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Good Bye Hinata

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“Hey!! Kageyama! One more toss!!”

Kageyama was hearing Hinata screaming, asking for another toss, like he always do after practice. Hinata was maybe small but he had so much energy to spend that Kageyama never really knew when the practice would stop. The little orange head was like the Energizer Bunny, never stopping.

After the practice Hinata and him was returning home together like usual and was parting away at the same place every day. Kageyama was watching the little orange haired boy going away on his bicycle, bicycle he was using not matter the season, no matter the weather. Kageyama was always worried something happen to Hinata when the latter was alone on the dark road. He was worried his teammate get hit by a truck or a car. Each time he was thinking the same thing “Maybe I should buy him a light to put in front of his bike”. Once Hinata was out of his sight, Kageyama headed toward his home praying to see his friend the next day. Each days was the same, the same thing keep happening, Hinata asked for one more toss, they returned home together, part away at the same place and Kageyama thought he had to buy a light to put on Hinata bike. The days was just a repetition of the day before and he really didn’t mind it. Even if sometimes Hinata was getting on his nerve he didn’t want to see the thing change. He wanted to keep the thing like they were. If playing volleyball was his world, Hinata was an important part of it.

But it wasn’t the case anymore, Hinata didn’t really ask for another toss, Kageyama was just imagining it, he was alone in the gym only him and his thoughts. Hinata and him didn’t really return home together, this time he was alone on the road. He wasn’t watching Hinata going to his home on his bicycle, Kageyama was looking at an empty road. Empty and cold road, empty like his mind, cold like his heart. Kageyama turn his back, headed toward his home. He needed rest tomorrow would be an hard day.

The next day come, the day he didn’t want to see, a day he would have like to avoid, a day he could have avoided if he would have make up his mind sooner. From all the decisions he took in his life, this decision was the one he regretted the most to not have take it. He was looking at himself in the mirror, but he didn’t like what he saw. Kageyama wasn’t totally himself today. He was like a shadow no one sees.

He was brought back to the reality by his mother calling his name “TOBIO!!, TOBIO! Hurry! We need to go” she screamed in the house. Kageyama get out of his room, headed downstairs where was waiting his father and mother, “Look at you, said his mother, let me fix your tie” The young man let his mother fixed his tie while he was blindly staring at the wall behind her, they were then ready to go.

Kageyama didn’t wanted to go where they were going, he was scared to go, he was scared even if he knew Hinata would be there too.

The Kageyama’s family arrived at destination, they got out of the car and enter the building in front of them.

A lot of people was already there, waiting, all of them had the same looked on their face. Tobio saw the whole Karasuno team with their parent, coach Ukai with his grandfather, Takeda sensei. Some other sensei, that he could remember the name on the moment. He also noticed Oikawa with Iwazumi in a corner. Even some Fukurodani member, like Bokuto and Akaashi and Nekoma member like Kuroo and Kenma whom came all away from Tokyo. In in the back, he noticed Ushijima presence. He was kind of surprise to see him there.

Kageyama slipped some word to his mother, before going to meet with his team captain Daichi.
“Did you saw them?” asked his senpai when he saw Kageyama approaching.
“No, not yet, I just arrived , hope everything is okay” said Tobio
“My mom called yesterday to offer help, but they say they were okay” Daichi replied
“I see, if they say so..they should be okay” softly said Tobio.

Daichi looked at his kouhai, he knew how hard the situation was for him. He wanted to comfort him but no word could come out from his mouth. He took the young man by the shoulder and pushed him toward the rest of the team. While they were talking and small form appeared up front. Clearing out his throat, the small men start to talk:

“First of all the Hinata’s family asked me to thank everyone of you for their presence, it would have mean so much for Shouyou to see all his friend and rival reunite in one place”. After hearing the first line of the man speech, Kageyama heart crushed a little more, he stepped back, he needed to go out, he was suffocating.

Kageyama’s mother watched his son it pain going out of the building. She wanted to go check up on him, to see if he was okay, but her husband put his hand on her arm to stop her. Their son needed some times alone.

Kageyama was outside, looking at the sky, it was a sunny day no cloud was in sight. The kind of day his teammate would have loved. In a tree nearby he saw some crows who seems to be also there for his friend. We was still looking at them, when Yachi came close to him

“Kageyama-kun...are you alright?” she timidly asked

“I’m okay” he said,”You can go back inside”

“You know if you need to talk we are all here for you” she replied before turning in direction of the building door.

“Yachi-san!!”shout Kageyama, scaring the crows in the tree, would you...would you go on a walk with me” he softly added.

“Of course” she answered

Yachi and Kageyama was walking along the road, heading to a park nearby. At destination they sat on the lonely swings.

“You know, Yachi-san, each times me and Hinata was going home together, each time I was watching him on his bike, I was always thinking that I should buy him a light to put in front of it. Just to make him more visible when our practices were finishing late. Maybe if I had make up my mind we would not be here today” he said we tears in his eyes.

“Kageyama-kun, what happened is not your fault, even if Hinata-kun had a light in front of his bike, it would had changed nothing, the driver was drunk.”

Kageyama was about to reply something, but no word could come out, only tears that he wasn’t able to stop were flowing on his cheek. Yachi was watching him crying, she couldn’t do anything more. She knew Kageyama felt responsible for Hinata’s death, she also knew why it was so painful for Kageyama.

Most people would think that was because he had lost his game partner. He had lost the one who started the change in Kageyama, but Yachi knew the real reason behind Tobio’s pain. The day where Hinata’s got hit by a drunk drive, and left dying on the side of the road, Kageyama had confess his love to Hinata. She didn’t wanted to tell him she knew about his feeling for the small number 10, but she wanted to be there for him.

Kageyama was still crying, when a small crow came and land in front of him. Kageyama looked a the little bird and he saw his lost friend. He heard Hinata calling for his name, asking for another toss. He heard Hinata laugh in the wind. Kageyama felt guilty for Hinata’s death but seeing this little crow who seems to be worried for him, make him realize that his friend will never wanted to see his precious setter like this. Kageyama lift his head looked at the sun and a timid smile appear on his lips. He looked at Yachi and said “Let’s go back to the temple, that dumbass would be sad if we don’t attend his funeral”, the young girl looked at Tobio and was relief to see he seems appease with himself “Let’s go back...Hinata is waiting”

On their way to the temple, Kageyama saw Shimizu senpai from afar. She wasn't alone, a little silhouette was accompanying her. When him in Yachi got closer, he realize that little human who was with his senpai was a mini Shouyou.

Shimizu was now in front of them with Natsu, Shouyou’s little sister, “She really wanted to see you” she said to Kageyama. The young man looked at the little girl with the puffy eyes with a tender look. He crouch down to be at the same eyes level with Natsu

“You should be with your mommy and daddy” he said to the little girl

“But big big brother Tobio!, big brother wouldn't want you to see you sad, so I came to see see you smile” replied Natsu with a little voice

Kageyama stroke Natsu orange hair took her little hand into his and said while the tear was running down his cheek “You are right Natsu, let’s smile for him” he said taking her small hand into his and walking back to the temple.