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Frisk wandered through the snow-covered forest, completely lost. She had no idea how she’d managed it but somehow, she’d gotten herself turned around and now she was just trying to look for a place to keep warm since it was starting to get a little darker in the Underground’s version of night time. As it was she wasn’t really all that dressed for the perpetual winter down here.

She tucked her hands under her arms and bit back the chill as she headed down a small hill. There was a tiny path that was overgrown with branches and bushes that looked like mostly creatures and the more animal looking monsters used.

Frisk shivered as the snow snuck into her shoes, making her feet cold and damp as she tried to hurry to find a place for the night. She managed to get to the bottom of the hill and spotted an opening among the stone wall of the mountain.

“Finally.” She whispered to herself as she trudged through the snow towards the possible cave opening so she could get out of the cold. She gave a sigh of relief as she stepped into the cave, surprised to see the scattering of echo flowers on either side of an old pathway.

But that wasn’t the weird part. “What the-?” She whispered, her voice echoing in soft whispers around her from the flowers as she looked towards the door tucked into the wall at the other end of the path.

Inside the cave it was warmer but not warm enough for her to spend the night in. Maybe there was someone living here that would be willing to let her spend the night.

Taking a cautious step towards the curious door she couldn’t help but wonder who could possibly live way out here. She couldn’t recall anybody that she hadn’t met in the Underground on previous trips through.

Steeling herself she reached up and knocked tentatively on the door, feeling a little bit scared as she did so. She waited before knocking again, this time a little louder in case the person inside didn’t hear her, jumping back when the door seemed to open on its own.

“H-hello? Anybody there? I just need a place to warm up for the night.” Frisk peeked her head into the darkness, barely able to make out a large room with a small kitchen with just a fridge, stove and sink, a couch and an oversized bed.

“Hello? Anyone home?” She asked out loud as she started to walk into the small home, the only light coming from the faint blue glow of the echo flowers which echoed her questions back to her. She cried out in shock as the door slammed behind her, the darkness closing in around her.

“Interesting.” A deep baritone voice rumbled behind her but when she turned there was no one there, her eyes still trying to adjust to the inky blackness of the room. “You’re much older than the humans that have fallen before. And a female.” The voice seemed to move around her, Frisk searching for the source in a frantic panic, her arms reaching out to find anything to grab onto for a weapon to protect herself if she needed it.

“Do not be afraid of me human. I mean no harm. You asked for a place to warm yourself. You can have it. I’ve no need for such things these days.” The voice seemed to fade in and out around her, sometimes appearing right next to her ear and sometimes seeming to be halfway across the room.

“Do not worry little human. I’ll leave you be. Stay as long as you’d like. My home is yours.” She could almost hear the smirk on the strangers face even though she couldn’t see him in the darkness.

After a few moments she felt as though she was alone again in the room. With a shaking hand she reached out and searched for a light switch. After a few moments she found one, flipping it on and revealing the very clearly masculine and very clean set of furnishings.

The furniture was dark stained wood, the cushions on the couch were a deep violet with grey pillows as accents. Everything was sleek, almost modern with sharp corners. Turning around she looked towards the large bed, made of similarly stained wood only it was carved into intricate designs and foreign symbols that she couldn’t understand.

The blankets looked soft and comfortable, the same color scheme of deep violet almost black, with charcoal grey and white sheets and matching pillows.

After looking around to be sure that there was no one there with her before she checked the door and locked it behind her before wandering towards the bed and curling up under the covers, taking off her damp shoes and socks. Before she knew it, Frisk had fallen into a deep slumber.

She woke up sometime the next morning to the smell of…pancakes? Groggily she woke up and peeked into the kitchen area where a plate of freshly made pancakes were waiting with a bowl of fruit sitting there. With a hint of panic she glanced around and saw that there wasn’t anyone else there.

There was also a set of clean clothes folded on the couch neatly, as if laid out there specifically for her. After a few moments, hunger got the better of her better judgement and ate the breakfast laid out.

When she finished she looked around some more, searching for secret ways that whoever that person had been could have gotten in. She couldn’t find anything and if there’d been any cameras she couldn’t find them either.

She did find however a small bathroom with a shower and bathtub and a toilet and a small sink while she was looking around and some fluffy looking towels.

After thinking carefully Frisk decided that a shower couldn’t hurt so she grabbed the clean clothes and hurried into the shower. When she was done and dressed she felt so much better, refreshed even as she decided to sit on the couch and relax in the warmth of the stranger’s home.

Throughout the day she watched television and relaxed on the couch, feeling at ease. When it was lunch time she found food already laid out for her in the fridge, more fruit and a sandwich.

And around dinner time she left from going to the bathroom and found a freshly cooked meal, a salad and some grilled chicken. Frisk found it odd but she did appreciate it as she found herself hungry.

The clothes she wore were just her size, the fabric soft against her skin and comfortable. A pair of short shorts and a plain tee shirt as well as a pair of lacy underwear that fit her like a glove.

When she was tired Frisk crawled into the bed and fell back asleep. This sort of routine occurred over the course of several days. Every morning she had fresh clothes, breakfast waiting for her. Her meals were on a regular schedule and she never saw the person making them.

It’d gotten to be so routine that she woke at the same time every morning, ate, showered and changed. Frisk knew that she was able to leave at any time but the fresh food, fruits and clean clothes was a more than tempting reason to stay so long as whoever it was allowed her to stay.

One morning she awoke to find a tall slender figure sitting on the couch, his long legs crossed elegantly in front of him, arms stretched out on the back of the couch. Frisk paused in the entry of the bedroom, unsure of what to do, but she could see a bowl of fruit on the coffee table in front of the stranger. “Good morning my dear.”