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Sunshine crept through the open window of Mother Nature's vine laced house. The tweeting birds circled above Nature’s still sleeping body. In one smooth and slow motion, she sat up and stretched with a long, peaceful yawn. Brushing away the sleep and moisture from her eyes, she held out her hand for one of the birds to perch itself on.

“Good morning sweeties,” she softly cooed, “any good news today?”

The robin trilled and peeped in response. The smile on Nature’s face faded slightly.

“Oh dear, again?” she sighed as she listened to more of the chirping, “What about now? Whether or not Australia is a continent? Oh heavens above! Those boys are thousands of years old and yet they don’t know about that! Well, I’ll talk to them. Thank you very much.”

Nature got out of bed, brushed her earthy brown hair, and got dressed in her usual warm green attire. She headed downstairs to find one of her many children, North Wind, already at it with washing the dishes.

“Good morning, North Wind!”

The purple man swiftly turned his head and brandished a grin that didn’t seem genuinely happy.

“Good morning, Mother!”

Nature walked right past him to a massive portrait of her and all of her children. Raising her voice a tad so he could hear her, she began to carefully take down the painting.

“Don’t forget to use the steel wool on the difficult parts. Do NOT soak them!”

“Ugh… Motheeerrr,” North whined, “that’s the most disgusting part!”

“Well you should have thought about that before trying to take over Christmas.”

“Yes but-“ North stopped right there for there is no point in arguing with your own mother, “ooohh nevermind. Who are you calling?”

“Your brothers.”

North's hair seemed to perk up at those words.

“The Misers?!” he joyfully inquired, “Are they in trouble?!”

“No they are not,” she answered sternly, “but they are bickering again so I'm going to put a stop to it. Now hush!”

She rang up for a conference call with both Heat Miser and Snow Miser.

Meanwhile, the Misers are already on their phones, yelling at each other through the big screen in each of their throne rooms.

“I’m telling you, Hothead, Australia is a continent.” Snow Miser carelessly stated as he pretended to examine his fingernails while he still had gloves on.

“NOOOO IIIIIT'S NOT!” Heat Miser shouted as he stomped his feet, “Have you seen it?! It’s smaller than the other continents so therefore, IT CAN’T BE A CONTINENT!”

“You can call a giant turtle a regular old tortoise but in reality, it is still a giant turtle.” Snow explained.

“WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!” Heat roared in frustration.

“It’s an analogy, Smoke-for-brains.” Snow retorted, rolling his eyes.

“IIIII KNOW what an analogy is!” the shorter brother growled, “What I’m asking is what do turtles have to do with Australia?!”

“You should know about that,” the icy man replied with a smug grin, “It’s in YOUR territory.”

Feeling truly insulted, Heat Miser's head of fire began to glow brighter as sparks and flames rose higher.

“Oop, he’s gonna bloooow!” mocked Snow Miser as he stood back.

With his fists and teeth clenched in anger, Heat got ready to unleash his fiery rage as he forced his eyes open to reveal shining yellow light. Snow knew what was coming so he prepared as well. Raising his arms, a flurry of ice began to gather around him. As he glared at his brother, his eyes too began to glow with a bright blue aura. Just as they were about to strike…

A faint beeping can be heard.

This caused both of the Misers to stop what they were doing with a sigh of both annoyance and relief.

“What’s that noise?” grumbled Heat.

“Oh that just means we have another call. A conference, I think.” Snow answered politely.

The brothers looked the corners of their respectable screens and saw a flashing green icon portraying a tree of flowers. Upon seeing this, they gasped in unison.

“MOTHER!” they softly exclaimed.

“Quick!” Heat Miser ordered, “Shut up and act natural!”

“Ok!” half whispered Snow Miser, “And don’t tell me to shut up!”

They both pressed the buttons on their phones that would allow more than two callers to enter the conversation. The giant screens on their walls then showed up as a split screen. Heat Miser could still see Snow Miser and vice versa. This time, however, at the bottom screen was Mother Nature.

“Good morning, boys!” she sang.

Putting on their most schmoozing grins, the called out in harmony,

“Good morning, Mother!”

“A little birdie told me you two were fighting again.”

“Robin,” Heat groaned.

“Oh no, Mother!” Snow coerced, “We’ve done nothing wrong!”

“Don’t lie to her, Breathmint!” scolded Heat.

“Yes…we were…” Snow confessed as he and his brother lowered their heads and apologized both at the same time,

“We're sorry.”

North Wind heard that from the kitchen and took brief pleasure from their humiliation.

“That’s quite alright. Thank you, boys,” Nature replied sweetly, “You know, compared to what you used to do, this is quite tame. I am so proud of you.”

North gagged as he imagined their happy, blushing faces which is exactly what they did.

“Awww…” Heat sighed.

“Oh Motheerrr…” Snow crooned.

“In fact, I bet you’re well behaved enough to attend the big party tonight!”

Heat and Snow's eyes widened with a big gasp. North gasped as well and he dropped a piece of silver cutlery he was rinsing.

“Y-y-you mean the Annual Celebration of the World?!” asked Heat Miser.

“The one where every important person will be there?!” added Snow Miser.

“The event that commemorates all the deities for putting their effort into making the world a better place?!”

“Father Time, Santa Claus, Jack Frost?!”

“THAT BIG PARTY?!” they shouted.

“Yes, that big party!” Nature giggled at their childlike enthusiasm, “But you must remember to behave!”

“Yes we will, Mother!” the Misers chimed.

“Alright, I’ll be in a coach to pick you both up,” the brunette informed, “Oh! And boys?”

The two turned to Mother before hanging up.

“Australia is a continent.”

Heat groaned in defeat as Snow stuck his tongue out.
Nature hung up and put the portrait back up on the wall.

“Mother!” North cried out in false innocence, “Can I come too?”

“Well, let’s see now,” she sarcastically counted her fingers before responding, “You still have 4,995 years to go, so… sorry!”

North turned back to the grimy dishes with a quivering lip.

“Besides,” said Nature, “I have a plan for them and rather not have you muddle it up!”