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Assemble Your Team

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Prologue: Year 2177, Akuze

Before a man named Commander John Shepard and his crew of Alliance marines and alien friends were tracking down a rouge spectre named Saren Arterius; a terrorist organization were researching artifices, experimenting on husks, rachni and thresher maws for their sick way of maintaining human interest in the galaxy, however one operative choose something different in her mind…

After rescuing her sister from her father, Miranda sought help from the Illusive Man, who was kind enough to help with her sister in placing her with a good family. She then found a job with the Illusive Man that same day. Although young, Ms. Miranda Lawson was exceptional at her work and not once has she failed to please him. When she was 27, she was place as a caretaker to one of the organization’s experiments, the Guardian Project.

Of course, the Illusive Man failed to mention where he found he’s subject and only asked Miranda to take care of it. During the project, the Illusive Man worked for months trying to awaken him from slumber to no luck at all. He even had his best scientists figure it out but to no avail. Miranda was his last hope.

“…Dar… Subject has show signs of resistance to element zero. Vitals are normal. No signs of awareness yet. Brain scan at the green, normal as always. No signs of trauma. Blood running normal too. Subject has been asleep for three years before my arrival with no signs of abnormal activities. May increase the dose for another hour, see if we can awaken him.”

Miranda hose to a terminal and starts to increase the dose to 10 knots, within the tank is the subject in question, he is naked, flouting in a tube of liquid water with a breathable mask. The water on the tank start to bubble making the subject unaware. Then the bubbling stopped, all signs normal, no awaken awareness is what reads in the terminal.

“Nothing. Somehow the serum is going in but it appears to have no effect to him. How can something so remarkable, have no sense for awareness?” Miranda said as she steps forward to touch the glass. There she can feel something hot, even though the glass itself is suppose to be cold due to the water. For a moment, she waited, to see what happens, and then after a few seconds she can almost hear his heartbeat, she retreated her hand and looked at him again, he slowly opened his eyes to see the young girl in front of him and after a quick second he closed them.

Miranda gasped, “How did—” before she could finish, a scientist came in through the door in alert, “What now?”

“Ma’am, the thresher maws are loose, and they’re tearing the building to the ground, we need to leave.”

She marched to him, “Our work here isn’t complete!”

“Who cares? Your boy has been asleep for the past three years, to no point of waking up. While we have been here longer than you, in dealing with the thresher maws, you’ve just been sitting on your ass playing housemaid!” A crash was sound, followed by an explosion. “If you won’t come with us, we’re all dead. Leave the boy!”

“Damn it!” She ran towards the door, only to look back once. I hope it’s worth the risk. I sure like to know if you ever awake from this. She thought.

In life, you will realize that there is a purpose for every person you meet. Some are there to test you, some will use you, some will teach you, and some will bring out the worst in you, while others bring out the best. There comes a time in life where you have to leave everything behind and start something new. But never forget the ones who stood by your side, especially the ones who never gave up on you. Only you can decide when the time has come, because there is a fine line in giving up and knowing when you have had enough.

Who am I? What is my purpose? Have I been asleep for so long? Where am I? Those voices, I don’t recognize them.

“John Shepard…”

John Shepard? Is that my name? No, I don’t think it is.

“…Sole survivor of Akuze. He risked his life to save…”

Save? Was I saved? I don’t remember being in danger. Did John Shepard saved me?

“…He’s a hero. One of the best…”

Hero. John Shepard.

It’s been several hours since the Alliance Military found a boy within a tank and they have been focusing on awaken the boy from sleep from the tube they found on Akuze, and with any luck they might just do it. With a little alien help.

An asari stood next to an Alliance Marine with short red hair, she wears an N7 uniform with her arms crossed, she spoke, “So…this is what he found on Akuze? Kinda strange for someone to miss that in the mission detail.”

“It is amazing to find such a thing, a living thing in cased in a tube near a thresher maws nest. It was near a thresher maws nest, correct?”

The marine nods, “Yeah, at least that’s what he told me.”

“To have his whole unit killed by thresher maws on Akuze, then having to fight alone while trying to save this boy from the same fate while waiting for evacuation…I’m amazed as to his bravery.” The asari said with her curiosity voice.

The marine huffed, “John Shepard…he’s one hell of a marine.”

“John. Shepard.” The voice in the tank said.

Both the marine and asari were shocked to hear another’s voice. They knew they were the only ones within the room, and they would have recognized their voices, so it couldn’t be them. “Did you just…”

“I did not say anything.”

The boy in the tank slowly opened his eyes, they were crimson, and when he opened them, he saw the asari woman and the red-haired marine staring at him.

“John Shepard.” He said again.

“Uh, yeah. John Shepard, how do you know him?” The marine asked.

The boy blinked once, as he looked to the marine he spoke again, his mouth didn’t move at all, he spoke with his mind, “His name, I remember hearing it once before, in a dream.”

The asari stood next to the marine when she moved two feet away, “A dream?”

“John Shepard, hero, sole survivor of Akuze. Those words were in my dream. I remembered.”

“And what else do you remember?”

“Little things, not much is very clear. I remember someone saying that I have been asleep for…three years? I remember being in pain, I couldn’t move, couldn’t even open my eyes. I heard voices, coming from outside.” He said searching in his memory.

“Who’s voices?” The marine said.

The boy narrowed his brows, trying to focus his thoughts, “I can’t remember, they’re speaking all at once. This tank, it serves little memory for me. But I do recall an explosion, and screams…something about thresher maws.”

“Thresher maws?”

“Yes. I remember someone said it had escaped and they had to evacuate immediately. I don’t remember much else, I was kept in this tank for a long time, asleep, for three years.” He admitted.

The asari whispered to the marine, “They have kept him in a coma for three years without awaking, they must have implanted something within him that would keep him in stasis for that long. Cerberus must be controlling him.”

“Maybe, but let’s see what we know first.” The marine whispered, and then turned her attention to the boy in the tank, “What do you know of Cerberus, do you work for them?”

“Cerberus? I’ve never heard of that. I’ve been asleep for three years, I don’t know who or what Cerberus is.” He told truth.

The asari spoke, “It’s an organization that believes to serve humanity, but news tells a different story. That they do things in the wrong way, they’re terrorists.”

“Then I do not work for them, who would want to work with an organization that is involved in terrorism. I do not wish it.”

The red-haired marine nods, “Our people, the Alliance, are not like that. We protect everyone, every race in the galaxy. But we don’t deal with terrorist like Cerberus. If you’re Cerberus, then that means you’re a threat.”

“I am not Cerberus. I am no threat; how can I be if I am in this tank?”

“He has a point.”

“Right, but John Shepard found you in a Cerberus lab right, during the thresher maw attack. He saved your life, instead of the lives of his men.”

“John Shepard…saved me? So, it was not a dream. He is real. Please, I must speak to him, I wish to thank him.”

The marine narrowed her eyes, “Why?”

“If John Shepard was willing to risk his life at the cost of his men in order to save one he doesn’t know and someone who doesn’t know him, deserves to be thankful. John Shepard saved my life, and I wish to thank him.”

The asari gently interrupted, “John Shepard is currently unavailable at this point due to medical reasons. If you like, we be happy to pass on the message.”

“I see. And to whom I am passing the message to?”

“My name is Dr. Liara T’Soni and this is Jane Shepard, an Alliance soldier.”

“You are related to John Shepard I take it?”

“You can say that, I’m his sister.”

“I see. You must be as brave as he is. Please if you can pass along the message to your brother, I would appreciate it.”

“Sure, I’ll pass along the message but I’m gonna need a name as to who is sending it from.”

“My name? My name…”