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The first of many...

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Chapter 1 Christmas 


Steve stands in the living room of his and Loki’s Brooklyn home, arms folded across his chest, “do you think he’ll like it?”

Bucky smiles at his friend and places a hand on his shoulder, giving him a little squeeze. “Of course he will.”

“I’m not even sure he understands what Christmas means. We didn’t really get a chance to talk about it before he got called back to Asgard.”

Bucky has to turn away from the brightly lit tree to hide his grin. He finds it cute that Steve is so worried, but he knows Loki has a fairly good understanding of the meaning of Christmas. Or at least as much understanding as a 1000 year old Norse God from another realm can. When Loki brought Bucky back from Asgard several weeks ago, the god asked the super soldier just what it all meant and Bucky was happy to explain. After all, Christmas was always one of Steve’s favorite times of the year.

“I just want it to be special, you know? It’s our first Christmas together. Last year I didn’t get to celebrate at all. We were on the helicarrier,” Steve continues as he steps forward to adjust the placement of a couple of ornaments. “Of course I’m probably being selfish. This is really more for me. He won’t even care.”

“He’ll care Steve, and he’ll love it. Now knock it off and show me what you got him.”

The blonde goes to retrieve a long wooden case from his bedroom and sets it on the kitchen counter. Bucky takes a moment to admire the intricate carvings that cover every surface before he opens it, revealing 2 stunning daggers. The long blades are inlaid with the same patterns from the case. Both handles are covered in woven black and green leather. They are utterly beautiful and deadly, just like the man they are meant for.

“Loki is going to love these. You did good Stevie.”

The praise should make Steve happy, but instead he frowns, “its not enough. He gave me half of his life. How can I ever give him something to be worthy of that?”

Bucky lightly slaps the back of his best friends head, “if you weren’t worthy of it, he wouldn’t have done it. And I am fairly certain that Loki wasn’t entirely selfless in doing that. You can’t spend the next 2000 years feeling like you owe him something. That will not be good for your marriage.  And I know Loki doesn’t want that,” he admonishes.

With a sheepish smile Steve pulls his friend into a hug, “you’re right. Thanks Buck.”

“Of course I’m right.” He pulls back and walks to the front door where he puts on his heavy jacket to guard against the cold outside. “I’ve gotta go. Have a Merry Christmas Steve. I’ll see you in a couple of days.”

And now Steve feels guilty, “you can stay. I’m sure Loki won’t mind.”

“Oh no. I am not going to be the third wheel on your first Christmas. Besides, I’ve got plans.”

It’s clear by the look on Steve’s face that he doesn’t believe him. “Don’t look at me like that. I told you, I have plans. Natasha’s coming over with a bottle of vodka. Sam said he may stop by too. Although, I won’t be disappointed if he doesn’t make it,” Bucky tells him with a wink.

“Fine, go. I’ll see you for New Years.” When Bucky is gone, Steve once again stands in front of the tree, nervously moving ornaments until he is satisfied. He stacks some wood in the fireplace and then concentrates on pulling forth his magic. He knows that no amount of practice will ever give him a fraction of the skill his husband wields, but still he practices diligently, with the same determination that he applies to everything else in his life. He is rewarded when a small flame sputters to life and slowly spreads within the fireplace. He smiles to himself, knowing Loki will be pleased.

Turning on some Christmas music, Steve pulls out the gold and green wrapping paper he bought and sets about wrapping his husband’s gift. Once he is done, he carefully lays the box under the tree and then grabs the spell book Dr. Strange lent him and curls up on the couch to wait.


It is just past 1am on Christmas Eve when Loki appears in the living room. He takes a moment to watch his husband sleeping on the couch, his book laying on the ground where he must have dropped it when he dozed off. The site warms his heart and eases the stress from the last few days of treaty negotiations.

He knew being back in Asgards graces would mean having to spend more time there, but he severely dislikes leaving Steve for any period of time, let alone the days on end that these types of negotiations can sometimes take. As it is, he has been gone for almost 2 weeks and has missed his husband terribly. He can only hope that the agreements he set in place, will mean he can spend less time on Asgard and more time at home.

Loki takes the large box he brought with him and places it under the tree, admiring the beauty of the twinkling lights and decorations that Steve no doubt spent countless hours working on. He feels a twinge of guilt for not being there with him to share in the experience. The god is loathe to wake his husband, but wants nothing more than to sleep beside him in their bed and so he gently lays a hand on his arm, “Steve. Lets get you to bed.”

The blonde stirs slightly, but doesn’t wake and so Loki gives a light shake to his arm, “c’mon love.”

“Loki?” Steve asks as he slowly blinks his eyes open. A smile spreads across his sleepy features as he comes more awake, “you’re back.”

“Come Steve, lets go to bed,” Loki tells him as he pulls him up from the couch and walks him towards their room.

“Do you like the tree?”

“Its beautiful.  I only regret that I was not able to be here to share in decorating it,” he replies as he pulls the covers back and helps Steve into bed.

The blonde immediately rolls to his side, into his normal sleeping position, “its okay. Its not done yet. I left the best parts for you.”

With a smile, Loki pulls off his leathers and slips into the bed next to his husband, curling his body protectively around him, so that Steve’s back is flush to Loki’s chest. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Steve replies sleepily before drifting back to sleep.


Steve wakes early as he often does. The first thing he notices is the warmth across his back and the weight of his husbands hand on his hip. He smiles and takes the time to indulge himself, laying in Loki’s arms. The need to urinate necessitates him having to extract himself from the warm bed and so he reluctantly gets up.

Once he is done, he checks back in on Loki, who is still sleeping soundly and goes to start a fire in the living room to take the chill out of the air. His eyes land on the box that Loki left under the tree and he briefly wonders what it may contain.

Moving into the kitchen he pulls out what he needs to make breakfast and soon the smell of cooking bacon fills the air. As he expected, that is all it takes to rouse the god, who wanders into the living room looking slightly rumpled and yet completely put together all at once.

Steve notes with amusement that Loki is wearing the Captain America pajama pants that Bucky bought him as a joke and a long sleeve henley shirt that no doubt came from his own side of the closet, based on the loose way it fits. 

Breaking away from the cooking food, Steve gives Loki a chaste kiss on the cheek, knowing from experience that anything more would lead to burned food and blaring smoke alarms as they satisfy their lust for one another.

“Breakfast will be ready in a couple of minutes, have a seat and I’ll bring it to you.”

“Thank you love,” Loki answers as he sits and artfully arranges a throw blanket across his body. “What do you have planned for us today?”

In the kitchen, Steve plates the food and brings Loki his breakfast and a glass of juice before returning and getting his own. He sits on the couch next to the god and waits for him to start eating before he answers. “Well, you’ve been gone for a while so I thought we could spend a little time catching up.”

The blonde shoves a forkful of food in his mouth and chews quickly. Loki doesn’t miss the blush that spreads across his face and he spends the next few moments contemplating just what catching up might entail. “I would like that,” he responds.

“And tonight, I thought we could put the last of the decorations on the tree and then take a walk around the neighborhood and look at all the lights.”

“That sounds lovely,” Loki tells him honestly.

Loki stands and takes Steve’s plate and his own back into the kitchen and sets them on the counter. Then he pulls his shirt off, dropping it on the floor as he heads back into the bedroom. He is anxious to begin catching up. As is Steve, who is right behind him.

As soon as Steve enters the room, Loki pulls him into a kiss and starts to push his sleep pants down off his lovers hips, stopping only long enough to yank the simple cotton t-shirt over his head. The blonde responds by stepping forward, causing Loki to step back until the back of his knees hit the edge of the bed. Steve gives the god a little push and he falls back on the bed, but not before grabbing Steve’s arm and pulling him down with him.

Steve hits the bed and starts to laugh, “god, I’ve missed you.” He nuzzles against the gods neck, trailing kisses and gentle bites over every inch of exposed skin. He moves his hand down and lets it hover just over the fabric of Loki’s pants, “fjern avslør,” he whispers.  

Loki’s gasps as the air hits his skin when his pants disappear. “You’ve been practicing,” he praises.

“I had a lot of time on my hands,” Steve tells him huskily as he shifts his body to line their erections up together.

Loki wraps his hand around both of them and begins to stroke. He is not gentle or slow. His only goal is to bring them over the edge as quickly as possible. It has been too long for both of them and he wants to take the edge off so they can focus and truly take their time reacquainting their bodies. As expected neither man takes long and they spend several long minutes caressing each other lovingly.  

“I’ve missed you so much,” Steve says as he trails his fingers across Loki’s chest. “Tell me what you want.” 

Loki isn’t quite able to stifle the moan those words elicit. “You, I just want you.”   


The god is flat on his back looking up at his husband. Steve’s muscles flex and stretch as he moves and if Loki didn’t know better, he would swear Steve was the god.

“Loki……” Steve moans out as he braces his hands on his husbands chest.  The god places his hands on Steve’s hips and pulls him harder down onto his cock. He thrusts up and knows he has found Steve’s prostate when his mouth drops open and he lets out a soft keen. 

“Are you close love?” Loki asks. The blonde can only nod his head. “Stroke yourself. I want you to come with me. Can you do that? Are you ready?” 

“Yesssssss….”Steve stammers out. Loki increases the force of his thrusts as he pulls Steve down, fingers leaving purple bruises on his lover. 3 more thrusts and Loki is coming hard. Another 2 has Steve coming as well.   


Loki pulls off his coat as he shakes the fresh snow out of his hair. Steve grins at him as he pulls off his gloves and then his own jacket.  

“Let me see you start the fire,” Loki requests. The blonde hangs his coat up and walks over to the fireplace where he puts in more wood and then concentrates. He is rewarded with the low whoosh as the fire takes hold and begins to crackle pleasantly.  

“Did you like the lights?” Steve asks as he stands and moves over to pick up a box from behind the tree. 

“Very much. Although I’m not sure about those air filled cartoon characters. Those seem a bit much,” Loki laughs. 

Setting the box down, Steve reaches in and pulls out an ornament and hands it to Loki. The god looks at it as a smile forms on his face. He places the replica of Steve’s shield on the tree and then accepts the next ornament that is handed to him. This one, in the shape of his helmet makes him smile even more. It is placed on the tree next to Steve’s. The blonde wraps his arms around the gods waist and they share a kiss illuminated by the glow of multi colored Christmas lights.   


Steve wakes up to find Loki watching him with a soft smile on his lips.

“How long have you been awake?” he asks.

“Not long.” Loki doesn’t say anything else, just continues to run his eyes over the naked form of his husband. He watches as a blush starts to creep across the blondes cheeks. He moves closer and steals a quick kiss before rising from the bed and pulling out two pairs of pajama pants from the dresser. He puts one on and tosses the other one to Steve who quickly puts them on.  Leading him by the hand, Steve guides Loki to sit with him on the living room floor at the base of the tree. He hands the god his present and waits expectantly for him to open it.

Loki takes a moment to admire the care with which it was wrapped before he carefully starts to pull the paper away. Inside, he finds the long wooden box. It is beautifully carved with ancient runes. The meanings are not lost on the god. Family, love, commitment, acceptance, protection and loyalty. He opens the latch and lifts the lid revealing the blades within.  

“Steve, these are beautiful,” he breathes as he pulls one out. The runes are also inlaid into the metal of the blades which are perfectly balanced and no doubt incredibly sharp. Steve lets out the breath he had been holding, pleased that Loki seems to like his gift.

“They’re made of vibranium, same as my shield. As a matter of fact…….” Steve stands and pulls his shield out from the front closet and brings it back over to Loki. He turns it so the god can see that all of the paint has now been removed from the front, leaving the deep platinum color of the raw metal exposed and the same designs that have been inlaid into the surface of the outer most ring. They are a set, meant to be together, to compliment each other. 

When Steve sits back down, Loki places the blade back into the case and hands his husband the box he brought back from Asgard. Like an excited child, Steve rips through the delicate parchment covering the box and pulls off the lid. He lifts the black leather and holds it up. Similar in cut to his Captain America uniform, this garment is almost entirely black, with the outline of a silver star on the chest and an image of Loki’s own helmet stitched into one of the shoulders. There is also a black leather harness for his shield.  He runs his fingers over the leather as he imagines how it will feel against his skin. Setting it aside, Steve pulls out a second, matching uniform, this one with a long coat to go with it.  

“I wasn’t sure if you would want the coat for yours or not, but I can have one made for you as well if you decide you do,” the god explains.  

“Will you put yours on for me?” Steve asks as he hands the uniform to him. 

Loki smiles mischievously, “how about we both try them on?” he suggests as he stands and steps out of his pajama pants and begins to dress in the leather.  Steve stands as well and does the same thing, only pausing when he needs Loki to show him how to work a clasp or buckle.  When the god steps back to check the fit of the blondes uniform, the site almost takes his breath away and he cannot resist pulling him close and crashing their lips together. It takes less time to get out of the uniforms and both men are grateful for that. 


Later, when they lay tangled together on the couch, sated again, Loki turns to look at his husband, “Merry Christmas Steve.”