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Whatever You Want This To Be

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Nico's POV

     I felt lips on my own, burning with a passion. I carefully pushed the person off of me, and looked him in the eyes. Those sea green eyes that captured my heart the moment I saw them. That windswept raven hair which tickled my nose when I cuddled with him in post-orgasmic bliss. And those full pink lips that had touched almost every part of my body as we were tangled together in bed. I knew that this was wrong, but how could I stop. I remembered how it started.


     The beach was calming, waves crashing softly on the shore in a rythmic pace. A soft reminder of what could never be. Will and I had just been in a major fight about him looking at Jake Mason, a  Hephaestus camper, a little too long. And by a little too long, I meant that the whole conversation I had with Will at lunch had been me looking at him, while he was staring over my shoulder at Jake. One thing lead to another, and soon I was angrily leaving the Apollo cabin, and heading towards the beach. Trying to clear my head, I stayed silent as I slowly sunk into the soft sand. (That was too many S words, eh, whatever) I looked over and saw Percy and Annabeth holding hands and cuddling. Grimacing, I got up, and started to walk back to my cabin. Where it was dark and nobody was there to disturb me, just how I liked it. 

     But the fates wouldn't give me a break, because as soon as I turned around, I heard my name being called by a voice that haunted me almost every day. 

     "Nico. Hey! Neeks! Come ove here, you hermit!". I swiftly turned around and tried not to look at Percy's face. Because if I did, I knew I was never going to be able to say no. But I didn't have to walk over to them, because Percy was soon getting up and striding over to me. I looked down at him, which was still an odd sensation. It was a couple years after the Great War, I was 16 and Percy was 19. I had hit a growth spurt, and was almost a head taller than Percy. I also had a bad boy reputation, which helped with finding possible people to date. Though, I had stayed in a monogamous relationship with Will since a couple months after the war. Suddenly I felt a warm body press against me, causing a blush to spread over my cheeks. Percy pulled away with a small smile accompanied with a soft pink blush. Annabeth trailed behind him, arms crossed over her chest and a foot tapping.

     "So where you've been, Neeks?". I cringed at the nickname, but tried not to show it. 

     "Oh, you know, here and there. Sometimes down in the underworld helping my father. Most of the time up here with Will". I saw something flash in Percy's eyes, was it sadness, happiness, or no, it couldn't be, jealousness. I snap the thought out of my head, it was just wishful thinking. Percy was with Annabeth, and was most definitely straight. As I got out of my thoughts, I saw Annabeth coming next to  Percy, and putting her arms around his bicep, hanging off of him like the head cheerleader would to the quarterback in high school. I winced, feeling a stab in my chest, my heart aching with a pain I've known for too long. Damnit, I thought I was over this stupid crush like 2 years ago. After confessing my crush on Percy to him, I had started hanging out with Will, hoping to make the pain go away. The thing was, the only reason I had confessed was so that I take the weight off of my chest, and the part about 'him not being my type', had been blurted out in my nervousness. Eventually, I had started a relationship with Will, which had helped with taking my mind off of Percy a lot. 

     "I need to get going, so you two have fun on your... date". I couldn't stay there any longer, all the memories flooding back, I needed to get away. I walked away, leaving Percy and Annabeth standing by the water. As I headed towards cabin XIII, I couldn't help but think of the emotion that spread through Percy's eyes when I talked about hanging out with Will. It had haunted me for years that I couldn't have Percy, and now, after so long, I was finally happy. I was not going to let something that may not have even happened to ruin that. 

     When I had left the beach it was around 2 in the afternoon, so I had about 4 hours until dinner was due. I flopped onto the bed, resting my eyes and head for a moment. Soon, I was fast asleep, into the realm of Morpheus, where all the nightmares of real life came back to haunt me. Surprisingly I was in a garden, filled with brightly colored flowers and a fountain with a  beautifully carved sculpture of... Aphrodite? Then the realization hit me, Aphrodite was going to talk to me.

     "Very good observation skills demigod".

     I turned around to see a woman, with long black hair, blue/green eyes, and tan skin. She basically looked like a female version of Percy. And oh no, this was not happening, why must Aphrodite be the goddess of love?! 

     "You know, it hurts that your think of me in that way, but I guess I kind of deserve it. Hmm, maybe I should listen to Ares more and stop meddling so much. Nah, I just can't resist". Aphrodite had a very giddy expression on her face, signaling that she was going to have some fun butting in on other people's relationships. 

     "Um, why exactly do you need me here, Lady Aphrodite? If I may ask". 

     "Oh, so polite when talking. We just need to work on your thoughts. But, I'm here to help you, of course!". Usually when a god says help, they mean something bad is going to happen and you need to fix it. 

     "Yes, but what exactly do you need of me?".

     "I want to help you get the love of your life!". Oh gods, this was not going to be good.