppy in here, you win. Just like, at life. Forever.” Darcy opened the flap as the sound of Tony cackling filled the room.

Steve knocked lightly on the door frame with his knuckles, alerting her to his presence, “Knock, knock. Hey Tony.”

“Rogers.” Tony acknowledged. “So do you like it? I tried to find one already on you’re pintrest, so I’d know you’d like it. But I couldn’t find one you pre-picked out.” Darcy slipped the bag on her arm and stood up and walked over to the mirror to get the full affect.

“I’m Dorothy Gale.” Darcy whispered to her reflection. Darcy frowned, realizing something was ruining the affect she was going for. Whipping around quickly, Darcy stared at Steve. “STEVE!”

Steve smiled, “Yes sweetheart.”

“Tell me you know how to braid hair!” Darcy demanded, as she walked over to the island and put the purse down and picked up her brush.

“Oh, please. He was a showgirl for the first half of the war, he can braid hair.” Tony sniped airily. Darcy heard the sound Tony dropping something metal on the floor. “Damn.”

Steve walked over and gently guided her to sit down on the little chair ottoman and took the brush out of her hair. “I can make you look like Dorothy.” He assured her.

Darcy smiled and kicked her feet, knocking her heels together. “Yay!” Darcy sat sill as Steve gently separated her hair down the middle, gathering her hair into two sections.

“So, what are you planning on doing today?” Steve asked as removed the hair ties she had wrapped around the base of her brush.

“Shopping.” Tony said sternly.

“Shopping!” Darcy confirmed happily. She really wanted to get out of the house and show off her awesome outfit. Whenever she looked this good, she had to leave the house. It was like a rule.

Steve began to braid one side of her head. “Online shopping or real store shopping?”

“Real store.” Tony and Darcy answered in chorus.

“I left Happy at the house. He’s currently talking to the house keeper and having her sign new NDA agreements and instilling the fear of my attorneys in her if she breathes a word of your existence to the paparazzi. Not that I think she will, but still, best to cover all the bases. Tomorrow he will do the same thing with the landscaper and my grocery delivery guy.” Tony informed them as the sound of a hammer began to echo behind him.

Steve switched sides and began to braid the other half of her head, “So, will you be doing clothes shopping or house decoration shopping?” Steve asked.

“Both.” Tony and Darcy answered simultaneously again.

“I figured I’d just sort of wander around and see what there was to see.” Darcy answered dreamily as she admired the way her ruby slippers caught the light.

“No.” Tony said tersely, his voice sounded a little strained and the hammering sound stopped allowing him to continue speaking more evenly, “Happy will take you to previously scouted out stores, stores I know you will like, and where I have accounts and they take their clientele’s privacy seriously.”

Darcy pouted, she was a little annoyed at that. She tended to like to drift when shopping; investigating whatever store caught her fancy. Unless she was on a mission, like at a grocery store and had a list of some kind. “But Tony—“Darcy began to whine.

“I’m flying out Wanda and Scott by the way. They’ll arrive Friday morning. They’re going to stay with us until Sunday morning.” Tony said quickly.

“WHAT! You did---yay. What? YAY!” Darcy tried very hard to stay seated so Steve could finish her hair, even though the news had her wanting to bounce up and down. Darcy clapped her hands together instead.

“Stay with us?” Steve questioned a little put out sounding.

“Yeah, in the guest room by the kitchen on the other side of the house.” Tony explained, the hammering sound of metal against metal once again accompanying his words. “Figured you could use a girl-in-arms for the party on Saturday.”

Darcy took a deep breath as Tony mentioned the upcoming party again. She had forgotten about that.

“What party?” Steve questioned as he tied off her hair.

“We’re hosting a ‘White Only Party’. It will be used as a welcome back to Cali thing for me, and a booster of moral for some of my department heads, as we buckle down and enter into the last leg of finishing our current project. It’s under a strict time table, so I thought it’d be nice, also I just kind of want to show off.”

Darcy chuckled but Steve frowned and crossed his arms over his chest. “What do you mean by ‘white only’?”

“Jesus. Not like that. It’s not a race thing. It’s a dress code thing. P. Diddy does it. It just makes sure that everyone who attends looks stylish. And if they don’t wear white, they don’t get in. Helps repel random party crashers.” Tony defended.

Darcy chuckled and patted Steve on the arm reassuringly. Back in his day, racism was more obvious like that.

“Yeah, so. At the party…” Tony sounded nervous, “At the party I’d like to officially name Darcy as my girlfriend. I’ve already had to squash three stories trying to ‘out’ us, and eventually my money and influence won’t be enough to keep the vultures at bay. So, if it has to be done I’d like to do it on out terms.”

Steve and Darcy exchanged a look. Darcy grabbed his hand and prompted him to sit down next to her. “What about Steve?”

“That’s up to him. He can be named as Darcy’s other boyfriend, that will start a litany of rampant gay rumors and investigation into his true identity. Or—“

“Or we can try to hide who I am, and who I am in relation to you two.” Darcy sighed. She picked up Steve’s hand and held in between her own.

“Obie thinks announcing Darcy and I, as a happily expecting couple, who met through the Citizen’s program, and not mentioning Steve at all, would be the best PR course of action.” Tony said softly.

“Pepper thinks that announcing that we are a functioning poly-amourous relationship, would do wonders for that community at large, also it has the benefit of being true. However she admits that if Steve wants to remain under the radar as being Captain America, any announcement of his significant relationship to us, will probably blow his cover.”

Darcy didn’t like the idea of denying Steve as a part of relationship, but also she felt like it was up to him if he wanted to be known as ‘the resurrected Captain America’.

Darcy slipped her arm around his back, “Steve, I think you’re going to have to decide this one. Without any input from either of us. It’s your neck on the line here. If the press finds out you’re the real Captain America…you’ll never not be fielding questions on all things American politics and you’re past and…basically everything.”

Darcy wrapped her other arm around his large bicep, she rested her face against his arm and looked up at his face as she spoke, “If you want to make that leap into the spotlight, I’ll support you. If you want to try to lie low for as long as you can, I’ll support you.”

“Me too.” Tony added. The sound of a small explosion could be heard and Tony quickly said, “BRB!”

Steve looked out the door of the closet to the wall, just silently thinking. Darcy just sat with him.

“Back!” Tony announced. “So what’s the verdict?”

Darcy looked at Steve, just as he turned and looked at her, “Sweetheart, I think it’s better if I’m written off a you’re personal body guard or something. Or you’re brother.”

Darcy made a face at that suggestion. Steve chuckled, “Okay, not your brother. But something else. I don’t want to be a dancing monkey again. I don’t want to be used by the media or the government. I just want to be—“

“Steve?” Darcy guessed.

Steve smiled and nodded, leaning down to kiss her sweetly on the lips. “Yeah” Steve breathed as they broke apart.

“OKAY! Plan made! Steve Rogers is your body guard. Darcy is my pregnant Citizen’s Duty matched girlfriend. And that is what we will tell the press.” Tony summarized.

Steve nodded and Darcy ran a hand over her face before agreeing, “Yeah. Sounds good.”

“Excellent. So…shopping. Get a gorgeous white dress or jump suit or skirt top combo. Whatever, just remember it will be the outfit splashed across the pages of newspapers and magazines for weeks so….no pressure.” Tony said cheekily.

“Tony,” Steve questioned as he patted Darcy’s back comfortingly, “Will it just be your employees, the press, and some what did you call them ‘socialites’?”

Tony sighed and she could hear the sound of a wrench or something similar being thrown into what sounded like a pile of wrenches or whatever, “No. Obie needs me to schmooze a bit with some military types. So, I’ll have to keep the social climber list pretty elite. No drunken party girls allowed.”

“Or party boys?” Darcy offered.

“Ugh. Yeah, I mean, of course we’ll have an open bar, but the crowd will not be of the sloppy drunk variety.” Tony said sounding annoyed.

“Sounds fun.” Steve joked flatly.

“But hey! You’ll get to meet Rhodey! My bestie. He’s a Colonel. He’ll be there to accompany the military higher ups as Obie and I try to reassure them that they shouldn’t succumb to the allure that is the cheap shit that Justin Hammer produces and that the weapon we’re designing right now will be worth the wait and the hefty price tag.” Tony sounded so happy about them meeting his friend. Darcy thought it was adorable.

“Can’t wait.” Darcy cheered at the same time Steve questioned, “Who’s Justin Hammer?”

“Hammer’s a bitter rival. He’s CEO of Hammer Industries. He’s under the delusion that we are somehow in the same league, however he’s not as smart as I am. Not as good at business. And he’s just all around unlikable asshole who reeks of desperation and envy.”

The hammering sound was back, shadowing Tony’s words as he continued to talk, “He’s always trying to steal contracts from me. However since what he sells is such shoddy knock off shit, no matter how low he takes the price tag, I usually win any bidding wars between our companies. Poor man just can’t fathom why people would rather fork over millions for weapons that work rather than pay pennies for bullshit that breaks down and leaves the people who were using it sitting ducks.”

“Is he a threat?” Steve asked seriously.

Tony made a snorting noise, “Of selling secrets to the press maybe. Or spilling a drink on me. But actual threat? No. He’s a pretentious asshole. Don’t worry about him.”

The hammering stopped, “Jarvis can you run a diagnostic on this thing for me?”

“Yes sir.” Jarvis answered Tony.

“What you should worry about is finding some stylish clothes and getting me some end tables. PLEASE? Just some end tables. With maybe a drawer? That’s all the furniture shopping I ask of you. The rest of the day you can spend sipping lemonade and eating cake while you try on clothes for I all I care.” Tony whined.

“Okay,” Darcy laughed, “Steve are you coming with?”

Steve looked uncomfortable as he admitted, “Um actually, as much as I’d love to watch you try on clothes, I was hoping to finish painting my room. I’ve finally settled on a design. I think if I work until dinner, I can get the whole mural sketched out at least.”

“You’re doing a mural in your room too?” Darcy questioned, suddenly reminded that she needed to find the perfect reference picture of the Wizard of Oz’s Emerald City for Steve to start working off of in the baby room.

“Yeah, you kind of inspired me with your ideas for the nursery. I started looking into it and I’ve finally settled on the design that I want to wake up and see on the wall every day. I’m toying with the idea of trying that ‘ombre’ thing on the rest of the walls, you know, that thing you showed me on your tablet yesterday. Not in the rainbow colors like the picture, but maybe in shades of blue. I think it would look pretty if I had dark blue at the bottom near the floor that slowly faded up into light blue near the ceiling. But---that’s later. After I finish the mural.” Steve seemed so excited. Darcy was glad. She liked to consider herself an arty person, except she couldn’t draw, like for real draw, but she was arty in other ways. Steve was so animated when he talked about his plans for his room. Darcy was happy he found something that he loved to do besides going running. And secretly she was glad he found something other than her that he seemed to look forward to.

“Did you find all the colors you needed because there’s more in the workshop downstairs, Darcy can let you in.” Tony offered.

“Yeah, no. That’s okay, I got all the colors I need for the mural. Maybe tomorrow if I decide to do the other walls I’ll let you know I need more when you come home. Thanks Tony.” Steve answered with a smile.

“What is your mural of? Pin-up era naked ladies that are vaguely Darcy looking posing provocatively perhaps?” Tony suggested in a teasing voice.

“No.” Steve rejected Tony’s idea with an amused laugh.

“Then what? Panoramic view of New York? The ocean? Uhhhh a…bear? Wild life? A jungle? Fruit bowl? Rocket shi--” Tony guessed.

“You’ll just have to wait and see.” Steve snickered, interrupting Tony’s rambling.

“ I don’t like surprises.”

“I don’t care.”

“You suck.” Tony said petulantly.

“Too bad.” Steve teased in a sing song voice. Darcy wanted to melt at how cute Tony and Steve were being.

“Okay. Is that all we had to talk about before I go out?” Darcy asked redirecting the conversation.

“Yeah. Love you. Something’s on fire. Gotta go. Bye.” Tony said casually as he ‘hung up’.

Steve and Darcy exchanged an amused laugh.

“Okay, you get out too. I gotta beautify my face with some make up so I can take some selfies.” Darcy said hustling Steve out of the closet.

“Okay, okay, but just so you know doll,” Steve turned around in the doorway bracing his arms on the door frame so he could look down at her, “You look plenty beautiful to me. No makeup required.”

Darcy let out a happy sigh and bit her lip so she wouldn’t start crying. He was…he just…she couldn’t even think of how to put into words how he made her feel in that moment. His eyes were smiling down at her warmly, his face was so genuine and open and honest. Darcy put her arms around his middle and hugged him tightly. She wanted to tell him she loved him in that moment. But, she wasn’t sure after yesterday if she really loved him, or if it was just her pregnancy hormones and his crazy awesome-ness making her feel that way in the moment.

So she tilted her head up instead and puckered her lips. Steve smiled softly and granted her silent request for a kiss.

They stood in the doorway and made out for like ten minutes.

Steve finally broke away from her now swollen lips. “Okay. Nope, I’ve got to leave now.”

Darcy dazedly nodded, “Mmmhhm. Shopping. Painting. Got to go. One more kiss?”

Steve picked her up and held her against his chest so they were eye to eye, allowing him to kiss her again without bending down. Just as Darcy was about to wrap her legs around him, Steve set her back on the ground and broke their kiss.

He put his hands on her shoulders, making sure she was steady, gave her a quick peck on the lips, took a step back, gave her a wave and said, “See ya later.” And then he ran away.

Darcy stood there for a couple seconds just looking at where Steve had disappeared out the door. She softly touched her lips, they kind of felt like they were vibrating. It was probably just the feeling coming back into them after all the mind numbing kissing. “Bye.” Darcy said finally as she turned around to look at her reflection.

Darcy ran her hands along her braids as she walked closer to the mirror, Steve had done a good job and he had been careful when they were kissing not to mess it up. Her outfit wasn’t wrinkled. In fact only her slightly puffy lips and dilated eyes showed any trace of her previous lip locking activity.

Darcy spun in a circle making the skirt of the dress flare out. She admired her reflection for one more minute, before turning with a sigh. Darcy sank down onto the little chair ottoman and slipped off her precious ruby slippers. She then got up and placed them reverently on her side of the shoe wall.

They were beautiful but she didn’t want to wear them out shopping. They made her look like a crazy person who intentionally dressed up as Dorothy Gale. And even though she was a crazy person who was trying to get away with casually dressing up as Dorothy, she didn’t want it to be so obvious it. So she went over to get the sneakers and slipped them on, lacing them up quickly.

“You’re not going to wear your ruby slippers?” Jarvis inquired sounding uncertain.


“May I ask why? I’m asking on behalf of myself, just to satisfy my own curiosity.” Jarvis assuaged any thoughts of Tony related ulterior motives.

“Well, number one. Their heels. New heels. That need to be broken in. And I’m going shopping. Probably for several hours. No woman would ever wear heels, no matter how small, when preparing to engage in the marathon excursion that is shopping for clothes.”

Darcy smiled at the ceiling, “Also just a Darcy related quirk, I never wear new shoes that I love until after at least a month of just staring at them and admiring them from afar. I like knowing that I own them and that they are in perfect condition. I mean, I’ll wear them around the house, but it’ll take a while for the special to wear off of them enough that I’m comfortable with the idea of the bottoms touching the dirty ground.”

There was a pause before Jarvis answered, “That’s completely illogical.”

Darcy just smiled as she stood and admired her chic and classy looking reflection, the sneakers totally made the outfit more chill and low key cosplaying instead of blatantly cosplaying, “Oh sweet baby Jarvis. I’m not crazy. My reality is just different from yours.”

“I believe you are attempting to quote Lewis Carroll, from ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass? In that case you should know the full quote is actually, “I’m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours.””

Darcy rolled her eyes and muttered, “No one likes a show off Jarvis.”


An hour later, she was getting out of the car with Happy. She chose to ride in the front with him instead of the back like a anti-social hoity toity person. They had talked amiable the on the way to the first store all about Happy’s early boxing career. The man retold stories of his past victories and defeats in the ring with gusto. Darcy was pleased the man wasn’t too traumatized to be friendly with her, by her and Tony’s car sex incident.

“Are you coming in? Is Tony forcing you to hold my bags and shit? That sounds like a ball of suck for you.” Darcy remarked as she slipped on her sunglasses.

“I can come in and hold your things if you want. Otherwise, I’d be more comfortable just stationing myself in the middle of the store, so I can easily intervene should anything happen.”

Darcy tilted her head and considered the man before her, even after all of his tales about being a great boxer, she couldn’t imagine the affable and professional Happy Hogan hurting anyone. “Do you—are you packing heat?” Darcy asked trying to be discreet as he held open the door for her.

“I’m ready and willing to defend you should anything happen.” Happy said evasively.

Darcy patted him on the chest lightly, “I’ll try not to start any cat fights over sparkly purses.”

Happy smiled wryly, “Much appreciated.”

Darcy wandered away and looked around the little shop. It was small, high end, and boutique like. She realized she didn’t even know the name of the shop she was in, when a sales lady began making a bee line for her.

“Hello, welcome to Planet Blue. Can I help you find anything?” The woman was in her mid thirties, she had a spray tan, long blonde extensions in her hair and those creepily long pointy nails.

“No thanks. I need to look around first.” Darcy said politely before turning away.

“Well, my names Maxine, let me know if you need help.” The woman called out to Darcy’s back.

Darcy slowly let her eyes travel in a circle around her. There was a lot of stuff packed into the space. Darcy began glancing at tags, the prices were high by her standards, $56 dollars for a graphic tee? People were fucking crazy. She was happy that none of the brands were familiar. She was never into labels and she didn’t like the idea of walking around sporting ugly stuff just because of the designer name on the tag.

“I’m rich now. Don’t think about the money.” Darcy mumbled to herself as she fingered a pair of white shorts. The stores selection was very California trendy girl. They had everything too. Pants, dresses, tops, sweaters, skirts, jackets. It was a little overwhelming.

Darcy usually narrowed down her browsing by price. She stared in the clearance section and then did a quick walk through to see if any of the full priced items caught her eye enough to tempt her to splurge. Given an unlimited budget, she didn’t know where to start her search.

Darcy sighed heavily, heading for the pants. She loved her dress, but she also needed pants. Darcy wore dresses and skirts and stuff, but pants…you didn’t have to worry about the last time you shaved your legs if you wore pants.

Darcy randomly started grabbing pants. She got some flow-y pants, a couple pairs of jeans, and a jumpsuit/romper thing that looked kind of cute. When she turned around the sales woman Maxine was right behind her. Causing her to jump and make embarrassing surprised sounded “Ah.”

“Need help?” The woman asked.

Darcy stared at the woman in annoyance, she hadn’t heard her approach and now she was hovering, Darcy found it creepy. So she asked in a flat tone, “Dressing room?”

“Right this way!” The woman said with a big smile, taking the items out of Darcy’s arms without being asked. Maxine the pushy sales lady, then hung up her items behind a locked dressing room. “Just give me a shout if you need a different size or a help zipping anything up!”

“Uh huh.” Darcy grunted as she walked past the woman.

Finally alone, Darcy let her shoulders sag. She always got so excited to go shopping, but whenever she couldn’t find a friend to go with her, it always became a slightly melancholy experience. It was very isolating in a way. Darcy put her purse down on the little bench and sat down next to it to untie her sneakers.

She then stood up and realized she needed help unzipping her dress. Fuck that lady. “Happy!” Darcy called out as she opened the door and sought out the man with her eyes.

Maxine was on her in a second, “Do you need any—“

“No. I need Happy.” The man in question hurried over. Once he was at her dressing room door, Darcy glared at the sales woman, willing her away. She didn’t move. Darcy rolled her eyes, “Go away please.”

Maxine gave her a strained smile and toddled away.

Happy gave her an empathetic grimace, stating, “Don’t be too hard on the sales people. Around here, they work partially on commission. Makes them all desperate and needy.”

Darcy felt no compassion for the woman, “Don’t care. She’s creeping me out for some reason. I don’t like pushy people. Speaking of being pushy, I need you to unzip me, I can manage to zip it up by myself, but unzipping is harder for some reason.” Darcy turned around and presented the man with her back.

“Uh, Miss Lewis, I’m not really qualified—“

“Dude, fucking unzip my dress. Please? I don’t like that lady and I don’t want her touching me.” Darcy pleaded.

“Fine.” Happy quickly unzipped her and walked away without another word, turning around, she called out to him.

“Hey Happy! Can you do me a favor and pick out some t-shirts, size large?”

“Miss Lewis—“ Happy began his protest but Darcy was not having it.

“Seriously, just grab some blank t-shirts in size large. Get a bunch of colors. I don’t like this store. I want to leave as soon as I finish trying on the pants.” Darcy closed the door and pressed the little button to lock it, trusting that Happy would follow her directions.

Darcy didn’t know what was up with her, but she was just feeling uncomfortable. She quickly slipped out of her dress and tried on the first pair of jeans.. They were too small. The second was too small. The third was too small. And Darcy didn’t even try putting on the fourth pair. She just threw all of them down on the floor.

She grabbed the stretchy patterned pants off their hanger and slid them on. They fit. She hated them. They were ugly and made her butt look big. They needed someone tall and statuesque. The bottoms pooled at her feet with an excess amount of fabric.

Darcy took them off and left them rumpled up on the floor, she angrily pulled the shorts-shorts on. She was able to button them, but they dug in painfully to her flesh.


Darcy grabbed her beautiful Darcy dress and got dressed quickly. She put her sneakers on an d sloppily tied them. She grabbed her bag and stormed out of the dressing room. Leaving a mess behind her. She felt like crying.

“Do you need any different sizes Miss?” Maxine chattered as she followed behind Darcy.

“No.” Darcy pulled her sunglasses out of her bag and slipped them on as she made strode towards Happy who was holding a shopping bag in his hand. “Let’s go.”

Darcy turned to Maxine, “Sorry for being a bitch. I’m…I have to go. I’ll come back and spend money some other time Maxine. I won’t forget how attentive you were.”

Darcy began walking quickly for the door. “Have a nice day.” She called out behind her. It wasn’t the woman’s fault Darcy was being pissy. She didn’t deserve to be treated poorly, but Darcy just had to get out of there.

Happy walked along silently behind her. Darcy got into the car on the passenger side. Happy threw the bag in the back and then joined her in the driver’s seat. “Are you okay Miss Lewis?”

Darcy let out a shaky breath, as she tried to calm her nerves. She had no idea what had come over her back there. Slumping into the seat Darcy buckled up, “Yeah I’m okay now.”

Happy buckled up as well and turned on the car. “Do you think we can go to a furniture type store next?” Darcy asked in a tired sounding voice.

“Whatever you want Miss Lewis.” Happy began driving and Darcy leaned over and put on the radio so she wouldn’t have to talk.


Fifteen minutes later they pulled up at a baby store. Darcy smiled. As soon as he parked the car, Darcy unbuckled and turned to Happy and threw herself at him. Her arms squeezed him awkwardly around the shoulders. “Good choice, Happy.” Darcy gushed in his ear, before letting the blushing smiling man go.

“I thought this might perk you up.” Happy said bashfully.

“OMG. I’m gonna walk out with the whole store!” Darcy exclaimed as she bounded out of the car and started to speed walk to the entrance.

She heard Happy jogging behind her to catch up, but she was just too excited to care or wait for him. She opened the door and was over whelmed immediately. Not by feelings of anxiety or choice overload, but by happiness and excitement over her upcoming baby.

Darcy’s eyes lit up in delight. All of the baby things were so cute. She wanted everything instantly. She was immediately drawn to the teddy bears. She pet them softly, each one was cuter than next.

Happy shuffled along behind her, “I’m going to trail you a bit, because this store is so packed and doesn’t have an open floor plan, but Tony wanted me to remind you that you should not look at price tags. Especially when it comes to the baby stuff.”

Darcy nodded as she picked up a pink unicorn and hugged it to her chest before putting it back on the shelf where she found it, “Did you call Tony?”

“No. Jarvis is on your phone listening. He relays updates to Tony if he deems them worthwhile.” Happy explained.

“Okay.” Darcy accepted easily as her eye got caught by the rocking chair section. There was a long row of rocking chairs lining the left wall. Her eye was initially caught by a sleek modern white looking chair, but upon closer inspection it looked cheap and flimsy. The one next to it was a dark wood, traditional looking rocking chair, the kind that hillbillies sat on outside their homes in, in cartoons . Darcy sat down.

It was comfortable. The strong wood frame forced you to sit up straight and gave you good posture. Darcy looked up at Happy and made a face. “I like this one, but this is more of an outside chair.”

Darcy rocked back and forth gently, “We should have brought post-its to mark everything I like.”

Happy chuckled, “I’m sure I can remember.”

Darcy gave the man a sunny smile as she stood up and sat in the next rocking chair. It was too thinly padded. So she got up and moved to the next chair. It didn’t rock far back enough for her liking. And then she sat in another one.

And she knew. That was the one.

“Finally find one you like Goldilocks?” Happy questioned with an amused grin.

Darcy just leant back and put her feet up on the little accompanying foot stool. “It’s perfect.”

It was a dark chocolate brown color; it was padded in this nice feeling suede fabric. The arms could be fatter, but the way it rocked back and forth was just how she liked her rocking chairs. Darcy let her eyes glance down the line of chairs, making sure she didn’t see any she instinctively liked better. Honestly there were some fluffy and fat ones that looked appealing, but the one she was sitting on was firm and tall and pretty. “I want this one.”

Happy motioned to a sales person. A woman in her fifties with white hair artfully styled up into a twist came over with an easy smile on her face. “Hello. You find something you like dear?”

“Yeah, we’ll take this one.” Happy motioned to the chair Darcy was still sitting in.

“Very good choice.” The woman said as she pulled a scanner gun out of her sweater pocket. She scanned the bar code on the tag of the chair, looking down at Darcy she gave her a warm grin.

“First child?”

Darcy nodded and patted her stomach. “Yeah, this is going to be the spoiled one.”

The older woman laughed as she moved to stand next to Happy once again. “Will that be all or would you like to look around so more?”

Happy looked to Darcy and Darcy pointed to the first chair she saw. The dark wooden one, “I want that chair too. And I’m not done, I didn’t look at the rest of the store yet.”

The woman’s eyebrows rose and her smile became more calculated as she realized she was dealing with some big spenders, “Well. Isn’t that lovely.” She commented casually.

“My name is Nina, and if you want to add any other items as you find them,” She turned to Happy and showed him the gun, pointing to a button, “You just go ahead and scan them yourself. When you’re finished you can find me in the front and I’ll ring you up and we can arrange for the deliveries.”

Darcy thanked her and the woman disappeared. Happy went over to the wooden rocking chair and scanned the bar code. Darcy got up and patted the chair once before joining him. “I like her, she seemed nice.” Darcy commented as they began wandering towards the strollers.

“Doesn’t creep you out?” Happy questioned.

Darcy shook her head. “No. She has a light touch that I appreciate in my sales person. She didn’t approach until she was called. She was friendly. And you could tell she had those cartoon money symbols just itching to cover her eyeballs, but she didn’t let that drive her into hovering/overly eager mode.”

“Not a fan of hovering?” Happy asked with a chagrined expression.

Darcy realized why he was asking, she turned to him and hugged him, delighting in the way he stiffened up, and “Your hovering doesn’t count. You have special permission hovering powers of diplomatic immunity.”

Happy patted her on the back awkwardly right before she let go, muttering, “Thanks.” He was totally blushing, but instead of needling him, she decided to let him off the hook and change the subject.

She gestured to the back wall of strollers, “I need to do stroller researched before I can choose one of these bad boys. Darcy pointed to the cribs, those too. No cribs without looking at safety stats and stuff. If I’m going to all the trouble of incubating this kid and pushing him out my whoo-ha, I don’t want her to die cuz I didn’t research the safety hazards of the pretty but deadly crib I choose on a whim.”

Happy nodded, agreeing to her morbid but reasonable logic.

An old school wicker basket looking crib caught her eye though. Darcy drifted closer to it.

“This is so old school pretty though.” Darcy murmured as she imagined putting her baby girl inside. It was so English looking, like something out of Peter Pan, but it had wheels! Darcy put her bag in the crib and dug out her phone. She took a picture of the bassinet and then took a picture of the tag.

“I like this style, but the whicker is a little…prickly.” Darcy needlessly explained as she put her phone away. Darcy looked at the shelf and saw something that she didn’t know would be adorable to her, “Look a baby thermometer! It’s so cute…for some weird pregnant hormone fueled reason.”

Darcy pointed to the most expensive one, and commanded Happy to, “Scan it and can you carry it please and thank you?”

As they walked through the store Darcy had Happy scan, a stylish diaper bag, cute little baby changing table/hamper, a diaper specific changing table, a bunch of gel corner guards to put on any furniture so the baby wouldn’t bump their heads, a baby bath that was shaped like a flower, another diaper bag that unfolded so you had a little changing table on the go, a black and white foam puzzle baby mat, and a bunch of slipper socks that made it look like the baby was a monster or like a bear or something. Most of the items she left where they were, not willing to carry them around herself and not cruel enough to burden Happy.

God bless Happy, he was being such a trooper.

Darcy moved her way down the last aisle, not as infatuated with all the baby bottles and pacifiers. She finally stumbled on the baby clothes aisle. “Oh my god! Happy, look at this!”

Darcy could feel herself getting choked up as she picked up the little romper and unfolded it to show off to Happy, “It has ears!”

Happy gave her a slightly uncomfortable smile, “It very nice.”

Darcy struggled not to cry as she pet the soft fake fur of the white polar bear jumper suit.

Darcy put it over her shoulder and grabbed the light brown one next to it, “It’s a bear!” She squealed a she added it to her shoulder, the two suits she initially picked up were made of fleece, but they lived in California now, she knew it didn’t make any sense to buy them but she couldn’t resist.

The ones she found on the bottom most shelves were more light weight and made of cotton. She picked up the burnt orange colored one and held it up to Happy, it looked like, “A deer! Oh, my Bambi! It’s so cute! Happy, there’s another one!” She added it to the pile on her shoulder as she dug through to grab the gray one that was made out of the same material.

“AND they have a matching Thumper one!” Darcy was aware she was crying now and she was suddenly glad she decided to forgo mascara that morning. “Holy shit. I want my baby to be dressed up with ears, like, every day.” Darcy wiped away her tears before, removing he items from her shoulders and putting them on Happy’s outstretched arm.

“Okay. Like I need to leave, but, for security I won’t ask you to give me the keys so I can go to the car without you, so I’m going to go sit in my rocking chair and try not to look all the cuteness, cuz, I’m like…obviously falling apart with happiness.” Darcy turned and started walking back to the rocking chairs, “You go and scan all the fluffy animal suits, and I’ll go sit quietly, while you pay. This way, we can make it out of here without purchasing the whole store, and you can get away from my pregnant lady tears.”

“Thank you.” Happy said as he hurried past her toward the register. Darcy sat down in the cushioned brown rocking chair that would soon be hers and just closed her eyes and put her hand over her stomach.

She couldn’t wait for her baby to arrive. She just wanted to play with her, and feed her, and dress her up. And rock her. And hold her. And give her a sponge bath in a tiny baby tub.

Darcy daydreamed about teaching her baby to swim and feeding her baby food with cute little spoons, until Happy cleared his throat loudly. Darcy opened her eyes, smiling genially at Happy, she accepted his help to get up and grabbed his hand, letting him pull her to her feet.

“Ready to go?” Darcy questioned as he ushered her out the door.

“Yeah. Next stop, we have to get you a fancy dress for Mr. Stark’s white part. He doesn’t want you buying such an important item online. He wants you to feel confident that it fits and not to have to worry about it on the day.”

“Did you tell Tony about my little baby clothes related melt down?”

“No. He just guessed this might happen and forewarned me that, if we got nothing else accomplished today, that we had to find you a dress.”



Twenty minutes later, Happy was opening the door for her as they entered what looked to be a very classy clothing/gown store. She saw no pants, no jeans, no t-shirts. Every wrack, every hanger held only beautiful and gorgeous gowns.

“Hello. Can I help you?” An African woman in her early to late twenties approached. The woman was all dressed in black and she had a small name tag that read ‘Sonya’. She had her hair hidden under a bright purple and red swirly colored hijab. It was pretty. She was pretty. And she wasn’t invading Darcy’s personal space. Darcy liked her right away.

“Hi, I’m going to a fancy party and I need a white dress.” Sonya smiled and nodded slowly.

“Yes, we’ve had a few women in here today with the same requirements. If you have a seat on the couch, I’ll get my measuring tape and we can find your true size.” Darcy stiffened. Darcy had a flashback of her time with Kilgrave, before she and Jessica started trying on dresses for his amusement, he had her strip down to her underwear and have one of the sales people take their measurements. That’s when he found out she was wearing normal underwear and made her put on the thong.

Darcy swallowed thickly and choked out in a brittle voice, “I know my size.”

She didn’t, but she knew someone who did. Darcy whipped out her phone; she hit the contact labeled ‘Jarvis’.

“Jarvis?” Darcy asked tightly.

“Yes, Miss Darcy?” Jarvis’s calming voice answered.

“What are my measurements?” Darcy asked before hitting speaker and holding the phone up to Sonya who had a little pad of paper in her hand and her pen poised to take down the information.

“38-27-34. You are most like a size 10 in the US format. Your bra size is 34DD, but it does vary slightly from brand to brand.”

“Thanks Jarvis.” Darcy said before hanging up. Sonya smiled at Darcy brightly.

“Excellent. I will go through our stock and pull some dresses for you to try on in your size. Please have a seat on the couch outside the dressing room, or feel free to browse.”

Darcy nodded robotically. She could feel the color draining from her face.

“Miss Lewis are you alright?” Happy asked taking a step forward, prompting Darcy to take a step back. Happy froze.

“I’m good Happy. You go stand…wherever. The place has an open floor plan, no need to hover.” Darcy walked away without waiting for a response, heading over to a small jewelry rack. She mechanically picked up pieces and then put them down. Not really looking at them at all.

In her head she was experiencing flashbacks. Of Kilgrave’s hands on her body. Of the dead and depressed look that haunted Jessica. Of the vicious way he abused the staff. The perverse pleasure he got from tormenting them. Of Jessica confessing Kilgrave made her get an abortion. Of Jessica saving her, distracting Kilgrave so he wouldn’t rape her. She remembered the first dress he made her try on, it was so slutty and tight and too small on her, it had ripped when Jessica used her strength to try and force the zipper all the way up. He had laughed at her and had one of the sales people punch the woman who picked the dress out for in the stomach. Oh god.

Maybe the way she was feeling right now explained her earlier behavior in the first store. She was fucking traumatized. And this whole thing, the trying on clothes at the store thing, was triggering some kind of PTSD.

“Darcy?” A familiar voice called her name and put a light hand on her shoulder.

Darcy jerked away as she looked up and saw, “Hope.”

The freckled faced woman gave her a bright smile, “Yes. You remember me. How funny to run into you here.”

Darcy rolled her eyes, “You’re pretty hard to forget Ms. Van Dyne.”

Hope ran her hand lightly down Darcy’s bicep, “You too Ms. Lewis.”

Darcy shivered and turned her body, breaking Hopes contact with her arm. “What are you doing here?” Darcy asked in a stilted tone.

“Getting a dress for Starks white party. You? I assume you’re here to do the same.” Hope gestured to Happy. “If memory serves, that is Starks bodyguard is it not?”

Darcy looked down at her hands and fiddled with the straps of her purse, “Promise not to tell?” She asked in a small voice.

“Always.” Hope said softly.

“I’m with Tony. I’m his girlfriend. We’re planning on announcing it publicly at the party.” Darcy looked up. Hope looked…intrigued.

“What happened to the muscle-y blonde?...Steve?” Hope asked moving closer.

Darcy pressed her lips together. “Um…”

“Don’t be shy Darcy. I promise whatever you say to me,” Hope put her arm around Darcy’s shoulders and lowered her voice as she talked into Darcy’s ear, “Will stay just between us.”

Darcy…didn’t know if she could trust Hope. She didn’t really know the woman. She hadn’t made a good impression at first, but…when they actually interacted, the woman had been…as nice as situation had allowed, she supposed. At least Darcy had walked away from their interactions with friendly feelings for the woman.

Darcy lowered her voice, “Steve’s with me too. We’re doing the threesome poly-amorous relationship thing. Please don’t let anyone know about this Hope.”

Hope turned Darcy into her arms and hugged her tightly, her hands rubbing soothingly up and down Darcy’s back. “Of course I won’t tell anyone Darcy. We’re friends. Aren’t we?”

Hope pulled back and looked into Darcy’s eyes. “Um..sure. I’d like to be friends, if you’ to that.”

Hope gave her a toothy grin, “I can see us being very close Darcy.”

Hope brushed Darcy’s braid behind her shoulder, then looked down at her outfit, letting out a little laugh as she looked at Darcy’s bag. “Let me guess, you’re a fan of the Wizard of Oz?”

Darcy’s eyes widened and she smiled widely, “YES!” She practically shouted. She was so pleased that Hope recognized the style icon she was subtly invoking with her outfit. It boded very well for the future as friends, that the woman not only got her reference but seemed to approve.

“I always loved Glinda’s dress myself. I’ve never been a big pink poufy sparkle dress person, but I wouldn’t mind trying that one on.” Hope confessed in a conspiratorial tone.

Darcy let out a little happy noise. “OMG. You would look so good. And you’re tall enough to pull it off. I bet you could make one, I made a tulle no sew cowardly lion dress one year.”

“Did you?” Hope interlocked their elbows and guided Darcy over to the couch in front of the dressing rooms.

“Yeah, it was…okay admittedly a bit of a mess. But, you could totally tell what I was trying to be…when I was standing next to my friends who were dressed up as the other characters.”

As they sat down, Hope leaned back and put her arm on the arm rest, “Your friends didn’t let you be Dorothy?”

“It was only three of us, so we went as the lion, the scarecrow, and the tin man. No Dorothy, we all wanted to be her so we compromised and no one was her.” Darcy let out a breath as she relaxed. Talking about her favorite movie/fond memories was helping her to shake off her earlier anxiety.

“So what are you planning on wearing to the party?” Darcy asked.

Hope smiled, “I’ve no idea. I wasn’t even going to come, but Stark sent me an email inviting me personally. He asked if I’d act as a buffer between you and Pepper if things grew uncomfortable.”

“He didn’t!” Darcy gasped putting a hand over her mouth.

“He did.”

“You don’t have to do this. You don’t have to come if you don’t want to. I’m promise I’m not going to need a buffer.” Hope leaned forward into Darcy’s space and put a hand on her knee.

“Don’t worry; I don’t do anything I don’t want to. No matter who asks.” Hope gave her a squeeze before leaning back.

“Talk about words to live by.” Darcy muttered as Sonya and a skinny curly haired blonde approached her and Hope. Both sales women held about eight white dresses over their arms.

“Miss, if you’ll follow me.” Sonya indicated to the left most dressing room. The blonde seemed to be taking Hope in the opposite direction.

“Actually,” Hope put a hand on Darcy’s arm stopping her from getting up, “Can we be next to each other?”

Hope looked to Darcy; she nodded and smiled encouragingly, “Yeah, so we can get each other’s opinions and stuff?”

The sale women nodded and put her and Hope right next to each other. Hope frowned and eyed the large dressing rooms, then whispered over to Darcy, “Want to just share? We can help zip each other up and decrease the amount of stranger sales staff who see us naked.”

Darcy stiffened as the idea brought to mind Jessica. But Darcy just dug her nails into her wrists to bring her back to the here and now with Hope, “Sure. I’m sure Happy will be relieved that I won’t be calling on him again.”

Hope relayed the change in plans to Sonya, her sales woman and though Sonya looked like she was going to protest, Hope just leveled a harsh and haughty look at her and the woman crumbled. Obeying Hopes instructions and hanging up her dresses, in Hopes dressing room.

“C’mon. I can’t wait to see what they brought.” Hope said excitedly as she grabbed Darcy’s hand and pulled her inside. Hope closed the door and locked it. Then immediately kicked off her high looking dark blue heels.

Once her feet were on the wood laminated floor, she stretched out her toys and flexed them letting out a sigh of relief. Hope gave her a tiny grin, “Favorite part of my day.”

Hope was wearing a dark blue pencil skirt and white floaty tank top that had button s up and down the back. She looked so professional and put together that, the simple act of kicking off her heels in relief, helped Darcy relax and see her as the real person she knew her to be. Rather than the image of strong business woman titan she projected. Hope threw her purse on the little bench and gestured to her back as she unzipped and stepped out of her skirt, revealing her perfect white lacey thong butt to Darcy’s view. “Can you get my buttons, this shirt is so pretty but it’s a bitch.”

“Can’t you slip it over your head?” Darcy questioned as she set her own bag down.

“No, I tried this morning and it started to rip, I had to have my assistant help me button it up.” Hope smiled gently at her the reflection of the mirror. Darcy shrugged and stepped forward and started undoing the delicate pearl buttons one by one.

“So what are you doing in California Hope? Are you just here for the party?” Darcy asked.

“No, I’m trying to woo an engineer into leaving Hammer Industries for Pym Technology. The kid is brilliant. He doesn’t belong working for a fool like Justin Hammer.” Darcy nodded.

“I actually heard about Justin Hammer today from Tony. Apparently their rivals?” Hope let out a snort.

“Yeah, rivals, in Justin’s wet dreams. The only real rival to Stark Industries is Pym Technology, and even then, we don’t really work in the same space. But, I’d wager that my dad could out fox Tony if he ever really needed to.” Darcy finished unbuttoning Hopes top. Hope allowed the silky material to slide off her arms as she threw it carelessly on top of her purse. She was wearing one of those little strapless bras that Darcy could never get away with wearing due to her large chest being too heavy. Darcy felt a stab of insecurity as Hope took her first dress off the hander and unzipped and then stepped into it. The dress had one of those side zippers so she was able to put it on without help.

It was a beautiful dress. Almost skin tight, floor length, with little cap sleeves and an open back. Hope turned around and held out her arms, “What do you think?”

Darcy gave her a strained grin, “Beautiful.”

Hope twisted to look at her back in the mirror. “A little revealing though.”

“Yeah, but it’s got a high neck in the front so, I think you can get away with it if you want.” Darcy watched a little amused as Hope began doing stretches. Moving her knees up and down, extending her arms and twisting and trying to touch her toes.

“What are you doing?” Darcy asked with a laugh.

Hope looked up and grinned at her, “I look good in almost everything Darcy. Just like you. Fit and freedom to move are the keys to my heart when it comes to fashion.”

Darcy smiled and then turned to her own pile of dresses. Almost all of them were long. With empire waists that had the skirts flowing out from just under her breasts. Basically promising to drown her in fabric. Darcy could feel her good mood deflating.

Hope came up behind her and briskly went through all of Darcy’s choices, muttering, “Boring, boring, too big, too ugly, too small, boring, ah ha!”

“This one.” Hope pulled out the only short dress in the bunch. Darcy looked at it skeptically, it looked kind of boring to her.

Hope put the short white dress on the little hook and turned Darcy around, quickly unzipping her and helping her out of her Dorothy dress. “Trust me, this is the one for you if you want to feel confident and are going to get photographed next to Tony and labeled his girlfriend.”

Hope held out the dress for Darcy to step into and went around her back to zip it up. And just like that, it was the most fucking awesome dress she’d ever worn in her entire life.

It was tight, white, cleavage-revealing to the max, and knee length. It had short sleeves and the color on the front of the dress just highlighted her amazing boobs. The structure of the dress pushed them up and together in the most bomb ass way.

“Dude.” Darcy whispered looking at her reflection in awe, for the second time that day.

“You’re a knock out.” Hope said softly, before stepping back and letting Darcy admire her reflection.

Hope unzipped herself and discarded the dress she was wearing, before picking up a strapless one and slipping into it. Darcy stared at Hope in the reflection of the mirror as she held the gold bust to her chest and walked over to Darcy, turning to offer her access to the zipper. Darcy turned and zipped her up quickly and stood back as Hope preformed her little stretch test all over again.

“I think this is the one.” The top was gold weave and the bottom was a stiff but flow-y white fabric. “Or do you think that because the boob covering part is gold not white, it’s not acceptable.”

Darcy smiled at Hope, she looked phenomenal, “As co-host of the party, I officially deem the dress white party acceptable.”

Hope interlocked their arms again, pulling Darcy towards the door. She whispered in Darcy’s ear as she opened the door to the dressing room, “Ten bucks says Happy gets a happy and excuses himself to go to the bathroom to jerk off.”

Darcy’s eyes widened and she gasped as Hope pulled her out of the dressing room, “You’re so bad Hope!”

Hope walked to the tri-fold mirror that was better lit to scrutinize her dress from all angels, “Bad is a matter of perspective in my experience.”Hope muttered as she turned to look at her butt.

“Hey Happy! How’s your girl Darcy look?” Hope called out. Darcy turned to Happy with her hands on her hips and a big smile on her face.

Happy who had been leaning on a counter, moved his arm or something, slipped and smacked his head on the countertop. “Oh my god! Are you okay?” Darcy rushed forward putting her hand on his head, grateful he wasn’t bleeding.

Happy looked right at her boobs before comically averting his eyes to the ceiling. “Yep. Yup, you look very nice Miss Lewis. I’m sure…you’ll..Tony. Uh…you look good.”

Hope cackled loudly from behind her. Darcy turned and glared at the other woman, before turning to Happy and gently tracing the reddish bruise that was starting to develop. “Are you sure you’re okay? You have a bruise, which I suspect will soon be a bump. Do you think you have concussion? Maybe we should stop somewhere and get ice.”

Happy blushed scarlet as he lowered his gaze and talked to her while looking at her forehead…and only her forehead. “No, I’m good. Boxer remember? Hard head. Good at taking shots to the face. So, if you’re ready, you can take your clothes off—I mean take your dress off---I mean get changed back into your other clothes and we can…leave…before I embarrass myself past the point of no return.” Happy concluded sounding so defeated.

Darcy patted him on the arm before heading back to the dressing room, she passed Sonya on the way, “I’m going to take the dress. Do you sell shoes too?”

After the women had looked at shoes and each purchased the perfect pair, they left the store arm in arm, Happy trailing behind them carrying their things. Darcy had tried to take the show boxes but he insisted.

Hope walked them to her car and Happy loaded them in her back seat for her.

“Well. I’m so glad we ran into each other Darcy.”

“Me too Hope. Catching up with you, really turned my day around.”

“I’d love to take you to lunch, but I have a meeting in twenty minutes.” Hope pouted then opened her arms for a hug. Darcy stepped forward giving the woman a heartfelt embrace. Hope held on a little too long.

And then she slid her hand down to Darcy’s lower back and pulled Darcy’s crotch flush against her own as she whispered in her ear, “Like I said I’m really good at keeping secrets, so if there’s any interest, I’d be happy to stay for an exclusive after party featuring you, me, your boys, and some after hour’s action.”

Hope then kissed her on the cheek and gave her butt a hearty squeeze, before she broke off and got into her car. Calling out, “See you Saturday!” as she peeled out of the parking lot.

Darcy put a hand on her cheek and stared after her. She was…not confused. Hope was. Hope liked her? Like, like – liked her? That was…a thing apparently. Darcy didn’t know how to feel about that.

Darcy turned and began to follow Happy who was walking towards the car.

“Dude,” Darcy said staring as Happy put her things in the back seat, “I think Hope has a crush on me.”

Happy hit his head as he pulled his head out of the car. “What?”

“Nothing.” Darcy mumbled as she slid into the passenger seat. “Never mind.”







Darcy’sDorothy OUTFIT

Darcy’s Sneakers

Darcy’s Replica Ruby Slippers

Darcy’s wicker Purse

Baby Nursery Rocking Chair

Baby outfits

Chapter Text

Chapter 17 –Thirst Quenching Thursday (part 1)



“—ell, tell them it’s too fucking bad!”

Darcy woke up with her face under a pillow, but Tony’s angry shouting woke her up.

“What’s wrong? I’m up!” Darcy startled awake, throwing the covers off, she got up and out of bed on reflex, but stood still and blearily wiped a hand over her face.

Tony looked at her apologetically from where he stood in the bathroom doorway, “Oh, fuck. You made me wake her up.” Tony said into the phone he held up to his ear, “I’ll see you later.”

Darcy stood frozen, Tony was on the phone and he was wearing a dark red robe. His hair was wet. Darcy asked groggily, “You leaving?”

Tony shook his head and slipped his phone into the pocket in his robe as he walked toward her, “I’m sorry I woke you. “

“What time is it?”

“Stupidly early. Go back to sleep.” Tony tried to guide her back to bed, but it was a lost cause.

“Nah,” Darcy grumbled as she stumbled around him, “Now I gotta pee.”

After peeing, Darcy brushed her teeth, but once she had the toothbrush in her mouth, she felt the urge to vomit surface yet again. Darcy threw down the toothbrush carelessly into the sink before making a mad dash for the toilet she had recently vacated.

Tony came in shortly and rubbed her back and stroked her hair as she emptied her stomach into the porcelain throne. Once she was done, he flushed and shut the lid for her. Darcy sat on the floor, just, completely wrung out. “This is such a sucky way to start the day.”

Tony made an empathetic expression before hopping up and getting her water and a toothbrush pre-loaded with tooth paste. Darcy sipped the water and then lifted the toilet lid to spit it out. Then she brushed away the vomit mouth feeling, she used the water glass to rinse and spit in the toilet again. Getting up she handed Tony her tooth brush and flushed the toilet, sitting morosely on top of it.

Tony came back to her and knelt before her. He stroked the tops of her thighs with his warms hands, “Feel better?”

Darcy fell onto him, wrapping her arms around his neck and burying her face in his shoulder she mumbled, “I feel empty.”

Tony surprised her by slipping his arm under her knees and picking her up. Darcy let him carry her back to their bed and lay her down. Tony discarded his robe and climbed in next to her, pulling the covers up around them.

Darcy happily turned and snuggled under his arm and rested her face on his chest. She put her arm around his waist and sighed in contentment as his arm slipped around her naked back. She was wearing a silk night-y, it had an open back and it was a silver color and it was beautiful, but what Darcy liked most about it was that it allowed her Tony to touch her skin when he held her just like this.

Her mind finally waking up, Darcy spoke softly in the dim room, glad that Jarvis hadn’t raised the shades and let the light in yet, “Don’t you have work?”


“But…last night you said you had some environmental committee meeting, about the, the, the arc reactor thing-y? You were excited about it.” Darcy remembered because even if she didn’t understand what the science of what Tony had done, she understood the ramifications that could come of a ‘clean energy’ alternative. If Tony could perfect the technology, it would change the world for the better, in a very profound way.

“Yeah, but that was before you let me and Steve know that you were having shopping related traumatic flashbacks. I thought---in light of your emotional distress, I’m taking the day off so I can be with you.” Tony was trying to sound casual, but she could hear the concern in his voice.

“No. No, Tony you should—you can’t just not go to work, because I had a bad day.”

Tony tightened his hold on her, “You didn’t just have a bad day. You had PTSD related symptoms associated with your abduction and sexual assault. It’s a big fucking deal Darcy.”

Darcy sat up a little, so she could look down on Tony’s face. “Yeah, it’s a big deal, but…so are you.”

Tony glared at her, but Darcy spoke quickly hoping to forestall any on coming arguments, “You need to go to work now while you can still give the company you’re undivided attention. You need to get that big project all finished and you need to sort out, like…other work related problems I assume you have, because in a few months, you’re going to be taking a lot of time off. When the baby comes and you meet her and you see her little toes and little fingers and her chubby cheeks, you’re not going to want to go to work. You’ll want to take days off so you can just take her to the beach. Or the park. Or just watch her crawl around and chase your robots or whatever, but like, you can’t waste your vacation time now! Not over something as silly as this.”

Tony patted her hair, “I’m the boss. I do what I want. I don’t need to worry about vacation time kid.”

Darcy didn’t want Tony to set this kind of precedent. She didn’t want to impeded so disruptively on his life. So she argued further, “Tony what you do for a living is…important. You’re important. You run a big company that employs a lot of people, right? So like, a lot of people’s pensions and income and health care and like, financial security depends on your company not going under cuz the CEO’s girlfriend had a meltdown.”

"You have to go to work, Tony. If you don't I'll feel guilty. Don't make me the Yoko Ono of the industrial world! Go to work, be the change you want to see in the world. Hang in there kitty! If you never try you'll fail 100% of the time. Cliche cliche, blah da blah. Need I go on?"

“Yeah, but—“

“No buts. You’re going to work. You’re gonna do that—environmental thingy, with the arc reactor and you’re going to rock it, and feel good inside and come home all proud because, I was listening and you said, the arc reactor was one of the only things that Stark Industries made that was an entirely humanitarian venture. So…there.” Darcy stuck out her tongue, and added, “ Also, I have plans anyway.”

“What plans?” Tony accused.

“Plans that don’t involve you.” Darcy bluffed. She had no plans, she just didn’t want to be the someone who held Tony Stark™ back.


Darcy got up and climbed over Tony’s body, she sat straddling his waist; she put her hands on her hips and screwed her face up into the fiercest ‘mom’ face she had in her arsenal, “You’re going to work mister and that’s that!”

Tony smiled at her and then surged upright, his arms slipping around her sides to her back, as his lips locked onto hers. Tony kissed her with passion and annoyance and love. Darcy ran her hands through his wet hair then let them wander down his chest. She put her hand over his heart and felt it racing under the skin. She kissed him harder and then bit his lower lip lightly and she could swear she felt his heart skip a beat.

“Okay.” Tony mumbled into their kiss, “You’ve convinced me.”

Tony then flipped them, throwing Darcy onto her back beside him, he climbed over her and kissed her tenderly. His hands slipped over the silky material of her nightgown, groping and fondling her all over. He caressed her breasts and teased her nipples into hardening through the material.

“But first,” Tony put his hands on her thighs and guided them up, as he slid down her body, “Breakfast.”

Tony put her legs over his shoulders and his lips on her lower lips.

Darcy let her head fall back as Tony got to work, gasping out one word when his tongue touched her clit, “Bangarang.”

Darcy came twice by way of Tony’s tongue, lips, and fingers. And once by way of his cock. But not in that order. It was more of an oral-sex-sandwich. He got her off with his tongue and fingers. Then they had lazy slow sex that was sweet, and emotional, and reverent. Then he said he was ‘still hungry’ and he went down on her again. Totally ruining the moment. But, like, for a totally good cause.

Not such a sucky start the day after all.


As they lay together, panting and just enjoying the afterglow that came with having sex with each other, Darcy noticed the wicked smile on Tony’s face. “What? What are you smiling like that for?” Darcy questioned.

Tony turned to look at her and just smirked, “Nothing.”

“Nuh-uh. That’s not a nothing face. That’s an ‘I’m up to something’ face.” Darcy pressed, poking him in the ribs.

Tony grabbed her finger and bit it lightly before sending Darcy into a fit of giggles as he began to tickler her sides. After a brief struggle, Darcy gained the upper hand and sat on his chest as she held tightly to one of his ankles and mercilessly tickled the bottom of his foot.

Darcy would not be dissuaded, “Tell me!”

“NEVER!” Tony squeaked out in between wheezing laughter.

Darcy slid lower so she was sitting on his dick/pelvis, she began to bounce up and down as she tickled him, not really trying to arouse him, just being playfully annoying.

“Tell me why you have smirky face!” Darcy ordered.

“You’ll never get me to talk. “ Tony said cutely. Darcy let go of his foot. She dismounted and sat next to him facing him on her knees. She looked him up and down, and then aloofly shrugged her shoulders, before hopping out of bed and heading towards the bathroom.

“Okay fine.” Darcy said casually as she headed for the shower. She could hear Tony following closely behind her. Darcy slipped out of the nightgown that they hadn’t bothered removing during their earlier bouts of morning sex.

“No more trying to figure out smirky face?” Tony teased as she watched her every movement with intense eyes.

Darcy maintained eye contact as she got into the glass encased shower and turned on the water to warm.

“Not talking? Okay fine. I cannot not talk…also... In fact I can get in the same shower with your sexy wet and slippery naked body and not talk to you too!” Tony’s eyes flashed with mischief as he got into the shower with her and crinkled his nose at her, “See. I’m ignoring you.”

Tony stayed near the door to the shower, his arms crossed over his chest his head tilted away from her and his nose in the air snootily, flaccid penis hanging listlessly between his legs. Darcy ignored him and went about putting shampoo in her hair, once she massaged it all in her hair she went about soaping up a pink loofa. Darcy ran the soft sponge material all over her breasts, neck, belly, and up and down her arms. She glanced at Tony and quickly checked him out. He was biting his lip and his eyes were burning. And his penis was no longer flaccid.

Darcy turned her back to him to hide the smirk that she couldn’t stop. She bent at the waist and ran the loofa over the tops of her feet before slowly making her way up her legs, spreading the soapy suds all around her skin as she slowly rose back up. She then ran the loofa briskly over the top of her back, squeezing it out so all the soap would run down her back. She then soaped up her butt. One cheek at a time.

Tony groaned, it wasn’t a sex groan, it was like an ‘I’m in pain’ groan.

“Still ignoring you.” Tony said quickly after the sound escaped him. “Just in case you were wondering.”

Darcy tossed the loofa back to its little spot on the wall and then moved so she was directly in the path of the steamy water. She rinsed the shampoo from her hair and turned in a circle to remove all the soap from her skin. Just as she was about to reach for the conditioner, Tony attacked her. He came up from behind her and pressed his body up against hers. He grabbed her breasts and squeezed them as he growled into her ear, “Stop ignoring me ignoring you.”

Darcy leant her head back and kissed him. Tony walked her forward towards the shower wall. He reached up and adjusted the shower head so it rained down on them, and then Darcy braced her hands on the wall. Tony took his now hardened dick and ran it up and down her ass crack. He broke their kiss and bit her neck. Sucking on the delicate skin at her pulse point, Darcy knew there would be a bruise, but she didn’t care, she just put her hand in his hair and one hand on her clit.

Tony encouraged her, “Spread your legs and stick your ass out more.”

Darcy obeyed with a cry as Tony pinched her nipple and lined up his dick with her entrance. Darcy rested her forearms against the shower wall and let out a long moan as Tony entered her from behind. She was still so slick from earlier that it was an easy slide inside. She could feel Tony licking her back. Mouthing kisses against the large expanse of skin.

“You don’t have all day Tony.” Darcy murmured as she thrust her hips back, when Tony held still inside her for too long, “I do have a really awesome vibrator I could go find if you’re not up for it right now. I know how men of your age have a hard time---OH FUCK!”

Darcy laughed as Tony cursed under his breath and began to thrust in and out of her with force and speed. It was the exact opposite of the slow romantic sex they had earlier.

“Oh, oh, oh.” Darcy panted as Tony smacked her ass hard with an open palm. It felt weirdly good. The quick flash of pain that faded into a weird pleasure just by virtue of the pain being gone.

“The other one too. “ Darcy encouraged as she thrust her hips back into his every thrust. She wanted the feeling to be evenly distributed. Tony obliged spanking her other ass cheek once, twice, then very hard a third time.

“Does my Darcy baby, liked to get spanked? Is that a kink that gets you off? Or is that an exclusive Darcy baby / Tony daddy erotic proclivity?” Tony questioned as he massaged and palmed her reddened rear end.

Darcy didn’t answer she just rubbed her clit faster. “I’ll make sure I get you a naughty school girl outfit for Halloween.” Tony crowed.

“Aaah.” Darcy whined as Tony grabbed her breasts and used them to make her stand up, allowing the warm stream of water to rain down on her face. He kissed her neck under the wet spray, as rolled her nipples with thumbs.

“Kiss me.” Tony demanded softly as he thrusts slowed down in speed but maintained the force behind each movement from his hips.

Darcy looked back. Tony’s eyes glowed with emotion his jaw was clenched tight. Darcy circled her hips and ground back against his dick. “I love you Tony.” Darcy whispered.

Tony’s face went blank for a moment. Then his eyes softened and his the corners of his mouth turned up, “I love you.” He said simply and then he kissed her softly. Their lips pressed against each other’s lightly and Darcy couldn’t help the whimpering sound she let out.

The heat in Tony’s mouth was intense and Darcy wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of the day with her tongue tangled with his, while he gently thrust into her. However, after she gently nibbled at his lip, Tony growled and their kiss changed. It became fierier, less romantic more sexual.

Tony stopped caressing her tongue with his and began stroking her tongue, the top of her mouth; he pulled away from her and the licked her lips. Nipped her throat. Sucked on that same spot, ensuring she would walk away from the encounter with a hickey.

Then he gently pressed her forward again, and Darcy braced her arms against the wall as Tony’s thrust intensified. He went hard and fast, fucking her with an intensity that she welcomed.

As Tony thrust harshly into her body she slipped her hand down from rubbing her clit to her opening. She spread her fingers apart bracketing her opening so she could feel as Tony’s penis slid past her hand and moved in and out of her. After a couple of strokes of letting him just graze her fingers, she squeezed his dick just as he pulled out of her, causing Tony to gasp.

His whole body fell against her and Darcy’s arms slipped. Her breasts hit the cold tile as her hips banged against the wall. Tony slipped out of her completely as she fell forward and away from him.

“Warn a guy will ya?” Tony mumbled as he moved to press back inside her. Darcy stopped him, “Wait.”

Tony backed up as she turned around. Making eye contact Darcy’s mouth quirked up as she slid down to the shower floor, she let her legs spread out before her. Tony followed her down, quickly jerking himself off with his hand, he got down on his knees and Darcy inched forward until she could lie down flat on her back. Tony crawled over her and plunged back down inside of her. He instantly began to piston his dick inside her. Darcy wrapped her legs around his waist and thrust up to meet him every couple of strokes. Finally face to face again, Darcy kissed him. It was sloppy and wet but it was perfect. Any kiss that connected her deeper to Tony was a perfect kiss.

Even if their teeth clashed against each other’s more than once.

Darcy slipped down a hand to her clit and used the heel of her hand to work herself up as Tony started to finally show signs of tiring. He thrust harder inside of her as he slowed his pace. When Darcy clenched her inner muscles Tony called out, “And I’m done!”

Darcy rubbed harder as she felt Tony’s seed paint her insides, Tony leant down and groaned as his hips thrust lazily as he rode out his orgasm. When Tony’s lips surrounded her nipple and sucked and then bit down harshly, Darcy finally reached her peak. She came with a shout and she dug her nails into his shoulders as her body was wracked with internal spasms of pleasure. It was the best orgasm she had all morning.

Tony lay on top of her as the water rained down from above. Darcy shook and shivered under him, not from the cold but from the sensations still echoing in her body.

Eventually Darcy had enough of the floor and broke the silence, “I still have to condition my hair.”

Tony laughed as he pulled his dick out of her and held out a hand to her motioning for her to wait before getting up. He stared at her pussy for a few seconds then he stuck two fingers inside of her. “Oh, not again Ton—“

Tony squeezed her breast and interrupted advising, “Patience.”

He used his fingers to scoop out his cum. Darcy’s eyes fluttered closed at the strangely pleasant sensation. He repeated the action two more times before declaring, “Finished…I think.”

Tony sat back and knelt before her. He stuck his fingers into his mouth, licking up their mixed taste. Darcy sat up, then put her hands on Tony’s shoulders for leverage and stood up. Tony briefly put a hand on the back of her thighs to help steady her, but quickly let it drop when she was stable.

Tony stared at her pussy, “The rest of me will just have to drip out of you.”

Darcy could feel a smile briefly tug at her lips, amused at his awkward wording, but she still rolled her eyes. She turned away from him and grabbed the conditioner and went about finishing her shower.

Tony grabbed her discarded loofa and lathered it up again and washed himself.

“I got us matching outfits.” He said conversationally as Darcy rinsed her hair.

“What?” Darcy asked not sure if she heard him correctly.

“Why I was smirking. I got us matching outfits.”

“Please tell me you didn’t buy Justin and Britney’s denim suit and dress.” Darcy pleads as she turned off the shower and exited the steamy box. The cold air instantly hardened her nipples and had goose pimples rising all over her flesh.

“No, and by got ‘us’ matching outfits, I meant all three of us. Steve too!” Tony reached the towels first as he rushed past her, Darcy grabbed one and quickly wrapped herself up.

“I figured since all you got yesterday was t-shirts, I might as well indulge in semi-controlling boundary stepping online shopping for Darcy addiction and keep picking out what you wear with my superb taste.” Tony draped a mini-towel over her head. Darcy bent down and made herself a towel turban.

“I made you so happy yesterday, I knew I’d never be able to top myself, I actually didn’t think I’d have to, I was kind of banking on you buying your own clothes yesterday, and honestly I think I ‘shot my wad’ with the whole Dorothy dress and accessories of your dreams.”

Tony mumbled to himself, “Should have held it back for Friday.”

“Sorry.” Darcy apologized as she sat down on the lid of the toilet.

“Not you’re fucking fault Darcy.”Tony said sternly. He stared at her intensely and Darcy nodded in understanding.

Tony then smiled, and got out the hair dryer, saying in a lighter tone as he plugged it in, “Besides, knowing I couldn’t top myself, I changed the game. I decided to add Steve and I into the mix, making the whole dress up thing a family affair.”

“And you know what they say,” Tony started and Darcy having a feeling what he was going to say next, joined in, making them say, “the more the merrier” in chorus.

They gave each other matching goofy grins.

Tony combed his wet hair quickly, as he began addressing his own reflection, “I’m not going to tell you which one, but our outfits were inspired by one of your favorite movies, if you guess which one…I’ll let you borrow one of my cars and you can drive it around getting to know the city better…if you want.”

“What kind of favorite movie?” Darcy asked as she grabbed a q-tip and cleaned her ears. “Can you narrow down the genre? Like one of my favorite musicals or Pixars or rom-coms? I have many favorites.”

“I just told you I’m not going to tell you.”

“Tell me.”

“No. I want it to be a surprise.”

Darcy changed tactics, “Which car? Also, side note, do you have a sparkle/glitter car? Do they make glitter cars?” Darcy tossed the used q-tip in the trash.

“Do you want a glitter car?” Tony raised his eyebrow at her. Darcy pressed her lips and blushed, feeling stupid for having even asked.

“I make things. For a living even. Darcy, if you want a glitter car, I will make you a glitter car.” Tony said seriously.

“No. Don’t make me a car. I’ll drive whatever automatic you have lying around.” Darcy said toying with the ends of her towel. “I can’t drive stick.”

“One, Jarvis set a reminder that I have to teach Darcy how to drive stick so she can survive the zombie apocalypse. Two, Darcy, what color glitter? Pink? Aqua? Rainbow?” Darcy glared at him.

“Reminder set Sir.”

Tony ignored Jarvis continuing to name colors, “Gold? Silver? Hot Rod Red? Blu—“

“Don’t buy or make me a glitter car. It was just a silly thing, a joke. Don’t make my joke a reality. If you want to buy my affection get me a tiny orange kitten and give it to me in a basket, like in the movie Heidi.”

Tony narrowed his eyes, “Heidi…Klum?”

“Heidi the little red head girl who goes to live with her grandfather on the top of a mountain and they drink goat’s milk and he’s all grumpy but she melts his heart and---you know what. Never mind. I’m going to go get dressed and find out if you have continued your winning streak of picking out clothes that I like or if you are a one hit wonder.”

Tony bumped her with his butt as she past, saying, “Go eat breakfast with Rogers when you’re done, if you can’t figure it out, which movie your outfit is based on, his clothes should give you another clue, and if you still don’t get it, mine should make it obvious.”

Darcy poked Tony in the ribs and left for the closet.

Unlike yesterday, her outfit was laid out on the ottoman seat not hidden away like a present before Christmas. It was a pretty, sleeveless light blue dress. It had a ribbon around the waist. Next to it was a lacey off white sweater, a fancy blue purse, a tiny mermaid necklace, some classic white round toe dancer looking heels (the kind that hurt the least to wear for long periods of time) and a light blue hair bow.

“What the fuck?” Darcy said quietly to herself as she got dressed. The blue of the dress was so similar to her blue gingham Dorothy sneakers, she was tempted to wear those instead of the heels, but they were so pretty she couldn’t resist. Besides, she could always take them off later.

Looking at her reflection in the mirror when she was all dressed up…she had no clue who she was supposed to be. The dress made her think of the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio, but that wasn’t one of her favorite movies. Not even close. While the colors reminded her of Alice from Alice in Wonderland, the mermaid necklace threw her off. Same for Cinderella. Was she Elsa? Aurora wearing Merryweather’s dress? Was she a non animated character? Was she supposed to be those dead little girls from the Shining? She was a horror fan….Maybe she was Allie from the Notebook, when she and Ryan Gosling kiss in the rain? But that mermaid necklace though…

Darcy decided to follow Tony’s advice and use Steve’s outfit like a clue from Blue’s Clues…hey maybe she was Blue?

Darcy walked into the kitchen and with one look at Steve, she couldn’t help but exclaim, “WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?”

Steve looked confused, “Excuse me?”

“Your outfit. You’re no help. You’re not a clue. He just dressed you to match me!”


“Those are the clothes Tony gave you right?” Steve looked down at his light blue and white horizontal striped shirt and light blue shorts and white sneakers.

“Yeah.” He admitted tentatively.

Darcy did a little circle with her arms outstretched, “Well, this is mine. And mine, plus yours is supposed to equal one of my favorite movies, and Tony’s. But, like…alas, I am not smart enough to figure it out.”

Darcy dramatically fell onto the stool as Steve gave her a strange look and poured some cheerios into a bowl for her and slid it the milk her way. Darcy looked down and made a face, “Cereal? Where’s my specially cooked by Steve healthy breakfast?”

“This is what I have for first breakfast after my run.” Steve answered as he fed himself a spoonful of heart healthy grain filled cereal.

“What the fuck time is it?” Darcy asked as she dug in.

“Eight fifty-two.” Jarvis informed her.

Steve looked sheepish as he shrugged and mumbled, “I got a late start today.”

Darcy gave him a fond smile. Only Steve would think anything before nine a.m. was getting a ‘late’ start. Darcy watched as Steve poured himself another bowl after drinking all the milk from the bowl. He was kind of adorable right now. And it might have been the bout of amazing morning sex, but she was feeling all kinds of tingly warm feelings towards everything right then.

“So yesterday sucked.” Darcy offered conversationally.

Steve’s expression turned doleful, “Sweetheart, if you want me to go back to New York and take care of Kilgrave myself, I will. You just say the word and I’ll—“

Darcy threw a Cheerio at his face, “No. Steve, the last thing I want from you is more space between us.”

Steve’s mournful expression turned chagrined. “I—“

“Don’t. Ignore that. So, do you have any idea what movie we’re supposed to be from?”

Steve just shook his head and downed half his glass of orange juice. Darcy watched appreciatively as his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he chugged. She wanted to do something with him today. Something light hearted and non-sexual boundary pushing.

“Did you—are you—“ Darcy couldn’t find the right words to ask Steve what he planned to do today. He hadn’t mentioned anything, and she knew his mural wasn’t done, so she assumed he wanted to continue to paint, but…she didn’t want to be alone for the rest of the day. And spending her time trapped in a room filled with paint fumes didn’t really appeal to her at the moment.

Tony came in before Steve could push her about what she was trying to ask.

“Ah, starting the day the healthy way are we.” Tony announced as he walked in, his hair now dry. He held a green fedora with a red feather in his hand. As he approached her he put the hat on his head and slid his finger across the brim, giving her a wink as he sat down next to her.

Darcy looked him up and down. “Are you a tree?” She guessed. He was wearing head to ankle green. Green smart looking slacks, a green t-shirt, a dark forest green blazer, a brown belt and brown suede shoes and she had no idea who he was supposed to be ‘inspired’ by.

Tony gave her mockingly dejected expression. “A tree?”

Darcy glowered, “Well, I do love the Lorax.”

“Well I’m not the Lorax.” Tony said in a snooty tone.

“Yeah well, duh, because if you were a thneed, you’d be bright pink or orange.”

Tony accepted the bowl of cereal that Steve offered him with a nod of thanks. Darcy guessed again, “Are we supposed to be Sully and you Mike Wazowski? Monsters Inc?”


“Am I…we? Elsa? And you Anna? From Frozen?”

“No. And I’m becoming truly disappointed in you Darcy. I thought you’d get this.” Tony began eating his cereal. As he chewed Darcy wracked her brain. But, all she could think about is the part of the movie “Return To Oz” when Dorothy was looking for green ornaments in the Nome King’s mountain, all the while muttering, “Green, green, green.”

“Are you…Doug Funnie?”

“Who?...I said it was inspired by a movie.”

Darcy pointed to Steve, “Cinderella?” Then she pointed to herself, “Bippety-Boppity?” Then she pointed to Tony and said, “Gus Gus?”

Tony looked amused as he rejected her ideas with a wave of his hand, “Nope.”

“Blue and white, blue and white,” Darcy whispered as she stared at Steve, looking down at herself she fingered the mermaid necklace. “Are we the Craft? The witches spirit directions? North, south, east, and west. The four corners?”

“What?” Steve asked looking confused.

Looking at Tony’s amused face she pointed to herself, “I’m water, Steve’s the fluffy cloud sky, Tony’s earth…and…”

“And….”Tony said mockingly.

“And the babies fire! Like a fire in your belly!” Darcy exclaimed supremely happy she managed to figure it out.

“That is such a good answer, very creative, good use of an idiom, but unfortunately also wrong.”

Darcy threw her hands up in the air, “I give up! Tell me already.”

Tony smiled at her jeeringly, “Where’s the fun in that?”

Tony got up and put his dish in the sink, walking around Steve he leaned down to the other man and cupped his hand around his hear and whispered to him. Darcy fumed, “TELL ME! Don’t tell him! He doesn’t care!”

Tony came around and hugged her stiff form, kissing her on the cheek and petting her hair. He whispered, “Take the--- whatever car you want, the keys are in the workshop. Jarvis will let you know which ones are automatic. Spend the day doing something happy.”

“But—“ Darcy began to protest.

“But, if you can’t figure out my little clothing homage by the end of the day, I’ll tell you, but I think if you just think on it a bit, you’ll crack it.” Tony kissed her lips softly, “I do believe in you.”

And with that Tony swept out of the house rather quickly.

Darcy felt a sour expression settle of her face. This whole game of Tony’s was going to be bugging her all day. Looking up at the ceiling, Darcy questioned angrily, “JARVIS! Do you know what movie he was inspired by?”

“I do indeed Miss Darcy.”

“Tell me!” She demanded.

“I cannot do that Miss. Sir’s orders.”

Darcy made a farting noise with her mouth, “LAME! I thought we were buds Jarv!”

“We are ‘buds’ as much as I can befriend anyone, Miss Darcy, but alas I am bound by my programmed loyality to Sir to obey his direct commands.”

Darcy felt herself sinking. Her good mood was waning. She was feeling…languid. Maybe…she wasn’t sure that was the right word.

“Jarvis what does languid mean?”

“Lacking in spirit or interest; listless; indifferent.”

“Not that then.” Darcy muttered as she pouted as she searched her mind for the word she was thinking of.

“Sweetheart?” Steve came around the counter and sat down next to her. Darcy felt a bittersweet twinge as she realized it was her first breakfast with Steve, where he came and sat next to her. She could feel her lip quivering. She felt guilty about what happened on Tuesday.

They lived together. They agreed to be together. Why did everything with Steve feel…so different? Why did she feel like they were so far away from each other, even when they sat side by side. Why was their relationship so…hard?

Darcy quickly decided what she would do today.

She and Steve needed to bond. To connect. They needed to have things in common. They needed to have their own special inside jokes, and experiences new things together. To be…together, they needed…to spend time together. Time together where she wasn’t being a mega bitch temptress asshole who didn’t respect boundaries.

She just needed to make more of an effort.

Darcy picked up his hand in hers and held it tightly. She smiled, her mood lifting slightly just at the idea of her sudden but brilliant plan, “Steve?”

Steve’s face was taut, but he answered her with a genial smile, “Yes, Sweetheart?”

“Will you go out on a date with me?”

Darcy felt the internal happiness that her question inspired inside Steve. He lit up.

“Today?” He asked, Darcy nodded.

Steve smiled at her beatifically as he squeezed her hand , “Where to Doll?”

Darcy leaned forward and kissed him sweetly asking against his lips, “Does it matter?”

“Not really.”

“Good answer.” Darcy rewarded him with another kiss. And then another and another.

After a few minutes of kissing Steve pulled back and asked her in a lighthearted but still, slightly concerned voice, “No but, really, where are we going?”

Darcy laughed in response. She had the perfect idea, for the perfect date, with her perfect…Steve.

Chapter Text

Chapter 18 –Thursday (part 2)

“We’re going to the farm.”

“A…farm?” Steve confirmed sounded dubious.

“An aquarium date might be more picturesque but, I have a hankering for some baby animals. I want to bottle feed something with fur, like a bunny or cat. Or hand feed a horse some sugar cubes.”

Steve looked ecstatic, “I grew up in the city. I never really had that many chances to meet any real farm animals.”

“Yeah, me either, suburbs though. I visited them every once in a while as a kid, part of divorced chaperoned family weekend excursions, and through school, and birthday parties. Those sort of things.”

“Sounds like a swell idea doll.” Steve put his hand on her cheek, leaned down and gave her a slow sensual kiss. When their lips parted he whispered, “When do we leave?”

Darcy smiled and touched a hand to her towel turban that still held her wet hair. “Gimmie twenty minutes to dry my hair, and apply some make up and we can head down to the lab to pick out a car.”

Half an hour later, Darcy had changed her heels for yesterday’s sneakers, preferring not to muck up her new cute white heels, with any animal excrement they might encounter on their farm yard adventure. Darcy walked ahead of Steve as they entered Tony’s home workshop, seeing as she was the only one with access. Jarvis turned on lights for them as they walked further in.

Darcy had gotten a brief tour the other day, but Tony had been more interested in christening one of his cars. The car sex in the sporty red roadster had been hot but…gear-shifty-in-the-butt-y, so…

“Jarvis which car is an automatic?” Darcy questioned.

“I can drive stick. If you want.” Steve offered as he caressed the handlebars of one of Tony’s two motorcycles.

“I want to drive. I feel like I haven’t driven in the longest time and I want to…you don’t mind do you? Being driven around by a lady?” Darcy worried that old timey Steve was maybe feeling emasculated or insulted.

“No. No honey, I was just offering. You asked me out, you should drive.” Steve gave her a wink that settled Darcy’s doubts.

Something whirled behind her and then a hard metal something bumped into her butt. Darcy quickly covered her ass with her hands and turned around.

“Don’t be alarmed Miss Darcy Dum-E just wanted to say hello.” The robot looked like a giant crane machine come to life. It had yellow knobs on the side, lots of wires and a huge machine arm with four pincers like things on the end. It kind of looked evil. Especially as it used it’s pincers to lift up the end of her skirt.

Darcy quickly pushed the robotic arm away, “A robot’s who’s first instinct is to try to get to third base with me the first time we meet, yep, you were built by Tony Stark alright.”

“Jarvis is this thing safe?” Steve questioned as he came up behind her and put a protective arm around her shoulders, tucking her into his side.

“Perfectly, Mr. Rogers. Dum-E has been Sir’s assistant since 1986. The robot has never caused harm to a living being.”

Steve pushed the thing back with his foot forcefully, “Let’s keep it that way.”

Steve jolted forward as another robot pushed his shoulder from behind. Darcy stepped away from Steve and closer to the blue convertible that had the number 98 in a big circle on the side.

She watched with raised eyebrows as another robot arm thing came out of the woodwork to say hello, this one had a video camera instead of pinchers. The robot shoved at Steve’s shoulder again.

“Hey!” Darcy exclaimed going over to the video robot arm, she pet the top of the camera and said in scolding tone, “Be nice to Steve. He’s Tony’s friend!”

Darcy bent down so she could look into the lens of the camera, she held the lens gently in her hand as she softened her tone, “And so am I. And we can be your friend too, if you’re nice to us.”

The robot chirped happily then nodded up and down clumsily with its video camera head/arm, before rolling back slightly.

“Please excuse U Mr. Rogers; he thought you were attacking Dum-E.” Jarvis explained.

Dum-E also chirped happily as it fully extended its robotic arm past Steve so it could carefully pat Darcy on the head like she had done for U.

“He named his robots Dum-E and U?” Steve muttered as he crossed his arms over his chest and took a few steps back as Dum-E rolled closer to Darcy.

Darcy smiled as the robots, patting the side of U’s big metal base, she gently removed Dum-E’s claw from her head and held it her hand. She shook it in greeting, “Well, hello Dum-E. It’s nice to meet you. Please don’t put your arm up my skirt again. I don’t like that.”

Turning to U, Darcy instead pet/traced the wires that connected the video camera to the rest of his mechanical base, “And hello to you U. Nice to meet you. If Tony ever makes you film us having sex, please try to talk him out of it. I don’t want to be a viral sensation.”

The robots buzzed and chirped at each other as they backed off and rolled away from her and Steve. Dum-E did a little spin and sent her a little wave before he disappeared and blended back into the rest of the machinery that littered the workshop.

“Dum-E and U seem to have formed a quick attachment to you Miss Darcy.” Jarvis paused, “I’m afraid Mr. Rogers they’ve deemed you a threat and dislike you as a person and will never trust you for the rest of your days.”

Darcy huffed out a laugh as Steve’s scowl deepened.

Jarvis offered a non-apologetic sounding, “Sorry.”

“Hash tag not sorry.” Darcy whispered. And she could swear she heard Jarvis laugh, or was the AI clearing his throat, either way she was pleased.

“Sir, leaves the keys on the hooks to the right of the motorcycles, on the wall.” Steve and Darcy walked over to where he indicated. “Have you decided which car you wish to take out today Miss Darcy?”

“I like the blue one. It reminds me of Herbie, but obviously like, it’s the sexier, and wealthier older brother of the famous sentient car.” Darcy mused.

“Good choice Miss. The blue car is a 1967 Shelby Cobra. its keys are on the top right.”

Darcy took them and she and Steve headed over to the car. Darcy watched in amusement as Steve admired the car in that manly way guys did. He practically had a cargasm when he slid into the buttery soft leather interior seat.

Darcy chose to let his blatant car worship go un-commented on. Just as she was about to turn on the engine, Darcy looked up at the ceiling and asked, “Jarvis, can you come with us? I mean are you programmed in the car?”

“Yes Miss Darcy. I can accompany you via your mobile device, and onboard GPS computer interface.”

“Coolio.” Darcy turned the key in the ignition and smiled as the engine sprang to life. They both buckled up, because it was the law, and she wasn’t sure what would happen if they ran Darcy’s license and cross referenced it with the cars insurance if they got pulled over.

Darcy waved in the vague directions the robots had fled too, “Bye Dum-E, bye U!”

And then she hit the gas. Proverbially speaking. She was actually, very nervous about driving such a fancy car, so she drove pretty slowly up and out of Tony’s underground driveway thingy.

“So doll, where are we headed exactly?” Steve asked as he slipped on his sunglasses.

Darcy put hers on as well, and addressed the dashboard, “JARVIS?”

“No need to shout Miss Darcy, I can hear you.” Darcy put the car into park at the end of the drive way.

“Oh, okay, I just wasn’t su—never mind. Where is the closest and highest rated petting zoo/farm, where we can hold and pet and feed the animals?”

“I would suggest Blue Post Farms. They advertize miniature pigs, ducks, alpacas, chickens, rabbits, turtles and Koi fish, dogs, dwarf goats, sheep, kittens, miniature donkeys, and miniature cows. They have a free flight aviary with a cascading waterfall and 70 foot stream. There, with the purchase of feed sticks, Budgies will eat right out of your hand.”

“Aww. No horses?” Steve pouted.

“They do have equines, but only ponies or miniature horses meant to be ridden by children. You have too much muscle mass Mr. Rogers. Riding them would kill them.”

Darcy laughed out loud at Steve’s shocked face, “I would not kill them!”

“Perhaps not. But you would cause them sever spinal injury. There is a weight limit of 65lbs per rider.”

Darcy cackled. Jarvis was so sassy sometimes.

“I have just booked you for a four hour session. You will be able to hand feed and bottle feed the animals. Make sure they give you coins at the door, for the hand feed comes out of coin operated depository. You will have the opportunity to hold baby animals; and yes, you may pet but not ride the ponies. You will be given access to the aviary with an unlimited number of feed sticks. And I have arranged for you to have a catered lunch on the premises. You may also indulge in a hay ride should you wish. And there is a ‘pumpkin patch’ where you can choose an orange gourd, as is traditional for next week’s upcoming month of October. However I am sorry to report you are both too large to ride on the train.”

“They have a train? We could have ridden a train? Like Mr. Rogers?” Steve asked sounding hopeful and disappointed at the same time.

“Let it go Mr. Rogers.”

Darcy was practically bouncing in her seat. “Blue Post Farms here we come!”

She turned to Steve to see him equally as excited as her. She pulled him forward by his shirt and laid a wet kiss on his lips. “Ready?”

Steve nodded. Darcy smiled and put the car back into gear.

“Okay, tell me where to go.” Darcy demanded and Jarvis’s filled the little screen with a map and narrated their way there.

They arrived rather quickly. Darcy parked the car and worried immediately about it getting scratched by the parking lot filled with trucks and mini-vans. “Jarvis, will the car be okay here do you think?”

“Should anyone untoward approach the vehicle the security system will be activated and I will alert you and take a video of the individual and upload it to the nearest police department, the criminal would be caught within ten minutes. Sir donates to the police funds very generously, for various reasons.”

Darcy shook off her apprehension and got out of the car. Steve came around and held out his elbow. Darcy linked their arms.

When they approached the welcome station, a friendly faced red headed teenage girl waved and said, “Hi there, welcome to Blue Post Farms. Are you here for the birthday party?”

“No, we um. Have a reservation I think? Maybe? My…assistant Mr. Jarvis arranged it?” Darcy said wobbly.

“Ooooh! So you’re our private VIP party. Great! You’re actually going to be with me today!”

“VIP?” Steve questioned.

“That’s just what we call private groups who pay for the full package, but aren’t part of a party. My names Gina and this is my family’s farm. I know all of the animals very well, and I’m here to make sure that this trip is very special for you.” Darcy wondered about that, the woman almost seemed a little nervous as her gaze darted between she and Steve. Just how much had Jarvis paid for this…?

“Hi Gina. I’m Darcy, this is Steve.” Steve shook the woman’s hand gently, Darcy just waved.

“Well, I usually like to start off in the aviary—“ The woman indicated to the structure right behind her, but Darcy frowned.

“Can we start with something fluffier? Cuter? Huggable perhaps.” Darcy interrupted with a pleading look.

“She’s pregnant.” Steve said as if he needed to excuse Darcy’s behavior. Darcy rolled her eyes.

“Pregnancy hormones have nothing to do with it. If I come to a farm, I like the birds and all, but I kinda just want to hug a cow, pet a horse, chase a goat around, walk around holding a chicken under one arm while I call it Billina.”

The woman gave Darcy a small smile as she agreed, “Sure. Whatever you want. And congratulations. Follow me.”

Gina led them to a little hut that resembled an outhouse. Gina went to cooler and unlocked it, handing Darcy and Steve each a baby bottle filled with milk, and she pulled a little sweater off of a hook nearby.

“I think we should start with Ethel, if cuteness is what you’re after.” Gina mused a she lead them back outside, over to a large plat of land surrounded by strong looking brown fencing.

“HOLY SHIT!” Darcy couldn’t help but screech as she saw what was in the penned off area. “Fucking HELL! Steve, look at its adorable everything! IT’S SO FLUFFY I WANT TO DIE!”

Ethel the goat

It was seriously the cutest thing she’d ever seen. It was a mostly white lamb with brown ears and a bit of brown around the snout. It wasn’t just its soft fuzzy-ness that had Darcy all atwitter, it was the face the lamb was making. It looked so happy! It was adorable.

“Yeah, Ethel get’s that reaction a lot. However, there is one other children’s birthday party starting in a half an hours, so please try to keep the cursing to a minimum.”

“We’re sorry.” Steve apologized as they watched Gina pick up the lamb named Ethel and hold her in her arms.

Darcy walked forward and stroked the little lambs head.

Gina turned to her offering the little sweater, “Would you like to dress her up? Or feed her first?”

“Bottle feed her!” Darcy exclaimed. Gina motioned to an overturned bucket, “You want to get that for your wife to sit on, might be easier to feed Ethel if you’re sitting down. And I wouldn’t want you’re beautiful Wendy dress dirty.”

Darcy froze. “WENDY!” She shouted, causing the little lamb to ‘baaaa’ happily at the sound.

“Excuse me?” Gina asked as Steve put the bucket down right behind her.

Darcy waved it off as she sat down. “Nothing, never mind.”

Gina gently placed the little lamb in her arms, before wandering off. Darcy couldn’t stop smiling as she held the bottle up to the little lambs mouth. It began to suckle and greedily drink down the milk. “Steve,” Darcy whispered, “I’m feeding a lamb.”

Steve rubbed her back as she squatted down next to her and whispered back, “I know. It’s so cool.”

Gina returned with another cute baby goat. “This is Fred.” She introduced Steve, “Fred is cold. He needs a sweater.”

Steve sat down on the dirty floor, folding his legs he extended his arms up for the mostly brown fluffy goat. “Do you want to try dress him?”

Steve used his large arms to envelope the baby goat. He softly stroked the goats ears as it ‘baaa’ed at him and head butted Steve’s chest.

Darcy glared at Steve, “Don’t you dare think of saying no. Fred needs his adorable sweater Steve.”

Steve chuckled at Darcy’s intensity and accepted the blue, yellow, and red snowflake sweater from Gina. Steve got the neck whole around the little goats head fairly easily, but when it came to getting the lambs legs through the leg wholes, he struggled.

Steve grumbled to himself as Darcy happily pet Ethel and feed her with ease, “C’mon goat.”

“Fred.” Darcy reminded him.

“C’mon Fred, stick you hoof in, no! Not both hooves! Ugh. No, don’t—don’t lick my---there we go. Now the other leg—ow! Oh. That hurt.” Steve set the half dressed Fred down on the grass in front of him, and held a hand to his genitals.

Darcy laughed at Steve’s pain, but leaned over and kissed his temple, cooing, “Poor Stevie. Here,” Darcy put Ethel into his lap, smiling as Steve took the bottle from her hand, “Feed Ethel, I’ll deal with Fred.”

Darcy easily snatched up the stumbling goat and fixed his foot whole problem. She then sat down back on her bucket and pet the adorable creature. His ears were so soft. He kept ‘baa’ing. It was too cute for words.

Fred the goat

Steve handed her his forgotten bottle, and Darcy fed Fred. He seemed to drink the milk slower than Ethel did. Fred settled in her lap more comfortable once he was being given a steady source of milk. Darcy loved this. And if ever other animal pooped or bit them, this moment, she and Steve, bottle feeding Fred and Ethel would be worth the trip in her eyes.

When the bottles were empty the goats became fussy and Steve and Darcy let them go, frolic with the other sweater wearing goats.

Gina reappeared seemingly out of nowhere. Steve pointed his thumb at the goats over his shoulder, “Why are they wearing sweaters?”

“Because.” Gina said furtively as she led them out of the goat area.

“Because why?” Steve questioned.

“Because it’s adorable to the max. That’s why.” Darcy threw back her head and laughed heartily. She liked Gina.

“C’mon. Now that you’ve met the cute and fluffy Fred and Ethel. Time for you to meet Lucy and Ricky.” Darcy smiled at the animals names. She love ‘I Love Lucy’ reruns on Nick at Night as a child. She had adored the redheaded comedian. Looking at Steve’s face as they walked into one of the little red painted barn structures, she realized he didn’t get the reference.

“Do you have you ‘I don’t understand that reference’ notepad with you?” Darcy asked him quietly, not sure if Gina would think it weird that Steve didn’t know the iconic comedian. Steve nodded and pulled it out of his back pocket, “Add I Love Lucy.” Darcy watched as Steve gave her inquisitive look but dutifully wrote down what she said.

Gina looked back at them, and cautioned, “We’re going to be sharing the space with a small children’s party, please remember this is a family establishment.” Darcy had the decency to look bashful.

She mimed zipping her lips and throwing an imaginary key over her shoulder, “All of my curse words are fully locked down in the vault of things that shall not be named. I swear.”

Gina smiled and nodded appreciatively at her promise, as she lead them to a small pen that had a lot of small children leaning against a fence and cooing. Instead of leading them to the fence with the other patrons, Gina opened the pen door and lead she and Steve inside with the animals.

Darcy finally saw what the children were looking at. It was the cutest pinkest pig she had ever seen. “Steve, Darcy, meet Lucy.”

Lucy the pig.

Lucy was adorable. Her little snout. Her little flopped over pink ears. Her little smile!

Gina waved to the kids and addressed the group, “Hi everyone. Lucy and her boyfriend Ricky, who’s hiding around here somewhere…oh, there he is, anyway, they need to have a bath. So if you head out side, you can watch me and my special helpers give some of the animals in the big pen a shower!”

The children chattered excitedly, one little African American boy, grabbed onto the khaki pants of a tall handsome man, and practically screamed, “UNCLE SAM! THERE GONNA GIVE THE PIGGIES A SHOWER! LIKED I TAKE A SHOWERS AT HOME!”

The older man chuckled at the little boy’s enthusiasm and hoisted the boy up into the air and onto his shoulders. “Yeah little man. It’s gonna be really cool. Let’s go!”

Darcy’s attention got pulled away from the sweet moment by Steve tapping her on the shoulder. “What?”

“I asked if you wanted to carry Lucy or Ricky?” Steve gestured to the two pigs running around their feet as Gina got some hoses, the two pigs obviously knew what the sound of the hoses being unraveled meant and they were excited about it.

Lucy was fatter and heavier looking; Ricky on the other hand, while not as cute as the perfectly pink Lucy, was small and adorable. Ricky was a brown spotted pink pig. And Darcy leant down and held out her hand for the smaller of the two pigs to smell. She looked up at Steve as Ricky inched closer to her. “You take Lucy. I’ve got Ricky.”

Steve followed her lead and soon they were carrying the pigs outside onto the grass. There were some large white ducks, a few baby chicks, and some rabbits all milling about and grazing in the sun. Darcy smiled and turned her face up to absorb some of the sunshine herself.

“UNCLE SAM! LOOK, THE BIG GUY’S CARRYIN’ LUCY! SHE’S THE PRETTIEST ONE! THE LADY I MEAN.” Darcy blushed and looked over at the little boy. She gave the little boy a wave and then started over walking towards the pair. The two tall black man and small boy stood apart slightly from the rest of the group of children who were all holding out grass trying to entice a rabbit to come closer to them.

“Hi there. I’m Darcy.” Darcy said as she looked up at the little boy who still sat atop his uncle’s shoulders.

“HI! You’re pretty. My names Walter. I’m named after Mr. Disney. This is my Uncle Sam. He’s cool and very tall. When I sit on him I sees everything. Even the ceiling and the sky!”

Darcy smiled and used one of Ricky’s hooves to make the animal wave too, before putting on a high pitched voice and responding, “Hi Walter. I’m Ricky the piggy. I’m about to get all wet. Do you want to pet me while I’m still dry?”

The little boy’s eyes grew large as saucers. “YES I DO!” He shouted.

His uncle Sam grimaced as the little boy kicked his feet excitedly on his chest and slapped the top of his head lightly like a bongo drum. “Thank you. But, if you need to go…get the shower ready, I wouldn’t want to get you in trouble.”

Darcy smiled at the handsome man, “I’m not—we don’t work here. Me or Steve, my—“Darcy turned around looking for Steve, only to find him right behind her. “Ah!” Darcy pushed at Steve’s chest.

“Why do you walk so stealthy? You’re so creepy when you do that.” Darcy complained.

“Sorry. Gina said it would take a couple minutes to set up the hoses, we have time.” Steve said addressing Sam with a genuine smile as Sam let his nephew down and sat him on the fence so he could more easily reach the piglet in Darcy’s arms.

Darcy coached the little boy, “Be gentle. Don’t squeeze. And don’t put your fingers up his nose.”

The little boy giggled as he leant forward and peg the pig.

“Thanks for doing this.” Sam said gratefully, “I’m not used to dealing with a sugar filled five year old.”

“I’ve heard that.” Steve commented with a sly smile, “You have any kids of your own?” Steve asked.

“Not yet man. You?” Steve turned to her and looked at her adoringly. Darcy could feel the goofy smile spread across her lips in response.

“We—our first is on the way.” Steve glanced down at her belly. Sam copied him and looked at her belly before he smiled and clapped Steve on the shoulder.


Darcy smiled but then put a mock pout on her face, “Hey, why are you congratulating him? I’m doing all the work here.”

Sam laughed and patted her awkwardly on the head. “Congratulations to you too little mama to be.”

Steve nodded and gestured for the other man to pet Lucy the pig, who he held in his arms, “Wanna pet a pig?”

Sam shrugged and pet Lucy on her head and running his hand down her back.

“Uncle Sam! Your petting Lucy the pig like me! I’m petting Ricky. Lucy’s pretty, but Ricky’s holder lady is prettier so I like Ricky better.” Darcy pressed her lips together so she wouldn’t laugh at the adorable compliment.

Gina called them over, saying she was ready to start ‘shower time’.

“Okay, shows about to start bud. Up you go.” Sam pulled Walter back up onto his shoulders, ignoring as the little boy whined. “But I want to help the pretty lady give Ricky his shower.”

“Maybe next time.” Darcy said with a wink as she and Steve walked over to Gina. Darcy and Steve put down their pigs and let them wander free.

She handed them some long poles that had shower heads attached to the ends and hoses screwed into the bottom. “Just hold onto the poles tightly and hold them aloft and the animals will come over to you.”

Gina went over to the side and turned on a water faucet. Darcy’s pole came to life and the animals all jumped at the sound, except for Ricky. The little piggy came running and sat down in the middle of the spray, his snout pointed up and his eyes closed as he enjoyed the feel of the water raining down on him.

Ricky’s shower.

When Steve’s hose came to life, he made it rain down on Ricky too. Darcy squealed in delight as Lucy came over and began running around in a circle, shaking her head in the water and lapping it up with her tongue.


Darcy nudged Steve and they both raised the poles, creating a larger shower radius. Darcy then pushed at Steve’s ribs, “Move away, maybe the other animals are afraid, but they also want showers too.”

Steve poked her in the ribs a few times, causing Darcy to laugh and accidently spray some of the children, “Whoops.”

Steve took several large steps away from her and d then pointed his finger at her, “She did it!”

“Oy! Not cool.” Darcy waved at the children she had sprinkled with water, “Sorry kids! The pigs made me do it.” Darcy frowned as the piggy’s followed Steve and his hose shower and continued to bask in the cool water.

“YEAH MAN! DON’T SELL OUT YOUR BABY MAMA!” Darcy blushed as Walter’s Uncle Sam made fun of Steve.

“BAH HUMBUG!” Steve yelled back.

“BAA, BAA, BAA, he’s like a goat uncle Sam!” Little Walter shouted as he continued to baa.

Darcy’s smiled as some of the other animals finally waddled over to her to check out the shower. Specifically the ducks. About six large white ducks gathered under the spray of her hose and just sat huddled together enjoying the cool water.

Duck Shower

One would occasionally, ruffle their feathers and shake their heads but mostly they stayed together just enjoying the spray. Darcy felt another one of those vicious cramps. And she winced at the pain. As cute as the duck shower was, Darcy’s arms were starting to get tired. And she kind of had to pee now. Or at least sit down until the squeezing of her lady parts ceased.

Darcy’s let her arms drop and she looked around for Gina. The woman came rushing out of the shadows and took up her hose. “Tired?” She asked sympathetically.

“Yeah. And I need to use restroom. You know, rushing water, pregnant lady, you get it.” Gina chuckled at her and pointed towards a large blue building across the way.

“That’s the dining hall. The bathrooms are on the left. Just make sure you close the gate when you leave.”

Darcy nodded. And started to walk away, but paused, and turned calling out to Gina, “Will you still be here when I’m done?”

Gina shook her head and pointed to the green painted wooden building next to the dining hall, “Next I’m going to take you over to the chicken coop, and behind that is the pony rides.”

“You have full sized horses for us to ride?” Steve asked excitedly.

Gina gave him a sad look, “Sorry, but no. Our pony rides have a weight limit—“

“Yeah, yeah, don’t rub it in.” Steve interrupted, before pouting and moving the hose in small slow circles making the animals run to catch the water.

“Don’t mind him Gina, he’s just a big baby.”

Gina gave her an understanding smile, “No worries. You all can help me brush the ponies coats though, if you want.”

Steve turned his head, the irritation fading from his features as he looked at Gina and said, “I’m listening...”

Darcy laughed as Gina began to explain how and why Horses coats needed to be brushed, Darcy just called out over her shoulder, “I’ll meet you at the chickens!”

After her trip to the bathroom, Darcy ran into Sam and Walter. There group was settling down for the birthday pizza party. Sam and Walter were quietly sneaking out of the room. Looking very suspicious.

Darcy couldn’t resist. She snuck up behind Sam and lightly tapped him on the shoulder. The man jumped a foot off the ground. He turned and glared at her, but Darcy just smiled at him and asked, “What are you doing?”

“We’s going rogue!” Walter whispered then covered his mouth with his hands, then uncovered them to whisper, “Don’t tell anyone!”

“Gone rogue have you. Before pizza?” Darcy asked with a raised eyebrow.

Walter frowned, and then crossed his arms in front of his chest, “I don’t like stinky old pizza.”

Darcy looked surprised; she looked to Sam for confirmation. Sam nodded and covered the little boy’s ears, “He’s lactose intolerant and sensitive about it, pizza takes about twenty minutes, so instead of torturing him, I thought we’d peel off and look around and then come back for cake.”

Darcy nodded understandingly. When Sam uncovered Walters’s ears, he looked up at the tall man and pointed his finger at his belly, “What’d you say to her? You tell her I’s got a crush on her! Cuz I don’t. I already have a girlfriend. Her name is Annie, and she gets jealous so you better not be telling the pretty lady I’s have a crush on her or Annie is gonna break all my crayons again. AND maybe you’re crayons too Uncle Sam.”

Sam ruffled the little man’s hair, and said with a shrug, “Nah, I just told her we’ve separated from the heard in order to get a true farm experience, not the kid birthday party packaged version.”

Walter pursed his lips and looked at Sam skeptically, before nodding. “Okay. She can join us then.”

Darcy huffed out a laugh, “I’m honored. And if your girlfriend Annie is the jealous type, you might want to call me Darcy instead.”

Walter gave her a high five, “You got it Darcy.”


Darcy led Sam and Walter over to the chicken coop. There they met up with Steve and Gina. They all cooed over the fluffy baby chicks. They were so cute and small. The men had each excitedly picked up bright yellow chicks and cradled them in their hands.

Darcy held the sole black feathered one.

“Whys that one not yellow?” Walter asked.

“Baby chicks come in many different colors, not just yellow.” Gina explained as she picked up a brown white striped baby chick, “See, this one here has a white stripe? Their all just different.”

“I like that one.” Walter put down the yellow one he held and held his hands out to Gina. “Can I hold the brown one?”

Darcy brought the black feathered baby chick up to her face and brushed it’s soft feathers against her cheek. She could feel her eyes becoming watery. Steve put his chick down and put his arm on her lower back and began to stroke her hair. “You okay?” Steve murmured quietly into her ear.

Darcy blinked back the tears, determined not to freak out Walter and his uncle. “I’m fine. I’m good. Just experiencing a little bit of cuteness overload is all.”

Darcy put the beautiful baby chick down. She wanted to take it home. Steve would support her, he’d help her care for it. She just knew he would. She felt a stab of pain in her chest, she didn’t know if Tony would. He didn’t strike her as a ‘farm animal’ guy. She didn’t think Tony would like any of this animal cuteness. He had robot pets for god sake.

Darcy turned to Steve and buried her face in his chest. She sighed as his arms came around her, hugging her close.

“Is Darcy okay? Did the baby chick poop on her hand or something?” Walter asked.

Darcy responded from against Steve, “I’m fine. Just had a sudden realization that there’s no one I’d rather be petting farm animals with than Steve.” Darcy looked up at Steve, putting her chin on his sternum. He was kind, beautiful inside and out, and even though she didn’t know him as well as she did Tony, or feel as connected to him as she did Tony, she did love him. She felt it clearly; it wasn’t just physical attraction and lust that drove her to seek out Steve. It was all of his squishy inside parts.

She didn’t need to know he’s favorite sex position, or his favorite book, or any other trivial bullshit. She knew who he was in his soul, he was giving, he was strong, and he was loyal. He was the kind of man you grew up dreaming about marrying. But he wasn’t a dream, he was real, and he was with her.

“I love you.”The words just popped out of her mouth. She regretted him instantly when a panicked expression flashed across Steve’s face, before disappearing as quickly as it had arrived. He looked…polite. His smile looked stiff. His shoulders were stiff. She had ruined it.

Steve gulped and his eyes darted to Sam and Walter and Gina, but then he was looking down at her and he opened his mouth, but then closed it and leant down and kissed her. Darcy kissed him back even as a her heart squeezed painfully when he didn’t say it back.

Part of her was glad he hadn’t said it back, if he hadn’t felt it. She didn’t want to be placated. But, she was a little hurt that he didn’t feel the same way she did.

When they broke apart, Walter exclaimed, “EWW. THAT’S GROSSER THAN CHICKEN POOP!”

Steve and she chuckled. Steve then turned to Gina, and said, “You mentioned ponies I wasn’t allowed to ride.”

Darcy shoved down all her feelings and smiled brightly at Walter, “You’re allowed to ride them though.”

Seven minutes later Walter was on a beautiful all black pony being lead around in a big circle by a cheerful Gina.

Sam, Darcy, and Steve wear brushing the coat of a light brown pony. Well, Steve and Sam were brushing the ponies coat, Darcy was alternating petting the horse’s soft nose and putting tiny braids into the horses mane.
Sam cleared his throat loudly, “Um, I’m sorry for basically crashing your date. But really, thank you for letting Walter get a taste of the VIP treatment. It’s really cool of you.”

“Not a problem.” Darcy mumbled absent mindedly as she tried to French braid the horses thick hair.

“What unit you with?” Steve asked.

“Fifty-eighth, Para-rescue. But now I’m working down at the VA. Sam Wilson.” Sam extended his hand to Steve, who shook it heartily.

“Steve Rogers.” Darcy frowned at the two.

“How did you know he was military?” She questioned Steve without looking at him, instead focusing on the horse hair before her.

“His sweatshirt.” Darcy looked over at Sam and nodded as she saw the vaguely military looking logo.

The men continued to talk military camaraderie style about beds and…. Darcy saw something in the grass. It was orange, “I’ll be right back.”

Darcy wandered away and followed the orange and white tail as it walked around the brown barn. It was a little ginger tabby cat. And cows. It was another big pen, and in the pen brown cows, black and white cows, and a few donkey’s, were all wandering around grazing on the grass lazily.

The tiny kitty she had followed, was currently lapping up milk out of a metal bucket with a two other identical orange kitties.

Farm Kittens

It was the most quintessential ‘farm-y’ thing she had ever seen in her life. Darcy felt a tear fall down her cheek. She had an orange tabby cat when she was very young and her parents were still married. She didn’t remember it. The cat’s name had been Max. She only knew about the cat because her earliest memory was of the cat giving birth to kittens under her crib. She could remember looking underneath and seeing the tiny meowing kittens.

After her parent’s divorce she was never allowed to have a pet that didn’t live in a cage or bowl again. She didn’t even know what happened to Max and her kittens.

Darcy approached the kittens slowly. She sat down next to them. And with a slow hand, she stroked down one of the kittens backs. It was so soft and the kitten twitched its tail. She felt the kittens ears, and stroked the others in kind.

Out of all of the animals she was tempted to take home, these kittens were the most tempting.

“I love you too.”

Darcy whipped her head around at the sound of Steve’s voice.


Steve came closer, he sat next to her in the grass and stared at the kittens for a moment, before he stared into her glistening eyes.

“I love you too Darcy.” Steve repeated.

Darcy felt more tears leak from her eyes, “Why didn’t you say that before?” She smacked angrily at his chest before she crumpled into his open arms.

Steve held her tightly and kissed the top of her head, before lifting her body by the shoulders enough that he could look into her eyes, “I don’t know. Nerves? Social anxiety? Not wanting the first time I said I loved you to be in front of some random strangers.”

Darcy kissed him, her hands curled up in the lapel of his shirt collar. “I love you Steve.”

Steve kissed her hard, before breaking off, to mumble, “I love you too.”

They sat in the grass next to the bucket of milk and the lapping kittens and the fenced in cows and donkeys, just kissing. Making out.

It was sweet.


It was everything.

“MOOOOOO!”And then this cow moo’d really loudly, totally ruining the moment.

“HEAR THAT UNCLE SAM! I TOLD YOU THERE WAS COWS OVER THERE!” The couple broke apart at the sound of small child’s voice.

Steve licked his thumb and wiped away the evidence of Darcy’s tears. Darcy blinked rapidly and got her head together internally as she braced herself for company.

“There you two are! I thought we lost you.” Gina chirped as she, Walter, and Sam came around the bend. Walter ran up to the fenced in cows, and started mooing at them.

Gina approached them and squatted down next to the kitties, “I see you found Mr. Whiskers, Mrs. Ears, and Button Nose Jr.”

Darcy nodded, “I love kittens. Especially orange tabby cats. If I could take them home right now I would be the happiest person on the planet.”

Darcy stoked the kittens one last time before motioning for Steve to get up. “Unfortunately these kittens are too young to be away from their mother, but if you’re serious about wanting a kitten of your own, I can recommend some really good local shelters.”

Darcy smiled sadly, “I don’t think To—our other house mate would..could deal with a tiny animal running around. He’s more…tech lover than animal lover.”

Gina nodded understandingly. “Well, in that case, would you like to visit the aviary?”

“Um, how about we meet you there in a couple minutes? I want to look at the cows for a bit longer.” Steve explained.

Gina gave them a thumbs up and walked off towards the building they passed at the entrance.

Sam came up from behind them, Walter in tow. “Hey, sorry to break up the band, but I’ve got to get this little one back to the birthday party or his girlfriend will hand him his behind at playtime on Monday.”

“Yeah. But it was real fun meetin’ ya!” Walter threw his arms around Darcy’s hips and hugged her tightly. Darcy patted the sweet boys head.

“I liked hanging out with you too Walter.” Walter turned and extended a fist to Steve, Steve shook it awkwardly. Walter gave Steve the cutest ‘WTF’ look. It was adorable.

Sam chuckled, “Don’t worry man; we’ll work on that, on Saturday.”

Sam took her hand and kissed her knuckles, “See you at the party.”

He then tugged Walter along as they made their way back towards the dining hall.

Darcy turned and glared at Steve, “You invited him to the party?”

“Yeah.” Steve said, “We have a lot in common and Sam seems like a nice guy. I thought we could be friends.”

Darcy rolled her eyes, “Not what I’m concerned about dear.”

She was concerned about the fact that Sam knew her and Steve as a couple. And at said party they were to announce that she and Tony, officially publically, were a couple. And if Sam wasn’t ‘cool’ with her cheating on the handsome Steve with the billionaire, the man just might sell his story of scandal to a trashy magazine to make some quick cash. Basically torpedoing Steve’s fly under the radar dream.

Darcy would admit that she didn’t get that kind of vibe off of ‘uncle Sam’ but, she didn’t know him. He could be secretly into Furry porn. He could be a con artist. Or worse, an aspiring actor.

Darcy pushed away her Sam Wilson worry for now. She couldn’t do anything about it now, she’d dig into that problem later when she and Steve and Tony could all talk together.

Right now, she wanted to just bask in the love.

“Steve?” Darcy questioned.


“How about we pick out a pumpkin, give away our bird feed sticks and tokens, that we really should have asked about earlier, to some kids, and then head home? Or out to dinner, fast food, and then home? I’m kind of…ready to go.”

Steve smiled sweetly at her; he leant down and flipped her in his arms so he could dip her as they kissed. “Sounds good to me Sweetheart.”


Chapter Text

Chapter 19 –Thursday (part 3)


They ended up at McDonalds. Steve was fascinated with the play palace. She was tempted to try to sneak in and show him the wonders of the ball pit, but decided against it. After eating Darcy caught a second wind.

“I don’t want to go home.” She declared. Steve smiled at her as he threw away their trash.

“Where do you want to go?” He asked as he held the door open for her.

“I don’t know.” Darcy looked at Tony’s flashy car and thought about it, “No wait. I’ve got it.”

They went to the beach.

It was the most California thing she could think of.

“Woah bra, check out those gnarly waves.” Darcy said in her best stoned surfer voice.

Steve paused looking at her like she was crazy, “Yeaaah, their nice.”

Darcy rolled her eyes as they made their way to the boardwalk. It was almost sunset. They sat side by side, leaning on the railing, watching the ocean as the sun met the horizon, glittering across the water. It was breathtaking.

Darcy of course couldn’t help but ruin it, “Did you watch me and Tony fuck in the pool the other day?”

Steve, somehow, choked on his own spit. “Wahu, what?” He wheezed.

Darcy walked over to the closet bench and sat down. Steve followed her and sat further away from her than she would like. “Did you watch me and Tony fuck?”

Steve was silent for a second before he reluctantly nodded.

“Did you…jerk off to it?”

Steve blushed as he nodded, he ducked his head and avoided her gaze as he spoke, “I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t help myself. You wind me up all day, then he gives you a sex toy and sexy underwear, and then…I’m sorry. I’m so sorry Darcy it won’t ever happen again I swear.”

Darcy shoved his shoulder harshly. “Shut up.”


“I said, shut up. Stop giving me that earnest ‘I’m sorry’ face. Just like shut up. All of it shut up. I….I don’t care if you want to watch me and Tony bone, it’s cool. You might want to check with him first, but it doesn’t bother me. It—it so doesn’t bother me.”

Steve looked shocked. He looked like a fish. His mouth was agape and it just kept opening and closing.

“I just have one question…you told me before about your past homosexual urges that you felt for your friend but didn’t act on.” Steve nodded so Darcy kept going, “So, I guess what I’m most interested in knowing, is..Did you feel any of those feelings for…Tony? When you watched him and me?”

Darcy refrained from using her sexy voice. She refrained from asking if the sight of Tony fucking her with his thick cock and talented fingers got the blood pumping in his patriotic penis. She refrained from touching his thigh. She refrained from leaning in close to his ear and whispering her question huskily. She refrained from turning her honest inquiry into another opportunity to try to physically seduce Steve before he stated empirically that he was ready.

“Wha—why do you ask?” Steve evaded.

Darcy gave him the ‘don’t you fucking try to bullshit me’ face. “Because I want to know if a threesome is in my future. I want to know if I should go out and buy lube. Or, if I should get an anal plug. I want to know if you will be interested in double penetration. I want to know if you are interested in penetrating Tony. I want to know what you like and what you don’t. I want to know what turned you on the most. I want to know….everything. All your sexual turn ons and turn offs. I want to know you Steve. All of you.”

Steve gulped and his eyes got wide.

“I feel…” Darcy sighed. It wasn’t about the physical stuff so much, the lack of sex between her and Steve. That was more of a symptom of what she was feeling.

“Today was great. It was wholesome. Beautiful. Fun. Sweet. Romantic. Perfect date. Truly.” Darcy said reassuringly, before she asked, “Did you have fun?”

Steve looked confused, “Of course Sweetheart. I always end up having a good time when I’m with you.”

Darcy nodded, “Yeah, but…beyond the sex thing, it doesn’t always feel like…you want to be with me.”

Steve paled; he reached for her hands and brought them close to his chest, “No, no Sweetheart, that’s not true.”

“Even after you said I love you, I felt like you were still…holding back something.” Darcy admitted as tears began to fall.

“Honey, please.” Steve cupped her face and wiped away her tears with his thumbs, “No, I love you. I love you I do. God, I’m screwing this all up. I—I don’t know how—“

Darcy interrupted as she began to cry harder, “I feel like we all decided to do this thing together. And I feel like Tony and I keep taking steps forward, together just like we promised. But you and I? I keep trying to step forward with you, but…I feel like you keep insisting we stand still.”

Steve looked pained as he admitted, “That’s fair.”

Darcy sobbed and removed his hands from her face; she got her purse and dug out a little packet of tissues as Steve continued to confess, “That’s fair. I…I have held back. I’ve been holding back a lot. I’ve not been telling you things, things that I should have.”

Darcy put her used tissue away and looked back to Steve so she could look him in eyes as he spoke. His eyes were glistening too. He looked so sad.

“I’ve been afraid. Afraid of loving you. Of…losing you. To Tony. To death. To time. To fate.” Darcy put her arm behind his shoulders, giving them a squeeze of support.

“I’ve been hesitant to…solidify our relationship sexually, to move beyond kissing, because when we first had sex…not even before, before I was frozen, had I ever felt so connected to another person. Our one time together, meant so much, too much maybe. After everything that happened with the drugs, and…and what I did, it made me see how I couldn’t hang my new identity on you. I couldn’t let you be the sole provider of my happiness. My joy. My comfort. My…everything.” Darcy felt like her heart was working double time; the look in Steve’s eyes was so soulful it was heartbreaking.

Steve lowered his voice to a whisper, “Loving you is easy…too easy. I could get lost in you. I could surrender myself to you and be happy for the rest of my days. I could even see myself loving Tony…given enough time.”

Darcy quickly wiped away another stray tear. It hurt to see Steve so vulnerable and pained, but god did it feel good to have him finally, finally, open up to her. “Tony’s a good man. I see that, everyday, whenever he’s with you. When you two talk, it’s with affection in your voice. When you kiss, it’s electric. When you enter a room…your eyes seek one another out. You’re love is intimidating. And, and maybe I’ve been afraid that the love I feel for you, isn’t the same you feel for me…or for Tony.”

“Steve—“Darcy tried to interrupt to reassure him that her love for him wasn’t more or less than her love for Tony, just…different.

“No, you don’t have to say it.” Steve wiped at his eyes and put his head in his hands, “I know. I know you don’t want to—that you might not think you love him more than you love me, and that maybe true. But I know for a fact, that I love you more than you love me.”

Darcy felt her face crumple. Steve looked up at the sound of her sob, “No, honey, Sweetheart, its okay. It’s okay if I love you more. I didn’t mean to make it sound like a bad thing.”

“I love you.” Darcy defended in a watery tone.

“I know you do honey.” Steve kissed her on the lips quickly, he pulled her into his side and pushed her head down onto his shoulder, as he repeated, “I know you do.”

“But what I mean is, I loved Bucky the way I love you. Well, not exactly, but…I love you like I’ve known you my whole life.” He kissed the top of her head and began to stoke her hair softly.

“ I love your laugh. And the way you fiddle with your hair. The crazy things you say that I don’t quite understand. Your kindness, you playfulness. All the sexy things you do that drive me crazy. How easy it is to make you smile. How strong you are. I love that you are not a push over, but not afraid to be soft. I love how straight forward you are. How direct. I love how you moan whenever you eat bacon. I love the funny voices you sometimes do. You’re singing….everything about you…All of it. I love you.”

Darcy felt a ‘but’ coming on.

“And because I love you so totally, just like I did with Bucky…the thought of losing you….is devastating. It just ruins me. After Bucky, I had no time to mourn. I had to immediately pick up the shield and keep fighting….Meeting you. Our time together in New York, and now here. You and Tony have given me the space and made me feel safe enough to mourn him. To miss him. To really feel all that pain that I couldn’t deal with before…. to mourn them all. My mother Sarah, the other Howling Commando’s, Bucky,…Peggy.” Steve looked out to the ocean, tears flowing freely from his eyes now.

“So…basically, what I’m really trying to say is, that I’ve been holding back because I’m afraid. I’m afraid of losing you, so…I’ve been distant. Hoping that the distance between us—“

Darcy sniffled before interrupting, “Would lessen the blow if I got taken away from you?”

“Yeah.” Steve admitted flatly.

“That’s stupid.”

Steve chuckled and hugged her, “I know. I’ve actually been told a time or two, that I’m not as smart as I am pretty, when it comes to matters of the heart.”

Darcy laughed quietly. “So, now that I’ve called you out. And you’ve recognized how crazy—er, I mean…misguided you’ve been acting. Do you think you can stop holding me at arm’s length?”

Steve tilted her chin up with a finger, “That’s a promise.”

Then he kissed her. Softly, but tenderly. It was a kiss that felt like a promise.

They sat, huddled together, on the bench, the scent of the salt water wafting over them. The sound of the waves crashing on the beach, a distant but pleasant white noise. Darcy looked around, only a few night time joggers were around anymore.

Darcy sat up and away from Steve. Arching her back and stretching side to side, she looked to him, “Time to go home Mr. Smee.”

“Mr. who?”

“Ever heard of Peter Pan?” Darcy questioned as she and Steve got up and started walking back to the car.

“ mean the children’s story?”

Darcy smiled and locked their arms together. “Yeah….our outfits, I’m 99.9 percent sure, we’re from J.M. Barrie’s classic tale of arrested development.”

Darcy unlocked the car and they got in. Steve still looked confused as they buckled up, “And you think I’m supposed to be Mr. Smee?”

“Yeah, you’re the cartoon version.” Darcy explained as she put the car into gear and pulled out of the parking spot.

“Are you sure?” Steve sounded skeptical. Darcy paused at a red light and looked him up and down quickly.

“Did Tony give you a red hat?”

Steve frowned, “How did you know that?”

Darcy let out a laugh, “Was it a hipster beanie? Like a wool cap thing?”


Darcy cackled, “Oh, yeah. You’re Mr. Smee, alright.”

Steve crossed his arms across his chest and pouted. “Could have at least dressed me like Hook.”

Darcy smiled tenderly, “I’m glad he didn’t. You’re not rivals. Also, the hook ensemble would have been a dead giveaway.”

“Jarvis?” Steve asked.

“Yes, Mr. Rogers?”

“Can you call Tony?” Darcy looked at Steve and gave him a confused smile.

After a couple moments of silence, Jarvis announced, “Sir is on the line now.”

Darcy slapped a hand over Steve’s mouth before he could say anything. So she could exclaim, “OH, THE CLEVERNESS OF ME!”

Tony laughed and Darcy removed her hand from Steve’s face. “See, I knew you’d figure it out kid.”

“Ha ha, Stark. Why exactly did you cast me as an incompetent henchman?” Steve questioned huffily.

“Well, I wasn’t going to make you Tiger Lilly! That would be super racist. Especially with you being ‘Captain America’. I mean, you’re not even Native American Steve! Honestly how could you even think such a thing.”

Darcy giggled at Tony’s silliness.

“Tony--” Steve began in a chastising tone, but Tony ignored him and just talked over him, “So how was your day? I just got home and no one’s here but the bots, whom I heard don’t like Steve so much. Hilarious. And I was about to send out a search party, when you called.”

“We’re almost home Tony.” Darcy said airily.

“We went to the farm.” Steve added.

“Ew. Why?” Tony asked sounded disgusted.

Darcy just looked over at Steve and gave him a goofy look, “Don’t worry about it Tony. You wouldn’t understand…we’ll be home in like fifteen minutes.”

“Okay. I’m ordering Indian food. Do you want anything?”

“Just get me an order of whatever you think I’ll like.” Darcy offered, “We got burgers, but I could eat a little something more.”

“Me too.” Steve added.

“Oh!” Darcy exclaimed, “Guess who made a friend!”

“Who?” Tony asked.

“Steve! He made an army friend at the petting zoo. His name is Sam Wilson….uh, para-rescue. Unit…I uh don’t remember. He’s handsome, funny, a great uncle. His nephew’s name is Walter.”

Steve shot her a dirty look as she added, “Be a dear and look him up and make sure he’s not a government plant or serial killer. Would you Tonykins?”

“Will do, Liquor Lips.” Tony answered sounding distracted.

“Oh! And we got to do an ‘I Love Lucy’ marathon eventually; we met pigs named Lucy and Ricky. They were adorbs. Steve didn’t get the reference.”

“Noted.” Tony replied flatly.

“Also, I wanna do a back to back Peter Pan movie night tonight. Classic Disney version first, then the stage play with ‘Mary Martin’, and finally the 2003 Peter Pan movie to cap the night.”

“Got it.” Tony grumbled.

“Cool. Love you! See you soon….uh, Jarvis? End transmission?” Darcy smiled happily as she made a quick left turn.

“Done, Miss Darcy.”

“End transmission.” Steve chuckled under his breath.

Darcy turned and stuck out her tongue at him childishly jeering, “Shuddup.”





Darcy’s outfit WENDY

Tony’s outfit Peter Pan

Steve’s outfit mr. Smee

Chapter Text

Chapter 20 –F is for Fuck Yeah its Friday

Friday Morning

Darcy woke up with a smile on her face. She could feel Tony’s chest rising up and down beneath her cheek. She could feel Steve snuggled up against her back. She was so happy.

After their Peter Pan movie marathon last night, Steve promised to give sleeping in the same bed a try. He hadn’t felt tired by the time she and Tony decided turned in, but he promised he would join them when he was ready to sleep. She was glad he kept his word. She was glad he opened up to her. She was glad that they were together. All three of them….well, four if you counted their unborn baby. Which she totally did.

Darcy pet her stomach softly. She didn’t want to get up, but she had to pee. Looking up at Tony’s peaceful sleeping face. She decided to hold it. And she did, for as long as she could, which was apparently like five minutes.

Darcy turned onto her back and shimmed up so she was sitting with her back against the wall, she slipped out of the covers and then walked on top of them to the end of the bed, where she jumped down to the floor. Looking back, she saw that Tony hadn’t moved, but Steve had.

His eyes were open and locked onto her. Darcy gave him a reassuring smile, “Have to pee. Be right back.” Steve nodded once before closing his eyes and settling back against the bedding.

Darcy raced to the bathroom and quickly did her business. She brushed her teeth and finger combed her hair, before tip toeing back to the bedroom. Tony and Steve were both awake and when she entered the room they stopped talking and turned to greet her.

“Good morning.” They said in tandem, causing her to giggle. Darcy crawled back up the bed and slipped under the covers in between the men. She kissed each man quickly on the lips before she sat down and lay on her back.

“Morning guys.” She mumbled as she moved her butt from side to side, warming up her spot again.

“So…about today--” Tony began.

“Wait. I have a baby related announcement.” Darcy interrupted. She then took Steve’s hand and Tony’s and put them on her belly.

“Maria-Sarah.” She said reverently.


“Her name. Baby Lewis.” Darcy explained. Both men were quiet, “She’s going to be Maria-Sarah. I’ve decided.”

“Mara.” Tony echoed thickly.
“Sarah?” Steve repeated in a soft voice.

“Yeah. Maria-Sarah. Hyphenated. Like Mary-Kate. Or Rose-Marie. Or Mary-Jo. Abby-Lee….Maria-Sarah….so what do you think?”

Tony said nothing, but Steve beamed, “I like it.”

“Good. I mean, Sarah-Maria, sounded pretty too, but every time I said that in my head, it turned into Sarah-Marie. So, yeah. I’ve decided. Maria-Sarah will definitely be the babies name. First or middle name is still to be decided, but just for now, I’ve been calling her Maria-Sarah. And…I thought you guys would like to..know.” Darcy looked over at Steve, just in time to see him wipe away a tear.

Turning to look at Tony, she was worried as he didn’t seem to be reacting favorably to her idea. He hadn’t said anything, he was just laying stiffly beside her with his jaw clenched tightly.

Darcy rambled on, “It…seemed like a nice way to bring you both—to make the baby have a piece of all of us. To honor your mom’s that way. To make them a part of our baby’s name….but, if you don’t like it …if it brings up too many sad memories, we don’t have too—“

“No!” Tony protested hoarsely. “No, it’s perfect.”

Tony turned on his side to look down at her face. “You’re perfect.” He whispered before he leant down and gave her a soft closed mouth kiss. And then he was throwing the covers off himself and bounding out of the bed without a backwards glance.

“Got to get ready.” Tony mumbled as he made his way to the bathroom.

Darcy frowned and blinked back the tears she felt prickling at her eyes. She turned to Steve and cuddled against his chest, hiding her face as his arms came around her. “Do you think he’s really okay with it? With her name being named Maria-Sarah?”

Steve rubbed her lower back, “Yeah. I think so. If…if I had to guess, I think he’s just a little overwhelmed by your touching gesture. It’s so…you’re so special Darcy. You—you just keep finding ways to connect us, to bring us together. You’re amazing.” Steve kissed her, it was sweet and sensual and devoid of any morning breath hesitancy.

Darcy whispered as they broke apart, “You’re pretty special your own self.”

Steve laughed and then pulled away from her, making to get up. Darcy protested by whining loudly, “Noooo. Don’t get up. Stay here in bed with ME!”

Steve chuckled as Darcy held fast to the end of his t-shirt, holding on even as he moved away from the bed, thus dragging herself out of bed as well. When her face was in danger of hitting the floor, Darcy let go and fell with a bounce back onto the bed.

“I’ve got to get up, Darcy. My furniture’s going to arrive soon.” Steve headed for the door that lead out into the hall, Darcy pouted.

“What furniture?”

Steve turned and gave her a shy smile, “Before…you convinced me to…sleep here. With you and Tony. I—Jarvis, helped me do some ‘online’ shopping. I finished painting my walls last night, after you both went to bed. I’ve got to get rid of the painting equipment, so the delivery people can get everything in the room.”

Darcy got up and followed him to his room. When she saw what he had painted on the walls, her mouth fell open. On the wall opposite the door, a beautiful night sky with a crescent moon was painted in vibrant hues of blue. It was beautiful. It was delicate. It was so good.

Darcy screeched, “HOLY PICASSO BATMAN!”

Steve turned and gave her a confused smile, “Thanks…I think?”

Darcy took a few steps into the room, the wall to her left was a dark navy blue, the wall to her right had the curtains bound together with a string and the wall that surrounded the big windows painted in the same solid navy color. Darcy spun around and looked at the wall that held the door. Fuck!

The wall was covered in the same blue tones as the other, the peaceful night sky, but this wall was more…space like, and had hints of purple. It looked like…a space storm or something it was…magnificent.

“Wow.” Darcy said softly.

“You like it?” Steve asked quietly.

Darcy felt the her lips quirk up, “Like it?” Darcy spun around, pointing her finger at Steve, “You are going to paint me something equally as wonderful for our room right?”

Steve nodded jovially.

“And the baby’s room…you got to start on the Emerald City, pronto.” Steve chuckled as he nodded and came up and hugged her from behind.

He nuzzled into her neck, kissing her sensitive flesh, as he whispered, “I’ll paint you whatever you want.”

Darcy let out a shuddering breath, she unwound his arms from around her, she looked him dead in the eyes and told him what she really wanted, “I want you to move into the room with me and Tony. I want to share the closet with you, I want you to use the same master bath. I want this,” Darcy waved her hands around gesturing vaguely to the room all around them, “to be the guest room.”

Steve gulped, but slowly nodded. Darcy smiled in relief, she had worried him sleeping with her and Tony would be written off as a ‘sometimes’ event, when she so desperately wanted it to be a ‘all the time’ thing. “I’ll…I’ll move in, today.” Steve conceded.

Darcy jumped and squealed, her arms wound tightly around his waist. She was so happy she felt like she would combust. “JARVIS,” she hollered.

“Yes, Miss Darcy.”

“Can you order us the biggest, classiest bed for Tony’s and mine and Steve’s new MASTER bedroom!”

“Any particular style Miss Darcy?”

Darcy jumped up and down in Steve’s arms, as she spoke, “No! I trust your judgment Jarvis. Just make it a comfortable bed, that’s big enough for all three of us. Bonus if it can be delivered before midnight tonight. Oh! And get that…the big brown velvet chair/sofa thing I pinned yesterday, The one that was huge! I want that, but it doesn’t have to be delivered by today.”

“Yes, Miss Darcy.”

Darcy beamed at Steve and he smiled down at her in return, before lifting her up so she was eyelevel. Then they kissed. And kissed and kissed, until Darcy felt the urge to vomit. Fucking cock blocking pregnancy bullshit.


Steve took care of her as she threw up in his normal sized bathroom. After she was finished, she told him she needed to shower, he offered her privacy, but she begged off, “No. I want the big shower in the master bathroom. This one…is just normal…average. I’m already spoiled. I’m a shower snob now. Tony’s ruined me for normal shower/bathtubs for the rest of my life.”

Steve chuckled and let her go with a kiss on the cheek. And a promise that by the time she got out of the shower, he’d be showered and in the kitchen, whipping up something delicious for breakfast.

“Don’t forget, Scott and Wanda arrive today!” He called out as she left the room.

Darcy cheered and skipped/ran to her bedroom. She went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth again, looking around and not seeing Tony; she was about to walk out into the bedroom and check the closet, when she noticed that the fireplace that was next to the bath had been replaced with a TV. Just like Tony promised. She smiled around her toothbrush before going to look for Tony in their closet.

Tony looked up at her and gave her a smile, but laughed when he saw she was still brushing her teeth, “Hey.”

Darcy spoke garbled around her toothbrush, “I threw up.”

Tony’s smile fell and he took a step forward, “Are you okay? Do you need anything?”

Darcy shook her head, held up one finger and mumbled, “BRB.”

She disappeared back into the bathroom, spit out the toothpaste from her mouth, and quickly rinsed before returning to closet where Tony was sitting on the little chair ottoman thing in his black boxer-briefs. Darcy sighed at the sight of him. Steve might be bigger and taller and more muscle-y…but the sight of Tony shirtless was nothing to sneeze at. His attitude, his facial hair, his brown eyes…it all really worked for her…even the fact that he was older than her by a decade. She was just, so attracted to him.

Darcy walked towards him slowly; his eyes were tracking her movement, every swish of her hips. When she was close enough to touch him, she ran her hands through his wet hair. She massaged his scalp and smiled at the little groan that escaped him. His hands gripped her hips, squeezing her through the silky satin of her night gown. Darcy leant down and kissed his forehead, before sitting herself in his lap, and wrapping her arms around his neck. She kissed him sweetly at first. Then she pulled back and nipped his lower lip with her teeth.

She smirked as his eyes lit up with intensity. He kissed her hard, his mouth hot against hers. He opened her mouth with his tongue. It was intoxicating. She moaned into his mouth. Tony slapped her ass hard as he pulled away from her mouth, “Bad girl.” Tony shook his head as he pushed her off his lap.

Darcy stumbled to her feet feeling a little dazed. Tony got up and began to get dressed. Darcy plopped down in his vacated seat, a little disappointed that he hadn’t let things escalate to the point of some awesome closet sex.

Tony looked at her and lightly frowned, “Don’t pout. I have a meeting with an old friend of yours. Remember Dr. Banner? Brucie? Guy with the biggest dick out of all of your potential matches?”

Darcy’s eyebrows lifted at the mention of the man, and Tony’s description of him. She nodded, “Yeah, I remember him.”

Tony smiled wryly, “Well, I’m trying to get the guy to come and work for Stark Industries…he’s in the middle of some very interesting experiments regarding radiation resistance. I don’t think he’ll leave his government funded gig; his main squeeze’s dad is Thunderbolt Ross. Asshole. But, I hear good things about his daughter.”

Tony put on a pair of black slacks, “Point is, Banner’s a pioneer in gamma radiation. I want to pick his brain for a bit, and by…name dropping you; I got him to agree to a brief meeting. Flew him out from Virginia and everything.”

Darcy smiled and got up and picked out a lilac colored button up shirt. She honestly hadn’t thought much about Dr. Banner. She was glad that using her name got Tony a meeting with the man though. “Can you find out if he knows anything about Jane? I mean, Dr. Foster? I never got her number…and, I knew she wasn’t thrilled about the whole pregnancy thing, I’d like to check up on her.” Especially after finding out what happened to Jessica.

Darcy held up the shirt for Tony, and came around his front; she pushed his hands away and started buttoning the shirt up for him. Tony twirled a strand of her hair around his finger and caressed her face with his other hand, rubbing her cheek bone with his thumb. He spoke softly, “Sure, I can ask. Doubt he’ll know about her though.”

Darcy made an ‘hmmm’ sound. Tony let her hair unravel from his finger, “I’ll have Jarvis track her down, send her an invitation to the party tomorrow. If she’s in New York still, I doubt she’ll come, but…” Tony licked his lips as Darcy finished buttoning him up.

Darcy stared at his lips for a moment before glancing up and staring into his eyes. He was so soft with her…the look in his eyes spoke volumes about how he loved her. Darcy stood up on her tip toes and kissed him, her eyes fluttered closed as he kissed her back.

Tony pulled away, muttering, “Nope.”

Darcy let him turn away from her and pick up a tie. Darcy watched in fascination as he quickly tied the knot around his neck and pulled it tightly into place. Skills were sexy….Tony was sexy…or maybe she was just stupidly horny.

Darcy sat back down on the ottoman, her hand going between her legs to finger herself. She was wet.

Tony continued to talk to her with his back turned to her, “Jarvis gave the all clear for Sam Wilson by the way.” Tony turned to her. She had just stuck a finger inside wet channel and lowered the strap of her night gown so she could lightly finger her nipple.

“Jesus kid. I’m trying to be on time for once and you go and do that!” Tony exclaimed sounded irritated.

Darcy made an upset grunting noise low in her throat. She pulled her finger out of herself and snapped her legs closed. She turned away from Tony as she put her strap back into place. She was so embarrassed.

“No! No, god no. Darcy.” Tony groaned out, as he walked closer to her, falling to his knees at her feet.

“No, don’t stop baby. You don’t have to stop.” Darcy looked down at her lap, her hands fisted by her sides. She could feel her nails digging into her palm. She didn’t know why she felt so horny all of a sudden. Why she was acting so crazy.

Tony rubbed the tops of her thighs with his hands. He tried to gently separate her legs, but Darcy fought him, keeping them stubbornly closed. Tony sighed, “I’m sorry being snippy.”

Tony put his head down in her lap, his words becoming muffled as he continued to speak, “I want you to feel free to masturbate. It’s why I made you the Stark Vibrator…Stark Vibe? I’m still working on what to call it.”

The feeling of his lips touching her flesh, his scratch facial hair tickling her soft skin, had Darcy unclenching her hands, “I’m just..I was annoyed because now that I’ve seen you, that I know you need this, want me…I know I’m going to be late.”

Darcy didn’t try to fight him as he separated her legs, “I love you Darcy, and I love making love to you. And if I have to choose between leaving you satisfied and making Banner wait for a while,” he pulled her forward so her ass was in the air, her back flat on the ottoman.

“I pick satisfying my woman.” He put her legs over his shoulders and started kissing her inner thigh.

“I’m probably going to end up coming in my pants.” He whispered as he finally got to the apex between her legs. He gave her a quick swipe with his tongue, before he grumbled, “But seriously just a quickie.”

Their quickie lasted fifty-one minutes. He made her cum on his tongue, then his fingers, then with his mouth again. He didn’t end up coming in his pants because she ripped his clothes off and rode him on the floor of the closet. After her fourth orgasm, she finally felt that urge to fuck…dissipate.

She felt normal again.

Tony was panting underneath her. She lay on top of him, his spent penis still inside her. She got up with a groan and walked into the bathroom, leaving Tony on the floor. She went into the bathroom and turned on the faucet to start running a bath. She found the remote to the TV and turned it on, the TV flickered to life, showing a cartoon…it was, My Little Pony. The new one. Darcy smiled as she went to the linen closet and got a towel and put it by the bath. She was a fan and would consider herself a Pegasister so she let it play.

“Jarvis, do we have bubble bath?” She asked as she tested the temperature of the water with her hand.

“Under the sink. Left hand drawer.” Jarvis’s disembodied voice answered quickly. Darcy retrieved the object and added a healthy dose of bubbles to the warm water.

“Tony?” Darcy called out.

Jarvis answered her instead, “Sir has fled to take a shower in the guest room formally known as Mr. Rogers room. The two are talking. Should I alert them that you require assistance?”

Darcy shook her head and stepped into the bath, sinking into the warm water. Letting out a sigh of relaxation, Darcy assured Jarvis, “No. No. No need, I just wondered where he was and what he was doing.”

“Yes Miss Darcy.”

After a few minutes of watching Twilight Sparkle struggle to find her place in the Ponyville winter wrap up scenario, Darcy called out for Jarvis.

“Yes, Miss Darcy. Do you require assistance?”

“No. I require food.” Darcy looked longingly at the two champagne glasses that just out of reach by the tub. She missed mimosas. “Can you have Steve bring me breakfast in the bathtub?”

When Jarvis didn’t say anything for a couple seconds, Darcy got nervous, “You can let him know I’ve got lots of bubbles in here. He won’t…he won’t be able to see anything below my neck if he doesn’t want to.”

“Mr. Rogers, says that when breakfast is ready, he will bring it to you. However he warns you, that Ms. Maximoff and Mr. Lang, are due to arrive within the hour.”

Darcy smiled as she was assured to get her way. “That’s cool Jarvis. Tell Steve I promise I won’t try to jump him. I’m just hungry and lazy.”

“Yes, Miss Darcy.”

A little while later, Steve brought in a tray of food. Darcy smiled and clapped her hands, “Yay! Food!”

As she took a bite of her triangle shaped toast, she sang out, “Food! Glorious food!”

Steve chuckled and grabbed her towel, putting it on the little step that led up to the tub, he sat down next to her and began eating pancake. Darcy dug into her scrambled eggs.

Steve gestured to the TV with his fork, “What’s this?”

Darcy talked around the food in her mouth, the water sloshing around in the tub, as she excitedly turned to point at the ponies on the screen. “This is My Little Pony. It was a show in the 80’s designed to sell toys. They rebooted it recently, again, to sell toys, but it’s so much better now! The characters are rich and funny, the story lines are compelling, and it’s one of the best modern day kids shows. I love it, I used to watch it when I babysat for Cassie, you know Scotts daughter? Pinkie Pie is my spirit animal.”

Darcy laughed as Steve watched the show, his eyes growing wide as they began to sing. “Yeah, it’s sometimes awesomely musical. Hence another reason I love it.”

“Did they just say ‘everypony’?” Steve asked as he took a bite of his banana and then offered it to her to bite from. Darcy took a small bite and then nodded.

“Yeah, they—it’s a world without people, so they don’t say everyone, they say ‘everypony’. It’s a really tight world that way. All the little things that make it so believable as a society. It’s a show with a really positive message. ‘Friendship is Magic’ is kinda the whole theme of the show.”

Steve made a ‘hmm’ noise and watched the rest of the episode in silence. When she finished eating, she pushed the plate closer to Steve and sank back into her bubble bath, reclining to watch the end of the show.

When it was over, Steve grabbed the tray and got up. “The furniture people will be here within the next two hours, Scott and Wanda will be here in less. Happy left to get them when I was making breakfast.”

Darcy kicked out her legs, making the water splash around, un-coving her breasts briefly to Steve’s gaze. He stopped speaking. Just stared at her chest until she moved the bubbles around with her hands, forming a bubble bra….and then a bubble beard just for fun.

Steve blinked slowly, his intense sexual gaze morphing into an expression of amusement, as Darcy piled more bubbles onto her head to make a bubble hat.

“So…you—we, people are coming. You might want to think about getting out and getting dressed soon.” He turned to walk away, but Darcy called out for him to wait.

“Wait!” Steve turned and Darcy stroked her fake bubble beard, “Did Tony leave us clothes to wear, or am I supposed to walk around in my underwear like you?”

Steve glanced down at his boxer clad body, “I have clothes. I just didn’t…know if I was going to get wet when I came in here so I…”

“Left them in the room in case I tried to jump your bones with my bubble covered body?” Darcy finished Steve’s sentence for him with an impish grin on her face.

Steve nodded his head as a blush bloomed on high on his cheeks, “Something like that.”

Darcy picked up some bubbles in her hand and blew them towards Steve, “And do I have clothes?”

“Yeah, Tony left you a bunch of stuff, said he didn’t want your friends to think he was a weirdo control freak who treated like his own personal sex doll.”

Darcy frowned, Steve took a step back towards her, “Don’t worry, I reassured him that you and I didn’t see it that way. I know you liked him picking out your clothes. I told him we thought it was fun.”

Darcy smiled brightly and nodded her head, “Good. Good boy.”

Steve rolled his eyes at her. “I’ll be in the living room near the front door if you need me.”

“Hey! Steve.” Darcy stopped him again, just as he was about to leave the bathroom.

This time he just turned and looked at her from the doorway, “Will you pick out a cute and casual outfit for me? I can tell by your painting you have good taste and stuff. So…will you dress me up? Shoes and accessories too? Lay it out on the ottoman?”

Steve smiled softly at her compliment, “Okay.”

“Yay!” Darcy squealed as she ducked her head under the water to wash off her bubble beard, hat, and bra.

When she resurfaced Steve was gone and the next episode of My Little Pony started to play. “Yay! It’s the one with too many Pinkie Pies!”


Sometime before the end of the episode Darcy fell asleep in the tub. She dreamt about drowning, dying and becoming a mermaid, then falling in love, becoming human, then dying again and becoming sea foam and going to heaven. It was…unsettling.

A loud banging sound woke her up. She sputtered as she accidently swallowed some bath water and then choked on it while flailing her arms around as she thrashed her legs.

“Miss Lewis, do you require assistance?” Jarvis’s slightly alarmed sounding voice asked.

“No.” Darcy choked out, gasping, “No, I’m good. I just..just woke up a little—choke-y.”

Darcy shivered. The water wasn’t warm anymore and the air seemed so cold. She grabbed the towel from besides the tub. She stood up and wrapped it around herself.

“Jarvis? What was that noise?” Darcy questioned as she went to the linen closet and got another towel to drape over her shoulders.

“One of the delivery men dropped his side of Mr. Roger’s new desk. Or should I say the guest room’s new desk. Nothing has been damaged though. All is well Miss Darcy.” Jarvis soothed her.

Darcy made her way out of the bathroom and crawled back into bed. Burrowing beneath the covers, she quickly draped her second towel over the pillow to keep it dry as she laid her head down. She pulled the covers up to her neck. Once she was warm again, she asked, “Are Wanda and Scott here yet?”

“No. Miss Darcy. They’re flight was delayed. They will arrive within the next hour or so. Longer when calculating the accident that has traffic moving extremely slowly coming back from the airport.”

“Aww. That sucks.” She mumbled as she let her eyes close. She was still tired. Her bath nap wasn’t exactly restful. She could hear the TV, and the lights were on and the bath water was chilling. And…sea foam.

She felt like she hadn’t slept at all.

“Indeed Miss, Lewis. Mr. Hogan has quite an arduous ride ahead of him.”

Darcy let out a yawn, “Can you turn off the lights in here. I’m too tired to get up.”

The room dimmed, until Darcy was blissfully plunged back into darkness. “Thanks Jarv.”

“You’re welcome Miss Darcy….would you like me to wake you in an hour?”

“Hour and a half.” Darcy murmured quietly as she felt herself drifting back to sleep.

“As you wish Miss Darcy.” Jarvis confirmed quietly.


Darcy dreamt. And it was awesome. She was flying through space. Everything was lit up all pretty. She landed on this cool planet, it looked something out of Star Wars.

She had always had vivid dreams. Her entire life, she had countless memories of waking up and stumbling out of her room and telling her mother as much as she could remember from her entertaining dreams. Some she kept to herself because they were boring, and some she forgot before she woke, but on the most part, she always had fantastical, epic, and vivid dreams….also some boring ones about being ‘late’ for school or work, and her teeth falling out because she ate so much candy, but she looked those up, they were normal.

What wasn’t normal was having reoccurring dreams every couple of months, where she relived the end of the world.

Some of her most vivid dreams involved apocalyptic or dystopian futures. They were never scary though. She never really had ‘nightmares’. Whenever she felt her dreams turning in that direction she would mentally recognize that she was dreaming and she would reshape the narrative into a happier or more empowering direction. Her heroes never lost their battles, they always found the inner will to get up after they’d been knocked down, her villains always made a fatal mistake, or just got pummeled by some giant hulking creature she invented for the sole purpose of picking them up and slamming them around like a rag doll.

Dystopian futures were one of her favorite genres of fiction when she was growing up. She was a big fan of all the Hunger Games books, and I, Robot by Aminov, 1984 by Orwell, Brave New World by Huxley, the Time Machine by H. G. Wells, Fearless by Francine Pascal, and Fingerprints by Melinda Metz. The last two weren’t dystopian, but she couldn’t put them down as pre-teen. Who wouldn’t want to read about a girl who was ‘without fear’ and another girl who learned she had a crappy super power, for example the ability to read people’s thoughts through their fingerprints, but like only the thought they had at the moment they left the fingerprint….it was looking back on it now, one of the lamest superpowers she’s ever heard of. But as a kid, she ate them up.

The things she read, the shows she watched, Buffy, Xena, excreta, all lead to her dreams taking on grandiose scale, at least in her opinion. It was the only thing she could think of to explain away the random crazy dreams she had….well the only reason, besides dreams just being crazy and random.

As a child, she often dreamt of world ending events that left her inexplicably alone, with only talking animals for company. Or the Wizard of Oz trees, only her dream trees didn’t throw apples at her, they gave them to her freely to keep her nourished…her dream trees were nice, like the Ents from the Lord of the Rings, actually.

She dreamt of the scenario of the movie Water World a lot, only she usually ended up riding a friendly giant whale instead of a cobbled together boat.

She dreamt of tall dark and handsome men covered in armor that shined like gold, who fell in love with dark haired beauties. She dreamt of men who were made of fire. Usually her favorite water bender Katara from Avatar, kicked their butts. Occasionally a sexy firefighter showed up and the dream became hot in completely different way.

In short, she had a lot of weird vivid and memorable dreams.

When she woke up from her dream about space, she felt the urge to tell someone about her dream of the Tatooine like planet, with two moons and its shiny and futuristic city. She wanted to tell her mom…like she used too. And she wanted to tell Tony and Steve but they weren’t beside her. Darcy felt the tears begin to well up and roll down her cheeks. She missed her mom.

Her hands went to her stomach. She was suddenly seized with the fear that she would die and leave her baby girl all alone to be raised by Tony and Steve. How would they explain getting your period without dying of embarrassment? They’d probably get Jarvis to do it.


“Jarvis!” Darcy called out desperately.

“Yes, Miss Darcy?”

“I dreamt of a planet from Star Wars.”

“Yes Miss Darcy.” Jarvis said sounding frankly a little patronizing.

“It had two moons. Or suns. Or like other planets in the sky. And there was this city. And…and something else. But I’ve forgotten it now.” Darcy sighed.

“Very interesting Miss Darcy.” Jarvis sounded so condescending; she could practically feel the sarcasm.

“Never mind.” Darcy shook her head as she got up and headed for the closet to get dressed.

Steve had left her a simple and cute outfit to wear. He picked out the most modest looking light blue underwear and matching bra. He left her some denim shorts, not short-shorts, but normal length shorts and a baby pink three quarter sleeve sweatshirt that slid to one side and exposed her bra strap and shoulder. He left her some white ankle socks and matching light pink sneakers. There was a gold headband underneath all the clothing, she slipped it on her head and went to look at her reflection in the mirror.

It was a sweet looking but still sexy outfit. Great choice for a casual day with her friends. She would have picked an outfit just like this one for herself. She felt a little warm and fuzzy at how well Steve knew her.

She stopped off in the bathroom to pee again and put on some mascara. She added a little bit of lip gloss and declared herself presentable for company then headed out to see what kind of furniture Steve bought for himself.

Darcy bit her lip as she worried about Steve feeling annoyed at having designing himself the perfect room and her talking him into/demanding/coercing him to basically abandoning it, the second he finished it. She felt nervous about seeming unreasonable or just straight up bitchy.

Tony would tell her if she was being too bitchy though…wouldn’t he?

Darcy found Steve and….‘Uncle’ Sam moving a pretty looking vanity table against the wall next to the bathroom door. She watched silently as Steve moved a blue chair in front of it. She looked over and found a bed that matched the chair. It was shell shaped and had yellow piping. It looked…old timey. She looked back at the beautiful vanity. It was old timey too. It had a huge mirror, it was a chestnut colored wood, and it had drawers on either side as well as in the middle.

Next to the door to the bedroom, right near her, against the space storm painted wall, was a tall desk. It had lots of drawers and compartments. And a pale pink velvet chair, in the same shell design as the bed sat in front of it. To the right of the bed, next to the windows sat a Mad Men style couch, it too was upholstered in velvet. She was sensing a theme…The couch wasn’t hideous even though it was this mustard yellow color.

In the middle of the room there was a man on a ladder. He was in a dark blue jumpsuit, and from what she could see he was tan and muscle-y and had dark hair, but she didn’t really pay attention to him, because she was fixated on the light fixture he was affixing to the ceiling. The light was like three fans stacked on top of each other. It looked like it belonged in the hotel lobby of the Haunted Mansion from Disneyland or something. But not in a bad way…

The room overall, looked…pretty and… cohesive. The old timey furniture had this---plucked out of time ascetic, that, juxtaposed with the modern and cool murals, made the whole space look…awesome.

“So,” Darcy said softly so as not to startle the man on the ladder. She continued, catching the attention of Steve and Sam, “Not only are you super athletic and handsome and an all around talented guy, you can also interior decorate the crap out of a room.”

Steve smiled and rushed forward greeting her with quick kiss. “You like it?” He asked sounding anxious.

“Are you freaking kidding me? This is like, the coolest room in the house! Design wise.” Darcy patted Steve on the back as he beamed proudly. She couldn’t wait to see what ideas he had for the baby’s room.

Steve pointed to the couch, “That’s an Emile-Jacques Ruhlman, 1925 couch.”

He pointed to the desk, “That’s a skyscraper desk and bookcase by Paul Frank from the 1920’s. Buck and I once applied for jobs at this fancy advertising agency and the boss there had one just like it! Isn’t it neat! And look at the boudoir chair. It’s from France. It’s got solid wood legs that have been refinished in black lacquer.”

Darcy nodded as Steve grabbed her hand and pulled her over to the vanity, pushing her to sit down on the blue chair, she waved at Sam as Steve babbled on, “This is from Pennsylvania! It has a matching bench and dresser and night stand but, they got shipped separately and will arrive next week. But, isn’t it beautiful? It’s from the 30’s!” Darcy refrained from adding ‘just like you’, since they were in mixed company.

Darcy ran her hand across the glossy surface, “Its beautiful Steve.”

Steve shot her a dazzling smile as he pulled her to her feet and he lead her over to the guy on the ladder, “This is a 1920’s maybe early 1930’s art deco theatre light. I remb—I mean, they used to have these in the movie theaters! It’s got opaque white glass with recesses etched in black. Isn’t it fancy?”

Darcy pressed her lips together so she wouldn’t laugh in Steve’s face, he was just so excited it was adorable, “It’s very chic Steve.” She complimented in a measured voice.

“OH! Come over here,” He pulled her over to the bed, “Sit on the bed Darcy!”

Steve sat on the bed and then pulled her down beside him. He ran his hand over the shell shaped head board, as he spoke reverently, “It’s from the French Riviera. It’s from the 1930’s its art deco style, like the rest of the room. But…it’s so unique! It’s got parchment legs, it came with that padded arm chair,” Steve pointed to the matching blue chair that sat in front of the vanity. “I…I think I went a little crazy with Tony’s whole ‘no spending limit’ thing.”

Darcy felt her heart swell at the happiness that Steve couldn’t hide, she suddenly remembered him telling her how poor he grew up…he filled the room with things he would have seen back in his own time, but never had been able to afford. It was…adorable and kind of heart breaking. “Nah, I think Tony will like it.”

“Especially if you planning on inviting a bunch of reporters over tomorrow.” Sam interjected as he came over and sat down next to Darcy, “You know their gonna be opening up doors they shouldn’t to peek inside. Rifling through your medicine cabinets and all that. ”

Darcy smiled and bumped her shoulder into Sam’s, “That’s what you think. We don’t just have normal security in this place, we have the security of THE FUTURE!…Isn’t that right Jarvis?”

“Yes, Miss Darcy. I will keep yours and sir’s privacy secure during the party tomorrow.”

Sam looked so delighted by the sound of Jarvis’s disembodied voice. He exclaimed, “Man! That is so cool!”

Darcy bumped her shoulder into Steve’s, “Besides, we can always bring U and Dum-E up here and put them behind the doors we don’t want opened and scare the crap out of anyone who dares enter.”

Steve smiled at her softly before his eyes went wide and he exclaimed, “Oh wow, I almost forgot!”

Steve ducked behind the door that she came through and pulled out a card board box, he put the box at her feet and pulled out a lava lamp. “It’s called a lava lamp. I got two, they’re going to go on the end tables when they arrive!”

Steve ran to the side of the bed and plugged one in on one side of the bed and then repeated the process on the other side of the bed. They a word, hideous. The lava lamps clashed terribly with the whole ‘timeless’ feeling the room had going for it and Steve was obviously in love with them.

The man on the ladder declared loudly, “I’m all done here.” As he got down from the ladder and Steve shot up and went to go shake his hand.

“Thank you very much for all the help let me show you out.” Steve helped the man carry out his ladder and left her and Sam alone.

Sam gave her polite smile. She returned it. Then she let the smile fade from her face as she stared at Sam in an appraisal like fashion. Sam leant back, away from her slightly; he gulped and straightened up, sitting more stiffly.

“You mentioned Tony. And the party…. What did Steve tell you about him?”

Sam’s eyes darted from her face back to the door before he answered, “Uh, he told me that you’re dating Tony. And you’re dating Steve. At the same time.”

Darcy felt her mouth grow tight. “What else?” She spit out from behind clenched teeth.

Sam put a hand on the back of his head and looked down at his lap, “He told me you don’t want anyone to know that you all are engaging in a poly amorous relationship. And that I should keep it on the down low.”

Darcy looked back to the door, wanting more than anything for Steve to walk in, so she could pinch him for being so trusting.

“He also…uh, mentioned that…he’s Captain America.” Steve mumbled quietly.

Darcy’s eyes widened. She felt her heart skip a beat. Her stomach cramped painfully.

Steve walked back in to the room with an easy smile on his face. Darcy glared at him.

“STEVE!” She yelled shrilly, “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?”

Sam looked uncomfortable as he swore, “I won’t rat you out. I promise. I wouldn’t do that. When you get to know me—“

“But we don’t know you! And this SUPER IDIOT! Told you…like…EVERYTHING!”

Steve folded his arms in front of his chest and jut out his chin as she spoke to her in a calm voice, “Don’t get hysterical Darcy, Sam’s a good man. I can tell. I trust him.”

Sam winced, and muttered, “Oooh. Shouldn’t call a pregnant lady crazy.”

Steve looked confused, “I didn’t call her crazy.”

Sam gave Steve a look as he explained, “Dude, hysterical is code for crazy.”

“Darcy,” Steve looked at her, but she wasn’t hearing what he was saying. She was either deafened by rage or by fear, she couldn’t tell.

Steve telling this random guy they met at a petting zoo, everything, about them, about himself, it was…insane. Stupid. Reckless. FUCKING LIKE WHAT?

Darcy was imagining scenarios where Sam worked for Phil Coulson, and reported back everything he learned at the end of the day. Where he picked up Walter at the rent a kid for duplicitous mission store. She imagined Sam being a reporter, and implanting himself in their lives like Gossip Girl. She imagnined so many scenarios where Steve opening up to Sam lead to disaster and ruin….and then she turned and looked at the man.

Really looked. She mentally replayed yesterday in her head. How he let Walter sit on his shoulders, kick his chest with his little feet. How he gently pet the pink pig Lucy. How he…how he got Steve, to open up. How they bonded about being military.

If Sam was who she feared he could be, they were doomed.

But if he was who Steve thought he was…who he had seemed to be so far…maybe he was, a saving grace.

After all, Steve opened up to him. And..really, the man didn’t seem the dastardly villain type. And Jarvis had cleared him…

Darcy closed her eyes and took a big breath and got up. She opened her eyes and looked down on Sam and gave him the evilest look she could muster, “If you hurt Steve, or me, or Tony, or my baby, or Jarvis…I will douse you in kerosene and light you on fire.”

Sam’s eyes widen and he held his hands up like he was under arrest, “I’m not here to hurt anybody.”

Darcy nodded, “I hope so…because I don’t threaten you lightly. I didn’t use a metaphor like ‘ending’ you, or ‘ruining’ your life. I chose my threat precisely because I am physically..capable…of..doing it. Do you understand me?”

Sam nodded.

Darcy smiled and clapped her hands together quickly, “Excellent. Then I vote we go bake cookies! Sam, do you like chocolate chip?”

Sam got up slowly, before he half smiled and nodded, “I like chocolate chip.”

“Warm from the oven cookies are the best right?” Darcy took Sam’s arm and looped hers through his and guided him towards the door.

Steve piped up from behind them, “I like cookies!”

Darcy paused and whipped around to growl at him, “Assholes who don’t consult their partners about divulging sensitive information that could threaten their lives and the life of their unborn child DON’T GET FUCKING COOKIES!”

Darcy was breathing heavily.

She was so angry and hurt and angry. In that moment she couldn’t look at Steve’s face without feeling this burning rage bubble up from inside her.

She would give Sam a chance. She would trust him not to tell their secret. But…she was so mad at Steve…he….what he did…was a betrayal.

She closed her eyes and turned around and slowly let out a breath, before calmly stating, “Steve…I’m having trouble looking at you without wanting to push you down a very steep hill. I’m mad at you. So fucking mad, that I think you should make yourself scarce for a little while.”

“But Darcy—“

“NO BUTS MOTHER FUCKER!” Darcy yelled, before continuing in a more measured tone, “I will forgive you. I will. Don’t worry. I love you. I still love you. But right now…I want to bash you in the face with a frying pan.”

Darcy looked up at the ceiling and blinked her eyes rapidly so she wouldn’t cry, “We will talk about it later. Not now. Cuz, you know, I’m feeling all ‘crazy hysterical’.”

Darcy spoke with venom in her voice, “So maybe you could just fuck off like I asked, so I can have some space to calm down. And bake cookies, with our handsome new friend Sam.”

She didn’t wait for a response from Steve as she began walking forward, but she heard it anyway.

Steve said in a quiet voice, “I’m sorry.”

She ignored him and surged forward, grateful that Sam seemed okay with her basically stealing him away. Sam kept step beside her as they walked down the hall. Darcy made an effort to change the subject, to not make Sam have to deal with her drama, “So, Sam, are you single, I have a friend who I’d love to set you up with if you’re interested.”

Sam laughed as he retorted blithely, “Blonde or brunette?”

“Brunette. Rich. Athletic. Gorgeous. And bisexual. Fair warning, she’s kind of into me right now, but you seem charming and your handsome. Maybe you can do me a favor? Flirt a little with her at the party. See if sparks fly?”

“Favor? Flirting with a rich athletic hot bisexual woman at a party? I don’t know, that’s a hell of a lot to ask of a guy you just met. But I guess if you’re desperate I could help you out, just this once.”

Darcy laughed as Sam kept things light between them. When they reached the kitchen and she began listing off the ingredients they would need. Sam began retrieving things and doing as she bid, happily.

They chatted and joked. And Sam shared more about his life with her. She shared tiny, little bits about hers, but only pre-Steve/Tony bits.

They made about four sheets of cookies. And when the last timer went off, Jarvis informed them that someone was at the door.

“Miss Darcy, you guests have arrived with Mr. Hogan.”

Darcy smiled, “Let them in Jarvis!”

She and Sam could hear the door being swung open forcefully, they hurried to greet them.

Darcy smiled as she saw Scott and Wanda take a few steps forward into the entry way, looking around a bit in awe. She could see Happy behind them, retrieving luggage from the trunk of the car.

“Huzzah. We've arrived." Scott announced as he unceremoniously dropped his bags onto the floor.

“And we’ve brought presents!” Wanda chirped happily as she spotted Darcy.

“YAY!” Darcy screamed as she ran forward and pulled Wanda and Scott into a group hug.


Steve’s Sky mural

Steve’s 1930’s bed

Steve’s storm mural (JUST THE WALL, disregard furniture shown)

Steve’s room couch

Steve’s desk

Steve’s vanity

Steve Vanity chairs

Steve’s light fixtures

Chapter Text

Chapter 21 – F is for Freaking Out

Friday afternoon

“Where’s Steve?” Scott asked as Darcy pulled away from the group hug.

Darcy scowled, “The dog house.”

Wanda cheered, “You got a dog?”

Sam chuckled and Darcy turned on him and glared. And then her eyes widened as she realized, he knew Steve’s secret…and her friends didn’t.

Darcy went to Sam and grabbed his shoulder, to force him to lean down so she could reach his ear. She cupped her hand around his ear and whispered, “They know about me and Tony and Steve, but they don’t know the truth about Steve. So ixnay on the aptain a.”

“Boo!” Scott called out as Sam straightened up and nodded in understanding.

When Darcy turned to address Scott’s complaint, he gave her thumbs down and made a fart noise with his mouth. “Not cool D. Why are you sharing secrets with the new guy? Also, who is this new guy? I thought we were your besties?”

“Sam Wilson,” Sam stepped up extending his hand, “New friend to the man in the doghouse, and to his lady, haven’t met the home owner yet though.”

Scott shook his hand as he looked Sam up and down suspiciously, “Scott Lang, friend of Darcy, fan of Steve, and indebted to Tony for life.”

Wanda stepped up next, her hand held out eagerly, “Wanda Maxioff. Darcy’s BFF though, you would not think so as we hardly get to see each other any more…living on opposite sides of the country is kind of sucking.”

Darcy frowned at Wanda’s introduction. Maybe she should have called more.

Darcy felt guilty all of a sudden. She went over, nudged Sam out of the way and gave Wanda a long solo hug. She smiled to herself as Wanda returned the hug warmly.

Scott put his arm around Wanda’s shoulder as the women separated and announced proudly, “And she’s my girlfriend.”

Wanda took his arm off her shoulder, “Not that being his girlfriend is my defining attribute.”

Scott looked at Wanda curiously, “Would it be better if I introduced myself as your boyfriend?”

Wanda looked thoughtful for a second before she responded, “No. I don’t like that either.”

Scott pouted and crossed his arms over his chest. “Well, then how am I supposed to let the handsome tall muscular man in the room, that you’re off the market and currently carrying our ‘fetus’?”

Scott put the word fetus in air quotes. Darcy didn’t like that. She put a hand on her own stomach protectively. It wasn’t a fetus it was a baby. Darcy turned to Wanda, “Fetus?”

“I don’t want to jinx it.”

“Wow, you got pregnant at the same time as your best friend? That’s lucky.” Sam commented as he blatantly stared at Wanda’s and Darcy’s stomach’s.

“And by the looks of things, pretty recently too. What did you guys do…go to a Barry Manilow concert? Or was it one of those male strip shows, like the ‘Thunder from Down Under’ that got you hot all at the same time?” Sam chuckled at his own joke as the rest of them awkwardly stared around avoiding each other’s eyes.

Darcy watched as Wanda blushed and Scott put his hands in his jacket pockets and scuffed the floor with his shoe. Darcy felt just as awkward as they obviously did about telling Sam how they came to become pregnant at the same time. She may have believed in the Citizen’s program, but it wasn’t the most romantic of stories. She tried not to telegraph her feelings so obviously though.

Sam sensed the tension in the room and asked, “Uh oh. Did I…is this duel conception thing, not a happy story?”

Scott spoke up, “We both conceived when we preformed our Citizen’s Duty.” Sam frowned at the news.

“It’s where we all met.” Wanda added.

“I was actually matched with Darcy, too.” Scott boasted shyly, before he saw how Wanda and Darcy reacted. Wanda glared and Darcy rolled her eyes at him. He honestly had no brains when it came to protecting Wanda’s ego on this matter.

“So you and Steve…” Sam started as he gestured back toward the bedrooms with his head. Darcy nodded.

“I assume you and Tony, were an item before you met Steve?” Sam asked.

“No.” Darcy stated simply, trying to avoid elaborating.

“I still think the baby’s father is going to turn out to be Tony.” Wanda said casually.

Scot smirked at her as he responded, “You mean you want the bio-dad to be Tony.”

Sam crossed his arms over his chest and asked, “What do you have against Steve?”

Wanda’s mouth grew tight as she pursued her lips; her face looked as if she had sucked on a lemon. “I don’t have anything against him…I’m just…a Tony fan is all.”

Darcy held out a hand, “Let’s not.”

Sam threw her a look but she ignored him. She really didn’t feel like talking about Steve at the moment.

“STEVE!” Scott happily exclaimed as he walked toward the man as Steve entered the room.

Of course. Darcy sighed and rubbed at the space in between her eyebrows. She felt a head ache coming on.

“How you doing buddy?” Scott hugged Steve and clapped him on the back. Steve halfheartedly hugged him back and gave Wanda a head nod of acknowledgment, which she returned.

“Steve,” Darcy’s eyes narrowed, “What are you doing here? I thought you had somewhere else to be today?”

Steve walked over and stood shoulder to shoulder with Sam. Steve gave her a determined look as he proclaimed, “No. I’m right where I’m supposed to be.”

Now it was Darcy’s turn to look like she swallowed a lemon.

“Maybe you forgot. Let me remind you. You have a thing to do, which is far away from me. This thing, will take the rest of the day at least.”

Steve shook his head as he obstinately disagreed, “Nope. Doesn’t ring a bell. I don’t think I have anything to do today, but hang out with you and our friends.”

“Steve!” Darcy huffed out annoyed.

“Darcy!” Steve mocked her by copying her demeanor.

“Is this—Are you two having a fight?” Wanda asked unable to hide the surprise in her voice.

“No.” Steve denied at the same time Darcy admitted “Yes!”

They all fell silent. She and Steve glared at each other.

Scott broke the tension again by comically saying, “Aaawkward!”

“You’re telling me.” Sam mumbled under his breath.

Darcy flushed red. This was one of her top ten hated experiences. She hated awkward public fighting. She was so embarrassed. She couldn’t believe Steve would be so disrespectful to her in front of her friends. To let everyone know their business was…fucking terrible. Just, like blech. She hated when couples fought in public, airing their dirty laundry. It was so low class and unseemly.

Her parents used to fight a lot in public. It was mortifying. She vowed to never be like that.

“Darcy?” Wanda called her name softly. Darcy ignored her and everyone.

She was thinking of her parents. Of the supervised visitation, weekend family outings they used to go on. It always started out nice and pleasant, but the more and more time her parents spent together, the snippier they got. They more they began to berate each other. Nine times out of ten the day ended with her mom cutting the activity short and dropping her dad off and driving away with her, while she flipped dad the bird in the rear view mirror. That was bad enough. The fighting. But when it occurred in public…god that was the worst. The real fucking worst.

She could remember just feeling so embarrassed to be seen with them, in CVS, at the movie theater, at the park, at the ice rink…fucking everywhere they went was tainted by a memory of her parent’s fighting. She really hated when she became too big to hide in the racks of clothes…she used to run away from them, or more truthfully, saunter away silently. They would get worried. Look for her. Be happy they found her and give her at least a half an hour of not fighting, before they were back at each other’s throats.

Her childhood was littered with unpleasant moments just like this one.

“DARCY!” Steve shouted, in a way that told her, this was not the first time he had called her name.

“What?” She answered distractedly.

“You can’t just ignore me!” Steve said hotly.

Darcy stared at him, his shoulders were tensed, his brow was furrowed, his hands were clenched tightly by his sides. He looked like he was spoiling for a fight. Well, too fucking bad!

“I already told you, I’d rather have this discussion later. I need space. Please. I don’t appreciate you brining this up in front of company.” Darcy spoke in a carefully measured tone, and she stared at a point just to the left of Steve’s face.

“This is ridiculous! You can’t just decide that we can’t talk! That’s not fair.” Steve groused.

Then he found a second wind on which to pin his anger and he shouted, “I can’t believe you’re mad at me for making a friend!”

Darcy took a step back. The angrier Steve got, the more withdrawn she felt. She replied in a monotone voice, “I wish you could respect my wishes and let me have my space. I really want to have this conversation in private.”

Scott raised his hand, “I also want you to have this super awkward talk in private.”

“No.” Steve said in a stern voice. “This is not a talk. This is a fight. We’re having a fight.”

Darcy averted her gaze to the floor and answered, “No we are not because I refuse to fight with you in front of—“

Steve cut her off and exclaimed, “I’M CAPTIAN AMERICA!”

Darcy gasped, her eyes snapped up and she just stared at Steve in…horror, disbelief, shock? All of the above?

Sam slapped himself on the forehead and muttered, “Doubling down like a damn fool.”

She couldn’t believe he had done it again. This time, to her friends, whom at least, she did trust, but still. What an asshole!

He had revealed his secret, which was really their secret, all alone. He had done it without consulting with her or Tony; he had done it out of spite. He had done it to hurt her….at least that’s what if felt like to her.
Darcy didn’t know. She couldn’t even think of what was motivating Steve to act like this. And frankly she didn’t want to. She just wanted to be mad. She wanted to feel hurt and be sad. Because that was how she felt. She just needed to be able to feel what she was feeling without being pressured to get over it!

“Uh, what now?” Scott asked as he gaped like a fish.

“I don’t understand.” Wanda announced with a confused look on her face.

Darcy fumed as Steve explained, “Back in 1945, I diverted a bomb that was meant for New York. I crashed the plane into the ocean. I thought it would kill me, but it didn’t. I was frozen and found decades later by the government. They revived me and –“

“Matched you with Darcy to try to anchor you to this time.” Wanda finished with a far off look on her face.

Steve looked surprised but nodded agreeing with Wanda’s guess. Scott walked over to Steve and stared directly into Steve’s face, “You don’t look like a ninety year old.”

“Suspended animation.” Steve shrugged, “That’s what they said anyway.”

Steve stared at her as he spoke in a voice that was thick with emotion, “What was seventy five years for the world, felt to me, like…a day.”

Darcy stared back into Steve’s eyes. Angry as all hell at him. But, unable to stop her feelings of empathy and sympathy, she wanted to comfort him in that moment, but…she wouldn’t let herself be manipulated by his big dumb face or haunted back story. Darcy looked away.

Wanda drew closer to Steve, she reached out and touched his arm with her hand, and she had that far off look on her face again. Her voice was soft when she spoke, “In one heroic act of sacrifice, you lost everything. Everyone. You thought dying was the worst thing that could happen to you, that you’re fight was over…you were wrong. You didn’t know what you were giving up. What was to come.”

Steve took a step away from her, but Wanda continued to speak, “The world is familiar and yet alien. You are in a strange and weird world; you do not like it here. You’re afraid. Afraid you don’t fit in, that you never will again. You are afraid that what Darcy and Tony share is greater than what you can offer her.”

“Wanda.” Scott said in a soft warning tone.

Wanda ignored him and stared at Steve in wonder as she spoke, “You’re jealous of Tony. His charisma. His confidence. His money. His intelligence. His ability to provide a better life for your child….You fear you will never love her like Tony loves her. The way you loved them…him.”

When Wanda stopped speaking she seemed to come back to herself, and finding herself the center of attention, her face flushed red. Scott stepped closer to her and put his arm around her shoulders, he pulled her into his side. “Sweetie, remember how we talked about that whole ‘reading people’ with a scary amount of accuracy thing.”

Wanda turned and looked at her. Darcy felt the power emanating from deep inside her friend as Wanda pleads with her, “Don’t do it.”

“Darcy.” Steve gasped as he took a step towards her.

Darcy put a plastic smile on her face, “I have to pee.” She lied. And then she calmly walked towards the stairs that lead to the workshop.

“Darcy wait!” She heard Steve call out behind her as he attempted to follow her. She sent a silent prayer of thanks to Sam and Scott, as she heard them delay Steve, stalling him from catching up to her.

She took the stairs two at a time. “Jarvis open the door, lock it behind me. And lock down the garage entrance. No one in or out.” Jarvis silently obeyed her; she slipped through the glass doors, the lights turned on for her automatically.

Darcy walked to the back of the work shop, the place farthest away from the door. She went to the cars. She stood staring at them vacantly for a minute, not really processing anything, before she turned and got a pair of keys from little box on the wall. She picked a set at random, hoping they didn’t belong to one of Tony’s motorcycles, she asked, “Jarvis which car do these go to?”

“The Saleen s7.” Jarvis’s disembodied voice answered.

“Which one?.” Darcy repeated.

“The orange one.” Jarvis answered.

Darcy turned and looked at the sexy looking oranges sports car. It was pretty, even she could see that. But at that moment it didn’t matter to her that it was more expensive than the house she grew up in. It was a small space with a lock that was far away from all the people. And that’s all that mattered to her.

Darcy used the unlock button on the keys, belatedly realizing she could have just used the button to find out which keys went to which car, but she chose not to berate herself as she opened the door and got into the car. She sat a moment, unsure of what she wanted to do. So she dropped the keys into the cup holder. And just sat still for a second.

“Miss Darcy, you are in distress. Shall I contact Sir?” Jarvis calming voice asked.

“No.” Darcy responded quietly. “No. I just…want to be left alone for a bit…keep the bots away? Please. And the people. I just—I need a little time to just…sit and be.”

“Yes, Miss Darcy.” Jarvis responded.

“Hey Jarvis? Turn off the lights please?” Jarvis didn’t respond but the lights in the workshop went out. The only light filtered in from the hallway that separated Tony’s workshop from the rest of the house. And some emergency lighting that denoted the emergency exits.

Darcy sat in the car in the dark for…a while. More than fifteen minutes, less than an hour. She didn’t know exactly how long. She debated turning the car on and driving away. She could go to Tony, see him at work. Or go to the beach. Or back to the petting zoo. Or hell, she could even call up Hope and go drink some virgin cocktails and engage in some baby related retail therapy. All options appealed to her. But she stayed where she was.

She was haunted by the words that Wanda told her. ‘Don’t do it.’

She didn’t know what the younger woman meant by that, but she felt like leaving, therefore logic stood to reason that the ‘it’ her friend warned her against was leaving. And because she trusted Wanda, she…didn’t leave.

Also a part of her that had been drilled into her by her mother, said that it was rude to leave guests unattended to when you invited them to your home. She felt her mother’s voice nagging in her head, telling her to go back upstairs and offer them a drink. Or an escape hatch of some kind. After all Scott and Wanda didn’t ask to have front row seats to her and Steve’s very special episode of the Oprah Winfrey show.

At least they weren’t acting like they were on Jerry Springer…

She…didn’t want to leave Scott and Wanda, they were her guests and if she fled she should offer them the chance to come with her. But to do that, would mean talking to Steve. And she didn’t want to talk to Steve just yet. She wanted…cake. Or chocolate. She wanted sugar. Something sweet to dull the sour feelings she felt swallowing her.

She was so mad at Steve. She felt hurt and betrayed. And sad. She felt so sad for Steve. If what Wanda said about Steve was true, if he really felt as isolated, afraid, and—and like, unsecure in their relationship, and jealous of Tony as she said, Darcy didn’t know if she would know the first thing about helping him through all that. It was overwhelming.

Darcy started crying.

She sobbed as big fat tears rolled down her cheeks. She leant over and rested her head on the steering wheel. She let the tears just flow from her eyes. Her hands tightened on the wheel, her knuckles turned white as she gripped the leather tightly.

She was so fucking sad and mad and she didn’t know what to do. Or how to fix Steve. Or if Steve even needed fixing. She didn’t know how to help him adjust to the modern world, she explained things as best she could as they came up, but most of the time he didn’t understand her or Tony’s references. They’d been alienating him this whole time, and she knew it, but she didn’t know—didn’t think of how it must feel for him. To not understand who they were talking about. How unconfident he must feel when he tried to enter a conversation so laden with cultural shit he wasn’t aware of, the social isolation must be so terrible. She was the worst girlfriend ever.

She didn’t know how to help him let go of his past, she didn’t even know if it was healthy for him to let go of the past. She could have done better. She could have looked up books that dealt with survivor guilt or books that dealt with grief, she could have educated herself, but she hadn’t. What did she do? She fucking practically pissed herself in happiness over her goddamn Dorothy dress. She teased him and sexually aggressively perused him. She was shit. She was suck. She was the worst thing that could have happened to Steve.

She didn’t know if she was his rebound girl. She didn’t even know who he was rebounding harder from. The famous Brit, Agent Carter, or the best friend whom he secretly harbored homosexual desire for. She never asked if he thought about a poly-amorous relationship with them. She never asked if Steve’s and Agent Carter’s relationship from all the history books was even true! She had just assumed. Like an ass.

She felt like at best, she could be classified as a pleasant distraction from all the pain Steve was feeling. She felt like she had been such a terrible girlfriend, that whatever that was between them, couldn’t be all that great. Steve couldn’t really love her, she was fucking terrible. She wasn’t…Steve deserved someone better. Someone who wasn’t a slutty slut, or emotionally blind to others, or insensitive, or a fucking selfish bitch.

She didn’t know what she was to him. He said he loved her, but in her heart, she didn’t know if she could believe him or not. He didn’t show his love the way Tony did. He wasn’t loud and obvious about his feelings. He was quiet and subtle. She was shit at subtle. She probably missed the signs that Steve was in distress and not that into her anymore. He probably only said he loved her because he felt pressured and felt he had to because it was the polite thing to do and because she was pregnant.

She felt her heart start beating wildly in her chest. Darcy looked up and her tears subsided. He couldn’t really love her. She wasn’t good enough. Steve was so much more than she ever expected. He and Tony both were. She didn’t…belong here.

She was sitting in an expensive as fuck car, in a mansion, that overlooked the ocean in sunny mother fucking California. The house had robots and an AI that were violently awesome. She was surprised and gifted with expensive clothes and baby room dream come true stuff. She had been given promises of love and comfort and safety and a future that was filled with happiness. It was bullshit!

She was bullshit. This couldn’t be real. She didn’t deserve any of this. She didn’t belong here. What the fuck was she doing here?

She felt panic creeping up her neck making her feel short of breath. Her pulse pounded. Her heart felt like it was beating as fast as a hummingbirds. She felt like she was crashing.

Darcy put her hands over her eyes and cheeks and wiped away her tears roughly.

She put her hands on her stomach and reclined into the comfortable bucket seat. She took a deep breath.

And then another.

And another.

She forced herself to stop thinking what she was thinking.

She had to calm down. She was spiraling into dark thought territory.

She did belong here. She belonged here because she belonged with Tony. She loved him. He loved her. She belonged with Steve. She loved him…and he loved her. She had to believe it was true, even if she had moments of doubt, their love…had to be true. It just had to.

The house, the money, the clothes, the baby, the future, the whole shebang, was just a part of the package. She deserved to be happy. She deserved to feel safe. She deserved to have partners that loved her and comforted her. She deserved a good life. She was a good person.

She couldn’t be that wrong about the way they felt about her. It just wasn’t possible.

Darcy took another breath and let it out slowly. She could feel her heartbeat slowing down and returning to normal. That flight or fight or freeze instinct was fading. She felt like she could think clearly again.

She had to get her thoughts straight, before she faced her friends and more importantly Steve.

She knew that she loved Steve. She knew that she wanted him in her life. In the baby’s life. In their life, her and Tony’s. She knew that she felt better when he slept by her side. She knew that she loved teasing him, making him blush. She loved hanging out and just talking to him. She loved showing him new things, and just relishing in the simple pleasures of life with him. She loved him. And that’s why she felt shattered, because she didn’t know if Steve loved her back. Not after the way he acted today. He made her doubt him. He made her doubt herself. She wanted to know what he was thinking. Why he did what he did. And why he did it again even after she told him how angry she was. Did he not care? Did he not value her feelings or opinions?

They needed to talk. Preferably, without an audience.


“Yes, Miss Darcy?”

“Can you put on the lights, not all of them, just…don’t blast my eyes, dimly turn them on? Maybe?” The lights dimmed on.

“Is that all Miss Darcy?”

“No.” Darcy grabbed the keys and pressed the unlock button. “Can you ask Steve to come down here? I want to talk to him.”

“At once Miss Darcy.”

“Oh, and can you let Sam, Scott and Wanda---Are they still here?”

“They are indeed Miss Darcy.”

“Okay, then can you let them know that they are welcome to anything in the kitchen, or they can order in…whatever they want. Tell them to put on some swim suits and go in the pool. Sam can borrow one of Tony’s swim trunks or…whatever he wants. Or tell them where the TV is. Or have Sam give them the grand tour of the Steve Rogers personally designed guest room where they will be staying for the weekend. Or they can leave…we’ll pay for a hotel if they want…a nice one. Just…tell them I’m sorry for being so crazy and rude and inhospitable?”

Jarvis’s voice sounded kind when answered, “I will relay you message Miss Darcy.”

Then he reverted back to his sassy butler persona, “But don’t despair, you are a far more thoughtful hostess than Sir, not that it is such a great feat, but still. I don’t think you’re guests are irreparably offended.”

“Thanks Jarvis. Good to know how low the bar is when it comes to manners around here.”

Darcy dropped the keys back into the cup holder, she adjusted the rearview mirror so she could assess how she looked…red and puffy and splotchy.




Chapter Text

Chapter 22 – F is for Family

Friday, Late Afternoon

Darcy had been impatiently waiting for Steve’s arrival for ten minutes. She had gotten out of the car and started pacing. The bots had come out and followed her with their claw/arm/video camera/heads? She was getting more and more nervous the longer she waited. She didn’t exactly know what she was going to say to Steve, but she was ready to fucking say it.

Darcy paused in her pacing and stamped her foot, as she shrilly asked, “Jarvis! Where is Steve?”

“Upstairs, Miss Darcy.”

“Why?” Darcy asked as she put her hands on her hips.

“I don’t understand what you’re asking Miss Darcy.”

“Yes you do. You’re an artificial intelligence. Not an artificial sweetener…not the best metaphor, but you know what I mean.” Darcy hugged herself, as she asked in a more subdued tone, “Why is he still upstairs? Didn’t you tell him I wanted to talk to him?”

“Yes Miss Darcy, I told him you wanted to talk.”

“Then why isn’t he down here?” Darcy demanded exasperated.

“Because he is upstairs.”

Darcy looked at Dum-E and U, both bots turned away from her stare. Something smelled fishy in robot town.

“Are you…Jarvis, are you messing with me?” Darcy asked in disbelief.

“I am not.” Jarvis assured her in a slightly offended tone.

“Not intentionally, at any rate.” He added in a off the cuff manner.

Darcy made an ugly cry face, and then hid her eyes with her hands, she affected a watery tone as she asked, “Does Steve hate me? Does he not want to see me? Jarvis…doesn’t he love me anymore?”

She pretended to sob into her hands. She heard the bots roll forward and then stop and roll back, as if they were unsure what to do with the crying pregnant human. She very much doubted Tony ever expressed as much emotion as she had here today. The bots and Jarvis seemed unsure how to proceed.

“I, I…please hold.” Jarvis stammered. Darcy continued to fake cry, she added a little hiccup here and their before she allowed herself to crumple to the floor. She knelt until one of the bots rolled forward and began to stroke her head awkwardly with a claw. Dum-E then.

“Miss Darcy. Please, don’t distress you’re self. Mr. Rogers is unable to come down and speak with you at the moment, but I’ve been assured that he will seek you out the moment he is…available.”

Darcy removed her hands from her face, “Fucking knew it.”

“Miss Darcy!” Jarvis exclaimed sounding surprised, “You are not crying.” Jarvis observed in a flat tone.

“Nope.” Darcy muttered as she got up and walked past the bots, muttering ‘traitors’ to them as she made her way to the door to exit Tony’s workshop. She tried to open the door, but it wouldn’t budge.

“Open the door Jarvis.” Darcy demanded. She got no response so she repeated herself yelling angrily “Jarvis!”

“I’m afraid you cannot leave the workshop at the moment Miss Darcy.” Darcy rested her head on the glass. Either Jarvis was going all ‘skynet’ or her worst suspicions were correct.

“Is Tony home?” She asked sounding tired, even to her own ears.

“Yes, Miss Darcy. Sir arrived forty five minutes ago. You were indisposed at the time, so I thought it best not to disturb you with the news.” Darcy rolled her eyes at that. Yeah, maybe that was true, but also, Tony probably told Jarvis not to tell her he was home. Tony also probably told Jarvis not to let her out of the workshop. Darcy would bet good money that Steve and Tony were currently upstairs, fighting. Hopefully only verbally. However, she wouldn’t put it past them to be wrestling on the ground, pulling hair, and twisting nipples. She was also a little ashamed and aghast at the idea that she had been hiding down in the workshop for almost an hour.

“Did Tony order you not to let me out of the workshop?”

“He did indeed.” Jarvis confirmed.

Darcy turned and put her back to the glass door. She surveyed all the dangerous machinery in the room. She could probably pick up a blow torch or something and break herself out. She could take one of the cars and drive through the garage doors. Hell, she could probably convince Dum-E to smash through if she tried hard enough…but while those ideas sounded fun, they were also needlessly destructive. And she would probably break a nail or lose her eyebrows…somehow.

Darcy put her hand protectively on her stomach. She thought back to what Tony said to Steve when he first showed them the workshop. About how Steve didn’t have complete access like she did. Then she remembered the compromise Steve and Tony made regarding emergency situations. She stroked her stomach as an idea formed in her head.

She began breathing quickly; working herself up a bit before she made a pained face and yelled, “JARVIS!”

She grabbed her stomach and bent over, yelling, “OW! I need help!”

“Miss Darcy, what is wrong. Do you require medical assistance?” Jarvis asked calmly.

“I don’t know what’s wrong. I need Tony! Or Steve!” Her tone lost its panicky-ness for a second as she said, “Or whoever. JUST LET ME OUT!”

Jarvis didn’t respond verbally, the door just opened behind her. She had a split second of relief that her break in character hadn’t cost her chance of escape, but then because she was leaning against it, she fell backward and landed on her butt with a thud. And then she was just annoyed.

Jarvis congratulated her, “Well played Miss Darcy.”

Darcy smiled despite her annoyance as she dusted herself off, and shot a finger gun at the ceiling, “Thanks buddy.”

She climbed the stairs slowly as familiar angry voices reached her ears.

“-the fuck! Why are you even here Rogers?” She heard Tony shout.

“I’m here for Darcy same as you.” Steve said in a menacing tone.

“Really? Cuz it sure doesn’t seem like it!” Tony shouted back.

As she reached the top of the stairs, Darcy took in the scene before her with a frown. Tony and Steve stood chest to chest in front of the sofa. Sam stood slightly behind Steve and Happy was right behind Tony. Happy had a hand in his jacket pocket, where she knew he kept his mace. Wanda was behind Tony but further away near the wall, her hand on Scotts arm, stopping him from getting closer to the feuding alpha asshole males.

Tony continued unaware of her presence, “She’s not here to amuse you! We are not your real life vacation destination. We are not you’re grief support group! If you don’t want to be here, if you don’t want her. Or us. Or any of this. FUCKIGN LEAVE!” Tony paused and lowered his voice adding, “Before you really hurt her.”

Steve glared at Tony, but didn’t respond. Darcy bit her lip and then spoke up, announcing, “I’d like to hear your answer Steve.”

Everyone turned and looked at her. She heard Scott mutter, “Oh thank god.” And she could see Sam and Happy, both unclench a bit, she was happy that Happy removed his hand from his pocket. But honestly she was mostly focused on Steve and Tony’s reaction.

Tony looked ashamed and surprised…and a little sad. Steve looked…guilty.

“Do you want to leave us?” She repeated with a tremor in her voice as she walked forward towards the pair. Sam and Happy each took steps away, distancing themselves from what promised to be an epically emotional cluster-fuck-y exchange.

Steve looked sorrowful, as he shook his head and uttered a pitiful sounding, “No.”

Darcy blinked rapidly as she tried not to cry. Then she held up a finger in Tony’s direction as he opened his mouth to speak, she pointed to the couch and ordered, “Sit.” She turned and glared at Steve, “Both of you.”

They obeyed her and sat down on the couch with a large space between them. Darcy turned to Sam, “You guys,” She turned to Happy, “Thank you for not letting things get out of hand.”

Sam nodded at her and Happy gave her a strained smile as he adjusted his tie and said, “Just doing my job.”

Darcy smiled and grabbed the men by their elbows, and dragged them towards the door. “Go.” She ordered kindly, “Run. Escape this drama.”

Happy nodded and left out the front door, he was not a man to argue with escaping a emotionally tense situation that stressed out his professionalism instincts. Sam turned and looked behind her at the men on the couch though.

He tilted his head as he focused back on her face and asked quietly, “Are you sure? If it gets physical—“

Darcy patted him lightly on the chest, “Sam Wilson. You are a good person. And for that I am so glad.” She felt tears prick at her eyes.

She shot Sam a watery smile, “But I can handle this. And I’d rather you not witness my epic beat down.”

Sam opened his arms hesitantly and Darcy sighed and stepped into them and hugged him. “After I’m done with them, I still want you have respect for Tony and Steve, and if you stay and watch the show, you’ll never be able to do that.” Darcy mumbled into his chest.

Sam laughed out loud as he patted her back before separating from her. “Okay.” He admitted as he looked behind her, “But if you need me…”
Darcy walked forward with him, politely showing him the way out, “I won’t need you. But thanks for offering.”

Sam nodded at her and began walking out the door. Darcy called after him, “See you tomorrow!”

Sam smiled at her toothily and responded, “You can always cancel the party.”

Darcy rolled her eyes, “Never give up, never surrender.”

Sam laughed out loud, but Darcy shut the door. And turned around to deal with the other innocent bystanders in the room.

Darcy ignored the silent tense men sitting on the couch and instead walked over to her friends. She was totally tearing up as she approached Scott and Wanda. She held out her arms and both surged forward, enveloping her in a group hug. “You guys are the best friends ever.”

“We love you too Darcy.” Wanda said into her hair.

“You’re life would be so much easier if you ditched those two and instead started a hot sexy threesome with us.” Scott joked. Darcy huffed out a laugh as she rubbed her face into his chest.

Wanda pulled back from the hug first. Scott held onto her a second longer so he could whisper in her ear, “Seriously, if you want out, we’ve got you’re back.”

Darcy pulled back wiped away the few tears that escaped her eyes. She grabbed Scott’s hand and squeezed it, before repeating the action with Wanda. “I love you two.”

Darcy swallowed thickly as she let go of their hands and wound her arms around herself. She looked into Wanda’s face as she asked, “Are you a mutant? Is that why—do you have powers? Are you psychic? Is that how you ‘read’ Steve?”

Wanda looked to Scott. He put his arm around her shoulder and rubbed her back as he nodded to her. Wanda seemed to take comfort in Scott’s silent support and approval. When she looked back to Darcy she seemed, slightly scared, but also confident. “I don’t know if I’m a mutant. In my home country, mutants were so rare; they were almost considered fairy tales. When I came here to America…I don’t know, things changed..for me and…Pietro.”

Wanda frowned as she admitted, “Pietro could run very quickly…his power was so obvious. I thought…I thought I didn’t---I…never felt a surge of power or anything. I didn’t grow a tail. My eyes don’t glow. I can’t fly. I thought it, whatever it was, must have skipped me.”

Darcy nodded understandingly, “But didn’t the government test you when you entered the Citizen’s Program?”

Wanda blinked rapidly, her eyes growing watery too, “Yes. But…I think my power…isn’t just reading people’s fears and feelings. I can influence things too. It’s…I never try to do it…sometimes things just happen the way I want them too. It doesn’t make sense, but I never really believed I had power until…”

“Until I was recounting the happiest day of my life, the day Cassie was born and I left some part of the story out,” Scott lowered his voice and whispered, “The part where her mom ‘pooped’ while delivering Cassie.” Scott and Wanda shuttered.

Darcy made a disgusted face as she grabbed her stomach, “I’m going to poop!” She lowered her voice and whispered, “In front of everyone? While the baby is coming out?!”

Wanda looked as afraid and disgusted as she felt, “That’s what I said!”

Scott sighed, “I was trying not to freak her out, by not mentioning it---”

“But.” Darcy prompted.

“But, I saw his memory. Like I was there.” Wanda admitted. She smiled softly up into Scotts face, “It was a beautiful moment, in spite of the involuntary voiding of the mother’s bowels.”

Darcy felt like vomiting again, but she pushed that feeling down and responded, “Okay. So…powers. Memory, viewing…powers. Cool.”

Scott smiled brightly and repeated, “Cool!”

Wanda affected a bored tone as she confirmed, “Yes. I am cool.”

Darcy smiled as Scott laughed then leant down and kissed Wanda on the lips. Their kissing grew beyond what was…polite or appropriate so Darcy loudly cleared her voice and put her hand on Scott’s chest, physically separating the two.

Darcy glanced over her shoulder to see Steve and Tony still sitting dutifully on the couch waiting for her. Though, Steve’s expression had turned concerned and Tony’s intrigued. She could practically see the wheels turning in his head as he took in the news of Wanda’s powers.

Darcy turned back to Wanda, “And you’re okay with them knowing about you?”

Wanda looked over Darcy’s shoulder and stared at Tony and Steve for a long minute before nodding. “Yes. They will not betray me.”

She smiled evilly, “If they do, they I can make them relieve their worst nightmares over and over until they are driven mad.”

Steve piped up for the first time, “I thought you said you didn’t know how to control your powers.”

Wanda gave him a cold look as she retorted, “I think given the right motivation I could do a lot more with my power than what I’ve discovered so far.”

That shut Steve up.

Darcy pressed her lips together so she wouldn’t laugh at the fearful expression on Steve’s face. Tony slapped Steve on the arm and mouthed ‘shut up’ to him. Steve slapped Tony back on the leg. Tony was about to retaliate when Scott exclaimed, “OKAY!”

Everyone redirected their attention back onto him, but Darcy heard Steve grunt as Tony probably slapped his arm one more time, but as she was looking she could only speculate. Darcy repeated Scott who didn’t really look like he had thought of what to say next to hold everyone’s attention, “Okay. So, what’s next?”

Wanda and Scott looked at each other, before looking back at her. Darcy’s smile fell as she softened her voice and asked, “I mean, do you want to stay here? Leave? Go home to New York? What’s next. Because I have an appointment with those two,” Darcy stuck her thumb over her shoulder gesturing to Steve and Tony, “And I’d rather you not be around to see it.”

Wanda and Scott looked at each other and seemed to have a wordless conversation. Wanda looked back at her and reached out to pet Darcy’s arm. Darcy allowed it, even though it was a little weird admittedly.

Wanda then nodded and dropped her hand from Darcy’s body, “We’ll stay here. In the guest room, as planned. But for right now, we’ll head out to the pool.”

Scott pumped a fist in the year and muttered, “Yes!”

He and Wanda turned to leave, Wanda called over her shoulder before they disappeared, “Just shout if you need us.”

“Shout when you’re coming too! In case we’re…inflagrante delicto.” Scott added.

And then her friends were gone. And she was left alone with Steve and Tony.

Darcy turned around and took in the sight of her boyfriends. Steve was wearing his white tank and jeans from earlier. Tony’s crisp look from this morning had been exchanged for a more casual AC/DC t-shirt and jeans. Darcy closed her eyes. She was very tired all of a sudden.

She wished they could do the whole day over. Go back to this morning when they were all snuggled in bed together.

“Darcy--” Steve started, but Darcy shut him down with a glare. She may have also snarled.

Darcy stared at the view out the window above their heads. The sun was going to be setting in an hour or two. “Jarvis, what time is it?”

“4:26 p.m.”

Darcy let out a heavy sigh. She could feel tears welling up behind her eyes, she tiredly wiped them away.

“Darcy, baby, we don’t have to do this now if you don’t want to.” Tony said softly. Darcy smiled even though she could feel her face twitch as she repressed the urge to cry.

“No.” Darcy said as she looked down at his handsome face, she walked toward Tony and sat down on his lap, she leant down and hugged him, even as she stared at Steve all the while, “We have to do this now.”

She pulled back from the hug and kicked off her shoes. “But we don’t have to do it in the living room.”

She got up and left her sneakers on the floor, not even caring, even though she was soooo that person who never left their shoes in the middle of the floor; she always put them away or at least next to a wall so they were out of the way. She made her way through the house and headed for their bedroom. Steve and Tony walked behind her obediently.

When Darcy opened the door to their bedroom she gasped. Their bed was gone and it had been replaced with…a mega bed! A bed sandwich! And it came with a huge headboard!

Tony came up from behind her and spoke lowly into her ear, “It’s called an eternity bed.”

Darcy’s eyes took in the sight as fast as they could. In the middle of the room against the wall, their new bed sat, on top of a giant…extra bed, or something. And those two layers of bed, sat on top of what looked like three mattresses bushed together on the bottom. It created a tiered bed look, but not like a cake, more like a really comfy pyramid? Darcy didn’t even know, she had never seen anything so luxiourous.

“It’s supposedly the bed, that is perfect for families. As it has a built in ‘lounge around’ area, prompting more ‘togetherness’ or whatever.” Tony walked past her and Steve sat down on the lowest most mattresses, he ran his hand across the soft looking silver fabric. Darcy walked forward like a moth to a flame. She lay down on the bottom layer of mattress and spread her arms out. She rolled onto her belly and put her face in the plush fabric.

Her muffled cry of, “I love it!” Caused Tony to laugh and rub the back of her head with his hand lightly.

“I’m glad.” Tony said, as he kicked off his shoes.

Darcy turned her head and looked at Steve who was still standing in the doorway. Darcy pouted and rose her body up so she could rest her elbow on the mattress and her head on her hand, “Half the reason I’m mad at you is because you refused to talk to me in private. Come in, shut the door and take off your shoes…join us.”


Steve did as she asked and Darcy climbed up to the upper level of their new bed. She sat criss-crossed style and looked down at her men. Tony climbed up to the middle level of their bed and sat down with one leg crossed under his other leg. Steve sat on the lowest level, copying Tony’s pose.

“Everyone comfortable?” Darcy asked.

Tony and Steve nodded. “Good. Where should we start?” She asked, pointing at Tony, “With your fight with Steve that let’s be honest, was soooo about to get all fist-a-cuff-y. Or,” She pointed at Steve, “With your little act of rebellion/betrayal.”

Steve’s eyes widened, “I did not betray you!”

“After you spilled the beans to Sam I told you why it wasn’t a good idea to tell people who you were and asked you not to do it again without consulting me and Tony!”

“NO! You berated me for talking to a friend! And there was no ‘asking’ just a lot of hysterical yelling.” Steve gave her the most evil look when he used the word ‘hysterical’. Darcy rolled her eyes; she would not be shook by Steve’s trollish behavior.

“You were being an idiot! You just got lucky with Sam. He could have so many nefarious reasons for infiltrating our lives—“

“But you just admitted, that THAT’S NOT SAM!” Steve’s eyes blazed with anger, he rose up and stared down at her.

“THAT’S NOT THE POINT!” Darcy screamed as her own eyes began to well up with tears.

Tony stood and put a hand on Steve’s shoulder. “Okay, let’s all calm down now.”

Steve slapped Tony’s hand off his shoulder, “REALLY? Now you want to be rational? After you spent a half an hour criticizing me and every word I’ve ever said to her? EVERYTHING I’VE EVER DONE AND NOT DONE!”

Darcy’s tears felt hot on her skin as they leaked from her eyes. “Don’t fight over me.”

“We’re not fighting over you; we’re fighting for you, against each other.” Tony said tensely.

“No.” Darcy said, grabbing at Tony’s wrist and tugging on it, “I mean, don’t fight over me. Sit down. I feel like you’re going to start hitting each other. Sit with me. Please?”

Tony sighed, and sat down. Steve followed his lead and sat down, on the same middle level as him. Darcy scooted closer to Steve; she put a hand on his shoulder.

“Let’s…let’s put telling Sam, behind us. Let’s just forgive and forget that. I feel that it was selfish and shortsighted of you to tell Sam you’re secret identify when we all agreed to keep it quiet for the safety of the baby, but…maybe I am being too emotional. Maybe, you saw in Sam what I see in him now. A good person. Who we can trust. And…someone who you can tell is going to be a really good friend.”

Tony gave her a look, “Yeah…we’ll just let that go.” Darcy looked at Tony blankly before turning back to Steve.

She would never let it go. She would remember Steve’s reckless behavior for the rest of her life. And even if she somehow stopped herself from bringing it up in future fights, she would always remember what he did. She was a Scorpio after all.

At a certain point in her life, she got into astrology. She really identified a lot of her personality traits with the ones usually attributed to Scorpios. It actually freaked her out. One of her worst qualities was a trademark Scorpio thing. She remembered reading somewhere that ‘rejection and betrayal hit Scorpios harder than the other zodiacs. They are unlikely to forgive or forget.’ And yeah, that was her basically in a nutshell. Except, she really did forgive people…or she tried to.

Steve nodded earnestly, “Yeah. That’s what I saw. And when we met up again today…I-- it was just so easy to talk to him. I just needed to talk to someone, about what happened to me, about you, about us, all of us. And it just came up naturally, he didn’t, he wasn’t prying. I just needed---” Steve turned to Tony and gave him a meaningful look.

“Sam listened. He offered insight. An outsider’s perspective to how I’ve been feeling and acting lately. He gave me advice. He recommended some books and a grief counselor that have helped some of the vets he works with. I…just trusted him. He reminded me of the Commandos. I just, wanted a friend.” Darcy scooted closer to Steve and ran her hand through his hair, before resting her hand on his back.

“And I’m so glad for that. I’m so glad you made a friend. I’m glad that Sam is someone who you feel you can open up too. Talk too. Confide in. And rely on to keep your privacy. I really am glad. “

“But.” Steve offered.

Darcy took her hand off his back and interlaced her hands in her lap. She kept her eyes downcast, as she spoke in a calm voice, trying to keep her cool as she listed all of the ways Steve had pissed her off and betrayed her today, “But….But I asked for space. I asked for time. I asked you to leave me alone until I was ready to talk to you. I asked for us to talk later, in private. I expressed my distress at having learned you told Sam about your identity and--- you turned around and told Wanda and Scott. You, you ignored me. You ignored the fact that I was basically begging you to take the fight out of the public forum—“

“We weren’t out in public Darcy, it was just our friends.”

Tony made a wincing sound at Steve’s callus words.

Darcy looked up sharply, she could feel her nostrils flare, “I don’t’ like---“ She closed her eyes so she wouldn’t have to look at Steve, she wanted to start yelling again, but she stopped herself and continued to talk in the same monotone and semi-emotional less tone, “I’ve had traumatic experiences with couples fighting in public. And I consider any place where we are not alone, to be public. Our friends should not be subjected to our relationship drama. No one should be.”

“As someone who’s spent most of his life in the spotlight,” Tony said, as he leant back on his hands, “I can tell you, that doing anything in public, where people can pick you apart, and judge everything you say or do or wear or look like…is never fun. Not even when it feels good in the moment.”

Darcy put her hands over her stomach protectively; she stared down at her stomach. Where her baby was gestating and she watched as a few tears slipped down her face and onto her hands. She mentally vowed to never fight in front of her child the way her parents did.

Looking up she glared at Steve, “And if you think you can bait me into a fight, you’re wrong. If you think that you showing up and picking on me will break me and make me engage with you. You’re wrong.”

Tony put a hand on her knee, “Obviously.”

Steve sighed, “Yeah because you’d rather run away than stay and fight for what’s important.”

Darcy felt like Steve had slapped her.

Steve narrowed his eyes at her, “Or is it that our relationship isn’t important? To you, I mean.”

Darcy felt like Steve had stabbed her in the gut.

Darcy glanced up at the ceiling as her eyes were flooded with tears.

“Low blow Rogers.” Tony commented.

Darcy closed her eyes and took a deep breath before looking back to Steve. To his credit he looked a little ashamed. Darcy blinked slowly as she gathered her thoughts and got her emotions in check. Part of her, a big part of her, wanted to just start screaming at Steve, for them to just go at each other, like he seemingly wanted, but the other part of her. The grown up part, knew that she had to keep her cool, or Steve would never really hear what she had to say, he would write it off as an emotional reaction rather than as a thoughtful one.

“Steve.” Darcy used a finger to trace under her eye, getting rid of a stray tear, “Steve, if you want to fight with me. Scream at me and have me scream back at you, if that is what you are looking for…I can do that.”

Steve jerked back away from her slightly.

“I can scream and throw things and fight with you all day long. But I don’t want to.” Darcy paused as she felt the sobs trying to make their way out of her throat. She kept her mouth closed stubbornly, waiting for the feeling to subside. Her voice quavered when she continued, “You are important to me. Tony is important to me. The baby is important to me. And I would fight for all of you, to the death. I swear it. But, I don’t want to die fighting. I want to live.”

Steve’s eyes shined as tears welled up, he let out a choking sound and hunched over. Darcy looked to Tony a little worried, Tony slid closer to them, his knees bumped into Steve’s. Tony then grabbed her hand and just held it, then nodded and motioned for her to continue. She scooted closer to Steve and stroked his hair as she spoke, “I love you Steve. And yes, I ran away, because I was sad and I was embarrassed. I don’t like fighting in front of people, especially couple-y relationship type fights. It’s…an emotional scar type situation from my childhood. So, yeah I fled and hid in the workshop where I knew you couldn’t follow.”

“I’m sorry.” Steve mumbled as he lifted his head and stared at her with his tearstained face. “I’m so so sorry Darcy.” Steve repeated.

“I just..I told Sam and then you got so mad and I was confused. I didn’t..I know why you said you were mad, but I knew I was right I knew Sam wouldn’t betray us. So after I gave you some space, and you still didn’t want to talk to me or talk about why you were mad at me, I got angry. And I acted rashly. Spitefully.”

Darcy cupped his face with her one hand, and she nodded, “I understand all that Steve.”

Steve just mumbled, “I’m so sorry, I’m sorry Darcy.” And he began crying again. Darcy shushed him and Steve folded himself into her lap, and cried against her legs. Darcy let go of Tony’s hand and hunched over and hugged his back.

When Steve’s tears abated, and he and Darcy both sat up again, Tony cleared his throat and muttered, “I need a fucking drink.”

But he made no move to get up. He just shifted and changed his sitting position, moving away from Steve slightly. And Darcy was grateful.

Tony moved his head from side to side, cracking it, as he said, “So, are we all good now. About Steve being an asshole? Are you sorry you were an asshole, officially?”

Steve nodded. Tony clapped his hands together and exclaimed, “Great! So, Darcy do you forgive him for acting like a petulant child? For turning around and doing the exact same thing he got in trouble for, again just because he was sour and pissy you wouldn’t fight with him or talk to him?”

Darcy nodded, “I wouldn’t put it that way, but yeah. I forgive Steve.” She turned and looked Steve in the eyes. “I forgive you Steve. Don’t…don’t put me in that position again. Don’t push me, don’t bully me, don’t…try and hurt me, just because you’re feelings are hurt. Okay?”

Steve closed his eyes briefly as he nodded, “I won’t. I’m so sorry Darcy. I’m so ashamed, you have no idea how bad I feel about—everything. I’m sorry.”

Tony waved his hand in the air, summarizing, “I’ll never do it again, blah, blah, blah, we get it. Also might I add, in addition to not wanting to hurt Darcy, you must also realize I will destroy you if you pull anything like this ever again.”

Darcy rolled her eyes and pinched Tony’s bicep, chastising, “Tony!”

He muttered a whiney sounding, “Hey!” As he rubbed the spot she pinched. “But I digress. What I was really trying to do was to move on to discussing what Wanda revealed. You know, about you being afraid of Darcy and I’s epically romantic relationship, feeling isolated, overall not really liking the world, being appropriately jealous of me in all the ways.”

“Tony!” Darcy scolded again.

“I’m sorry Steve.” Tony said softly, sincerely. It was a sentence that surprised her and Steve, as evident by their twin raised eyebrows.

“I’m sorry I haven’t been…here for you, emotionally or whatever. You know, when I agreed to this whole threesome thing, I thought for sure there would be more double penetration and less penetrating introspection.” Darcy huffed out a laugh and lightly slapped Tony’s arm with the back of her hand. Tony caught it and kissed her knuckles.

“I love Darcy more than I’ve ever loved anything or anyone in my entire life. It’s why I record her all the time. It’s why I’ve got a pair of PI’s trailing that Killgrave guy. It’s why I’m building a drone to kill that son of a bitch. It’s why I can’t wait for the party tomorrow, so I can tell the world who she is to me, how happy we are. My love for her is all encompassing.” Tony let her hand go.

Steve looked up as Tony turned his gaze onto him. Tony put his hand on Steve’s shoulder and gave it a squeeze, “I guess my love for her kind of blinded me to you, because I don’t love you Steve. I like you, but I’m not willing to let you stick your dick inside me, just because Darcy asks. Not yet anyway.”

Steve looked alarmed and Tony chuckled as Darcy assured Steve, “He’s joking, and I didn’t ask him to let you fuck him. He’s joking.”

Tony pouted at her, “Did you have to explain? I was enjoying the panic face.”

“Tony.” Darcy said sternly.

“Alright, alright, what I’m really trying to say is---” Tony took his hand off of Steve’s shoulder and smoothed out his moustache with his pointer finger, “What I’m trying to say is that I…assumed we’d be closer. And instead I feel like we are friendly acquaintances. Like we could be friends, but aren’t…yet. You feel me?”

Darcy frowned; she had thought they were friends already. Not exactly besties, but friends.

Steve nodded his head slowly, “Agreed.”

“Yeah, so what I’m saying is, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t make more of an effort to get to know you. Steve, I…I admittedly have some negative memories associated with your--” Tony gestured up and down to Steve’s body with his hand, “Whole persona, due to dear old dad. But, that’s not your fault. And I shouldn’t hold my deep seeded emotional scars against you, because you have nothing to do with them.”

Darcy smiled and scooted closer to Tony so she could put her arm around his shoulders, silently offering up what comfort she could. She knew talking this honestly with Steve, was hard for Tony, and he was doing so well, she was so proud of him!

Tony put his hand on her thigh as he continued to talk, no longer looking Steve in the eye, Tony rambled on, “I’m happy for you Steve, I’m glad you made a friend. I’ve been on this planet, for more years than I’d like to admit whilst in the presence of my twenty something girlfriend and I only have four real friends to speak of. And one of them I built, so I’m not sure he even counts.”

Darcy leant down and kissed Tony on the temple, whispering, “If you round up, I’m thirty.”

“You’re twenty six Darcy. I’m forty. And he, he’s twenty seven. And the peak of human perfection.”

Darcy brushed back Tony’s hair, “My birthday’s in November, and then I’ll be twenty seven and we’ll only have thirteen years between our ages.”

Darcy knew the age gape bothered Tony. He hadn’t told her so much as made little comments that all added up to his age being one of his insecurities. The size of Steve’s dick being bigger, Steve’s muscles, Steve’s handsomeness, Steve’s earnest nature, Steve’s bravery, Steve’s taller height, were all also, touchy subjects with him. Darcy smoothed away his furrowed brow with her fingers.

“Redirect.” Tony said, before taking Darcy’s hand and moving it away from his face, he quickly kissed the fingertips she had just used to soothe him. And then he was looking away from her completely and focusing on Steve, “You know, I was worried about you, that you would never be able to acclimate. That you would freak out and run away. That Darcy would fall in love with you and forget about me and you two would leave me. That Darcy and I, that we would be you’re whole world, and you would never be able to integrate with society. That the baby would like you more than me, just because you’re going to get to play Mr. Mom all day. That the only people you would ever trust would be us. That you would poison Darcy against me.”

Steve looked so surprised and…relieved. “Tony, I could never steal or poison Darcy or her baby against you.”

Tony kicked Steve’s foot slightly with his own as he jeered, “Well, duh. I’m just sharing my worries. My fears. The thoughts that plagued me, every now and again, making me feel insecure….”

Steve looked skeptical when Tony admitted to feeling less than one hundred percent confident all the god damn day long and Darcy understood. Tony was a phenomenal actor. He projected an image to everyone, and that is only what they saw, if he didn’t want them to see any deeper. Tony sighed, “I’m trying to relate to you dumbass.”

Steve chuckled.

“I’m glad that this Sam guy seems to be the best friend in training you never knew you needed. I’m glad you have someone who knows us, our situation, and your past. I wish you had waited more than a day to reveal all that, but c’est la vie right? As they say, water under the bridge.”

Tony chuckled self-deprecatingly, “You and I. We, haven’t bonded or had any real quality time together---I…I’m not so good with people. At all really, I don’t like doing this, ‘feelings’ talk thing either, but I’m willing to endure it for Darcy…for you.” Tony looked at Steve, his eyes shining with the kind of intensity she only saw from him when he was balls deep inside of her. Steve seemed to comprehend how serious Tony was being and what a big deal it was, if his expression was anything to go by.

“I just want you to know, that I’m here too. I’m available. I’m here if you need a friend, someone to talk to about…war stuff, Darcy stuff, world stuff. Whatever.”

“I can be your friend too.” Tony promised quietly. He looked so sincere; it stole Darcy’s breath away.

“Thank you.” Steve and Tony stared at each other for a long moment, before Steve broke and looked away out the window.

Darcy sniffled as tears born out of just, all the emotions they were experiencing, flowed down her cheeks. Darcy threw herself back onto the top mattress behind her. It was a really exhausting day. “I need another nap.” She muttered.

Tony crawled up next to her and snuggled into her side. Steve joined them a few seconds later.

They all lay in the bed staring at the ceiling.

“Jarvis, hit the lights. Hold my calls. And don’t let the wonder twins knock on the door.” Tony called out.

The lights dimmed and the electric curtain closed, blocking off the setting sun from their room.

Darcy was asleep within in minutes.






Chapter Text

Chapter 23 – F is for Friendship

Friday Evening

Steve rubbed her belly gently until she woke up. “Darcy.” He called out, “Wake up sweetheart.”

Darcy blearily blinked her eyes. “Why?” She whined as she turned and burrowed her face into his chest, seeking out warmth.

Tony molded his chest to her back and rubbed her thigh. “You haven’t eaten anything of substance since breakfast, or so I’m told.”

“’m not hungry.” Darcy grumbled. Tony slipped his hand under her shirt and took over the belly rubbing duties as Steve began stroking her hair.

“Feed me Seymour.” Tony sad in a comically deep voice.

Darcy felt the smile tugging at her lips, but stubbornly shook her head.

“Feed me SEYMOUR!” Tony repeated getting louder and lightly tickling her side. Darcy wiggled trying to evade his hand.

“No!” She whined playfully as she turned and buried her face into the mattress.

“But I’m HUNGRY.” Tony bellowed, swatting her behind playfully.

“UGH! FINE!” Darcy pushed her body up, so she was on her knees, but her face was still on the mattress, sort of in a downward dog position. “What time is it anyway?”

“It is seven fifteen p.m.” Jarvis answered robotically.

“Ugg. Gross.” Darcy complained as she moved her head from side to side as she cracked her neck. She felt Tony hop off the bed and heard him leave the room.

Darcy turned her head and looked at Steve, who was looking down at her. “You okay?” She asked.

Steve nodded, his hand reaching out to run down her back before sliding underneath her shirt to rest on her lower back. Darcy arched her back, his hand was cold. “I’m just…in awe of you, or something less stupid.”

Darcy gave Steve a half smile as she sat up and put her arms around his shoulders, hugging him tightly, “I love your stupid.”

Steve chuckled and hugged her back, before he walked back on his knees, to the edge of the bed and dragged her off it with him. Darcy clung to Steve like a monkey as he hitched her up higher and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Steve gripped the back of her thighs and headed for the door. Darcy grabbed the edge of the doorframe, halting their exit.

“Steve,” Darcy looked into his eyes, he was so…handsome, and earnest, and kind and sweet and good. And she felt like…there was this thing between them again. This roadblock. This wall. This distance. It made her sad and determined to destroy it. “You have to have sex with me again. Tonight.”

“Darcy,” Steve looked down at her lips, he didn’t seem to know what to say so he just kissed her. And she kissed him back and it felt good and it was sweet and passionate, but still she felt that—broken thing between them.

She worried that nothing could fix it. She worried that she was just an unforgiving, grudge holding bitch, and that she would drive Steve away with her inability to trust him fully ever again, no matter how hard she tried, what she said, or how much she loved him. She didn’t want their first fight to be this thing that loomed over them forever more.

Darcy pulled back and put her hand on Steve’s cheeks, cupping his face in her hands. “Steve. I love you.” She stoked the hair back away from his face, “I need to know you love me too.”

Darcy felt the tears at her eyes, but refused to let them fall, she was sick of fucking crying. “I need you to show me that you love me. I need something tangible. I need you…I just need you to do something.” Darcy looked down at Steve’s chin to avoid looking at his eyes. She sounded like a needy bitch.

Steve turned and put his back on the doorframe, leaning against it, “And I don’t want to make love to you, just to prove something that you should, just be able to feel.”

Darcy grabbed the collar of his t-shirt and fisted it her hands roughly, but spoke softly, “That’s bullshit. Just like soul mates and true love are bull shit. Love is something intangible, an idea, a promise, an action. It’s not like the force! It’s like the wind. Or the tide. It’s real and measurable but, still.. like,…ephemeral—wait, no I mean…ethereal.”

Darcy ran her hands through her own hair, moving it all to one side as she fiddled with the ends of her hair, “And so to prove it we hold weddings and wear rings and invent holidays dedicated to showing love with flowers and chocolates and shit. Love isn’t felt, it’s not hot or cold, or soft or hard, you literally can’t feel it,…but you can see it when it’s shown. Just like good isn’t something you are, it’s something you do.”

She looked up into Steve’s eyes and saw understanding, he spoke in a unsteady voice when he said, “I think, I understand you so much better now.”

Darcy quirked her head to the side, before Steve surged forward and took a step and pinned her against the other side of the doorframe with his body as he kissed her fervently. After a few minutes of heated kissing, he pulled away to say, “I am not having sex or making love to you, just because you need me to show my love for you in a more concrete physical way.”

Darcy pouted.

“What I can do…is be more vocal. Tell you I love you more often. Tell you why I love you. What it is about you that I love. We can do more together. Spend our days together like we did on Thursday, dating, having fun. We can talk more, about our feelings, our pasts, our fears and worries. Share our emotional burdens…I can also make you something, like, a chair or a…boat? I don’t know, I’ll think of something.” Darcy chuckled at that.

Steve looked deep into her eyes as he held her gaze he spoke confidently, “I can show you, without sacrificing, our first real time together.”

Darcy’s brows knitted together, “What do you mean our first real time?”

Steve’s lashes fluttered as he blushed, “Our first real time, in a room, with a real bed. When we really know and love each other. When we really mean the act of ‘making love’.”

Darcy’s eyes glistened as she pressed her lips together and surprised the cry that threatened to escape her throat. She hadn’t known that was how he felt. She didn’t know she felt their ‘first’ time wasn’t really—real. Steve had never explained it that way before. Darcy echoed his earlier words in a slightly wobbly voice, “I think I understand you so much better now.”

Steve’s lips turned up at the ends and then he kissed her tenderly…soulfully. It was a spectacular kiss. And Darcy felt like that thing that was between them, the distance, the wall, the road block….she felt it shrink down to an itty bitty insignificant size.

When they parted Steve laughed and then continued carrying her to the kitchen. As he walked, Darcy put her head down on his muscular shoulder and breathed out, “You should paint the walls of our new bedroom.”

“Yeah Rogers, do another mural, this time, I’m thinking a huge portrait of Darcy, in the nude. Something tasteful, no need to make her look like Jessica Rabbit..” Tony clamored as Steve deposited her onto the chair next to him.

“I don’t think so.” Steve deflected as he went to the counter and picked up a knife and cut two large sections of the foot long sandwich they had apparently ordered for lunch/dinner. He put the two chunks of delicious bread and meat and other stuff onto two plates, he slid one over to Darcy and the other he kept for himself. He stayed on the opposite side from her and Tony, the way he did in the mornings when he was the one cooking.

“I’d like another mural.” Darcy said before picking up her sand which and taking a big bite out of it. Tony took the pitcher of filtered water and poured her a glass and set it down in front of her, before repeating the process for Steve.

“Of the night sky?” Steve asked around a mouthful of food.

Darcy shook her head no and held up a finger so she could finish chewing, “Something else, maybe, trees? A forest?”

Tony grunted, “I hate nature.”

Darcy squinted her eyes at him; Tony rolled his and explained “I mean, I love nature, but…not trees. Wood sucks. What about the ocean?”

Darcy nodded and smiled and gave thumbs up, as her mouth was full and she couldn’t talk.

Steve had no problem talking with his mouth full, “I could try to do a nice ocean-scape.”

“Ocean-scape? Is that even a thing?” Tony questioned before grabbing a bag of potato chops and shaking a couple onto his plate, Darcy made a noise and he poured out a couple for her as well.

“I could make it a thing.” Steve commented breezily, “I could do the ceiling too.”

Darcy smiled, pleased with how not awkward things were.

“YO! You guys done double teaming Sweet Lady D? Or should I run out and get lube? You’ve been at it for like two hours.” Scott announced as he and Wanda entered the room.

Tony scoffed, “You think I don’t have enough lube? Please.”

Scott chuckled as Wanda walked over to Darcy and gave her a slightly damp hug. She and Scott were wrapped in towels and had wet hair, they obviously had been taking advantage of Tony’s amazballs pool.

“You all good?” Wanda asked quietly. Darcy just smiled and nodded at her friend. “Good.”

Scott wedged himself in between her and Tony, he grabbed the bag of chips and started obnoxiously eating them. Tony, bless his heart, ignored Scott’s rudeness in favor of starting a new non-sex related conversation, “So the night is young, tomorrow the house will be flooded with staff that will be running around like ants to get the mansion ready for the party guests. This is our last chance to hang out all together until Sunday, what do you want to do?”

Darcy scrunched up her nose and looked around Scott’s body so she could address Tony, “What do you mean this is our last chance to hang out all together? We have all of Saturday morning and afternoon…don’t we?”

Tony motioned to Scott to move, but when the man didn’t he just pushed Scott back a step so he could turn look at Darcy without the other man’s butt getting in the way, “Tomorrow morning, you and Wanda, will be whisked away for a spa day thing. Manicures, Pedicures, facial scrub, mud bath if you want. The works, whatever you like. You just have to sit and be pampered and relax. Pepper arranged it. Also, Pepper will be there. Surprise!”

Darcy scowled, “What could be more relaxing than dealing with Pepper?”

Tony gave her a tender look, “Pepper’s feels really bad about how she treated you, how she acted, and she’s just trying to make it up to you. To start over, with some girl bonding stuff. Give her a chance?”

Darcy grumbled but ultimately agreed saying, “Sure. Fine. Whatever. Forgiveness for everyone.”

“That’s my little ball of sunshine!” Tony mocked as he got up and disposed of his empty dish.

Scott took advantage and sat down in Tony’s empty chair, swinging his legs and kicking hers. “Soooo, what am I supposed to be doing while my girlfriend and her ‘girlfriends’ get shampooed or whatever.”

Tony shrugged as he made his way over to the bar and poured himself a couple fingers of scotch, “I don’t know. You can hang out here. Get a cab, go somewhere, do…something.” Tony took a long sip.

Steve got up and grabbed her empty dish and his own and put them into the dishwasher as he asked, “And what about us? Or are we just going to do some aimless wandering too.”

“Follow up question, am I banned from the spa thing because I’m a man? That’s sexist. I want to be pampered too! I like mud all up in my crevices.” Scott complained.

Tony turned to them and pointed at Steve with his drink, “You will be going through training with Happy.” He then pointed at Scott and said, “You can go as long as Pepper says it’s okay, Jarvis text Pepper and ask if it’s okay.”

“At once sir.” Jarvis’s disembodied voice answered.

“Training with Happy?” Steve asked as he turned and leant against the sink.

“Yeah, because you’re not Captain America. You’re Steve Rogers. Dedicated body guard to my lovely and beautiful girlfriend, Darcy Lewis. You will not be at the party to party, you will be working. You have to stick to her side like glue, make sure no one tries to kill her or rip her dress off or throw paint on her. You have to do other stuff too, like make up excuses when she doesn’t want to talk to people anymore, secretly whisper some bullshit in her ear, so she can be all, ‘oh no, I’m so sorry there’s a problem in the kitchen, I have to go, it was lovely talking to you’. You know body guard stuff.”

Tony gestured to all of them as he took a drink, “And you all, will not breathe a word about Steve being Darcy’s other boyfriend. He is the help. He is Darcy’s Happy Hogan. That’s all. They can be friendly, they can be close, but they cannot be referred to as boyfriend or girlfriend while the press is around. Is that clear?”

Scott and Wanda nodded, but Darcy frowned, she didn’t like the idea of Steve not being able to party at the party that sounded like isolation to her. Steve didn’t seem to have a problem with it though; he just folded his arms over his chest and commented, “That sounds good.”

Steve looked at Darcy and tugged on his ear lobe, “Tugging on your ear can be your signal that you need me to make up an excuse for you.”

“Sir. Miss Potts, has texted back, she says that Darcy may invite whomever she wants to their little outing.” Jarvis informed them.

Scott turned and gave Darcy a puppy dog pout as he fluttered his eyes at her, “Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaseeeee? Can I come?”

Darcy rolled her eyes, “Sure. Just don’t get an erection and/or get us thrown out due to said erection.”

Scott snapped his fingers and pointed a finger gun at her, “No promises.” Darcy just shrugged.

“Yeah,” Tony said airily as he walked away from them and headed for the couch in the living room. Scott and Wanda and Steve hopped up and followed behind him. Darcy waited a moment, as she felt the urge to vomit rise up inside her. She closed her eyes and willed the feeling away, and for some reason…it worked. Hooray for little miracles.

“Why are you talking like I’ll be alone during the party? Won’t you be with me Tony?” Darcy called out as she grabbed her water and made her way into the living room where her friends and boyfriends had seated themselves on the couch.

“Of course,” Tony asked from the couch, “But, I’m the host. And I told you Obie’s bringing those military guys, I have to sooth a few ruffled feathers. I might have insinuated that a few key players didn’t know their assholes from their arsenals and should kindly shut the fuck up when I’m speaking. Apparently I’m going to be making amends, Rhodey’s chaperoning me.”

Darcy put her glass of water down on the coffee table and surveyed the seats her friends had chosen. Wanda and Scott were in the middle. Tony was as far from them as possible, he sat at the end of the couch his arm resting comfortably on the arm rest. Steve was in the middle of the couple and Tony. There was space for her to sit in between her guys.

“There will also be a lot of deliveries being made tomorrow. I think Darcy ordered some stuff, a couch or something. I have people coming to set up some outside lighting, tables, chairs, and other party paraphernalia.” Tony stopped talking and took a long pull from his glass. Darcy went over to him and plucked the tumbler from his loose grip and placed it next to her water glass.

Tony pouted but, Darcy just sat on his lap and patted his head, saying, “You’re making me jealous with your ability to drink. Stop being so obvious about it.” She stuck her feet under Steve’s thigh, where it was warm.

Wanda sighed and rested her head against Scott’s shoulder, “I do miss my occasional ‘Sex on the Beach’’s.”

Scott sat up and exclaimed, “You want sex on the beach? I will give you sex on the beach, quick, Tony, where’s the closet beach?”

Wanda slapped his arm lightly, “The drink silly!”

“Ooooh.” Scott bent his head and quickly pecked Wanda on the lips, “Yeah, no drink-y for you my baby mama. Sorry.”

Wanda pouted and Scott leant in and kissed her again, this time with an obscene amount of tongue.

Darcy rolled her eyes as her friends got lost in each other. She smiled at Tony as began kissing her neck, and Steve slid closer to Tony and she on the couch, and further away from Wanda and Scott. Steve picked up her socked feet and began massaging them. Darcy made a groaning sound and closed her eyes as her head fell back onto the arm of the couch.

Tony took advantage and began leaving more aggressive kisses all over the sensitive skin of her neck. It felt sooooo good.

Darcy’s eyes shot open as Scott let out a loud moan, not unlike her own. This duel make out session was weird. It had to stop.

Darcy sat up straighter and kicked her feet a bit, signaling to her boyfriends, she was not in the sexy times mood. “JARVIS PLAY YODELING!”

The sound of a woman yodeling filled the air. It wasn’t unpleasant, the woman yodeling had a good voice, but still, it had the desired effect and successfully killed the mood. Scott’s head shot up and Wanda began giggling.

Tony sighed into her ear and whispered, “Later” before he called out authoritatively, “Jarvis cut it out.”

The music stopped. One look at Steve’s face had Darcy in stitches. He looked so grateful that the music was shut off. He apparently didn’t appreciate the art of the yodel.

“I also want to take Steve shopping tomorrow. Online or in person,” Tony picked up talking like the little duel make out sessions had never occurred, “I’m going to get my end tables tomorrow!”

Darcy laughed at the passion Tony used when talking about his end tables. “I would have picked some out for us eventually.”

A corner of Tony’s mouth lifted as he retorted, “Yeah. Right.”

Darcy pinched Tony lightly on the nose, which prompted him to pinch her butt. Darcy gave him the stink eye and he smiled genuinely at her, then quickly kissed her on the lips.

She jumped slightly when Wanda shouted loudly, “OH!” She stood up, “I almost forgot you’re presents!” Wanda began running out of the room, calling out over her shoulder, “Be right back!”

Darcy looked at Scott and raised a questioning eyebrow. “Presents?”

Scott copied her and raised his own eyebrow and made ‘hhhrrrm’ sound. Darcy smiled and couldn’t help but laugh. Scott turned and looked at Steve, he licked his lips and scooted closer to Steve saying, “Sup, bro.”

Darcy cackled, and Tony chuckled underneath her, as Steve moved closer to Tony and further away from Scott and his hilarious face. “Scott stop!” Darcy protested as Scott bit his lower lip in an exaggerated fashion and gave Steve they awkward-est come hither stare.

“Yeah, you’re weird-ing out a national treasure Lang! Cut it out.” Tony added, which only prompted Scott to add this weird head bobble thing, to his weird face and seduction eyes. Steve slid closer to Tony so that they were thigh to thigh. He then picked up Darcy’s feet and extended them, as if to ward off Scott getting any closer to him.

Darcy bent over laughing when Scott cut out all his weirdness and asked innocently, “Too much?”

Darcy got up and planted herself in between Steve and Scott. She hugged Scott tightly. “I love you man.”

Scott hugged her back and patted the back of her head lightly, using a mock whisper he warned, “Shh. Darcy not in front of them. Save it for later ba-by.”

Darcy laughed and sat back, leaning against Steve’s arm. Darcy smirked at Scott, “I don’t know why, but when you do embarrassing things, I find it strangely attractive.”

Scott blushed adorably at her compliment, he opened his mouth to respond but just then Wanda burst into the room, her arms filled with wrapped boxes, she proudly proclaimed, “PRESENTS!”

Wanda put the gifts onto the little table in front of the sofa, and Scott and she sprung forth at the same time to quickly move her water and Tony’s drink, before they got knocked over. Darcy handed Tony back his tumbler, and he threw back the rest of liquor in one chug. Scott held her water glass out to her, but she shook her head, “You hold it, I’ve got presents to open.”

“We didn’t know what to get you, seeing as one of you is a billionaire and thus capable of buying…like anything we thought you could use as a ‘house warming’ present.” Wanda explained as she knelt on the other side of the coffee table and arranged the boxes more precisely.

“So,” Scott added, as he took a sip of her water, “We got you some stuff, we thought you’d never think of getting for yourself instead.”

Tony frowned, “Like gag gifts?”

Scott wavered his head side to side and explained, “Not gag gifts per say. More like, unconventional house warming gifts.”

“He got you unconventional house gift. I got you normal ones.” Wanda clarified, then she shot Tony a look, “So, just act like you like it even if you don’t okay?”

Tony nodded and agreed, “Sure. I do it every Christmas with Happy.” He leant over and mock whispered into Steve’s ear, “Banana chocolate. I mentioned I liked it once, and every year since, Happy gets me chocolate for Christmas.”

“Okay, my gifts first!” Wanda chirped happily. She picked up three identical thinly wrapped floppy packages, “This one is for you, this one is for Steve, and this one is for Tony.”

Wanda looked at them all expectantly, as they all weighed and bent their gifts trying to figure what was inside, “OPEN THEM!”

Darcy startled, but immediately began unwrapping her gift. Steve and Tony stilled and watched as Darcy squealed in delight and held up her gift so everyone could see. It was a little baby onesie, made to look like a mermaid. It was so small and cute, it had little tan seashells on the top and an aquamarine scalloped scale thing on the bottom, it even ended in a little tail!

Tears shimmered in her eyes as Darcy exclaimed, “OH MY GOD! It’s adorable!”

Wanda smiled hugely as she pointed out, “There’s something else, it fell on the floor.”

Darcy picked up what fell and then she was laughing, “Awww. It’s a baby shark sack. So it will look like the baby got eaten!”


Tony laughed at that, remarking, “Okay, that’s pretty fucking cute.”

Steve just rubbed her back and smiled.

Wanda stuck her tongue out at Scott, “Nah, see! I knew she would like it.”

Scott held his hands up in the air, “I never said she wouldn’t.”

“Yes, but you think that you got better gifts than me. But look at that smile.” Wanda pointed at her face and Darcy gamely turned to Scott so he could see her smile more clearly, “That’s an adorable baby clothes induced smile. Nothing beats that!”

Scott just brought Darcy’s water glass to his lips and whispered, “We’ll see.” Before he downed the rest of the water.

“Okay, now that I know adorable baby clothes are in your packages, open them up! I want to squee!” Darcy ordered, turning back to Steve and Tony.

Both men began obediently opening their gifts. Steve got his opened faster and chuckled as he held it up for Darcy to see, it read ‘I’D FLEX BUT I LIKE THIS ONESIE’.

“Oh. It’s so cute!” Darcy cooed as she snatched it out of Steve’s hands.

“And it’s so perfect because Steve has all the muscles!” Wanda added, causing Steve to laugh and actually curl his bicep and flex for them. “Whooo! See that’s what I’m talking about!” Wanda cheered.

“I think you missed your calling as a male stripper Steve.” Tony joked with a smirk.

Steve put his arms down and blushed, before mumbling, “Thank you Wanda. It’s very sweet.”

“Okay, me next.” Tony announced as he finished unwrapping his gift. He didn’t say anything and since Darcy was sitting on the other side of Steve’s large muscle-y frame, she couldn’t see it so she impatiently shouted, “Hold it up Tony! I wanna see too!”

Tony held up the romper. It was all white except for the orange lettering and grey assortment of tools on the front, it read, ‘Daddy’s Little Mechanic.’ Darcy felt herself getting misty eyes again, it was too perfect. And Tony seemed to think so too, because he wasn’t speaking, he wasn’t joking, or quipping, he was just staring at the little onesie with this…expression of awe on his face. He was also obviously fighting back tears, his eyes were totally glistening.

Wanda looked nervously between Tony and the jumper, “I thought since you were a ‘mechanical engineer’ it would be…cute. Maybe I was wrong?”

Darcy rushed to reassure her, “No. No, no, no. It’s perfect. Really perfect Wanda. Thank you so much.” Darcy got up and walked over to wear Wanda was sitting on the floor and extended her hand down to the girl to help her up onto her feet. Once the other woman was standing she wrapped her arms around the girls slender frame and hugged her tight.

To their surprise, another set of arms came to wrap around them. Darcy turned to see Tony. He sounded choked up when he mumbled, “Thanks for the gift.”

Darcy pressed her lips together so she wouldn’t cry. Tony hugged them for a few more seconds, before he pulled back and kissed Wanda on the forehead before kissing Darcy on the cheek. He then murmured, “I’ll be right back.”

He left the room quickly, with his baby onsie clutched tightly in his hand.

Wanda looked a little amused at Tony’s reaction. She turned on Scott and pointed her finger at the door that Tony had disappeared from, and said sassily, “Beat that!”

Scott raised his eyebrows and waggled them causing she and Wanda to giggle, “Challenge accepted.”

“Okay, let’s start with the small but powerful.” Scott said as he picked up a tiny box and patting the seat next to him. He crooked his finger at Darcy and she smiled and quickly made her way back to the seat in between Scott and Steve. Wanda followed and sat on the other side of Scot.


Scott put the little box in her hand and picked up and held an identical box in his lap. “Open it D. Show these fools, I know how to do presents.”

Darcy shook her head with a laugh and then set about opening the tiny jewelry sized box. Inside was a pin, with a dinosaur on it. She picked it up and read the words that were on the little enamel lapel pin aloud, “Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling?”

She gave Scott a strained smile, “Thanks?”

Scott pouted, “You don’t get it?”

Darcy grimaced and shook her head no. Scott handed her the identical little box, “Here, maybe you just don’t remember, open this one. It’s a set. Or a pair. Or whatever.”

Darcy opened the other little white box and found another pin.

“What the hell is this supposed to be?” Steve shouted angrily as he snatched the pin out of her hand before she had a chance to really read it. Steve’s nostrils flared as he read the words on the pin out loud, “Fuck me gently with a chainsaw? What the hell Scott!”

“It’s a broach.” Scott sassed, “You philistine.”

“OH! Now I get it.” Darcy exclaimed, grabbing the pin back from Steve. She looked at the tiny croquet mallet and the famous quote written in pretty cursive font and smiled at it. “HEATHERS! I love that movie.”

Scott gave Steve and ugly looking smirk, “I know! Isn’t it the funniest dark comedy?” Darcy nodded as she clipped the pins onto the collar of her shirt, turning and arching her back to basically point her boobs at Wanda, showing off her broaches. Scott continued to explain with a smug expression, “I figured, we’re so alike, that you probably loved the movie too, and if you didn’t we could just watch and then you would love it and get it.”

Darcy hopped up and sat on the other side of Scott and gave him a quick hug, “I do love it. Thank you. I forgot about the dinosaurs quote though. JD says that to Veronica right? The dinosaur just looked so much like a Jurassic Park Velociraptor, that I was thrown.”

Tony entered the room with a stark pad in his hand and another tumbler glass, this time filled with a clear colored liquid. Darcy gave his glass a dirty look and Tony defended, “It’s Sprite.” Held up the glass as he sat down next to Steve again, “Look, see the bubbles.”

Darcy smiled placed sat forward a bit on the couch cushions and arched her back and shimmed her shoulders, “Look at my presents!”

Tony eyed her breasts briefly before his eyes flickered up to her color to take in the pins; he smirked, “How very.”

“AH HA! See. Tony gets it!” Scott got up and picked up an oval package, he walked over to Tony and held out the newspaper wrapped gift, “For the man who has everything, and whom is a man of taste.” Scott scrunched his nose at Wanda as he went back to sit down next to her.

Tony put his Stark pad down in his lap and handed his drink off to Steve. Steve took a sip as they all watched Tony rip off the wrapping paper to reveal, “It’s a toilet seat.” Tony said flatly.


“Yeah, but it’s a glitter-y toilet seat.” Scott defended. Everyone turned and looked at Scott. Scott blushed and threw his hands up in the air and yelled, “THE MAN’S A BILLIONAIRE! HE’S HARDER TO SHOP FOR THAN MY EX-WIFE’S COP BOYFRIEND!”

Scott deflated and then said in a small voice, “I did my best.”

Darcy patted him on the shoulder comfortingly, “Well, I love it.”

“Here.” Tony said handing the toilet seat off to her; Darcy took it and hugged the toilet seat. Tony took his drink back from Steve.

Darcy looked over to see Scott still depressingly looking down, so she nudged him with her elbow.

“See, look at me hugging my new favorite toilet seat, Scott.” Darcy nudged Scott with her elbow as she exaggerated her movements and hugged the package more aggressively, “See how much I love it. DO YOU SEE!”

Scott finally laughed. “Yes, I see.”

Scott took the toilet seat out of her hands and put it down on the table, then turned and looked at Darcy seriously, “Do you really like it? I can return it.”

“Dude. I’m a girl. I love the shiny things. You are literally going to install that thing on a toilet, before you go to bed tonight.” Darcy squeezed him lightly on the knee.

“Okay. Well, good.” Scott said with a nod of finality.

Steve leant forward and grabbed the last wrapped gift of the table, he waved it up and down as if he was testing the weight, “Heavy.” He mumbled to himself, before clearing his throat and speaking more loudly, “I guess that means the last one is for me, right Scott?”

Scott nodded, obviously more subdued after his glitter-y toilet seat failed to impress. Steve tore off the newspaper wrapping to reveal…a pretty badass looking frying pan.

“Cool.” Steve said in a surprised tone. The handle of the frying pan was made to look like the hilt of a sword.

Steve waved the frying pan around like he was wielding a sword, before he put it down on his lap and looked at Scott, and said simply, “I like it. Thanks Scott.”

Scott’s face reddened and he sort of garbled his words when he responded, “You’re welcome Captain America.”

Darcy poked him in the ribs with her elbow. “Ixnay on the aptain a!”

Scott frowned, “Sorry.”

“It’s okay. Scott, Wanda, thank you both for the lovely house warming and baby gifts. You didn’t have to. But I’m so glad you did!” Darcy leant into Scott and forced him to lean onto Wanda, and she wrapped them both up in her arms and squeezed them. Unfortunately this sort of pushed her breasts right into Scott’s face and when she released them from the hug, Scott looked as red as a tomato.

“Okay, now that presents time is over, I vote you all get up, no questions asked and follow me.” Tony said with an air snobbery, before he got up and lead them down the hall toward the kitchen, he opened the door that was behind the door that lead to the outside, which Darcy assumed was a pantry closet. It wasn’t. It was a stairs that lead down to a lower level, and a secret room.

“HOLY BALLS! How did it take you five days to show us this fucking room?” Darcy exclaimed as she slapped Tony lightly on the butt, “Seriously, why was this not on the tour!”

The room looked like a private movie theater but better. In the front of the screen were two giant plush navy bean bag chairs, with little black and gold pillows in the middle of them. Scott ran past her and jumped onto the closet one, he missed and fell onto the floor. Wanda rushed over to make sure he was alright.

“I’m good.” Scott said before getting up and sitting back down more gingerly, and pulling Wanda into his lap.

Tony went to the second row where four blush looking navy high back recliner chairs sat side by side on a slightly raised platform. “This place used to be my sex dungeon. I had Happy in here supervising a couple of guys moving out the sex swings and other paraphernalia today. They also installed the chairs and movie screen.” Tony gestured to the room all around them, “My guys do good work right?”

Tony then sat in the middle left recliner and started tapping away at his Stark pad. “Jarvis cue up the movie.”

“There is no way you had a sex dungeon in here, and didn’t show it to me.” Darcy argued as the lights dimmed.

Tony just smirked and put a finger to his lips and shh’d her, “Darcy the movie’s starting, no talking.”

Steve took her hand and lead her over to the chairs where Tony sat, he waved them off, “Go sit over there. Cuddle or whatever, I’m gonna multitask and get some work done.” He looked up and stared into Steve’s eyes and said, “Shoo.”

Steve rolled his eyes and turned to Darcy. And before she knew it, Steve had her in a bridal carry. He stepped down and walked to the front of the big bean bag chair and sat down with ‘humph’. Darcy giggled as she squirmed about and got comfortable.

The loud ‘DUN’ of the Star Wars logo flashing on the big screen made her jump.

“What is Star Wars?” Wanda asked.

Darcy’s jaw dropped, “Jarvis put the movie on pause.” The title scrawl froze; they were watching Star Wars Episode four.

Darcy looked at Wanda and made a ‘WTF’ face, “You’ve never seen Star Wars?”

Scott winced as Wanda admitted, “No.”

“Neither have I.” Steve offered, trying to make Wanda feel better.

Darcy quickly defended, “He has an excuse, he was frozen in metaphorical carbonite.”

“It wasn’t metaphorical.” Tony added from the back. Darcy scowled at him and he just gave her a shit eating grin.

“Babe.” Scott said mournfully. Then he looked at the screen and frowned, “Well, we can’t start with this one, do you have the prequels Tony?”

Darcy gasped and put a hand to her chest, “We can’t start them off on the prequels, are you insane?”

“What? Technically, the prequels are the beginning of the story!” Scott scoffed.

“Fuck you and you’re garbage opinion! Original trilogy first!” Darcy pumped her arm in the air.

“Prequels!” Scott copied her.

“Original chronological order!” Darcy reaffirmed with another arm pump.

“Canon chronological order!” Scott rebutted copying her arm motions.

“Princess Leia!” Darcy shouted.

“Queen Amidala!” Scott shouted back.

“I don’t like sand! It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere!” Darcy shouted the famously terrible line of dialogue.

“Uuuuuuuur Ahhhhhhrrrrrr Uhrrrrrr Ahhhhhrrrrr Aaaaarhg!” Scott imitated Chewbacca’s grunting noises, causing Wanda and Steve to crack up.

“CHEWBACCA didn’t get a medal!” Scott argued, adding with flair, “EWOKS!” Then he pretended to drop an invisible microphone.

She and Scott turned to Tony at the same time and whined, “TONY!”

Tony smirked, took the time to take a sip of his soda before he answered, “Original trilogy.”

“YES!” Darcy celebrated bouncing up and down on Steve, she then pointed at Scott and exclaimed, “Suck it prequel boy!”

The movie resumed playing.

“BOY?” Scott squawked indignantly.


Entertainment Room

Darcy’s Mermaid Romper

Darcy’s Baby Shark Wrap

Steve’s Baby Romper

Tony’s Baby Romper “Daddy’s Little Mechanic”


Heathers CROQUET pin

Sparkly Toilet seat for

Steve’s Frying Pan

Chapter Text

Chapter 24 – Saturday, Strange Bed Fellows

Saturday Morning

Darcy woke up with a grunt as an elbow dug into her side. “Ow.”

“Sorry.” Scott apologized in a scratchy sounding voice.

Scott turned so they were butt to butt. She could feel his pert posterior squirming against her own, until he found a more comfortable position and stilled.

“Wha-?” Wanda asked in a sleep laden voice.

“Nothing babe.” Scott answered, Darcy heard the sound of kissing.

Darcy snuggled her face into Tony’s chest. She assumed he was awake by the sound of his breathing. It wasn’t deep or slow. Tony confirmed her suspicions by directing a sweet smile her way when she opened her eyes. Darcy lazily smiled back at him.

“Hi.” Tony whispered.

Darcy reached up and ran her fingertips over Tony’s lips and responded, “Good mornin’”

Tony pulled her tighter against his slender but muscular frame. Darcy moved closer. She put her leg over and in between his. Moving so half of her body was on top of his, and her butt no longer touched Scotts. Tony began stroking the naked skin of her shoulder, exposed by her sleep tank top.

“I’ve got to get up soon.” Tony admitted quietly.

Darcy made an unhappy noise of pure denial.

“Steve’s been up for a couple hours already.”

“Ugh.” Scott grumbled from beside them, Scott sounded so disgusted by the idea of waking/getting up, Darcy couldn’t help but smile against Tony’s skin as she kissed his shoulder.

“We’ve all got to get up soon.” Tony said pointedly.

Darcy felt Tony kick out his foot; Scott made an affirmative ‘mmhmm’ noise even as he kicked out to try to kick Tony back. He actually kicked her.

“Mmrrrr.” Darcy angrily grunted and slapped at Scott’s body blindly with her arm. When Scott pinched her butt, Darcy turned away from her handsome sexy boyfriend, so she could slap at Scot more viciously. They got into a hand slapping fight. Wanda and Tony, made annoyed noises, but she and Scott ignored them. Darcy grabbed Scott’s ear and started pulling. Scott in return pinched her nose.

“Jarvis, play the wake up Darcy mix1.” Tony commanded, and a second later the sounds of Blur’s “Song2” filled the room. Darcy smiled as the British rock song’s drum intro filled the room. She and Scott smiled at each other and Darcy let go of his ear and Scott let go of her nose. They both yelled out “woo-hoo” at the same time.

Darcy couldn’t stop her hips from moving with the beat. Tony got up and threw the covers off of all of them, a dopey smile on his face. Wanda grumbled and rolled off of the bed onto the lower level of the eternity bed, as she and Scot got up on the bed and started jumping and singing along to the chorus,

When I feel heavy-metal
And I’m pins and I’m needles
Well, I lie and I’m easy
All the time but I am never sure
Why I need you”

Darcy laughed and grabbed Scott’s hands as they bounced. Darcy cackled as Scott began playing a wicked air guitar. Not to be out done, Darcy began doing some epic hair flips/head banging.

“My god, he really is the male version of you, isn’t he?” Tony commented before disappeared into the bathroom.

When the song ended, Darcy could feel her heart racing, and sweat beginning to form on her brow. Just before the second song started, Steve stepped into the room. “Having fun?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.

A Bon Jovi classic started to play. Instead of answering Steve, Darcy pointed at him and sang, “Darling you give love a bad name.”

Scott jumped off the bed, and roused Wanda into standing up and letting him hold her, so he could dance with her. Wanda had a bleary smile on her face. Scott let her rest her head on his shoulder as he swayed them back and forth and around in a circle, all the while he sang along.

Darcy crooked her finger at Steve, and beckoned him forward as she sang along as well.

“An angel’s smile is what you sell
You promise me heaven then put me through hell”

Steve came to the end of the bed and Darcy jumped into his arms, supremely grateful when he caught her. Darcy wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him, despite her morning breath. She was in a really good mood..

“Take me to the bathroom?” Darcy requested as she bobbed her head along with the beat.

Steve carried her into the bathroom and Darcy couldn’t resist as the chorus of the song came on, she sang directly into his ear,

“Shot through the heart
And you’re to blame”

Tony pointed his tooth brush at her as he joined in singing with a tooth paste filled mouth, “You give love a bad name!”

Steve put her down onto her feet and Darcy wasted no time in picking up her toothbrush and using it as microphone to finish out the chorus,

“I play my part and you play your game
You give love a bad name
You give love, a bad name”

Steve folded his arms in front of him and leaned his butt against the sink and watched her and Tony rock out, tooth brush style. Darcy swung her hips from side to side as she loaded up her tooth brush with tooth paste. Tony spit out his and rinsed off his brush before putting his electric tooth brush back into its charging stand.

Tony then began stripping, and headed for the shower. The glass encased shower. Darcy brushed her teeth thoroughly as she danced in place. Her eyes were trained on Steve, as he seemingly tracked Tony’s movement across the room. Darcy was surprised when Steve started blushing and finally averted his eyes. Darcy looked at Tony in the mirror’s reflection. He was naked and under the spray, singing along with the music and shaking his naked ass jauntily.

Very interesting.

Darcy finished brushing her teeth and poured herself a little cup of mouthwash. She swished the purple burning liquid about in her mouth, and when the song ended she spit it out.

“Jarvis, play Destiny’s Child ‘Bootylicious’.” Darcy ordered with a smirk. The Stevie Nicks guitar sample began to play and Darcy chuckled as she heard Scott yell out from the other room, “Kelly can you handle this?”


Darcy looked in the mirror to see Tony begin to shake his ass in a very Beyonce way. It was hilarious and hot. Steve apparently thought so too, because now he was staring blatantly at Tony with wide eyes, and red tinged ears and cheeks.

Darcy stared at Steve as he swallowed thickly, his Adams apple moving up and down his throat. Darcy was kind of mesmerized by Steve’s face in that moment. Watching all the different emotions flicker across his face was fascinating. Darcy licked her lips and wondered if Steve would mind if she teased him a little bit more…

Darcy took a step to the side, blocking Steve’s view of Tony. If possible Steve bushed even redder. He shook his head, and began to deny, “I wasn’t look…”

Darcy ignored him and peeled of her tank top off, letting her heavy breasts bounce free. She maintained eye contact as she threw the tank thoughtlessly on the floor. “I’m going to join Tony in the shower.” She announced.

Darcy pulled down her panties and sleep shorts in one fluid motion. When she stood back up, she kicked them off her feet and looked at Steve with an inviting grin. She asked, “Wanna join?”

Darcy looked into the mirror behind Steve’s shoulder, to check on what Tony was doing. He was standing in the water, stoking his dick, his eyes trained on them. She let her eyes drift back to Steve, “I’m sure Tony wouldn’t mind.”

Steve stood up straighter and looked over her head at where Tony was in the shower. His jaw dropped open, but he quickly snapped it closed. The song ended.

“Jarvis, play ‘Feels Like the First Time’ by Foreigner.” Darcy ordered softly. The song began playing, Steve’s eyes snapped back to her. Darcy ran her hand over Steve’s cheek, “You don’t have to join us if you don’t want too.”

Steve looked like he wanted too, but also a little panicked. Darcy stepped forward, closing the distance between her and Steve. She took his arms and moved them away from his chest and put them on the counter at his sides. She stepped closer until they were chest to chest. She wrapped her arms around his waist and stepped onto his sneaker clad feet so she could have enough height to nuzzle her face into his neck. Lightly kissing and nipping the skin there, she confessed, “I’ve really come to enjoy morning sex Steve.”

She let her hands rove up and down his body. She slipped her hands under his tight grey t-shirt, tracing his abs with her fingers. She could feel his hard dick against her stomach. Darcy pulled back and looked into Steve’s eyes, “I really need a couple orgasms to start my day off on the right foot.”

She leaned in to kiss him slowly. Slowly going in for the kill.

Their lips brushed against each other softly, almost hesitatingly at first. Darcy pulled back and took her hands out from under Steve’s shirt so she could wrap her arms around his neck. She blinked slowly then pressed her lips against his harder. Steve groaned and opened his mouth, letting her slip her tongue inside.

And just like that, it was like something inside Steve snapped.

His hands went to grab her ass, so quickly and so hard, that an audible ‘smack’ sound could be heard throughout the room. Steve hitched her up higher, and Darcy obliged by wrapping her legs around his waist.

Steve groaned into her mouth as he slipped his tongue inside her mouth and began licking at her tongue with his. Steve pushed off from the counter and walked forward determinedly. He didn’t stop until Darcy’s back hit the wall of the glass shower. She could hear the water still running. She turned her head and saw that Tony was right there. On the other side of the glass.

Steve attacked her neck with his lips. Darcy felt her eyes flutter at the sensation. When he began to suck at the tender skin, Darcy slapped his arm, and directed, “Not so hard, no hickeys.”

Steve pulled back and stared at her with wide eyes. She could see it, the fear, the shame, all the sorrow he felt at having let himself and his self imposed chastity down. Darcy could see that she made a mistake. The spell had been broken, Steve would back away scared and--

From beyond the glass, Tony commanded in a gruff voice, “Suck on her tits.”

Darcy whipped her head to the side to see Tony staring at them, with this…intense look on his face. Darcy let her gaze fall to his penis, which Tony was stroking slowly with a sudsy hand. Darcy let out a distracted cry as Steve followed Tony’s instruction and put his mouth on her tit, surrounding her nipple in a pleasant wet heat of suction.

Darcy let her hands fall to the back of Steve’s head, her fingers threading in his hair.

“Pinch her other nipple.” Tony ordered again.

Steve complied. And suddenly Darcy was feeling slick in between her legs. Steve gently teased her nipple with his hand, squeezing hard then rolling the nub with his thumb. He sucked at her other breast, nipped her nipple with his teeth, then lathered the nipple with his tongue soothingly.

“Switch.” Tony choked out, Darcy glanced over at him as Steve obeyed his instruction. Tony’s forehead was against the glass right besides her face, the hand on his dick was moving quicker. Darcy stared at Tony through the glass; his gaze was focused on her breasts, on Steve, on her breasts.

Steve began rubbing his hips against her. Darcy could feel the outline of his dick through the gym shorts he was wearing, so clearly. Darcy pushed Steve away from her chest with two hands on his shoulders. Steve looked confused for a second before, he realized Darcy’s hands were pulling at the bottom of his t-shirt, trying to remove it. Steve pinned her to the glass with his pelvis and batted her hands away to pull the shirt off himself.

Darcy pulled his head back to hers, so she could kiss his lips again. They kissed passionately. His hands went to her ass. He began kneading the fleshy globes in the most, fan-fucking-tastic manner. Darcy let her head fall back and bang against the glass wall, breaking their kiss, so she could let out a low moan.

“Take off your pants.” This time it was she who gave the order. Steve looked up at her face. Darcy put a hand on his cheek and gave him a pleading look. Steve looked lust drunk, his skin was pink, his lips were slightly swollen, his eyes were dilated, and his hips were still grinding into her.

“Fuck her.” Tony advised in a thick voice. Steve’s eyes flickered to Tony and they she let them stare at each other for a long moment, before she put her hands on either side of Steve’s face. Redirecting his attention back to her, she softly echoed Tony’s words, “Fuck me.”

Steve winced and closed his eyes, “Do you have to say it like that?”

Darcy chuckled and brushed back some hair from Steve’s face, “Jarvis play ‘Everlong’ by the Foo Fighters…on repeat.” Darcy looked up as the song began to play, “Thanks Jarv.”

Looking back down at Steve, she leant in and kissed him briefly on the lips, the action prompting Steve to open his eyes again. Darcy rested her forehead against his and stared into his eyes, “Make love to me Steve?”

She kissed him, “I love you.”

She could feel her eyes watering. “I love you Steve.”

She kissed her way from his lips to his ear, which she also kissed. She took his ear lobe between her teeth and then lips, she sucked on it and then whispered, “Make love to me..Show me how much you love me….”

She pulled back and stared at his lips as she slipped her hand down in between their bodies, and under the waistband of his shorts, “Love me until I scream.”

She gripped the base of his cock, “Love me until my legs feel like jelly.”

She squeezed it slightly before stroking it the little bit she could from her current vantage point, “Love me until I can’t cum anymore.”

She jumped and removed her hand from his pants, when she heard a heavy thud to her left, Darcy looked to see Tony had slammed his fist and head on the glass as he sprayed the shower wall with ropes and ropes of his cum. Tony’s eyes were open as he came, seeing he had her attention Tony moved over and sprayed his cum on what she presumed was the squashed view of her ass on the glass. He leant forward and kissed the glass that separated them. Darcy wiggled in Steve’s arms and he let her down on her feet and Darcy turned and kissed the glass separating her from Tony. Tony’s gaze shifted to Steve as he pulled away from the wall. “Keep going.” He commanded sounding slightly drained.

Steve’s hands came around her body and squeezed at her breasts. Darcy stuck her ass out and grinded it against Steve’s crotch. Tony backed away from them and went back under the spray of the water. Rinsing himself off.

She heard Steve let out a groan as his hand slipped down in between her legs, finding her slick and wet. Tony came back to them. This time positioning himself directly opposite to Darcy. Darcy put her hands on the wall, Tony put his hands up in the same position. Their hands lining up, touching if not for the glass that separated them.

“Take your pants off Steve.” Tony ordered. Darcy spread her legs apart wider.

“Take your pants off Steve,” Darcy repeated, before looking over her shoulder at Steve and adding “I want to feel your skin against mine.” She ground her hips into his crotch so there could be no mistaking what she meant by that.

Steve leant forward and kissed her lips hard. He bit at her lower lip and then pulled back. His body left hers briefly as he pulled his shorts and underwear off. Darcy’s head forward against the glass. She stared at Tony, who watched her face with rapt attention. She gave him a little smile, Tony’s gaze shifted to Steve behind her. Tony then looked her up and down as she mewled, Steve stuck one finger inside her gently.

“Press her against the glass.” Tony said in a hoarse voice, “I want to see her tits up against the glass.”

Steve pressed her forward with his hips, flattening her up against the cool glass. Steve then removed his finger and reentered her from behind. “Oh, fuck.” Darcy gasped breathily.

Steve began to gently fuck his finger in and out of her. Darcy wanted more. She wanted him to stop being so slow and gentle and use those muscles of his to fuck her hard up against the wall like he had the first time, but Steve persisted with his slow rhythm. By the time the song had repeated twice, Darcy was so frustrated she could scream.

“ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?” Darcy screamed. She bumped Steve back away from her with her butt, prompting him to withdraw his finger. She whirled around and pressed her ass to the glass, and crossed her arms in front of her breasts, glaring at Steve. “Two songs? That’s six minutes guess, minimum, of one digit penetration!”

Steve looked confused and ashamed. Darcy deflated, reaching out to Steve and pulling him close to her so she could kiss him. She wrapped one leg around his waist and stuck two fingers into herself, and then quickly three. She was as wet as a water park down there, but she understood Steve’s hesitancy so she continued to digitally stimulate herself.

Steve’s hands went to her breasts as she fucked herself on her own fingers. Steve put his face between her breasts and pushed her tits together, trapping himself there. Darcy let him as she worked herself up. Even if this was as far as they went, if Steve pulled away and jerked off, or just went down on her, or just watched her finger bang herself to orgasm, she would be happy. Because Steve was finally letting her in again. He was trusting himself with her. And that meant more to her than anything.

That didn’t mean she wasn’t going to try her hardest to get him to fuck her against the shower wall, as hard as he possibly could.

Sufficiently and quickly, looser, Darcy let out a breath as she took her fingers out of her vagina and wiped them on her leg. She then pulled Steve’s head out of her breasts by the back of his head. She kissed him softly, stroking his chest as she did. When she pulled away she took one of his hands down to her center, and prompted him to add two fingers inside her, as she explained, “I’m not glass, Steve. You don’t have to worry…”

She closed her eyes as Steve fucked his fingers in and out of her slowly. “I’m not going to break if you use a little…more..more…more…uh.” Darcy moaned as Steve sped up the tempo he was using when fucking in and out of her.

“Add another finger Rogers.” Tony ordered gruffly, surprising Darcy a bit. She had forgotten that he was there.

“She’s not ready.” Steve said with a glare in Tony’s direction.

Darcy closed her eyes and tried not to yell that she had been ready for about ten minutes. She heard Tony let out a chortle, “Yes she is.”

“I’m the one inside of her right now, stop back seat driving.” Steve said huffily as he increased the speed of his fingers. Darcy let her hands wander to her breasts, so she could knead the flesh on her chest and tease her own nipples, while Steve and Tony eye fucked/talked to each other.

“I believe you mean back seat fucking.” Tony quipped.

Steve used his thumb to begin rubbing small circles on her clit. Darcy breathed out a high pitched sounding, “Ah, ah.”

“You see.” Steve said pointedly, Darcy squealed as Steve leant in and kissed her, whilst increasing the rubbing on her clit, causing her to orgasm around his fingers.

Their lips broke apart and Darcy threw her arms around Steve’s neck. He picked her up by the hips, and pinned her against the shower wall again. Darcy wrapped her legs around his waist, but as soon as she had, Steve unwrapped them.

“What?” Darcy questioned with a pout.

Steve just gave her a devilish smirk, “Put your hands flat on the wall behind you Darcy.”

Darcy squinted her eyes at Steve but did as she was told. Steve licked his lips and lifted her up in the air. Her back was still against the shower wall so she slid up it. When her crotch was level with Steve’s head, Steve put her legs over his shoulders. She was so high up, she could almost touch the ceiling.

“You okay up there?” Steve asked as move his hands to her ass, cupping her.

Darcy looked behind her, down at Tony, who stood looking up at her, blinking and looking, begrudgingly impressed. Steve pinched her butt. Darcy pouted and looked back at Steve, who asked again, “Are you steady?”

Darcy spread her arms out a little more and then nodded.

“Good.” Steve said simply then he lowered her body more directly onto his face. And proceeded to fuck her with his tongue. “HOLY MOTHER FUCKING, shit.” Darcy finished her cursing with a whisper.

Steve was able to move his tongue so dexterously over her clit, it was mind blowing. Then he took her weight and shifted it a little bit to his right arm, and then he was fucking her with three of his fingers in addition to the awesome tongue on clit lashing.

Darcy came in under two minutes.

“Wow.” Tony commented as Steve lowered her back down and immediately lined her up with his cock. He practically dropped her onto his dick, but he did so at such a slow and delicate pace, that the transition wasn’t jarring at all.

Darcy turned to see Tony hard again and jerking his dick roughly. Darcy commented conversationally, “You’re hard again already?”

Tony smirked at her, “With a live sex show this impressive? Are you kidding? I’m going to be rocking a semi all day.”

Darcy let out a little laugh just as Steve finally inserted his whole dick inside of her. All of it. It felt so…right, to feel him back inside of her. To be connect to her once again. To be with her, entirely, unabashedly and unequivocally.

Darcy looked at Steve and felt the tears pricking at her eyes. She pressed her lips together as Steve lifted her off his penis and let gravity slide her back down until they were nestled together again. She cupped his face in her hands and pulled his face towards hers so they could kiss. Steve thrust his hips up inside her as she bit his lower lip. He lifted her by the hips and pulled her up and off his dick again, leaving only the head of his penis inside of her body. As he let her body weight drive her down his shaft, Darcy confessed, “I’m so happy right now Steve.”

Steve licked her neck and mumbled against her skin, “I love you Darcy.”

He began to thrust his hips in and out of her a little quicker, “I love you Darcy. I’m sorry I…denied us…this.” He illustrated his point with a hard thrust of his hips, making her let her head fall back and let out a throaty groan. “I don’t know why I was so afraid to let myself love you.”

“You always loved her.” Tony said in a gravelly voice from behind them.

“I’ll always love you.” Darcy said quietly as Tony continued to pontificate as Steve was balls deep inside her, “You always loved her; you just hurt her, and were afraid of doing it again.”

Steve stilled inside her and looked at Tony behind shower glass that separated the three of them.

Tony continued to jerk himself off, “It’s okay, you’re an idiot with women. It’s like, historical fact.”

Steve exploded with laughter. A deep belly laugh that had her jostling on his dick in the most delicious way. “Is that so?” Steve asked as he resumed fucking her in a sedate pace.

Tony nodded, “Play with her tits. You’re ignoring the most magnificent breasts.”

“No, I’m not.” Steve grumbled as he buried himself in her breasts and began mouthing kisses all over her.

“You didn’t know you were hurting her, you didn’t know what was going on, none of us really did….Don’t forget to work the clit; women can’t orgasm from penetration alone, not even on a dick like yours.” Darcy groaned as Steve bit her nipple savagely at Tony’s critique. She kind of wanted Tony to shut the fuck up and at the same time to never stop saying things that prompted these kind of responses from Steve.

Tony continued to talk, “It’s okay. You won’t hurt her ever again….We’ll be too busy making her orgasm her brains out.”

Steve rubbed her clit very quickly and pumped into her in rapid succession and damn, if Darcy didn’t come.

Darcy let out a loud yell, as her inner muscles fluttered around Steve’s dick. Steve slowed his thrusts down, until he finally stilled, allowing her to ride out her orgasm to the fullest.

“Don’t cum. Don’t you fucking cum Rogers.” Tony said in a stern voice. Darcy’s hands went lax as her orgasm made her feel all loose and drained. Steve resumed fucking her with his early ferocity.

“Oh god.” Darcy gasped as Steve gripped her hips, and began ramming himself into her over and over again. The sound of their flesh slapping against each other, echoing against the tiled walls.

“You see. You see how fucking good you are. You don’t have to worry about holding back Rogers. I’m here. Darcy’s right. She’s not glass. She won’t break. If you go too hard or too far, I’ll tell you. I’ll stop you. You don’t have to hold back.” Tony spoke in a strangely kind and comforting voice.

“I’m here…I’m with you.” It was a strange sounding voice because she knew Tony had to be tense as fuck and jerking off furiously.

Steve pulled his face out of her breasts and she saw tears in his eyes. Darcy framed his face with her hands, “Oh, baby.”

Steve looked so sad and grateful and happy as he slowed down the thrusts into her body to confess, “I love you Darcy. I love you so much. I never want to hurt you. I want to love you. I want to make love to you. I want to love you all day and night, whenever you want it. I want to give it to you. Give you all I have.”

Darcy felt the tears rolling down her cheeks before she even knew she was crying, “Oh honey, Steve. Steve, you, I…I love you too. I want to make love to you, but only if you want to do it too. I never want you to do something to please me if you’re uncomfortable with it.”

“No. No. I want this. I want you. Tony’s right. I’ve always loved you….Wanted you. Wanted this.” Steve thrust up hard, and began a steady tempo of hard and speedy thrusts into her body.

Darcy ran her hands through Steve’s hair, and began whispering, “I love you. Love you. Steve. Steve. Love you. St—Steve—teve. Uh, uh, ah! Ah!“

Steve was pounding into her like a jackhammer. He was thrusting in hard and deep and fast. He used the heel of his hand on her clit, rubbing her sensitive button in such a manner that she could no longer form words to describe how she was feeling…unlike Tony.

“I wish you could see her like I’m seeing her. Her ass up against the glass, you’re fucking muscled body, slamming into hers. Making her tits bounce wildly. Her head thrown back. Her mouth open. God, isn’t her pussy tight? Isn’t it wet and hot and better than anything you’ve ever experienced? Isn’t she worth it? Isn’t she a dream come true? Don’t you just want to damn the world and spend the rest of your life balls deep inside her?...Let go should probably cum before you crack the glass.”

Darcy huffed out a laugh that had her pussy clenching around Steve’s cock. And then she felt it, Steve’s cum. Steve groaned and slowed his hips he kept his hand moving, rubbing at her clit, that combined with the liquid currently flooding her insides, had her arching her back as she shook and came again. Her eyes rolled back in her head, she felt so full.

When Steve pulled out of her Darcy let out a whine. She could feel his seed leaking down her thighs. Steve sagged against her, hugging her, pinning her to the glass.

“Jarvis stop the music.” Tony commanded and suddenly the only noise in the room came from the shower head that was still spewing out water onto Tony’s backside, and Darcy and Steve’s panting.

After a moment, Tony knocked on the glass with his knuckles and asked sounding strained, “Hey uh, Darce, you got one more round in you or like, nah?”

Darcy laughed as she turned to see, Tony squeezing himself around the base of his dick, the veins protruding prominently around his neck, “I am totally prepared to take care of this, but if you’re up for it?” Tony raised one eyebrow at her. “I’d love the assist.”

Darcy slipped under Steve’s arm and headed for the door to the shower, calling out, “Jarvis, play Superchick’s ‘Not Done Yet.’”

Darcy went under the spray of the shower head and let the hot water run over her body, wetting her hair and washing away the Steve’s cum from between her legs. Tony came to her and kissed her sloppily, before he lay down on the floor, on his back. Giving her a roguish grin, he held out a hand and beckoned her forward, “Climb aboard.”

Darcy giggled as she lowered herself to the floor, and sat astride Tony’s dick. Tony was barely inside her before he was thrusting wildly between her legs. He was filling her in quick hard motions that had her screaming out, “Oh, oh, oh.”

Her coupling with Tony felt rushed, and lacked his usual finesse. He slammed her down onto his lap with brutish force, her tits were bouncing wildly, she was tempted to cup them to stop their untamed bouncing, but she knew how Tony liked to watch them, so she let them be. Instead she put her hands on his shoulders. Tony was rough and sloppy, he sat up and kissed her with big open mouth kisses, he dragged his tongue all over her tits, he spanked her. He fucked her.

It was awesome.

Darcy came when Tony began pinching her clit. And as soon as she felt the first hint of her orgasm, Tony muttered, “Thank god.”

And then he was coming inside her as well. Finally giving in to that boneless feeling that wanted to take over her body, Darcy collapsed on Tony’s chest.

She didn’t move until she heard the shower door, open up, and saw Steve’s feet walking towards them.

Tony quipped while rubbing her back, “Oh good you're finally here. I can’t move. Carry me back to bed.”

Darcy flicked his nipple as she sat up and reached up her hands, allowing Steve to pull her back onto her feet. Tony despite what he had just said, was quick to get back onto his feet as well.

And for a moment, for a long, super awkward moment, that just stood there. Naked. In the shower. After having sex.

Tony finally seemed to snap out of it, and walked over to where the soaps and stuff were kept, he held up a loofa and walked back over to them and asked, “So, wanna arm wrestle over who gets to wash her front?”

Darcy stuck her tongue out and grabbed the loofa and briskly began cleaning herself. This seem to signal to the guys, that sexy times were over. And it was back to the real world with them.

They all briskly took turns washing themselves quickly and efficiently, no one touching, or helping each other out with those ‘hard to reach places’. Darcy refrained, for fear she really would spend the rest of the day fucking her super hot, suddenly able to share so well in the sexual arena, boyfriends. She assumed it was much of the same quandary for Steve and Tony.

Tony mumbled something to himself about installing multiple showerheads for maximum time productivity, as they got out and wrapped themselves in towels. They sat on the edge of the tub and just drip dried a bit.

Darcy finally gave in to her need for physical contact and leaned against Steve’s shoulder. Her head resting against his hot skin, she let her eyes close. Tony wrapped his arm around her waist and Steve wrapped his arm around her shoulders, tucking her closer into his side.

Darcy let out a heavy breath, before asking, “Do we really have to get dressed and deal with people today?”

Tony chuckled and his arm left her waist as he stood up, “I’m afraid so.” He confirmed.

Steve hugged her tighter.

“But look on the bright side, after you fell asleep last night, I lost a little bet to Scott, so he gets to pick out what we wear all day, not for the party, but our outfits for the party prep time frame.”

Darcy opened her eyes and sat up, her brows knitting together, she shot a questioning look at Tony, “How da fuck did that happen?”

Tony shook his head, and rubbed the spot in between his eyebrows, “You don’t want to know.”

“Uh, yeah I do.”

Steve turned and began, “Well, it started when, Tony bragged about make me dress up as Mr. Smee—“

Tony put his hand over Steve’s mouth, “Never tell her.”

“Tony!” Darcy chastised, pushing Tony’s hand away from Steve’s face.

Tony just glowered at Steve and repeated, “Never!”

Steve sighed heavily, “Fine. I won’t tell her.”

Darcy pouted, “Boo! Penis loyalty.”




Just a reminder, Bed=


Just a reminder, Bathroom, without the fire place/instead has a TV in that spot=

Chapter Text

Chapter 25 – Saturday, Surprise!

Morning, 10-ish

Apparently last night Scott had done some rummaging around in their closet and had picked out some truly heinous outfits for the boys to wear, and for her. Although honestly Darcy didn’t really mind hers. She actually thought it was funny.

Scott had been told about Tony dressing them up as Disney characters and had run with that theme. Boy had he ever!

Tony was wearing this pink and black checkerboard splatter paint inspired short sleeved button up, with pale pink shorts and pink sneakers and these mid calf pink and purple striped socks. He looked a little crazy, but Tony rocked it so naturally that the outlandish outfit looked normal on him.

Steve was in blue and white again. He wore white slacks, black shoes, and a light blue button up with a black bow tie, that Tony had to help him tie into a smart looking bow. He had an blue and white belt that tied the whole thing together.

Looking at Tony’s outrageous pink ensemble, and Steve’s understated blue one, she knew immediately they were the Cheshire Cat and Alice in Wonderland.

“You guys look hilarious.” Darcy chuckled.

Tony just smirked at her as he opened a drawer and pulled out a light pink watch and put it on his wrist, “Don’t lie. I look fabulous.”

Darcy laughed out loud at the silly face Tony pulled. Steve looked in the mirror and frowned, turning to them, he asked, “Why do you all like making me wear baby blue?”

“Brings out your eyes.” Tony said airily as he walked over to Darcy and kissed her on the temple. “I’m hungry, I’ll be in the kitchen.”

Tony left and Steve came over and hugged her towel clad body. His arms lifted her up around the waist so he didn’t have to bend down to kiss her. It was a sweet, content type of kiss. And it had Darcy melting on the inside. When he put her down Darcy just goofily smiled up at his face.

“I’ll fix you a plate.” Steve nuzzled their noses together, before he too left her to get dressed.

Darcy sighed and threw her towel off. Standing naked she went to the mirror to assess her body.. She ran her hand over her neck, glad her guys hadn’t left any marks that would be seen by her dress later that night. She hefted her breasts in her hands, and weighted them, they were feeling a little sensitive. She didn’t know if it was all of the attention they received earlier or a pregnancy side affect.

She grabbed a bright yellow bra from her underwear drawer and some red satin panties and put them on quickly. The outfit that had been left out for her was actually from her own wardrobe. It was a simple yellow, body hugging scoop neck shirt, and her red skirt that had a bow in the middle. There was also a red headband and some black flats. She ignored the earrings and bracelet that were laid out. Once she was fully dressed she looked in the mirror at her reflection again.

She was either one of the Tweedles or she was the white rabbit. Either way she knew exactly how she wanted to accessorize the outfit. She began opening drawers looking for her meager collection of jewelry that she had brought with her. “Aha!” Darcy exclaimed as she found her stuff on the lowest shelf in the smallest drawer.

The necklace was an impulse buy; it was all fake pearls, strung together in the shape of a Peter Pan collar. Darcy put the necklace around her throat and tied the pink ribbon behind her neck in a ribbon bow. Since she was going out she knew she’d need a purse. Tony had lined up, or had someone else, line up a variety of expensive looking purses near the shoes. Just looking at all the various designs and sizes, Darcy knew her new collection of handbags cost as much as it did to put her through college. She chose a medium sized navy blue bag with a big bow on the front, and refused to look at the label.

She threw her hair up into a high pony tail, adjusted her bra and smiled at her reflection.

She gathered her phone and wallet and sunglasses and put them in her new bag. Then she quickly put on some under eye concealed, eyebrow filler and mascara. She was tempted to put on eye shadow and lipstick, but decided against it due to the spa related activities that they had planned. Finally ready to face the rest of the day, she left for the kitchen.

When she walked in she couldn’t help but point and laugh at Scott’s chosen outfit. He was wearing black fancy man shoes, mint green pants and an orange sweater over a t-shirt that had the Mad Hatter on it and read ‘You Mad Bro?” He looked cool, but the mint hat with a blue band and aqua bow, looked stupid.

They were all sitting on the high stools around the kitchen island, as was quickly becoming their custom. Darcy glanced at the empty dining room, and made a note to herself that she really needed to do some furniture shopping, if Tony didn’t take care of it all himself today.

Darcy cleared her throat loudly, catching everyone’s attention. Steve let out a wolf whistle so she did a little spin as she put on her best little girl voice, “Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have our tea first?”

Steve smiled brightly and exclaimed “I get that reference!”, and then he looked thoughtful as he said in a soft voice, “It’s no use going back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”

Darcy blew him a kiss, as Tony cleared his throat equally as dramatically as she had and announced, “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”

“Why is a raven like a writing desk?” Scott quipped with a full mouth of food.

“Ugh, don’t talk with your mouth full.” Wanda scolded. Darcy held out her arms and ran to Wanda, yelling “Twinning!”

Wanda was wearing a midriff baring yellow shirt and faded red denim shorts; she also had a smart looking red hat on her head and a bunch of blue and yellow bangles on her wrist. Wanda laughed and hugged her back. Wanda’s hat made her look like a sunny California girl, out and about casual style, while Scott’s made him look like he was older man trying to be ‘cool’ like the hipster crowd. All together they looked hella crazy. Like a crazy subtle cosplay group.

“I don’t actually know any Tweedle dee or dum quotes. Do you?” Darcy asked Wanda as she sat down next to her. She smiled gratefully as Steve set a plate laden with delicious healthy breakfast foods in front of her. He gave her a quick kiss on the lips, and Darcy pulled back with a disgusted look on her face. Steve smelled like coffee, and that coffee smelled like vomit to her.

Wanda shook her head no and took a sip of her orange juice, before she replied, “I’ve actually never seen or read the “Alice in Wonderland” Scott said we are all dressed up to supposedly embody.”

Darcy’s eyebrows rose high on her forehead, “Really?”

“Really.” Wanda confirmed.

“Jarvis? Hit me with a Tweedle quote.” Darcy requested as she popped a large portion of banana in her mouth.

“Contrariwise, if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be, but as it isn’t, it ain't. That’s logic.” Jarvis quoted in a annoyed tone.

Darcy laughed and said, “That’s not from the movie is it?”

“Which movie Miss Darcy?” Jarvis asked in a bored sounding voice.

“Never mind.” Darcy shook her head. “Don’t care.”

They all ate their breakfast together, the conversation flowing easily between them. When they were finished Steve and Wanda offered to clear the plates for everyone, while Tony answered a call on his cell in the hall.

“Your hat sucks.” Darcy mocked, as she pushed it down over Scott’s eyes. He gave her a dirty look and righted it.

“Your opinion.” Scott defended diplomatically.

Darcy moved to the seat closer to Scott and bumped his elbow with hers, “So why Alice?”

Scott smirked at her, “Because we’re all mad here.”

Darcy laughed, and lowered her voice as she leaned in to whisper conspiratorially, “You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret…all the best people are.”

Scott chuckled and nodded his head, “Yeah. This whole… long thought dead but recently resurrected historically heroic, million-billionaire genius, multiple boyfriend, baby on the way, arranged marriage, impossible friendship with the coolest people ever…thing, is kind of---”

“Crazy?” Darcy supplied. Scott nodded and rubbed at the back of his neck.

“Yeah.” Scott agreed quietly.

They sat there watching their significant others load the dishwasher in peace.

“Plus,” Scott added, distracting Darcy from admiring Steve’s ass as he bent over, “If I wanted to include Wanda in this whole, dress up game, I had to use things from her wardrobe and she packed pretty lightly. Cassie got me this shirt for father’s day last year, I was in prison so I couldn’t wear it, so I thought it would be nice to wear it today, given Tony’s Disney themed wardrobe...dress up thing. So, when I saw Wanda had a yellow top and red bottoms, I asked Jarvis if you had a matching colored top and skirt, and it just all kind of…came together from there.”

Darcy smiled wistfully at Scott. He really was a sweet and thoughtful guy. Deep down. “Well, I like my outfit. And Tony’s the one who got dressed up the craziest, and he seems cool with it. So, don’t worry. I think we’re going to all have fun today.”

Scott gave her an easy smile as he agreed with a light pat on her shoulder.


Fifteen minutes later, a truck load of furniture and moving men arrived and Tony insisted that she, Wanda, and Scott get going. Unfortunately Happy wasn’t going to be able to drive them, as he was running security for tonight’s party and had to train Steve and the other personnel on proper protocol and whatnot.

And just like that they were all piling into a town car driven by a leggy striking looking brunette. As the woman in the banal black suit held the door open for her, Darcy asked, “Do I know you? You look familiar.”

The woman gave her a wan smile and answered in a heavy German accent, “No, I don’t think I’ve driven for you before.”

Darcy stared at the woman’s face for a moment longer, looking at her thoughtfully and trying to mentally place her face. Her stomach cramped again, in that painful way. Distracting her from her memories, she put her hand on her stomach protectively.

“C’mon Lewis! Let’s go. I wanna get my man-pedi on!” Scott called from inside the car.

Darcy let out a breath as the pain in her lower region ceased. She smiled at the driver, “Never mind. I guess, you just have one of those faces.”

The woman politely nodded at her, and Darcy got in the car. She thought about the woman with the full lips, strong straight looking nose and beauty mark in between her brows for another couple of minutes, trying to place the woman’s face. Darcy was really good with faces, she sometimes forgot names and dates, but generally she was good with faces. And then Scott farted and the car filled with his stank and she completely forgot about the random woman car driver.

“OH MY GOD!” Darcy shouted as she rushed to cover her nose and open the window to stick her head outside.

“Sorry.” Scott said sheepishly as Wanda shoved her way next to Darcy to stick her head out the window too.

Darcy and Wanda laughed as they fanned the car with their hands as they sat back down. The three of them spent the rest of the ride speculating about the possible celebrities they might run into at Tony’s ‘white’ party. And in no time at all they were pulling up to a spa.

And lucky them, Pepper was standing right out front. Her hair was down and wavy, framing her face beautifully. The woman wore dark wash skinny jeans, paired with a lighter colored denim button up on hop. She wore flip flops on her naked feet and she had her eyes glued to her phone.

Pepper looked up when the car stopped and Scott and Wanda got out. She greeted them cordially. And then Darcy herself got out. When Pepper looked at her, she looked as if the sight of Darcy physically caused her pain.

Pepper took a step forward, then stopped and turned to Scott and Wanda, “Why don’t you go in, I’ve told them we’ll start with manicures and pedicures, just let them know we’ll be in in a minute.”

Wanda and Scott, sensing the tension between the two women, nodded and disappeared inside the salon.

The woman driver rolled down the front passenger window and called out, “Miss Lewis.”

Darcy turned and leant down so she could talk to the brunette inside.

“Mr. Stark said you and your party would be a while, so he advised me to park the car and get an early lunch.” The woman handed her a black card, “This is my number, I will have my phone on me, I will not go father then five minutes away.”

Darcy tucked the card into her purse, and said, “You can go wherever you want, Miss….” Darcy suddenly realized she forgot to ask the woman’s name in her attempts to place her face, “I’m sorry, I never asked your name, which is rude.”

The woman smiled at her kindly, “Think nothing of it Miss Lewis, I’m Barbara Phillips. Please, call when you require my assistance.”

Darcy nodded and stood up and the other woman drove away. Darcy took a deep breath in and out, before she turned around to greet Pepper…who was really close.

“Aah.” Darcy exclaimed. Pepper looked sheepish and stepped away from her a bit. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay.”

Pepper smiled at her and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, “I’m sorry.” Pepper grabbed Darcy’s hand and held it in between her own, repeating her apology more sincerely, “I’m so sorry Darcy.”

Darcy nodded and gave the woman a strained smile.

“I am so ashamed and sorry for what happened the last time we met. You have no idea.” Darcy felt compassion for the woman as she began tearing up, “I’m sorry for the awful things I said to you, about you, I’m sorry I accused you…I’m sorry for the whole episode. It was unseemly and mean and uncouth and just…low class.”

Darcy shook her hand free from Pepper’s grasp and put her arms around the taller woman’s shoulders, hugging her close. “It’s okay Pepper. I forgave you almost immediately after it happened. I understand that you were having a bad day.”

Pepper cried silently into her shoulder. “Thank you. You…you’re too kind. I wouldn’t—I don’t think I could be as magnanimous as you, if I were in your shoes.”

Darcy awkwardly patted the woman on the back, trying to end the hug politely, “It’s okay. Let’s just…not make it a thing. Let’s just move on, clean slate. Okay?”

Pepper sniffled and pulled back, wiping away the tears from her eyes. “Okay.”

Darcy smiled, “Excellent.”

Darcy and Pepper walked into the salon. Darcy immediately spied Scott, drinking some wine as he chatted to the Asian woman using an Emory board on his nails. Darcy walked over and plucked the almost empty wine glass out of his hand, “No wine in front of the pregnant women who aren’t allowed to drink.”

Scott pouted, “But I’m not pregnant!”

Darcy gave him her best ‘I don’t give a shit’ look. And Scott hung his head, and waved her away, “Fine. Take it. I’m not going to fight with a pregnant woman.”

Darcy smiled in victory and handed the glass off to Pepper, she silently indicated Pepper should down the rest of the cup. Pepper shot her a grateful half smile and did just that. Swallowing the rest of the white liquid in two gulps, she then went to talk to the woman at the front desk.

Wanda laughed, from her position behind Scott, she was sitting in a lounge chair, her feet in a warm water bath getting massaged by another woman. “Sorry, that tickled.”

Darcy waved at her friend, “What color did you choose?”

“Scandalous scarlet red.” Wanda answered the same time Scott said, “Clear with sparkles.”

Darcy threw her head back and laughed.

“Over here Darcy.” Pepper called. Darcy walked over to Pepper who was spinning book rack like contraption, looking at all the various nail polish color options. “If I were you, I would choose a bold color, that will contrast nicely with our white attire.” Pepper advised.

“Good call.” Darcy nodded as she perused what they had to offer. She watched as Pepper decisively selected a light grey and dark red.

“I think I’ll do grey on my hands and red on my toes.” Pepper gave her a smile and an attendant flocked to her, guiding her to a chair next to Wanda.

Darcy stood their looking at the literal rainbow of options. She had never gotten her nails done before. She looked at her hands, her nail beds were a little messed up, and her nails were all different sizes, but she didn’t really like the idea of getting fake nails. She felt like she should have prepped her nails beforehand. She didn’t even want to think about what her toes looked like.

There were so many colors, and they all looked pretty. And she was wearing white, so every color was an option, she didn’t know what to choose. Part of her wanted to go rainbow, but she knew that might seem childish. And childish definitely clashed with her va-va-voom dress. Still…on the wall were incredible examples of the kind of nail art these women were capable of.

They had tips and spots, and pictures, and flowers, and all kinds of pictures al drawn perfectly on one nail. “Do you know what you want?” An accented voice asked from behind her.

She turned and smiled at the petite Asian woman, “Not yet.”

The woman nodded and turned around and began cleaning…something. Darcy turned back to the wall of options. She had to pee. And she felt like an impotent weirdo for taking so long to pick a fucking color to do her nails in.

“You okay?” Scott asked as he walked up next to her.

Darcy glanced at him and frowned, “I’ve never had girlfriends who wanted to go out and get their nails done…I mean, they always got their nails done, but—I was never invited or available or…I’m…” Darcy fanned at her face, unwilling to cry over fucking nail polish. “And I have to pee.”

Scott put a comforting hand on her back and began rubbing small circles there. “Cassie wanted to get her nails done one day, it was one of our last unsupervised visitations. I was terrified, but I took her. And then she was scared. So she asked if I would get my nails done too. So I did. It was…nice. Not a big deal, I mean, I got a couple weird looks, just like now, but..I don’t care. I never got the chance to take her to get her nails done again, I got thrown into prison shortly after.”

Darcy leant against his chest slightly.

“Will you pick for me?” Darcy asked quietly.

Scott kissed her on the cheek and softly said, “Sure D. I got your back, you go pee, and when you come out, you’ll be all set up.”

Darcy smiled gratefully at him and squeezed his arm, before turning to the woman who asked to help her earlier, she wordlessly pointed towards the back of the shop, obviously having overheard every word they said. “Thanks.”

Darcy made her way to the back and as soon as she shut the door, she felt the urge to vomit. She threw up in the sink. She hated the nausea that accompanied her pregnancy. She hated that involuntary cramping feeling in her stomach. The way her throat burned. And she lost control of her body.

It was a terrible feeling.

When she was finished, she felt a little light headed and drained. She rinsed her mouth out with the tap water and then peed and washed her hands, before exiting.

She saw the woman who apparently her attendant wave at her and gesture to the chair next to Pepper. Darcy smiled at her friends, and patted Scott on the head as she passed him. She practically collapsed into the elevated chair.

“Are you feeling well Darcy?” Pepper asked in a concerned tone.

“I’m good.” Darcy said waving away their concern, grateful beyond words as her attendant took off her shoes and placed Darcy’s feet into the soothing water. “Just some morning sickness drama in the bathroom. No big.”

“Oh, Darcy.” Wanda cooed.

“Nah, don’t even. It’s cool. All in the pursuit of baby Ozma Maria-Sarah.” Darcy said with a sigh as she finally allowed her body to relax. The woman who was massaging her feet, was literally her new best friend. Seriously, if the woman even needed a kidney, Darcy was there for her.

“Ozma?” Scott said questioningly from across from them, his head twisted around uncomfortably so he could look at her with an eyebrow raised.

“Or baby Dorothy. Or Glinda….but right now, I’m thinking baby Ozma Maria-Sarah.” Darcy explained.

“Maria?...For Tony’s mother?” Pepper asked in a thick voice. Darcy nodded. “I’m sure he’s honored.”

“Yeah, he seemed to like it when I told him. Maria-Sarah, Maria for Tony’s mom. Sarah for Steve’s. I’m thinking it’s going to end up her middle name though.”

“Still,” Pepper patted Darcy’s hand, “That’s very sweet.”

“Thanks. I like it.” Darcy let the woman’s hands lull her into a mini pleasure coma. She gave Scott a thumbs up of approval when he asked if she liked the sparkle brown coppery color he chose for her toes. And she made short clipped answers to any questions that were fielded her way. Luckily, Wanda and Pepper seemed to be getting along swimmingly.

She must have nodded off, because Pepper had to shake her arm to get her to wake up. “What?”

Pepper smiled at her kindly, “It’s time to move to the manicure station.”

Darcy did so blearily. She felt really tired. She smiled to herself, made sense, she had a very active morning.

To say the least.

Darcy zoned out as the woman soaked, filed, cleaned up her cuticles and began painting her nails. Scott and Wanda and Pepper, seemed to notice her withdrawn tiredness, and after a few attempts to draw her into conversation, they let her be.

Darcy stared at the big TV behind the woman’s head on the wall. She read the bottom scrawl, news highlights as a weather man predicted sunny skies and perfect beach weather. ‘Local man rescued from burning building by unknown woman…Cross Technologies files lawsuit against Oscorp over Patent Infringement…Man sues Ikea over finger found in hotdog…Terrorist group the Ten Rings claims credit for bombing of US ambassador’s home…President gives speech at alma mater…Hammer Industries loses government contracts to Stark Industries…Bird Flu Epidemic on the rise…Vistacorp files for bankruptcy…BREAKING NEWS’

The weather report abruptly cut short as a overly tan male news anchor talked to the camera. The words appeared at the bottom of the screen in closed captioning. “Student at Culver University, Jack McGee, a sophomore Radio and Television major at the school, brings us live footage of a destructive fight happening with a creature of unknown origin. This brave student, is risking life and limb to bring us this footage, please be advised the footage may be too graphic for our younger viewers. Details are unclear, but military prescience and the video’s compelling creature, make this a story worthy of investigating. WHiH World News, brings you this exclusive video right now.”

Darcy watched with shocked horror as a great big green creature punched its way out of a glass enclosed bridge of what looked like, a very old and expensive campus building. It jumped down and stood tall, before it screamed intimidating at the military guys. The green humanoid creature walked forward and was immediately sprayed with bullets. “Holy shit you guys. Look at the news.” Darcy announced.

The sound in the salon quieted down as the patrons and employees alike turned their attention to the TV.

Darcy watched as the creature ran towards the men firing on him, angrily swatting the bullets away like flies.

“Is this a new movie?” Wanda asked. No one answered her. It wasn’t a movie, it was real…or maybe it was a really good fake, but…it was being presented as real. It seemed real.

The military guys had a supped up Hummer with a big gun on the roof, they drove up next to the creature, but it just knocked the car over and kept running for the tree line where the men who were shooting at him were.

“Where is this happening?” Pepper asked.

“Culver University.” Darcy answered as she put a hand on her chest, she felt her heart speed up as she watched another Hummer truck vehicle tried to ram him, but the green creature crushed the front in and picked it up and whipped the big vehicle and smashed it to bits against the wreckage of the first destroyed car. The creature then picked up a cannon ball sized piece of metal debris and hurled it at yet another oncoming vehicle.

“You’d think they’d stop trying with the cars already.” Darcy murmured as she stared at the screen. The metal ball the creature threw hit the car with such force, that the Hummer slid sideways into another car and caused a fiery explosion. Luckily it didn’t hit any of the soldier’s just like, wandering around, shooting at the green monster.

Just then the creature was hit in the back with a little fiery explosion blast. It seem to annoy him more than the regular bullets, so he picked up…a twisted metal car door and used it as a shield, to deflect the oncoming blasts. He picked up another one and held it in his other hand, using both doors to shield his huge body. Darcy began to breathe rapidly.

Some idiot in fatigues carrying a big gun walked straight up to the creature and fired it close range. He then dropped his big gun and took out a tiny hand gun. “Why’d he drop the big gun? That little one isn’t going to do anything.” Scott commented.

Then the man did…something remarkable, he ran at the creature and then walked up the make shift metal shields it held in its meaty hands, and he jumped over the creatures head. He landed on the other side, grabbing onto to a big, piece of twisted metal, that was…probably a car or a tank or something all destroyed.

The army man then fired like, twenty shots right into the creatures face. When the creature went to swat the man away with one of his make shift shields, the army man jumped up and began firing on the creature mid- air. The man landed on his feet neatly on the other side of the creature, still firing from his tiny hand gun. It was like something out of the Matrix. And completely pointless because his bullets didn’t seem to be doing anything to hurt the creature, just piss it off more. And a second later, the army man ran out of bullets anyway.

“Wow. All those super soldier moves are awesome. That guy is really good at parkour.” Scott chattered.

The creature advanced, swinging his arms laded with big bulky metal car door shields wildly. The army jumped and spun and dodged the creature’s attacks like an acrobat. The army guy fell onto his back and the creature nearly the cut the man in two as he brought down the metal shields like knives. Again and again he hacked at the grass, trying to smash the nimble army guy.

“Where do you think he got pants that big? Do you think he sewed them himself?” Scott pondered.

Finally the army guy seemed to grow a brain and he got on his feet and started running away from the super pissed green creature. The creature pursued. Army guy ran towards his army friends and their big trucks with huge gun thingy-s on top…they actually didn’t look like guns, they looked like…speakers?

The men manning the gun/speakers fired and the army guy who had been running towards them was flung into the air and to the side by the invisible blasts. Darcy understood now what they were doing. They were using some sort of…sound gun?

The beast dropped his shields and covered his ears, keeling over and trying to block out the noise. It actually looked to be causing some damage to the creature. Darcy felt like she was hyperventilating, she couldn’t catch her breath. She looked at her friends but no one was paying attention to her. She focused on the TV and tried to will her heart to slow down. To let her breathe normally.

After a moment, the green beast crawled over to his discarded metal shields and picked them up, with great difficulty. The creature at first tried to use them to shield himself from the noise, but then seeing as it was impossible, he just hurled the metal at the Hum Vee? Darcy really didn’t know cars. Either way the car which held the devices, totally got destroyed. His projectile cut the first car clear in two, causing a big explosion of fire.

When there was only one sound/gun firing at him, the green creature turned his attention to that one and jumped in the air, using his body to crush it and stop the sound based weapon from hurting him further.

“Did you see that guy jump out of the way just in time?” Scott asked.

“How can this be real?” Wanda questioned.

“It has to be a prank.” Another patron exclaimed.

The overly tan news anchor appeared in the upper right hand corner, “Again, this is WHiH World News, bringing you exclusive coverage of…what has been dubbed, the Incredible Hulk, wreaking havoc and destruction at West Virginia’s Culver University. There is military on the scene, it’s not clear what or who the creature is, or where it came from, but what is clear, is that our military chose their battle field well. We are being told now that most of the campus’s civilian population has been evacuated, with a few exceptions. The Culver campus has a vast expanse of forest surrounding it and the destruction is being contained to the non-populated greenery.”

The stupidly agile army man picked up a rifle and began firing on the creature again. Point blank, like an idiot. He then walked up to the massive green figure and said something that couldn’t be deciphered. Apparently the green Hulk didn’t like what the man had to say, because the Hulk kicked him right in the middle of his chest. And the mortal man went flying. The shot tracked him, but the man flew out of frame too fast. When the camera zoomed in on him again, the brave/stupid army man was lying on the floor in front of a tree.

“Welp, that guys dead.” Scott said in pessimistic and callous manner.

“Scott! That is a real man, who could really be dead!” Wanda scolded.

Scott rolled his eyes, “Yeah, and he was really stupid, going to toe with that green Hulk thing. Seriously, at a point Darwinism, just becomes a thing.” The camera focused on the military types scrambling back into their vehicles, apparently preparing to ‘retreat’ otherwise known as run away.

Scott waved his hands at the screen, “Ugh, no one cares what the army is doing! Go back to the HULK!”

The camera refocused quickly on the creature. Just in time to see the creature envelope a beautiful woman in a white coat, into his arms…shielding her from a hail of gunfire raining down on them from above.

Darcy put a hand over her mouth, shocked and horrified at what she was witnessing. The creature threw his last twisted metal shield at the helicopter, slicing off the aircrafts blades. The helicopter fell to the ground like a rock, but started to roll, compelled by its momentum, barreling straight towards the creature.

The helicopter began to explode; the Hulk leant down and embraced the woman once again. Protecting her. Darcy felt tears start to roll down her face.

The creature and the woman were engulfed in an explosion of fire. The broken helicopter having seemingly landed on top of them, rendering the woman and the creature no longer visible, due to the fire that surrounded the burning wreckage.

Suddenly it began to rain, and the hot blaze lessened. And smoke began to billow off of the scene. The camera stayed trained on the spot where the creature and woman had last been seen.

They were rewarded with a shot, which looked to be straight out of King Kong.

Out of the smoke and fire, the creature rose, the woman in his arms looked unresponsive, her limbs hung loosely. She was most likely dead. The creature looked down at the woman in his arms…and it was the first time the creature didn’t seem so…angry.

The creature then locked eyes with something off screen, it growled, then faded away back into the smoke, disappearing.

“Help.” Darcy gasped before she fell back off her chair her head slamming against the ground, rendering her unconsciousness.


Darcy woke up in an ambulance. An EMT shined a light in her eyes. She tried to bat his hand away, but her hand was encased in a strong grip.

“Ma’am, can you hear me?” Darcy ignored him and looked to the person holding her hand. It was Pepper. She looked pale, had her phone up to her ear and had her eyes laser focused on Darcy.

“She’s waking up.” Pepper said into her phone. “I’m hanging up. Meet us there.”

“Ma’am can you hear me?” Darcy blinked slowly, realizing there was an IV in her arm.

“Ya.” Darcy said softly, before repeating herself in a louder stronger sounding voice, “Yeah, I can hear you.”

“Ma’am do you know you’re name?”

“Darcy Elizabeth Lewis.” Darcy sighed as she held up her hand, her nails were all smeared and hideous looking…just like when she tried to paint them herself at home, the rare times she had made the attempt.

“Do you know what today is?”

“Saturday…Party day.” Darcy answered with a smile.

“Ma’am you hit your head pretty hard. You’re friends informed us that you are pregnant. As a result we are taking you to the hospital to get checked out to make sure you and your baby are okay. Have you been experiencing any other symptoms besides the loss of balance.”

Darcy frowned, “I didn’t lose my balance. I…I think I had a panic attack? Maybe. I wasn’t feeling very panic-y though. I just. All of a sudden couldn’t breathe. I’ve had panic attacks before, I know what they feel like…this felt a little different though. It’s like I couldn’t catch my breath. My heart was pounding. I felt light headed, and then…I was falling backward.”

Pepper turned to the EMT and added, “We were watching the disturbing news report.”

The EMT nodded as he wrote down what was being said on a little notepad. “Anything else ma’am?”

“Um…before I went to get my nails done, I had some…lady area cramping, but Jarvis said that was normal for pregnancies. Something about the…something or other, expanding or something.” Darcy’s brows knit together as she tried to recall what Jarvis had told her on Tuesday.

“Yes, ma’am. That’s true.” The EMT wavered his hand from side to side, “More or less.”

They arrived at the hospital quickly. The EMT helped her out and into a wheel chair, Pepper got out with her and walked along side her as the EMT explained to a waiting nurse/or maybe a doctor what had happened and the symptoms she described.

The pretty dirty blonde woman smiled at her as she wheeled her inside. “Hi, I’m Dr. Palmer. I’m going to be helping you today okay?”

Darcy liked her right away. “Okay.”

“I’m going to have your friend here, fill out some paper work and we are going to go get you into a room, and get you in a gown, and take some blood.” Darcy made a frown-y unhappy face and the pretty doctor laughed, “Don’t worry, you’re boyfriend pulled some strings, which normally wouldn’t matter, but we’ve actually been experiencing a really slow couple of days around here, so barring any unforeseen emergencies, you’ll have my undivided attention. And thus, we should be able to find out what happened to you, treat you, and get you out of here, relatively quickly.”

Darcy grumbled as the doctor went to the main check in station and grabbed a clip board and handed it to Pepper. As doctor Palmer began to wheel her away, Pepper made to follow, but the doctor stopped her. “Are you family?” The doctor questioned.

“Yes.” Darcy answered quickly, smiling at the awed and teary eyed look Pepper gave her. “She’s family.”

The doctor looked unconvinced but allowed Pepper to accompany them anyway.

An hour later Tony burst into the room. Steve hot on his heels.

“DARCY!” Tony exclaimed as he ran to her side and grabbed her face and began kissing her all over. Whispering, “I was so scared.”

“Are you okay?” Steve asked, as he came up on her other side and grabbed her hand, “Is she okay?”

Pepper pulled Tony upright and away from her face, “She’s fine. She’ll be fine. The babies are fine.”

“What the fuck happened?” Tony asked angrily, as he snagged the chair that Pepper had just been sitting in. Tony ran his hands up and down her arms, and then he exchanged a look with Steve, before he looked back at her face. Asking again, softer, “What happened?”

“Iron deficiency.”

Tony blinked, “What?”

Pepper put a hand on Tony’s shoulder and squeezed, “Anemia.”

“Symptoms include a bunch of little things I’ve been feeling lately, including,” Darcy looked up at Steve and pointed at him, “The uterine cramping I felt on Tuesday, the kind not associated with blood loss.”

“I thought that was normal.” Steve said.

“It is.” Dr. Palmer said as she entered the room, “some women just experience more uterine cramping, due to the uterus expanding relatively quickly, it’s a symptom of round ligament pain.”

Darcy waved at the pretty Doctor. The woman smiled back at her indulgently, “Hi Darcy.” She then turned an appraising eye onto Steve and Tony, looking them each up and down, before quirking one eye brow at Darcy, “I take it one of them is the father?”

“Yes ma’am.” Darcy chirped back happily.

“Do you want the other one to leave while we discuss your condition.”

Darcy blushed, “We don’t know which one is ‘technically’ the biological father, so they both get to stay…”Darcy looked alarmed all of a sudden.

“YOU” She shouted before lowering her voice to a more reasonable tone, “You can’t tell anyone that right? Not even if…not even for money right?”

Dr. Palmer gave her a tender look, before her eyes flickered back to Tony who have her a cold stare, “Darcy…Ms. Lewis, I’m a doctor. Not a gossip. And you are my patient. And for as long as you are my patient, anything said to me in regards to your health or personal life, are covered by the doctor patient confidentiality.”

“Whew.” Darcy wiped some imaginary sweat off her brow. “Ok, cool. Good. I believe you.”

“Excellent. Shall we tell your partners about your condition?” Darcy nodded and the pretty doctor began to speak in a more formal tone.

“Darcy came in due to her fall. The first thing we ruled out is miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy.”

“What’s an ectopic pregnancy.” Steve asked as he sat on the edge of her bed. Darcy rubbed his back, he looked so scared.

“That’s when a fertilized egg implants outside the uterus.”

“Gross.” Tony replied.
“Oh.” Steve said.

“After talking to Darcy more in depth, discovered that her symptoms fit the diagnose of anemia. So I gave her a CBC test and it came back positive.”

“What symptoms?” Steve questioned again. Tony’s hand found hers and he began to stroke the back of her hand.

“Darcy described experiencing, extreme tiredness, moodiness such as being prone to tears and feeling mentally unstable, increased nausea, food intolerances, uterine cramping as we said without any blood loss, a sense that her heart was working harder than it usually does, resulting in a shortness of breath.”

“You never told us that.” Tony said sharply.

Darcy just shrugged, “I didn’t really notice it, until I sat down and really thought about it. I thought I was just sort of…being excited? Or having panic attacks.”

“Many women are aware that their resting heart rate is higher than normal when they are pregnant. This is a sign that their heart has to pump out a greater blood volume with each heart muscle contraction in order to supply the uterus with oxygen saturated blood.”

“Okay..So how do we fix her?” Tony asked in a tense voice.

“Well, an iron deficiency means she has fewer red blood cells than necessary, this is very common during multiple pregnancies because of the extra pressure put on a blood supply during a twin pregnancy. I—“

“TWINS?” Tony and Steve exclaimed loudly.

“Did you not know?” Dr. Palmer asked sounding alarmed.

“Did I forget to mention that part?” Darcy asked cheekily.

“Well, it is early, seeing as how Darcy is just now entering her six week, but I’m confident she is carrying twins.” Dr. Palmer explained.

Tony and Steve gaped at her until Pepper waved a piece of paper in the air and asked, “Wanna see the ultra sound pictures?”

Darcy rolled her eyes, “Don’t bother, their just squishy grey blobs. They don’t even look like anything. I was so disenchanted when I saw them.”





Tony’s Cheshire Cat (Scott Picked Outfit)


Steve’s Alice in Wonderland (Scott Picked Outfit, minus the ring)


Darcy & Wanda’s Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum (Scott Picked Outfit)

Darcy’s Necklace

Scott’s T-shirt


Scott’s Mad Hatter Outfit (Minus the tie and button up shirt)

Pepper’s Casual Attire (imagine with red hair)

Pepper’s nails

Chapter Text

Chapter 26 – Saturday Strategy Relaxation

Late Afternoon

“We’re here! Where is she? IS SHE DEAD?” Scott burst into the hospital room, panting and out of breath. Wanda was just a step behind him. When they both saw Darcy awake and sitting up in the bed, they ran forward and enveloped her in a double hug.

“Darcy we were so worried about you.” Wanda said into her ear.

“Seriously D, you’ve got more drama in your life than Days of Our Lives.” Scott added.

Darcy quietly informed her friends of the good news, while Tony and Steve talked with Dr. Palmer in the corner. Going over her care instructions for her upcoming discharge from the hospital.

Pepper, waved her goodbye and slipped out the door. Dr. Palmer had written her a script for iron supplement pills and Pepper offered to go and have it filled for her, and bring it to the house. She said she would just grab her outfit from her home and dress at Tony’s house with Darcy, so she wouldn’t have to go back and forth all day.

Darcy had Wanda accompany her to the bathroom to put her clothes back on, ‘just in case’, at Steve’s behest. Once she was dressed, she was ushered into a wheelchair and rolled to the exit.

Dr. Palmer came back over to her side, “Okay, Miss Lewis I think you’re almost ready to go. Just so we’re clear, even though you are adamant about attending your party this evening, I urge you to get some bed rest and fluids beforehand. Don’t over exert yourself. If you feel like you have to sit, sit. If the music is too loud and causes a headache, retreat. If you feel dizzy, go lie down.” Darcy nodded.

The pretty doctor smiled as she handed off her chart to Tony pointing to a line for him to sign, “Other than that, no stage diving, no mosh pits, and no alcohol. And you should be fine.”

The woman left with a smile and head nod, taking her clipboard with her. Their female driver Barbra was waiting for them at the curb. Tony got in first and Steve held the door open as Darcy slid in next to him. Steve hopped in next, and then Wanda. It was a tight squeeze so Scott, sat up front with the pretty brunette.

The ride home was pretty quiet; Darcy leant against her guys and kept her eyes closed for the most part. Quiet conversation flowed between the others, but Darcy didn’t focus on it.

They entered the garage/Tony’s workshop via the underground drive way. Wanda and Scott disappeared, claiming having received orders/requests from Pepper, and that they were needed elsewhere. Steve had to check in with Happy, make sure that he knew all the security details before the party. Steve promised it wouldn’t take more than twenty minutes.

And so, Darcy and Tony were left alone. Tony helped Darcy, towards the little kitchenette/lounge area. Jarvis had told her that Tony was previously notorious for sleeping on the ratty couch regularly, Darcy hated the couch down here, but to her great delight it had been replaced. “The couch came!”

Tony glared at and waved off the approaching Dum-E and U. Darcy waved but ignored the robots because Tony’s hideous and old red couch was gone, and in its place was the huge oversized double chaise lounge in brown velvety material of her dreams. It was the one she had ordered days ago but forgot about in the ensuing drama.

Tony smiled at her wryly as she crawled onto it and snuggled herself into the comfy material, “Yeah, kid. It came.”

Tony climbed onto the couch with her and situated himself against the arm, drawing her close to him, so she could snuggle into his chest. Darcy just relaxed against him as took her hair out of her pony tail. Tony ran his hand through her hair, finger combing it. “I hired a Pepper approved, hair stylus and makeup artist. They’ll come by around eight o’clock to fancify you, Pep, and Wanda.”

Darcy made an ‘mmhmm’ noise. They sat there together in silence for a while. Darcy snuggled up against his ridiculous pink shirt, Tony gently just petting her hair. It was nice. It was the kind of quiet intimacy that Darcy had always yearned for.

Tony broke the silence by announcing, “I got you a ring.”

Darcy not really thinking anything of the statement said, “That’s nice.”

Tony hefted her upright and turned her to face him more directly; jarring Darcy out of the daze she had fallen into. He repeated, “I got you a ring.”

Darcy smiled and offered a tentative sounding, “Thank you?”

Tony chuckled a little, “I got you an engagement ring.”

Darcy’s eyes widened. “It's an antique Edwardian ring, made in platinum centered with a certified 3 carat European cut diamond accented with caliber cut sapphires and single cut diamonds.”

Darcy was a little speechless. She hadn’t…she hadn’t even really thought about marriage or anything so…formal in relation to her and Tony and Steve’s relationship. “What?”

Tony cupped her face with his hands, “I bought it a couple nights ago. I…that ring, that one I just described in particular, that’s the ring I want you to wear when we get engaged.”

“Tony I—“

“I’m not asking you now. I’m letting you know that…I want it. I…I’m putting it out there. Just the idea, for now. Because Darcy I love you. I—And I love our babies. And I want to be with you and them, for the rest of my days.” Tony kissed her then. It was a sweet, heart searing kiss. Filled with passion and love and promise and hope.

It left her breathless.

Tony had tears in his eyes as he went on to explain, “I’m not going to ask you to marry me. Not today. I...I don’t know how Steve will play into it. If we could each marry you and be like….sister husbands or what. Or if we could all somehow...marry each other, but I want it. And I know that when I see you in your white dress, it’ll just make me think of marrying you. And I just wanted to let you know what I was thinking about, in case I did something stupid like trying to ask you when you are wholly unprepared in a room filled with reporters.”

Darcy smiled as a tear escaped Tony’s eye and rolled down his cheek, his voice turned scratchy as he admitted, “My parent’s marriage wasn’t ideal, but…they loved each other. My dad loved my mom. I knew that. I know that. I could see it. It’s no secret that before Howard met my mom, he was a bit of a man whore, but…but he never cheated on her. He never betrayed her. He loved her. And when he fell in love with her, he married her. And I—“

“Yes.” Darcy blurted out, cutting off Tony.


“Yes.” Darcy repeated, “Yes, I’ll say yes when you ask me, someday in the future. I’ll say yes Tony.”

Another tear rolled down Tony’s cheek as he asked, “Really?”

Darcy pulled him close and kissed him. Pouring her love, and commitment and hope and joy into the kiss. Praying Tony could feel it.

She was uncertain how it would all shake out, polygamy wise with Steve, but Darcy knew that if Tony ever asked her to marry him, she’d say yes. Without hesitation.

Pulling away from his lips, Darcy rested her forehead against Tony’s, “I love you too Tony. Of course I’d love to be your wife.”

Tony kissed her again, pulling her body close their legs entangled as their kissing grew more passionate. Tony pulled back with a huge smile painted on his lips. “I love you Darcy.” Tony declared, before ducking down to talk into her stomach, “You hear that kids, you’re not going to be bastards after all.”

Darcy laughed lightly and slapped at Tony’s back before surged up and kissed her again. Laughing into the kiss, Darcy mumbled against Tony’s lips, “I don’t want to be a pregnant bride Tony,” Tony nipped at her lower lip, “So, bastards they will probably be.”

Tony pulled away and put his hands on her stomach, “Temporary bastards.” He stared into her eyes and spoke sincerely, “Quickly legitimized proper heirs and former bastards.”

Darcy agreed with a head nod and felt some tears escape her own eyes. “Sounds perfect.”

They kissed for a little longer. Just full on making out. Things were oddly kept PG-13, but the kissing…oh the kissing was phenomenal.

Jarvis interrupted, “Sir, several more deliveries have arrived and are subject to your approval and supervising.”

Tony pecked at her lips once more before pulling back and hopping off the giant chaise lounge chair.

“More deliveries?” Darcy asked as she let Tony grabbed a remote off the counter and pressed buttons to make a monitor come to life and quickly muted.

“I got a few things for the bedroom. It’s still needs some more decoration…but Liquor Lips, I told you--I needed my end tables!” Tony said with a pointed look.

“I also found a few other furniture pieces that I thought would look nice.” He handed her the remote and went to a closet and pulled out a soft looking green blanket.

“FYI, I also got you another ring, one that is more gaudy flashy and just for fun. I got one for Wanda too. To thank her…I’m going to leave them on the ottoman in the closet, for when you two get dressed.” Tony draped the blanket over her form and glanced at his pink watch.

“What kind of ring?” Darcy asked curious.

Tony smiled at her mischievously, “A red one and a pinkish one. You two can decide who gets what, surprise me.”

“Pepper should be back any minute now. I’ll send her down right away with your medicine. I also have a mission for Steven and Scott, that should have them coming down here to keep you company too.” Tony fluffed one of the pillows at her side.

Darcy wrinkled her noise, “What about Wanda?”

Tony leant on the arm of the chair, his hand coming to pet her hair once again, “I have…I want Wanda to try to ‘read’ or get a feeling off of the staff. I want her to just…hover and see if she gets any…duplicitous vibes.”

Darcy nodded, “Makes sense. But does Wanda even have that kind of control with her power?”

Tony leant down and gave her another quick kiss on the lips, “Guess we’ll find out.”

Tony made to leave but Darcy called out and he stopped. “Tony? What…what are we going to do when we’re all dressed up? Do we just…go, where is the party being held exactly? In the living room? Is the whole house up for grabs? Can I get a little more information about what I’m walking into?”

Tony went to her side and sat down on the chaise lounge by her feet, “Don’t be nervous. This is our big relationship unveiling, but just remember that I’m a genius drunken party boy—or at least that’s my public persona. No one is going to be mean to youuuuuuu’re face. They may be mean. I’m not going to lie. Snide comments and piercing verbal jabs are all a part of the publicity package.”

“Awesome.” Darcy grumbled.

Tony rubbed her leg, “But you’ll also get to meet the team of people who do the grunt work at SI. You’ll get to meet Rhodey. And you said Sam was coming….and I may have invited some other surprise guests that I think will make you happy.”

Darcy wiggled her toes, “Surprise guests?”

Tony winked at her and avoided her question, “The party is primarily being held in the backyard where I’ve had a mini stage erected, I got a cover band. Halocene. You’ll love them, Scott and Jarvis both said so. Outside is where the dancing and ‘partying’ will really happen.”

Darcy smiled and said jokingly, “Well, if Scott and Jarvis said so…”

Tony smirked but ignored her interjection, continuing on explaining, “The smoozing, and hob knobbing, will happen in the main living room. I got a guy to play piano and that area will be more classical snobby, VIP only. I’ve got to meet with those military officials I told you about, do some meet and greeting with the SI department heads, and Pepper invited some last minute potential investors that’s I’ve got to charm. The press will be barred from entering the house; they will be restricted to the outer area only.”

Darcy succulently surmised, “So basically…inside shop talk, sucking up, and smoothing over of ruffled feathers. Outside, live music, pool, and probably fun-er people.”

“Fun-er isn’t a word, but yeah, basically.” Tony said with a smile, “After you and the ladies get dressed, you’ll call for me and I’ll come to you. We’ll make a grand entrance. Spend some time hob knobbing inside. Then we’ll go outside, take to the stage, make a formal announcement to the press about our couple-dom and hopefully spend the rest of the night outside, having fun.” Darcy smiled and gave Tony thumbs up.

“Got it.” Darcy confirmed.

Tony gave her a tender look, “You can always ask Jarvis discretely on your phone, where I am. Inside, I’ll be pulled away from you to talk to this persona and then that person. But Steve will be trailing you the whole time. And you’ll have Wanda and Scott as your back up.”

“Sir. I hate to interrupt but, there is fight brewing upstairs between Mr. Hogan and a burly delivery man that requires immediate attention.” Jarvis announced sounding urgent.

“Go.” Darcy ordered. Tony kissed her and then jogged towards the exit and stairs.

“Miss Lewis, Ms. Potts is ten minutes away. And will soon arrive to accompany you, until then I suggest we watch funny cat videos. Once she arrives I will alert you.” Jarvis brought up youtube onto the screen, “Is this an acceptable plan Miss Lewis?”

Darcy snuggled deeper under blanket and into the pillows, announcing, “Play on Jarvis.”


Ten minutes later, Pepper and Scott and Steve all came into the workshop, each one carrying little plastic bags on their wrists. The bots rushed them, but a few stern words from Pepper had them running in the opposite direction.

“Hi guys.” Darcy chirped happily. Looking Steve up and down, she let out a wolf whistle. Steve had already gotten dressed for the party. Gone was his Alice in Wonderland homage getup. Now he wore a black suit, expertly tailored to his built body, with a skinny tie and black loafers. He looked like a hot James Bond. “Wow Steve…you look wow.”

Pepper gave her a sincere smile as Steve stepped forward and kissed her on the forehead, whispering “Thanks.”

“Well, we’re here to help you look a little more ‘wow’ yourself.” Pepper said as she pulled a bottle of nail polish remover from the small plastic bag that hung off her wrist.

Darcy clapped her hands together quickly, quietly yelling, “Yay!”

Pepper also pulled Darcy’s iron supplement pills and a bottle of water out, handing them to Darcy silently prompting her to open the bottle and take one immediately.

Scott came over and sat down next to her on the couch, squirming his way next to her until they sat side by side, comfortably. He then pulled out a sandwich, a banana and a big rainbow sprinkled cookie from his plastic bag. He handed over the items before pulling out another cookie for himself, taking a bite, he explained with a full mouth, “I’m just here to feed you, chill, and cuddle.”

Darcy smiled and unwrapped her sandwich; it was a PB&J sandwich. “Did you make this yourself?”

Scott nodded, “Yeah, I was going to bring it down on a tray, but I dropped it, so I put it all in the bag for easy transportation.”

Darcy smiled put her head on Scott’s shoulder for a second before lifting her head and taking a bite out of her bread and peanut butter and jelly of deliciousness sandwich. She loved PB&J.

She turned to Steve expectantly as he grabbed a stool and dish rag from the kitchenette, setting up shop next to her. He laid out the towel on the arm of the sofa. “Pepper showed me this picture on her phone.”

Pepper handed him two more dish towels, prompting him to add more layers that he had put down. She muttered, “Don’t need you spilling that smelly polish remover over Tony’s new couch.”

Steve gratefully nodded, agreeing as he pulled out cotton balls and nail polish from his little plastic bag. Setting it up on the arm of the couch, Darcy looked at the different colors of polish he had. There was magenta and purple and blue and light blue and white and black. “I’m going to do my best to recreate it.”

“What was the picture?” Darcy asked as Steve began to soak a cotton ball with the nail polish remover. She placed her one hand on the towel, using her other hand to eat her sandwich.

“It’s a surprise.” Steve said with a smile as he picked up Darcy’s hands and began ridding her of the smeary smudged and ugly mess that currently covered her nails.

Pepper pulled out a cream and a fabric headband. She held both items in the air, “I thought I could give you a facial? You don’t have to. I just thought it might be relax—“

Darcy smiled and interrupted Pepper, “That sounds so awesome Pepper. I’d love that. Only if you let me, or one of the boys, probably Scott put one on you too!”

Pepper looked at Scott who paused mid-shove big piece of cookie into his mouth, he grinned around the cookie and Pepper looked a little disguised, but then smiled politely at him. “I could probably manage applying the mask to my own face, but…perhaps Mr. Lang would like to put a facial mask too? He was all excited to join us at the spa.”

Scott, his mouth full of cookie, spoke, his words muffled, “Ma’-‘acial? ‘eah. I’m ‘n!”

Darcy shook her head and handed Scott her water bottle, prompting him, “Drink. Chew. Swallow. Then speak.”

Scott turned to her and opened his mouth sticking out his tongue, putting his half chewed food on display, Darcy scrunched up her nose and leaned away from him, yelling, “Ew! Scott! NO SEE-FOOD! So gross!”

Scott smiled smugly and took her pre-offered water and took a long gulp before handing it back to her and shoving the last of his giant cookie into his mouth. Once his mouth was full again, he said, “Bite me ‘arcy.”

Darcy couldn’t help but grin at Scott’s immature behavior. She kind of loved him for it. She was feeling closer and closer to Scott every day; she could feel a weird familial type bond growing between them. He was like the cool and trustworthy but goofy and sweet older brother of her only child dreams. She literally had fantasized as a child and a teenager about having an older brother to protect and amuse and annoy her, just like they portrayed on shows like 7th Heaven.

Pepper dragged another stool behind the chaise lounge chair and gently put the headband around Darcy’s head, before sliding it back to keep the hair off her face.

“Hey Pepper, Scott, either one of you ever watch Return to Oz?” Darcy asked as Pepper began smearing a minty smelling white paste evenly all over her face. Steve smiled and reached for her other hand, and began removing the ruined polish there too. Pepper and Scott both said they hadn’t seen or heard of the little known film.

“Jarvis can we play it down here?” Jarvis had the movie beginning to play almost before she finished asking her question.

“Are you sure Scott can handle the whole Mombi head thing? He seems like the type that would be scarred for life by something that disturbing.” Steve playfully teased.

Scott puffed his chest up and glared at Steve, “I’m no coward! Bring on the…what was it?”

“Return to Oz.” Darcy said at the same time Steve said, “Mombi head thing.”

“Yeah, that!” Scott pointed at Steve, “Bring it on! I’m not a sniveling whiny little cry-Buffy! I’m the nastiest girl in Sunnydale history. I can take your Wizard of Oz weird head thing!”

“First of all, sweet Cordelia Chase reference man.” Darcy smiled and held out her fist.

Scott bumped her knuckles with his, “I think it. I say it. That’s my way.”

“And second, it’s Return to Oz. It’s basically the sequel, but with an age appropriate protagonist. No singing. And the most awesome and disturbing and close to the actual books source material depiction of Oz!” Darcy concluded happily.

“Now everyone shut up. It’s starting.”


Right after Dorothy escaped the insane asylum and arrived at Oz, Scott, Pepper and Darcy all had to take a break and wash off their hardened facial masks. Steve helped her with hers since one hand of hers was wet with the first layer of her new Steve-special manicure. As they were all squished in the little bathroom that was attached to the workshop, Scott couldn’t stop talking. “Does she get scalped? Is her head taken over by bees? Does it get shrunken like in Beetlejuice? What happens to Dorothy?”

Darcy just taunted him in a lilting voice, “I’m nooot telling.”

Once they were all, mask free, they returned to the chaise lounge. Pepper now, into the movie, chose to sit with them, next to Scott. Darcy and Scott and Pepper all, just fit comfortably.

As the film resumed, Darcy chose to focus on Steve and his nail painting instead of the movie she knew by heart. He had lay down a first coat of black on her nails. He then went over the black in splotches of color. Smooshing the magenta into the blue into the purple. Creating a vaguely familiar looking design, that she just couldn’t put her finger on. Ha! Pun.

When he was finished with the colors he began adding white dots. Then he used the white to make crosses. And then it made sense what he was painting.

It was the universe. It was pretty colors in the black void of space dotted with stars and other cosmic stuff.

By end of the movie, when Dorothy was trying to rescue her friends from the Nome King, Steve had finished the most beautiful design on her nails and began going over it with a clear gloss. He went over the nails with the clear liquid twice. And when he was done he looked up and seemed surprised that he had her attention and not the movie.

Darcy smiled and leaned forward and kissed him gently on the lips. She steadfastly kept her hands on the arm of the couch, even though she wanted nothing more that to run her fingers in his hair, or pull him closer to her by his tie.

Steve kissed her back. His hands coming up to cup her face, his thumbs stroking her cheeks.

Darcy whispered so she wouldn’t disturb the enthralled Pepper and terrified Scott, “I love it. It’s so beautiful.”

Steve smiled bashfully, ducking his head momentarily before looking up at her through his lashes, “You do?”

“Yeah.” Darcy confirmed, kissing Steve on the tip of his nose.

Steve nodded, “I’m glad.”

Steve put his arm around Darcy’s shoulders and he leaned against the chairs arm rest and Darcy leaned against it too. Allowing them to lean into each other slightly even though they were separated by the brown velvety arm of the chair. Steve used his other hand to break apart her big cookie and feed it to her and him. Quietly munching on their rainbow sprinkled treat, they quietly watched the rest of the movie in silence.

Until, Scott screamed and pointed at the screen, “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE! HOW THE FUCK WAS THAT A CHILDREN’S MOVIE!?”

Pepper, Steve, and she all looked at Scott in shock, absolutely surprised by his outburst.

Scott turned to them with a gleeful smile on his face, “I can’t wait to show it to Cassie!”

Darcy was the first to burst out laughing, but soon they all were. It was just then that she realized that Pepper was a very low key cool person. She seemed to be so stand offish and prim and proper, but here she was wedged between her and Scott, laughing at Scott’s hilarious antics. Enjoying watching her second favorite movie. Pepper had offered and initiated doing girly things with her, like the manicures, the whole failed spa day, the facials and getting ready for the big party together. It was such normal girl friend behavior, such classic friendship fodder. Darcy was surprised by how easy going and comfortable, Pepper really was.

No one batted an eye when Scott announced he had to pee and unceremoniously hopped up and headed for the bathroom.

Darcy smiled brightly at Pepper as their laughter died down. She then put her head on Peppers shoulder momentarily, like she had done to Scott earlier. “Thanks for coming to hang out with us Pepper.”

Pepper surprised her by putting her own head down on top of Darcy’s, “Thanks for letting me. And making me feel welcome…even after what I did and said to you back in New York.”

Darcy said softly, “Don’t mention it.”





Tony’s New Workshop Couch

Darcy’s nails

The Rings Tony Bought

The Rings Tony Bought

The “Ring” Tony Bought with the future intention of marrying Darcy

Steve in his Black Suit*** Imagine all other security dressed just like him but, less hot

Chapter Text

Chapter 27- Saturday, Suit Up!

Early Evening

When it was finally time to get ready for the big party, Scott disappeared to get ready. Before he left he vowing to Darcy that he would be the awkward social buffer of her dreams, making any awkward silences even more awkward by cracking a lewd joke or stupid comment. “Don’t worry salacious D. I got your back. No creepy old men will stare at your bodacious ta-ta’s without me staring at their shriveled old man penises and making them equally as uncomfortable.”

Darcy laughed and Scott left.

Steve kissed her cheek and told her he would go get her a Gatorade, the light pink one, which she preferred.

“Raspberry lemonade?” Darcy asked looking up for confirmation.

“Whatever you want sweetheart.” Steve promised before he ran a head of them up the stairs.

After got her drink, Steve would have to leave to join Happy at the door, he was going to spend her dress prep time, working the door, patting people down and inspecting handbags. When she was ready to ‘enter’ the party, he would be called back to the house and begin his job as her personal security shadow.

Darcy patted the bots heads on the way out, looking at Dum-E and U, she ordered in a stern voice, “No one comes down here except me or Tony or Steve or Pepper or Scott or Wanda or Happy. Right guys?”

Both robots made affirmative sounding beeps. Darcy nodded and pointed at U, “If anyone tries to sneak down here, you go ahead and try to run them over.” She turned to Dum-E, “You can spray them with the fire extinguisher.”

Dum-E spun in a circle and made a noise that sounded like the robot equivalent of ‘Wahoo’.

Pepper led her upstairs trying to hustle her past the flurry of activity that was going on the main level of the house. There was wait staff everywhere, setting up tables of food along the wall, adjusting the extra seating that had suddenly appeared.

Steve whizzed by and handed her pink drink, but when she went to kiss him to thank him, he pulled back and looked around at all the people. He then gave her a pointed look and said, “I’ll see you later Miss Lewis.”

Darcy felt a little thrill run through her as Steve addressed her formally. She…absolutely wanted to engage in some naughty role play at some point down the road. With the look Steve gave her, and the way he said, ‘Miss Lewis’, Darcy was thinking of a saucy co-ed/distinguished professor scenario. He could be a history professor!

She heard music and looked outside. Out the window she could see that fairy twinkle lights had been strung up and that the stage was erected, and there was a band their doing a sound check. The wait staff outside wore white button up shirts with yellow bow ties and matching vests, while the wait staff inside wore white button ups with red ties and red vests. She wondered why.

Tony and a taxed looking woman with a thick binder were rushing around arguing and Tony was pointing to a table where an ice sculpture was currently trying to be ‘mended’ by a person wielding a…freeze spray thing.

Darcy felt like bat sized butterflies were in her stomach trying to stage a revolt. It hit her at that moment, that this was going to be a ‘PARTY’. A fancy one. With powerful people of industry, military VIP’s, and celebrities and reporters.

She put a hand to her cheek as she stared out at all the little workers milling about her home like ants.

Tony saw them and grabbed her by the wrist. Tony himself was already dressed for the party. He was striking in a white suit with a black vest and red paisley tie tucked into the vest. He also wore a ridiculous looking pair of Dark red suede red soled shoes with red laces.

Tony looked into her eyes and she stared back, her terror clearly written on her face. Tony cupped her face and kissed her lips softly. Then he gave her a rakish smile, before he picked her up, his arms going under her ass, he lifted her in the air and shouted, “HEY STAFF PEOPLE. THIS IS MY GIRLFRIEND! EVERYONE BETTER BE NICE TO HER!”

Darcy giggled and blushed and laughed as Tony spun her slowly in a circle. Looking down at Tony she chided, “I hope you’re getting this all out of your system now, because I absolutely forbid you from doing this later on.”

Tony laughed and pressed a kiss to her stomach before letting her down. He put his arms around her waist and spun her into a dip, he kissed her deeply and when they broke apart he had a gleeful grin on his face. “We’re going to be the talk of the town kid.”

Darcy gave him a half smile and clutched at his shoulders, “And that’s a good thing?”

Tony gave her a disappointed frown as he righted her and pulled her in close so they were standing chest to chest, “I’m going to show you off. You will be complimented and admired and ogled. Oh how they will ogle. Everyone who meets you will resent me even more than they already do for being a handsome genius billionaire. It’s going to be great.”

Darcy smiled amused by Tony’s words.

“Kid, we’re going to have fun.” He kissed her one last time on the lips, “I promise.”

And then he swatted her behind and pushed her away and towards Pepper, “Now go get so obscenely beautified, so I can rub you’re grace and hotness in everyone’s faces.”

Darcy laughed and gave Tony a little wave before following Pepper to her room. Pepper, pulled her by the elbow towards Steve’s room though, when Darcy gave Pepper a questioning look, Pepper explained, “Tony asked for us to get dressed in the guest room, because he wants to surprise you at the end of the night with all new furniture he had delivered today.”

“Oh.” Darcy said simply as Pepper led her to Steve’s custom designed guest room.

Just as they were about to enter Scott emerged decked out in all white suit. He smiled when he saw Darcy, then he held up a bright red tie, “Darcy perfect. Tie or no tie.” Scott moved the tie to his neck and then removed and then repeated the action several times.

“No tie.” Darcy said.

Pepper agreed with a nod, then gestured down to his shoes and asked, “Does Tony know you borrowed his Arfango mirrored patent leather loafers?”

Darcy looked down and couldn’t help but curl her lip up in revulsion, those shoes were so tacky and fugly.

Scott grinned, “Yeah! He and I have the same shoe size! Aren’t they neat!”

Darcy just nodded with a strained smile, seeing Scott so pleased with his shoes, she didn’t want to insult them and hurt his feelings, even if they were so hideous they were figuratively/literally burning her eyeballs.

“Welp, I’m going to go eat some fancy finger foods, so that when we are surrounded by sexy celebrities I won’t have” He wiggled his fingers in front of their faces, “sticky fingers.”

Scott threw the red tie over his shoulder carelessly and walked past them toward the main hallway that lead to the living room.

“DARCY YOU’RE FINALLY HERE!” Wanda screeched from inside the room. Darcy and Pepper entered to see Wanda sitting in the pink mermaid chair, pieces of her hair in foil. “I’m getting my hair cut shorter and highlighted!”


Getting dressed for the party was a whirlwind of activity that left Darcy a little…dazed. At a certain point she just began to shut down, not really used to having women flutter around her, sycophantically giving out compliments, and praising every little opinion she had about her look. It all left Darcy feeling a little bit drained.

There was one hair stylus and two makeup artists, but everyone in the room seemed to be most concerned with how Darcy looked, which was fine, but when they were seemingly ignoring or being out right rude to Pepper and Wanda, Darcy had enough. She told the women that she was tired and needed to lie down for a bit so they should concentrate on her very best friends while she rested.

The tactic worked and the women began fussing and attending to Pepper and Wanda, properly. Wanda ended up keeping her hair and make-up natural. She chose a dark wine colored lip color, light brown eye shadow and nothing else but some under eye lightener. The woman tried to talk her into putting her hair up, but Wanda preferred her new ‘just below the shoulder’ length hair to be left loose and naturally wavy, she had it parted down the middle and then called it a day. When Wanda disappeared into the bathroom to put on her dress, Darcy remembered about Tony’s rings. She asked the extra makeup artist to go into their bedroom and grab the two rings from off the ottoman in their closet.

Right before the woman left, Pepper said sharply, “The entire house is under surveillance….just a reminder.”

The woman blanched and quickly left the room to retrieve the items she had requested. Darcy gave Pepper a look as the woman had her eyebrows filled in.

“That wasn’t very nice or subtle Pepper.” Darcy informed her. Pepper ignored her as the makeup artist finished her eyebrows and moved on to her lips..

Pepper had her hair slicked back into a pony tail at the base of her neck. Her eyes were highlighted in shades of brown and she had chosen a very pale natural pink lip color. She looked chic and elegant and minimalistic.

The hair stylus having nothing to do, gently asked, “Miss Lewis? Would you like to get started now? Or are you still too tired?”

Darcy smiled kindly at the woman and nodded and went over to the chair the woman was gesturing too. “I want my hair to look natural like Wanda’s, but my natural hair looks way messier, so I want you to make it look nice, but like, I didn’t really have to work hard to make it look nice…you know?”

The woman smiled and nodded, her hands reaching for the curling iron. “I know exactly what you mean.”

The other woman reentered the room and made a beeline for Darcy quickly depositing the rings in her hand. As the hair stylus got to work on her hair, Darcy held up the rings to look at them more closely.

One ring was a cushion ruby ring, the band covered in little diamonds. It was a classic looking thing of beauty and simplistic magnificence. The other was this wide band ring, centered by a pink stone, with diamond accents set into the white gold and bordered on either side of alternating rainbow stone accents. She didn’t know what kind of stones were in the rainbow ring but she sure liked them. Darcy put the rainbow ring on her hand and admired all the pretty colors.

The ruby was gorgeous to be sure, but she couldn’t resist the rainbow ring.

“Have you made your choice Miss Darcy?” Jarvis disembodied voice asked. The woman curling her hair jumped and yanked Darcy’s hair harshly.

The woman began to apologize immediately. Darcy smiled and comforted the woman, “Hey, as long as the hair’s still attached to my head, and I don’t get any third degree burns, we’re cool.”

The woman thanked her for her understanding and went to go back to curling Darcy’s hair.

Darcy projected her voice upward, addressing Jarvis, “Have I made what choice Jarvis?”

“The ring miss. Have you chosen the rubellite tourmaline cocktail ring?” Darcy had never heard of a rubellite.

“If you’re asking me if I’ve decided to go with the rainbow and pink ring, then yeah. I’ve decided.”

“Very good, Miss. I will inform sir. He now owes Mr. Rogers a million dollars.” Jarvis informed them in a dry tone, “Sir thought you would chose the ruby, to go with your shoes. I delight in enlightening him.”

Darcy chuckled, “Jarvis you are such a troll.”

“If you say so Miss.”

Wanda then emerged from the bathroom, all dressed up. She wore a plunging keyhole satin long-sleeved dress. With no bra. Darcy was instantly envious of her friends ability to just…like go braless. She looked lovely and Darcy didn’t begrudge her bralessness just wished she could get away with the same thing.

“Wanda! You look super sexy!” Darcy said with a smile.

“Lovely, dear. Truly divine.” Pepper added.

Wanda blushed and ran her hands down the satiny material of her hips, her voice sounded anxious when she asked, “You really think so?”

“Totally.” Darcy confirmed.

“Okay. Good.” Wanda said still sounding a little nervous. Wanda came and sat next to her as Pepper went into the bathroom to get dressed. Darcy held out the ruby ring.

Wanda looked surprised and confused. “What’s this?”

Darcy put on a slightly pouty expression and asked, “Will you do me the honor of being my BFF?”

Wanda smiled widely and let out a laugh as Darcy took her hand and slid it onto her finger like she was proposing. “Please say yes and make me the happiest girl in the girl powered world?”

Wanda admired the ruby ring on her hand for a moment and then exaggerated screamed out, “Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!”

They both burst into laughter, and even the makeup artists and hair woman laughed.

“But seriously, where did this come from?” Wanda asked.

“Tony. He’s says it’s a thank you present.”

Wanda looked at the ring on her finger a little more tenderly and this sweet smile slid onto her face, “Oh….that’s so sweet.”

Darcy closed her eyes as the makeup woman began to apply her eye shadow, “Yeah. Tony’s surprisingly sweet and kind and generous, once you get past his asshole exterior and awful first impression.”

Darcy had opted for more of a smoke-y eye, with lots of mascara, blush, darkened eyebrows, and dark red lipstick. She may have never had her own personal makeup person, but hell if she was going to waste the opportunity to get the perfect cat eye professionally done.

When her makeup and hair were finished, Pepper stepped out of the bathroom and it was her turn to get dressed.

Pepper was wearing a all white gown that covered all but the tips of her high heeled black jimmy choo’s. It had a slightly gathered asymmetrical neck line and these shoulder pads that made her frame to appear more rectangular. Paired with a floor length white cape, a big silvery white cuff bracelet and a giant silver flower ring, Pepper Pots looked impossibly elegant.

“Wow, Pepper, you look…so classy and chic.” Darcy complimented.

“Yeah.” Wanda added, her mouth agape for a moment before she quickly closed and rushed forward to pet the material of Pepper’s outfit. “Dude, I think I’m having cape envy….is cape envy a thing. Because if it is, I have it.”

Pepper laughed and took off the cape and let Wanda try it on. Darcy left the women chatting harmoniously as she went into the bathroom to finally get dressed.

Her dress was in a garment bag, labeled with a post it that said her name. Unzipping it, she revealed the dress she picked out with Hope, just a few days ago. Looking at it now, she worried what she chose wasn’t right for the party. Afterall Pepper and Wanda both got floor length gowns, they both looked tall and elegant and she…she chose a short dress, that made her boobs look enormous and showcased her short stubby legs and arm fat and flat ass and…Darcy closed her eyes. She willed away her negative body image thoughts.

She had to stay positive and not spiral. She didn’t…no crying tonight. She just sat through a half an hour of hair and makeup, she would not ruin it by getting weepy of being short and…curvaceous.

No comparing. No negativity.

With a determined nod, Darcy pulled out her fancy white push up bra and panties and began to get dressed.

Once she was stuffed into her dress, Darcy assessed herself in the mirror. She looked…killer.

She looked like a knock out. Her hair had body and shine and natural looking waves. Her makeup was fierce and flawless. Her lips look ridiculously lush. Her eyes were outlined and defined in a way she could never get them when she did her own make up. Darcy smiled excitedly at her reflection. She couldn’t get the full picture of her entire look, because Steve’s bathroom didn’t have a full length mirror. So she put on her gorgeous ‘grown up’ ruby slippers.

They were actually just red high heels. Except the heel, was special, it was like amber and at the base near the foot it was ruby red, looking like she was walking on ruby and gold. Darcy was pleased by the extra inches she suddenly had, but knew that in a few hours she would be cursing the shoes that were so pretty but still…heels. And therefore inheritably uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

When Darcy emerged from the bathroom she was greeted with silence. All the women stared at her with wide eyes. And then a flurry of compliments were directed at her simultaneously.

“You look amazing Miss Lewis!”
“If I could wolf whistle I would. You look gorgeous.”
“That dress was made for your breasts.”
“You are going to have the party guests ejaculating in their pants.”

Darcy laughed and blushed at all the compliments. Wanda and Pepper ran to her and began touching her outfit, and hair.

“The ring goes perfectly.” Wanda exclaimed.

“I love your shoes, where did you get them.” Pepper asked.

Just then Scott entered the room, and everyone froze and turned to look at him. He took one look at his girlfriend with her hand on Darcy’s lapel/boob and said, “Nope.” And he left the room.

Darcy laughed as Wanda chased after him yelling, “What’s wrong Scott?”

Pepper turned to her and said in a low voice, “I mean it. I want to know where you got those shoes. And this dress! It looks phenomenal on you Darcy.”

Darcy smiled and looked at the floor. “Thanks Pepper. I don’t…Hope Van Dyne, you remember her?” Pepper raised her eyebrows and gave Darcy a ‘are you fucking kidding me’ look. Darcy rolled her eyes, “Silly question. Okay, so Hope and I ran into each other, and she helped me pick out the shoes and convinced me to get the dress. But I was having a bad day, and I don’t exactly remember where we got it, but you can ask her when you see her tonight.”

Behind them the women began packing up their tools into colorful zebra printed bags.

Pepper stepped closer to Darcy and lowered her voice, “Are you okay with her coming…considering her history with Tony?”

Darcy noticed how one of the women, the hair stylus, paused in her packing and seemed to tilt her head so her ear was more in their direction. Darcy went around Pepper and opened the door, giving the women a strained but pleasant smile, “Thank you all for your beautiful work. If I ever need hair and make up again, I’ll be sure to contact you.”

“Thank you Miss Lewis.” The older makeup artist said as she hefted her bag over her shoulder and extended her hand for Darcy to shake. “I appreciate the business. We’d be happy to stay on and wait around if you need any touch ups throughout the evening?”

Darcy shook her head, “I don’t think that will be necessary.”

The woman nodded and produced a card from the pocket of her pink jacket, “Here’s my card, in case anyone asks who did your hair and makeup and you’d like to refer us.”

Darcy took the card and read it, it said Angelica Martinelli’s Hair & Make Up it listed her contact information and the card was pink zebra print. Darcy felt silly that she hadn’t asked any of the women their names. Darcy looked at the older brunette and asked, “You’re Angelica?”

The brunette smiled and arched a perfectly shaped brow at her, “The one and only.”

Darcy shook the woman’s hand again, “I’ll be sure to give you a call the next time I need…beauty help.”

The woman laughed and said, “I’d appreciate it.” And then Angelica and her people left the room, Darcy heard Jarvis directing them where to go.

Darcy turned to Pepper and sighed, she put the card down on the vanity and sat down on the end of the bed. Pepper came and sat down next to her, prompting, “Hope?”

“Let’s just say I have nothing to worry about.”

Pepper frowned, “You know she’s carrying Tony’s child to term right? She plans on giving it away, true, but still. Are you sure you won’t be jealous if you see them together?”

Darcy gave Pepper a lazy smile, “Hope’s made herself very clear. The only way she’d even consider fucking Tony again, is if I was a part of the deal.”

Pepper’s eyebrows shot up, “You mean—“

“Yeah. Hope’s got a bit of crush on me.” Darcy fiddled with her ring, “And honestly, I’m so super flattered by it. A girls never liked me before. Well, none that have ever actually tried perusing me anyway.”

Pepper gasped sounding scandalized and Darcy fell into her shoulder giggling.

Someone lightly knocked on the door. Steve’s voice rang out from behind the wood, “Everyone decent?”

“As decent as we’re going to get.” Darcy called out as she stood up and smoothed down her dress. She wanted Steve to get the full affect when he saw her.

Steve opened the door and his eyes went right to her. Steve’s eyes widened and he sort of just tripped on nothing into the door. “Ow. Hi. Oh, wow. Sweet heart, you look….”

Steve walked forward slowly. Pepper excused herself quietly and let herself out of the room. Steve gulped as he looked her up and down and when he was close enough to touch her, he reached out and grabbed her hand.

He squeezed it and then brought it up to her lips and kissed her knuckles. He looked up at her from beneath his lashes, and Darcy could see that his eyes were dilated. The look in his eyes was…dangerous.

Well, dangerous in the sense that she wanted to leave the room not looking debauched and sexed out.

Darcy tweaked his nose, causing him to smile and shake her off. “You going to be able to handle this, body guard role thing all night?”

Steve put his hands on her hips and pulled her body flush to his when he answered her his voice was low and thick with emotion, “Trust me. This body is all I’ll be able to think about all night long.”

Steve went in to kiss her but the sound of clapping stopped him, Darcy looked around Steve’s shoulder to see Tony standing there. “You look like sex and spice and everything nice Liquor Lips.”

Tony walked forward and Steve stepped aside to allow him to get a look at Darcy’s head to toe look. Tony stopped in front of her and twirled his finger in the air, “Can I get the 360 look.”

The request made her frown, and think of Killgrave, but she pushed that thought away and spun slowly for Tony’s perusal. Tony talked to himself as she did, “Yes. Yes. Amazing. Yes. Exquisite. Yes. Its official, you’re the sexiest thing in the room.”

Darcy let out a laugh as Tony pointed a thumb at Steve, “And with him in the room, that’s quite a feat babe.”

Steve shot Tony a disbelieving look, but otherwise ignored Tony’s comment and instead focused back on Darcy, agreeing with Tony, “He’s right. You’re going to be belle of the ball. No one is going to be able to hold a candle to you. You’re a vision.”

“A goddess.” Tony added, taking a step forward, he looked at her eyes before dropping his gaze down to her chest. “I wouldn’t want to ruin your make up so…” Tony then stuck his face in her cleavage and began kissing the skin visible by the deep v plunge of the top. Darcy laughed and grabbed at Tony’s hair as his beard tickled her skin.

“Tony!” Steve scolded pulling on his arm.

Tony lifted his face out of her breasts, he turned to Steve, “Like you weren’t imaging doing the same damn thing.”

Darcy pushed Tony back slightly and turned to the mirror, and adjusted her top, making sure everything looked as good as it had five minutes ago.

“My god I think I’m going to cum in my pants.” Tony muttered as he and Steve stepped up behind her so closely that she could feel the heat radiating off their skin.

Darcy stared at her reflection, Steve behind her right shoulder and Tony behind her left. The three of them created a beautiful image. Darcy spoke to both of them without turning around, instead she spoke to their reflection, “I don’t want to take a paternity test.”

Tony looked confused and Steve looked at Tony. “Ever.”

Darcy put her hands on her stomach, “I don’t want to know who’s the biological father. It doesn’t matter to me. It shouldn’t matter to us. I want the babies to both call you dad and daddy. I know that…”

Darcy sighed a heavy sounding sigh, “I know that realistically, we’ll figure it out. Maybe as soon as we meet them all squishy and new, maybe when their older and either really good at ultimate Frisbee or the Math Decathlon, but maybe we won’t. Maybe with both of you influencing them, it won’t be obvious who’s sperm entered which egg and when.”

“Darcy---” Tony began, but Darcy cut him off.

“My mom was blonde you know. And you and I have similar coloring Tony….I mean, we can do a paternity test in case of an emergency, like…if someone needs a kidney-“ She shot Tony a pointed look.

“But, right now. That’s where I’m at on the ‘who’s the daddy’ baby thing. I’ve…this is what I want. But, if you guys feel differently I’m willing to find out.”

Steve pursed his lips, “Is this a conversation you two have been having?”

“No.” Tony said softly.

“No.” Darcy confirmed, “It just occurred to me, looking at the three of us in the mirror. That---that it’s the three of us who made these babies. At least that’s how I feel, the babies were conceived the day/night of the ‘Citizen’s Duty’ Program. We all met each other that day. And…we are all….” Darcy paused trying to find the right words, she closed her eyes as Tony’s hand went to the small of her back.

“The three of us are going to be the babies family. Mom. Dad. And Daddy. All three of us. Together.” The guys stared at her in the mirror, they stared back at her in awe.

Darcy’s brow furrowed as she explained, “I don’t want you to agree with me because you think you should. If you want to know…if you need to know, tell me now. And I won’t begrudge you that I swear.”

Tony gulped and looked away from her and Steve stared at the back of Tony’s head. “I love you both. And I want us to be a team. I want our family to be united. And I don’t think that finding out which one of you ‘technically’ impregnated me, will help us be that united team.”

Darcy’s voice grew small as she admitted her true fear, “If we find out the bio dad, it can only divide us…so what’s the point?”

For a full minute no one moved. They stayed frozen like that, Tony looking away, Steve looking at Tony, her looking at them both in the reflection of the vanity mirror. She knew why this was such a big deal for Tony, he had daddy issues a plenty, and the idea of having a son or a daughter meant a lot to him. For Steve, it was a connection, a tangible connection to the world and the people in it.

For them both to risk not knowing…she knew she was asking a lot. But she meant what she said; no good could come from finding out the owner of the sperm. And that’s all it was really, sperm plus egg, made life, well, in her case lives. But, the important part…the family part that was the meaningful contribution. Sperm be damned.

It was the men who cleaned dirty diapers and dealt with projectile vomit, who were the real fathers of the world. The men who stayed and cared and earned the title ‘daddy’ rather than just inheriting it.

Darcy didn’t want biology to determine how they felt about the babies.

Tony cracked. He let out a deep breath and looked back to her, Darcy turned around and saw tears glistening in his eyes. Tony gave her a watery smile and croaked out, “No paternity test sounds good to me.”

Darcy felt the smile slowly spread across her face, “Really?”

She and Tony turned as one to Steve and at the same time asked, “Steve?”

Steve looked between them, he stared into her eyes and then Tony’s for a long moment, before he nodded said in a soft voice, “Agreed.”

Darcy felt the beginning of tears prick at her eyes. Fuck. She muttered, “Cover girls don’t cry once their face is made.”

“What?” Tony asked. Darcy ignored his question and fanned her face as tears threatened to ruin her makeup.

Darcy then abruptly shoved Steve away from her and walked in between the men, and headed for the door.

“Okay. Settled. Love you both. Can’t stay and do the emotional group hug right now, I sent the makeup ladies home, they offered to stay to do touch ups as needed and I stupidly sent them home, so no crying. Got it? Good. You guys hug and relish in the gooey feels of the moment. I need to find Scott so he can make fart joke or something.”

From behind her she heard Steve laugh and say “Tony! Let go!....Okay! Okay, I give up; if I hug you back can we go after her?”




Tony’s white suit

Tony’s Shoes

Scotts white suit

Scott’s Ugly Shoes

Wanda’s plunging keyhole satin long sleeve dress




Darcy’s Red Shoes

Chapter Text

Chapter 28 – Saturday Soiree


Tony and Steve caught up to her. Tony looped his arm through hers and Steve took up position behind them. They were in triangle formation. It made Darcy have a brief thought about the Mighty Ducks.

“The parties in full swing.” Tony informed her, he arched a brow at her, “You ready for this?”

Darcy looked back to Steve; he gave her dorky thumbs up that had her chuckling. Turning back to Tony she copied Steve and gave him thumbs up and said, “You bet.”

“Swell.” Tony said as he squared his shoulders and began walking forward, leading her towards the entrance to the living room.


The first person Tony introduced her to, was a plump woman in her sixties or seventies. The woman wore a sack like white gown with fringe, long opera gloves and half moon glasses perched on the bridge of her nose.

Apparently she had known Tony ever since he was a little boy, because the first thing she said when she caught sight of him was, “Oh, my word! Anthony is that you? My goodness, I hardly recognize you. You’ve grown into such a handsome young man. I still remember you being underfoot, crawling around the floor in diapers. My, where has the time gone?”

Tony whispered to her quietly, “She always says that.”

Tony then smiled at the woman and kissed her on the cheek as he replied. “Time is merely a concept.”

“Oh, Anthony I just can’t tell you how proud your mother would be of you, were she alive today. God rest her soul.” The woman made the sign of the catholic cross across her chest.

Tony ignored this and a strained smile took up residence on his face. Darcy interlaced their hands, hoping to give him some comfort. That was an action which seemed to catch the older woman’s attention.

“Oh, how rude of me. Here I am blathering on about your mother and time, and I haven’t even introduced myself to your new friend.” The older woman extended her hand, “Hello dear, I’m Florence Bisquick.”

Darcy shook the woman’s hand as Tony explained, “Florence is the head of the Maria Stark Foundation.” Tony turned to Florence, “And she’s not my friend. This is Darcy Lewis, my girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend? My god I can’t remember the last time you introduced one of your young doxies as your girlfriend.” Darcy’s polite smile fell away from her face. Tony squeezed Darcy’s hand.

“Yeah, well. Darcy’s special…she’s not a floozy.” Tony defended.

Florence patted Tony on the chest, as she said in a slightly hushed and patronizing tone, “If you say so dear.”

Darcy’s frown deepened.

Florence then thanked Tony for inviting her, “I’m so glad you managed to turn one of your lavish parties into an opportunity to raise a little money in your mother’s name. The big events are still marvelous, but how ingenious of you to add on a little something to one of your nights of drunken revelry.”

Darcy turned to Tony, “You’re charging people to at