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The Schneecestious Time of Year

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Holiday-e Intro:

Throughout the Schnee manor not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse,

except for the three lovely Schnee women, who were all alone, in a rather large house,

They were going about their favorite Dustmas tradition

no butlers nor maids were cleaning the house, for the staff were all at home, legal work restrictions and all that

Jacques and Whitley were off in Mistral, for a holiday business meeting, just in time, for the Schnee women's bodies, were in such needing

Daughter and mother and daughter again, loved this time of year, for it left all the house and copious amounts of beds, all to them

They would need many as they were too lazy to clean, and were thankful for the emptiness for how much they screamed

Gentle touches here and there, had every Schnee woman, gasping for air

When this lovely tradition started, none could remember, but that didn't stop them from eagerly waiting for it every December

Now the rhyming ends here, and the true smut shall start, but it shall return next Christmas, leading into just as much lust.

Actual Smut:

Willow loved Dustmas with her daughters.

Weiss was eating her out with skill she had acquired at Beacon, while Winter's tongue dominated her own in their lovingly rough make out.

As if the taboo of the incestuous situation didn't already get the girls soaked, Winter and Weiss loved to dominate their mother, and she loved to submit herself to them.

Currently, Weiss's skill in giving oral was absolutely overwhelming her mother's senses.

Weiss had glyphs holding her mother's legs spread and in the air, leaving the mature pussy exposed and open for dominating.

Weiss's tongue reached all the pleasure centers in her mother's slit. Her tongue was precise and almost danced around in her mother's pussy. It moved elegantly and most importantly in heavy slow shifts across Willow's soaked and trembling folds.

Weiss had mapped out all the right spots and moved her tongue in practiced to perfect movements thanks to Dustmas years passed and was able to play her mother like flute.

The sound coming should have been moans, but Winter was dominating Willow in a way that didn't really allow for those.

Winter had her left hand on the back of her mother's head and the other groping her own right breast as she claimed Willow's mouth. The eldest daughter's tongue had easily dominated her mother's and wrapped itself around her mother's freely, with Willow enjoying the sensation of herself being so dominated by her daughter.

Winter also had Willow's hands restrained behind her back with a glyph keeping them together. A submissive sex slave didn't need to use her hands anyway unless her mistresses wanted her to, Winter thought to herself.

Her mother tasted just as Winter thought, like a fine wine, aged perfectly and under the best conditions, only slightly bitter from Jacques treatment, but mostly overridden thanks to her lovely daughters...taking care of her. Weiss would agree, her mother tasted incredible.

The wonderfully dominating make out forced Willow to moan into her eldest daughter's mouth, which Winter greedily swallowed.

There was something delicious Winter felt about devouring her mother's moans, especially the desperate ones, the ones where Willow was beginning running out of air, but trusted her daughter's enough to not truly panic.

Ever more Willow became desperate for air and Winter clearly saw it. The eldest Schnee continued to moan from her youngest daughter's tongue and she knew she was nearing her climax.

Her dutiful daughters could tell as well.

More and more Willow writhed and squirmed from the pleasure and the lack of air, but it was all leading her to a heavy finish, and it did.

Willow finally exploded from pleasure right into Weiss's mouth and the lovely young girl did her best to lap it all up.

Only when it was clear she had orgasmed did Winter finally pull her mouth away from her mother's, and Willow hurriedly took in heavy breaths as her mind could only focus on cumming and gasping for air for the next several moments.

Willow eventually finished her orgasm and fell back onto the queen-sized bed, exhausted and body still slightly spasming from her first truly satisfying orgasm in so long,

it was just the beginning.

Willow was too weak to speak, so she turned to her daughters to see if they would,

they were busy,

with each other.

Weiss had indeed swallowed some of her mother's lovely cum, but she routinely saved some in her mouth to share. Whether to share with Winter or Willow herself, it just came down to who wasn't the completely exhausted one at the time.

Willow watched as her beautiful daughters were passionately kissing and exchanging her own essence between them, they rolled the wonderful taste around their mouths with their tongues, all while looking back to their mother with one eye.

Winter adored the flustered look on her mother's face at the incredibly lead and lustful sight.

Yes, Winter loved Dustmas as well.

The younger Schnees eventually pulled their mouths from each other, satisfied with the taste of sharing their mother, but now Winter wanted some from the source.

"My my, mother dearest, you taste absolutely delicious, I think I'll have a taste from the source for myself~" she finished with licking her lips.

Willow was in no position to deny her eldest daughter what she wanted, none of the glyphs had faded, her daughter's clearly intended to use her more anyway.

"Y-yes Winter, b-but go slow, I'm so sensitive down there now." Willow said weakly, knowing it would do little to deter Winter form using her as she truly wished to be used.

"Oh quiet you dolt!" Weiss yelled to her mother in her commanding tone, the one that made Willow slightly shiver in pleasurable fear

"We'll use you as we see fit, now how about you use that mouth and get to work!" Weiss exclaimed as she placed both of her legs on either side of her mother's head with her young pussy pressed against the eldest Schnee's mouth.

Willow immediately began her motherly Dustmas duty and started to eat Weiss out.

Unlike Weiss or Winter, Willow had many more years of experience and her daughters certainly sounded like they benefited from it.

Weiss soon began to moan from her mother's tongue as Winter also started to play with her mother's slit with just two fingers.

"Ooohhmmmm… aaAAHHhhhmmmm...oh yes m-mother, that's it mmm…." Weiss just managed to say as she reaped the benefits of her sub of a mother.

"Well well mother, you seem to be taking good care of Weiss, but I want you to know, that I won't stop, until she cums." Winter said in her dominant voice that made both other women shiver.

Winter immediately divided tongue first into her mother's already dripping and sensitive snatch.

She expertly moved her tongue inside her mother, similar to what Weiss did, she hit all her mother's special spots that made her scream and squirm, but also made sure she brought herself out to lap her tongue at the outer folds and always swirled her tongue around the precious clit.

A minute in and Winter already had Willow moaning wildly into Weiss's pussy, the vibrations of which also sent pleasure waves through the youngest Schnee.

Weiss was already leaking copious amounts of arousal into Willow's welcoming mouth and wasn't too far off from cumming, but for Willow herself, it was a different story.

Willow was already writhing and squirming futilely as her legs were held in the air at fixed points, so no matter how much she wiggled her body, she could never truly move away from Winter's expert tongue.

Willow was already so sensitive from her previous orgasm that she couldn't stop her body from quickly giving into another, and that's what happened.

"MMmmmmmppphmmm!" Willow moaned into Weiss's snatch as she orgasmed again, sending more pleasurable vibrations throughout the young girl

Though Winter hand no intention of ceasing her assault.

She swallowed down her mother's juices slowly, enjoying the like-fine-wine taste, before quickly returning her tongue to claim her mother's slit.

Willow had almost no time to recover, her mind was filled with only lust at this point, she knew she'd pass out before too many more consecutive orgasms and knew she had to focus on her tongue inside of Weiss or her night might be over sooner than she wanted.

Willow put all of her focus into Weiss's snatch and the young girl showed the change,

"Oooooohhh…mmmmmmmMMMMNHMM… oh yes mommy more! MORE!" Weiss screamed at her mother's new determination level.

Winter loved hearing her little sister scream in pleasure and for Willow's sake, she should hear more of it soon, but in the meantime, Winter simply kept on devouring her mother's even more sensitive snatch.

Willow did her best to focus solely on eating Weiss out, but she had taught Winter too well and as a result, her focus was repeatedly brought to the sensation between her legs, it was absolutely heavenly.

Willow could tell her youngest girl was close to orgasm, Weiss had started to grind her hips into Willow's face and that meant she was close, the loud and submissive "mommy" screams were also a nice tell Willow had picked up on.

But it still might not come soon enough,

Winter was still, distraction free, focusing on claiming her mother's cunt with her tongue. Willow knew she was already near her third orgasm in 10 minutes and there was nothing she could do to slow down her hungry daughter.

Willow did everything she could on Weiss's clit, tongue going inside her as deep as she could get it and brush it against all the rights spots slowly, but also fast enough to hit the next one with just as much focus while keeping Weiss in her lustful high.

Weiss was groping her own breast aggressively as her mother ate her out like never before, almost desperate for her cum, Weiss loved her mother and sister so goddamn much. Especially when Winter made Willow cum while she was eating her out, just like now.

"MMMMMMMPPHHMMMMMMM!" Willow moaned loudly into Weiss's snatch for the second time.

Winter had yet again got her sensitive mother's pussy to wonderfully squirt its delicious essence. She slowly swallowed it all down again and happily returned to eating her mother out.

Willow knew she couldn't survive much more, but she could tell Weiss was almost there and once again used her tongue to the best of her ability, wanting to hear her little girl scream in pleasure from her tongue.

"Oh-OH MOMMY! I'm sooooooo close, oh god I'm so close!" Weiss screamed as she continued to aggressively grope her own breasts for every extra bit of stimulation she could.

Finally, the heat, the taboo, and her mother's incredible tongue, finally, sent Weiss over the edge.

"OOOHHOOOOOHHHH!" the youngest of the woman screamed as she now brought both her hands to the back of her mother's head, forcing her in as much as she possibly could.

Coincidentally, Winter had pushed Willow to yet another orgasm and both orgasming Schnee women screamed in absolute pleasure.

Weiss, exhaustedly fell over onto her side, the suddenly incredibly soft bed catching her as she caught her breath.

Willow was in a very similar situation, the glyphs holding her hand finally dissipated and her body could relax as she caught her own breath.

Before Willow could get very far in that however, Winter brought herself up to be face to face with her.

Winter's cheeks slightly puffed out and Winter knew why, she nodded, and Winter brought her lips to her mother's yet again.

Winter had some left over cum of her mother's in her mouth and wanted to share them with the mother in questioned.

Willow happily accepted her own essence into her and tasted herself on her daughter's tongue.

They exchanged juices and Willow was able to swallow much since Winter already had swallowed quite a lot of her mother's delicious essence.

The Mother daughter pair passionately kissed for several minutes, not wanting to pull away from each other, but sadly, they did need to breath.

They pulled away and while still looking into each other's eyes, took heavy heated breaths.

Winter brought her naked body to Willow's right side and snuggled up to her, putting her head in the crook of her mother's neck. Weiss also recovered herself enough to snuggle up to her mother's left side.

"So *huff* a 5 minute *huff* break then girls?" Willow said clearly needing one

"I-I think *huff* that sounds like an excellent idea" Weiss said snuggling even closer to her mother's naked form.

Oh, and yeah, Weiss also loved Dustmas as well.

"Agreed" Winter said simply, the least exhausted of the trio.

The eldest sister may have argued for them to go again right then, but Whitley and Jacques were actually away for a couple weeks. Was it all for the meeting? No, not all of it, the girls knew it was because the couple of jerks didn't want to be around them, which worked out perfectly in the three Schnee women's opinion.