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In Plain Sight

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Izuku stared himself down in the bathroom's mirror. He'd done a number on himself this time. Half his hair was gone and what was left was uneven and matted. At least it's shorter now, he thought to himself. Izuku scooped up as much hair as he could grab and shoved it down the trash can. His view returned to his reflection in the mirror. Bags were easily visible underneath his emerald green eyes. Scrapes and scars were scattered around his face. He'd never known his parents, but he wondered what they would think of their child now. He let out a small yelp when a loud knock came at the bathroom door. "Izuku! What on earth are you doing in there?!", Kurogiri asked. Izuku quickly opened the door to face the older man. Kurogiri's eyes seemed to widen upon viewing him. "Why the hell did you do this to yourself?", Kurogiri questioned. "It was about time for some change, I think.", Izuku replied, shrugging his shoulders. Kurogiri shook his head and turned his attention to the mess Izuku left in the bathroom. "I'll help you clean up, but I won't help you explain this to Shigaraki.", Kurogiri stated, kneeling to clean up some hair. Izuku nodded and grabbed a dustpan and broom.

Izuku now sat in his room, unconsciously rubbing the now shaven half of his head. Why did he do this to himself? He'd had the same haircut ever since he could remember. Pushing the thought to the side, he walks slowly over to his dresser and grabbed a green hoodie and a pair of gray sweatpants. Lacing up his red combat boots, he jogged downstairs. "Please don't let Shigaraki be at the bar, Please don't let Shigaraki be at the bar", Izuku thought to himself as his feet hit the final stairstep. Much to Izuku's dismay, Shigaraki was at the bar, sitting in his usual spot, drinking a glass of....something. Shigaraki perked up at the footsteps and turned around to look at Izuku. Stifling a laugh, Shigaraki stood up and walked over to Izuku, carefully placing a hand on Izuku's shoulder. "Izuku! Kurogiri told me you had a surprise for me, but this!", Shigaraki chuckled. "This is beautiful! I mean you really did a number to that rat's nest on your head!", he continued. Izuku let out a fake chuckle before shoving the elder's hand off of him. "Funny, Shigaraki. Very funny.", he said, annoyed. "I'm going out. Don't wait up on me.", Izuku announced. "Your hood, Midoriya.", Kurogiri reminded. Izuku rolled his eyes and pulled his hoodie's hood tight over his head.

Izuku walked for what felt like ages before he passed by a little corner store. Feeling his stomach rumble, he walked inside. The little old woman behind the counter waved at him as he entered and he gave a small wave and grin in return. I wonder how she looks at me now that I'm not looking, Izuku wondered. The only other pair of eyes in the corner store now felt like they were burning holes into him. The air felt hot and his breathing became rapid and uneasy. Izuku swallowed and peeked at the old woman, who was reading a newspaper about whatever hero had done some heroic act that day. Izuku let out a shallow breath. The constricting feeling felt as though it was going away. Almost as soon as it subsided, the feeling rushed back tenfold as a large imposing man burst through the doors, rushing behind the counter at the old woman. The woman let out a scream and Izuku started to run. He took a running start as he jumped on the back of the man, scratching and biting at the attacker. The man chuckled as he shrugged Izuku off and turned to face him.

The man had a shark-like face, bloodshot eyes, and pink dreads covering his face somewhat. "You got guts, kid. Too bad they're gonna be on the floor pretty soon.", the man laughed, pulling out a knife. Izuku stood up slowly and walked toward the man. Judging by the way he held the knife like a toy rather than a weapon, Izuku figured the knife was for threats more than spilling guts. The man swung the knife at Izuku, who ducked and slid underneath him. The man looked under to find nothing. While he was distracted, Izuku jumped up on his back again. This time, Izuku made a fist and brought it down as hard as he could on the back of the man's neck. The man took a knee and Izuku took his chance. He grabbed the knife from the man and held it to his throat. "Don't move.", Izuku commanded. A hero showed up shortly afterward. Izuku remembered the hero as Kamui Woods, a rising pro hero. "Thank you for your help, citizen. I'll see this one off to jail.", Kamui said to the old woman. Izuku could see the voice was a front, but the old woman bought it well enough.

After getting his food for free, he started making his way back to the bar. On his way back, he noticed U.A. High School off in the distance. Izuku shortly imagined a world where he had a quirk and he attended the school. He was content being homeschooled by Kurogiri, but Izuku longed for more friends, more connections with the outside world. He understood the concept of good and bad, he understood the Shigaraki and Kurogiri were villains, but he never understood why he wasn't allowed to go much of anywhere without covering his face with hoods or makeup or whatever Kurogiri had him wear before he left. Caught up in thought, he bumped into someone. "Oh, my bad, dude! Are you alright?", the person said quickly. Izuku got up and sprinted away. Looking back, he saw a group of people and the person he bumped into waving their arms.

"That was weird.", the person remarked. "They ran off, so it doesn't matter now, shitty hair.", another remarked. Another in the group pointed toward the corner store. "Is that Kamui Woods?!", they exclaimed. As the group rushes toward the store, the person Izuku ran into talks to the one who called him 'Shitty Hair'. "Bakugou, you have to admit, that was weird.", the person repeated. Bakugou rubbed his temples and grabbed the person's shirt. "Kirishima, what do you expect? A fucking police investigation? Whoever that was probably didn't want to seen.', Bakugou snapped. "But WHY would they not want to be seen?!", Kirishima shouted. "I DON'T KNOW, SHITTY HAIR! MAYBE HE'S UGLY AND SHIT AND HE'S SELF-CONSCIOUS ABOUT HOW HE LOOKS!", Bakugou yelled back. "Guys! You coming?!", one of their friends yelled from the corner store. Bakugou went to raise his voice but Kirishima gave an enthusiastic "We'll be right there!" and ran forward. Bakugou's eye twitched and he ran after Kirishima shouting, "DON'T THINK THIS CONVERSATION'S OVER, SHITTY HAIR!"

Izuku stepped inside the bar and slumped onto a stool. "Welcome back, Izuku.", Kurogiri greeted. All he got in response was a drawn-out groan. "Izuku! We've been waiting for you!", Shigaraki announced, slinging an arm around the younger. 'What do you want, Shiagraki?", Izuku asked, tiredly. "It's more about what I want, actually.", a new voice replied. Izuku's head shot up and looked around the room before focusing on the monitor. Gasping, Izuku got up and stood as straight as he possibly could. "Sensei! I'm very sorry! I didn't think you'd be calling today!", Izuku apologized. "He's not calling, dumbass. He's in the other room.", Shigaraki pointed out. Izuku glanced at the door to the room he was told never to go in. He looked at Kurogiri for confirmation. When Kurogiri nodded, Izuku shambled forward, almost like a zombie. He opened the door to see a man sitting in a chair facing a wall made of monitors. "Please close the door, young one.", Sensei asked. Izuku flinched as he complied. Sensei's voice is so deep in person, Izuku thought.

"Midoriya, I'm going to get to the point.", Sensei announced. Izuku flinched at the sound of his last name. "I think you are a bright individual. You have really excelled with Kurogiri's teachings. But I think that you would like something more. Am I correct?", Sensei asked. "Yes, sir. More than anything.", Izuku replied. Sensei chuckled and continued, "Good. I may have just the opportunity for you, young Izuku. The League has been trying for years to get a mole of sorts into U.A. We've received word that a student has recently been removed from the Hero Class. I'd like to get you into that student's spot.", Sensei explained. Izuku was left speechless for a while. "So? What do you say, Midoriya?", Sensei asked. "B-but sir, I, uh, I'm-", Izuku stuttered. "Quirkless. Yes, I am very aware of that fact.", Sensei stated. Sensei turned his chair slightly. "Midoriya, as you know, I am in possession of All For One. I can steal quirks. But what many are unaware of is that I can give the quirks I have stolen to people as well. I'd like to give you a quirk, Midoriya.", Sensei explained further.

Midoriya could feel his chest tightening. Was this even happening right now? Was this a dream? Sensei's words brought him back to reality. "There are many fire-based quirks in the world, Midoriya. The number two hero in the world has an extremely powerful fire-based quirk. What many don't consider when they say they wish they a fire-based quirk is the sheer amount of focus and control needed to accurately use fire in a way as to not hurt or damage civilians.", Sensei continued. "The quirk I plan to give you is called PyroKinesis. You won't be able to make fire on your own, but you can control it and guide it. You will become the Master of Fire.", Sensei affirmed. "I'll do it.", Izuku interrupted. "I see the sell is an easy call for you, Midoriya. I must warn you, it will take an extremely long time to not only control this Quirk but for your body to handle it as well. Your body was not made to handle a quirk, so the initial gift will be painful.", Sensei warned. Before Izuku could react, Kurogiri appeared behind him, grabbing his arms tightly. Izuku stared at Sensei as he stood up from his chair and walked over to Izuku. The last thing Izuku remembered was Sensei's thumb on his forehead and a searing pain before he passed out.

Waking up felt like a chore. Izuku's body tensed at any minor movement. He went to feel his forehead and his muscles practically screamed in pain as he tapped his forehead. A gentle touch sent his senses into overdrive. He suddenly realized how warm the room was. He could hear a fly buzzing in the corner. It was if his entire body was awakened. Trying his best to sit up, Izuku heard the door behind him open slowly. A heavily scarred face peered back at him with piercing blue eyes. "Ah. You're awake.", the face said. The man walked into the room, closing the door behind him. "You've been asleep for two and a half days. We were starting to think you weren't gonna make it.", the man explained. Izuku could only stare at him with curiosity and confusion. "You can call me Dabi. I was told that Sensei gave you a fire quirk. I'm here to help you control it.", Dabi said plainly. Before Izuku could reply, Dabi shot jet-black flames at Izuku. Izuku held his hands in front of him in a futile attempt to stop the fire. To his surprise, he wasn't on fire. Izuku opened his eyes to see that he had not only stopped the fire from hitting him completely, but the fire had condensed into a large ball.

"Now what?", Dabi asked mockingly. Izuku froze up. He didn't know what to do next. Should he try to squish the fire into a small enough ball so it could explode? Should he just let it go into the corner? Or maybe he should... Izuku's thoughts ran together at a million miles an hour. While he was muttering, the ball of fire began to lose it shape, becoming more unstable as it did so. "Uh, kid?", Dabi called out. The fireball got more out of control. "Kid?", Dabi called again. Still no response. The fireball began shooting out black pillars of fire. "Kid!", Dabi called, this time running at Izuku. Izuku snapped out of his trance just in time to see Dabi force his arms up, sending the fireball up into the (luckily) concrete ceiling. The concrete could barely stop the fire, as a black stain and an indent was left behind. "You can't just freeze up like that, kid!", Dabi criticized. "I don't know if you've noticed, but I don't know what I'm doing!", Izuku yelled back, throwing his arms up. "And my name is Izuku!", Izuku snapped. "Ok then, Izuku. I've got four weeks to help you get this quirk under control! Hope you're ready! I'm going to put you through hell.", Dabi said. Dabi left the room, slamming the door as he left. Izuku stared at the indent he'd made. "I am not just Izuku anymore,", Izuku whispered to himself. "I'm Izuku 2.0!", Izuku whispered proudly. With that, Izuku laid back down and fell into a dreamless sleep.

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Dabi was relentless in his training methods. The sessions mainly consisted of Dabi circling Izuku and shooting fire at him to gauge reaction times and quirk control. They helped Izuku with quirk control but put him on edge. After each lesson, Izuku leaned against the wall of his room. Every breath was a chore. It was as if his body was trying to fight him constantly. He flicked on the lighter Shigaraki had provided him. He stared intently at the small flame as he made it curl around his hand. The fire traveled up his arm and down through the rest of his body. It was almost comforting to Izuku, how the fire covered him. Izuku felt at peace for the first time in what felt like forever. At least, until his door swung open. Izuku jumped up, causing the fire shield to burn him. He winced and put himself out, turning to the door. Shigaraki chuckled at him. "You're getting better, Izuku. It's time for your lesson with the overgrown firecracker.", Shigaraki said calmly, motioning for Izuku to join him. Izuku couldn't help but to smirk at Dabi's new nickname as he made his way to the training room.

Dabi stood in the center of the training room, holding two staffs in his hands. Izuku closed the door and noticed that Dabi wasn't alone. A girl stood next to him, holding a strange looking dagger. "Um, should I come back later?", Izuku asked. Dabi let out a small laugh at the comment. "Come over here, Izuku. Today's lesson is in hand-to-hand combat as well as weapon-based combat.", Dabi explained. Throwing the staffs he was holding to the sides, Dabi lowered himself into a fighting stance. "The League did teach you how to fight, right? Or was your little stunt at the corner store a fluke?", Dabi asked. Izuku froze, his gaze fixed on Dabi. "H-how did y-you-", Izuku stammered. "You're all the news wants to talk about now. Ever since the security footage went public.", Dabi answered. "Kurogiri taught me a little. Just enough to defend myself on missions.", Izuku replied. "Then show me what you got.", Dabi taunted, rushing forward.

Dabi launched himself at Izuku, swinging his arm at him. Izuku easily side-stepped the swing, but Dabi's leg swung up and caught him on his side. The impact knocked him to the ground. Before he could get up, Dabi's leg returned and kept him there. Dabi leaned down. "Whatever that fog machine taught you clearly isn't good enough.", Dabi said harshly. He finished his comment with a swift kick to Izuku's side. "Get up. We're going again.", Dabi ordered, grabbing Izuku's arm. What followed was a few hours of Dabi knocking Izuku to the ground and Izuku getting really close to hitting Dabi. Dabi seemed to be everywhere at once. This wasn't good, Izuku thought. I have to get some distance. Izuku backed up to get some breathing room, but Dabi was already behind him. A swift punch to Izuku's back ended the bout. "You tried to back up. Why? You need time to think? You won't get time to think in a real fight!", Dabi yelled. Izuku stood up shakily. "Again!", the villain ordered. Izuku ran forward and punched. He found himself punching air when he felt Dabi's breath on his neck.

Izuku sent his elbow back and connected to Dabi's stomach. Dabi let out a harsh breath and kicked forward. Izuku felt the air off Dabi's leg as he dodged and brought his fist hard up to Dabi's chin. Dabi was knocked onto his back with Izuku's foot on his neck. Izuku let go and helped Dabi up. "Good. That was. Really good.", Dabi said, catching his breath. Izuku smiled brightly. Dabi shot him a glare and Izuku slowly let the smile drop back. "Ok. Next up is weapon based combat.", Dabi explained, grabbing the staffs. Dabi threw one staff at Izuku, who caught it easily. "However, I will not be fighting you this time. She will.", Dabi said, pointing to the girl. She broke into a giant smile and rushed forward, grabbing Izuku into a bear hug. "Hey, cutie! My name's Himiko!", Himiko said excitedly. "Dabi wants me to stab you a bunch! Let's go!", Himiko spoke. Izuku chuckled a little. He wasn't entirely sure if he was chuckling from Himiko's personality or out of fear, but he steeled himself regardless. Himiko was easily faster than Dabi, Izuku noted. But her strategies were nowhere as fine-tuned as Dabi's. She tended to rely on wild swings of her dagger and random rushes rather than calculated strikes like Dabi. 

Himiko charged forward like she had been doing but when Izuku went to block the blow, she went behind him and threw him to the ground. Without hesitation, she began stabbing Izuku mercilessly. The knife was fake, much to Izuku's relief and Himiko's dismay. "Aww Dabi! You never let me have any fun!", Himiko whined. Dabi rolled his eyes. Izuku stood up and walked over to Dabi. "Are we done yet, Dabi? I'm getting kind of tired.", Izuku complained. "I don't know who's worse about whining, you or Himiko.", Dabi joked. "Yeah, we're done. You've got two more weeks, Izuku.", Dabi reminded. Izuku tuned him out as he raced out of the room. He changed out his training clothes and into yet another green hoodie and pair of grey sweatpants. He ran downstairs to the bar. As he reached for the doorknob, Kurogiri appeared behind him. "Good evening, Izuku. Are you going out?", Kurogiri asked. Izuku huffed and turned to face him. "Why? You always tell me before I go out that I should put my hood on. Why?", Izuku questioned. "The rule is not mine to question. If you have any complaints, feel free to lodge them with your Sensei.", Kurogiri explained, throwing his hands up in defense. Izuku's eyes widened and he nodded before leaving. He went to put his hood on but stopped himself.

Izuku walked at a somewhat fast pace down the street. "Why would Sensei want me to hide my face?", Izuku wondered. He walked until he passed the corner store he saved. He could see the old woman, stocking the shelves. Izuku thought about going in and saying hello to her. He quickly shot down the idea and picked up his pace as he walked to the busier side of town. Izuku loved coming here during this time of year. The stores all had their signs lit up with bright and flashy neon. Street vendors barking at passersby asking them to try their food. Eventually, Izuku stopped at a little cafe and ordered some katsudon. Izuku could feel the eyes on him. Izuku didn't blame them. His haircut was He had a few cuts from today's training lesson. He absolutely looked and felt like an outsider. Izuku shrugged and went back to his katsudon. After Izuku finished, he sat and people-watched for a while. He looked out the window at the group of people walking past. He counted how many stared back at him. He watched the couples walk past. He watched some kids run through the crowd playing heroes and villains. He was content.

As he stood up to leave, he noticed the guy he ran into the other day. He was with the same group as before. Izuku swallowed hard, threw his hood on, and started to make his way out the door. "Maybe if I'm really quiet about this, they won't notice me.", Izuku thought. Izuku walked over to the cafe door and opened it. He had forgotten about the loud bell that hung over the door. The group of people turned to look at the source of the noise just in time to Izuku sprinting off. "Dudes! It's the guy that ran into me!", Kirishima announced, pointing. "How can you be sure?", Bakugou asked. Kirishima only heard half of that before he sprinted off after the hooded man. Izuku looked back and saw a flash of red running at him. He turned his head and ran as fast as he could. "Hey! Dude in the hood! Please!", Kirishima called. Neither let up in the chase. Izuku eventually took a wrong turn and ended up in an alleyway. Blocked in, he turned around and started to jog out of it. He was cut off by Kirishima. "Caught ya!", Kirishima laughed. Izuku backed up slowly before tripping and landing on his butt. 

Kirishima's smile was easily wiped off when he saw the person he'd been chasing. They sat on the ground, looking like they were trying to crawl away. Was this guy shaking or was that his imagination?, Kirishima wondered. "Hey. It's ok. I'm not gonna hurt you. I just want to talk to you.", Kirishima said quietly. He reached a hand out to help up the hooded man, but he flinched when the hand got within striking range. Kirishima recoiled when this happened. "Ok... How about we try this again? My name's Kirishima. What's your's?", Kirishima offered, kneeling. Izuku thought for a second. He knew he had to act fast. "Um, I, uh...I-izukon. My name is Izukon.", Izuku finally said. He mentally facepalmed at the fake name. He wondered what this Kirishima person thought about them. "Ok, Izukon. I saw where you saved that store with the old lady. I wanted to say thanks, I guess. I also want to apologize for running into you.", Kirishima stated. "Oh, n-no! Please, that was my fault! I-i should be apologizing to you, uh, Kirishima.", Izuku stammered, standing up. "Well, apology accepted, Izukon!", Kirishima laughed. His smile was back on his face. "I've been meaning to ask you, Izukon. Why did you run from me and my friends after Kamui showed up?', Kirishima asked.

Right as Kirishima finished speaking, Bakugou rounded the corner. "There you are, Shitty Hair! You had everyone worried si-", Bakugou started. His focus shifted to Izuku. "Ohh, you're the one who ran into Kirishima. What's your deal, huh?", Bakugou questioned, setting off mini-explosions in Izuku's face. Bakugou felt Kirishima's hand on his shoulder and pulled his hand back. "Bakugou, this is Izukon. Izukon, this is U.A.'s resident powder keg Bakugou.", Kirishima explained. "As you can tell, his quirk is explosions! Well, he sweats stuff to make explosions, but you get the idea!", Kirishima continued. "I can harden any part of my body!", Kirishima announced. Before Izuku's eyes, Kirishima's body stiffened and became more angular as well as pointy. He moved his arm to strike a pose and ripped his shirt's sleeve. "Aw, man! That's like the third shirt I've done that to!", Kirishima cried. Bakugou held back a laugh. "That's what you get for showing off, dumbass.", Bakugou jeered. Kirishima returned to his normal self. "What's your quirk, Izukon?", Bakugou asked. Izuku looked at the two for a moment.

"I, uh, can control fire.", Izuku muttered. "Can you make it yourself?", Bakugou continued. "Well, no. But-", Izuku began. "Then what the fuck's the point?", Bakugou interrupted, boredom plastered on his face. Kirishima started to apologize, but Bakugou walked up to Izukon, looking him over. "You sure your name's Izukon? With a quirk like that, you look more like a Deku to me.", Bakugou teased, a smirk on his face. Izuku could feel his face getting red from embarrassment. Kirishima chuckled and began to drag Bakugou back. "Please excuse Bakugou, he doesn't exactly, you know, like people all that much.", Kirishima laughed. "LET ME GO, SHITTY HAIR!", Bakugou protested. Bakugou began placing tiny explosions on Kirishima to try to get him to let go. Kirishima merely hardened his arms in response and laughed a little. Izuku watched the two for a moment. Izuku began unconsciously walking towards the two as he thought about the two he'd met. Bakugou saw him coming and threw a small explosion near his eyes. Izuku yelped and caught the blast midair. Bakugou watched him with shock. He fully expected Izukon to throw the explosion back at him but instead, Izuku began to mold the fiery blast.

He dragged his fingers just barely above the blast, sending out embers spiraling out into the night sky. He spun the flames, making a mini tornado in his hands. The fire danced around his head, his fingers, and even the two watching him in disbelief. Izuku blew onto what was left of the explosions and sent flowing off into the sky. It almost looked like flower petals they way it flew off. "That was amazing, Izukon!", Kirishima cheered. Izuku's face got even redder. Bakugou just huffed and turned to leave. "You coming, shitty hair?", Bakugou called. Kirishima looked at Izuku. "One second!", Kirishima replied. He turned back to face Izuku. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a cherry red cell phone. "Do you have a phone, Izukon?", Kirishima asked. Izuku nodded slightly and produced his black cell phone. Kirishima grabbed it and proceeded to put his number in. Kirishima looked back at Bakugou who was leaning against the wall. "He won't mind if I put his in too.", Kirishima said, winking at Izuku. After all was said and done, Kirishima and Bakugou left a few goodbyes, leaving Izuku alone in the alley. He started to make his way to the bar.

Izuku's walk home was weird. He couldn't shake this weird feeling he had during his alley meeting. It was like his heart felt like it was going to burst, but he wasn't moving, he wasn't exercising, he didn't do anything. Except for talking to Kirishima, and Bakugou, but mostly Kirishima. "I'll talk to Kurogiri about this if he's still up.", Izuku thought. When he got to the bar, Kurogiri had in fact gone to sleep. Shigaraki sat at the bar instead. He was watching the news channel, which was currently showing All Might's most recent victory over some small time villain. "Izuku. Sit next to me for a second.", Shigaraki said coldly. Izuku stiffened and sat next to him. Shigaraki turned the glass in front of him to dust. "You wanna explain to me why the hell you beat up that villain?", Shigaraki ordered. Izuku tried to speak, but the words got caught in his throat. "In case you've forgotten, we're villains. We don't do shit like that just cause we feel like that. We've done so much for you. We save your life, we give you a place to live, food to eat, training, and this is how you repay us?", Shigaraki ranted. "I...", Izuku whispered. "You're lucky that Sensei sees something in you. If it were up to me, you would've been on your last strike a long time ago.", Shigaraki snapped. He stood up and stretched. "I'm going to bed. You should too. Two more weeks and you're out of our hair until you get caught or Sensei thinks we've got enough.", Shigaraki said, walking upstairs. Izuku relaxed when he heard Shigaraki's door close. Sighing, he turned on his phone and accessed his contacts.

Chapter Text

8:58 P.M.

TO: Kiri


Izuku stared at his phone's screen watching his message. He wondered if Kirishima would even be awake right now. His mind started to wander through the possibilities. Was it too early to text? Should he wait for Kirishima to text first? Izuku could feel his face getting more and more red as he went through the possibilities. He really wasn't good with the whole "friend" thing. The only people he'd really ever considered his friends were Kurogiri, Dabi, Himiko, and maybe Shigaraki on a good day. They were easy enough to talk to. He grew up with two of them. Why was this so different than any other friendship he'd had before? Before Izuku could get any more flustered over it, his phone buzzed.

9:03 P.M.

FROM: Kiri

"Yo, Izukon! What's up?"

Izuku relaxed, leaning back in his chair. He felt at ease looking at that four-word message. Almost as if all his problems had been fixed by it. It was a strange feeling that also comforted Izuku. "What do I write back?!", Izuku thought. Izuku got up and started to walk up the stairs to his room as his fingers hovered over his phone's keyboard. "I don't want him to think I just texted him because I had nothing better to do but at the same time, I should try to be as clear as poss-", Izuku muttered. Izuku's rambling was interrupted by him walking into his bedroom door. Izuku shook his head slightly. "This is silly. I'll just make up an excuse.", Izuku said. Butterflies swarmed in his stomach as he started to type back.

9:09 P.M.

TO: Kiri

"Nothing much. Just making sure I had the right number lol."

Izuku was silent on the outside as he sent the message, but he was criticizing the excuse in any way he could. Not wanting his phone to consume him more than was already, Izuku began getting ready for bed. He brushed his teeth, combed the side of his hair that was left, rubbed at the shaved half of his head. His fingers dragged over the stubble on his head. He put on an old, flimsy t-shirt Shigaraki had given him and some sweatpants. As he laid down on his bed, he felt his phone buzz next to his arm.

9:13 P.M.

FROM: Kiri

"Izukon, I gave you my number."

Izuku went from half-asleep to fully awake and embarrassed. He grabbed his phone and began typing as fast he could.

9:14 P.M.

TO: Kiri

"Oh yeah, you did. That's right. lol. K, night."

With that message, Izuku gently tossed his phone into a pile of clothes in the corner of his room and fell asleep.



The next morning, Izuku woke up to heavy pounding on his door. "Come in.", Izuku muttered, still half-asleep. Kurogiri walked in and sat on the edge of Izuku's bed. "Good Morning, Izuku. I take it you slept well.", Kurogiri said. Izuku chuckled and propped himself up on one arm. "Morning, Kurogiri. What do you need?", Izuku asked. Kurogiri looked at Izuku briefly, before turning his attention to his room. "This place is a mess, Izuku. I'll have to clean it when you leave.", Kurogiri scolded. "I did not come in here with the intent to scold you, Izuku.", Kurogiri said quickly. "Then why did you come in here?", Izuku questioned. "Do you have any attachment to that shirt you're wearing, by any chance?", Kurogiri asked. Izuku shook his head. "Then follow me.", Kurogiri ordered. "One second.", Izuku said. Kurogiri nodded and exited Izuku's room. Izuku grabbed his phone and opened his messages. He was greeted by a small box reading, "You have zero messages." Izuku frowned, shoved his phone into his pocket, and went to find Kurogiri.

Kurogiri was at the bar, but it was what was on the bar that had Izuku a little nervous. Various hair care products lay scattered across the bar. Kurogiri actually looked flustered trying to get what he needed to be organized and set. "Um, Kurogiri? What is all this?', Izuku asked, reluctantly sitting down at the bar. Kurogiri looked up at Izuku for a second, then went back to the bottle he was fidgeting with. "You will be leaving for U.A. tomorrow. Shigaraki has tasked me with preparing you.", Kurogiri explained, getting the bottle open as he finished. Kurogiri let out a sigh of relief and walked over to where Izuku was sitting. "The first part of your preparation will be to change your hair color.', Kurogiri continued. Izuku turned around to face Kurogiri. "What?! But, I like my green hair...", Izuku exclaimed. "We cannot risk anyone recognizing you.", Kurogiri argued. "Now, please sit still and let me do this.", Kurogiri ordered. Izuku practically had to be tied to the chair in order to get him still enough for Kurogiri to start. By the time Kurogiri had finished, his sleeves and almost all of Izuku's shirt had been covered in hair dye.

"Do you have a mirror?", Izuku asked. Kurogiri nodded and handed him a small hand mirror. Izuku eyes widened at the sight of his hair. It was a vibrant orange. Kurogiri had even managed to turn the stubble orange as well. Izuku honestly expected to hate it more than he did. He kinda liked it now that he got to look at it. "This, uh isn't permanent, right?", Izuku questioned. "The hair dye isn't, no. You'll have to come back here to let me dye it again when it starts turning green.", Kurogiri explained. "Now, onto the next part of your U.A. integration: your name.", Kurogiri continued. Kurogiri produced a small notebook and flipped over to a page filled on each side with Izuku could only guess were different names. "What do you think about Enatsu Masaru?", Kurogiri asked. "I like Masaru, not really the Enatsu part.", Izuku replied. "Can I make a suggestion?", Izuku asked. Kurogiri nodded and held up his notepad. "What about Izukon Masaru?", Izuku asked. Kurogiri thought for a second. "We can use that one, yes.", Kurogiri agreed. "That's all I need for right now. In the morning, You'll have school supplies such as a backpack, your uniform, the essentials placed in your room. Your first class will be tomorrow at eight. Do not be late.", Kurogiri explained. Izuku nodded and ran upstairs.

As he reached the top of the stairs, Shigaraki grabbed Izuku's arm. "Hey, brat. I see Kurogiri finally got your hair dyed.", Shigaraki scoffed. Izuku tightened up and tried to keep walking. Shigaraki's grip only got tighter. "Brat, I wasn't finished talking to you. You're on thin ice after the convenience store shit. Don't think going to U.A. is going to change anything. We plan to keep an eye on you. Even when you least expect it, we'll be watching. So don't try anything too adventurous, got it?", Shigaraki fumed. "Yeah, yeah. Let me go get ready, Shigaraki.", Izuku said, annoyed.  "I went through most of your stuff and organized it for you.", Shigaraki stated. That got Izuku's attention. With that, Shigaraki let out a small chuckle and released his grip on Izuku. Izuku charged for his room. As Izuku feared, his room was a shell of its former self. Holes dotted the walls and dust covered the ground. Most of that dust turned out to be Izuku's bed and other belongings. Izuku quickly shut the door behind him and locked it. After triple checking to see if the door was super for-sure locked, he ran over to his closet. As expected, a lot was gone, but Izuku crawled to the back of the closet. Feeling the back of the closet, he managed to find a hollow section and push it in just enough to push the false panel out.

The small room didn't hold much. It had a few cobwebs here and there, the occasional dust bunny, but what Izuku was looking for was the small brown box directly in front of him. Izuku breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing the box. Inside the box was newspaper clippings, photos from magazines, just about whatever he could find about his parents was locked in that box, only for his eyes. From what he had, Izuku could tell that at some point 14 or 15 years ago, something had attacked the apartment building he had once lived in. Whatever it was basically leveling the building, killing his parents and displacing Izuku. He would have loved to meet them, but he'd hate to see them how he is now. He looked outside of the closet to see if either Shigaraki or Kurogiri had busted their way in, but to his relief, neither had. Izuku quickly fixed the false panel and started to gather everything Shigaraki had not destroyed. Getting out some luggage, Izuku stuffed the box at the bottom shortly before smothering it in clothes and what little possessions he had left. As Izuku would soon find out, sleeping on a pile of dust that used to be a bed is nowhere near as comfortable he thought it would be.

After yet another dreamless night, Izuku heard a very faint alarm. It was enough to wake up and he began to search his room for the source. The source turned out to be his phone, which had somehow escaped Shigaraki's destruction. Still no messages, thought Izuku. All the things Kurogiri had promised were on the top shelf of his closet. Izuku put on his uniform and brushed his teeth as fast as he could. He grabbed his phone and rushed down the stairs. Before he could rush out the door, Kurogiri stopped him. "Izuku, wait!", Kurogiri called. Izuku froze and turned on his heels to face him. Kurogiri gestured to a small pass with Izuku's face on it. "Your U.A. student pass. You'll need that to actually get in.", Kurogiri explained. Izuku nodded, grabbed the pass and ran out the door. Izuku had seriously mistimed a run from the bar to U.A. It probably was a solid 30 minutes on foot if you knew where to go, but Izuku had failed to prep on that front due to the whole disintegrated room situation. Izuku saw a small handful of students walking through the doors as Izuku stopped at the gate to catch his breath. Izuku had made it in. Now he just needed to find Class 1-A.


Kirishima sat in his homeroom class fighting to stay awake. He'd spent too much time talking with Bakugou and the rest of the Bakusquad. Mainly, they had been theorizing on the new student expected to arrive that following day. Would they be a boy or a girl? What quirk would they have? Would they be from a different course? Would Bakugou like them? Well, the answer to the last one was almost too easy. But still, the question remained. Kaminari elbowed Kirishima in the side. "Earth to Kirishima. Are you alive back there?!", Kaminari joked. Kirishima blinked. He put an arm behind his head. "Heh, must've gotten carried away. I was thinking about the new student.", Kirishima explained. Kaminari dropped his shoulders. "Whoever they are, they'll never replace my bro, Mineta!", Kaminari said dramatically, raising a fist to the sky. Kirishima slapped the back of his head. "I swear, you were the only person here who liked that little perv.", Kirishima pointed out. A few of their surrounding classmates uttered agreements. Before Kaminari could reply, the door swung open slowly.

Izuku was walking through the halls, looking a little lost when he was stopped by a man wearing all black. "Masaru Izukon?", the man asked. "Y-yes?", Izuku confirmed. "My name is Aizawa Shouta. I'm your homeroom teacher.", Aizawa explained. "It's nice to meet you, um, Aizawa-sensei.", Izuku said. "You're late to my class, but I'll give you a pass. Dorms are outside. You'll be assigned all of that by the end of the day. For now, leave all of your things in my class and I'll watch them while you get adjusted.", Aizawa continued. Izuku nodded and followed Aizawa over to Class 1-A. Honestly, Izuku's not even sure how he missed the place, looking at the door. Aizawa swung the door open lazily and shuffled forward. Izuku followed suit, placing his luggage next to the door. "Good morning. As all of you know, we are getting a new student today. He will be replacing our most recent expulsion, who will go unnamed.", Aizawa droned. The entire class seemed to be slowly dozing off. "Please give the teacher your full undivided attention when he is speaking!", a voice shouted from the first row. The shout shook the whole class awake almost at the same time. "Thank you, Iida. Anyway, here is your new classmate: Masaru Izukon.", Aizawa said, gesturing to the open door. Izuku walked over to Aizawa and stood next to him. 

Kirishima perked at the name of the new student. It can't be...can it? Sure enough, Izukon came shuffling forward, standing next to Aizawa. The two locked eyes almost immediately. Kirishima's stare turned from uninterest to glee while Izuku's went from nervous to completely terrified. Aizawa gave Izuku a little shove forward. "Tell us about yourself, Masaru.", Aizawa asked. Izuku took a minute to ready himself. "My name is Masaru Izukon. I grew up around here and I've been homeschooled pretty much all my life. My quirk gives me the ability to control fire. And that's about it.", Izuku said. Aizawa nodded and pointed to the only empty desk in class. "Your seat is over there, between Bakugou and Shinsou.", Aizawa stated. Izuku quickly took his seat. "With that out of the way, I'm going to take a nap. Wake me when All Might shows up.", Aizawa said, yawning. Izuku felt a finger tap his back. He turned in his seat the person who sat behind him. "You're Shinsou, right?", Izuku asked. Shinsou nodded. "And you're Masaru. It's a pleasure to meet you.", Shinsou replied, outstretching his hand. Izuku returned the handshake. Before the two could continue their conversation, the entire class seemingly swarmed Izuku. 

Izuku greeted a few of them and answered as many questions as he could. "So you control fire, but you cannot make it?" Izuku looked up from his seat and found different colored eyes piercing into his soul. "Uh, yes. Kind of unfortunate.", Izuku replied, chuckling. "Hm." was the only reply he got. "And you are?", Izuku asked. The student looked at Izuku, eyes widened. "I am terribly sorry. I am Todoroki Shouto. Nice to meet you.", Todoroki said apologetically. "It's no problem! I would've done the same thing.", Izuku affirmed. Todoroki nodded and went back to his seat. Izuku turned to face Shinsou again. "Is he always like that?", Izuku whispered. "Yeah. I don't think he's ever talked to another person since he was 10.", Shinsou added. Izuku chuckled at that. Bakugou turned in his seat and stared Izuku down. "You didn't tell me or Kirishima you were transferring here.", Bakugou stated. Izuku threw up his hands in defense. "I didn't know until a couple days ago!", Izuku lied. Bakugou considered throwing an explosion Izukon's way, but he decided against it. "Whatever, Masaru.", Bakugou huffed. Izuku got out his notebook and a couple pencils as the door burst open again. "It's ok, class! Why? Because I AM HERE!"

Izuku felt his soul exit his body as THE All Might entered the classroom. THE All Might! Izuku attempted to calm himself as All Might began to take roll. "It's my understanding that we have a new student today! Masaru Izukon, where are you!", All Might called. Izuku weakly raised his hand up. All Might walked over to his desk and gave him a pat on the back. "I sincerely hope you enjoy your time here at U.A.! PLUS ULTRA!", All Might yelled. The students followed suit on the Plus Ultra bit, so Izuku offered his own quieter version alongside them. The first half of the class day went about the same. Izuku introducing himself and being as quiet as possible the rest of class. At least the material was easy, Izuku thought. Lunch had the day's most interesting moments. The cafeteria food was great, compared to the bar's standards. When Izuku was looking for a place to sit, Kirishima walked up next to him. "Izukon! Dude, I've been trying to talk to you all day! Guess it would make sense that you'd be popular on your first day, though!", Kirishima commented, smiling brightly. Izuku nodded as Kirishima directed him to a table.

The table Kirishima wanted Izuku to sit at was almost full, completely full by the time Kirishima and Izuku sat down at it. "Izukon! You know Bakugou.", Kirishima said. Bakugou made a grumbling noise before returning to his food. "This is Kaminari. He's kinda dumb but we still love him.", Kirishima said thoughtfully. "We can say the same about you, Kirishima!", Kaminari replied. Kirishima rolled his eyes and continued. "This is Mina. We're all pretty sure she's a legit alien." Mina stuck her tongue out at Kirishima. "This is Hanta. He's into bondage." Hanta was too wrapped up in his food to hear the comment. "And lastly, we have Tokoyami, the resident emo." Tokoyami looked up and glared at Kirishima and then waving at Izuku. Kirishima stuck his arms out as wide as he could get them. "That's our squad! What do you think?", Kirishima asked. Izuku swallowed some food. "Well, you guys seem really cool...", Izuku replied. Kirishima gave a toothy grin in response. "Masaru, would like some help moving your things to your dorm?", Tokoyami asked. "Yeah! Classes are pretty much done for today, anyway. Let us help!", Kirishima offered. Izuku gave a hasty thanks and nodded his head. 

The help quickly turned into a field trip as all five of the people Izuku ate lunch with got up and joined Izuku to his dorm. It was oddly comforting to Izuku. He wasn't really used to people going out of their way for him yet. Kirishima ended up grabbing Izuku's luggage. "Did Aizawa even tell you where your dorm was, Izukon?", Kirishima questioned. Izuku stopped and thought for a second, before jolting up suddenly. "I need to go by Aizawa-sensei's class really quick!", Izuku announced, before sprinting in the opposite direction. Izuku ran for what felt like a few seconds before Class 1-A's door came into view. Before Izuku could slow himself down to a walk, he ran into the back of someone, sending them both to the ground. "I am so sorry! Are you OK?", Izuku asked. The person got up, dusted himself off, and turned to face Izuku. "No harm done, Masaru.", Shinsou replied coolly. Izuku's face was red with embarrassment. Shinsou waved a hand in front of him. "Calm down, I'm not upset. What's the big rush, anyway?", Shinsou asked. Izuku tried his best to explain himself, but couldn't really get a sentence together. Shinsou's glare grew more intense and Izuku suddenly stopped talking, his eyes fixed on Shinsou. "Try that again. What. Is. The. Rush?", Shinsou directed. "I need to talk to Aizawa-sensei about my dorm.", Izuku responded. Shinsou waved his hand in front of Izuku's face and Izuku immediately jumped back. "What? What was that?!", Izuku asked. "My quirk. I can basically brainwash anyone as long as they talk back to me.", Shinsou chuckled.

Shinsou felt his jacket pocket and produced a slip of paper, which he gave to Izuku. "Aizawa did want me to give this to you.", Shinsou stated. "Dorm 4-C. Oh, you're on my level, that's good.", Shinsou pointed out. Izuku lit up slightly at the revelation. "Bad news, you're stuck between the firecracker and Kirishima.", Shinsou added. Izuku felt his stomach do a little flip. This was too good, he thought. With that, Izuku gave Shinsou a "Thanks." and raced back over to Kirishima's group. Kirishima had put down Izuku's luggage and started to lean on it. Kaminari and Hanta were playing the world's most boring game of rock, paper, scissors. Mina was texting, Bakugou was staring off into the distance, and Tokoyami was pecking at an apple from lunch. Kirishima perked up seeing Izuku race back into view. "Hey, Izukon? So where's your dorm at?", Kirishima asked, stretching as he stood upright. Izuku stopped for a second to catch his breath. He found himself watching Kirishima stretch. Izuku had never really taken into account just how muscular Kirishima was. Compared to him, anyway.  Bakugou was pretty ripped too, but there was something about the way Kirishima carried himself that made it more apparent. "You OK, Izukon?", Kirishima asked, a concerned look on his face. Izuku's cheeks reddened as he was brought back to attention. "Uh, yeah. I'm in 4-C.", Izuku explained.

Kirishima broke out into an even wider grin. "Dude! You're right between me and Bakubro!", Kirishima exclaimed. "I thought we agreed 'No' on the nicknames, hair-for-brains!", Bakugou snapped. Kirishima shrugged him off and picked up Izuku's luggage. "Let's move, people!", Kirishima yelled, running forward. Izuku ran to catch up, leaving the rest of the group in the dust. Before long, they'd arrived at Izuku's dorm room. Inside, the room had been completely cleaned. Almost everything was white, except for the green bedsheets. "If you need any help getting set up, just let me or Bakugou know!", Kirishima reminded. Izuku nodded, before placing his luggage on the bed. Kirishima flashed another grin and gave a thumbs up before closing the door. Izuku popped open the luggage and stared at the contents. Everything in there was all that remained of his previous room at the bar. His first course of action was to dig up the box of memories and placed it the back of his closet. He placed what little clothes he had in the closet with them. He set his phone down on the nightstand next to the bed before flopping down onto the bed himself. He stared at the ceiling for a while, before reaching over to grab his phone.

7:07 P.M.

TO: Kiri

"Thank you for helping me move in."

Almost immediately, Izuku got a response.

7:08 P.M.

FROM: Kiri

"No problem, dude! See you in class tomorrow!"

Izuku turned his phone off and set it back on the nightstand. Yeah. Tomorrow was sounding pretty good right now.



All Might sat in the teacher workroom in his true form. He was reading an old newspaper article on his phone when he heard the door open. Instinctively, he went into his hero form. "Calm down, you meathead. It's just me.", Aizawa responded, shutting the door. All Might quickly turned back to his true form and started a harsh sounding coughing fit. Aizawa took a seat across from him, coffee in hand. "You know, you should really get that checked out.", Aizawa pointed out. All Might waved a hand as he got out a handkerchief, wiping his face. "I'm fine, I assure you.", All Might said plainly. The two sat in silence for a while. "You looked stressed out, Toshinori. What's wrong?", Aizawa asked. "Since when do you get concerned?", All Might snapped. Aizawa chuckled softly. "If you must know, it's that new student of yours.", All Might explained. "I've never heard of you not liking someone immediately. Is it his hairstyle? His demeanor? What?", Aizawa questioned. All Might shook his head. "It's none of that. Young Masaru is an excellent student, from what I've seen.", All Might offered. "But?", Aizawa interrupted. "But, there's something about him that's just...offputting to me. I feel like I've seen him before.", All Might continued. "He's a kid. You probably saw him in the streets during a mission or something. Happens all the time with me.", Aizawa said. "This is different, Shouta. It's something I sense within him. A feeling I thought I'd never feel ever again. The last place I felt that...", All Might continued. All Might paused and looked back at his phone. He gently slid it across the table to Aizawa. "Do you remember the Musutafu Apartment Attacks at all, Shouta?"

Chapter Text

Izuku didn't dream often, but when he did, it was vivid. Nothing really important ever stuck out, it was mainly just bright flashes of forgotten and repressed memories and sounds that sounded like he should know them, but couldn't really place where he heard them. His first night in the U.A. dorms, Izuku dreamt about the life he could've had. His parents were alive and taking care of him. He dreamt of the possible childhood friends he may have had, talking with them for hours on end about the latest hero battle or an upcoming Pro. He dreamt of attending U.A. under his real name and being in the hero department. But, if he had never been saved by Shigaraki, he would've never gotten his Quirk. U.A. wouldn't accept him without a quirk, he'd have to apply for General Education. He wouldn't be in this situation if it weren't for Shigaraki or Kurogiri or Sensei. Izuku tossed and turned restlessly the rest of the night, doubt plaguing his sleeping form.

A sharp knock at the door caused Izuku to wake up suddenly, jumping onto the floor and breaking into a fighting stance. His surroundings brought him out of the trance. Izuku let out a small sigh of relief as he approached the door. He opened it and was greeted by Aizawa-sensei. "Good morning, Masaru. Get dressed and meet me on the training grounds in one hour. I'll expel you if you're late.", Aizawa said dully, closing the door on Izuku's face. Izuku blinked as he stared at the now closed door a few inches from his face. He turned and shuffled over to his closet and grabbed his training uniform, lazily dressing. Looking at his phone for a minute after dressing, Izuku noticed a couple texts from Shigaraki asking how his first day went. He started to open his messages to respond, but he shut off his phone instead. "I'll deal with him later.", Izuku thought. 

In the common room, Kirishima sat on one of the couches watching Bakugou argue with Tokoyami over some band or whatever. He wasn't really invested in the argument as much as he was his phone. Several news stations were talking about some recent villain attacks in Hosu and Musutafu. "A villain outbreak of this magnitude has not been seen since the Musutafu attacks 15 years ago.", a reporter drabbled as Kirishima slowly scrolled past. Heavy footsteps took the three students out of their focus just long enough to see Izukon race past. Kirishima went to wave for him to come over, but Izukon was at the stairs by the time Kirishima had seen him. "Kirishima, what do you think?!", Bakugou asked angrily. Looking back, Kirishima only replied with an "eh?". Bakugou rubbed his temples and grabbed Kirishima to drag him into the current argument against Tokoyami. Kirishima tried to focus, but soon his mind became blurred with curiosity. What was Izukon up to? And why did he care so much?

Izukon was slightly out of breath when he made it to the training grounds. He could see Aizawa waiting for him, looking a little annoyed. "You were almost late.", Aizawa announces. "In my defense, I seriously misjudged the number of stairs in that building.", Izuku replies. Izuku could've sworn he heard a small chuckle escape from Aizawa, but he dismisses it. "From what your seemingly flawless records tell me, you've never been given a Quirk Apprehension Test, correct?', Aizawa asked. Izuku nodded in reply. "That's the main reason I've brought you out here. The second will be here later. For now, however...", Aizawa explained. Aizawa uses his scarf to retrieve a baseball from a nearby bin. "Throw this as hard as you can." Aizawa tossed the ball to Izukon, who almost dropped it after catching it. Aizawa pointed over to a large space with lines marking what Izuku assumed to be distance. Squinting, he saw scorch marks on the last set of lines and the fence past it as well. "Bakugou, probably.", Izuku mumbled. "Whenever you are ready, Masaru.", Aizawa pointed out, producing a meter from his scarf.

Izuku steadied himself and reeled back his arm as far it could go. Taking a deep breath, he tossed the ball high into the air. The ball fell suddenly to the ground about 50 meters from him. Aizawa grunted as the meter beeped out the reading. "The height is definitely there, but your distance is horrible. How do you expect to keep up with this class if you lack the physical strength?", Aizawa questioned. "If people like Shinsou and Hagakure can do it, I'm sure that I'll have no problem, sensei.", Izuku replied. Aizawa stared at the young man, his eyes boring into Izuku's. "While the rest of the class begins rescue training next week, you'll be doing physical basics with All Might until I feel that you're ready to compete with the rest of the class.", Aizawa said finally. Izuku was taken aback by the statement. He opened his mouth to speak, but Aizawa beat him to the punch. "No contesting, not even if All Might himself thinks you're ready. You don't move onto rescue until I  say so. Do you understand, Masaru?", Aizawa continued harshly. Izuku gulped and simply nodded in response. Aizawa's glare softened slightly. "You start three days from now. Dismissed."

After Izuku had left, Aizawa turned to face the building adjacent to him. "Toshinori, you can come out now.", Aizawa announced. Toshinori, in his hero form, stepped out reluctantly from his hiding spot. "There was no need for any of that, Shouta. After-school training would be far more appropriate.", Toshinori commented. "If he's really who you say he is, the last thing we need is to be nice, Toshinori.", Aizawa stated plainly. "Regardless of who he is, we still need to show him some kind of hospitality.", Toshinori argued. Aizawa stayed silent at the remark, causing Toshinori's smile to falter. "Shouta, his quirk is built for rescue. You could've at least waited for combat training to start physicals.", Toshinori continued. "I've been doing this a lot longer than you. Don't think your top dog status is gonna change how I teach my students.", Aizawa replied, walking away. Toshinori stared at the ground for a while. "You may have been doing this longer, but I know people better than you ever could.", Toshinori said quietly. He ran back inside the building, slowing a little as his side ached.

Izuku walked quietly up the stairs back to the common room. Aizawa's words still hung heavily in his mind. He opened the common room's door just in time for Kirishima to bump into him, sending Kirishima to the floor. Izuku staggered a little but regained his composure just long enough to lose it a little again. Kirishima was clearly on his way to train, He had his training uniform on, but the top had been tied around his waist to reveal a black tank top underneath. Izuku couldn't help but stare at his biceps as he helped Kirishima stand up. "I'm sorry, Kirishima! I didn't mean to do that at all!", Izuku apologized profusely. Kirishima waved him off. "Don't sweat it, Izukon! Hey, uh, I was just about to go train. You want to join?", Kirishima asked. Izukon blinked and started to reply with a no, but Aizawa's words echoed back through his mind. "I absolutely would.", Izuku said. Kirishima flashed a toothy grin as he raced past Izuku toward the stairs. "Come on, then!", Kirishima yelled. Izuku smiled as he ran after him.

Izuku legs were screaming as they finally reached the training room. He asked Kirishima for a minute as he sat down on a bench. Across from him, Bakugou and Tokoyami were in the middle of a fierce sparring match. Bakugou's heavy swings were no match for Tokoyami's blinding speed, but Tokoyami couldn't get in close for an attack or else Bakugou would be waiting with an explosion ready. Izuku watched the sparring match with mild amusement. Eventually, Bakugou managed to grab Tokoyami's arm and preceded to slam him onto the mat beneath them. "That's what now? Five to Three?", Bakugou teased, helping Tokoyami back up. "Five to Four, Bakugou. You already forgetting the round where Dark Shadow swept you off your feet?", Tokoyami replied, forming a small smirk. Bakugou yelled something back in anger, but Izuku had already lost interest in the argument. He wondered if this was how Kirishima felt, listening to Tokoyami get closer and closer to getting Bakugou to kill him. From what he'd heard, Kaminari had also crossed that line, but he never really managed to keep up with Bakugou's insults and jabs like Tokoyami could. "Yo! Bakugou! Tokoyami! Your time was up like five minutes ago. Our turn now!", Kirishima called from the locker room. "Whatever, shitty hair! You and Firecracker over there have fun!", Bakugou continued, motioning for Tokoyami to join him.

As they left, Kirishima sat next to Izuku. "Bakugou found a nickname for you, that's nice! Better get used to it, you'll never lose it.", Kirishima joked. Izuku cracked a smile but it fell quickly. "I saw you outside with Aizawa-sensei earlier. It looked like you two were getting into it.", Kirishima admitted. Izuku looked at him for a moment, then averted his gaze. "Aizawa-sensei seems to think that I'm not at the same physical level as the rest of the students. He won't let me move on with you guys into rescue until he feels that I'm physically capable.", Izuku explained. Kirishima looked shocked as Izuku explained the situation. "That's crazy! You look like you're in good enough shape as is!", Kirishima yelled. Kirishima stood up suddenly "Show me your chest!", Kirishima ordered. Izuku's face flared a bright red as he looked up at Kirishima's very serious face. "EH? Why?!", Izuku asked. Kirishima faltered slightly at Izuku's blushing face. "Let me see what kind of shape you're in!", Kirishima explained. Izuku stood up and very awkwardly removed his training uniform's top as well as the white shirt he on underneath it. In terms of shape, Izuku wasn't necessarily the biggest guy, but he had some definition of his stomach. His arms were toned, but not really there either. 

Kirishima relaxed slightly at the sight in front of him. "See? You aren't hopelessly skinny! You just need to work out and get some definition going on in there.", Kirishima pointed out. "It's not really that simple though. I'll be in All Might's class doing physicals, but he doesn't get the final say on me being ready. Aizawa-sensei does. Even if I did get in shape like you or Bakugou, it wouldn't matter until Aizawa-sensei says it does.", Izuku said, slumping slightly. "I'll train you!", Kirishima blurted out. "I'll train you. I had the third highest grades when we did physicals, so when you do a class with All Might, after school you and I can meet here and I'll give you the advanced course!", Kirishima explained. Izuku brightened up significantly at the words. "Really? Thank you so much, Kirishima! You have no idea how much this means to me!", Izuku cheered. Kirishima blushed slightly at the thanks, before brushing it off. "No problem, dude. It would be unmanly to not help you out.", Kirishima said. Kirishima looked at the time and froze. "Oh, we only have like 15 minutes left! Wanna spar real quick?", Kirishima offered. Izuku was on the mat before Kirishima could even blink.

"No quirks! Nothing but hand-to-hand, man-to-man combat!", Kirishima announced. Izuku nodded and got into a fighting stance. "If you get pinned on the mat, it's over.", Kirishima reminded. "Go!", Izuku yelled, charging forward. Kirishima smiled wide and did the same. Kirishima was easily faster than Izuku, meeting him first. Kirishima led with a right swing, which Izuku barely dodged. Izuku jabbed at Kirishima's arms. Kirishima stuck his leg out suddenly, causing Izuku to back up slightly. Kirishima took the opportunity, sending a fist hard into Izuku's side. Izuku bent slightly into the hurt side but managed to kick Kirishima's leg back as his fist came back for a second jab at Izuku's stomach. Izuku missed and grabbed Kirishima's arm, steadying himself a little. He brought his leg into Kirishima's thigh, before punching his side as well. Kirishima winced but continued on. Kirishima sent a haymaker near Izuku's head which luckily missed. Izuku punished it by sending an elbow into Kirishima's back. Kirishima's other arm grabbed Izuku's leg, twisting him around to face Kirishima. Kirishima smirked as he used his full weight to drop Izuku to the mat, effectively pinning him. "That was good, Izukon. You put up a good fight. For a little bit anyway.", Kirishima teased. "I could've done better. I have a long way to go.", Izuku said. Izuku couldn't help but blush as he noticed just how close the two were, not to mention he was being pinned to the ground at the moment. Kirishima must've noticed as well, judging by how he was blushing

A cough from across the room brought the two out of their stupor. Todoroki and Ojiro stared at the two in mild confusion. "Should, uh, we come back later or?", Ojiro asked awkwardly. Izuku shoved Kirishima off and Jumped to his feet. "Nope! We were just leaving! I was just leaving. Thanks for inviting me to spar with you and nothing else, Kirishima! Night!", Izuku explained as he raced through the door. Kirishima stood up slowly, the blush still very apparent on his face. Izuku legs still hurt from earlier, but he didn't care, he was running. He ran past Iida and Shinsou in the hall, past Hagakure and Mina up the stairs, and past the rest of the class in the common room. He didn't stop until he'd hit his bed and began screaming into his pillow. After he'd calmed down a little, his phone began to buzz. Picking up with a tired hello, Shigaraki's voice came grating through the receiver. "Hey, brat. U.A. treating you well? It better be.", Shigaraki said. Izuku let out a small sigh. "What is it, Shigaraki? I was about to go to bed.", Izuku said. "Not right now. You have a visitor at the bar.", Shigaraki explained. "Can't they wait until tomorrow?", Izuku complained. He could practically hear Shigaraki cursing him in his head. Before any reply could come through, Kurogiri's portal appeared in front of his window. "Now, brat.", Shigaraki ordered. Izuku hung up, sighed, and strode through the portal.


Chapter Text

Shigaraki stared down the man sitting across from him at the bar. He was finding it harder and harder to hide his anger for the so-called "Hero Killer" that Sensei demanded that he attempt to recruit. Giran hadn't been much help info-wise. The guy apparently had no family, no accidental killings, nothing that Shigaraki could turn against him. Stain, however, had more than enough for this guy. "One dead, twenty injured.", Stain said plainly. Shigaraki jerked his head to stare at him. "Excuse me?", Shigaraki asked roughly. "That was the aftermath of your most recent Noumu 'test'. One dead, twenty injured.", Stain responded coolly. Shigaraki felt his eyebrow twitch at the seemingly offhand comment. "Like you're any better than us. Killing heroes when they're 'unjust' doesn't make you stand out any more than any other killer on the street.", Shigaraki spat. Stain sat back in his chair. "You of all people have no right to call me unoriginal. You run a crime syndicate where your only standout member is the one who created it. I can think of five or so other crime syndicates with more outreach and better results right now.", Stain continued. Shigaraki sat upright and looked Stain in the eyes. "I mean, if it wasn't for the Noumu, you wouldn't even be in consideration for a police investigation.", Stain chuckled. Shigaraki began to rise and Kurogiri appeared behind the bar. "Shigaraki, do try to contain yourself. Stain, our mole will be here shortly.", Kurogiri explained, dissipating again. Shigaraki slumped back in his chair, staring at the TV behind the Hero Killer.

After several more minutes of muted and tense silence, a portal formed in front of the door. Stain perked up and turned to face it. Izuku stepped into the bar, still tired from yesterday's training. He sat down between the Hero Killer and Shigaraki. He appeared to be blissfully unaware of the man on his right. Shigaraki grabbed Izuku's chair and turned it to face the Hero Killer. Izuku yawned as he faced Stain. Stain's tense disposition slowly melted as he got a better look at the League's mole. This kid couldn't hurt a fly! Or at least, be forced to under extreme circumstances. Izuku looked up into Stain's eyes and froze. His sleepiness was gone in an instant as he realized who he was looking at. "Stain?!", Izuku cried. Stain chuckled a bit before patting Izuku's shoulder. "Took you long enough, kid!", Stain laughed. "W-why are you here?", Izuku asked. "Well, your 'Sensei' wanted me to get involved with the League and I came over to graciously deny the offer.", Stain explained. Izuku opened his mouth to speak, but Stain waved him off. "I did, however, want to get a good look at the League's mole. I'm impressed that you managed to get in, let alone stay somewhat unseen.", Stain remarked. Izuku nodded slowly, soaking in every word the Hero Killer had to offer. Stain droned on for a bit before growing silent, staring at Izuku and Shigaraki. He spoke right as Kurogiri reformed back behind the bar. "Shigaraki, I have a counter offer for you and your League. I'll do some odd jobs for you guys and in return, you let me use Izuku here as a sidekick of sorts.", Stain stated. Izuku's face was plastered with shock. "Don't I get a say in this?!", Izuku cried. "You already know the answer to that, brat.", Shigaraki replied.

Izuku sighed, then stood up. "If it's alright with everyone, I'd like to go back to my dorm now and sleep before I kill someone.", Izuku complained. "That's the spirit.", Shigaraki jeered. "I'll begin the portal activation.", Kurogiri added. "Before you go, come here.", Stain ordered, beckoning Izuku over to him. He grabbed a napkin sitting under his drink, took a small knife, and made a tiny cut into his arm. Izuku yelped in fright at the action. "We have pens here, you know.", Shigaraki said. "This is more fun to me.", Stain responded, writing down something. The portal had fully formed behind him when Stain looked up at him and handed him the napkin. On it, was scrawled some random letters and gibberish, but in the middle was a set of clear and neatly written numbers. "Phone number. I will text you when I need you for something. You'll need transport but Kurogiri can help you on that front.", Stain explained. Izuku nodded and he stumbled through the portal. The portal closed, leaving the three villains in near silence. Stain stood up and began walking for the door. Shigaraki stood up as well. "Not so fast there, Hero Killer.", Shigaraki said. Stain turned to face him, a look of pure disdain on his face. Shigaraki's face seemed to darken. "My Sensei would like a word with you."

Izuku's body hit the bed almost as soon as he had gotten back. The deep sleep Izuku had hoped for felt like a power nap more than anything. He woke to his alarm after what felt like a few seconds of needed sleep. He groaned loudly at his alarm clock, using his pillow to knock it to the floor. Izuku dressed sleepily as he heard students in the rooms adjacent to him getting ready as well. Bakugou had already found a target for his aggression in the form of a half-awake Kaminari, who had taken the last bit of cereal. "You piece of shit lightning bug, I was saving that!", Bakugou yelled. Izuku laughed at the remark, almost forgetting his sleepiness. Izuku shambled over to the bathroom, staring himself down in the mirror. The shaved side of his head had grown a small amount of hair back, just enough to notice the dye. Izuku stared at it for a while before brushing it off as another thing for later. Izuku was in the middle of getting his curls in presentable shape when a soft knock came at his door. Izuku flinched slightly and turned his head to the door. "It's open, please come in.", Izuku called out. He heard the door click open and shut quietly. Kirishima peered around the corner to look in at Izuku in the bathroom. "Hey, dude.", Kirishima said, feebly waving his hand. Izuku nodded back at him and exited the bathroom. "Listen, I wanted to apologize for yesterday.", Kirishima blurted. Izuku perked up a little at the redhead. "You don't have to apologize, Kirishima. You didn't do anything wrong. I shouldn't have run off like I did.", Izuku reminded. Kirishima shook his head. "I appreciate it, but I should not have made you feel uncomfortable in any way.", Kirishima replied. "I only ran because we were in a, uh, compromising position.", Izuku admitted, blushing hard. Kirishima's eyes widened a little, a faint blush on his cheeks. "O-oh.", Kirishima chuckled. "You wanna walk to class together?", Kirishima asked. Izuku nodded and grabbed his things.

"I wonder how Aizawa-sensei's gonna treat you today.", Kirishima wondered. "I'm sure I'll be fine. I'd be worse off if he didn't believe in me.", Izuku replied. Kirishima nodded slowly. Izuku looked over at Kirishima. Kirishima looked deep in thought, once in a while, his eyes would dart over to Izuku. "You OK, Kirishima?", Izuku asked, staring him down. Kirishima looked up for a second as if he was about to answer, but looked away again. Izuku placed his hand on Kirishima's shoulder, stopping them both in the middle of the path. "Kirishima, you look concerned. What's up?", Izuku continued. Kirishima looked away for a moment before holding eye contact with Izuku. "Izukon?", Kirishima said finally. "Yeah?", Izuku responded. "How long have you been dying your hair for?", Kirishima questioned. Izuku froze. His breathing hitched slightly. "Oh. Um, probably....a few weeks.", Izuku answered, a little shocked. Kirishima nodded. "Why do you dye your hair?", Kirishima continued. Izuku wanted to tell him that he was a mole planted by a villain organization. That he dyes his hair to hide his real identity. That he wishes he knew who he used to be before Izukon and before the League of Villains. That he thinks, in some deep part of his mind, he feels something. For him. "Well.", Izuku begins, "Since I can control fire, I thought that it would match the whole fire aesthetic if I dyed my hair orange.", Izuku mutters. Kirishima looks at him strangely. Izuku feels an icy feeling inside himself. He watches Kirishima's face for any sort of clue towards his feelings, but can't get a read. "That is SO MANLY!", Kirishima cheers. Izuku perks up and cracks a smile. Then he begins to laugh a little.

Kirishima tilts his head at Izuku in slight confusion. "What's so funny, Izukon?", he asks. Izuku takes a second to breathe and looks at Kirishima thoughtfully. "Oh, it's nothing.", Izuku responds. Izuku's watch beeps at him and his eyes widen in response. "We can talk later. Let's get to class.", Izuku explains, walking a bit faster. Kirishima follows, looking a bit frustrated. As soon as the two made it into class, Izuku felt Aizawa's gaze on him. The teacher watched the two closely as he taught. As the last few minutes of homeroom began to wind down, Aizawa stood up from his desk with a sigh. "Listen. A few of you are going to be held back from English today. Midnight will be coming by to take up hero names from those of you who did not turn one in last time.", Aizawa explains. Grabbing a piece of paper from his desk, the teacher continued. "The students being held back are Bakugou, Shouto, Tenya, and Masaru." Izuku perked up at the sound of his name. He had never really put much thought into his hero name. The four of you have about twenty or so minutes to think of your name. The rest of you are free to go to English.", Aizawa finished. Kirishima shot a thoughtful look at Izuku as he left. The four boys each claimed a corner for themselves. The tension in the room was nearly unbearable. Shouto's cold expression made eye contact nearly impossible. Tenya rivaled Shouto for coldest expression, but a soft warmness could be felt behind it. Bakugou leaned back in his chair, staring at the ceiling. Izuku was looking at a piece of paper with several possible hero names he'd thought on it.

"So, Bakugou.", Todoroki began, sitting upright. Bakugou fixed his chair and swung around in his chair to glare at Todoroki. "Do you have a name picked out this time? Or are you going to pick some childish name again?", Todoroki joked, almost smirking. Bakugou's glare intensified for a split second, then disappeared just as fast. "I've got something better than my first name, IcyHot.", Bakugou replied, turning back around. "I see nothing wrong with my first name doubling as my hero name. Tenya attempted to do the same.", Todoroki said, gesturing to Tenya. Tenya looked over for a moment, before returning his sight to the door. "Not only is it a security risk, it's fucking boring.", Bakugou began. "You have two decent quirks and the best you got is your first name. Might as well let Kaminari pick your name if that's your best.", Bakugou jeered. "I don't need a lecture in names from the likes of you, "King Explosion Murder". Todoroki responded. Bakugou stood up angrily, his chair skidding behind him. Tenya got up from instinct but quickly sat back down. "We are to remain here quietly until Midnight enters the room. I suggest you follow Aizawa-sensei's directions.", Iida said coldly. Bakugou went rigid for a split second before grabbing his chair. Izuku stared at Iida for a moment. He hadn't really noticed Iida around much since he came. He seemed to have a lot on his mind, but Izuku just chalked that up to the stress of being class president.

The door swung open unceremoniously and Midnight entered. She was in her hero outfit, but her hair was pulled back into a bun. Izuku sat up and watched as she placed some papers on the desk. "Good afternoon, students!", Midnight chirped. A small chorus of groans responded, with Izuku being the only one to return the greeting. "You must be Izukon. It's nice to meet you.", Midnight said, turning to look at Izuku. Izuku felt a cold shiver run through him as Midnight's eyes met his. The comment seemed to be harmless, but it seeped poison in Izuku's head. He nodded and averted his gaze back to Tenya. "Bakugou, you're up first today! Have you selected a suitable name?", Midnight asked, leaning slightly. Bakugou straightened up and stared the pro hero down. "I've already given my name. I still don't see why it can't be accepted. "I can't imagine that someone wants to be rescued by someone with 'murder' or 'kill' in their name.", Shouto commented. Bakugou sighed. "You're really itching for me to knock you down a couple notches, aren't ya, TwoFace?", Bakugou responded. Midnight watched the boy carefully, her hand on her sleeve. "I do have a name this time. Yaoyorozu helped me come up with it.", Bakugou explained, a smirk staining his face. He stood up with a piece of paper and showed to the students. "Explosion Hero: Ground Zero.", Bakugou announced. Todoroki looked impressed and annoyed at the same time, causing Izuku to giggle slightly. The laugh earned him a cold side-eye from Todoroki. Bakugou sat back down as Midnight began to scribble in the name and some remarks in her notes. "Next is...Tenya!", Midnight said.

Tenya looked up at his teacher with a defeated look in his eyes. He stood up and walked to the front of the room. "Midnight, my name still holds. I did not ask to change it.", Iida explained. Midnight looked up from her notes and stared at the student. "Principal Nezu received a call two days ago that said you wished to change your name.", Midnight answered. Iida nodded slowly. "If it's all right with you, I'd like some time to think about this.", Iida asked. Midnight nodded and Iida returned to his seat as slow as he'd walked to the front. Todoroki stood up before Izuku could raise his hand to go next. Walking to the front, he stared down the three other students before turning to face Midnight. "Cold Hero: Frostbite.", Todoroki muttered. He went to sit, but Midnight called him back. "Todoroki, your name must represent the whole of your abilities. You can't just be a cold hero. It's misleading.", Midnight reminded. Todoroki ran a hand through his hair. "I may need a moment as well.", Todoroki admitted, turning around. Izuku waved his arm. "Todoroki-kun, if I may, I have an idea for your name.", Izuku offered. Todoroki turned to look at Izuku. "I was thinking since you have both fire and ice powers, well, fire and ice are so different, that, um...", Izuku stammered. He hadn't realized that Todoroki was staring at him with blazing intensity. "A-anyway, they're like d-dual concepts to each o-other. So what about t-the Hot-Cold Hero: Duality?", Izuku finished. Todoroki continued his glare for a while longer before turning to Midnight. "Did you hear that, Midnight-san? That's what I'll go with.", Todoroki said plainly. The whole room, minus Iida and Todoroki, looked shocked. "R-really?! Uhm, really?", Izuku asked. Todoroki nodded in response.

As Todoroki sat down, Bakugou leaned close to him. "You get onto me for my names, then you pull that shit?!", Bakugou whispered. Todoroki glared at him. "I don't want to hear it, you goddamn firecracker.", Todoroki answered. Tenya stood up suddenly, his chair skidding like Bakugou's had earlier. He turned to face the classroom. "My hero name will be Speeding Legacy: Ingenium.", he stated. Before Midnight could press him further, he left the classroom. "And that brings us to Masaru! What's your hero name? Choose carefully, it just might be permanent!", Midnight explained. Izuku nodded. He'd managed to get that list down to 4 or 5 names, but even then, he wasn't too sure about what to pick. This was his future he was talking about. He should pick a memorable name, something that puts hope into people's hearts. A good amount of letters, maybe with special meaning to it. It should start with a vowel or maybe one of those names that have a consonant, an apostrophe, THEN a second consonant. Those names are the coolest! Bakugou cleared his throat loudly. Izuku squeaked, looking up at the two. Todoroki eyes widened a little. Bakugou made a 'hmph' noise. "Whenever you're ready, Masaru.", Bakugou teased. Izuku shot him a look that he hoped came across as annoyed. The look only seemed to deepen Bakugou's smirk. "Midnight, I'm ready.", Izuku said. Midnight hummed and picked up her pen. "My hero name will be Fire Shaping Hero: Pyre!", Izuku announced, throwing an arm in the air. The excitement behind the name quickly died as everyone in the room seemed to give a strange look. Izuku chuckled before grabbing his things and running as fast he could away from the room.

Izuku didn't think it was possible to run from one side of U.A. to another in six minutes, but he managed. He'd have to ask Iida later if he's ever tried. "Iida...", Izuku thought. He pulled out his phone and searched the hero forums. He hadn't been on in a few days, so now was a perfect time to catch up! Izuku's heart stopped the second the page loaded fully. Page after page after article after news story all about the same thing. PRO HERO INGENIUM FOUND SEVERELY WOUNDED IN HOSU, the tagline read. Izuku scowled as he read the articles. "Tensei Iida, also knows as the pro hero Ingenium was found unconscious in an alley inside one of Hosu's busiest districts two days ago.", the article began. Izuku's read through the article until he got to the last paragraph. "Current leads include the elusive Hero Killer, who had been spotted in Hosu the night before the attack. Tensei's current state is unknown." Izuku felt horrible for Iida and horrible for himself. Iida had been through so much and he'd kept it out of sight for so long. And now Izuku was to work contracts with the person who possibly killed his classmate's brother. As if he'd been listening to Izuku's thoughts, Stain sent a text. "Come to the bar around 6. You and I are going on a mission.", the text read. Izuku sighed and changed clothes. He now wore a green hoodie with blue shorts and grey shoes. It was about as far from his normal dress as he could get. Izuku walked out of his dorm with no interference. Or so he thought.

The sky was darkening when he reached the bar. Kurogiri nodded as he entered. Izuku took a seat at the bar. "It is good to see you, Izuku. How has school been going?", Kurogiri asked. "Good so far. Picked a hero name and going through combat at the moment.", Izuku responded. Kurogiri nodded before disappearing behind the bar. Izuku leaned to try to sneak a peek at Kurogiri, as the mist man formed behind him. Izuku jumped as Kurogiri tapped him on the shoulder. "This is what you'll be wearing tonight. I suggest putting it on now so you get used to it. Izuku nodded and went upstairs to change. His old room was still somewhat destroyed. The bathroom was still intact, thankfully. Izuku changed into a dark orange jumpsuit and boots. He wore a similarly orange hood mask that resembled a potato sack. The strangest part of the entire costume was the pair of orange gloves he was given. One appeared to have an oversized wrist weight on it while the other seemed to be a normal leather glove dyed orange. After getting them on (finally), the heavier of the two felt like it was filled with liquid He'd have to ask Kurogiri about them when he walked back downstairs. To his dismay, Izuku found Shigaraki waiting for him when he returned. "You look like a traffic cone.", Shigaraki said. Izuku rolled his eyes and sat down a few seats down from him. "Stain'll be here shortly. Follow me.", Shigaraki said, standing up. Izuku walked with him, leading him to a warehouse outside. Dabi stood in the center with his hand shoved in his pockets.

"Good to see you again, Izuku.", Dabi greeted. "I got it from here.", Dabi continued, looking at Shigaraki. "Don't take too long, the 'great and powerful Hero Killer' will be here shortly. Dabi chuckled as Izuku took off his hood. After Shigaraki left, Izuku went in for a quick hug. "Your hair's starting to get in control. You should let me sear it all off so you can start over.", Dabi grinned, black flames sparking in one hand. Izuku took a step back and Dabi chuckled. "I'm joking, I'm joking. I don't have much time to help you use that gauntlet, so listen carefully.", Dabi ordered. Izuku nodded and looked at the large glove. He realized the size of the tank, just barely smaller than his hand. A small button on the glove was in thumbs reach "That weight on the back is a tank and in that is lighter fluid.", Dabi explained. Dabi pointed to the button. "When you need to light some shit up, press that button. This is gonna sound weird coming from me, but only use it in extreme situations.", Dabi continued. "So the league has basically given me, a fifteen-year-old, a compact flamethrower on my hand and they expect me not to use it in the field?", Izuku questioned. Dabi shrugged. "I don't make the rules, kid. You could always talk to the 'Sensei' if you've got a problem with it.", Dabi offered. Dabi chuckled at Izuku frozen expression. "Anyway, you see those sacks all the way over there?", Dabi asked, pointing to a pile of sacks. Izuku nodded. "Want me to hit them?", Izuku asked. Dabi nodded and backed up.  Izuku steadied himself and raised his arm up. Pressing the button, a bright red streak of flames shot forward. Izuku lifted his other hand, freezing the plume midair. His stare intensified as he forced the fire forward slowly. Izuku felt a small burning sensation at the back of his head but shrugged it off. 

He moved his right arm forward, sending the fire onto the pile of sacks. The pile burned quickly, leaving a smoldering pile of cloth in the middle of the burn area. Izuku stared at the smoking pile before turning to face Dabi. Dabi smirked at him. "That was smart, getting the fire close before having it lunge forward. Good job, Izuku.", Dabi added. Izuku blushed a little at the compliment. The door behind the two swung open and hit the wall with a slam. Both Izuku and Dabi turned around to stare at the Hero Killer. Stain pointed at Izuku, beckoning to him. Izuku sighed and walked over while putting his mask on. "Are you ready to hit the big leagues, kid?", Stain asked. "As I'll ever be.", a deep, unfamiliar voice replied. Izuku froze and stood up straight. He looked around before being cut off by Stain's laughter. "Your mask's got a voice modulator on it.", Stain explained, fighting back laughter. Izuku chuckled weakly. He turned to wave goodbye to Dabi before joining Stain outside. "Since this is your first mission with me, I've decided to be gracious and do something easy.", Stain stated. "And that is?", Izuku asked. "You're going to stand watch while I go after a hero I've been trailing.", Stain replied. Izuku looked at the hero killer in shock. "A-and who are you looking for e-exactly?", Izuku asked, shaken. "Eraserhead.", Stain responds.



Aizawa's head was aching more than usual. His patrol was cut short after he had literally run into his student Iida out in his hero costume. "Vigilante work is expressly against the law, Tenya. I thought you of all people would know that.", Aizawa reminded. Iida's mind was elsewhere. He'd been looking online all day, reading news articles, checking predictions, reading forums, he had even asked Yaoyorozu for help. She immediately declined, so Iida went home and changed. All his detective work had led him to a single theory: Stain was in the city and Aizawa was his next target. Iida cracked a wild grin. This was just too perfect. "Ah, yes! Good evening, Sensei! I was merely simulating a patrol run. I figured now would be a good time to study patrol routes with internships so close.", Tenya lied. Aizawa glared at the student but slumped. He did not have the will nor the want to hurt his feelings right now. "If you would like,", Aizawa began with a sigh. "You can join me on my patrol.", Aizawa stated. Iida lit up and nodded, following close behind his teacher.

The gears in Iida's mind were turning as the two walked. Stain would almost certainly strike tonight. If he could lure Aizawa somewhere Stain might easily attack him, he could come in and kill him. Then Tensei could rest easy knowing the one who crippled him was dead. Iida fought to keep his excitement from being apparent. Aizawa gave him a strange look as they continued forth. "Aizawa-sensei! From my studies, I gather that if we check the alleyways around this area, we may find a villain laying in wait!", Tenya shouted. Aizawa covered the ear that was closest to Tenya. "Alright, alright!", Aizawa responded. 'Whatever shuts you up faster', Aizawa thought. The alleyways of Musutafu were notoriously mazelike. One wrong turn could get you on the wrong side of town and on the business end of a blade. Aizawa moved carefully as if he was trying to sneak up on someone constantly. Tenya tiptoed behind him, his eyes glued to the rooftops. "Wait.", Aizawa said, holding a hand up. Tenya stopped obediently. "You're free to come out now.", Aizawa called out. The capture weapon around Aizawa's neck began to rise and unfurl. His hair rose as well. "I'm not asking twice. Show yourself.", Aizawa commanded. A fire began swelling up around the two. 

"Aizawa Shouta!", A voice called out. Aizawa and Tenya looked around them to find the voice's source but had no luck. "You brought a friend with you! You may go free. I have no fight with you.", the voice continued. Tenya's face darkened. He backed up as his leg powered up. Tenya performed a spinning kick,  the wind from which dissipated the fire surrounding. "I am Tenya Iida! You crippled my brother! I will not leave until you die!", Tenya shouted. Aizawa's face became plastered with concern as he stared at his student. "Very well.", the voice said. A shadowy form dropped down in front of them. As the form stood up, a dagger flew from the rooftop. It had missed its targets, killing a garbage bag instead. Stain walked closer into the moonlight. He drew his blades from his back, shifting his gaze to Tenya. "You're related to Ingenium, huh?", Stain asked. Tenya only stared him down in response. Stain chuckled. "Fine then.", Stain continued. Stain suddenly rushed forward at the two. Tenya went to move but his leg was still down from the kick. Aizawa was ready, however. His capture weapon shot forward, several strands looking to wrap around the hero killer's limbs. White hot fire shoots from the rooftops, engulfing the capture weapon's strands. The fire causes the strands to wrap almost immediately. The resulting small bundles tap off of Stain's skin.

Tenya rips his helmet off in frustration. His leg can't handle another burst of energy so soon. He needs to deal with whoever's starting the fires. "Who else is here, Hero Killer?!", Tenya shouts. "Just me.", A deep voice calls out. Tenya looks up to see a somewhat small figure on the rooftop. As Aizawa races to meet Stain, Tenya shoots himself up the side of the building to meet the second assailant. Izuku jumps back as Tenya lands on the rooftop. "I never knew Stain had accomplices.", Tenya called out. Izuku held his hands out. "I guess you could say I'm a new recruit.", Izuku chuckles. Tenya glares at the villain. "What is your name?!", Tenya yells. Izuku stops for a half-second. Time to put that hero name list to good use. "I go by many names.", Izuku begins. Izuku shoots out some fire which wraps around him illuminating his costume. He watches Tenya carefully. He sends the fire skyward. "But you can call me Surtur.", Izuku states. Tenya grits his teeth. "Surtur, my fight is with your accomplice.", Tenya explains. Izuku remains silent as he listens to Stain and Aizawa beneath him. "However, you are still a villain. And I have a lot of pent-up anger to work out." Tenya's engines begin to accelerate. He places his helmet back on his head. "Prepare to be defeated at the hands of the next Ingenium, foul villain!"

Tenya speeds forward and kicks Izuku in the stomach. Izuku flies backward as Tenya meets him to deliver another kick to his back this time. Izuku cries out as he is thrown forward this time. Tenya races to repeat his action, but as he gets to Izuku, fire blasts into his face. Tenya takes a step back as the fire sweeps forward, just barely missing his legs. Izuku feels himself smile as he adds more fire to Tenya's half of the rooftop. Tenya watches the fire grow higher. He takes a running jump at the firewall before leaping in the air. "Recipro Burst!", Tenya yells out as he brings his legs down hard onto the rooftop. The shockwave sends all of the fire into the air and sends Izuku airborne. Tenya manages to leave a crater on the roof where he landed. He starts counting the seconds in his head. 2...3...4...seconds pass as he recovers from the stomp. He's somewhere between 5 and 6 when he rushes forward to catch the still recovering Izuku off guard. He puts his boot into Izuku side hard before bringing his other leg down hard onto Izuku's left leg. Izuku screams out in pain as he unloads most of his fire supply onto Tenya and the ground around him. Tenya uses the last of the recipro burst to knock this away. Izuku starts crawling away on his back. Tenya grabs the collar of his jumpsuit and lifts him to eye level. He headbutts Izuku, shattering his nose and the voice modulator.

"Villains like you are a disease. You blindly follow Stain and all the others like him and for what? To get beaten into the ground over and over by the heroes?", Tenya asks, a cruel smile on his face. Izuku blinks back tears as Tenya's grip tightens around his neck. "I will cleanse this city of your sickness in the name of my brother.", Tenya states. Izuku kicks and claws at Tenya, but it was useless against his metal costume. Izuku made some small noises as he grasps at Tenya's neck, causing his grip to tighten slightly. "Ah? You have some last words?", Tenya asked. He loosened his grip and held his ear close to Izuku's mouth. "Ten..ya. P-please.", Izuku whispered. Tenya's eyes went wide.He dropped Izuku on the ground, who began coughing and spluttering. "I-Izukon? What? I, I don't...?", Tenya stammered. He began walking backward in shock. As he started, he felt his legs begin to lock up. Tenya hit the half-wall, sending himself falling backward off the roof. "Izukon...", Tenya whispered as he fell. Izuku heard him hit the ground hard. "I need to GO.", Izuku thought. Spotting a fire escape, he limped his way to it and made his way just as carefully and painfully. He made his way down through the streets before stopping in a small neighborhood. He looked himself over. The top half of his jumpsuit was almost completely shredded. His mask's voice modulator was absolutely smashed. The rest had held up somewhat ok. If it weren't for the whole broken leg part, he would've called that a successful mission. He sat on a park bench and looked up at the night sky. It almost looked calming. He watched the moon for a moment before rising and attempting to walk. His leg failed him and he hit the ground hard. The sight around his eyes darkened. He heard a muffled "Sir?!" as he started to fade. The last thing he remembered was a pair of bright, green eyes. Such kind eyes, Izuku thought. Then everything went black.




Chapter Text

Izuku's head was spinning when he woke up. He stared up at the ceiling of the room he was in, watching the fan spin. It was nice, feeling the small breeze of the fan flow onto him. It almost made him forget about the searing pain in his leg. He went to prop himself when he realized he was on a couch. He froze, looking around the room. It looked like an apartment of some sort. Pictures and knickknacks decorated the walls. Most of the pictures pictured a small woman with long, green hair. Some of them featured a thin man with blonde hair almost as long as the woman's. He tried to sit up, but a sharp pain caused him to stop. "Right. Leg still broken.", Izuku thought. He shifted some pillows behind his back to prop himself up a little. He heard some footsteps from the other room heading his way. He watched the doorway intently as the woman from the pictures walked into the room. She was dressed in hospital scrubs and her hair was pulled back into a bun. She perked up upon seeing Izuku and briskly walked over to him. She took a seat in a chair across from the couch Izuku was on. "Good to see that you're awake!", the woman chirped. Izuku nodded slowly. "U-um. Where am I?", Izuku asked. The woman straightened up. "You're in my apartment. My name is Midoriya Inko. It's very nice to meet you.", Inko answered. Izuku's eyes widened before he tried to shift again. Inko reached out to him. "Oh, please don't move too much! I just set that cast!", Inko chided. Izuku nodded and stopped moving.

"I'm, uh, Masaru, by the way.", Izuku muttered. Inko laughed a little. "What a coincidence. My best friend's husband's name is Masaru too.", Inko added. Izuku looked around. "Um, Inko. Why exactly am I in your apartment?", Izuku asked. Inko looked at him with concern. "Well, I was coming home from my friend's house. And I saw you sitting on the bench and your leg was in an...uncomfortable looking position.", Inko explained. Izuku watched her carefully. "I was going to ask if you were ok, but when I started that way, you got up and collapsed! I wasn't just going to leave you there, so I took you here.", Inko finished. "Why didn't you take me to a hospital? I mean, it looks like you work at one.", Izuku asked, gesturing at Inko's clothing. Inko paled a little. "Well, your costume. It was torn up so much and I just thought that you were doing some sort of vigilante work and they'd jail you after you healed.", Inko admitted. Izuku looked down at his clothing. His jumpsuit bottoms were fine, but the top was missing its bottom half and what was left of the torso was practically shredded. What should've been exposed skin under the top was replaced by a skin-tight black compression shirt. Looking back at Inko, she gained a sheepish look on her face. "I, uh, figured you'd want to save that top so I went out and got you that. I guessed at the size, but it worked out, I guess.", Inko said, chuckling.

Izuku looked at her expression almost an exact copy of his when he got embarrassed. Izuku opened his mouth, but he was cut off by a knock at the door. "Inko, you there?!", a harsh voice called out. Both Inko and Izuku stared at the door in fear. "Um, one second, Mitsuki!", Inko called back. "I'm coming in, Inko!", Mitsuki responded. As the door began to open, Izuku made a break for the hallway. Before Inko could stop him, Mitsuki stomped into the apartment. Izuku froze as Mitsuki glared at him with surprise. "Who the fuck is this, Inko?!", Mitsuki yelled. Inko walked over to her, motioning for Mitsuki to quiet down. "Mitsuki, don't freak out. You have to promise me that you won't freak out.", Inko ordered, pouting. Mitsuki stared at her strangely for a moment before nodding. "This is Masaru. I found him unconscious on the street last night and I took him in to treat his injuries.", Inko stated. Mitsuki narrowed her eyes at Inko. "And?", Mitsuki asked. Inko slumped a little. "And he's a, he's um, he's kind of a, um...", Inko stuttered. Izuku limped forward. "What she's trying to say is that I'm a vigilante.", Izuku explained. Mitsuki stepped back a little. "Inko, are you out of your fucking mind?! Do you have any idea what could happen to you if anyone finds out about this?!", Mitsuki pointed out. Mitsuki's eyes widened. "What if your little boyfriend finds out about this!?", Mitsuki cried. "If I find out about what?", a deep voice called out. Izuku was internally screaming as he heard this new person walk in, closing the door behind them. "This is just peachy. Just. Fucking. Wonderful. All Fucking Might might as well come out now! He might as well see what the new student has become!", Izuku thought, every word screaming out in his head. As if the very universe was expressing its hatred toward Izuku, none other than All Might walked into the room, his hair almost touching the ceiling.

Izuku made eye contact with the number one hero. All Might gasped before, oddly enough, bursting into a cloud of smoke. Izuku blinked as he watched the smoke cloud. His head tilted a little as he studied the cloud for any sign of its purpose. A loud, hacking cough came from the cloud, which dissipated to reveal the skeletal man from Inko's pictures. Izuku let out some noise of confusion. The skeletal man produced a handkerchief from his pocket, wiped his mouth, and walked over to Inko. He pecked her cheek as she leaned into him. "I see we've both had eventful days.", All Might chuckled. Izuku could only gawk at the two as All Might walked over to him. "A-all Might?!", Izuku whispered. All Might waved a hand at him. "No, no. In this form, I am Toshinori, young Masaru.", All Might said. Toshinori looked Izuku over. "What exactly have you been up to?", All Might asked. Izuku felt his face heat up as he looked up at the hero. "i-I've been doing vigilante work at night. I've been sneaking out to do patrols.", Izuku lied. Toshinori nodded as Izuku spoke. "I do not blame you for wanting to prematurely begin hero work, but I cannot condone vigilantism. I take it that Aizawa-sensei's words struck a nerve with you?", Toshinori guessed. Izuku nodded slowly. "I figured as much. I can't change his mind, but I can give you some much-needed training and some good grade from that as well.", Toshinori said. Mitsuki quietly leaves an envelope on the dinner table and exits just as silently. "Have you seen the news?", Toshinori asks. Inko and Izuku shake their heads. Mitsuki swiped the remote from the table and flipped the channel over to a news station. "A developing story coming out of Musutafu tonight as the infamous Hero Killer Stain was sighted in a residential district near U.A. Academy.", the reporter stated. "Pro Hero Eraserhead managed to intercept Stain alongside a U.A. student interning through the school. The student, who has yet to be named, is in critical condition following what appeared to be a fight with a second villain on a nearby rooftop. No reports about the second villain are out just yet, but we will keep you updated as this story develops.", the reporter finishes, an incredibly fake smile plastered on her face. Toshinori turned to look at Izuku.

"Young Masaru, I would like a word with you in private.", Toshinori asked, offering Izuku his hand. Izuku nodded and took his hero's hand, hobbling over to the door. Quickly shutting the door behind them, All Might looked at Izuku with an ice cold glare. "Listen to me closely, Masaru. I know who you really are.", Toshinori stated. Izuku's eyes widened and he backed up a little. Toshinori gripped Izuku's arm tightly. "Don't even act like you're planning on escaping, Izuku. You won't get very far.", Toshinori warned. Izuku stared the older man down. "W-what are you going to do to m-me? J-jail me? I-if so, don't tell Ink-, er, my mom.", Izuku stuttered. Toshinori placed his hand on Izuku's shoulder. "I would never put Inko through that. Ever since your disappearance, she's been...broken.", Toshinori said, quietly. He looks at Izuku thoughtfully. "I was one of the first ones on the scene when you disappeared. The building your parents used to live in was demolished by villains for some petty protection money.", Toshinori explained. "I couldn't catch the villains, so I went into search and rescue. A lot of the tenants were OK because of their quirks, but your father...", Toshinori stammers. Toshinori pauses and looks off into the distance for a moment. "You father had thrown himself on top of you and your mother. You were taken sometime between the building collapse and when I found your mother. When she came to, she started asking where you were. And when nobody could give her an answer, she lost it.", Toshinori continued. Izuku felt tears starting to form in the corners of his eyes as he listened to All Might's story. "She is by far the strongest woman I've ever met. You would've turned out so much better if you had stayed with her.", Toshinori commented. Toshinori turned to face Izuku and hugged him. "I'm sorry I couldn't save you from what you've been through, Izuku.", Toshinori said.

A knock from the opposite side of the door interrupted the two. Mitsuki peeked her head out, tears streaming down her face. "Toshi...that was fucking beautiful.", Mitsuki sniffled. Closing the door behind her, she walked over to Izuku. Izuku stood up to meet her but was met with a slap. "Ow! Why?!", Izuku groaned, rubbing his face. "How dare you put your mother through all she's been through. You have no fucking right to-", Mitsuki yelled, her face becoming redder and redder. Toshinori put up a hand. "None of this was of his own accord, Mitsuki. He had no choice but to do what they told him to.", Toshinori explained. Mitsuki went to argue back but nodded slowly instead. She left with a 'hmph' sound and the two went back inside. Inko was watching the news when the two were coming back. "Um, Ms. Inko?", Izuku called. Inko got off the couch and walked over to the two. "You two have a nice talk? I hope so.", Inko chirped, shuffling into the kitchen. Izuku nodded and Toshinori nudged him forward a little. "I do hope you stay for dinner, Masaru. We're having cold soba tonight.", Inko added. "Ms. Inko, I need to talk to you before you get started.", Izuku said. Inko nodded and turned to face him. "My, um, my name is not, uh, Masaru.", Izuku admitted. Inko gave him a strange look. "My real name is, well, uh, it's Izuku.", Izuku continued. Inko still watched him with a strange look. Izuku face felt about as red as Kirishima's hair. "What I'm trying to say is, uh, is that I...", Izuku stuttered. Inko hugged him tightly. "I know, Izuku. Welcome home.", Inko said, tears if joy slowly dropping down her face. Izuku leaned his head onto Inko's and wept. "I'm sorry, Mom. I'm so, so, so, so, so, sorry I put you through this.", Izuku muttered. "You did what you had to do, Izuku. You were always so brave and even now, you've barely changed. You're still my brave little hero.", Inko declared. Izuku couldn't stop crying. It was the first time in a while that he had felt good while crying. He hoped it would never stop.

Toshinori waved his arm at the two to get their attention. "As much as I hate to bust this up, we need to get you back to U.A.", Toshinori reminded, placing his hand on Izuku's shoulder. Inko nodded and gathered up Izuku's destroyed clothing. She handed Izuku a bag emblazoned with All Might's face filled to the brim with clothes, food, and whatever else she deemed necessary. "I've got it.", Toshinori said, going into his hero form. "Let us depart, young Midoriya!", All Might cheered. Izuku stopped and stared at the number one hero. "But my leg is still br-", Izuku reminded. Before he could finish, All Might laughed, scooping him up in his arms. "Do not worry, young Midoriya! I can carry you to my car!", All Might affirmed. Izuku's face grew as red as it possibly could as THE All Might carried him down the apartment complex stairs to a small light blue car below. After tucking Izuku safely into the passenger seat and (against Izuku's wishes) personally buckling his seatbelt, All Might raced over to a nearby alley, returning as Toshinori. Sighing, Toshinori got in the car, started it and made his way into traffic. The two sat in silence for a little while before Toshinori turned the radio down to a whisper. "Izuku, be honest with me.", Toshinori asked. Izuku nodded. "That 'villain' that was on the roof with young Iida last night.", Toshinori started. He turned to face his student. "That was you, wasn't it?", Toshinori continued. Izuku could feel his stomach doing flips as he slowly nodded in response. Toshinori made a noise of confirmation. "This will not leave the two of us, I promise you.", Toshinori confided. Izuku silently stared at him. "I have to give Nezu and the rest of the staff something, Izuku. What do you expect me to tell them about where you were last night?", Toshinori argued. Izuku started to tremble a little. Toshinori sighed and watched the people crossing the road in front of them.

"Listen very carefully, Izuku. What I say next could make or break your time in safe hands.", Toshinori ordered. Izuku looked at Toshinori with confusion and interest. "I found you in an alleyway. When young Iida went to confront Stain, he kidnapped you to have leverage against the Hero KIller. When Eraserhead arrived, Stain left you two alone to deal with the bigger threat. When Iida realized this, he took his frustrations out on you and went to chase the villain that had accompanied Stain. That is what happened.", Toshinori elaborated. Izuku looked at him strangely. "But how are you going to get Aizawa-sensei and the police and everyone else on board with that?", Izuku asked. Toshinori pulled into a parking lot. "Izuku, I am the number one hero, the Symbol of Peace. You get some leeway when you're in my position.", Toshinori replied. Izuku's eyes widened a little. "Bending the truth to fit the best case scenario...even if it was to save my own wrong.", Izuku thought. "Let me tell them the truth, All Might.", Izuku asked. Toshinori gripped Izuku's arm. When Izuku looked at the pro hero, a dark expression was extremely present on his face. "You will do nothing of the sort, Izuku. This idea is purely for Inko's sake. If I didn't want her happiness over anything else, you would be in jail.", Toshinori explained. Izuku was taken aback by the comment. "Villany, Assault, Unlawful Quirk Usage, the charges pile up from there, Izuku. Let me do this for the both of us. For your mother's sake.", Toshinori continued. Izuku looked down for a moment before nodding. Toshinori's expression changed almost immediately. "Good. Now let's get you to Recovery Girl's office.", Toshinori chirped. Izuku didn't relax until he was in Recovery Girl's office. Alone. In bed. With a whole new perspective on his childhood hero.




Izuku had been asleep for a while before he woke to a nudging on his shoulder. Recovery Girl stared back at Izuku curiously. "Good evening, Masaru. Your injuries are mostly healed, but I'm going to keep you overnight just to make sure.", Recovery Girl explained. "That sounds fine.", Izuku added. "That's not all. You've got some visitors.", Recovery Girl continued. Izuku perked up as she went to retrieve them. He grinned at the possibilities of who had come to see him. His grin became a full smile as Kirishima and Bakugou pulled back the curtains. "Yo, Masaru! It's good to see you're safe!", Kirishima exclaimed. Bakugou peered down at Izuku. "Everyone was freaking out about you and Iida being missing this morning. Woke me up.", Bakugou stated. "Uh, I'm sorry?", Izuku replied, confusion covering his face. Bakugou's eyes narrowed as he walked out of the room. Kirishima took a seat on the edge of Izuku's bed. Kirishima pointed at the door Bakugou had left out of. "Sorry about that. Bakugou isn't really good with feelings and all that. He really was concerned about you being missing.", Kirishima explained. "It's alright. How is everyone?", Izuku asked. "Well, Uraraka wanted to mobilize a kill squad but Yaoyorozu shot that down pretty quickly.", Kirishima admitted. Izuku laughed at the picture he was getting in his head. Kirishima's eyes widened a little. He hadn't really noticed how, well, cute Izuku's laugh was. His cheeks got a little red as he stared at the laughing Izuku. "Um, I've got the homework that you missed today. It's on the table, uh, over there.", Kirishima mumbled, gesturing at the table's general direction. Izuku, still laughing a little, met Kirishima's eyes.

"Thanks, Kirishima!", Izuku grinned. Kirishima could feel his face getting warmer. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow then.", Kirishima stuttered, standing up. Izuku held his smile as Kirishima began to back away slowly. As he turned to leave, he looked back. "Hey, Masaru?", Kirishima questioned. Izuku tilted his head as he looked at the redhead. "That is UNFAIR. Completely and totally U N F A I R.", Kirishima thought. "I'm, uh, glad I met you.", Kirishima admitted. Izuku's eyes widened for a split second, his face getting a little red. "Me too, Kirishima!", Izuku replied. Kirishima nodded and left the room, quietly closing the door behind him. Izuku laid back on the bed, turning to stare out the window. Kirishima's words repeated in Izuku's mind as he closed his eyes. Kirishima sprinted down the hall. Almost taking down a kid from 1-B on his way outside, he finally stopped outside 1-A's dorms. Walking inside, he gave a quick greeting to Tokoyami, who was reading in the common room. Kirishima closed the door to his dorm and walked over to his bed. Grabbing a pillow from his bed, he screamed into before launching it to the other side of the room. He flopped back onto his bed and got his phone out. Kirishima almost sent Masaru a message but decided against it. Instead, he opened a different group chat.


User 'pikapi' has been banned from 'BakuTits Appreciation Chat' for 5 minutes.

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ReddytoRIOT: I don't even want to know what I just missed

JamesBondage: denki said some dumb shit

IWantToBelieve: Again

BOOMBOOMPOW: fucking got him

ReddytoRIOT: anyways I need to be gay for a second.

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IWantToBelieve: how the fuck

AuxCords: we were summoned by the call

MyCawmicalRomance: my phone would not stop going off

MyCawmicalRomance: do you people not sleep

AuxCords: We all know you sit in the common room for like five hours after lights out to read

MyCawmicalRomance: is this a call out post

ReddytoRIOT: NO


BOOMBOOMPOW: no swearing on my christian server

AuxCords: you literally said fuck like five minutes ago, but go off I guess


MyCawmicalRomance: please, the gays have the floor. Kirishima?

ReddytoRIOT: thanks Tokoyami.

ReddytoRIOT: long story short, I have a crush on the new kid.


ReddytoRIOT: ye

IWantToBelieve: tbh Masaru is super cute

MyCawmicalRomance: true

AuxCords: like he is one of the better looking guys in the class

JamesBondage: the hairstyle's not doing it for me

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AuxCords:  oh no

pikapi: it's been 84 years.....

BOOMBOOMPOW: say some more dumb shit and the next ban will be

pikapi: understandable have a nice day

pikapi: so what did I miss

JamesBondage: Kiri's got a crush on the new kid

pikapi: :0

pikapi: my soomb.....all grown up...

BOOMBOOMPOW: I swear to god denki

pikapi: he is kinda hot

ReddytoRIOT: Right?!

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ReddytoRIOT: I have no idea if he feels the same tho

AuxCords: have u tried talking to him

IWantToBelieve: I've seen the way he looks at you in class dude

pikapi: Ojiro told me about the 'training session' he and Todoroki walked in on

JamesBondage: soooooo it's probably mutual my dude

ReddytoRIOT: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

ReddytoRIOT: idk suddenly I can't hear or read huhhhhhhhh

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pikapi: THOT

IWantToBelieve: 20 bucks says he confesses by the end of the year

pikapi: UR ON

JamesBondage: UR ON

MyCawmicalRomance: you fools


Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki was many things, but one of those was not an idiot. He's done alright in school, better than middle school, anyway. Once he managed to shake those fucking cronies that followed him all over the damn place since preschool, he managed to back up his quirk with his grades. Even if he managed to fuck up the practical exam somehow, he could fall back on the written test, get to Gen Ed, and rise up through the ranks. His mind was one of the sharpest in the class, only behind the class prez and Yaoyorozu. So it was safe to say he wasn't dumb. So when he went over to deliver some things to Auntie Inko and found her in a better mood than when she married that walking skeleton Yagi, Bakugou was determined to put two and two together. There wasn't any physical evidence he could see that could be causing the sudden mood change, but he refused to be stopped there. He excused himself to the restroom. The door just before it had Izuku's old bedroom hanger nailed to it, swinging a little as Bakugou glared at it. He remembers the attacks vividly, remembers how All Might held him and his mom tight as he escorted them out of the rubble. Most of all, he remembers how Auntie Inko looked and felt after they moved into the new apartments. Mitsuki had lied to him, saying that Izuku's dad took Izuku with him to the States and he wouldn't be coming back for a while. He didn't find out the truth until he was 10, on the fifth anniversary of the attacks. The news had played a slideshow in remembrance of those who had died in the attacks, and one of the last was Izuku's bright, smiling face alongside his dad's.


He didn't know how to feel at first. His first and most obvious reaction was anger. Bakugou was angry at his mom for lying and mad at the world for stealing his friend from him so young. Izuku hadn't even developed his quirk. They would've been such a badass duo. Bakugou and Izuku spent hours and hours drawing and dreaming up their hero names and team names. He was so mad for so long. He lashed out at friends, isolated himself, and devoted himself to his training. One day, something in him had clicked. He came to terms with his loss. For the first time in years, Bakugou Katsuki wasn't angry when he woke up. He felt oddly at peace as if he had woken up in a perfect world. He knew that wasn't the case. If this world was perfect, Izuku would still be here and he'd have his quirk and they'd kick the most villain ass. They'd be the number one and two heroes. Together. At some point during his recollection, Bakugou found himself inside the Izuku Room. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, gripping the bedpost with white knuckles. His other hand, which had been over his mouth, flopped onto the bed. Expecting to hit a soft cloth, Bakugou felt leather. He looked down at the tattered orange leather coat on the bed next to him. It was far too big for Auntie and as far as Bakugou could remember, Izuku hated the color orange. Bakugou balled up the coat and walked back to the living room. Auntie Inko was sitting in the dining room, eating some toast. "Bakugou, would you like to stay for breakfast?", Inko asked, gesturing to the seat across from her. Bakugou only shook his head and waved as he walked out of the apartment. As soon as he closed the door, he unfurled the coat. Bakugou smirked as he walked back to his apartment. He was just a little closer to getting the answer he'd been looking for.




Izuku opened his eyes slowly, taking in his surroundings. The infirmary's white interior came off as blinding with the midday sun streaming through the windows. Izuku rolled to the side not currently trying to blind him and found himself staring down Recovery Girl. "It's good to see you're awake!", Recovery Girl remarked. Izuku let out a small squeaking noise and recoiled. The actions earned a chuckle out of the pro hero. "Ah! Um, good morning, Recovery Girl!", Izuku stuttered. "Good afternoon is more like it, Masaru. You've been sleeping for a while now. I meant to wake you earlier but I took the opportunity to set a new cast for you.", Recovery Girl explained. Izuku nodded and sat up, swinging his legs over the bed. "Aizawa came by earlier to inform me that your schooling starts back up tomorrow.", Recovery Girl added. Izuku's sleep ridden face grew wide with shock. "Tomorrow? I'm in a cast!", Izuku exclaimed. Recovery Girl held a hand up. Izuku flinched and settled back down. "The cast is for safety precautions. You're lucky you slept as long as you did. Just come by after school tomorrow and I'll get that off for you.", Recovery replied. "And another thing, Aizawa has informed me of some homework you'll need to make up as well.", Recovery Girl continued. Izuku slumped a little. "But, after some choice words, I've managed to get your class's President to assist you with what you've missed.", Recovery added with a wink. Izuku smiled widely as he began thanking the pro hero graciously. "As much as I'd love to keep you, I'm afraid your discharge is effective immediately. I need the bed space.", Recovery Girl said. Izuku reached for some crutches and managed to steady himself enough to go into the infirmary's waiting room.


Ojiro and Todoroki sat next to each other, identical ice packs on their heads. "What happened to you two?", Izuku asked, hobbling over to them. "Training happened. We got a little too into it.", Ojiro chuckled. "I still won.", Todoroki added. Izuku laughed as Ojiro rolled his eyes at the comment. Recovery Girl was close behind with a clipboard in hand. "Your class president should be along shortly.", Recovery Girl said, walking to her desk. "New class pres?", Izuku asked. "Well, you can't expect Iida to be able to fulfill that role, do you? He's kind of in a coma.", Ojiro said. Izuku's eyes widened. He could feel guilt building inside of him. I could've lived with myself if Iida had made it through with a broken arm or something, but a COMA?! People in comas are tricky when it comes to healing Quirks. It can be done but it comes at a great risk of memory loss. Or worse. Even if Iida pulls through, he wouldn't be the same. And if Iida does pull through, he'll know that it was ME who caused it. He'll know that I'm Surtur and that I'm working with Stain and and-', Izuku mumbled. "Hey, Masaru. MASARU.", Ojiro said, patting Izuku's shoulder. Todoroki sighed, stood up and placed a hand on Izuku's neck, sending an ice cold shock through him. Izuku gasped, even jumping a little. He looked at Todoroki strangely. "Did you just freeze my neck?", Izuku asked, rubbing his neck. Todoroki shrugged. "You seemed lost in thought. You were mumbling to yourself.", Todoroki explained. "Um, thanks?", Izuku said. Todoroki nodded and took his seat. "So, who's the new class president now that Iida can't do it?", Izuku asked. A sharp knock came to the door. "That could be her now.", Todoroki said, getting up. He pushed the door open. Yaoyorozu stepped forward. "Hello, Masaru are you feeling better?", she asked. Izuku nodded and grabbed his crutches, standing up. 


"Where to, Miss President?", Izuku asked. Yaoyorozu gave Izuku a stern look. "No formalities, Masaru. You can call me Momo.", Yaoyorozu explained. Izuku nodded and the two continued forward. "I've been given orders to drop you off at the dorms and head to the classroom to retrieve your work.", Momo continued. Izuku only nodded in response. He was too busy drowning in his feelings about Iida and the League. He kept repeating the same phrase in his head. I want out. I want out. I. WANT. OUT. Izuku almost walked into the dorm's door. Momo opened the door for him and the two made their way to the elevator. The ride up was short, thankfully. There was an uncomfortable silence building between the two of them. The elevator doors opened just in time for Izuku and Momo to see Kaminari full sprinting down a hallway, Bakugou not far behind. Kirishima was in the common room, with Shouji and Tokoyami sitting together. As Izuku walked over, Kirishima stood up instantly with a wide smile on his face. "Masaru! It's good to see you up! Come over here!", Kirishima shouted, motioning at Izuku. Izuku waved at Shouji and Tokoyami before laying down on a nearby couch. "How are you feeling, Masaru?", Tokoyami asked. "I'm...alright, I guess. Leg feels a little fuzzy.", Izuku said, pointing at his leg. Tokoyami nodded and went back to his book. The group sat in silence for several minutes. Izuku had never realized how serene the common room could be, even with everyone coming and going. Uraraka and Tsuyu were coming in from training. Todoroki made himself a sandwich. Jirou's music could be heard if everything was quiet enough. It put Izuku at ease. He felt as though he was at home. Not the League, but Inko's house. His actual home.


Izuku felt himself start to slip into sleep as Momo entered the room again. She was carrying a large stack of papers, with a gray envelope on top of them. Kirishima shook Izuku awake and pointed at Momo. Izuku looked up at Momo sleepily. "Here's the work you missed today.", Momo explained. She looked down at the envelope. "Aizawa-sensei has also included a small letter to be read after you finish your work. He expects all this back on his desk by tomorrow morning.", Momo continued. Izuku stretched as he sat up. "Then we should head for my dorm.", Izuku replied, reaching for his crutches. Momo nodded. The two made their way to Izuku's dorm, but as they turned the corner down the hallway, Kaminari came racing past. He slammed into Izuku before getting up and running even faster than before. Izuku's world went in slow motion. He waited to hit the carpeted ground beneath him, but it never came. Izuku slowly opened his eyes, only to be met with piercing red eyes staring back at him. Kirishima had swooped in at the last second. Kirishima had Izuku in his arms. The two just stared at each other for a moment, taking in the whole ordeal. Suddenly, Izuku scrambled for his crutches and stood up as fast as he could. "T-thanks, Kirishima.", Izuku stammered, his face bright red. Kirishima weakly pointed finger guns at Izuku. "N-no prob, B-bob.", Kirishima replied, laughing nervously. Izuku tilted his head in confusion. Before he could ask about it, Kirishima bolted down the hall after Kaminari. Momo watched the whole thing happen from the sideline, an extremely faint blush on her face. "Let's continue.", Momo said, pulling Izuku forward. As the two started to leave, Izuku could hear Shouji and Tokoyami's cackling from the common room.


"Masaru, your room is very plain.", Momo commented as she shut the door behind her. Izuku looked around the room. She wasn't wrong. What little Izuku had in his room came from the League or U.A. "Yeah. I didn't really have a lot to take with me to U.A.", Izuku answered, grabbing some papers. Momo gave him an odd look as she set the rest of the papers down on the table. The two had gotten about thirty minutes into the study session when Momo poked Izuku's shoulder. "Masaru, who would you say is your favorite hero at the moment?", Momo asked. Izuku looked up from his work and went deep into thought. "Usually, I'd answer All Might, but I've been looking a lot into Kamui Woods lately. His fighting style is crazy, his Quirk has so many uses, he's just a good hero.", Izuku answered slowly. Momo nodded. She excused herself to the restroom while Izuku went back to his work. After a few minutes, Momo returned with the odd look from earlier on her face. Izuku looked up at her as she walked back in the room. SHe was clearly holding something behind her back. "What's that, Momo-san?", Izuku asked, pointing at the object. Momo smirked at the question. "CLose your eyes for a moment, please.", Momo asked. Izuku nodded and closed his eyes. After some shuffling noises, Momo gave the OK to look. Izuku opened his eyes and was met with an intricate poster design of Kamui Woods fighting some street villains. "Woah! Thank you, Momo-san!", Izuku exclaimed, grabbing the poster. Momo smiled. "Think of it as a 'welcome back' present. Izuku smiled brightly and put the folder away. He had some tape that Sero had given him he could use with it. Izuku slammed the last paper down on his desk with a sigh. Momo grinned at the action. 


"You're a fast learner, Masaru.", Momo commented. "Thanks. I've been told that before.", Izuku replied. Momo began to pack her things as Izuku organized his homework. Momo turned and looked at Izuku kindly, before walking over to him. She grabbed a chair and scooted it closer to him. Izuku took notice and turned to face her. "Masaru, may I ask a, um, personal question?", Momo asked. Izuku took a moment but nodded. Momo cleared her throat. "So how long have you had feelings for Kirishima?', Momo asked. Izuku's face turned red instantly. "I-it's not like that a-at all, Momo-san! K-kirishima's a friend.", Izuku stuttered. Momo placed a hand on his shoulder. "You can tell me, Masaru. As Class President, it's my duty to help out the student body with this stuff. And as a normal person, I have some experience in the background.", Momo said reassuringly. Izuku's tenseness disappeared almost instantly. "I. I had a run-in with Kirishima before I joined U.A. I literally ran into him a day earlier and he'd managed to run into me again the next day. I ended up running from him. We stopped in an alleyway. I felt really scared and it was almost instant. He just calmed me down the second I saw him. He just has that kind of feel to him. He's a calming person to be around.", Izuku explained. Momo listened intently. "I felt the same way when I met Jirou the first time. She made everything really quiet around her. All I could focus on was her. She's the best.", Momo added. "I love him. I really do.", Izuku continued. "Then go get him.", Momo replied. "It's not that simple, Momo-san. It just isn't", Izuku groaned. Momo thought for a moment before standing up. "You need to rest.", Momo said. She produced a small slip of paper from her hand and placed it on Izuku's desk. "If you ever want to talk, I'm always open.", Momo said. Izuku smiled and thanked her.


She left and Izuku's attention turned to the envelope on his desk. It burned at the back of his mind ever since he'd finished the other papers. He grabbed the envelope and stared at it. Aizawa had written 'Masaru' in his own rough handwriting across the front. Izuku unceremoniously tore the top of the envelope open, taking the letter. The letter was written in cleaner text. "Masaru, due to recent events in and outside of school, an executive decision has been made to put you through into the rescue course.", the letter read. Izuku's eyes widened as he read. He couldn't believe it. "The class is relatively small, so both students from Class 1-A and 1-B will be attending. The class will be taught by famous rescue class hero Thirteen.", the letter continued. Izuku could barely contain himself. "The classes will start the day after you return to your normal classes. We hope you enjoy your time in the course.", the letter read. Izuku had to tell somebody. He couldn't wait for tomorrow. Even if it was just Tokoyami or someone, somebody had to know. He slipped on some shoes and made a race for the door.  His race was cut short as the door to his room opened for him. Izuku found himself staring into Bakugou's dull red eyes. "Bakugou! How are you?", Izuku asked. Bakugou remained silent. Izuku nodded. "Um, I actually wanted to go to the common room real quick. I've got some great news to tell every-", Izuku began. Bakugou firmly gripped Izuku's forearm. "Roof. Now.", Bakugou ordered. Izuku took his arm back. "No, I don't think you understand, Bakugou. I need to-.", Izuku said. "We need to talk.". Bakugou replied. He grabbed Izuku's arm and dragged him out into the hall.

Chapter Text

"Will you slow down for one second?!", Izuku complained. His arm felt like it was going numb as Bakugou dragged him through the hall. Bakugou remained silent as he walked, not even acknowledging the person he was taking with him. Bakugou stopped as he came to a door. Izuku almost tripped as Bakugou stopped. He looked at the blonde irritatedly. "Are you gonna tell me why you've been dragging me now or do I need to-", Izuku shouted. Bakugou looked back at him before walking through the door. "Oh, no! You don't get off that easy!", Izuku continued. He charged through the door to see Bakugou at the top of a staircase walking through another door. Izuku raced up the staircase, skipping two or three steps at a time, only to get a door slammed in his face. After a minute or two of beating on the door, Izuku stepped back and stomped his foot on the ground. "What's the point of taking me up here if you're just gonna shut me off?!", Izuku yelled at the door. He could hear fumbling from behind the door. A short click sounded, then the door slowly swung open, revealing Bakugou with his back facing a star-filled sky. Bakugou glared at Izuku, but not in his usual piercing stare. His red eyes, rather than pierce Izuku's soul, felt almost comforting to Izuku. Izuku's rage calmed almost instantly, his shoulders drooped. He met Bakugou's gaze with confusion. Bakugou motioned to Izuku before turning and walking off. Izuku obeyed, his gaze unwavering. Bakugou sat down on an air conditioning unit. He stared at the ground for what felt like an eternity. It was so quiet on the roof. The muffled sound of passing cars was the only background. Even the birds had gone silent. Time itself seemed to freeze as Bakugou looked at the ground in deep thought. Izuku sat next to him. Reluctantly, Izuku stretched a hand out to meet Bakugou's shoulder. Izuku could feel Bakugou tense up from his touch. Bakugou twisted to face Izuku, who squeaked at the sudden movement, recoiling his arm. 

 "I'm, uh, I'm sorry for taking you here like that.", Bakugou muttered, his face growing red. Izuku merely nodded in response. "I'm not good at this shit. So, just bear with me.", Bakugou admitted, standing up. Izuku stood up to meet up, looking up at him. "Me and shitty ha-", Bakugou started. He froze when he started to say Kirishima's nickname. He cleared his throat loudly in an attempt to break the overwhelming silence. "Kirishima's been talking about some stuff in a group chat we have. He kinda just goes on and on about you whenever he's on.", Bakugou explained. It was Izuku's turn to blush, his face streaked pink. "He's got it bad for you, Masaru.", Bakugou continued. "I, I, I don't know wha-", Izuku stuttered. Bakugou held a hand up and Izuku went silent. "I'm sorry if I came off as cold or standoffish when we first met. I...I was...fuck!", Bakugou shouted. Izuku flinched as the sound of Bakugou cursing echoed throughout the area. "Bakugou, It's ok if you can't talk about it now.", Izuku said, patting Bakugou's shoulder. Bakugou threw Izuku's hand off. "No! I want to!", Bakugou replied. Bakugou dragged his hands down his face, groaning. "I was jealous, OK?!", Bakugou yelled. "I was jealous of what you and Kiri had. It was just so offputting to hear him gush about you for days on fucking end!", Bakugou explained. Before Izuku could reply, he found himself consumed by a massive and largely uncomfortable hug. "I. AM. SORRY!", Bakugou shouted. The hug seemed to get worse the louder Bakugou got. Izuku just patted his back until Bakugou loosened up enough so he could escape. "It's nothing to be embarrassed about, Bakugou.", Izuku said. "You don't get it, Masaru. It's so weird hearing it come from his mouth how much he loves the idea of loving you.", Bakugou whispered, sitting back down. Izuku looked at Bakugou curiously. "Why is it so weird for you?", Izuku asked, sitting with Bakugou. 

Bakugou took a deep breath before gazing directly into Izuku's eyes. "Kiri and I used to date back when the year started. It was amazing. I loved every second of it and I'd give anything to be back there.", Bakugou explained. Izuku looked at him with amazement. "The Sports Festival changed everything. I had to fight Kiri in the quarterfinals. And...we threw some choice words back at each other. I ended up winning and we had a huge fight afterward.", Bakugou continued. He stopped and stared up at the stars. Izuku could hear Bakugou's breathing hitch. "We broke up a little after that. I couldn't function properly for a while after that. I didn't even end up winning. I lost in the semifinals to that bird brain cause I couldn't stop thinking about how much I fucked up.", Bakugou admitted, tears welling up. Izuku placed a hand on Bakugou's shoulder. Bakugou almost shoved it off but placed his hand on top of Izuku's instead. Bakugou turned to stare into Izuku's eyes. "Masaru, you and Kirishima could have something great. You could have something like what he and I used to have. Don't-", Bakugou said. He took a deep breath and stood up. Izuku stood up as well and was gripped in a tight hug. Izuku merely patted Bakugou's back as he could hear very quiet cries. "Take care of him, please. Don't fuck it up like I did.", Bakguou pleaded, his voice shaky. "I promise.", Izuku replied, his voice a whisper. Bakugou muttered out thanks as he pushed away from the hug, wiping his eyes. "Do you want to come with me to the common room? Everyone should still be up.", Izuku asked, turning towards the door. Bakugou merely shook his head, silently walking towards another part of the roof.

 Izuku shrugged and made his way downstairs. Bakugou's words were almost burned into his head. 'If this was as mutual as Bakugou said, it should be easy to go up to Kirishima and tell him, right?', Izuku thought. His mind raced with this new information. His body swelled with confidence. Izuku even found himself puffing his chest as he neared the common room. "Masaru!", Momo called from behind him. She was in her pajamas as she jogged to meet Izuku. "How are you this evening?", Momo asked. "I'm great! Have you seen Kirishima?", Izuku chirped. Momo's grin grew as she thought. "I believe he's in the common room. If not, he could be in the gym.", Momo answered. Izuku grinned and thanked her, running forward. Momo couldn't help but smile as Izuku sped off. 'She'd have to tell Jirou about this later', she thought. Half of the lights were off in the common room. The TV droned on in the background. Izuku ran in, making everyone in the room jump. Izuku looked around. Everyone was staring at him like he was a villain that had burst through the window. His face grew red as he apologized. Looking around the room, he couldn't spot Kirishima or his red hair anywhere. He did spot Hanta sitting on a couch, watching the TV with Kaminari in his lap. "Hanta! Kaminari! Have either of you seen Kirishima?", Izuku asked, tapping his foot. They looked at each other for a moment. They shrugged at the same time. Izuku's shoulders dropped a little. "Ok. Thanks anyway.", Izuku said. Feeling a tap on his shoulder, Izuku turned around was met by Tokoyami.

 "Masaru, I believe I saw Todoroki and Kirishima heading to the recreation center.", Tokoyami said. "Thanks, Tokoyami.", Izuku replied. He started to bolt for the elevator but froze in place. He turned to face Tokoyami again. "Do you need my help in finding it, Masaru?", Tokoyami asked. Izuku nodded sheepishly. The two made their way for the elevator. Izuku stole glances at Tokoyami as they stood together in the elevator. He'd never really realized just how short Tokoyami was. Izuku could lean on him and prop an elbow on him if he really felt like it. He wasn't going to, obviously. But just having that power was a new sensation Izuku had rarely felt before. He was not prepared for that kind of power. Before he could continue his power trip, Tokoyami tugged on his sleeve, guiding him forward. The rec center looked eerie at night. Half of the lights were off and Izuku could swear that every other light bulb was flickering. Tokoyami seemed unfazed by it, so Izuku chalked it up to his overreactive imagination. The pair walked in silence until they could see light flooding into a dark hallway next to them. Izuku tugged on Tokoyami's sleeve and pointed in the light's direction. Tokoyami nodded and they made their way towards the source of the light.

"Not good enough, Kirishima.", Todoroki chided, punching into his side. Kirishima let out a cry of pain. Depending on which fist Todoroki decided to punch with, it either burned or numbed Kiri's skin. It was like a really aggressive relief patch, Kirishima thought. "Aizawa-sensei's expecting perfection on the combat initiative test. Do you honestly expect to get by...", Todoroki began. Suddenly, Todoroki crouched and made a sweeping motion with his legs, sending Kirishima to the ground. "With sloppy form like that?", Todoroki finished, a very small smirk on his face. Kirishima grunted and hopped to his feet. "That's why I wanted to spar with you, Todoroki. You're the best at this kind of stuff.", Kirishima complimented. Kirishima held up his arms, which hardened in front of him. "Wanna do one with our Quirks?", Kirishima asked. Todoroki grinned and his left side blazed. "Of course. Don't blame me when you have to go to Recovery Girl tomorrow, though.", Todoroki taunted. Kirishima grinned back at him. The two charged at each other. Todoroki's foot slid forward, sending a wave of ice with it. Kirishima jumped as high as he could, just barely clearing the mountain of ice. Todoroki had met him at the top, however. Kirishima held up his hardened arms to block his face, but Todoroki was ready for it. Todoroki punched Kirishima square in the chest, sending him flying back to the ground. He hit the ground hard, letting out a harsh cry. Todoroki closed in on him. He created a small ice platform for himself at the base of the mountain and shot a pillar of flame directly at Kirishima. All Kirishima could do was hold his arms to block the oncoming fire. The burning sensation he expected never came. The pillar had been frozen in mid-air. It stayed there for a moment before shooting up at the ceiling and dissipating. Kirishima looked over at the door to see Izuku doubled over, breathing heavily. Tokoyami had taken a seat and Dark Shadow was complaining about the fight being interfered with.

Todoroki walked over to Kirishima and helped him up. "You've still got a long way to go.", Todoroki commented. Kirishima thanked Todoroki and stretched when he stood. Izuku walked over, still slightly out of breath. "Thanks, Masaru.", Kirishima grinned. Izuku rubbed the back of his sheepishly. "Hey, Kirishima.", Izuku said finally. " 'Sup?", Kirishima asked. "Can we talk?", Izuku asked, his face an intense red. Kirishima's cheeks burned as he nodded. Kirishima led Izuku to a supply room. "I just wanted to thank you for being a great friend to me while I've been here.", Izuku explained. "Thank you, Masaru. You have no idea what that means to me.", Kirishima replied. "I think I do.", Izuku whispered. The pair started drifting closer to each other as they talked. The room's temperature felt unnecessarily hot now. Izuku placed his hand on Kirishima's chest, just over his beating heart. It felt like it was just as fast as his was going. Kirishima placed his hand over Izuku's. Izuku looked up at the redhead curiously. Kirishima blinks and then leans in slowly, giving Izuku just enough time to realize what's happening. He can't protest and he doesn't want to. The kiss isn't anything special, but Izuku's in his own world for the entirety of it. His hand grips Kirishima's tight as they kiss. His once speeding heartbeat is now as slow as if he were sleeping. Izuku is sure now that he wants to leave Shigaraki's as soon as possible.

When it's over, Izuku keeps the whole thing on replay in his head. His face feels unbearably hot now. Kirishima chuckles a little when he looks at him. "Kirishima, I-", Izuku starts. Kirishima holds a finger up to Izuku's mouth, eliciting a squeak from him. "Eijirou. Call me Eijirou.", Kirishima asks. "How about Ei?", Izuku responds. Kirishima nods and begins to pull him back for another kiss. Just as they meet, an explosion sounds off across the campus. They pull away instantly and rush through the door. The two burst out of the supply room. Kirishima shoves Izuku just in time for a shard of ice to miss him. "Kirishima! Masaru! What are you doing in there?!", Todoroki yelled. The two in question looked at each other, began to blush furiously, then turned their attention back to Todoroki. Todoroki's expression changed back to his trademark stoic stare. "We need to hurry. The dorms have been attacked.", Todoroki explained. Kiri and Izuku nodded and the three ran towards the door. Tokoyami jogged over to them. "Todoroki, I got in with Momo-san.", Tokoyami explained. "And?", Todoroki asked, looking at the burning building. "Nine out the nineteen 1-A students are accounted for.", Tokoyami continued. "Who's missing?", Kirishima asked. "Satou, Sero, Shouji, Kaminari, Mina, Shinsou, and-", Tokoyami read. Izuku turned his gaze to the rooftop he had talked to Bakugou on. It was currently on fire and he could some figures fighting on it. Izuku's eyes went wide. "BAKUGOU!", Izuku shouted, running out of the room. He could hear Kirishima, Tokoyami, and Todoroki yelling after him, but he tuned them out. His vision tunneled across the campus lawn, back into the main building, and right into Dabi's arms. Dabi caught Izuku harshly, almost getting knocked over. "Calm down Izuku! Cool it!", Dabi shouted. Izuku kicked and screamed in his arms. "It's me, Izuku!", Dabi said, slapping Izuku.

Izuku looked at Dabi with contempt. "Why are you here?", Izuku growled. Dabi almost seemed taken aback by Izuku's words. "We're attacking to get you out of here. We hadn't heard from you for a long time. We assumed that you'd been found out.", Dabi explained. Izuku hadn't really looked at his phone since he fought Iida. He didn't want the reminder of what he'd done on a daily basis front and center every time he opened up his favorite hero forums. "My phone was broken when I fought Iida. I couldn't get enough downtime to come contact you directly.", Izuku lied. Dabi seemed convinced enough. Another explosion rang out. Dabi instinctively covered Izuku as shrapnel flew in their direction. Izuku heard Dabi grunt in pain. "That one wasn't us." Dabi warned, scanning the area. Izuku joined him and had to catch a gasp. Bakugou was currently fighting three other villains at the same time. Izuku recognized Toga, but the other two were completely new to him. "New recruits?", Izuku asked. "You've really been out of the loop for a while, huh?", Dabi joked. "Toga, myself, and those two are a part of Shigaraki's Vanguard Action Squad. Shigaraki felt sending Nomus for this would've gotten a little too 'messy'.", Dabi explained. "What exactly is their mission?", Izuku asked. "Extract you. Take some captives with us if possible. We've already got one of your classmates.", Dabi continued. Izuku glared at him. Dabi grinned in response. "He put up a fight. Got me pretty good right here.", Dabi said, pulling up his shirt. A large foot-shaped bruise was forming on his side. Izuku stared shocked at the bruise. Dabi's grin quickly turned sour as another explosion sounded. "That Bakugou's gonna cause the league some trouble. We've been given orders to silence him if need be.", Dabi said. "What?!", Izuku yelled. Dabi looked at Izuku wide-eyed. "What? You're not getting attached to them, are you?", Dabi asked. He looked down at the grounds, watching other students run. "Besides, it's more than your class on the li-", Dabi started. Izuku jumped and punched Dabi's temple, sending him to the ground. "I can't let you do that, Dabi. I'm sorry.", Izuku said, patting his mentor's side.

Bakugou's emotional spectrum was all over the place at the moment. First, he spills his guts to the new kid, of all people. Then, he isolates himself from said new kid because he feels like he embarrassed himself. And now, he had to beat the shit out of some villains who were dumb to attack U.A., THE hero school, directly. "You're so quiet, Bakugou! You really need to speak up!", one of the villains said. Kaminari was finally surpassed as the most obnoxious person in Bakugou's mind. This villain was getting on his nerves slightly more than the other two. "Where is Spinner?! Why am I fighting this psychopath?!", another shouted. She was carrying some big stick that pulled Bakugou's phone out of his pocket but that was about it. She realized about the same time that Bakugou did that there was nothing she could do to him. She had resorted to running around the roof barely avoiding Bakugou's explosions. Bakugou felt himself get tackled and he fell to the ground hard. He looked up to see a blonde girl sitting on his chest, spinning a knife in her hand. "Has anyone ever told you that you look cute with a black eye?", the girl asked. Bakugou scowled. "Has anyone ever told you to FUCK OFF?!", Bakugou yelled, throwing the girl hard into the wall. She jumped up immediately,  looked Bakugou in the eyes, and blew him a kiss before hopping off the roof. "Over here, Bakugou! Or am I over here? No, I'm definitely over here!", Bakugou turned around and his shoulders slumped. Dear god, there were three of him. Bakugou sighed before backed up and delivered a devastating Howitzer Impact to the clones. Only the one on the right of the staircase, the real villain, remained. "T-that was cold.", the villain joked as fell to the ground. 

Izuku raced up the smoldering staircase just in time to see the cloning villain slump to the ground. "Bakugou!", Izuku cheered. Bakugou picked up his phone and turned to face him. As he did, the final villain picked up her magnet and swung at Bakugou. Bakugou turned around just in time to be shoved out of the way. Kirishima's hardened head dented the magnet and sent the villain tumbling backward. Kirishima staggered a little before crumpling to the ground. Izuku raced forward and knelt at Kirishima's side. He had a streak of blood running on one side of his face. Kirishima had managed to knock himself out. Izuku gave Kirishima an endearing look. Todoroki and Tokoyami joined up with the two, Bakugou not far behind. "How did you guys get here?", Izuku asked. Tokoyami pointed behind them, revealing an ice bridge leading from the rec center. "That would've been a smarter option...", Izuku chuckled. "Hindsight is 20/20, Midoriya." Izuku felt a chill go up his spine as he whipped around to see the voice's source. Kurogiri stood next to Shigaraki, who was smiling wildly from behind his mask. Bakugou's hands popped loudly. His eyes were wide as well. "Come on, Izuku. You really didn't think you'd get out of this unscathed, did you?", Shigaraki asked. Bakugou turned to look at Izuku. " really are...", Bakugou mumbled. "I'm sorry, Bakugou. I really am.", Izuku said, tears welling up in his eyes. "Kacchan.", Bakugou whispered. Izuku's breath hitched. "You used to call me Kacchan.", Bakugou said. "Bakugou, please.", Izuku cried. "Let me hear you say it. Let me hea-", Bakugou shouted. Izuku gasped as Bakugou disappeared and was replaced by a man in an overcoat. "Too easy. Good distraction, Kurogiri. I've taught you well.", the man complimented. "Mr. Compress, the others?", Kurogiri asked. Compress laughed heartily. He held up three orbs between his fingers. Izuku could see outlines of Todoroki, Tokoyami, and Bakugou inside of them. Shigaraki started to laugh at the sight. When he got control of himself again, he turned to face Izuku. "You're a shitty mole, Izuku.", Shigaraki said, taking off his hand mask. Izuku looked at him curiously. Before Izuku could reply, he let out a cry of pain as something struck his head. A second strike had Izuku out cold, next to Kirishima's unconscious form. Dabi rubbed his knuckles. "Take them with us. Sensei will want a word with our little fly on the wall.", Shigaraki mused. Kurogiri formed a massive portal and the group left soundlessly as the chaos below still raged.

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Izuku woke up in a cold sweat. His eyes tried to scan the dark room he found himself in. Izuku tried moving but found his arms and legs bound to a chair. "Welcome back, Izuku.", a voice called. Izuku's head shot up to try to find the source of the voice. Suddenly, the room was lit up. White fluorescent bulbs buzzed as they powered up, revealing a pristine white room. Sensei stood at the door, his expression hidden by his usual intimidating mask. "S-sensei.", Izuku stammered. Sensei's appearance always had a way of working a shiver directly into Izuku's spine. He tried his best to maintain his composure as the man strode towards him. "I had such high hopes for you when Shigaraki told me you were taking on this mission by yourself. You could've expressed worry at any point and we would've had Himiko join you.", Sensei explained. He walked behind Izuku's chair. Izuku's mind raced with fear. He never realized just how afraid of Sensei he was until he was in the same room with him. Izuku heard a buzzing noise and a small amount of pressure to his head. He watched what remained of his wild hair fall off of him to the floor below.

"I honestly don't know why you kept this awful hairstyle for as long as you did.", Sensei said. Sensei grabbed a mirror and showed Izuku his battered form. His now completely shaven head really showed the scars and bumps he'd accumulated over the past few hours. His right eye was blackened. His left eye was slightly red. His nose was tweaked to the side slightly. "That wasn't from them.", Izuku thought. "My nose got messed up from my sparring match with..." Izuku's eyes widened as he unconsciously thrashed against his bindings. "Ah.", Sensei acknowledged. "Your boyfriend. That's what's got you like this, huh?", Sensei asked. "Don't you fucking dare hurt him or anyone else you took with him, you bastard!", Izuku yelled. "Do you remember what the first thing I taught you was, Izuku?", Sensei questioned. Izuku looked at Sensei with pure rage in his eyes. "Your emotions will make you vulnerable.", Sensei reminded. "You won't need to worry about them soon, Izuku.", Sensei remarked. Sensei placed his hand on Izuku's forehead and Izuku's world went dark.


Kirishima jumped up to his feet when he woke up. The dim lighting of the holding cell gave off just enough light to highlight another form in the room with him. He walked over to the body and shoved it. The form let out a cry before the person sat up to glare back at Kirishima. "Bakugou! Are you alright?", Kirishima asked, moving to touch him. Bakugou stared at the concrete wall with a strange mixture of shock and anger on his face. "Izuku's been alive all these years...", Bakugou whispered. Kirishima rubbed his back. Bakugou spun around and slapped his hand off of him.  He stood up and faced the wall. "He's been alive all these years....and he's been a VILLAIN THIS WHOLE TIME!", Bakugou shouted. He blasted a crater into the wall about the size of Kirishima's head. Kirishima shrank off to a corner while Bakugou went on a rampage about the room. Bakugou shouted obscenities to the sky as he vented his anger out on anything he could swing on. Bakugou managed to turn his crater into a window to the next cell over. His tantrum woke up the cell's occupant. Tokoyami poked his head through the hole. Kirishima's face lit up and jogged over to Tokoyami. "Tokoyami! Is Todoroki over there with you?", Kirishima asked. "He's still out. What's going on?", Tokoyami asked. "Masaru was a mole apparently. His real name's Izuku and apparently, Bakugou knew him when they were little. Tokoyami nodded. "We need to get out of here as fast as possible. Should Dark Shadow emerge, this dim lighting will make keeping him under control difficult.", Tokoyami added. "OK. I'll let you know if we get something going. Try to get Todoroki up in the meantime.", Kirishima replied. Kirishima turned back to see Bakugou sulking in the corner. Concern on his face, he walked over to him. "Were you close?", Kirishima asked.


Bakugou turned to face him with rage on his face. His rage dissolved just as quickly as it had appeared. "Extremely. We always said that when we got our quirks, we grow up and be the best heroes ever. We even called ourselves 'The Wonder Duo'"., Bakugou explained. "I was so devastated when our building got attacked and Aun-, um, his mom was the only one left. I don't think she ever really recovered from that.", Bakugou continued. "I couldn't expect anyone to be back to themselves after something like that.", Kirishima added. "She looks so happy when we're over, but just comes off as a front. I think my folks can sense it too. They help her out any way they can.", Bakugou said. "I'm just so fucking mad that he's been alive this whole time and he's with the villains.", Bakugou explained. "His mom probably doesn't even fucking know!", Bakugou shouted. He punched the wall, leaving a smoke outline of his fist. Kirishima hugged Bakugou's back. Kirishima could feel Bakugou's muscles tense at the contact but relax slowly after. "It hurts so much, Ei.", Bakugou stuttered, choking back tears. "Then let's get out of here. We need to get out of here and let her know.", Kirishima said. "For her.", Bakugou muttered back, standing up. The two turned to face the window Bakugou made just in time to see it crumble to pieces. Todoroki stepped through the hole with a shivering Tokoyami not far behind. "What's our plan for getting out of here now?", Todoroki asked, stretching out. Bakugou held up his hand up and blasted the door off its hinges. "That.", Bakugou smirked. Todoroki nodded and the group jogged out behind him.


On Izuku's fifth birthday, he woke up and dashed to the kitchen. His parents were one step ahead of him. They'd set up a simple party for him: multicolored streamers, little All Might party caps, and balloons with All Might all over them. The main attraction was the cake. It was a simple one, with white frosting and five red, blue and yellow candles on top. An image of All Might with his hand raised to the sky in victory was plastered on the cake face. The phrase 'Happy 5th Birthday, Izuku!' was written just under it. Izuku's eyes widened at the picture. Izuku hugged his parents as tightly as he could, thanking them ferociously. A knock at the door took Inko's attention away from the scene. She beckoned Izuku towards the door. Izuku rounded the corner quickly. Inko opened the door to reveal the Bakugous. Mitsuki and Masaru waved at Izuku and wished him a happy birthday. Izuku couldn't respond as Katsuki tackled him in a hug. He laughed wildly as he wrestled with his best friend. Inko and Mitsuki chirped about how cute the two looked while Masaru chuckled and carried Izuku's present into the dining room.


Bakugou looked in awe at the All Might themed party. "Mom, Dad? Can I have a party like this when it's my birthday?", Bakugou asked in his nicest possible voice. His parents laughed and nodded. "It's time to cut the cake! Izuku! Katsuki! Come into the dining room!", Hisashi called. The boys raced out of Izuku's room, currently in the midst of a game of Heroes vs. Villains. Izuku was All Might, as it was his birthday. Katsuki had chosen to a villain called the Toxic Scorpion. Izuku skidded to a stop in front of his mom. Holding his All Might figure up, he yelled: "It's fine now! Why? Because I AM HERE!", Izuku yelled triumphantly. Inko feigned a scared voice. "Oh, save me, All Might!", Inko said. Katsuki ran into the kitchen shortly after. "I'll get you, All Might! You'll never save her!", Bakugou screamed, waving his Endeavor figure around. Hisashi laughed and scooped Izuku into his arms. "You can save the world later, All Might Jr.! Right now, there's cake to be eaten!", Hisashi reminded, sitting Izuku in front of the cake. Inko pulled out a camera and started to record. "Go on, Izuku! Blow out the candles!", Bakugou cheered. Izuku nodded and took a deep breath. The candles went out and everyone cheered for Izuku. Bakugou's cheers rang out loudest of all.


Izuku groaned as he woke. He could feel Sensei's fingerprints on his head. The room had shifted. Rather than the clinical room he's met Sensei in, the room was dark and grey. A mirror the size of the wall it hung on was to his left. Testing his constraints, Izuku found them weaker than before. He tugged and tore at the bindings until he felt his wrist bleed. Izuku found himself breathing heavily. He felt sick, his insides dangerously warm. Izuku let himself relax in the chair. He let out a sigh as he slumped. Despite his best efforts, he couldn't control his breathing. He stared at the ceiling and thought. His now ex-friends would most likely attack him even if they came to help him. Assuming they weren't being experimented or turned into Noumu. Izuku shoved that particular thought out of his head as fast as he could. He couldn't bear to imagine his fellow classmates becoming unthinking, killing machines. He picked up his head and stared at himself in the mirror. Masaru Izukon, as Izuku had come to call himself, was dead. He was back to plain, old Midoriya Izuku.

He could feel himself begin to tear up. He stared his reflection down as tears stained his face. As he cried, he felt his wrists become lighter. Looking down he saw his hands were unbound, as were his legs. Izuku went to wipe his eyes, When his hand made contact, he felt a searing pain on his face. Tearing his hand away from his face, he looked down at it. Both his palms were glowing a hot orange. Putting them together, he felt no heat. Izuku walked over to the non-mirror wall and placed his hand on it. He heard a sizzling sound. He was even pushing through the brick at a slow pace. Pulling his hand away, he found an exact handprint left behind. Looking at his hands, they had seemingly gone back to normal, as if nothing had ever happened. Izuku went into deep thought for a moment before standing to face the chair he'd been bound in. Izuku watched his right-hand glow bright with heat. When his hand got as bright it could, Izuku thrust his hand forward. He watched in shock as a pillar of fire shot out of his hand and seared the back of the chair, leaving it blackened. Izuku smiled and stared at his hand as it cooled down.


Izuku had little time to celebrate, however. Swirling purple gas seeped into the room. Izuku was out before he hit the ground. The mirror opened to reveal Sensei, Kurogiri, and a third individual in a school uniform. "Thank you, Mustard.", Kurogiri said, walking toward Izuku. "Whatever. What now, Sensei?", Mustard asked, grabbing his helmet. Sensei stared at the ceiling for a few seconds before looking at the student. "There appear to be some captives who've escaped confinement. Alert the remains of the League and recapture them.", Sensei said. Mustard nodded and put his helmet back on. Sensei waited for Mustard to leave the room before walking over to Kurogiri and Izuku. "He's burned his face, Sensei.", Kurogiri pointed out. He held up Izuku's head to reveal a small c-shaped burn mark under his eye. "It's to be expected, Kurogiri. We all found out about our quirks the hard way.", Sensei replied. "What are your orders, Sensei?", Kurogiri asked. "Take him back to the Examination Room. You are not to intervene in this escape attempt. Your only job is to keep Izuku here and kill anyone who seeks to free him. Do you understand, Kurogiri?", Sensei ordered, walking to the door. "Of course, Sensei.", Kurogiri replied. As soon as he'd spoken, Kurogiri and Izuku were enveloped by Kurogiri's black mist. As they vanished, Sensei looked at the seared chair. "So much is in store for you, Izuku. I hope you're prepared.", Sensei mused, leaving the room.


Kirishima's group sprinted down the first corridor they found. They followed this pattern until a door took them onto a roof. Looking out, the group saw nothing but the moon and skyscrapers. U.A. could be seen alight with activity in the distance. "We're on top of the tallest building in Musutafu.", Tokoyami said, in shock. "Grab on and I'll get us down!", Bakugou shouted. "I'm not leaving Izuku!", Kirishima shouted. The others looked at him in shock. "You cannot be serious.", Todoroki said. "He's not as bad as you say he is! He's not a bad guy!", Kirishima shouted. "Kirishima, who knows what sensitive information he's been passing on to our enemies!", Tokoyami replied. "He's not been passing any information on! If anything, he's been trying to find a way out of all this!", Kirishima continued. "He's given us no reason to trust him.", Todoroki added. "Anyone who wants to leave, hop on! I'm only making one trip.", Bakugou reminded, leaning on the building's edge. Tokoyami nodded and stood next to Bakugou. "I'm not leaving, Bakugou.", Kirishima growled. "I'll stay with him in case something happens.", Todoroki blurted. Bakugou scowled at the two of them. "Fine! You two can die up here then! Hop on, bird brain.", Bakugou yelled. Tokoyami hopped on Bakugou's back and the two hopped the building's ledge. As the sound of explosions became more and more distant, Kirishima turned to Todoroki. "Why did you stay?", Kirishima asked. Todoroki looked at him strangely. "I was not about to leave you here by yourself.", Todoroki replied. "And I believe you.", Todoroki added. It was Kirishima's turn to give Todoroki a strange look. "Why? You've barely even met him.", Kirishima questioned. Todoroki shrugged. "He helped me find my hero name for one.", Todoroki said. "And you have a lot of trust in this Izuku. You care a great deal about him as well. I'd be stupid not to trust your judgment.", Todoroki explained. Kirishima smiled warmly and patted Todoroki's shoulder.


"Let's go find him now, yeah?", Kirishima asked, pointing at the roof entrance. Todoroki nodded and the two made their way towards the entrance. Todoroki suddenly grabbed Kirishima's forearm. "Todo-?", Kirishima asked. Todoroki held up his arm, effectively silencing the redhead. Spinning around, Todoroki shifted his foot and sent out a wave of ice. His suspicions were confirmed as three figures jumped over the ice wave. "Hey! Watch it with the ice! It's too hot for me!", the villain shouted. "Twice! Stop giving away our positions!", another villain yelled. Twice laughed heartily. "Nonsense, Magne! They don't even know about Toga on top of the stairs!", Twice grinned. Magne facepalmed as Kirishima turned just in time to see a blonde girl charging him with a large knife. he managed to harden his chest right as she made contact, shattering the knife into pieces. Toga looked up at Kirishima with an intense blush on her face. Kirishima let out some sort of panicked noise and kicked the girl away from him. "I got the girl, Todoroki. You got them?", Kirishima asked, fully hardening. Todoroki nodded and charged the other two. Twice yelled and split into hundreds of himself.

"Which one's me? You'll never figure it out!", Twice sneered. Todoroki scoffed and shot a massive plume of fire out, incinerating most of the clones. Twice's expression changed to shock in an instant. "Y-you monster! What are you, some kinda villain?!", Twice cried, making more clones. Todoroki felt his arm being grabbed. "Gotcha, Shouto.", Magne taunted. Todoroki's eyes went wide. Forming ice around his free hand, he slammed it into Magne's side. She gasped and released him, reeling back. She staggered back towards Twice. "Twice, don't just stand there! Send your clones after him!", Magne cried. Twice was not paying attention. Instead, he was locked in an intense 99-man game of rock-paper-scissors. Magne sighed. "Why do I even bother?", Magne groaned. Todoroki froze Magne in place and walked over to Twice's army. "I so won, shut my mouth!", one Twice yelled. The actual Twice perked up at the sight of Todoroki. "Yay! It's you!", Twice cheered. His clone army followed suit and started cheering in sync. Todoroki gave the group an incredulous look before incinerating the lot of them. Twice, now stood alone, fell over smoking.


"How many knives do you have?!", Kirishima yelled. "Enough to make you bleed!", Toga chirped as she stabbed at Kirishima mercilessly. With every knife she lost, the next one seemed to get stronger and more durable. "She keeps striking the same places. I need to do something before she can really hurt me!", Kirishima thought. Toga lunged at Kirishima, knocking them both to the ground. Taking a knife on both hands, she swung her arms. Every time a knife connected, sparks flew off of Kirishima. His clothes were becoming more and more tattered. Kirishima grabbed one of her arms and managed to fling her off. Toga stood up and stuck her tongue out at him. "You're no fun! I'm gonna go kill your friend instead!", Toga whined. "Are you now?", Todoroki asked, grabbing Toga's shoulder. She grinned wildly and drove a knife into Todoroki's left arm. He winced loudly and shoved her off. She hit the entrance's wall face first. By the time she whipped around, she'd been stuck to the wall. "Todoroki!", Kirishima shouted. He jogged over to Todoroki, who was looking at the knife wound. "Todoroki, did you pull the knife out?!", Kirishima yelled. "My left side cauterizes any wound I get on it. It may be a little sore, but I'll be fine.", Todoroki explained, smirking. Kirishima replied with a soft 'wow', causing Todoroki to chuckle. "OK. Now let's go find Izuku. Before someone tries to kill us on this roof. Kirishima walked forward and pulled open the door. Dabi was stood on the other side. Todoroki could only watch as Kirishima disappeared inside a blue flame. "Kirishima!", Todoroki yelled. When the flames cleared, Kirishima was crumpled on the ground. "I figured a sneak attack wouldn't work, but I thought I'd try it anyway.", Dabi laughed. Stepping over Kirishima, he walked over to where Todoroki stood. 


"It's nice to finally meet you, Shouto.", Dabi said. He swung at Todoroki. He missed, but the air became insanely hot where his hand passed by. Todoroki coughed at the heat. Dabi took the opportunity to bring his knee into Todoroki's gut. Todoroki retched and fell to his knees. Dabi leaned down and grabbed Todoroki's throat. Lifting him in the air, Dabi laughed as Todoroki kicked. "You know, it's a shame that I have to kill you. It would've been nice to have known you.", Dabi smirked. Todoroki grabbed at Dabi's face. Todoroki could feel himself slipping out of consciousness. He looked over to where Kirishima was laying and found him missing. His eyes widened slightly at the sight. Suddenly, Dabi cried out and he dropped Todoroki. Todoroki coughed and looked at Dabi who was currently being thrown into the ashes of Twice's clones. "As if I'd let you kill my friend.", Kirishima shouted. Todoroki looked at Kirishima's new look. Every aspect of his body, from his hair to his teeth, had hardened to the point of no return. 

Dabi stood and his hands lit with bright blue flames. "You! You should be dead! I torched you!", Dabi yelled. Kirishima laughed like he was doing his best All Might impersonation. "You can't kill what can't be broken, villain!", Kirishima replied. He struck his best hero pose and stared Dabi down. "This!", Kirishima cried. "is Red Riot Unbreakable!", Kirishima finished. Todoroki held back a laugh. "That was so corny, Kirishima.", Todoroki said. "I have to agree with Shouto on this one.", Dabi added. "It doesn't matter what you think!", Kirishima shouted. "What matters right now is that we beat you and save Izuku!", Kirishima continued. "Even if you beat me, there's no way you'll ever get to Izuku! Sensei's get him so protected that even I don't know where he is!", Dabi laughed. "Let's stop talking and get on with it.", Todoroki said. "Agreed.", Kirishima replied. "Whatever you say, Shouto.", Dabi jeered. Fire filled the rooftop in seconds.




Izuku woke up back in the clinical room from before. Sensei sat in a chair opposite Izuku's. "We're almost done, Izuku. Soon, you'll be back in action.", Sensei assured. Izuku went to move his arms and found them like stones. The smallest movement was practically impossible. "What. What have you done to me, Sensei?", Izuku asked. "I've made you stronger, durable, faster, among other things. I've even powered up your fire quirks.", Sensei explained. Izuku struggled in the chair. "Your body is still adjusting to multiple quirks in you at once. When your body fully accepts the quirks I've implanted, you will be unstoppable.", Sensei continued. "I, I don't want this, Sensei. I don't want any of these.", Izuku replied. "What?", Sensei growled. "I'd rather be quirkless than be filled with stolen quirks! I was foolish to take your offer in the first place! I just want to be back home with Kirishima! I wish that I never met you!", Izuku screamed. Izuku couldn't see Sensei's face, but he could feel the scowl from his seat. "Izuku, you know you don't mean any of that.", Sensei replied calmly. "Go to hell.", Izuku said coldly. "Hmm.", Sensei said. "I had hoped it would not have to come to this. But you have forced my hand, Izuku. You don't want any more quirks? Fine.", Sensei explained. He stepped slowly over to Izuku, who stared him down the whole time. "I'll add one more. To finish my project.", Sensei said.

His hand was on Izuku's forehead before he could even breathe. Sensei held up his other hand. "Healing times three.", Sensei muttered, placing his hand on Izuku's forehead. The boy sprang to his feet immediately, a serene look on his face. Sensei kneeled to stare him in the eyes. "Are you ready, my little project?", Sensei whispered. Izuku's eyes became a deep red. "Yes, Sensei.", Izuku replied. "Excellent.", Sensei grinned. The door behind them opened soundlessly. "Fight. Kill for your Sensei.", Sensei ordered. Izuku nodded and sprinted off. "Kurogiri.", Sensei called. The mist man floated through the door. "Yes, Sensei?", Kurogiri asked. "Warp yourself, myself, and Shigaraki to the Hosu hideout.", Sensei demanded. "What of the others, Sensei?", Kurogiri asked. "They are lost causes. Now, the portal, Kurogiri.", Sensei explained. Kurogiri nodded and the two were quickly enveloped by a black portal, off into hiding.

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Todoroki encased himself in ice feeling the intense heat spreading around him. Kirishima didn't seem to notice the fire, as he was still in his Unbreakable form. Dabi, however, was worse for wear. The bright white fire raced to him and engulfed his clothing in a blink of an eye. He didn't seem to care much about it, though. At worst, he seemed mildly annoyed. Dabi raised his arm to strike but found his arm literally melting. "That's a shame.", Dabi stated. Todoroki and Kirishima watched on in confusion as the rest of Dabi followed suit. "I guess the jig's up, then. I'll see you soon, Shouto.", Dabi called out. With that, what was left of Dabi melted into the rooftop. The white flames disappeared just as soon as they arrived. Todoroki's ice costume melted off. "This must be the work of that Twice villain.", Todoroki wondered. Kirishima released his Unbreakable form and turned to face Todoroki. "That doesn't matter right now. We still have to find Izuku.", Kirishima reminded. Todoroki nodded and the two made for the rooftop's exit.   


The rooftop's entrance was warped and scorched by the flames. Little white flames were still sprinkled around the doorway. "Whoever did this has to be nearby.", Kirishima muttered. "We need to take to take caution moving forward, Kirishima.", Todoroki replied, rubbing his shoulder. Moving down the stairs, the pair noticed more and more signs that whoever had caused the rooftop fire was still nearby. Random thugs and other criminals were strewn about the hallways and rooms of the skyscraper. "You think whoever did this is on our side?", Kirishima asked. "Hard to tell who's on our side at this point. It wouldn't surprise me if this is that Dabi character acting out.", Todoroki replied. "He seemed to know you. Even called you by your first name.", Kirishima commented. Todoroki could feel the frost forming on his hand. "I've never met him before in my life.", Todoroki said calmly. He looked at Kirishima harshly. "And if I never see him again, it'll be too soon.", Todoroki growled. Before Kirishima could reply, he heard a large crash in front of them.   


Looking ahead, the room was on fire. The white fire from before was blazing throughout the room. The pair rushed forward into the room. More cells lined the wall. The fire was scattered around the room. "Check the cells! I got the fire!", Todoroki yelled. Kirishima sprinted over to the cells as Todoroki began putting out the more unruly flames. Kirishima hardened his arm and started bashing the locks off of the doors. As Kirishima got to the next to last door, he could hear groaning from inside the cell. Hardening his left side, he slammed into the door's hinges. The door caved in on its hinges. Kirishima staggered back, groaning. "Not my best idea...", Kirishima muttered. A second charge knocked the door off and into the wall. Kirishima stopped and stared at the cell's resident. Todoroki jogged over. "Who is it?", Todoroki asked. Kirishima walked inside and dragged out Kaminari. "He's still unconscious, but he's breathing alright.", Kirishima announced.  


"I got this.", Todoroki said. Todoroki covered his hand in a thin layer of frost. "Could you flip him over for me?", Todoroki asked. "I don't like where this is going, but OK.", Kirishima replied reluctantly. Todoroki lifted the back of Kaminari's collar and shoved the frosted hand down his back. Kaminari let out an unholy screech and jumped to his feet, electricity crackling. "Where am I?", Kaminari asked. "The League's Headquarters." Todoroki responded. Kaminari's eyes widened as he looked around. Kirishima placed a hand on his shoulder. "You need to stay calm, Kaminari. We're gonna need your help in finding Izuku.", Kirishima said calmly. Kaminari shoved Kirishima's hand off. "Izuku?", Kaminari asked, standing up. "Izukon isn't really Izukon. His real name's Izuku.", Kirishima replied. "He was a mole for the League.", Todoroki added. Kirishima flinched at the comment. Kaminari gaped at the redhead. "A mole?! Why would you ever want t-", Kaminari started. 


He stopped as he noticed the fervent blush on Kirishima's face. "OH. MY. GOD! You're sleeping with the enemy?!", Kaminari shouted. Todoroki snorted and doubled over, holding his stomach. Kirishima's entire body was a bright scarlet. "It's not, I mean, I wouldn't, but, it, I...", Kirishima stuttered. Todoroki stood up straight. Wiping his eyes, he patted Kirishima's back as he had a little meltdown. "What Kirishima means is that they've only kissed.", Todoroki stated. "But he does care deeply for Izuku. Which is why I've decided to help him." Todoroki continued. "Thanks, man.", Kirishima grinned. "Shall we continue, then?", Todoroki asked. "I'll help you guys! I've gotta save my bro's boyfriend!", Kaminari cheered. Kirishima and Todoroki nodded and the three charged down the hallway. 


Sensei and Shigaraki teleported into the bar. Sensei calmly walked behind the bar and poured himself a drink. Shigaraki found himself staring at the television, shaking in rage. "I understand your anger towards me, Shigaraki. But you must trust in my judg-.", Sensei said coolly. Shigaraki tossed a nearby barstool into the screen as it showed a birds-eye view of UA in flames. "-ment.", Sensei finished. "I could've killed all of them if you had just given me the chance! Why can't you just let me show you what my training's been doing for me?!", Shigaraki shouted. "Because you can't fight five students by yourself!", Sensei yelled back. "You must understand that your training alone won't save you!", Sensei continued. Sitting his drink down, Sensei stepped over to Shigaraki. Sensei placed his hand on his student's shoulder. Shigaraki flinched at his touch and looked up at All For One.


"I cannot risk you being captured. You serve a greater purpose to me then you think.", Sensei whispered. Shigaraki felt himself tearing up as he hugged Sensei tightly. Sensei patted his shoulder. He could feel his suit jacket getting wet from his pupil's tears. He placed his other hand on the back of Shigaraki's head. "Sleep.", Sensei ordered. Shigaraki was out cold before Sensei even finished speaking. Kurogiri appeared behind the bar as Shigaraki began snoring lightly. "Sensei.", Kurogiri acknowledged. "UA is in disrepair. Besides our personal gains, more and more students are being reported as injured and missing as we speak.", Kurogiri stated. Sensei nodded as he placed Shigaraki in a booth. "We move again in the morning. Any building even remotely close to UA is bound to be searched.", Sensei said, making for the bar's backroom. Kurogiri moved in front of the villain. "If I may, Sensei.". Kurogiri requested. Sensei grabbed his drink and listened.


"You specifically asked for me to only teleport myself, you, and Shigaraki. Why not have me teleport some of our more powerful allies as well? Having Dabi and Mr. Compress here would drastically improve our chances.", Kurogiri asked. "Out of all our confidants, they are not only the most powerful but also the most likely to betray us.", Sensei answered. "Even with the chance of betrayal, we could have simply disposed of them after we're safe.", Kurogiri continued. "Kurogiri, have you ever heard of scorched earth policy?", Sensei asks. "Of course.", Kurogiri replied. "Usually, it is used by an army in an effort to stop the enemy from using any resources that may prove useful to them.", Sensei explained. "That still doesn't explain your actions.", Kurogiri reminds. "No, Kurogiri. Not my actions. You've forgotten about my project.", Sensei reminds. Kurogiri's eyes widened as Sensei pushed past him.



"Is that a media center?", Kirishima asked, pointing to an upcoming room. "Can't hurt to check.", Kaminari commented. Kirishima bashed the door open. As he'd predicted, the room was filled with hundreds of monitors. All of them were tuned to different news stations. All of the stations, however, were covering the same topic: the assault on UA. "Oh god...", Kaminari gasped. UA was ablaze. The dorms were almost completely destroyed. The main building still had a fire burning strong on the eastern wing, but the west wing was mostly smoking at this point. Squinting, the group could see Todoroki's ice bridge to the rooftop they were taken on. "Check this place for a communication control panel. We need to get in contact with some heroes.", Todoroki said. Kirishima and Kaminari nodded and began to search the room. Kirishima began checking the first few computers. The first computer he checked had a flash drive stuck into it. He quickly pocketed the drive and continued the search.


"Guys! Right her-", Kaminari shouted. Kirishima and Todoroki turned to where Kaminari's voice was to find nothing there. The two began to move to where Kaminari had been. "Oh, this is just too perfect!", a voice cheered. Just as soon as the voice spoke, the lights shut off, leaving the pair in darkness. "Show yourself!", Todoroki shouted. When no response came back, Kirishima and Todoroki put their backs together. "You two have put the League through a lot of headaches.", the voice said. The sound of monitors being smashed filled the room. Kirishima hardened himself. "UA students are seriously hurt because of your little boyfriend, you know.", the voice added. "Shut up!", Kirishima yelled back.


"All he had to do was check in with us and we wouldn't have gotten involved.", the voice continued. "You don't know him!", Kirishima replied. "No, no. It's you that doesn't know Izuku. You know that he's the one who put your Class Rep in a coma?", the voice said. "You're, you're a liar!", Kirishima shouted. "Kirishima.", Todoroki said. Kirishima whipped around. "What, Todo-", Kirishima growled. Kirishima felt a chill run up his spine when Todoroki was nowhere to be seen. Instead, he was met with a cane smashing into his mouth. The impact sent him to the ground. "A cane fashioned with a quirk-nullifying handle. Truly a villain's best friend.", the voice laughed. The villain snapped his fingers and the lights turned back on. "And then there was one.", the villain said. Kirishima felt the spot on his face where the cane struck him. To his shock, the spot was not hardening. It felt numb to the touch.


The villain hit Kirishima's kneecap with the next strike. Kirishima howled as his leg throbbed dully. He could feel the fracture. "Don't touch it. You'll only make it worse.", the villain teased. "Who are you?", Kirishima asked, straining his voice. "My name is Atsuhiro. But you may call me Compress.", Compress answered. Squatting to stare Kirishima in the eyes, Compress removed his mask. "You know, I shouldn't even be talking to you. I should kill the lot of you while I have the chance.", Compress smirked. Compress smacked Kirishima with the cane again. "But I never get to have any fun.", Compress chuckled. Kirishima doubled over in pain. "Why don't you kill me then?", Kirishima glared. Compress laughed at Kirishima's bravado. "This building's gonna drop before you ever do. With any luck, you'll die from the building before he ever gets to you.", Compress grinned.


"w-Who?", Kirishima asked. "One of our associates has gone rogue. They've been setting fire to anything and anyone they come across.", Compress explained. "I wonder if they've found your boyfriend yet.", Compress said. Kirishima went to swing at the villain, but Compress struck the side of his head with the cane. Kirishima saw stars as he tried to focus on the villain. He could feel blood on the side of his head. "You got a lot of fight in you, I'll give you that.", Compress added. "Do you know where Izuku is?", Kirishima asked. "They had Dabi on the twentieth floor watching him.", Compress stated. Kirishima stared at him. "It's not like you're gonna get there.", Compress laughed. Compress grabbed Kirishima by the throat and picked him up. Sitting him in a chair, Compress produced a blade from his sleeve. "Alright, I've had my fun.", Compressed said. 

Kirishima closed his eyes in anticipation. Suddenly, the door to the media center exploded behind them. Kirishima looked at the figure in the doorway strangely. "i-Izuku?", Kirishima whispered. The figure's eyes were a deep red and its head was shaved. "You.......hurt......him?", the figure spoke. Kirishima smiled. He spoke slowly with a deeper tone, but that was Izuku's voice. Compress dropped the knife and turned to face Izuku. "Another friend of yours?", Compress asked. Kirishima nodded as enthusiastically as he could. "Then he'll die with you.", Compress said. The lights turned off, but Izuku seemed to have an internal glow. Kirishima's smile slowly faded. Izuku closed his eyes. When he did, the glow seemed to become brighter. 

Izuku's left shoulder tensed and his eyes shot open. Moving in an instant, Izuku had Compress pinned against the wall. "You.......hurt......him.", Izuku repeated. Compress tried to grasp at Izuku's arms. The room's air suddenly grew hotter and hotter by the second. "I thought you were on our side!", Compress shouted, kicking at Izuku. Izuku didn't seem to notice as the larger villain kicked at him. "No.", Izuku said. Before Compress could reply, Izuku blasted bright white fire at Compress. Kirishima closed his eyes as the fire was too bright. Kirishima felt the room cool and opened his eyes. The lights were on and Todoroki and Kaminari were out cold in the corner. Izuku stared at him from the corner of the room. "Izuku...", Kirishima thought.

Izuku strolled over to the redhead. Kirishima found himself looking at Izuku's outfit. Izuku's teal jumpsuit was signed at the pants legs. At some point, Izuku had lost the sleeves of the jumpsuit as well. Izuku had fire constantly blazing out of wrists and ankles. Yellow flames burned on his head in the form of a mohawk. He looked like a real hero. His eyes, still a deep red, seemed to stare directly into Kirishima's soul. " hurt?", Izuku asked. Kirishima unconsciously shuddered at Izuku's deeper voice. He nodded slowly. "Where's Compress?", Kirishima asked. Izuku pointed to where they stood. The corner where Izuku and Compress were was blackened. Before Kirishima could ask more, Izuku placed a hand on Kirishima's chest. Instantly, Kirishima was enveloped in a blue flame. He went to move but Izuku held him in place. The fire didn't hurt. In fact, it felt like Kirishima was sitting next to a fireplace.

Kirishima's wounds slowly healed until he was as healthy as he when he entered. "Better.", Izuku grinned. "Thanks, Izuku.", Kirishima grinned back. Izuku's smile dropped immediately. "Izuku? Is hero name?", Izuku asked. Kirishima could feel his heart shatter. "No. Oh, no no no no....", Kirishima muttered, putting his head in his hands. Izuku recoiled and backed up a little. "I'm....I'm sorry.", Izuku said. "Don't be sorry.", Kirishima replied, his voice shaky. The two stood like that as Kirishima broke down. "I....I'll go.", Izuku muttered. Kirishima looked up at Izuku with tears building up. "You do that.", Kirishima whispered. Izuku nodded and ran out of the room. Kirishima slipped off the chair and pulled his legs into his chest.

He sat like that for a while until he felt a prod at his shoulder. Looking up, Kaminari looked down at him, concerned. Kirishima shot up and hugged him tightly. "He didn't recognize me, Kaminari. He didn't recognize his own name!", Kirishima sobbed. Kaminari stood there stunned for a moment. Slowly Kaminari wrapped his arms around Kirishima. Todoroki woke up and watched the moment go down. "Kirishima...", Todoroki said, putting his hand on his shoulder. "Are communications online?", Kirishima asked. Todoroki nodded. Peeling himself away from Kaminari, Kirishima staggered over to the comm panel. "I need to call someone.", Kirishima declared, wiping his eyes.

Chapter Text

When Izuku finally stops running, his legs are screaming at him, and his head is swimming. His conversation with Kirishima plays on repeat in his mind. Regardless of how hard Izuku focuses, Kirishima's face clears and blurs on a dime. The words become less and less coherent. Izuku presses his hands against his temples and shuts his eyes tightly. He wants to know. If anything could stick to his memory, Kirishima's face should be the only thing there. Izuku strolls down a hallway in hopes of finding a room to explore. He runs his hand on the smooth, cold concrete wall. His fingertips produce little flames on the wall, trailing behind him as he meanders forward. The fire on the other floors hasn't made it here yet, Izuku thinks. He's unsure about whether or not he moved up or down. His feet seemed to move for him. Eventually, Izuku walks into what appears to be a common room. A man stands on the opposite side of the room, presumably some sort of guard, Izuku gathers. The walls are cracked heavily and what little furniture was in the room has been overturned and broken. The room's lone guard spots him and walks toward him.


"Hey! You can't be here!", the guard yelled. The guard's arm swells in size until it resembles a large club. "Wait!", Izuku cried, raising his arms. Fire shot up Izuku's arms as he raised them. "Shit...", Izuku groaned. The guard breaks into a sprint and raises his arms to attack. Izuku braces himself and closes his eyes. He can hear the fire grow in intensity around him. Izuku tenses as he hears the guard's battle cry. Suddenly, all is quiet. The guard is silenced, and the fire dies down. Then, a tremendous crashing sound fills the room. Izuku lowers his arms and opens his eyes to find that the guard is nowhere to be seen. In his places is a massive pile of rubble that was the ceiling of the common room at one point. Shigaraki jumps down the hole and lands a few feet away from Izuku. Spinner jumps down as well, but only to run past the two and into the hallway. Dusting himself off, Shigaraki staggers over to Izuku. Shigaraki glowers at Izuku for a moment before he takes a good look at him.


Izuku's pale red eyes are on the brink of tears. He's shaking like a leaf as he looks up at Shigaraki with pure fear in his eyes. "Please. d-Don't hurt me.", Izuku begs. It almost makes Shigaraki break down on the spot. "I was too late.", Shigaraki whispers. Growling, he picks up a stray piece of rebar and spears the opposite wall, cursing at it pierces the concrete. "Spinner!", Shigaraki shouts. The villain reluctantly poked his head through the door. "Call Kurogiri and get a portal set up. The plan's fucked.", Shigaraki orders, his voice cracking. Spinner nods and pulls out a receiver before walking off. Shigaraki took the moment alone with Izuku to embrace him as tightly as he could. Making sure to keep his pinkies off of Izuku's shaking form, the villain squeezes him. "I'm so, so sorry, Izuku. I should've stopped him when I had the chance.", Shigaraki sobbed. "I know I treated you like shit, but I loved you like a brother, damnit.", Shigaraki continued. "I'm sorry...", Izuku began, squeezes back feebly. Shigaraki looked down at Izuku. "But who are you?", Izuku finished. Shigaraki's sobs only grew as a portal consumed both of them.


Kirishima holds himself as he waits for the receiver to connect. Through shaky breaths, he steadies himself as the ringing stops. "Who is this?!", a voice rang back. Kirishima silently thank any and every deity he could think of before responding. "Bakugou, you and Tokoyami need to get back up here.", Kirishima said. "Are you out of your fucking mind?!", Bakugou yelled. A shushing sound could be heard from Bakugou's end, followed by a quick volley of explosions. "Where's Izuku?", Bakugou asked. "We found him but...", Kirishima started. Kirishima took a moment to quell a sob in his throat. "They did something to him. Bakugou, he didn't even recognize me.", Kirishima explained. "Where is he now?", Bakugou asked coldly. "Dunno. He ran off somewhere.", Kirishima replied. The line was silent for a moment. One particularly loud explosion rang through the receiver. The trio heard glass shatter beneath them. "We're gonna find a way up. But it's gonna be a minute. Please try to hold out.", Bakugou said calmly. Kirishima spoke a little longer before hanging up the receiver and strolled over to Kaminari and Todoroki.


"What do we do now?", Kaminari asked, standing up. "Bakugou and Tokoyami are fighting through an ocean of villains. We need to find a balcony and send up a signal from there.", Kirishima explained. Todoroki nodded in understanding. "As far as we know, there are probably just as many villains in here as there are out there! We'll never get through!", Kaminari pointed out. Kirishima activates his Unbreakable form as he makes his way into the hallway. "Then we'll just have to fight our way out.", Kirishima declared, walking out. "Wait up, dude!", Kaminari called, scurrying out of the room after him. Todoroki sighed and began to make his way out as well. Kaminari stumbled as he attempted to catch up with Kirishima. His cries for Kirishima to slow down a little fell on deaf ears. The blonde let out an annoyed sigh and charged at Kirishima. "Eijirou, listen to me!", Kaminari yelled, tackling the redhead. The two land and Kirishima finds his face about three inches from Kaminari's. Their faces go red instantly, and the two separate quickly. "You have no idea what this means to me, Kaminari.", Kirishima said coldly. "I'm trying to understand if you'll let me!", Kaminari shouted back. Kirishima flinched and stared at the floor. "Dude, he...he was my first.", Kirishima murmured. "You had SEX with him?!", Kaminari gasped. "No, I didn't have sex with him! My first kiss, dude.", Kirishima replied.


Kaminari eyes went wide and then chuckled a bit. "That makes more sense, actually.", Kaminari replied, embarrassed. Kirishima stumbled to his feet and started back down the hallway. "Why won't you listen to me, Ei?", Kaminari asked, tearing up. Kirishima flinched at the nickname. He turned and regarded the blonde with unease. Kirishima slowly stepped towards Kaminari and offered him his hand. Kaminari accepted and got up only to be met with a crushing embrace. "I'm scared. I'm so so scared, Denki. That villain that trapped you in those little marbles, he was gonna kill me. When Izuku came and took care of him, he scared me. He looked so angry, dude. I thought he was about to cook me just like that villain.", Kirishima explained. "Ei, I-," Kaminari started. "I don't know what I'm gonna do, dude. I just want him back.", Kirishima cried, squeezing Kaminari tighter. "We'll get him back, Ei. We just need to pull ourselves together and move as a unit.", Kaminari stated. Kirishima let go of Kaminari and wiped at his eyes. "Thanks, bro. If we stick together, nothing else can go wrong!", Kirishima announced. Suddenly, the pair was enveloped by darkness. The pair found themselves on a new floor, staring into a destroyed common room. Kaminari looked around at their new surroundings. "Shit."


Todoroki stepped out of the media room and looked around the empty hallway. No sign of Kirishima or Kaminari..., Todoroki thought. Todoroki called their names as he walked down the hall. "Shouto!", a voice called out. Todoroki whipped around to see nothing, except flickering lights. The voice continued to call out Todoroki's name as he continued forth. Unease practically radiated off of him. His steps became less confident, each footstep growing quieter and quieter. "Shouto.", the voice whispered. Todoroki raised his right arm instantly, flash freezing a section of the hall. He sighed before coming to what appeared to be a stairwell. Remembering Kirishima's balcony comment, Shouto decided to head upstairs. On his way up, he watched as the cloning villain from earlier passed him on the way up. "Morning.", the villain muttered. Shouto stopped and rubbed his temples. Freezing, the villain whipped around to face him. "You're the kid from the sports festival, right? Good job on winning by the way!", the villain chirped. "I, uh, Thanks?", Shouto stuttered, utterly confused. "Your welcome! Now I think he wants to tell you something too!", the villain continues, pointing behind him. Todoroki turned around just in time to see a gas mask close around his mouth.


When Todoroki comes to, he's punched in the gut. He retches and looks around him. He appears to be in a room high up, with a breathtaking view. He's pretty sure he can see Hosu from here if he squints. Another punch calls his attention to the villains in the room with him. The girl with way too many knives, the villain from the stairwell, the man covered in scars, and a new one. This one seems to wear a simple school uniform, but also wears an elaborate gas mask, with pipes connecting to twin tanks on his back. The scarred man walks up and grabs Shouto's face. "Shouto Todoroki, what a pleasure it is to finally meet you.", he begins. "Who are you?", Todoroki croaks out. "I have many names, but you may call me Dabi.", Dabi chuckles. "I lead the League's Vanguard Action Squad. We go on covert missions for the League, like the recovery of our informant, Izuku.", Dabi explained. "What do you think you're doing, Dabi?! Why are you telling him all this?!", the masked man shouts. Dabi holds up a hand, and the man quiets immediately. "He will not be leaving this room, Mustard. Besides, it's better when these little "meetings" are more intimate.", Dabi said. "I'm Twice! This is Himiko! I never wanna see you again!", the stairwell villain yelled, pointing at the girl. "What are you going to do to me?", Todoroki asked. "Nothing.", Dabi replies. The Action Squad stares at him. "You're going to sit and watch as we gather your friends up one by one and kill them in front of you.", Dabi continued. Shouto's eyes widened a bit. The air around him became frigid. "You're not touching any of them, you freak.", Shouto growled. Mustard kicked Shouto hard in the shin. "You're in no place to make threats, boy.", Mustard countered. Explosions suddenly rang out from inside the building. Shouto felt the room shake. "That sounded close. Fan out and scan this floor and the ones above and below this one!", Dabi ordered. "What are you doing?", Twice asked, raising his hand. "I'll be watching our little prisoner.", Dabi replied.


The group quickly left the room. Waiting a moment, Dabi sighed and looked down at Shouto. Dabi pulled a communicator out from his jacket. "I've got Shouto secured. Send the team up. Yeah, 45th floor.", Dabi stated. Closing the communicator, Dabi knelt and undid Todoroki's bondings. "Sorry about that, Shouto. Had to sell it for them.", Dabi chuckled. Todoroki smirked. "I understand, Touya. Have you heard from Hawks yet?", Shouto asked. "That was him just now. He and his team should be up in a bit.", Touya replied. "They're bringing Bakugou and Tokoyami as well, right?", Shouto questioned. "As requested, you've got your full team. Have you heard from Kirishima or Kaminari yet?", Touya asked, heating his hands up. "Unfortunately, no.", Shouto continued. Touya began melting the windows, his blue flames making short work of the panes. "From what I've been told, Izuku's flames are brighter than yours.", Shouto added. Touya's hands smoked. "An even better reason to get him secured.", Touya said. Touya stepped next to Shouto just in time to watch Hawks make his grand entrance. Smashing through the window, Hawks spread his wings as long as they could go. "Sup?", Hawks asked. Kamui Woods was close behind, followed by Eraserhead, Vlad King, Present Mic, and strangest of all, All Might. The group jumped into the room and met with the Todorokis. "You've done a great service, Young Touya. Your father will be proud.", All Might said. Touya went a bit rigid as he thanked the number one hero. "Now, then.", Touya said, placing a hand on Shouto's shoulder. "Let's go get Izuku back."