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a man with so much dimension

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Todoroki's hair is incredibly touchable. Izuku's hands are incredibly touching-Todoroki's-hair-able.

Todoroki himself, however, seems far too untouchable, by all means. For no other reason than the fact that he is one of the most beautiful people Izuku's ever laid eyes on. Ever since he first walked into Class 1-A, ever since he fought him in the sports festival, ever since the fateful It's your power! and the closeness that came with it afterwards.

With a beautiful face comes a beautiful personality. Todoroki is so genuinely kind it scares him sometimes. He tries his damn hardest to be a good person to everyone, to be everything his father didn't want him to be, to overcome his past traumas and all of his internal battles and treat every single person with the respect he never got. He's a bit socially awkward and isn't aware of most social cues, but in Izuku's opinion, that's all part of his charm.

Wow, he's in deep. Ochako is probably laughing at him from afar.

Todoroki is still blissfully, miraculously unaware of Izuku's perpetual staring, focused on his phone screen and distracted by the drag of his thumb against it. Probably looking at some memes, Izuku decides, since Denki and the rest of those guys are hellbent on updating Todoroki on the ever-constantly-changing influx of meme culture.

It's a hot day outside, so the window in Izuku's dorm room is open. Todoroki is in nothing but a tank top and some shorts, lord Jesus, his binder discarded in favor for a simple white sports bra. The wind from outside is blowing into the room (albeit there not being very much), fluttering through Todoroki's mismatched hair and making him have to reach up and brush it away from his eyes. His eyes—god, they're so pretty. He's so pretty. It's unreal. Izuku wants to wrap his entire body around him and hold him forever, hug the sadness out of him, kiss the life out of him.

Really, how is he so oblivious to the way Izuku rocks back and forth on his bed, rubbing his thumb against his hand, trying and failing to avert his gaze from Todoroki and just the way he exists.

His hair looks soft. Incredibly soft. Izuku imagines carding his hands through it, and then on Todoroki's face, over his lips maybe—his face turns red, and not just from the heat. He imagines how Todoroki's lips would feel against his—he's always using chapstick or some sort of lip balm, so maybe they would be soft. Izuku wants to leave a trail of kisses from his lips to all over his face, over his scar (if Todoroki'd let him, of course), over his ears and his forehead. The boy deserves so much love, and Izuku has so much love to give.

He decides to throw all caution to the wind, and just goes out with it: "Can I touch your hair?"

Todoroki jumps. Okay. Bad idea. Go back to your memes, please. He doesn't, unfortunately, and lets his phone fall from his hands as he turns to give Midoriya an astounded, disbelieving look.


Izuku blanches. Why did he say that? God, he's such an idiot. His face goes from white in mortification to red in embarrassment, and he stumbles over his words as he tries to offer his friend some sort of convincing explanation. "Um... I—uh. Sorry, I was just thinking..." Okay, yeah, he can't do this. He can't lie to him about his real intentions. "It looks soft? If one side can be covered in ice and the other in fire, would it still be soft afterwards? Your hair must have some special quality to keep from it burning or falling off from being frozen. It—"


He went overboard again. Oh jeez. He may as well jump out the window now. Goodbye, Todoroki. Goodbye, gay thoughts.

Izuku looks to see Todoroki, who has his eyes averted, and his phone tossed to his side, discarded. It lights up with a message from Denki, but goes ignored. His lock screen background is a selfie with himself and Yaomomo, Izuku notices. How sweet. When he trails his eyes back up towards his friend's face, it's painted pink down to his collarbones. Izuku feels his gay little heart swell.

"If... you want to," Todoroki then says, and oh my god, is this happening? It's happening. "You can."

Izuku prays that his door is locked. Not because he has any ulterior motives, god no, but he doesn't want anyone to barge in (i.e. Kirishima ) and ruin any chances of things bubbling between them. Izuku may believe he has no chance with Class 1-A's unofficial prince, but he can hope, right? Todoroki blushing from head-to-toe at the mere concept of his hair being touched has to mean something.

(Or Ochako is just getting to him, and it means nothing at all. How embarrassing that would be.)

"Alright," Izuku says, his voice cracking, goddamn it, and scoots a little closer. Todoroki doesn't do anything other than lean back a few inches, probably involuntarily. He looks incredibly nervous, and his hands are shoved between his crossed legs. Izuku's own hands are trembling, and he clenches them in an attempt to calm his own nerves. It isn't like he hasn't touched his friend before—he's held his arm, patted his back, lead him to different places, but this is the first time he's touched him so intimately, so romantically, outside of their friend group. 

"I don't want to do anything that makes you uncomfortable," Izuku says a moment later, noticing the way Todoroki turns his head when he leans forward a bit.

"It's fine," Todoroki blurts, and then recomposes himself. "People don't touch me often." He goes silent for a moment, and glances up into Izuku's eyes. "Not this kindly, anyway."

Oh. Oh. Izuku's hands itch with the sudden urge to punch a certain father in everywhere it would hurt. Except Endeavor isn't here right now—it's just him and Todoroki, and his hands have other matters to attend to.

He lifts his hands, but they just hover there. Todoroki is staring at him so intently that he suddenly finds himself frozen. He wonders vaguely if he's using his Quirk. After a few moments of awkward, silent hesitation, Todoroki gently wraps his hands around his wrists and lifts his hands to rest on each side of his head, curling in his hair.

"I trust you," Todoroki says, reading his anxiety. "You're my friend."

Right. Izuku exhales slowly. He wonders just how red his face is. He feels his hands shake against Todoroki's head, and tries to make up for it by carding his fingers through his hair to the back of his head. Todoroki jolts a little in his touch, and wow, his hair is soft, suspicions confirmed. Each side even differs a little in temperature—that's so cute. Izuku unconsciously bites his lip as he moves his hands all around his hair, messing it up and mixing the differing colors together. Todoroki's head leans into his hands, and Izuku notices with an intense embarrassment that his eyes have fallen shut. Time seems to pass all too slowly, and Izuku can't get enough of how soft his hair is. There's no trace of burning or frostbite, and he wonders what kind of shampoo he uses to get it so shiny and beautiful. Izuku doesn't realize it when he pushes Todoroki's bangs back, but he's suddenly given a better view of his face. With Todoroki's eyes closed and his body relaxed, he looks even more kissable than before. 

Oh no. This is a bad idea. He should get away now before he does something incredibly stupid. Izuku's heart pounds against his binder, and his hands still on either side of Todoroki's head. He can't stop himself—Izuku get away now back away—before he's leaning forward and gently pressing his lips against Todoroki's exposed forehead. Once he does, Todoroki's eyes shoot wide open and Izuku draws back as if his touch burned. They stare at each other, Todoroki's face getting pinker and pinker at the second and Izuku's blossoming red. 

"I'm sorry!" Izuku spouts, louder than he means to. He covers his mouth with his hands and blinks a few times. "I'm sorry I don't know what came over me I'll leave if you want me to even though it's my room I can just—"

Todoroki cuts him off by covering his mouth with his own hands, and he looks down at his lap for a moment. "Can—" he starts, and cuts himself off sharply. Izuku patiently waits a few moments as Todoroki takes a deep breath and looks up, his eyes meeting Izuku's. "Can you do it again?"

Holy shit. Oh my God. Is he dreaming? Is this really happening? Izuku can do nothing but nod silently, and Todoroki's hands slowly fall from his lips. He almost hesitates, but if he is dreaming, then he may as well make the most of it. Izuku wastes no time curling his fingers in Todoroki's hair and pushing his bangs back so he can kiss him there again, more firmly. Todoroki makes no protest, and the only response he makes is his hands moving up to grip Izuku's shirt. Izuku pauses before kissing his forehead again, then deciding to test the waters and kiss his cheek. Todoroki makes a small sighing sound, and Izuku kisses the other—just below his scar. After a moment he kisses both of his ears, his nose, his closed eyelids, and then leans back to look at Todoroki's face.

He's all red. Izuku probably is too. "I like you."

Todoroki tenses up and he searches for any trace of a lie on Izuku's face. He would never lie to him, not about this, and then he averts his eyes and purses his lips. 

"I think that much is obvious now..."

Oh, the sarcasm. Izuku bursts into laughter. Todoroki gives him a little smile, and some of Izuku's trepidation and worry washes away. He brushes some more of Todoroki's hair away from his face and pecks him lightly on the lips. Todoroki kisses back, but draws back very quickly. They'll take it slow then.

Before Izuku can even say anything else, Todoroki is suddenly running his hands through his hair, brushing through the messy, curly strands and smiling. Izuku grows red and more embarrassed than ever, and he can't even get any words out, because Todoroki looks so happy and amused just to touch his hair—his weird-looking, unmanageable hair.

"It's my turn," is his explanation, and then, in a softer voice, "Yours is very soft."

He dies right then and there.

(What a kick Ochako will get out of this.)


[ 03:14 ] uraraka ochako: BITCH

03:14 ] uraraka ochako: WHAT DID I TELL YOU


[ 03:15 ] midoriya izuku: HDHJFKHSDBHFJDSHF