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the good wolf

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Derek sat on his couch reading an old book that had managed to survive the old hale fire. Around him, he tried to block out the noise of 5 pups shoving and squabbling against each other. Their mothers were in the kitchen making the food. It wasn't until a small child with red tipped fox ears and cole bolt black tail came up to and pulled on his pants did Derek put down the book. Peering down at the little girl he was met by bright green eyes and a freckled face.

Smiling down at her he picked her up and swung her above his head the little girl letting out happy giggles.

“ there's my little girl! Where have you been huh? Where you helping mommy in the kitchen?” he questioned her before setting her down onto his knee watching as she squirmed a bit before settling down and yawned a little smacking her lips before her tummy grumbled. She looked up at him with the big green eyes.

“ Daddy I'm hungry mommy said it was gonna be a whole hour until dinner was ready but I want to eat now.” she gave him a pout rubbing at her eyes with her tiny hands that was clutching tightly to a stuffed cougar. Suddenly he was surrounded by 5 other five children with pouts on there face.

“ yah Mr.alpha where hungry too when dinner gonna is ready!” a small boy cried out his arms crossed over his chest he was currently sitting on desks oldest son who had black hair and black wolf ears and honey brown eyes. Derek sighed and pulled the small girl onto his hip standing up he carefully picked his way through the wave of children and over to the kitchen where he spotted his mate, his sisters, and his uncle all working and chatting in the kitchen his youngest sister at the stove with stiles while his eldest sister and uncle where at the counter cutting vegetables well petter was sitting on the counter.

He stood in the doorway and watching a small smile on his face looking at the way his mates face lit up with a laugh his heart felt warm his stomach fluttered with butterfly. Clearing his throat he was able to catch the attention of them in the kitchen. His mate turned around honey brown meeting blue-green eyes then the other mans face lit up brighter then it had when he laughed. He quickly turned the stove off before rushing over to his mate and child hugging then tightly and kissed his husband on the nose before taking the small girl into his eyes and threw her up into the air before catching her and cradled her to his chest all the while both of them giggled.

“ Mommy! Where hungry is dinner ready now!!” she asked with round innocent eyes stiles chuckled and nodded his head at her.
Stiles called them all for dinner the younger ones and Derek making sure to wash there hands before sitting at the table and dug into the food chatting as they ate. Once they had eaten everything Peter took charge of washing and getting everything dry with stiles while the two girls washed the children and Derek got their rooms ready for them to sleep in.

They were all mostly tucked in with there PJs on. Stiles kissing the smallest little girl and went over to Derek who was watching as 6 little faces watched there egurely.

“I believe it's your turn to read them a bedtime story sourwolf,” Stiles said with an upturn of his lips and kissed the corner of Derek's mouth before taking his leave of the room. Sighing Derek walked further into the room sitting down at the end of the king-sized bed and looked at the 6 pups.

“ what story would like me to read tonight?” he asked them eyes brows creased up there was a pause before his tiny girl shouted out with a smiles waving her tiny arms about.

“ tell us the story of when you and mommy met!” it didn't take long before the other 5 started crowing back in demand to hear the story as well. Derek sighed knowing how much his daughter loved that story having told it to her when she was just a baby but the others had no knowledge of the meeting.

“ Alright alright calm down where supposed to be getting ready for bed not riled up for a race.” giggling erupted from them as they snuggled back down into the covers watching Derek contently. Getting up from the bed be strolled over to the bookshelf and pulled an old book of the shelf it was red with gold letter and no paper covering just a regular old fashioned leather book casing. Sitting back down on the bed he opened the book and began to read.

“ the good wolf chapter one”