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Skeleton Dance

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Dance around your burdens
And do your sorrowful skeleton dance
While you bow to all new obstacles
Because you believe you had no chance

Plan your sad pathetic speech
You've rehearsed in your head
Line up your excuses
On why you left him for dead

Bare your heart and soul to this ghost
You used to call your friend
Tell him all the good you did
That your evil side was all just "pretend"
But don't say that you watched his son
Because in the plains he travels alone
Oh tell him all the souls you reaped
And how not once you have atoned

Tell him how much you love him
But don't expect that sentiment back
How could he love a sick twisted man?
For in loyalty and morality you lack

So with this in mind continue on
Do your pitiful, pathetic skeleton dance.
Know that if you jump off that ledge
A confrontation will be a chance