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Diplomatic Immunity - A Mystrade Adventure

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Chief sup                     I asked Lestrade to my office. He complained about the Holmes lad so I assign him a security work in the US

Greg                              I was extremely worried when the chief had asked me to his office and sat down slowly to what exactly the security work was in the US. It was an odd kind of promotion.

Chief sup                     "Lestrade you are my best DI and I know that the Holmes lad is starting to drive you crazy. When my friend from the MI6 asked if I have a good man who can be a security detail for a newly prompted man I thought that I knew just the right man.  You proved not just once that you are good at the security work and you notice things that most don't. Your job will be more than a bodyguard you can have a bit investigation too".

Greg                              "Uh, thank you Sir... I don't really know what to say," I said softly and frowned slightly where I hasn't done security work for a while. I didn't have much in the UK now that I was divorced, my eyes meeting his

Chief sup                     I take out a file form my bag. "Here, this is all you need to know about the case. Willoughby Smith was murdered at her home a month before. The political battle was finalised a week before. The investigation is led by us - MI6 to be precise - but you will be there too

Greg                              "Okay... So if I'm going to be there security-wise, is there anybody specific that I'm protecting or looking out for?" I asked as I took the file and didn't have much to pack anyway

Chief sup                     "You will be the bodyguard and head of security for the new man in this 'advisory' position." I used quotation marks since I don't have any idea about the real position and I'm made sure Greg knew this without a doubt. I want him back in one piece.

Greg                              "Right. Well, I'm guessing I'll know more when I'm in America?" I asked as I stood up and was willing to go where my job took me. America sounded good.

Chief sup                     "Yes." I handed him another file "This is your flight ticket and further information about your journey. Take care, Lestrade. I want you back after this. You are my best DI after all.  "Someone will wait for you when you land in DC"

Greg                              "I will try, sir. Just don't let things go to shit while I'm gone,” I smiled lightly and I was on the place to DC the next morning at 6am, all my possessions packed up and I was due to meet an assistant in DC.