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Erogenous Pleasure

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 +Chapter 1+ 


"So, Hunnie," Lu Han flashes him a sultry smile. His tawny ears give a small twitch as he nestles himself into Sehun's lap, his short tail lightly thumping on Sehun's inner thigh. "Do you think you can make it to my party tonight?" 


"Can't," Sehun answers right off the bat. He flashes the deer hybrid in front of him an apologetic smile, his pearly teeth blinding Lu Han for a second. "Kai's second birthday is today. Sorry babe." 


"And you can't skip it for me?" Lu Han pouts. He draws lazy circles on Sehun's hard, defined chest, and lays his head on the fully human boy's broad shoulders. "Come on, Hunnie! How can this be a fun party if the Oh Sehun can't show up? We haven't been together in forever! I miss you~" Just when Sehun was about to retort, someone cuts in.  


"No PDA here," two strong, sun kissed hands pound down on Sehun's desk. It sends deep vibrations, and startles Lu Han to the point that he hisses against the more dominant boy's neck. "This is a classroom and a learning environment. Whether or not the teacher is here, please keep your private needs to yourselves."  


"Sorry Mr. Kai," Lu Han huffs sarcastically. "I didn't know you were that much of a prude." Sehun snickers openly, eyeing the student in front of him with a non too innocent intent. It's not always that Kai gets mad, and when he does, he just looks so sexy with the dangerous glint in his copper eyes and the slight downward curl in his lips that Sehun just wants to gobble him up right then and there. Lu Han waits for the cat hybrid to leave, before grumbling under his breath. 


"How are you guys related?!" The deer hybrid seethes.  


"We aren't," Sehun answers calmly. He leans back in his chair, rubbing the pretty boy's back soothingly. A blank expression dons his classically handsome face, the notorious one that earned him the title of the Ice Prince at Exo High. "My parents took him in when his family passed away, remember?" It was common knowledge that the Oh's took Kai in because their parents were good friends, and, although it sparked rumors, no one ever says anything because the Oh's were a powerful family, even in such a prestigious private school.  


"Well, he's a big—" 


"Play nice, Hannie," Sehun reprimands lightly. His eyes follow Kai's figure, as he watches the cat hybrid converse with his friends. "Don't insult our class president. Related or not, he's still family." 


That's right. 


It's because they're family that Sehun defends him. Not because he cares about him, not because a part of his heart throbs angrily every time someone says a rude thing to Kai, but because he's required to.  


Sehun could practically feel the denial oozing out of himself. 





Five hours later, he sits at a fine diner in a stuffy tuxedo and pretends to not stare at the hot waiter's ass while his mother goes on and on about how proud she is of Kai. Eventually, they got to the subject of Sehun. 


"Hunnie, why aren't you like your brother?!" His mom reprimands, crossing her arms. "Not only is he the valedictorian, Kai's also the class president. You—well, I'd be jumping for joy if you bring home a C+!" 


"Your mother is right, you know," His father cuts in sternly. The man was all sharp features and fine wrinkles, the epitome of a harsh, successful business man with little regard for feelings. "Sehun, if you don't step your grades up, then I don't know what else to do besides send you to military school..."  


He can't help but internally roll his eyes. The teenage boy has heard this many times before, and he doubts his father will actually do anything. He takes a sip of his water and pretends to listen. Kai scoffs, picking at his food, and mutters angrily, 


"Maybe if you stop clinging onto your boyfriend, then y—" 


"Wait, boyfriend?" Sehun chokes on his water. "I have a boyfriend? Since when?" 


"Wait..." Kai frowns. "Lu Han isn't your boyfriend...?" The other boy wants to laugh at such thoughts. Lu Han and him? Never in a million years. 


"Oh god no," Sehun stifles a chuckle. "He and I are just..." fuckbuddies, "really, really close friends." 


"…Oh." Kai closes his mouth. The faintest curl of a smile lights up his face, his voice light. "I see." Sehun doesn't know what's gotten into Kai, but he doesn't question it. He's too busy staring at the kitty's content face, a fond smile on his face as well. 


"You guys aren't in a relationship?" His mom frowns. "But Lu Han seems like such a cute boy...this lady is getting old, Sehun, and I want to have reassurance that our genes will pass down..." 


"Onto more important matters," his dad coughs. "Sehun, I expect you to improve your grades. Kai, as his brother, you're also expected to help him. That is all." 


The teenage boy sighs, but doesn't respond. Sehun watches as the minutes tick by, counting the seconds until he could go home. 


He finally leaves an hour later, eager to head home and sneak out to Lu Han's party. Hopefully, he doesn't come home completely wasted. Worse, he hopes he won't hook up with someone. He might be sex deprived, but there's no excuse for staying over at someone else's house when his parents think he'll be at home studying all night. 


However, it seems like Kai knew what he was thinking, because as soon as they got home, the cat boy cages the fully human teenager with his arms, Sehun's back pressed against the wall. Kai glares at him dangerously, a warning glint in his copper eyes. Although Sehun was at least two inches taller than his adopted brother, it didn't make Kai any less intimidating, nor did it make it any less arousing. 


Then, the cat boy pouts, and the image of a bad boy flew out of the window. His eyes were watery, and his voice barely quivers when he speaks, sending Sehun packing to go to a guilt trip. 


"'re not really going to sneak out to the party on my adoption day, are you?" Kai whimpers, big, fat tears threatening to fall. His arms start shaking, his black ears flatten against his fluffy brown hair. "Do I disgust you that much?" 


"What?" Sehun struggles to get out, clearly flabbergasted. "No—of course not! Kai, you're family. I'd never ditch your second birthday to go to some lame party." Okay, so the last part was a lie, but the part where he cared about Kai—that much, that much he knew was true.  


"Oh," Kai smiles. He drops his arms, no longer trapping Sehun in between him and the wall. "I see. I guess I was wrong about you. Sorry, Sehunnie~" 


With his large, crescent eyes and beaming grin, the boy against the wall wanted nothing more than to pinch his kitte—uhh, his brother's cheeks and baby him forever. Kai was just so damn cute that he couldn't help himself. He wanted to hug the cat boy and never let go, wanted to kiss him and ravish all of the boy's delicious body, wanted to switch their positions so Sehun would be the dominant one, so Sehun could be the one doing all the dirty deeds to Kai.  


He'd be Kai's first in everything, and Kai would be his last. Sehun imagines his cock ploughing in and out of the hybrid's soft, plump ass, then stops himself when he feels blood rushing down. Willing his own erection to stop, he smiles suavely to distract Kai, and thanked the heavens that the expensive suit on him covered his obvious tent.  


"You wanna go to the movies? We haven't hung out in a while, huh?" He strikes up a conversation as nonchalantly as he could. Kai blushes, and nods his head demurely. His jet black tail slightly wags, not at all helping Sehun's bulge. 


"Okay!" Kai nods excitedly. "Let me change first!" Once the boy skips to his room, Sehun lets out a loud breath he didn't notice he was holding in. That innocent boy had no idea what he was doing to Sehun.