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Dragon's Doctor

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In the Beginning the gods were born from the highest mountain ridges of the north. They decided that the land should not only be for themselves so they created many dragons of different species. They were all sorted throughout the region according to their species. Water dragons to the East, Land Serpents to the West, Mountain Lizards to the North, and Fire Dragons to the South. While they may all be of different species the gods allowed mental communication through all their creations. However, the gods realized the dragons needed someone to help tame and teach them the ways of the world.

The gods decided to create humans to spread around the world. It was clear that not all humans were able to tame dragons properly so the gods bestowed a group of humans the ability to tame dragons. They were dubbed as dragon tamers. Many centuries pass and noticed that still communication was difficult. They decided to allow dragons to take the shape of humans and be ability to shift back and forth while also giving dragon tamers the gift to communicate to their dragon through a mental connection. In order to do this they go through a ceremony called the Cerebro. In order for the Cerebro to work successfully both dragon and tamer must get a tattoo of their tamers/dragon clan symbol on their left back hand. After their tattoos are complete they must slice their palms (tamer right while dragon shifters left) and must claps their sliced palms together while reciting this: “With this mark we are now connected through mind, heart, and soul. We shall go into battle together as one until the gods return us to the earth from where they've originated. May our connection be blessed and righteous in their eyes." After all is done the seal is complete and allows tamer to communicate mentally to their dragon in and out of dragon form. The connection is only broken when dragon or rider dies. If one does die it does not cause negative side effects besides sadness of death. In this culture having ink on the body is considered showing devotion to the gods and showing loyalty to your clan and king. Everyone is allowed to have a maximum of three tattoos on your body. One of your clan, one of your mate’s clan, and one of your tamer/dragon (if you have one). Tattoos are only allowed to be added to the skin on their 18th birthday. The only exception is when a tamer and dragon decide to go through the Cerebro (most ceremonies happen to people between the ages of 15-20).

Dragons, while able to act human and go about thier daily lives, still have a primitive cycle when it comes to mating. While they call their chosen partners mate, it’s essentially the equivalent to a human/tamer marriage. They also go through a process called heat (both males and females). While it happens only 3 times a year, usually 4 months apart, the heat lasts 5-7 days. It causes dragon's senses to be heighten (smell, hearing, sight, taste, and touch). It causes dragons to have a higher libido and puts their mind in a one track mind to breed and have offspring. The first heat is only triggered when Dragons have claimed a mate through a bite on their neck while participating in sex. The bite has to be mutual or the mating/first heat won’t be successful. The first heat can also affect their partners, even if they are not of dragon decent. So long as the bite and coupling is successful it will induce the heats.

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Denki's Clan- Eastern Clan, also known as dragons of the water or sea serpents. His clan mainly populates the east where the coast is. While a majority of his clan are water serpents staying primarily in water, he’s one of the few of his lineage that inherited control of the rain and thunder allowing him the ability to fly high into the air even without wings. His clan is known to being gifted fishermen and are exceptional warriors of the sea. If enemies try to attack by the coasts they have them to deal with. Average length is 17 feet. He eventually mates with Mina leader of the Western Clan.


Mina's clan- Western clan, also known as land serpents or snakes/naga. Her clan mainly populates the west and is the first territory Kaya crosses into when traveling towards the capital. Like most snakes, a majority of her clan secrete poisons from either fangs in their mouth some however have poison in their nails from their fingers (mina has poison secreting from her nails). In earlier times their poison was mainly used to hunt animals before dragon tamers were created by the gods. Now it’s primarily used to figure out antidotes and medicine hence why her clan is known to have gifted healers/apothecary/herbalists. Average height is 14 feet. She eventually giver her leadership position to her younger brother Yoichi after she decides to mate with Denki, leader of the Eastern Clan.


Sero's Clan- Northern Clan, known as dragons of the mountains or mountain Lizards. His clan mainly populates the north where the high mountain range is. While most clan members can’t fly they are able to climb up most/if not all surfaces thanks to their sharp claws and almost sticky like appendages allowing them to climb with ease. Sero's clan are known for having gifted hunters of the land because of their ability to climb high and get animals that usually migrate higher up into the mountains. They provide for a majority of the food for the kingdom. It is also said that their mountain is the birthplace of the gods they pray and worship to. Some clan members dedicate themselves to serving the gods praying for good fortunes and blessings for their kingdom on the highest mountain range in the kingdom, which is in their territory. Average length is 15 feet.


Kirishima's Clan- Southern Clan, also known as fire dragons. His clan mainly populates the south where the desert sun beats down. The south also has many small volcanos spread out through the territory where some villages have made it their home. His clan is known for having the best warriors throughout the kingdom, making up the majority of the army, thanks to their almost impenetrable skin. Their tough skins allows them to endure the harsh heat and even allows them to dive into the volcanos to collect rare and precious stones, plants, etc. Kiri is able to fly with his gigantic wings and breaths the hottest of flames. While he is technically the current clan leader, His father Kanzou runs things back at home since he was hand-picked by Bakugo at a young age to be his dragon (meaning they are bound essentially for life as brothers and go in to battle together as dragon and rider). He eventually passes his leadership to his sister Gou when she’s of age to take over. He is Kaya's love interest. Average height is 20 feet.


Bakugo’s Clan- Essentially humans but they are known as dragon tamers since they were blessed by the gods to work and communicate with dragons. While most humans are common village folk, Bakugo is of royal decent and is the current ruler of his kingdom along with his wife, a fire dragon, named Kairi. He chose Kirishima at a very young age to be his dragon (it was at the age of 12, the youngest recorded to go through the Cerebro successfully) and have been as close as brothers ever since. While he may have a temper and a foul mouth at times, he does what is best for his kingdom.

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As the dust settled, Izuku looked on in shock and bewilderment at what just happened. It had happened so fast he didn’t think he actually pulled it off. He did it…, they had done it. The great evil that had been plaguing the world for ages, was finally defeated. Izuku lets the sword slip out of his hand as it clatters to the ground. He stumbles for a moment before sitting down rather roughly as exhaustion starts getting to him. His friends and allies look on as they try to process everything that had happened….everything they had gone through to get to this moment, it finally payed off. Kaya looked on his relief and shock,

“Holy shit we did it…guys we did it”

She exclaims in a breathless voice. She slowly started getting up, helping the others do so before quickly heading to Izuku to check on him. She crouches down to help him up but notices he couldn't move that well.

“Sorry I think I overworked my body again”

He says in a soft voice before he passes out. Kaya, being used to him doing this throughout their journey, gets to work to assess his injuries before attending to them with her herbal medicine, calling her friend Ochaco’s to help with some of her healing magic.

~~Time Skip~~

With the great evil gone everything seems to be back to normal. Though it seems our herbalist doesn’t seem too thrilled by it.

“I can’t take it anymore! I need something to happen it’s too boring now.”

Kaya exclaims in a huff of annoyance to her friend Ochaco as they sit in a town square, watching the townsfolk go about their daily lives, as if the end of the world wasn’t going to happen a few weeks ago.

“Well you could always come along with us back to our kingdom. Prince Todoroki could put in a good word for you to King and reinstate you as a town herbalist again.”

She says in a thoughtful tone looking to Kaya for her response. Kaya’s eyes are not towards her though they look to the 3 boys in front of her, who seems to be discussing their next plan of action on their way back home. Izuku and Tenya seem to be looking at a list in their hands, most likely a list of items they need for their journey like food or other perishable materials, while Shouto explains where to purchase the items. Kaya smiles sadly at them before turning back towards Ochaco.

“I don’t think I have a place at that kingdom anymore, even if the king would allow me back…I don’t think I ever want to. I can’t see myself going back to that place and being content with my life”

She finally says, giving a slight pause before continuing

“I want to see new places, I still want to have an adventure of my own.”

Ochaco looks at her for a moment taking in her appearance before giggling softly,

“Well what’s stopping you? If you want to do that then go do it. The boys would understand.” Kaya’s eyes widen in shock, not believing the words coming out of her friend’s mouth.

“Wait are you sure I don’t want to just leave you guys out of the blue is this ok you won’t need me for anythi-”

Kaya’s voice is cut off with Ochaco’s hand over her mouth, silencing her rambling.

“Its fine Kaya, I won’t be upset and neither will the boys be. We’d want you to fulfill this wish of yours.”

Ochaco says before giggling softly and letting her hand fall back to her side.

“Well? What are you going to do?”

Ochaco asks expectantly, although already having a feeling what Kaya would respond. Kaya looks back at the boys seeing them walking back, waving at the girls.

“I want…I want to see new far off places. I want to be able to say I went somewhere on my own and not just be known as the healer in the great evil's battle.”

Kaya says in a wavering breath, finishing before looking to Ochaco to see her reaction to the declaration. Ochaco smiles at her before getting up and holding her hand out to Kaya. Kaya grabs Ochaco’s hand gladly accepting it before hoisting herself up.

“Well we should get you some things together before we see you off right?”

Ochaco says in a determined voice, both of them walking towards the boys to tell them the news.

“Do you have any ideas where to go from here?”

She asks Kaya. Kaya hums on thought before an idea pops into her head,

“Yeah…I think I do actually”

she says with an excited look in her eyes.

~~Time Skip~~

“THE DRAGON KINGDOM! A-are you sure th-that’s where you wanna-a go Kaya.”

Izuku exclaimed in nervousness. Sure he was excited that Kaya wants to go and explore the world on her own and even more excited with the location she chose but, he was concern who she would actually be meeting when she got there.

“You do know King Ba-Bakugo resides there yes? Are there no other locations y-you’d rather visit?”

Izuku says in a last ditch attempt to convince Kaya to change her mind.

“I’m afraid I agree with Izuku on this Kaya, King Bakugo can be a bit….difficult to those who wish to enter his put it lightly.”

Shouto comments looking at Kaya with a blank stare, not giving away his internal thoughts on the matter.

“Agreed a maiden as yourself should not push themselves to such extreme lengths when it comes to the thoughts of adventures!”

Tenya decides to put his thoughts into the conversation with his robotic like mannerisms. Ochaco looks at the 3 with slight annoyance before looking to Kaya with worry, wondering what her response would be. Kaya looks at them with a calm stare, green eyes hinting only slight sadness before she gets up from their table,

“Well if that’s how you feel I’ll just gather what things I have and head off.”

She says as she begins to walk away from them. All 4 of her friends look on in shock before they scramble out of their seats to catch up to her.

“W-wait Kaya don’t leave just yet let us help you.”
“Yes Kaya please let us assist you before you leave on your journey.”

Izuku and Tenya try to reason with her as she heads to the inn they had been staying at. Both Ochaco and the prince look on as their friends try to be Kaya’s good graces again.

“I feel I gave the improper response. It seems all I did was upset her.”

Shouto says in a low tone. Ochaco looks to him before sighing and looking back to the boys, who have caught up to Kaya, trying to help in some way. Once the two caught up Kaya is scolding the boys with a single look that would make any grown man shudder.

“I was not asking for your permission to go on this journey”

She starts while looking at the 4, mainly the boys who had disapproved of her decision,

“I know how The King can be…I was there when he decided to join us after all…or did that memory seem to slip your mind”

She glares at the boys. They look away in guilt seemingly coming to the conclusion of what they did wrong.

“I just really want your support in this, Ochaco gave me her support….why can’t you guys.”

She finishes waiting, hoping for a response. Shouto decides to speak up first,

“I’ll be the first to apologize Kaya I did not mean to upset you in anyway. As a good friend of mine I will always wish for your safety over anything else, but I see I was wrong in doing this. If you wish for my support it then I will give it wholeheartedly.”

Shouto ends giving a small to Kaya, who gapes at him in surprise before blushing slightly and nodding her head in thanks.

“I’m sorry as well Kaya if you truly wish to embark on this adventure then I will give full support to it”

Tenya pipes up soon after giving her a serious but gently gaze.

“Me too Kaya….though I’m still worries for you…I’ll support you….PLUS ULTRA”

Izuku says with a determined gaze. Kaya looks at all her friends, chest clenching in emotion, happy to see the support she wanted and needed for this long journey. Her eyes water slightly as she hugs them all.

“Alright then, what do I need before I head off?”


To say Kaya was ready for the adventure was an understatement. Tenya and Shouto personally made sure she had everything she would need and more for the time it would take for her to make the journey to the Dragon Kingdom. With a bright look in her eyes, Kaya says her final goodbyes to her friends before they go their separate ways, the 4 going back to where King Todoroki resides in while Kaya heads in the opposite direction towards a new beginning.

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As Kaya set up camp for the night her mind wandered to her friends. How were they? Did they get into altercations on the way home? Were they home already? She doubted the last one was true as it had only been 3 days since she had parted with them.

“Guess I should get some sleep, should go and start collecting herbs in the morning.”

She commented to herself before shutting her eyes for the night. The next morning she cleans up her makeshift camp before heading off to her destination. As she walks along the path she encounters other travelers along the way, nodding her head in greeting to each and every one, hoping for them a safe and quick journey. She goes about her day collecting and wild flowers along the path, she was running low as it is so why not stock up? A few days later she happens upon a small field of Purple Coneflowers,

“What luck I must have to find these beauties here”

She says in excitement. Remembering how well these flowers worked as a painkiller, she collected as much as she could before focusing back on her destination. Days pass in a blur before finally; she arrives to the border of the kingdom. Taking a deep breath and with a look of excitement and curiosity, she takes her first steps into a new world. She spends her first few days in this quaint border town, filled with people and creatures she had never seen before. From the information she’s gathered this town is part of the Eastern Clan, run by the Ashido family’s eldest daughter Mina. She finds herself enjoying the sights and sounds of the quaint village before she heads off towards the next town. She gathers an assortment of plants along the road to the next town,

and the next,

and the next,

and the next.

Until finally, she arrives to the Capital. She looks on is awe as she sees an assortment of humans and dragon shifters going in and out of the border entrance. She steels her breath before walking up to the border security. She’s about to say hello before one of the guards notice her and halts her footsteps.


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One of the guards yells as Kaya walks closer to the border entrance. She stops walking as the guard commands, not wanting to provoke them, though she doubts she is its better safe than sorry. The two guards come over to her spears in hand but they hold them in a non-threatening manner,

“State your business here”
“I come in hopes to have an audience with the King, he knows who I am and wish to speak with him having temporary residence here.”

Kaya states simply in a calm manner, even though the statement is anything but a calm declaration. Both guards look at each other before looking back at Kaya, looking at her as is she grew two heads (even for dragon shifters that’s a shocker) not believing a word she’s saying,

“And how do you expect us to believe your proclamation? Do you have any proof to back this?”

One guard asks, smirking slightly thinking he caught Kaya on this lie she supposedly fabricated.

“Of course I was the healer of the group who joined The King in defeating the great evil. If you don’t believe me take me to his royal highness. If my statement is false he will easily kick me out or jail me. If it’s true then I’m sure you two will be thanked in bringing me here.”

She says smoothly, smiling at them in an attempt to keep herself from chuckling at them. She doesn’t blame them for their suspicion but she still finds their expressions funny. The guards turn from her, whispering slightly, debating if taking her to the King would be a good idea or not. After a few hushed sentences they turn back to her,

“Alright we’ll take you to the King, however we asks that you corporate and allow us to cuff you…for protection to ourselves and for our royal highnesses”

They finish waiting for Kaya’s response. Surprised at first she contemplates if they are trying to trick her.

Maybe they are just trying to jail her not trusting her?

What if I am jailed?

What if I’m trapped their forever?

She scolds herself internally, knowing those are outrages ideas, her mind wonders to when the guards had said ‘our’ she wasn’t aware Bakugo was courting anyone…then again Bakugo isn’t one to brag about the stuff that didn’t involve his strength or wit. Well she guessed she was going to meet the King and the Queen he seemed to have gotten himself. She looks to the guards and nods her head,

“Alright handcuff me I understand your caution, I promise no funny business”

She says before taking her huge pack of full of medic supplies and herbs, handing it to one of the guards, and walks to the other guard to hold her hands together in front of her. The guard cuffs her, making sure they weren’t too tight but just enough that she wouldn’t escape should Kaya try to attempt anything. The guard who cuffed her quickly shifts into a dragon, lowering himself to the ground to allow the other guard and Kaya to climb up his body before situating themselves on his back. Kaya gapes at the dragon she’s riding. She had seen dragons of course but they were a rare sight in Todoroki's Kingdom and she had only seem them up-close when it was Bakugo's dragon shifter. It still surprised her how easily they shifted and how big he was. The dragon guard rumbles slightly, most likely seeing Kaya’s expression as he eyes her before flapping his wings, taking off into the air, soaring towards the castle in the distance.

The flight to the castle is short lived. It seemed flying on a dragon was the best transportation around this kingdom or anywhere for that matter. The human guard slides off the dragon with ease, assisting Kaya down and grabbing her bag before taking a few steps back to allow the other guard to shift back to normal. The guard shifts quickly, armor and uniform in pristine condition prior to his shifting, before both walk Kaya into the Castle gates, heading towards the ginormous entrance. Walking through the hall, Kaya’s eyes wondered around her. The interior was beautiful, she doubted Bakugo directed all the decorating for the castle. Kaya chuckled to herself internally imagining Bakugo commanding servants to decorate here and there. She assumed his new queen had a hand in decorating more than he did. The guards stand Kaya in front of two, huge closed doors before opening them slowly. As they open Kaya views in the distance 3 figures in the distance, two sitting on the throne and one standing near them seemingly discussing important matters. The three voices hush immediately as soon as the doors began opening. Kaya focuses on the figure sitting on the left, realizing its Bakugo. Bakugo seems dismiss the red headed figure that was standing in front of the royal couple as he notices Kaya in the distance, though it seems he doesn’t recognize her yet because of said distance. Bakugo bellows for the guards and Kaya to step forward, they immediately oblige, walking towards the royal duo, stopping once they are a few feet away. The guards bow quickly, Kaya soon following, before raising their heads to await the King to speak. To say Bakugo was surprised was an understatement. His expression showed more emotion than Kaya had ever witnesses while traveling with him, only seeing angry and deadpanned expressions. Bakugo looked on in shocked before sneering at the two guards by Kaya’s side,

“You Idiots! Un-cuff her this instant before I kick both your asses!”

Bakugo yells. The two guards immediately fumble a bit before un-cuffing Kaya and giving her huge pack carrying her necessities to her. Bakugo dismisses them angrily before turning his attention to Kaya. He sighs before speaking,

“Just what in the hell are you doing so far from home Kaya?”

He asks almost in an accusing tone, but Kaya knows it’s just his personality so she responds immediately,

“Well this is going to sound pretty funny but I got bored at home so I wanted go on an adventure. What better place than your kingdom am I right? Kind of wanted to go on my own adventure”

Kaya finishes before smiling sheepishly. Bakugo expression is blank but the Queen next to him chuckles lightly,

“So this is the healer you told me about Katsuki. My my she is entertaining isn’t she”

The queen says smiling down at Kaya,

“I like you Kaya you may call me Kairi when others are not present”

She winks at her before looking to Bakugo who staring at his Queen in exasperation at how quick she grew attached to Kaya when it took him weeks to not even call her shitty nicknames. Kaya blushes at the sudden acceptance but bows quickly before giving her thanks.

“Aha thank you your maje- I mean Kairi. Ah King Bakugo I wish to have temporary residency here before I decide move on to other towns. I’m not sure where I wanna go still but I do wanna enjoy the sights here while I can.”

Kaya finally gets it out, wanting to be serious and waits for a reply. Bakugo looks at her for a moment, study her words before sighing softly,

“So long as you help my people during your stay I have no qualms with you being here. Meet with the servant outside, they will take you to fill out your papers for temporary residency”

Bakugo says before dismissing her with a slight wave of his hand. Kaya nods her head in thanks and goes to exit the throne room the same way she came in, excitement coursing through her veins.

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A few weeks have passed since Kaya has obtained her temporary residency here in the Dragon kingdom and business was booming. Kaya had decided to rent a small two room home for herself with the rest of the money she had when she came into the capital. One room was used as a makeshift herbal shop where she kept all her plants in view of customers who came in, while the other room she used as a makeshift bedroom and sitting room. Her home was right on the edge of the shopping district where a lot of the food vendors had their own businesses running. The locals welcomed her with open arms and enjoyed visiting her from time to time to show her around the capital. She had been able to make a few female friends because of this, though she was closer to a mother and her daughter who frequented to vendors nearby. They would stop by Kaya’s shop to by tea leaves but would stick around to chat about the plants they had never seen before. The woman’s daughter, who was called Sirati, had taken a liking to Kaya and herbalism it seems since she wanted to learn as much as she could about different plants while she visited. It gave Kaya joy every time she saw the girl’s eyes light up every time she learned a new fact. The day went by as normally with different customers filing in and out of the shop to pick up the necessary herbs for themselves. She said goodbye to the last customer as she closed up shop for the day, going about cleaning any loose plant particles on the floor and sorting them into the appropriate jars or the trash. She went to buy dinner for herself and ate in peace before heading to sleep for the night.

A sudden knock on the door woke her from her slumber with a start. She groaned slightly, rubbing the drowsiness from her eyes and grabbing her shawl to give her some cover before heading to the door.

“I’m coming I’m coming”

She says tiredly before opening the door to see who would knocking on her door so late in the night. A solider wearing the royal guard armor seemed to be slightly frantic, though was doing a well job hiding.

“I’m sorry to disturb you ma’am but I’m looking for a Miss Moralez. Is this her residence?”
“Yes I am she. Is there something I can help you with?”
“Your assistance is needed at the palace ma’am…I suggest you bring all emergency medicine you can please. I’ll escort you as soon as you are ready”

The solider ends though it seems his façade of keeping calm appearance was starting to fade the more he spoke. Kaya now worried something terrible happened and hoped she would be able to fix it.

“Ye let me change quickly and gather my things, I’ll be out in a moment”

She says quickly before running inside and changing out of her nightgown and donning some brown pants with a simple top. She grabbed an assortment of herbal and medical items she thought she might need before grabbing the biggest bag she could should on one arm before heading out the door with the solider to the palace. The solider quickly shifted and allowed Kaya to climb onto his back. Once Kaya was situated he quickly took off to the sky in a hurry towards the castle.

Once the solider dragon landed into the courtyard, he lowered himself to the ground low enough for Kaya to slide down his body. Kaya quickly got off the dragon and waited for him to shift back into a human before following him to the side of the castle to hidden entrance. Walking through the entrance, Kaya noticed that she seemed to be in the castle’s kitchen with the assortment of pot and pans hanging along the wall. A pained scream in the other room brought Kaya’s and the soldier’s attention, causing them to quickly head to the next room to see what the commotion was. Kaya quickly walked into the room and noticed a screaming red head being held down by probably 7 soldiers on a big wooden table while the King was pacing the room back and forth with a scowl on his features. As she got closer the soldiers next to her quickly went to assist in holding down the screaming red head. At the sound of footsteps the King turned his ruby eyes to the sound and noticed Kaya walking quickly towards him, he stops his pacing and waits for Kaya to approach him. A scowl is still on his features but Kaya notices his eyes show worry for the red head on the table.

“I got her as soon as could, is everything alright”
“Well things could be better but we are all alive at the moment”

Bakugo finishes but he looks to Kirishima to emphasize his last comment. Kaya looks Bakugo up and down. She noticed he is in his own royal armor. She puts together that they might have been on an outing and an accident had occurred. She looks over to the red head on the table, who has stopped screaming and gone to groan about his pain. He stilled carried a pained expression on his face and it seemed his refused to open the eyes because of it. As she studied his features she realizes that she recognizes the redhead as The King’s personal dragon shifter. Though she couldn’t remember his name, she did remember having short conversations with him during the journey to defeat the great evil, though it was more talks about strategies than personal talk. While Kaya didn’t talk much she always appreciated his happy attitude, it always helped boost morale in the group.

“What’s his name….and what happened to him?”

Kaya asks as she studies him for injuries from a distance.

“Eijirou Kirishima, we were on our way to remove a problem group of thugs in my forest that go by the name the True Decedents. They consider themselves the quote on quote superior race of all beings…though its more they are a bunch of thugs that pick on those different form them…especially those of dragon decant. They consider my people no more that game to hunt and a food source, not liking the fact they have the same equalities as a human so they say. They are recognizable to the branded T.D. on their arms though it seems some of them have decided to cover their mark in hopes of being more secretive of their activities. We were about to return to the palace with prisoners when one of them attacked.”

The king paused slightly before continuing.




Bakugo had his back turn and facing Kirishima, speaking to him on how the prisoners would be handled.

“The fucking leader wasn’t in this group, I’m getting tired of him hiding his bitch ass from me. I swear when we find him I’m going to enjoy making him pay for the crimes he and his goons have committed.”
“We will find him in due time your highness don’t worry”

Kirishima ends with a slight smile to try and calm the king from his anger. He was very much frustrated as well in not finding the leader of the True Descendants, but he wasn’t about to show it to Bakugo. A few feet away the prisoners were being hoisted up from the group to be put on a dragon shifter, who would carry them back to the palace for imprisonment. One soldier was left to be put on the dragon when he pushed himself away from the guards holding him up. He had cut through the ropes tying his hands back and was racing towards Bakugo. Kirishima noticed this and pushed Bakugo out of the way before being stabbed by the blade. Bakugo quickly gets up from the ground and tackles the goon before his other soldiers come and retrain him again.
“Do you know what you just committed…not only did you attempt to kill me, the King, but you attacked and injured MY DRAGON SHIFTER….offenses both punishable by death….do you have any last words before I end you pathetic life.”

King Bakugo ends with a snarl as he slowly unsheathes his saber from his hip, putting the blade to the man’s neck. The man simply chuckles darkly to himself before commenting.

“Our leader will wipe out you scum from this earth and build it anew. If anything I did this world a favor in killing that creature”

At this comment Bakugo quickly growls in anger before slicing the man’s head off his body. Letting it slump over to the ground.

“Leave him here…let the animals feast on his body. Kirishima…you alright?”
“Yeah of course I’m…ughck”

Kirishima doesn’t finish his sentence. He collapses to the floor screaming in pain and grabbing onto his side. Bakugo quickly goes to his side and quickly orders the soldiers to help him onto a dragon and get everyone back to the palace as fast as possible.



Bakugo finishes his explanation, waiting for Kaya to react. Kaya mulls the information over before an idea pops in her head.

“Do you bring the weapon with you by chance? I have an idea what's wrong with him”

Kaya asks. Bakugo quickly orders a guard to bring the weapon to them. While the weapon is bringing brought Kaya looks through her bag until she pulls out a small container containing a clear like liquid inside. Once the small blade was brought to her she quickly dips he blade into the container. Within seconds the liquid turns a sickly green color with hints of yellow appearing within it. Kaya pales realizing exactly what the problem is. Bakugo looks at the liquid in confusion.

“Well what it is? The fuck does that mean?”
“It means, your highness, that my suspicions were correct. This blade contains poisonous properties. The green coloring means there are traces of Water Hemlock while the slight yellow coloring means there is Oleander. You are very lucky…if that man had been successful in stabbing you…you would have been dead within minutes.”
“…I see…what does that mean for Kirishima…is he going to...”

Bakugo is scared to finish that sentence…he doesn’t want to think he will lose his dragon shifter and friend. Kaya sees the slight panic expression and quickly speaks up.

“No no, well with him being a dragon shifter he won’t die as quick. His body would fight off the poison as best as it can but he would succumb to it with a few days instead of minutes, b-but don’t worry there is antidote to it, it causes the poison to leave the body but his immune system will be weak. I can help remove the poison but it’s up to him and his body to recover fully. You there could you please me a basin filled with clean water. Your highness please give me some space while I get everything ready.”

Kaya quickly finishes. She sees the king relax slightly and nods at her before ordering the guard to hurry with the basin that she needed and went to go stand near a groaning Kirishima. Once the basin is brought Kaya rummages in her bag and pulls out to jars containing dried plants matter inside. One jar was labeled chrysanthemum (dry) while the other was labeled Jasmine (dry). She quickly opens both of them up and grabs fistfuls of each dried substance and sprinkles them into the clean water. After doing that she goes and grabs bandages from her bag and places them in the water to soak the in the concoction she’s created. Once the bandages are fully soaked she quickly motions for a guard to carry the jars and bring them along as she grabs the basin gently and heads towards Kirishima’s direction. It’s at this moment Kirishima opens his eyes. His pupils are very small and he seems to not realize where he is. He looks around growling at the guards holding him down before he focuses his eyes on a long black haired figure walking in his direction. His eyes seem to be playing tricks on him as the figure before him takes on the shape of a grotesque monster, staring at him with an evil grin on his face. Kirishima goes on to growl at Kaya, thinking she was the monster before him. Kaya stops slightly but continues on to standing before him. She sets the basin down on a chair nearby and take the jars from the solider before giving her thanks to him. She steps up to the growling Kirishima with a handful of the dried plant matter and goes to sprinkle it in his wound. At this motion Kirishima eyes widen, in his eyes the creature is about to attack him so he does what he thinks is best attack back. Kirishima breaks the hold of the soldiers on him and lunges at kaya, causing her to fall to the ground with him on top of her. He quickly grabs the arm that’s holding the medicine and places above her head. His sharp nails pierce her coffee-like skin, causing her to yelp in pain as tears begin to fill her eyes. Kirishima lowers his head to where it was close to her neck with his mouth wide open, sharp teeth waiting to pierce her skin. His eyes travel the room to the people in it, as if waiting for someone to come near, it would give him a great reason to end this monsters life before him.

“Nobody fucking move…let me talk to the shithead”

The king says lowly, gaining everyone’s attention. Everyone but Kaya nods at his statement, choosing to stay still.

“Kirishima I order you to stand down. She is an ally not the enemy”

Kirishima hears the voice in his head, causing him to raise his head and close his mouth. He grumbles in confusion.

How did the voice get into his head?

This monster was a danger to him why would it not be the enemy?

It was a she? It certainly didn’t look like it?

Kirishima kept shaking his head. No he wasn’t going to risk his life over a random voice in his head. Kaya let out a puff of breath in relief when Kirishima moves is sharps fangs away from her neck, though she quickly regretted her mistake when his attention was brought back to her. Kirishima slowly lowers his face to hers, his ruby red eyes scanning her teary eyed green ones. He lifts his other hand to grab her face, studying them further, as if entranced by the color, or debating what she was thinking. Kaya tears had started to fall down her face but she didn't let it affect her voice. She cleared her throat slightly before speaking up in a soft voice.

“I’m here to help Kirishima I don’t want to hurt you. This is medicine in my hand you’re holding.”

Kaya finishes with a slight sniffle, opening her palm that held the medicine for Kirishima to inspect. Kirishima glances at her hand before looking at her again. He understood the being below him but didn’t understand why it would want to help him. He stared at her a moment longer before going to smell the plants in her hand. Once he smells the dried plant, a calming and pleasant wave went through his body. He liked the feeling of it and wanted more if it was going to help him. He slowly raises himself from her body, releasing her hand and sitting back on the floor away few spaces away from her. Kaya sits up, wincing at the wound on her arm. It was bleeding but that was expected with how deep his nails went. A hand quickly grabs her arm pulling it towards its direction. Kaya gasps suddenly as Kirishima pulls Kaya towards himself and raises her arm to his mouth. He sticks his tongue out and begins to lick the wound clean. Kaya blushes at the feeling but doesn’t moves, afraid to anger him in some way.

“It’s ok Kaya he’s doing it as a way to apologize for the injuries he gave you. It’s a dragon cultural thing they do. He’s done that plenty of times, just stay calm and let him finish”

Bakugo finishes softly, not wanting to distract Kirishima from his task. Kaya nods slightly in understanding and lets him finish. Her face reddens more and more the longer the process goes but she doesn’t move until Kirishima finishes and lets go of her hand. Kaya quickly grabs a wrap from her bag and asks for a guard to assist her in wrapping it around the cleaned wound. Once that’s done she quickly goes to grab the water basin and the herbal jars and bring them next to Kirishima. She quickly sets to work to add the dried crushed plants into the wound, which luckily is shallow enough that she wouldn’t need to suture it. She goes about to wrap the soaked bandages around his torso before applying a glue like salve to them, and adding more bandages, dry ones, around his torso. By the time she’s done Kirishima is lulling over tiredly as his body finally succumbs to the medicine and from lack of sleep. Bakugo quickly orders the guards to take Kirishima to his room. Kaya begins to pack her things when the king approaches her.

“Thanks…Kirishima and I owe you our thanks for saving him…I don’t know what I would have done if you weren’t here.”
“Aha it’s not a problem your highness. This is what my job is when I’m not selling my plants.”

Kaya tiredly chuckles, stretching herself from sitting for so long. She pauses for a moment to collect her thoughts before she speaks up to Bakugo.

“If I may make a request your highness, I would like to stay as close to Kirishima as close as possible. As I said before while the poison will leave his body, his immune system will be weak for some time. I won’t be comfortable leaving him alone until he’s fully recovered.”

Kaya finishes waiting for Bakugo to respond.

“What of your shop?”
“I’ll still be able to open up and help everyone, I only ask to have a room here for me so I can keep watch for him in case of anything…please.”
“ *sigh* very well, I’ll ask a servant to have a room readied for you near Kirishima.”

Bakugo finishes and goes to do as he said. Kaya goes to sit on the chair that was in the room and waits for someone to summon her to her temporary room.

Chapter Text

Kaya is called upon by a servant to be brought to her temporary room. She gathers her things and follows the servant down several corridors and a few stair cases before coming down a lavishly decorated hall. Kaya looks around and notices an assortment of architecture that brings her to awe with the details she sees. Finally they arrive to a room. The servant turns to her briefly with a smile.

“This is your room here ma’am, Sir Kirishima is right next door for your convenience, please enjoy you time here and assist in getting him better”
“Of course I will do my best thank you for your assistance”

With that Kaya dismisses the servant with the smile. The servant bows before leaving Kaya to her own devices. Kaya quickly enters the room and is astonished with how big it was. The room was as big as her own home and she was astonished by how lavished it was. The room came with its own bathroom from what she could figure with the door on the other side, she peeked inside to confirm her own suspicions, and it did indeed come with one. She looked to the bed and saw how huge it was, far bigger than one she was used to. She felt guilty in not wanting to use it, while she didn’t tell Bakugo this, she had intended to keep a closer eye on Kirishima and decided to sleep in his room somehow, certainly not on his bed but a chair or a temporary bedding on the floor was fine. She quickly left her room and went next door to Kirishima’s. She knocked on the door to see if she would get a response, hearing nothing she decided to open the door and let herself in. She quietly lets herself in and looks around the room, it’s just as large as hers and looking just as lavish, she quickly settles her eyes on Kirishima sleeping on his bed. He’s sleeping soundly. She sighs in relief and goes to the desk she noticed in the room earlier, it has an assortment of papers on it, mostly likely important documents he needed to review but that would have to happen at a later time. She avoids prying, seeing as its rude and not her business, she goes to sit down right behind the desk and pulls out a small roll or parchment paper, a quill, and a small bottle of ink.

“I might be here a while might as well make a list of things I need to bring”

She mumbles to herself and begins to write down a list of clothes and extra medicinal properties she would need to bring once she made went back to her shop in the morning. She keeps writing as much as possible before she succumbs to slumber. She wakes the next morning early and, with a servant’s assistance, redoes Kirishima’s wrapping and applies everything as before. Kaya is a little concerned he hasn’t wakened up but figures it’s due to his body going into overdrive to remove the medicine from his system. She quickly thanks the servant before leaving to go open her shop for the day, before coming back once she’s closes for the day to redo Kirishima’s wrappings. This goes on for 2 days and finally Kaya is convinces the poison has left his system. However the next day when she wakes to check on him she notices he’s running a high fever. She quickly informs a servant to tell King Bakugo the news and that she will do everything to fight off the fever. She stays up a lot longer to help Kirishima fight off the fever, while he does seem to wake up he’s still very lucid and can’t do things alone, Kaya helps him with everything from feeding him to taking him to the bathroom when he’s able to move out of bed. She loses sleep in the process of keeping Kirishima’s fever down and travelling to her shop to help customers. This goes on for 4 days before finally his fever breaks late into the early morning. She sighs in relief and goes to wrap his injuries again with a servants help, only this time soaking the bandages in just jasmine and applying Aloe Vera salve on the wounds since the poison is gone, after she bids the servant good night she goes to sit in the desk and writes on her parchment paper on items she might need tomorrow. After all that is done she sees that it’s still dark outside, Kaya figures she can take a small nap like she’s been doing before having to wake up to report to the king that Kirishima has recovered and to head home. She folds her arms on the desk and lays her head down.

“Just for an hour or two…I’ll be good then”

She mumbles sleepily to herself before dozing off to sleep.

~ ~ ~

Kirishima awakens with the bright light hitting his eyes in the morning, he groans slightly a sits up in bed, only to wince slightly. He looks down to his abdomen. He notices wrapping around himself that have a hint of Jasmine and…Aloe Vera? He looks around his surroundings and realizes he’s in his room.

“I’m in my room? How did I get here…?”

His memory was very fuzzy. He remembered that he was with Bakugo in a raid when he got stabbed, after that everything was fuzzy, he does remember having extreme pain and a distorted person’s voice speaking and a hint of flowers, mostly jasmine in his memory. Speaking of Jasmine he was smelling it in other parts in his room, in fact his room was filled with the smell. He looked around his room again but seeing that it was still slightly dark, he carefully got up and moved his curtains open to lighten his room up more. He squinted his eyes for only a moment before his sight adjusted. Once his room was lit up he immediately noticed a person hunched over on his desk sleeping. He froze for a moment, wondering who let a random stranger into his room. He slowly makes his way towards them, while he is relieved that his pain has lessened substantially he doesn’t want to risk hurting himself again, as he makes his way toward the sleeping intruder, he notices they are covered in the smell of jasmine. Maybe they had brought the plant with them? He wasn’t sure but wasn’t about to wake them up to ask so soon. Once he’s in front of the person, he notices it’s a woman, though her hair covered up a lot of her face. Curiosity got the best of him and he started to move his hand towards her hair to lift it off her face to get a better look. Right when his fingers were about to brush up against her hair a sharp knock comes from his door, he’s startled from his action and looks to his door quickly before heading in its direction and opening it. Once it’s opened he notices a servant with a small tray of food. The servant gasps in surprise, seeing that Kirishima opened the door and not Kaya, eyes quickly widening in excitement at seeing him awake.

“Oh Sir Kirishima what a relief to see you awake now it feels like it has been far too long”
“Here take this tray I’ll go inform King Bakugo right away”
“Huh hey, wait who-”

Kirishima tried to get the servants attention to ask who the strange girl in his room was but the servant had left in a rush and was out of earshot by the time Kirishima came back to his senses. He sighs deeply before he closes the door with his foot and places the tray of food on his bedside table. Once he finishes that he breaths in and the smell of jasmine bring a fuzzy memory to his mind. He remembers feeling extremely warn. While his body did run a little warmer this was more so than he normally would feel, he remembers the hearing a girl’s voice speaking to him, as if to soothe his discomfort away. The memory is gone as quickly as it comes. He shakes his head for a moment before turning and walking back towards the stranger sleeping on his desk. He looks at her for a moment before he reaches his hand out and carefully moves her hair out of her face, her skin was caramel in color, very tanned from being in the sun a lot he presumed, her face was relaxed and she was snoring softly. He leans down so his face was close to hers, sniffing her softly to see if she only smelled of jasmine was the only thing he could get from her, while she did smell of other plants, the smell of jasmine was very predominate. Kirishima wondered if she was perhaps the voice her heard in his memories. A slight groan from the girl gets his attention before bright emerald eyes open slowly, before widening and a scream escapes into the room.

~ ~ ~

Kaya was sleeping soundly, she was dreaming about herself in a garden with her mother when she felt something tickling her forehead. Her dream was disrupted and she groaned lightly as she slowly woke up from her well-deserved nap. She opens her green eyes slowly, her eyesight adjusting to the brightness in the room. Her eyes zoom in on something red in front of her. Her drowsy eyes widen when she realizes that it was red eyes and a human face in front of her. She screams from being startled and pushes back on the chair she was using to get some space between the face and herself, however in her rush to push the chair back she ends up pushing too hard and ends up toppling over and falling to the ground. She curses under her breath and rubs her shoulder in slight pain from the fall.

“I swear to gawd there better be a good reason why I’m awake”

Kaya says harshly under her breath. Her brain finally has a chance to wake up and she remembers she had broken Kirishima’s fever late, well more like early in the morning. She gasps quickly and looks up and notice he is looking at her in bewilderment and caution from where he was standing. She smiles widely before she picks herself from the floor and dusts herself off before looking at Kirishima properly.

“Thank goodness you woke up, you caught yourself a nasty fever there I was worried you would still be tired after I got rid of it”
“Are you feeling any lingering pain? Do you need me to get you anything?”
“Uh I feel fine…but…who...are you?”

The question surprises Kaya for a second before she giggles softly to herself. Kirishima really liked that giggle.

“Oh pardon me Sir Kirishima my name is Kaya-”

A loud booming voice echoes down the hall before Bakugo enters Kirishima’s room. He glares at him harshly before going to him and begins to smack his shoulder and ruffling his hair roughly.

“Don’t you dare do stupid shit like that again Kirishima, I swear to gawd I will kick your ass if you do”

The King says before he grabs Kirishima in a death hug. Kirishima laughs slightly before groaning in slight pain. Bakugo relents from his death grip and glares at Kirishima, though it’s not as harsh as before. In his eyes there is slight relief in them along with the glare.

“Aw Bakugo you do care”
“Shut the fuck up shitty hair”
“But you know I wouldn’t stop protecting you”
“Yeah yeah I know I’m sure my wife would agree with you not stopping”

They both grin each other before going for another group hug, more gently now considering Kirishima has wraps around his abdomen still. After they finish their hug Bakugo begins to fill Kirishima in on what he missed while he was out of commission. He explains that Kaya was in the area still and was able to assist in helping him fight off the poison and fever, though he keeps the attack towards Kaya hidden from him. Kaya notices this absence off information but she doesn’t fill in, relieved that the information was not spoken. Kaya smiles gently at the mention of her name. Once Kirishima is filled in on the information he missed he turns towards Kaya.

“So Kaya Moralez…correct?”
“What kingdom are you from”
“His Royal Highness King Todoroki’s Kingdom”

At the mention of the Kingdom, Kirishima’s eyes widen and recognition before smiling at Kaya and going over to hug her while spinning her around. Kaya gasps in surprised before she hugs him back, though more to keep herself secure from his arms and not feeling like she was going to get flung across the room. Kirishima sets her down quickly with a wide smile on his face, his sharp teeth showing in his smile.

“Wow I haven’t seen you since we defeated the Great Evil how are you doing Miss Moralez?”
“I’m doing well, I see that you haven’t done bad for yourself either”
“What are you doing all the way out here, far from home don’t you think aha”
“Ah…about that…kind of wanted to go on my own adventure and I thought why not start off at King Bakugo’s kingdom, I have temporary residence here until I can get some more cash before I can move on”
“Well I must say you’ve picked the best one to start at.”

They both smile at each other before Kaya realizes that the sun is up, how did she not notice it earlier? Kaya looks at Kirishima and Bakugo frantically

“Uhm what time is it”
“About 9 in the morning”

Bakugo and Kirishima look at each other before looking back to Kaya as she scrambles to the desk and begins to grabs stuff hazardously. She looks to them quickly giving Bakugo a bow and thanking him for letting her stay there. She gives Kirishima a quick goodbye before she heads off to her room next door. Bakugo sighs deeply before he heads over to the door to leave. He turns to Kirishima to give him a response before he leaves.

“I suggest you give your thanks before she rushes off, she worked her ass off to get you to feel better”
“Yeah will do”

Bakugo nods before leaving Kirishima alone in his room. Kirishima quickly leaves his room and closes his door softly before heading towards Kaya’s room. He sees that the room next door has the door opened slightly, he peaks in to see Kaya throwing her clothes in one bag and collecting random jars of plants in another, he sees her grab an item from her medicine bag and goes out of sight. He slowly opens the door the rest of the way and looks into the room. He sees that the room is spotless, almost as if no one had uses it, the bed was made and everything was where it was. He thinks back to when he found her sleeping on his desk this morning, he would have to question her about it. He looked to see the bathroom door was open with the sound of running water. He goes over to the door and peers inside. Kaya is washing her face off before she turns off the water and goes to dry her face, her hair is still slightly messy from sleeping awkwardly on a desk, but it didn’t look bad on her. She goes to grab a container that she brought into the bathroom earlier and begins to open it. She dips her fingers into the salve before bringing it to under her eye and begins to rub the salve into the skin. Kirishima notices now how dark the bags under her eyes are. How did he not notice it before? He steps into the bathroom to confront her about it.

“How much sleep did you get? Were you able to sleep at all?”

Kaya looks into the mirror and notices Kirishima behind her. She turns over to look at him with salve in her fingers and under her eyes. She sighs and finishes applying the salve before closing it and looks to Kirishima to speak.

“In all honestly…no I haven’t, I was getting maybe 5 hours of sleep while the poison was leaving your body, that only lasted 2 days, after that you developed a severe fever, which tends to happen when you have a weak immune system, that went on for 4 days and I was going back and forth from my shop to you to make sure you were ok. I was getting about 2 to 3 hours of sleep if I was lucky…I decided to sleep on your desk since you would cough a lot at night so I had to make sure I was close by to help quickly….bu-but don’t worry I’m just glad you are awake. After I get home I can sleep after I close up shop for the day.”
“Ah…I see…Thank you really for helping me, I owe you my life”
“Like I said it’s not a problem”

He smiles gently to her before he noticed a wrap around her wrist. He looks at it before looking to her in suspicion. He gets faint memories of feeling angry and pouncing on someone, pinning them down. He quirks his eyes at her for a moment before he questions her.

“So…what happened to your wrist? Something happen while I was sick?”

Kaya doesn’t respond, she doesn’t really know how too. She didn’t want him to worry about the incident but it was too late. Her silence confirms Kirishima’s suspicions.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you in anyway”
“Oh no no no you were not yourself! You were under hallucination with the poison so you attacked me I suppose as a defense mechanisms, besides it’s practically healed aha your saliva helped quicken the process, I just have this to keep it covered from being irritated”
“Uuuh saliva??”

Kaya blushes remembering the position she was in while Kirishima licked her wounds. She clears her throat before continuing.

“Uhm yes, since your fingers punctured my skin…you used your saliva to lick my wound”
“I uh…I see…uhm sorry again”

Kirishima looks down slightly, face red slightly from a blush but he mainly looks dejected at causing her harm. Kaya reassures him again with a smile that she hold nothing against him.

“You’ve done so much for me, allow me to repay you back, starting with taking you home”
“Oh no that won’t-”

She tries to say no but Kirishima give her these adorable puppy eyes, she can’t resist, with a sigh and a slight laugh she relents and agrees to let him take her home.

“Alright you can take me home but we should walk or go by horse, I don’t want you shifting yet.”
“I do you one better, I can get us a royal carriage and we can get there in no time”
“What!? No that wo-”

She tries to stop him but he’s already out the door already asking servants to arrange everything. She chuckles slightly before going back to the bathroom and goes to comb her hair. Once she’s done she goes to sit on the bed and waits for Kirishima to come back to her.

“Ok got everything ready, let’s go?”
“Ah yes let’s get going, once we head back I can reapply you bandages. Sound good?”
“Yeah sounds like a plan”

Kirishima and Kaya walk down many sets of halls and stairs before arriving to the front of a castle. Where a royal carriage awaits for them. Kirishima opens the carriage door for Kaya and she walks in with her two small luggage bags and set them across from where she sits. Kirishima then enters right after her and sits next to her in the carriage. Kirishima taps the carriage on the roof, signaling the coachmen to begin the ride back to Kaya’s shop and home. Kirishima comments that the ride was expected to take only 45 minutes with the clear sunny weather out today. After he finishes the comments, a few minutes go by in their trip and it’s a bit awkward. Kaya is looking out the window trying to use the scenery from the man next to her, Kirishima is trying to think of what to bring up between them but is tongue tied. Finally Kaya turns to him with a small cough and smiles slightly.

“Sooooo…how is it working with His Royal Highness King angry pants?”

Kaya’s smile faltered, maybe she shouldn’t have called the king angry pants…she was only trying to start a conversation. Her worries were soon removed after she heard Kirishima burst out in laughter moments later.

“Aha I didn’t think it was that funny goodness”
“You have no idea how funny that is. With him being king people tend not to call him funny nicknames, I tend to call him King Explodo but that’s only in private with him and the Queen. While the king doesn’t seem fond of it the queen enjoys the jest well enough.”
“Ah I see *giggles*”

And with that they began to talk about a variety of things. Kaya went into detail with what she did in King Todoroki’s Kingdom, while Kirishima went into detail how he became King Bakugo’s dragon shifter. After a few laughs they had settles down and just enjoyed the quiet between them. Kaya was looking out the window enjoying the view when her eyes began to get heavy. She laid her head against the window and began to doze off. Kirishima was looking out his own window as well, unaware of kaya sleeping next to him, He was used to flying everywhere and seeing things from above. With this lower perspective, he was able to enjoy things far up close than he was used to. It wasn’t until a few minutes later when the carriage hits a bump in the road, causing Kaya to lull her head onto Kirishima’s shoulder. He tenses for a moment at the sudden weight on his shoulder, he looks to see Kaya fast asleep not noticing the sudden movement in the carriage.

“Miss Moralez??? Miss Moralez???”

He calls her name softly twice to see if she would wake up. When she does nothing but stir and cozy ups into his shoulder some more he just sighs gently and lets her sleep.

“Just how tired are you huh? Must have taken real good care of me”

He comments to himself and chuckles softly. He looks down to her face and sees how dark the circles under her eyes are, he assumed she needed to apply the Aloe Vera salve constantly to hide how tied she was to everyone else, he doubted Bakugo would have let her worked as hard if her found out. Her face is calm, just like how it was in his room at the castle. She looks cute he thinks before he blushes and looks away to look out the window, hearing her snore softly next to him. They arrive at her home in 40 minutes total like he predicted earlier. Just looking out the window he notices people are already outside her shop, no doubt wondering why she hadn’t opened up yet. With the carriage pulling up, many of the citizen’s look over in wonder at who would be stepping out in front of Kaya’s shop. Kirishima waits for the coachman to open the before he steps out and gently picks up Kaya from her spot while the coachman grabs her luggage. Villagers begin to crowd around them but Kirishima quickly warms them not to disturb her.

“Miss Moralez has had a very hard case and because of it has not been able to get some sleep. I ask kindly that you wait a few hours to allow her to rest before she opens up. Is that understood with you all?”
“Yes of course Sir Kirishima. Thank you for bringing her home we were beginning to worry about her”

A person from the crowd says. With everyone nodding in agreement they go about doing their other errands or head home to come back another time. Kirishima and the coachman get Kaya’s door open and they both enter, Kirishima thanks the coachman and allows him to leave. The coachman leaves after he places the luggage by the door. Kirishima looks around her shops and is surprised to see how small it is. With her living alone she didn’t require to use a big home. Kirishima sees that her shops is well used, the walls have shelves covered in jars of plants, the counter in front has a small cash register and a balance scale next to it, to make sure the proper amount I given to each customer and that payment is kept track he assumes. He looks to the other side of the room and sees a door slightly open, he walks slowly to it and pushes the door open gently with his foot, and inside he sees a bed and a small vanity right across from it. He goes to place Kaya on her bed and lets her sleep. Kaya moves slightly but doesn’t wake up from the movement. Kirishima moves to push her hair out of her face but quickly pulls back, blushing slightly and scolding himself. He walks out of the room and looks around her shop more while he waits for her to wake up.

~ ~ ~

2 hours later Kaya awakens from her nap. She groans slightly before stretching on her bed and gets more comfortable. Wait bed!? Kaya’s eyes open suddenly and she sits up in her bed abruptly. She looks around and sees that she’s in her room. She remembers falling asleep in the carriage but not walking into her home. Her thoughts are interrupted when she hears people arguing in the next room. She quickly gets up and opens her door to see who it is. There she sees a slightly frighten Kirishima trying to talk to and holding the door slightly opened, though it looks more like he’s trying to clothes the door, with a very annoyed and angry Sirati.

“Like I just said I don’t give a dragon’s ass who you are Sir Kirishima, dragon shifter or not if you don’t tell me the truth about Kaya so help me I will shift and barge into this room and ring your neck”
“I’m trying to tell you Kaya is fine but I need to come back in a couple hours”
“You’ve been telling people that for 2 hours now where is she”

Kaya quickly walks up and pushes Kirishima to the side gently to show Sirati that she was alright.

“I’m so sorry Sirati I was very tired from a case I was working on so Kirishima promised to house shit while I slept a little bit”
“Oh my goodness Kaya I’m so sorry I probably woke you up with all my shouting aaaah I’m the worst”
“Now now none of that, I was already waking up on my own. Come what brings you here today”

Kaya quickly flips her open door sign and lets Sirati into her shop. They chat idly while Kaya gets herbs ready for her. Kirishima just looks at them awestruck. He kind of just shuffles in places and just looks at them talking about all kinds of plants and medicines he’s never heard of.

“Man Kaya is something else”

He thinks. Once Kaya finishes her request for Sirati, she bids her goodbye. Sirati huffs and Kirishima before walking out.

“Man I feel like I’m staring a miniature Bakugo with her”
“Oh I can assure you she’s an angel…when she wants to be *giggles* She will warm up to you don’t worry, she’s very protective of her mother since she get's sickly easily so when she started coming her for her medicine she was cautious of me as well.”

Kirishima nods at Kaya before standing awkwardly in place again.

“So what happened after I fell asleep?”
“Hm? Oh… well you fell asleep and I felt bad if I would have woken you up so I let you sleep and told some to the villagers to come a little later”
“Ah…while I appreciate the sentiment Sir Kirishima. I would have preferred you woke me up. Some of the villagers need their medicines as quick as possible in the morning since they use them to go about their daily activities without pain”

Kirishima pales at the statement, he didn’t really think about it that way, he was mainly concerned with Kaya getting some sleep.

“Oh…OH NO I’m so sorry I should have considered them. Truly I apologize I’ll be sure it won’t happen again.”
“Ah it’s alright no need to apologize. It seems that no one minded for today. Thank you for bringing me home I do appreciate it.”
“Oh it’s not a problem Miss Moralez.”
“Please call me Kaya, I’m 21 not an elderly woman ahaha.”
“Ahaha well if I get to call you Kaya then by all mean call me Eijirou from now on.”
“Eijirou…very well then.”

She smiles up to him while he blushes hearing his name coming from her mouth.

“Well since you are here still let’s check your injury shall we?”
“Huh? Oh! Yes of course. Where should I go?”
“Just sitting on the counter is fine, let me grab some things.”

Kaya goes to grab some Aloe Vera cream and some bandages while Kirishima hoists himself onto the counter. Kaya slowly begins to unwrap Kirishima’s bandages to see how he’s healed. She surprised to see that the wound seems to be fully healed, with only a slightly scaring where the wound was, it still looks tender to her so she applies the Aloe Vera to the area and doesn’t wrap the bandages around it.

“It still amazes me how fast dragon shifters heal. I won’t need to wrap it in bandages since the wound is closes but I still want to you apply this cream on the area until it doesn’t feel tender anymore. Apply it twice a day and after every shower in case it washes off.”

Kaya finishes and allows Kirishima to get off her counter. When he jumps off gently he ends up being very close to her. Their noses almost touching with how close they were, they both blush and Kirishima quickly excuses himself to the door. He’s about to open it when he thinks about how kind Kaya was. He still wanted to meet her more and get to know her better.

“Hey Kaya”
“Hm? Yes?”
“How about I take you around the town. Well a proper tour that is, I’m sure you’ve seen parts of it but I want to show you all parts of this place. As a thank you for helping me but I understand if you don-”
“Oh that sounds lovely, yes”
“Don’t want to I get it- Huh”
“I said yes…I want to”
“Oh…Great then! Whenever I’m free I’ll come around and get you. What days are you closed?”
“Usually Sundays but Saturdays I close early sometimes if no one is buying”
“Alright then it’s a date”
“See you soon Eijirou”

Kirishima walks out with a bright smile on his face, unaware of the smile and blush on Kaya’s face.