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[Podfic] Of Sacraments and War

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Title: Of Sacraments and War
Author: KLMeri
Reader: Dentalfloss
Fandom: Star Trek Alternate Original Series reboot, DOOM… Karl Urban?

Characters: John Grimm (McCoy), James T. Kirk, Spock, Khan Noonien Singh, crew of starship Enterprise
Tags: Action/Adventure, violence, Reaper!Bones, rebooted TOS episode: Space Seed
Rating: mature teens and older
Length: 4:05:00
Summary: John Grimm, now the Chief Medical Officer of the Enterprise and a fairly likeable man named Leonard McCoy, is beginning to feel like a human again. Then the Enterprise encounters the SS Botany Bay, and events quickly spiral into chaos. The Reaper meets an opponent not unlike himself; except Khan believes the strong has an obligation to rule the weak, and the only way to stop Khan from commandeering the Enterprise is for John to balance on the edge between human and Other, without losing sight of what it means to be both.

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