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25 years later

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Diana Barkley, before Meade, is looking into her favorite photography of her family; full of love, innocence, smile and happiness. Her husband and her children are now her life, and she would do anything to protect them.,With her circle, they've decided to tell them the truth about their legacy: They are witches and form their own circle. They even started teaching them all they need to know about magic.
At first, Diana wasn't sure about it, but the moment she hold her first little girl, Margo, she knew she couldn't lie to her like all their parents did.
But now, it's different, her children aren't babies anymore, and Diana can't protected them from themselves.

Her thoughts are brutally interrupted the moment she hears some screams; her children are fighting.

“You're cheating!” Her daughter screams

“Oh, just like the way you did to your boyfriend Nick!” she hears her son answers.

“You know what, I can just burn you with my dark magic, right now!”

“What you don't like when someone remind you the slut you are!”

“Believe me you'll...”

“That's enough!” Diana screams ending immediately their fight. “No dark magic is allowed Margo, Am I clear?”

Margo nods and leave the house really pissed before her brother slams his bedroom door.

Diana sighs. Two years ago she has explain to her children that their families are from a line of very powerful witches, the Balcoin, as the same as Melissa and Cassie's children. She explain to them, that in any moment they should unlock it, except matter of life and death. Even if sometimes, they are both threatening each other to use it, Diana knows deep down that they won't.

She looks at the clock hanging on the wall. It's time for her to have her circle meeting




Amelia-Jane is sitting at her father's restaurant table, waiting for her circle to come.
They are hanging out a lot together, even if some people couldn't stand each other among them.
The boathouse is closed today, like each time of this day. Her parents are meeting with the rest of their own circle.

The door opens, revealing her actual boyfriend, and member of her circle, Nick Armstrong-Chamberlain. Nick and his twin brother, Henry are the oldest member of the circle, they're both in college in Seattle and coming home every week end.

“Hello baby.” He smiles and kisses her on the mouth, something she accepts gladly.

It's been one month, that they're been a couple; but deep down Amelia-Jane knows that he still has feeling for his ex-girlfriend, Margo Barkley, and also her little cousin.
Margo is nothing good except trouble, and she doesn't deserve a guy like Nick, and Amelia-Jane is doing everything to help Nick opening his eyes.

Margo and Nick were dating last year for 11 months, just before she slept with Nick's twin brother, Henry. Afterward there were actually a lot of fight between Diana, Margo's mother and Faye, Nick and Henry's. Diana were accusing Faye's son to using her daughter, meanwhile Faye called her “slut”. But of course everything went right again, because they knew where their priority were.

No long after her boyfriend's arrival, the other one starting to show up.

“So, what's up?” Robin Barkley says while he is coming into the restaurant.

Robin is Margo younger brother, he is 14 and he's the youngest member of the circle.

“Hey. So Amelia how was Los-Angeles with your parents?” Sophie-Ann Glaser asks.

Sophie-Ann is Melissa only child, she is also her cousin, by her father Oliver, who is a Balcoin, one of the four other brothers and sister of Cassie and Diana.
Sophie-Ann is a true beauty, with her olive skin and blond hair and beautiful big blue eyes, boys usually found her very attractive; except that she is a nerd and too good at school and is more considering at the girl you can't go out with.

“Great, thanks for asking.”

“Are we really here to talk about goody-goody Amelia-Jane and her perfect trip with her perfect family, because I really have better plans.” Margo is interrupting.

“Why, Margo, are you planning to hook up with an other guy, or maybe my brother.” Nick tries to provoke her in a fight and AJ is hitting him on the back saying him with her eyes that it's not the time for this and that he should apologize.

“Sorry.” He finally apologizes to his ex-girlfriend and brother.

Margo is raising and eyebrow but chooses to don't make any comments.

“We should bind our circle.” AJ announces just before voices were ringing, or more protesting, AJ notices.

“Come on AJ, we can't do that!” Nick express himself.

“Why not? My mother says its the time, that it would protect us, because we don't know what kind of threat are coming for us.”

“As much as I adore my aunt, she is foolish to think that, nothing happened to us and our parents in 20 years.” Margo answers.

“Perhaps. But a lot happened to our parents and grand parents before, and most of them are dead. I agree with AJ, we should bind our circle.” Sophie-Ann says.

“But if we bind it, we will lose our individual magic” Henry talks for the first time “And this I cannot accept.”

“Besides, I don't want to be bound with these two” Nick says pointing Margo and his brother.

“Well first thing we agree on!” Margo shouts.

“Okay, stop. For now let's not bind our circle.” AJ finally accepts her defeat. “But if there is any threat, then we won't have the choice except doing it. Is everyone in the circle agree?”

“I agree.” They all answer in the same time.

“Fine, this meeting is officially over.”




Melissa is the last one to come into the abandoned house.

She had trouble with her boss who has asked her to work on a Sunday. Melissa is working as realtor, and apparently today, a new couple needed a house immediately in Chance Harbor, and paid a lot of money to have their request granted. So her boss has called this morning and telling her to find a house very quickly, but of course, their request was impossible, no houses were selling in Chance Harbor, and because her boss has threatened her to fire her, she has used her own magic.
And now that the really sweet couple is happy in their new house, she can finally meet her friends.

“Sorry.” She apologizes.

Diana smiles at her before she seats just next to Faye who is seating next to her ex-husband Jake Armstrong.

“Today.” Cassie starts “I told Amelia-Jane and Ethan that it's time for them to bind their circle.”

Adam is holding Cassie's hand supporting her about the news.

“You are right, it's time.” Faye agrees. She glances quickly at her ex-husband and father of her kids. “We were wrong thinking that the bound lead us to all this evil, bounding it made us stronger.”

Melissa smiles at her best friend, these past 20 years Faye grown to be a really different person, less self-centered and more protective of everyone. She knew that she went too far with her association with the others Balcoin, almost destroying their own circle in the process. But now Faye is a mother, just like her and the other two girls.

“I'm sure my daughter is super happy about that.” Diana announces sarcastically “Sometimes, she reminds me a lot of the old you, Faye.”

“And sometimes I'm asking myself if we haven't exchange our babies, because Nick is too good to be mine, or Jake's.” Faye laughs.

“Hey!” Jake protests.

Despite their recent divorce, Jake and Faye are still staying friends, sometimes even joking with each other, but Melissa is suspecting more than friendship left between these two, even if Faye is a relationship with Peter Balcoin, her ex's brother, and also Cassie's and Diana's.

“Yeah, but don't forget Henry, he's just like the two of you.” Adam says. And Cassie hits him gently on the back.




Margo is leaving the boathouse, angry and upset. Even if she will never admit it, she is really hurt by Nick's words, he, like everyone else, thinks she is a slut.

Of course she is acting like she is one. But the truth is that she has only slept with Henry, even if it was cheating on her boyfriend.

Henry manipulated her and lie to her about AJ and Nick, and she was also really drunk, and her father always away because of his sailing, she wasn't feeling very well.
Henry was there telling her how much he cared about her, how beautiful she was; and perfect.

No one had ever told her things like that, not even Nick.

But of course she knew the moment she started kissing him it was a bad idea, but in the same time felt so good. So she lost her virginity to Henry who wasn't her boyfriend.

After this amazing night, she told Henry that she will broke up with Nick and wait a month and after that they can be together.

But Henry is not a good guy, he told his brother that he slept with her. Nick asked her if it was the truth and she couldn't lie and admitted everything, also the part that she had feeling for Henry. Nick ended things with her, then she asked Henry if he wants to be with her and he told her these exact words:

“I just wanted to bang you, I always found you really hot, but honestly Margo, I'm not interesting to have a relationship with a little girl” and then he left her. She has cried during an entire week, and her mother was very worried, so she told her the truth, leading Diana to confront Faye and her sons in a very harsh way.

After that, she promised herself to never been that naive and stupid with boys and using them exactly as Henry used her.

But binding the circle will mean that she'll be more around Henry and Nick, and all of this will remind her, her weaknesses, and she doesn't won't to feel that way. She doesn't want to still have feeling for Nick and Henry in the same time. She has already fought that.

Acting like a bitch is more a protection than a real behavior.


Margo turns her back to see who is calling her.

“Uncle Peter? What are you doing here?” She says hugging him.

Peter is her mother's half-brother one of the Balcoin children who came 25 years ago in Chance Harbor.
She really likes him, even if her mother is not really happy about their relationship, Margo has always have such a bound with the man.

“Oh, well yeah I forgot you're banging Mrs Chamberlain.”

Peter laughs and says:

“And you her sons!”

Margo laughs, she knows her uncle words are not mean. He is just like this, just like her.

“I was actually on my way to meet my brother, but I'm also here to pick up Sophie-Ann. Is she inside?” He asks pointing the boathouse.

She nods.

“It's good to see you, love. “

“You too uncle Peete.”

She's turn around ready to meet her other friends, the one with no powers. Just before she bumped into someone.

“I'm so sorry.” She apologizes politely looking into the eyes of the unknown. She has never saw them before. And everyone knows each other in Chance Harbor. “Are you knew in town?” she asks.

“Yes. I'm Janice and this is my husband Eric.” The woman presents herself and the other man standing next to her.

Their smiles are so perfect, they're looking like people coming from a fairy tale. And fairy-tale are not real, so something is definitely wrong with them.

“Nice to meet you.” She fakes a smile, the same one she share with her mother.

“And you what's your name?” The man asks.

That's not really polite that kind of question, king of rude even. Margo is suspicious, so she decides to lie.

“I'm Rose Dawson.”

“Nice to meet you too Rose.” The woman answers “Is this the boathouse?” She asks pointed the place where Adam Conant, her uncle is working with his wife.

“How do you know it?” She asks.

“Mrs Glaser, she is our realtor, she talked to us about this place, one of the best as her words.”

“Yes, it is. But it's actually closed today. Like every Sundays actually. I'm sorry this is a bit rude, but I really have to go someone is waiting for me.”

“Don't worry, thank you nonetheless. I'm sure we will really enjoyed this new place.”




A couple is going back to their new home, observing the neighborhood. Enjoying the shinning sun in Chance Harbor.

The woman is typing on her Ipad and nods to her husband.

“Rose Dawson, I also really liked Titanic, don't you?”

“It's one of them Frances.”

“I found her.” She announces showing him a picture she found of the girl, in some news paper. “ Piece of cake. This town is really small, you can find everyone, very easily. Her real name is Margo Barkley. Barkley, I know this name. Isn't it the name of the man tied up in her basement, darling?”

“Let's pay him a visit.”

The couple his walking downstairs, opening a door of a very dark room. They look at the man tied into a some sort of bench, with a pipe pumping his blood.

“We found your daughter. Witch.”