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She is Like Moondust

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Gliding slowly through space. I really don’t remember how I ended up in that capsule in the first place. I was put down into deep hibernation and I still felt somehow fine. I knew then already that I wasn’t in this hibernation against my own will, this was something other. I floated through space forever and my capsule didn’t bump into any planet or ship. I was all alone in the cold darkness. Until...

My capsule landed into a huge space station. I had really bad memory of that day. I had haze visions of white men opening the capsule and dragging me out of it and a silver shiny figure who later took me in a room where they gave me something to wake me up. After that I passed out again.

I’m running through a field? My silver hair is flowing in the air and I'm feeling light as a feather. A field full of white flowers… I’m laughing and enjoying the warm summer sun.

Someone is calling me… I turn around and see a strange face. He doesn't belong here.
In front of me in a distance is standing a man, who is dressed fully in black.

“What is this place? Who are you?” I shouted.

“We got connected by the Force. I don't know what this means.” He explained.

“But I mean… you are kinda in my dream…” I started to feel embarrassed. Lucky for me we were just in a flower field.

“This doesn’t feel like a dream… I think it is more like some kind of a parallel world.” He answered as we looked around us. We were alone in here. And as it appeared the field was never ending.
Suddenly a hard wind blew in my face and I closed my eyes. 

“Are you awake?” Distant voice asked. It sounded more like an echo.

“Mmm… five more minutes…” I muttered in return.
Distant voice sneered. I was rather curious about the owner of the voice because his voice was pleasant to the ear. It sounded deep and husky. I started opening my eyes slowly, trying to adjust myself to the bright light. Whole room was white and also my clothing. ‘damn light… so bright.’ I thought to myself as I was making a face of a real struggle. Finally I saw something other than plain white. Next to my bed in a chair was a man. He was clothed fully in black, like what a contrast and he had beautiful black curls framing his pale manly face which was full of moles. He looked somehow familiar to me but I didn't think of it more.

“I must be in the land of Gods somewhere”, I blurred out of nowhere and blushed furiously when I realized that I have said it out loud.

“You must be still full of those drugs…I told them to use less what the hell no one ever listens to me.” He sounded upset as he looked up at my screen where it showed all my organ functions. He stood up and took a closer look of a screen and because of that he got closer to me, my heartbeat got faster. 'Oh no he is going to notice… oh shitfuck.’ I started panicking.

“Are you feeling okay? Your heartbeat went faster in a really short time.” He got concerned about me. I took a deep breath and gave him a small smile and a nod.

I suddenly realized that I should introduce myself.

“My name is Giana. Can you tell me who are you and where I am?” I changed subject.

“Oh right, my name is Kylo Ren and you are in First Orders space station. This is the largest in whole galaxy as far as I know.” He introduced himself to me rather casually for my liking.

“First Order huh… I’m sorry I’ve never heard of you and umm who is in charge here?” I continued.

“Supreme Leader Snoke is in charge here and if you truly haven’t heard of us that must mean that you are not a spy from the Resistance.” Kylo walked back and forth.

'So they are at war it seems… why did my capsule bring me here? What is my mission here?’