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A Puppy in A Thornbush

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The first time Taehyung saw him, Taehyung had to admit he stopped breathing for a second.

It had been a particularly windy day, and coupled with the drifting snow, the temperature was extremely freezing. But there he was, this man with porcelain skin and glass hair, just standing there, eyes shut, getting all of the cold breeze in his elfish face. He looked peaceful, unbothered one bit with being wet and cold flakes. As if he was one of them, as if he controlled them.

In that second, Taehyung naturally took in the soft features of the man, obviously shorter and smaller than him (the fact that he could tell even at their distance…), like his life depends on it. The man’s light, almost-translucent hair peeks out from under a thick beanie making him look almost like he belongs outside in the freezing winter. Maybe that’s why it didn’t bother him that he was getting a face full of ice.

If Taehyung were honest, he’d say that the man reminds him of a silly childhood crush he had on a cartoon character. A cold, lonely winter man.

And Tae is nothing if not honest but the man looked more like a winter angel than an anime-fied scrooge, so he shook that thought away.

Taehyung hadn’t noticed he was staring until the object of his awe opened his eyes (they weren't blue) and turned to him, sharp eyes immediately locking on Taehyung’s wide ones. He would later be told that his eyes had doubled in size due to fear. He would deny that, saying it as because he was trying to drink in as much of the beauty as he could. The sharp eyes might have narrowed, Taehyung’s not sure because he was too busy now drinking the full profile shot of this winter angel.

Because at that moment, he could now see how the tip of the man’s nose had reddened quite considerably, as did his cheeks. Freeze burn from the stinging wind, the probable cause. It made him look cherubic.

So maybe he wasn’t a literal winter angel as Taehyung had thought, but he was an angel regardless. The fuzz of his oversized sweater and beanie, his hair bending the sunlight, all basically created a glow around him.

Or that might have just been his imagination. He likes it better this way, he decides.

A cherub.

Taehyung’s breath hitched again as it dawns on him that the angelic man is now glaring daggers at him. Taehyung instinctually squints a little, as if the glare was as harsh on his eyes as the midday sun. It sent an icy chill down his spine and Taehyung thinks maybe he isn’t quite an angel either.

Taehyung feigned (as much as he could in the sudden chaos of damage control his mind is going through) confusion and quickly continued on his way, pointedly in a different direction as the beautiful winter man.

He’d reach his dorm, initial intention of studying in the warm cosiness of heater-blasted student lounge forgotten, a little giddy as he relays to Jungkook the real-life Jack Frost he had just encountered.

Too bad his crush on the animated character never left.