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Koi no Yokan

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A shiver rippled through Jimin’s body the moment he left his car, the harsh December wind tickling his face. He wondered if Jihoon was warm and comfortable but tried pushing the worry away for the time being. It has been quite a while since he had any time for himself, let alone a party. But since Jihoon was having a sleepover at the neighbours’, he thought it wouldn’t hurt. The six-year-old was probably asleep since Jimin left, having spent the entire holy day playing with the neighbours’ kids and opening presents under the sparkling Christmas tree.

It was surprising, to say the least, as Jimin was usually a very closed off man and would rarely allow people into his personal life. However, he knew he can’t deprive his son from social interactions. Jimin was blessed to be neighbours with the Kims; they were nice, educated people. Namjoon’s wife was full elf, while he himself was human. Their three kids were about the same age as Jihoon; twin girls with beautiful blond hair and the trademark ears, and a son with midnight black hair and mesmerisingly large eyes; probably taking after Namjoon.

Jimin’s heart thumped loudly as his feet picked up the pace, trying to generate some heat as he walked away from the carpark, snow softly blanketing the horizon as Christmas fairy lights flickered through the neighbourhood.

If he would admit- he didn’t have that much energy for a late Christmas party, but this was his first year in this school and he wanted to integrate. It was quite a prestigious private establishment, harboured classes from kindergarten up to high school. Jimin applied on a whim, almost confident that he won’t get a job there, but apparently the headmaster ‘saw uniqueness in him.’

Whatever it was, Jimin was grateful, and he didn’t want to lose this job. If he learned anything from his previous banking job; you need to make connections. He had been told that the ‘’9pm Christmas party’’ was a tradition in the school, the headmaster would throw a massive party at his house and invite all the teachers. Most of them -including himself- had new-borns or young kids, so he decided to allocate a special event for everyone to enjoy their Christmas away from babies and responsibilities, blabbing something about ‘youth’ and ‘adolescence.’

Jimin tried tapping his phone, his fingers barely detected by the touch screen due to lack of heat. He sighed, regretting not layering up knitwear.

“My ears are gonna fall off” he muttered, making a mental note to never prioritise his hairstyle over wearing a beanie, especially when his hair can’t hide the pointy tips of his ears. He rubbed his hands again, trying to check his phone for the address.

The blond elf was met with a huge house at the corner that screamed Kim Taehyung. It was extravagant, expensive, and elegant looking, just like the headmaster himself. Jimin concluded that the excess amount of Christmas lights decorating the exterior could probably be seen from the moon as he checked the name plate one last time before ringing the bell.

His eyes were met with the sight of a beautiful girl in a flowing velvet black dress, white lace gloves adorning her small hands matching the tailored details on the garment, her pointy ears hugged by multiple piercings. The girl had brown soft looking hair, held up neatly, a stunning snowflake headband nestled between the locks. 

“Mr. Park, I assume? Please do come in.” she asked, bowing politely before making way to invite him in. Jimin realised he stared at her a bit too long, so he bowed before entering the house voicing a soft thank you.

He sighed audibly the moment he stepped foot in, feeling his nose water as warmth engulfing him in waves and he sniffled lightly. It was admittedly loud, even though he arrived just a few minutes late, the house bustling with life and laugher, merry chants and glass clinks echoing from every corner. The decorations inside matched the outside, and the house was huge. He knew the Kims were rich enough to own a prestigious private school and multiple businesses; so this wasn’t a shock. But he couldn’t help but feel a bit underdressed, even though he spent half his salary on today’s suit.

The lady silently led him further inside, Taehyung immediately taking over the greeting with a boxy smile, his eyes crinkling through the thinly rimmed glasses. Jimin greeted him with a friendly hug, wishing him a happy holiday as they chatted freely.

Despite his status, Taehyung insisted everyone called him by first name and treated everyone as his lifelong friends. It was a bit bizarre; as Jimin knows that powerful or rich elves tend to develop a small superiority complex primarily due to their instincts, their need to rule and lead, but Taehyung wasn’t like that. He made the whole school drown in an approachable friendly atmosphere, at least in Jimin’s opinion.

“This is your first time at my place so make yourself at home, little one!” he clapped, handing him a glass of what Jimin assumed to be white wine. He held it awkwardly, trying not to make it too obvious that he’s not gonna drink it.

“You’re like, what, three years older than me, I’m not little.” Jimin said nudging him lightly on the arm.

“You’re still in your youthful early 20s my dear Jimin, enjoy it.” Taehyung joked, putting on a fake British accent. Jimin laughed loudly at that, letting go of the awkwardness as he enjoyed the elder’s company.

“I’m 27, that’s not early, stop being dramatic.” He sighed, smiling wide. “Who was that by the way?” he looked around, trying to locate the girl lost in the masses of people.

“That was the head maid -she’s taken though.” Taehyung shrugged, Jimin shook his head lightly.

“No no it’s not that, I was just curious, you have really fancy maids.” He laughed. He’s gonna have to postpone asking her where she got that snowflake crown for later on.


An hour or so in, Jimin began feeling the day’s exhaustion in every step he took. The place got louder, Taehyung was getting drunker, and everyone was trying to interact with Jimin. He wasn’t new to attention, but this was slightly overwhelming. People he’s never talked to before were drunkenly flirting with him, and he knew it’s going to be awkward when he passes them in the staff room.

Jimin sighed for the nth time, deciding to grab a slice of cake and take a seat somewhere on the couch in the back of the giant room. He hoped the sugar would give him enough energy to stay at least another hour as he slumped his body on the couch, sighing.

“You look tired.” A voice came from besides him, making the man jump a little.

“O-oh hi, yeah long day.” Jimin shrugged, deciding to focus on the slice of the calorific dessert, hoping the boy would take a hint and let him relax in peace.

“Do you teach biology? I haven’t seen you around before.” The boy offered a hand and Jimin gently placed his plate on his lap before giving him a shake firm. “I’m Jungkook by the way”

The moment he caught the man’s eyes he soaked up his features. Full human, definitely younger than himself, more on the muscular side, and extremely handsome. Maybe a bit too handsome for a human, he thought, but decided to ignore the growing anxiousness in his guts.

“I’m Jimin, I teach in the kindergarten section so we’re in different buildings. Good to meet you.” He smiled, a bit automatic, but he had to admit this guy’s eyes were magnetic. They pulled him in like a flawless painting, it made him want to know more. They held star; stars, and so many untold tales that Jimin wanted to know.

“Wait- kindergarten Jimin? As in Park Jimin?” Jungkook perked up, eyebrows disappearing into his hairline as he stared at Jimin in awe. Jimin cocked his head to the side, cheeks puffed up with cake and the fork trapped between his lips, eyes wide. He hurried to swallow the lump of sugar. Before Jimin said anything, the boy continued. “Minhyun wouldn’t shut up about you he loves you so much.” Jungkook explained, rubbing a finger on his cheek, sporting a toothy grin.

Jimin’s heart skipped a beat, it was as if every molecule of sugar he just swallowed turned into a happy pill, he smiled wide, really wide, covering his mouth with his hand. He let out a short squeak before laughing.

“You have no idea how happy that makes me. Minhyun is such a cute little muffin- he’s so smart! Is he your little brother?” Jimin replied, tiredness vanishing as he placed the plate on the coffee table. Jungkook smiled at him, making his heart skip a second beat. The boy was extremely handsome despite being pure human. Dare he say, even the prettiest elf wouldn’t compare to his beauty. He had innocent eyes and cute bunny teeth, but at the same time he gave off an aura as if he could wipe Jimin out with a flick of his wrist.

“He is, but he talks a lot” Jungkook giggled. “and he’s my son, actually.”

Jimin gasped audibly. Son? Jungkook laughed at that, a slight blush creeped on his cheeks.

“Son? Do you mind me asking your age? I’d never have guessed he’s half at all.” Jimin’s voice went a bit high in surprise.

“Yeah, his mom is full elf and I’m full human, we got surprised that people didn’t notice he’s half… I guess that could be considered a good thing. Oh, and I’m 25.” Jungkook replied, twirling a small pen in his hand.

 “Oh wow, you look way younger. And yeah I suppose.” Jimin said in a gentle voice, eyebrows still raised.

Usually, full elves had light eyes and blond hair, except for harmless mutations that affects the production of melanin; often giving various colours ranging from snow white to deep black. Jimin himself had a mutation as his eyes were brown. There were slight differences in skin textures too, elves usually had thinner, softer skin with a special highlighter like sheen, and grew little to no body hair. It has been quite a few centuries since human and elves integrated into one society after previously living in isolation, some countries developing equality rules faster than others.

There were surprisingly not many wars or hate between the two races, just a societal pressures and old habits, most people were afraid of change. People say that a few natural disasters forced a large number of elves to immigrate neighbouring human territories. It was around then when elves were officially recognised as a race; rather than a species, and everything went from there.

Elves have heightened senses, especially sight and hearing. They follow their gut feelings strongly, and have strong instincts for commitment and ‘settling down’ far more than humans do. Experts usually say it’s because they spent longer time surviving within packs in the wild, but most of that is speculations.

Half breeds increased in numbers due to development and people becoming more open minded as time passed. Interracial relationships developed to become a norm in society one or two centuries ago, which caused a massive drop in average marriage age and caused many changes in martial laws and child care services.

Half breeds were treated oddly in the dawn of all this change, but now that also became a norm. It was a bit easy to spot half breeds, the ear shape was often the strongest indicator, but Jimin never noticed and differences in Minhyun’s ears to his own. Jimin’s hands curled up in his lap softly as he spotted the resemblances. Min blushed a lot; at least now Jimin knows he got it from his dad. Jimin hummed as he pondered for a second.

“Wait… so you had him when you were 20?” Jimin asked, Jungkook nodded, relaxing against the couch. “I’ve gotta say I’m surprised. He’s so, uh, dunno.” Jimin paused, staring at his feet as he thought of a proper way to voice his thoughts. “You know when you see a student and you go ‘Ah his dad is probably a 50-year-old business man who spoils him rotten and doesn’t know what a Capri sun is’? That’s the kind of impression I got if I’m honest.” Jimin continued as he looked at Jungkook.

The boy burst out in loud laugher, doubling over and holding the coffee table for support.

“Oh my god,” he began, but was interrupted by his own laughter again. “You’re as funny as Minhyun says.” Jungkook spluttered through giggles, wiping at his eyes. Jimin stared at him dumbfoundedly, wondering if he was a bit tipsy.

“It wasn’t that funny but thank you.” Jimin blushed, smiling.

“No, it’s funny how accurate that is. I know exactly what you mean. Get this- okay so I teach grade 9 biology, and on parent’s evening this dad was angrily shouting at me because his son was failing maths, and I tried to explain that biology and maths were different things but, no use. He walked out, and the kid switched schools the next week. To be honest I felt bad but what can I do?” Jungkook explained shrugging. Jimin laughed and shook his head again.

“Minhyun isn’t spoiled though! You’re not like that- I mean, now that I met you, but, like.” Jimin stuttered and Jungkook assured him he wasn’t offended. They chatted a bit more, falling into a comfortable silence afterwards.

A maid with smaller snowflake crown walked over to remove the plates from the table, the two thanking her as she left.

“Say, why didn’t you bring your wife? I’d love to meet her. Minhyun never mentions her to me.” Jimin innocently pondered.

“Oh, he doesn’t?” Jungkook replied sadly, and Jimin felt as if he stepped on a mine. Jungkook’s face fell slightly, as he lulled his head back.

“I’m sorry I overstepped my boundaries, you don’t have to tell me Jungkook I understand family issues can b-” Jimin started with an apologetic tone, scooting a tad closer to Jungkook in a gesture to show his sincerity. He met the guy an hour ago; he shouldn’t have asked such a question. But the way Jungkook talked to him felt so special, like a fleeting sense of familiarity for someone you know but haven’t met before, like the warmth of a genuine smile.

While Jimin stammered, Jungkook shook his head softly, placing a hand on Jimin’s knee. Jimin froze at the touch, mind solely focused on the warm palm on his knee.

“Don’t apologize, I feel like I already know you because of everything Minhyun tells me. It’s like I’m attended your classes,” Jungkook started, smiling. Jimin’s lips parted slightly, his heart warming at the confession. Jungkook just described his feelings perfectly. “Don’t worry I really don’t mind, you’re his teacher after all. Anyway, Minhyun’s mom passed away a couple of weeks after childbirth so he never really met her. I don’t talk to him about it, and he never asks. I probably should but I don’t know how to approach the topic.” Jungkook explained, his tone composed which Jimin secretly applauded.

It was clearly a heavy topic to discuss, especially at a work’s Christmas party with a man he met an hour ago. Jimin softly apologised, Jungkook reassured him that it’s okay. It was ironic- in a way. Jimin should be the one reassuring Jungkook.

“It’s been a while. I’m a grownup, I accepted that it’s how life works… I’m blessed to have Minhyun, I just worry about him growing up with just me. I know he gets lonely, and a bit awkward around other kids when two parents are present.” Jungkook broke eye contact and slouched over, opting to stare at his feet. Jimin scooted closer again, rubbing a hand on his back as he spoke.

“Grownups can feel pain too, and it’s okay. You’re extremely strong and mature Jungkook.” Jimin said in a reassuring tone, his voice threatening to break. He saw so much of Jungkook in himself it made his mind race and heart hammer against his chest. He got a strong urge to protect him, which almost felt magical as he has always felt the exact same way towards Minhyun.

“Have you considered marriage again? For Minhyun, I mean.” Jimin asked carefully, realising this could also be another huge mine. Jungkook straightened up, looking at Jimin as he rested back against the couch. He shrugged, the reminiscence sadness evaporating from him slowly.

“Went on like, two or three dates my friends set up. They ran away when they heard I had a kid. And I’d rather not bring in someone into my life knowing they won’t love my son the way I do.” Jungkook explained, reaching over for a glass of water. Jimin sat back, a sad smile spread on his face. Jungkook was becoming more and more ideal by the second and it was a bit too much; Jimin had grown to admire the younger in the short span of time they spent together.

“Jungkook, wanna know something? Take it as compensation. Dunno.” Jimin began, waiting for an answer. Jungkook swallowed his water, nodding. “What you just said is basically my life summed up.” Jimin smiled, and Jungkook cocked his head to the side.

“What do you mean?”

“I have a son too, he’s 6, I got a divorce from his dad I think,” Jimin pondered for a minute. “Four? Five? Yeah. Five years ago. Something like that. He wasn’t a reliable man, but we kept dating because we had history and it was just easier than saying goodbyes. I wanted to settle down; you know, elf instincts and all, but he wasn’t too fond of commitment.” Jimin paused, eyes darting to Jungkook who seemed invested in the story, so Jimin continued.

“On the weekends, I worked as a volunteer for an orphanage, and the moment Jihoon was brought to us I knew I wanted to love him with all my heart.” Jimin paused again, smiling at the memory. “I convinced my boyfriend into marriage, so we can adopt Jihoon, you know for the papers and such. He was still a baby, and we divorced almost a year after his adoption. Anyway it didn’t work out. Jihoon doesn’t remember, he only knows me.” Jimin ended with a smile, patting himself on the chest comically.

Jungkook’s jaw fell slack, blinking a couple of times. He sighed, a moment of silence blanketed them as he stared at Jimin. Jungkook was mesmerised, by everything Jimin, since the moment his baby burst through the door loud and happy screaming about his new teacher with the cute pointy ears and showing off his sticker collection. Jungkook assumed the teacher was a girl from the clear lip gloss print on his son’s cheek.

Jimin stared back with equal fondness, not sure if he should take his eyes away or not. Jungkook looked happy; for someone who just talked about his wife passing away and spilled his heart to a stranger, Jungkook looked surprisingly carefree.

A giggle bubbled from the younger, eventually growing into a small laugh.

“I would have never been able to tell.”

“Me neither.”


The night took an unexpected turn with the two sat together chatting, sad stories kept in a box hidden away from hearing ears, they bonded over college stories and awkward encounters at school. Jimin learned that Jungkook had been teaching here for three years, then he enrolled Minhyun because he got the teachers free pass. Jimin informed him that he was the same as the clock struck midnight. The elf registered Taehyung dancing somewhere on a table with the maids facepalming as if this is a daily occurrence. He’d seen some questionable photos in the staff office, and now he knows the source.

Jimin offered to drive Jungkook as the younger had gotten slightly tipsy during their exchange, and the ride was comfortably quiet. Jungkook’s head lulled back, eyes falling closed. Jimin had to force himself to focus on the road, and not on Jungkook’s long lashes casting a shadow on his soft round cheeks as they passed through the fairy lights.



“Thank you.”

“For what?” Jimin cocked an eyebrow, glancing at the GPS.

“Today. I had fun. Also… Minhyun… in general. He was such a shy quiet kid… I was actually afraid he has some sort of a problem. He barely spoke to anyone other than me, he cried a lot, and he screamed at everyone who came within touching distance of him… I know nothing traumatising happened to him because I never let him out of my sight. It was baffling. But like… first day of kindergarten he came back so happy? I was so relieved…” Jungkook paused, sighing deeply as if he’s carrying the world’s weight on his back. “Then a week later, he flipped 180 degrees. He’s as loud and happy with everyone else as he’s with me. I don’t know how you did it, but thank you.” Jungkook turned his head to Jimin, smiling softly, his eyes crinkling as the sides.

Jimin’s heart skipped a beat for the third time that night.


“minnie! Look! I brought papa!” Jimin turned around after hearing the familiar little voice, his eyes met with a sight of Jungkook carrying Minhyun on his hip, his tiny colourful backpack hanging on the dad’s other forearm.

“You should call him teache-”

“No! it’th Minnie!” the boy giggled.

“say ‘It’s’ baby”



“It’th” the boy echoed, jungkook chuckled and pecked his pink cheek, deciding to postpone the pronunciation lesson to another occasion.

“Hi, teacher.” Jungkook teased, Jimin rolled his eyes.

It’s been about four months since the two met, and they’ve been almost inseparable since. Jungkook crashed over at Jimin’s place twice, both of them passed out on the living room carpet after playing Mario kart till late hours with the kids. They often got coffee together at the cosy coffee shop around the corner run by a lovely old couple, sometimes meeting up to write lesson plans early in the morning, the lady treating them to warm muffins on the house as they drowned in comfortable silence and each other’s presence.

Then there was that one weekend when Jimin learned that the younger couldn’t cook more than a total of three dishes, and decided to drag the black-haired biology teacher to the nearest supermarket, before inviting himself over to teach Jungkook ‘how to parent’. It didn’t go too well, the kids crashed the party too soon after they found the cans of whipped cream and decided to decorate the couches together with “snow sugar”; or “thnow thoogar” as Minhyun repeatedly yelled.

Despite the blossoming friendship, the kids never felt as tiresome as Jimin had anticipated. Occasionally, they left them at Namjoon’s -who’s babies were beaming at the new addition to their little group- but most of the time they tagged along with them.

Going to school, coming home, it was all a routine well designed and guarded that Jimin had kept since moving to his new place. He never imagined fitting in random picnics and spontaneous visits to a friend, let alone shopping trips and sleepovers- but it wasn’t disrupting at all. Jimin soon realised how much stress he had been building up huddling in a closed loop of tiresome routine, and having a listening ear he could rant to was quite refreshing.

Jungkook, admittedly, felt the same. It was quite amusing to see Jimin fussing about with the kids; it felt so natural. Jimin said he’s only been in two relationships and had one kids, but he looked like he could parent an entire nation. Kids loved him everywhere he went, and it did unexplainable things to Jungkook’s heart. Jimin was warm, bright, and unbelievably strong. He’d never seen such kindness and it made Jungkook want to go on cheesy dates and hold his hand and buy him flowers.

He had never fallen in love with anyone before, his previous relationship was fuelled by adolescent desire and a heated night with a girl he saw as a best friend. Minhyun’s mom was definitely dear to him- her loss was scarring in a way Jungkook had never expected before- but being with Jimin, made life seem a lot easier. A lot more pretty, filled with hope and lingering emotions, like a cool breeze on a hot summer day.

Despite their developing friendship, he has never been to Jimin’s classroom, and the moment he entered it the only word that came to his mind to describe the place was Jimin. Jimin, himself. It was so him; cozy, welcoming, colourful, and loud. The rest of the kindergarten was decorated, pristinely, it felt too systematic and fancy. But Jimin’s class was clearly his own work, messy and neat all the same, kids’ bright handprints on the walls and a picture of everyone framed on top of the board.

“I like this classroom.” He blurted out as Jimin sorted a few papers and notebooks, placing them in a small trolley besides his table.

“Thank you. Minhyun says that a lot. He hates the computer room.” Jimin laughed glancing at the warm orange colours smudged across the sky curtesy of the sun setting behind the clouds.

Jungkook never came to his class, but today was the last day of school before Easter break, and they decided to go for dinner together with the kids. It felt odd; Jungkook’s presence. His classroom has grown to become a piece of him, and Jungkook liking it spread a sense of pride and domesticity in his chest. He ignored it, walking towards the taller man.

“It’th yuck.” The boy fussed, sticking his tongue out to his dad. Jungkook laughed, pecking him again.

“Why is it yuck baby?” he asked warmly, making room for Jimin to lock the classroom before they made their way out.

“It’th tho big and window all blaaaaack” the four-year-old stuttered, throwing his hands in the air to indicate how big the room was. Jungkook cooed, bringing his hands down to kiss them.

“We should get red windows then.” The dad replied as the three walked at a comfortable pace through the empty halls. Most students left early today.

“No, I want blue.” Minhyun said, pointing at the ceiling. Jungkook looked up and the ceiling was indeed blue, baby blue with white clouds painted faintly into it. Jungkook hummed, it was quite a nice touch.

“You like blue now? What about red?” the dad questioned, Jimin stopped at the staff room door, gesturing for Jungkook to wait.

“Blue, Minnie like blue, I like blue.” The boy laughed. “I like sky.” Minhyun pointed at the ceiling again. Jungkook made a mental note to mention to Jimin his iconic influence on Minhyun’s décor taste later on.

“But that’s baby blue!” Jungkook argued.

“Baby blue becauth I’m a baby?” the boy replied with a small pout, pressing a tiny finger to his cheek. Jungkook cooed again, chuckling at the kid as he booped his nose with his own finger.

“You’re the cutest baby.” He bounced him up and down on his hip, waiting for Jimin. “But you have to say because.” He said, emphasising the ‘s’.


“This will fix itself in time, Jihoon had the same habit.” Jimin emerged from the staff room with a backpack and a beanie, he flicked his golden fringe fanning his eye.



They decided on going to the nearest pizza hut, it had a kid’s playhouse and really good service. They sat down in the family section, it was surprisingly empty this time round. Minhyun and Jihoon sat together on the couch, Jungkook trapping them by sitting on the edge. Jimin sat across, flicking through the menu. He memorised everyone’s tastes by now, so he just ordered, Jihoon proudly showing Jungkook and Minhyun how to make paper airplanes as the baby claps enthusiastically, Jungkook trying hard to hold him to wipe his nose.

The food came soon, the kids getting scolded lightly for playing with the stringy cheese and Jihoon tearing up after he burned his tongue.

“Did you give Jimin the card baby?” Jungkook asked, feeding Minhyun a bite of salad.

“Yethhh!!!” Minhyun clapped, spitting lettuce on Jungkook’s lap making the dad tut.

“So are you free, Jimin?” Jungkook asked, taking a huge bite of his pizza.

“Iv vat even a quefion, of courf.” Jimin spluttered through an extremely large bite making Jungkook chuckle.

“Didn’t know lisps were contagious.”


 April rolled around quickly, both the parents busied with their own business for a couple of days. Jungkook realised; he missed Jimin. It was quite pathetic, in his opinion atleast, that he’d miss him just because they haven’t met for a few days. He had Minhyun’s birthday party to prepare for, and he knew he was going to see Jimin soon, but he realised he had a lot of free time in Jimin’s absence. Not the good type of free time, the boring type that ate you up inside. He stared down at Minhyun’s sleeping face as he took a nap on the couch, lips pouty and eyes puffed. Jungkook pecked his head, then relaxed on the couch as he stared at the ceiling.

“What would you do if you were me…?” he whispered, hoping for an answer he knows he won’t get. Maybe he was thinking too deep into Jimin’s kindness, maybe he wasn’t interested. Maybe the lingering touches and shy glances were of his nature. Or maybe, Jungkook was chasing a delusion, trying to fill in the void left by loosing his dearest person.

“It was my fault wasn’t it…? I know you didn’t have much… but you left too early…” Jungkook sighed. “I’m sorry… I’ll do my best. I promise.” He whispered, hugging his son’s sleeping form to his chest, faintly registering the tear rolling down his cheek as his eyes closed shut, mind secretly hoping to find answers in the land of dreams.


“Surprise!!” Jimin said the moment Jungkook opened the door one hand holding three massive colourful bags, clasping his other hand around Jihoon’s small one, the boy holding two smaller bags.

“Oh my god what’s all of this, Jimin please, you didn’t have to.” Jungkook chuckled letting them in, Jihoon immediately dropping the bags to the floor and running toward the younger baby.

“What do you mean! Minhyun is my precious muffin.” Jimin giggled. Jungkook smiled at that, a warm feeling taking over him, a strong urge to take the shorter in his arm and hug him tight.

“Happy birthday!” Jimin’s enthusiastic elf baby yelled in a squeaky voice, tackling the smaller boy, both of them falling over in laughter.

“Jihoon! Shoes!! Off, now!!” Jimin yelled sternly, Jihoon waddling back to the entrance to take his shoes off.

“Sorry dad.” He giggled, before running back, quite familiar with the house already. Jimin handed Jungkook the bags with a smile, wishing him a happy celebration. No one has arrived yet, most of the parent were dropping their kids off and leaving for a few hours, but Jimin is Jimin and he’s there to stay.

“You done? Need a hand?”

“Nah, been up since seven. I’m goo-” Jungkook was interrupted by the bell ringing. “I’ll get it, can you get Min please?” he asked, Jimin already moving to find the boys.

Jimin knew almost all the boys at the party as they were his homeroom students, a few he wasn’t familiar with were from other classes. Jungkook fussed around bringing snacks and food back and forth, his smile was the brightest Jimin has ever seen. Jihoon whined that Minhyun ‘left him’ in favour of playing with other kids, Jungkook hoisting him up on his hip before tickling him. He introduced him to the other kids, and he soon slipped right into their group as well. Jimin watched the interaction fondly, heart racing as he felt the tips of his ears heat up.

“Cake time!” Jungkook yelled, kids running and gathering around the big table. Jimin and Jungkook both hoisted Minhyun up as he blew the candles, Jihoon stood besides them clapping loudly.

“What did you wish for?” Jihoon asked as the lights flickered on, the kids quickly echoing the question.

“I want you and Minnie to live with uth! We’ll have all the thleep overthe.” Minhyun giggled, hitting both the men holding him up on the face.

The kids laughed, probably only understanding that Minhyun liked sleepovers, and Jihoon yelled an agreement. But Jungkook didn’t. Neither did Jimin. They stared at each other for a minute, eyes wide in shock and what seemed to be unspoken comprehension. Jungkook’s eyes softened, Jimin turned away first, an angry red blush plastered on his face as he held Minhyun to allow Jungkook to cut the cake.

The two spent the rest of the evening in awkward silence, both of them pushing the sinking feeling down and trying to focus on anything other than each other’s eyes. The kids were full and tired of playing, parents started rolling in around 9pm, thanking Jungkook for the party and wishing Minhyun a happy birthday.

Min fell asleep as soon as everything went quiet, Jungkook carried him to his bed before tucking him in snuggly in his fluffy blankets, making sure to keep the nightlamp on so he wouldn’t get frightened. He walked back to the living room and tutted at the state; food crumbs and Legos scattered as far as his eyes can reach, plastic cups and plates abandoned on the floor, wrapping paper overflowing from the bin, glitter and confetti peppering the entire house and he knew it’s going to be hell to clean.

He spotted Jimin on the couch, holding a sleeping Jihoon as he stared down at him with an unreadable expression. Jungkook walked towards them, sitting down next to Jimin, slinging a hand over his shoulder as he rested his head back against the couch. Jimin didn’t flinch away, and the younger considered that to be a good sign.

“Want me to tuck him in?” Jungkook whispered, Jimin shaking his head.

“We should leave.”

“Please stay.” Jungkook whispered again, tightening his grip over Jimin’s shoulder, desperation seeping into his voice as he looked at Jimin. He knew he was making a pathetic face but he didn’t care, Jimin didn’t seem to mind either. He didn’t smile, he softly replied with an okay before handing Jihoon over wordlessly.

Jimin looked at the mess in the living room, supressing the urge to get up and clean it. He played with his hair, grabbing and twisting a couple of times as he laid on the couch.

“That bad for your hair.” Jungkook’s voice reached his ears making him smile.

“You bought hair oil thinking it’s dry shampoo and left it in your hair all day hoping for it to ‘evaporate’- don’t lecture me.” Jimin said softly, chuckling as Jungkook sat down on the floor, resting his head on his arms next to Jimin.

“Listen I was hungover-”

“Sure Matilda.”

The chuckled before silence blanketed the house, the clock’s ticking was suddenly too loud for their liking.



“Can we go out for a smoke?” Jungkook asked, not meeting the elder’s eyes.

“Thought you’re tryna quit.”

“Just today.”

“The things I do for you.” Jimin said as he got up, reaching over for his beanie that’s been abandoned on the floor.

They walked out, Jungkook toes his shoes in making sure to lock the door. They stood near the entrance of the building, Jungkook puffing on the short white stick as he stared at the night’s sky. The street lamps illuminated the scene a serene shade of orange, pin drop silence enveloping the neighbourhood.

“Weren’t elves the ones who granted people’s wishes in heaven?” Jungkook began, Jimin cocked and eyebrow.

“I didn’t know you had interest in mythology.”

“Hmm… maybe I do.” He said, inhaling the toxic material and feeling its burn in his chest. “What do you think about Min’s wish?” he said, exhaling.


“Would you grant it, if I asked?”

“Would you ask?” Jimin replied, looking up. Jungkook didn’t look at him, he focused on the sway of the branches in the cool spring breeze, noticing the way small flower buds were hiding between the leaves.

“Maybe I would.” He replied, taking another gulp of the substance, already reaching into his pocket ready to light up a new cig.

“And would there be a reason? Other than Minhyun’s wish…” Jimin trailed off, heart pounding fast as a hummingbird’s wing.

He felt something tug at his heart strings the minute he saw Jungkook this morning, but he never pinpointed it. He woke up with a sinking feeling that hasn’t left yet. More accurately, he’s been hording an angry set of butterflies that wouldn’t settle down every time he’s within touching distance from Jungkook- which was often.  

“It’s also my wish.” Jungkook whispered, already lighting a second one, stubbing the first with his foot. Normally Jimin would lecture him for littering, but that was the least of his worries at the moment.

“Is it convenience? For the kids?” Jimin asked with a sad smile, Jungkook pushed himself off the concrete wall as he looked down on the blond elf.

“You’re not a babysitter Jimin I hope you know I don’t think of you that way.” He replied sounding a bit offended.

“That’s not what I-”

“I like you.” Jungkook spat out, throwing the new cigarette on the floor, not bothering to stub it.

“I like you too.” Jimin replied automatically, the younger shaking his head.

“No, I like you- as in, high school crush like you, I wanna take you on dates and hold your hand and all that cheesy shit.” He exhaled, choking up. Jimin stared at him but Jungkook didn’t give him a chance to reply. “Fuck, I love you actually. I wanna kiss you senseless and move in with you and start a life where I see your smile every morning. Fucking hell, I don’t know. I hate this.” Jungkook’s voice increased slightly as he looked away.

“Why do you hate this?” Jimin whispered, putting a hand on Jungkook’s chest. He felt his heartbeat and he could hear his own in his ears.

“I-I know it’s too sudden for you, you didn’t know me for long, b-but I…” He trailed off. A smile spreading on Jimin’s face at Jungkook’s outburst.

“Jungkook. Shut up.” Jimin chuckled, engulfing him in a hug. Jungkook froze over, expecting the man to pull away and say they’re just friends. But he didn’t. He held him tight, burying his face in Jungkook’s chest. He eventually hugged back, resting his chin on the top of the elf’s head. His brain couldn’t comprehend the situation but it felt nice, it felt like home.

“Do you know what Koi No Yokan means?” Jimin began, turning his head so he can place his ear against Jungkook’s chest.


“Koi No Yokan: a Japanese term, describes the sense you have upon first meeting someone- a feeling that the two of you may soon fall in love. Differs from ‘love at first sight’ as it does not imply that the feeling of love exists, only the knowledge that a future love is inevitable.” Jimin explained, words memorised by heart. Jungkook’s eyes widened, mind racing with thought.

“That’s beautiful.” Was the only reply he could muster.

“It is… I read that definition a hundred times. That’s how I felt when I first saw you at the party and didn’t know how to describe it… then I stumbled upon this on the internet and… It felt so right.” Jimin pulled away. Jungkook stared at him, subconsciously tangling their fingers together.


“Yeah… I feel the same way.” Jimin blushed, squeezing his hand. “Elves grant wishes… don’t they? What’s your wish?” He continued, attempting to brighten the mood. Jungkook looked like he’s on the moon, and pulled Jimin over for another hug, wrapping his arms around the man’s smaller frame.

“Let’s go on a date. Just us.”

“That’s it? Okay lover boy. When?” Jimin chuckled.


“It’s te-” Jimin blinked, pulling back to stare at Jungkook who was dead serious.

“Now. The old café, it’s open till 11. I’ll drive, come on.” Jungkook hurriedly said, pulling Jimin with him as he walked to his car. The elf smiled and allowed it to happen, the sinking feeling switching over to excited butterflies fluttering as fast as the racing thoughts in his mind.

“Fuck my keys are-”

“I’ll get them.” Jimin said, surprising Jungkook with a small peck on the cheek before running back into the building.

“What the fuck just happened?” Jungkook whispered to himself in disbelief, staring at Jimin’s back as he disappeared behind the metal doors.


“Can I kiss you?” Jungkook asked, sitting on the edge of the bed where Jimin was playing with his phone, a towel wrapped around his waist, hair dripping wet. Jimin shamelessly ogled him, nudging Jungkook’s thigh with his knee, his bathrobe falling open slightly as he removed the towel from his own hair, throwing it somewhere on the floor.

“You ask that as if we just got together.” He chuckled, both of them shuffling closer.

“Don’t I need permission to touch angels?” Jungkook whispered, placing his forehead against Jimin’s.

“oh my god shut up.” Jimin giggled, wrapping his arms around Jungkook’s neck and pulling them down on the bed.

They’ve been together for about two months now, opting to postpone the moving arrangements till Jungkook’s done with the 9th graders. They didn’t explain anything to Jihoon and Minhyun, postponing that as well.

They moved their lips against each other’s slowly, in contrast to Jungkook’s hands that were feverishly touching every inch of Jimin’s skin they could reach. "You're so fucking soft." He whispered between kisses, gripping Jimin's thighs as he rested his knee between his legs, the towel falling behind him. He dipped his tongue to feel Jimin’s, eliciting a small moan from the shorter man.

Jimin glanced down to see his boyfriend already hard, and hit his chest chuckling as he pulled back.

“So worked up? What did you do to my poor shower?”

“I’d never cheat on you with a shower Jimin I’m better than that.” Jungkook said dramatically, placing a hand on his chest. “Maybe a full fridge, but not a shower” Jungkook winked, licking his lips.

“I hate you, fuck you just killed my boner.” Jimin laughed loudly, punching him in the arm as he tried to push him off.  Jungkook didn’t budge, but reached over to stroke his boyfriend into fullness. Jimin bucked up into his hand.

“You call this pixie a boner?” Jungkook smirked, clicking his tongue before latching onto Jimin’s neck. Jimin whined, trying to move away again.

“Shut the fuck up you brat.” Jimin whined. Jungkook smirked. The younger knew how to manipulate the mood, so he moved his lips to Jimin’s ears, licking up his pointy earlobe.

“Your so pretty angel.” He whispered. “the prettiest.” He moved to Jimin’s lips, kissing him harder, hands tightly gripping his ass. Jimin whined, bucking up as Jungkook grinded his leaking length against his thigh.

“move over.” Jimin whispered pulling away, hands slipping out of Jungkook’s hair. The younger obeyed too worked up to argue, and let Jimin flip them over. Jungkook saw the blond travel down, taking Jungkook in his hands and giving him a firm stroke, before wrapping his lips around the head. Jungkook bucked up immediately, sighing at the warm tongue lapping around him.

Jimin moved away, licking him from the base before wrapping his lips around the length again, going all the way down. He felt Jungkook twitch in his mouth, and reach over for his hand. Jungkook took the hint and tangled his hand in Jimin’s soft locks as his head bobbed up and down, the increasing pace matching with Jungkook’s steadily increasing heart rate.

Jimin hummed and slowed down, sucking harder, Jungkook moaned in response hurriedly thrusting his hips back up into the heat. He brushed Jimin’s fringe away, his boyfriend looking at him with reassuring eyes, moaning.

“Fuck Jimin” he moaned, taking that as an okay and continued sloppily thrusting in sync with Jimin as he got closer, moans and grunts tumbling from his lips.

“Sh-shit don’t stop, keep-” Jimin tapped his thigh twice- a reminder to lower his voice, so he turned his head and muffled his mouth in the pillow. “S- close.”

Jimin popped off just in time for streaks of white to hit his face, Jungkook arching slightly off the bed, a thin layer of sweat covering his tan skin, wet hair sticking to his face. He smiled down at Jimin, reaching for the tissue box besides the bed and pulling out a few.

Jimin sat up scooting closer, Jungkook wiping his face, reaching over to wrap his hand around him. He was fully hard now, immediately moaning at the contact.

However, both of them froze in place as they heard the doorknob wiggle loudly.

“Shit.” Jimin quickly leapt off the bed, grabbing the towel he dropped on the carpet and wiping his face, cringing a bit. Jungkook stood up too, wiping himself with the discarded towel before throwing a pair of boxers on. Jihoon banged loudly on the door again, and they both heard Minhyun crying besides him.

Jungkook looked like a dear caught in the headlights, but Jimin was quick to act. He hastily threw him a bathrobe and collected the dirty towels, before binning the tissues and glancing over the bed again.

“You check them I’ll go to the bathroom.”

Jungkook tied his bathrobe securely around him as he opened the door, glancing over to make sure Jimin was gone.

“Baby… no, I’m here” his heart fell at the sight of Minhyun crying, Jihoon clutching his hand tightly. Jungkook ruffled Jihoon’s hair as he carried Min up and hugged him to his chest.

“What’s wrong baby? Bad dream?” Minhyun sniffed, shaking his head. He buried his head in Jungkook’s neck and sighed.

“The lamp stopped working and he woke up and started to cry” Jihoon explained, frowning. Jungkook could tell the older cared about Minhyun deeply, and watching them interact was the most heart-warming thing he’d ever experienced.

“I’m here baby, papa is here. It’s okay now.” He rocked Min up and down making way for Jihoon to enter. He closed the door and slowly walked to bed, sitting down gently.

“Want to sleep here tonight pumpkin?” Jungkook asked, soothing the kid and cupping his cheeks as he wiped the tears with his thumb.

“Yeah” he sniffled, hugging Jungkook and curling against him.

“Okay pumpkin anything for you.” Minhyun hiccupped, more tears rolled down his plump cheeks. “No, no no, come here,” Jungkook held him up again, rocking side to side as he patted the baby’s back gently.

“I’m thcared” Minhyun hiccuped, wiping at his eyes.

“It’s okay to be scared! I was scared too.” Jihoon chimed in, climbing on the bed, making jungkook smile widely.

“Really?! Wow see! It’s normal baby, everyone gets scared.” Jungkook reassured him in a high-pitched voice, ruffling Jihoon’s hair. Minhyun echoed a small ‘okay’, sighing as his hiccups slowed down.

“Where’s daddy?” Jihoon asked, looking around the room. Jungkook bent down to kiss his forehead, carrying him up on his other hip.

“He’s taking a shower baby he’ll finish soon.” He cooed, rocking both the kids as he peppered tiny kisses on Minhyun’s face, who was slowly calming down.

“B-but” they both turned their attention to Minhyun as he spoke softly. “Papa thaid thowr at night ith bad, you get a cold.” He lisped and Jungkook cooed, Jihoon yelling ‘yes’ in agreement.

“You’re so smart baby, the smartest! Who’s my strong boy?” Jungkook flashed a toothy grin to his son who giggled, eyelashes wet from tears.

“Me!” he pointed at himself, yelling. “And big bro Jihoon.” He continued, pointing at the six-year-old. Jungkook’s eyes widened, his chest tightening with love.

“Jihoon is big bro?”

“can he be? Pleathe?” Minhyun pouted, and Jungkook lifted him up in the air.

It felt like he had the world, no other happiness could compare to his. He’s never been this optimistic and happy about anything in his life, but staring at this situation one thing was certain. He made the right decision. Somewhere in his mind, he hoped she was watching over them as he kissed both the kids on the forehead.

“Yes, of course baby. He’s big bro.”

Jungkook arranged the bed, grabbing extra pillows from the living room per Jihoon’s request, and layed down, kids nuzzled softly to his sides. Jimin emerged from the bathroom with dry hair and clean pyjamas, smelling of wild flowers and their cherry scented shampoo.

“Daddy! Jungkook said I can be Minhyun’s big brother.” Jihoon chimed, sitting up. The other baby stirred, beginning to fall asleep.

“That’s so sweet!” Jimin said in a hushed tone, pointing to the baby as he nodded off. Jungkook smiled up at Jimin, intertwining their fingers together. The three chuckled quietly as Minhyun fell asleep.

Jimin got up to turn the lights off before coming back, making sure the lamp on the nightstand was left on.

“If you’re big bro, is it okay if Jungkook becomes papa too?” Jimin asked, hugging his son and nuzzling him before kissing his cheek. The boy beamed, slapping Jimin’s face lightly with his small hands.

“Yes! You’re daddy and he’s papa. And we’ll live together like Minnie asked the birthday fairies!” Jihoon giggled, clinging to Jimin and Jungkook in an awkwardly positioned group hug. The three smiled nonetheless, whispering promises of picnics and theme parks before Jihoon yawned loudly, head slowly lulling to the side as he wriggled in Jimin’s hold, trying to get comfortable.

The kids were out like a light, sandwiched between the dads’ warm bodies, the soft fabric of the blankets resting gently on their cheeks. It felt safe, warm, and cosy. Jimin wanted to cry, but also scream in happiness. Yes, they both definitely made the right decision.



“We need a bigger house.” Jimin whispered, melting from Jungkook’s warm gaze on him. Jimin's Tiny apartment wasn't going to cut it.

“Hmm, we need a wedding first.” Jungkook flashed a bunny grin, eyes twinkling at Jimin’s expression.

“Did you just-”

“Yup, angel.”